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Designer expresses frustrations over console patching

Designer expresses frustrations over console patching Part two of's interview with David Sirlin should be up tomorrow, but until then they're teasing to another portion of their story.

This time Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix's lead producer expresses his frustrations with getting a console game patched, because the are so many hoops to jump through in the process.

You can also check out a list of known bugs here, if you're curious what people have been complaining about.

Here's a copy and paste from the article.

When asked if he thought Capcom would support the game post release with patches, David Sirlin replied: "It was very hard to get Puzzle Fighter patched at all. There's a lot of difficulty in patching console games. First of all you have to pay the console makers for each of these patches and second you have to do QA and bug testing on these patches. If you change one area of the game to fix a problem with it, as far as the publisher knows, they don't know you didn't make some mistake in some different part of the game, so they are pretty much obliged to do testing across the board.

"So all this testing and fees, they're all barriers to patching. I'm not saying anything bad about Capcom there. It doesn't matter who they are. For any console game there's just these barriers to patching. The question is, is the upside big enough to justify it? With Street Fighter I hope the answer is yes. I hope the answer is, definitely, we want to fix as much as we can and have this keep selling for many many many years. I'm of the opinion that they think that. That seems logical to me."

Capcom nearly canceled HD Remix over art problems

Capcom nearly canceled HD Remix over art problems Early in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix's development, Backbone and Udon were afraid the game would be canceled, according to an article up on

This story is an excerpt of the second part of an upcoming interview with David Sirlin, but I recommend you check it out. The next installment should be up this week. Here's a cut.

When asked if he ever felt that Capcom might cancel the game, Sirlin told "Yeah that was a possibility. It felt the most possible during that first phase during the art that we had to throw away.

"It was unspoken but everyone just knew it that if that art wasn't going to work out then maybe they were going to cancel the whole thing. And turns out they didn't. I wonder if there was just so much pressure from the outside that kept them going, I mean from the world of gaming. Everyone knew about the project by then."

Capcom staff on the Bionic Commando podcast

Capcom staff on the Bionic Commando podcast Seth Killian, community manager, and Rey Jimenez, HD Remix's producer, were guests on the "Swingers Club" podcast — and while that name conjures up a somewhat scary mental picture; they actually talk about HD Remix on the show.

Things get started with them around 13 minutes 6 seconds in, and even though there's a good bit of general banter, it's worth a listen.

These are some veteran players interviewing the Capcom guys, so they ask good questions on the background of HD Remix.

Here's a quick bulleted list of what they cover in the interview.
  • Why they chose Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo over Alpha 3 to be 'HD-ized.'
  • How the HD Remix balance changes are shaking out.
  • Why the art delayed the game from being released for so long.
  • According to Yoshinori Ono it's true that they named the Street Fighter 4's boss "Seth" after Mr. Killian.

Intro movie for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Wii

Although we may never see this game over here in its current iteration, this movie intro is flippin' sweet.

Source: Capcom of Japan

Seth: Street Fighter 3 community is showing Street Fighter 4 some love

Seth: Street Fighter 3 community is showing Street Fighter 4 some love Seth Killian has a interview up on's website.

He talks about how receptive the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike community has been to Street Fighter 4 so far, which is a heck of a compliment because Third Strike players are not easy to please.

Seth also discusses how Daigo Umehara is tearing up the SF4 scene in Japan.

This is worth checking out. Here's a hefty clip.

GameSpy: You mentioned that the Street Fighter III community has come around to Street Fighter IV. Can you talk a little bit more about this?

Seth Killian: I feel really good about the game, and I think it's going to be a smash. We know, in a lot of ways, that it was sort of hearkening back to the Street Fighter II roots, so we knew that people who were excited about Street Fighter II were going to be excited about Street Fighter IV, but the Street Fighter III crowd, who's been a big part of the scene in the interim years -- and they really love Street Fighter III: Third Strike -- is a tough audience, and they were initially not excited about Street Fighter IV.

GameSpy: Specifically, what was it about the game that they weren't into?

Seth Killian: Mostly, it's parries. Parries [were] sort of the hallmark of Street Fighter III, and that mechanic is just gone from Street Fighter IV. Part of the reason it's gone is because it's really a hard thing to pull off. When you finally master it, it brings you very close to the game, but you've got to probably put in six months before you're even competent at parrying. And that's really rough. So I wasn't sure we ever going to get the Street Fighter III crowd, and it's just one of those things [where] we made some decisions about the game, and we feel good about it. You're not necessarily going to be able to please everybody, but I've been really blown away that [the Street Fighter III community] have actually turned into the biggest advocates for the game. They've been writing guides online, like, super, in-depth guides -- I'm actually learning stuff from their guides, which is a little embarrassing.

But they're also just playing hardcore in the arcades. There are tournaments all the time. There are more tournaments now for Street Fighter IV than there were for Street Fighter III: Third Strike, and they're going nuts with it. There are Street Fighter IV machines popping up all over Los Angeles, which is one of the hotbeds for Street Fighter III, and also in Texas, another big place, and New York. On top of that, probably the greatest player in the history of the game, Daigo Umehara, has over 10,000 wins on Street Fighter IV. You can do the math on that one, as to how many hours that is. He's also been staying out of tournaments. He's waiting for the big one.

Little Big Planet Street Fighter costumes

Little Big Planet Street Fighter costumes Spotted over on Capcom-Unity that Little Big Planet Street Fighter costumes will be available on Thursday December 11, 2008.

Here's a little blurb from the page.

From Capcom and SCEA come the toughest little Sackperson costumes to hit the streets yet. Capcom is proud to introduce the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix costumes for Little Big Planet. Each costume is painstakingly detailed down to the last stitch to recreate the look and feel of your favorite characters from HD Remix.

Seth Killian interviewed on Major Nelson

Seth Killian interviewed on Major Nelson Seth Killian of Capcom was a guest on the latest Major Nelson podcast.

His interview gets underway about 79 minutes 23 seconds into the show, and they discuss HD Remix, Street Fighter 4 and quite a few details about Mr. Killian's life.

They don't cover anything new on the games, but if you're at all curious about Seth, he talks about how he came to work at Capcom after being a huge Street Fighter fan and goes over some other stories from the past.

Seth is a cool guy, so it's worth a listen if you've got a little time.

Updated: Street Fighter 4 Collector's Edition details

Curious what you'll get if you pick up the Collector's Edition of Street Fighter 4 for the XBox 360 or PlayStation 3? Here's the run down.
  • 5 exclusive alternative costumes.
  • A bonus disc containing the 60 minute Blu-Ray high definition anime movie, created specially for the launch of Street Fighter IV.
  • A mini strategy guide drawn in a comic art book style, which details the moves and biographies of Crimson Viper, Abel, El Fuerte and Rufus.
  • Limited edition figurines of Ryu (PS3) and Crimson Viper (XBox 360).
  • A handful of the best trailers of the game.

Street Fighter 4 Collector's Edition details revealed interviews David Sirlin interviews David Sirlin As promised, has posted their lengthy interview with Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix's lead designer, David Sirlin.

If you have interest in what went into making HD Remix, you're not going to find a better source of information. Here's a clip. Why was Udon called upon to do the new art?

DS: Udon was brought up from the very beginning. Even before Street Fighter HD Remix when we were talking about some other Street Fighter game Capcom kind of assumed that Udon would be involved. Udon is really the only source of Capcom art that is approved by Capcom Japan and US. Their style is already signed off on. So they were on board from the beginning. What were the challenges there? I understand they provided art at the beginning of the project that was way too ambitious.

DS: Udon only ever oversaw the art. It's not like they drew every frame. The initial plan was that they would draw every frame and they said, 'it will take this long and it will cost this much'. Capcom said, 'no no that's totally unacceptable. It's got to cost way less and be faster'. It really has nothing to do with them being ambitious at all.

HD Remix's lead designer ignored orders

David Sirlin
David Sirlin

According to a write up by, the lead designer for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, David Sirlin, ignored orders to leave things alone and not rebalance the game.

He feels that the people at Backbone Entertainment, his former employer, didn't really want HD Remix to happen.

He said the first bit of rebalancing happened kind of under the table. Apparently he did some of the programming and just pushed ahead on his own to get the work done.

This is a very interesting read, considering how well received HD Remix has been so far.

Part 1 if the interview will come out tomorrow, and we'll be providing a link. Until then, check what's currently up on here.

Play HD Remix online without an XBox Live subscription

Play HD Remix online without an XBox Live subscription Microsoft is offering all of their XBox Silver members a chance to play Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix online until January 1, 2009.

"Friendship is Free" is the campaign, and for those of you don't subscribe to XBox Live (i.e. aren't Gold members) this is a great chance to see how HD Remix plays online.

They're also offering a free online time for A Kingdom for Keflings, Aegis Wing, Bomberman Live, Hardwood Hearts, Hardwood Spades, UNO and Small Arms until the end of December as well.


How to buy HD Remix if you live in another country

How to buy HD Remix if you live in another country Note, I have not personally tried this technique to purchase Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, so I can vouch for it's authenticity, but a few other people have confirmed it works, although another person said it did not work for him.

Here's the information from Lockman_321 on the message boards, edited for grammar and clarity.

1. Make a new user and create a PlayStation Network U.S. account. Just put random details in and find a U.S. ZIP code by searching for one on Google. You can also search on Google for how to create an American PSN account if you have trouble.

2. Go to This is the key to this whole operation. It allows you to add funds to a virtual Visa credit card. I added £13 British pounds to my account. They charge 64 pence to add these funds to your account. Registering with them takes a few minutes and you get a virtual card.

3. Log in to your American PlayStation Network account and go to transaction management. add the virtual card details they give you on Entropay. Leave the address as the one you entered it doesn't matter.

4. Then go and buy Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix and download it!

New Street Fighter 4 scans show Gen and Cammy

New Street Fighter 4 scans show Gen and Cammy ShadowBlade posted some scans from GamePro magazine that show Gen and Cammy in Street Fighter 4.

Gen, like his Alpha 2 counterpart, has two fighting styles, and his known special moves are a Quick Roll, Wall Jump, Multi-hand Slap and an anti air throw.

Cammy is very close to her Super Turbo version in that she has her Cannon Drill, Cannon Spike, Spinning Backfist, Hooligan Throw and an air throw.

Both characters of course have their Supers, Ultras and Focus attacks.

Ono also mentions there might be an arcade match making mode where you can play against the CPU while it looks for an opponent in the background. Kind of cool.

Rebalancing Chun Li and HD Remix character guide

Rebalancing Chun Li and HD Remix character guide The Chun Li HD Remix Guide on has been heavily revised and now contains a combo section and a break down on how to use her moves.

This should serve as a pretty good guide for anyone wanting to learn how to play her.

Also there's a new post on Capcom Unity about what went in to rebalancing Chun Li for the new game.

Video: All of the character's endings in HD Remix has a nifty video of all of the character's endings in HD Remix. Here's the clip.

More Legend of Chun Li movie stills and comic

More Legend of Chun Li movie stills and comic There were a few new stills of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li movie posted on Game Watch Impress.

The stills look alright, but since the release of the movie will be in late February I'm think we'll start seeing some trailers pop up pretty soon.

Also Udon Comics is launching another Street Fighter Comic, based around Chun Li, but focusing on the early part of her life. You can check out some preview images here, along with some details about what the series will offer.

List of bugs in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

List of bugs in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Furious Keys has compiled a list of the known bugs in HD Remix. While some of these things are annoying, remember that Capcom has been encouraging players to report these issues so they can look into them.

Some of the items in this list are really minor and it's reasonable to assume we'll be seeing fixes for the bigger problems in the future.

Crash Glitches

PS3: Single Player: Game freezes when starting arcade mode similar to crash when starting online mode.
Repetition: 4 times.

PS3: Viewing Score Board: Game crashers when trying to view scoreboard.
Repetition: 100% reported by 1 user.

Gameplay Glitches

Xbox360 & PS3: Zangief Super: Motion only works on one side of the screen. Half circle from right to left x2 right + Punch works on both left and right side, however performing the motion the other way round does not.
Repetition: 100% Reported by 3 People.

Xbox360 & PS3: Single Win Quote: During online play the game will only use one win quote, however during local play there are several different win quotes for the characters.
Repetition: 100%.

Graphical Glitches

PS3: Electric Shock Graphics: Graphics for electrocuted opponent did not disappear, player was able to continue fighting with electricity graphics still visible for the rest of the match. Note: Looked freaking awesome!
Repetition: Rare, also reported by 3 people.

Xbox360: Drained Static Health Bar + Static Win Icons: Both players already have 3 wins, health bar is red instead of yellow, you cannot tell how much health you have left.
Repetition: Occasional, reported by 6 people.

Xbox360: Stray Hit Box: During training mode when hit boxes are turned on, matchup between Fei and Ken stray red hit appears after Fei's Medium Kick Flying Kick.

PS3: Black Stage Background: GUI & Player's character is visible however background and opponent sprites are black.
Repetition 1 time.

Xbox360 & PS3: Jagged Edges: Character sprites are not filtered correctly on some screen sizes causing jaggy sprites, this is particularly noticeable on the "MAXIMUM" lettering on Dee Jay's trousers.

Audio Glitches

Xbox360: No Character Sound Effects: No sound effects heard players character however opponents sound effects can be heard.
Repetition: Random but frequent.
Note from DemonDash: It seems to happen when two players select their character at roughly the same time. It might be related to other things as well, but you can hear the second select sound just stop out of the blue. Whenever it's happened I remember this happening before hand so it's pretty coincidental. Not the biggest bug in the world, but pretty crippling for those who rely on sounds for confirmation.

Xbox360: No Speed Up Music: Old bug from beta, when speed up music is meant to be played sometimes the game music will cut out altogether. No audio even at winner/loser portrait screen. Music returns when player is returned to lobby.
Repetition: Frequent.

Xbox360 & PS3: Music Cuts Out Too Early: When the round is over music cuts out abruptly instead of fading in and out.

Xbox360 & PS3 Announcer Error: Announcer does not say PERFECT when player wins a perfect round in arcade mode.
Repetition: 100%.

Xbox360 & PS3 Announcer Error: Win with Akuma, announcer will say "You Win" instead of "Akuma Wins"
Repetition: 100%.

GUI Glitches

PS3: Controller Configuration Not Saved: Game resets button setting to default after saving configuration even between matches.
Repetition: Frequent, reported by several people.

Misc. Glitches

Xbox360 & PS3: Chun Li Spinning Bird Kick Command: Game states SBK command is charge down and up + kick, this is only correct when done while airborne. Therefore it should be changed to back, toward + kick so that it is not confused with her up-kick.

Win/Loses Miscount: System's rankings does not record correct number of wins, and will issue a lose even when you have won all your bouts and been awarded 20 wins achievement.

If you'd like to contribute to this list, please stop by this thread on the Unity Boards.