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Battle of Destiny results and videos

Battle of Destiny results and videos posted the results from the Battle of Destiny held in London recently.

This was a large tournament hosting some of the best fighting game players, who also got a hands on with SF4 and SSF2T HD Remix.

Here's one of the videos from the SF3 Third Strike part of the event and there's two more on Rakurai Media's YouTube page and you can also check out some photos here.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

The Grand Final

Zak (Oro) 2 - 0 HarmoNaz (Akuma)

Semi Finals

Zak (Chun Li) 2 - 1 CIV (Chun Li)
HarmoNaz (Ak, Q) 2 - 1 Cyrox (Yun)

Quarter Finals

Zak (Oro) 2 - 0 The Prince (Ken)
CIV (Chun Li) 2 - 0 The HY (Hugo)
HarmoNaz (Akuma) 2 - 0 The Chef (Ryu)
Cyrox 2 - 0 Jiuty * Cyrox progresses as Jiuty not present.

Yoshinori Ono discusses new possibilities in Street Fighter 4

Yoshinori Ono discusses new possibilities in Street Fighter 4 Siliconera has yet another interview with Yoshinori Ono discussing SF4.

This piece is actually pretty good, as they cover some subjects no one has directly asked Capcom about.

Ono goes on to mention that it's possible for SF4 to hit the Wii if there's enough demand for it. I recommend reading through this whole thing, it's good.

Here's a cut.

Do you plan on selling additional characters as downloadable content?

We want to avoid doing that. The reason is pretty simple. It’s like someone playing chess, but selling them the bishop separately. So you would have one guy would be without a bishop and one guy would have one. For the sake of the balance of the game we would like everyone on the disc. That being said, we are thinking of doing something as downloadable content. Maybe some things distributed for free. Maybe some things for sale, but they won’t be characters.

For the PC version of Street Fighter IV will you be able to play against Xbox 360 owners? Or will Street Fighter IV only have PC vs. PC and Xbox 360 vs. Xbox 360 play?

We haven’t decided on that yet. It’s certainly something we’re thinking about. A lot of it is going to come down to how LIVE on PC works. They recently announced gold membership for LIVE on PC will be free whereas on Xbox it still costs money. We want to avoid any perception of being unfair and giving PC users preferential treatment or anything like that. This is something we’re thinking about, but not something I can answer right now. It really hasn’t been decided.

Right now we know Street Fighter IV will come out on three home platforms, but have you thought about the Wii at all?

The more people that ask about it, the more likely we are to move in that direction. The very existence of Street Fighter IV was based on people asking about it for so long. If we get a lot of requests it will be something we will think about. It might be difficult to reproduce the graphics exactly as they are, but the gameplay should be completely intact. It’s something we can think about.

Super Street Fighter 2T HD's network code detailed in blog entries

Super Street Fighter 2T HD's network code detailed in blog entries Capcom's Director of Technology, Gary Lake, has posted a series of blog entries that goes in-depth to explain how Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix's network code works.

They claim it's, "the best console fighting game network code ever," and his blog provides quite a bit of detail on what's going on behind the scenes.

A very interesting read if you've got a head for this stuff. Here's a snip.

All of these efforts attempt to address the issue of input response in a network environment where it typically takes 5 or more frames before joystick input can be transmitted and confirmed from other players. The traditional solution is to keep all clients in a multiplayer game completely synchronized, and to introduce artificial lag to the joystick response to cover latency.

As fans in the online fighting community have aptly identified, input lag is not good for reproducing a true arcade experience.

The solution we use for HD Remix is to eliminate input lag and let players issue moves immediately. We deal with de-synchronization after the fact by identifying conflicts and rewinding the game back to the point where the two clients diverged. This is commonly referred to as a ‘rollback' technique.

GameSpy interviews Street Fighter 4's lead producer

GameSpy interviews Street Fighter 4's lead producer GameSpy caught up with Street Fighter 4's lead producer, Yoshinori Ono, and asked him a few questions about the upcoming game.

Nothing really earth shaking here, pretty much just recaps what you may already know, although there are a few small nuggets of new information.

Here's a quote.

GameSpy: I was reminded of Guy from the Street Fighter Alpha series while playing with El Fuerte. Have you gotten that impression a lot?

Yoshinori Ono: That's definitely not your imagination. We actually thought about Guy when we were making this character. The thing with the Alpha series is that overall it's a very fast game. Much faster than Street Fighter II, right? So Guy had all these cool moves, but the game was so fast that it wasn't really easy to use him to his full potential. The idea behind El Fuerte, in a slower game, is to let you use moves similar to what Guy has in his toolbox, but allow you to use them strategically.

Digital Distribution – What they didn't tell you

Digital Distribution – What they didn't tell you Capcom's VP Christian (Sven) Svensson wrote up an article for Edge magazine discussing digital distribution.

He talks about some of their failures and successes and things to expect when dealing with this new way of getting games in to customer's hands. If you're interested in this subject, it's a good read.

Here's a dish.

Capcom has a very aggressive digital distribution strategy at play. We still have the highest revenue generating XBLA title on 360 (Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting). We're still the only publisher to simultaneously put out our digital titles on XBLA and PSN.

I suspect we'll soon be the only publisher doing digital distribution across XBLA, PSN and PC with the releases of Bionic Commando Rearmed and Age of Booty (formerly Plunder). Mega Man 9's recent announcement made some waves as our first Wiiware title (and first title to appear on all three first party services). Suffice it to say, our product roadmap in the digital space stretches far off into the future.

Ono hints at future upgrades to Street Fighter 4

Ono hints at future upgrades to Street Fighter 4 It sounds like Capcom isn't opposed to creating different versions of Street Fighter 4, i.e. SF4 Champion Edition or 2nd Impact according to a short interview Ono gave to the MTV Multiplayer blog. Here's a quick cut.

“It’s really early to be thinking about that [Street Fighter 5] because “IV” just came out in the arcades,” he said. “I don’t really think anyone at Capcom is thinking about “V” just yet. What we might see happen, depending on feedback from the arcade and what players think of this version of “IV,” we may or may not see upgrades to “IV” before we ever take the next big step to “V.” It’s really is just too early to tell, to be honest.”

Full Street Fighter panel video from Comic Con

GameSpot put up a whopping 44 minute video of the Street Fighter panel that was held at this year's Comic Con, which we recapped earlier.

This contains the full discussion though, including a much higher quality look at the Chun Li anime sequence. If you've got the time, it's worth a look.

Ed Boon discusses his dream fighting game

Ed Boon discusses his dream fighting game Ed Boon is back at it. This time instead of just wanting a Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter game, he wants to take it to the next level.

Oh yeah! Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, all in one. You gotta love this for the pure absurdity of it all.

It's a short article on the MTV Multiplayer blog, and worth a look for a quick chuckle. Here's a blurb.

“In a perfect world, to me, I still think it would be cool as hell to see Ryu from “Street Fighter” and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat,” said Boon. “I just think it would be cool. To me, “Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter vs. Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter” would be the coolest in the world.”

“The reality is you’re going to have [the other development teams] on the other side of the world,” he continued. “So, who makes it? Who does what? It would be awesome. And who knows what they’re gonna say if this is big. Or someone’s mind is going to open — “Tekken vs. Marvel”? Maybe “Tekken vs. Virtua Fighter.” They’ll just say, screw you, “Mortal Kombat”! [laughs]”

Video of Chun Li's alternative outfit, sexy

Azrael from the forums has posted a video showing Chun Li in her very sexy alternative outfit for Street Fighter 4. He also stated that the outfit might be available in blue. Here's the clip.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 rumored to be in the works

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 rumored to be in the works G4TV posted a rumor that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 may be in the works. He's the scoop:

During Comic-Con, Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige was asked by IGN if a new Marvel vs Capcom title will soon see the light of day, and he replied, "Yes. And maybe sooner than you think."

Of course, there is no way that Feige's statement above could be a confirmation of a new working title, as much as we hope it was. The last Marvel and Capcom character brawl, which started with X-Men vs Street Fighter in 1998 (US), was the coin-op favorite Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in 2000.

Seems like this title would be a ways off with all that Capcom has on their plate at the moment, but exciting news none the less.

Updated: More alternative costumes revealed

Here are some images of the new alternative outfits. Thanks to Makotosan for the Viper shot. Behold the pixelated glory of cell phone cameras!

Crimson Viper's alternative costume

Zangief's alternative costume

Ryu's alternative costume

A bunch of people on the message boards pointed out a handful of videos showing the new costumes.

Also AdverseSolutions translated the latest SF Dev blog entry that explains what some of the new costumes are.

Ryu: Worn-out sleeveless gi, exposed at the top.
Chun: Erotic dress.
Blanka: Explorer style.
M. Bison (Dictator): Normal clothes are worn-out, with no hat.
Honda: Decorative loincloth.
Fuerte: Cook.
Rufus: Coat instead of the suit which shows his bellybutton.
Guile: Charlie's clothing.
Viper: Leather outfit.
Zangief: Mike Haggar's outfit.

Updated: The Making of Street Fighter IV from Comic Con

Updated: The Making of Street Fighter IV from Comic Con did some live blogging about the Making of Street Fighter presentation at this year's Comic Con.

This presentation was lead by Yoshinoro Ono, SF4's producer and it has some good information in it.

Here's some of the juicer bits along with a video that Rez2cool posted on YouTube of the Q & A session and the Chun Li anime sequence that starts at about 2:49.

• Seth Killian said that the winner of the poll for the new character most people would like to see was Cammy, and that this choice will be taken back to Japan and discussed with the Street Fighter IV development team. It's a reasonable assumption that Cammy will be in SF4 in some fashion after this announcement and her being featured in the new anime video.

• He mentions that they're hard at work on the home port, given that arcades are a dying breed in the U.S.

• Further announcements on what Capcom has planned for the anime sequences we've been seeing will have to wait a bit longer. i.e. they have bigger plans than they've currently revealed.

Updated: Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta patch details and videos

Updated: Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta patch details and videos Capcom has updated their blog with details on what the upcoming patch will change for the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix beta. The entry also contains two videos showing some of the changes.

And they've also extended the beta until September 5, 2008.

1. Crash while joining games has been fixed.

2. Headsets no longer transmit constantly. (Please note: on some Arcade Sticks, the connection to your headset can be a little wonky, so if you're hearing static, check your connections!)

3. Ken’s strong Shoryuken no longer juggles.

4. Ken’s fierce Shoryuken now only juggles for a maximum of 3 hits.

5. Ken’s roundhouse Hurricane Kick now leaves him slightly farther away from the opponent on hit.

6. Default round number has changed to 5 for Ranked and Tournament matches.

7. Win/Loss data now shows up in Player Matches.

8. Game Speed has been fixed to match the original arcade game.

9. Game no longer crashes when trying to select Akuma by the old code.

10. Super Finishes now display correctly in 4:3 mode.

11. Game no longer crashes when signing out during a Tournament.

12. New netcode to reduce lag generate by packet loss.

13. New rewind code that mitigates latency by smoothing out what people see on screen.

The videos show the new rewind code really well — it looks like a GIGANTIC improvement over what we're currently experiencing.

Remixed Street Fighter 4 trailer, ink bleed

GameTrailers shot up a E3 2008: Ink Bleed Trailer which is mostly just a retake on the original trailer with some "inked" gameplay footage thrown in. Not bad though.

More Street Fighter 4 guide updates

More Street Fighter 4 guide updates We've made multiple updates to our Street Fighter 4 Moves List and Strategy Guide.

Most of the characters have had their profiles fleshed out a bit more. We added new moves for Blanka and Vega and the basic information page contains more details about Supers and Ultras.

This guide receives several updates throughout every week, so it's a good idea to keep checking back frequently to find more information.

Shadaloo hats and t-shirts

Shadaloo hats and t-shirts OK, I know it's just merchandise, but the new Shadaloo t-shirts and hats on are actually pretty flippin' sweet.

To see pictures of this stuff, just click the link. Here's a blurb from the page.

The Shadaloo "Crime Syndicate" pack comprises of a t-shirt and fitted cap (made by Estate LA) which will lead up to the main Shadaloo Collection in later Fall 2008. There are two color variations for this quick pre-collection drop; red/royal blue and black. The Vega (Mr. Bison) red/royal blue version will be exclusively released at Comic Con. Both the caps and the t-shirts are limited to 200 pieces worldwide. Expect the black t-shirt and fitted caps to be available soon at Triumvir retailers and in their online store.

Exclusive gameplay footage of Street Fighter 4

Exclusive gameplay footage of Street Fighter 4 has posted four exclusive videos of Street Fighter 4.

The videos are nice because they're fairly high quality with Seth Killian narrating, and they discuss the move set of Abel, Crimson Viper and Rufus.

This is good stuff.