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Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Updated: Tournament Edition sticks no longer available

Updated: Tournament Edition sticks no longer available It looks like Capcom is all out of Tournament Edition sticks at their store. Hope everyone got one that wanted one, but if not Seth Killian said awhile back that Mad Catz will be making more so you should be able to get one in the future, probably a bit after SF4 is released.

Just in case the pre-order comes back, here are the links to the Capcom Store TE sticks.

PlayStation 3 Tournament Edition Joystick

XBox 360 Tournament Edition Joystick

Thanks to J for the heads up on these.

Pre-order numbers, no clan support and Gouken's 'Parry'

Pre-order numbers, no clan support and Gouken's 'Parry' Capcom employees Christian Svensson and Seth Killian were on the Unity Boards discussing the HD Remix patch, SF4's pre-order numbers and a few other topics.

Here's what they had to say.

How's the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix patch coming along?

Sven: Funny thing about console updates/patches... they can't be talked about until certain parties approve of their existence. As such, sorry, no new news. Maybe next week.

How are the Street Fighter IV pre-order numbers looking?

Sven: I just got a numbers update this morning from sales... good good for us. Tough tough for fans. Definitely get your preorders in.

Do you guys have any plans on bringing clan support to SF4? — Ray

Sven: Great question. Unfortunately the answer is no. :(

I am deeply worried about this. If SFIV won't sell well due to torrents, then we SF fans won't get to see Street Fighter 5. Are there any countermeasures being taken by Capcom to stop piracy of SFIV? — SpawN

Sven: I'm also very concerned about piracy of both titles. But some things are under our control, some things aren't. When it comes to consoles, we're definitely in the later category.

That said, I smile when MS bricks thousands of pirate 360s every few months for having modified firmware.

What are the inputs for Gouken's parry and counter, and are they like the parry in SF3?

Seth: Gouken's air "parry" is really closer to a Focus Attack. You can only do it out of his Demon Flip (dp + k). Once you are in Demon Flip mode, just tap punch to do a quick shrugging motion. If the opponent hits you during this period, you will flash, absorb the hit, and fall quickly to the ground (often in time to counter them while they are recovering). Just like a focus attack, you still take damage from the hit you absorb while "parrying," though you can heal that damage back up. The air parry has no offensive side -- it never turns into an attack in itself.

The ground counters are pretty different. They are performed with a reverse dp + k (or p). DP+k counters low, and DP+P counters mid. Any attack that connects with Gouken during his counter animation (it starts and finishes quite quickly, so it's a small window to catch somebody) causes Gouken to go into an attack where he sort of turns his back and flexes on you, causing the opponent to take damage and fly back across the screen (induces the same float state as a focus attack that hits someone out of the air). A good protip is that you can supercancel the counterattack if it hits, so you can do counter -> supercombo if the counter hits reasonably close up. It does like 40% damage!

New Legend of Chun Li movie trailer

Warning: If you're excited about the new Street Fighter Legend of Chun Li movie... you may not want to watch this.

More alternative costumes in Street Fighter 4

More alternative costumes in Street Fighter 4 GameSpot got up video of the alternative costumes in the home version Street Fighter 4. It looks like the costumes for the old characters are the same as they were in the arcade. If you'd like to see alternative outfits for the rest of the arcade Street Fighter 4 characters, you can find links to them here.

Unlockable Characters, Trophies and Achievements

Unlockable Characters, Trophies and Achievements A very, very, kind reader sent in how to unlock characters, and a list of what Achievements and Trophies are in Street Fighter 4, for the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360, respectively.

This list hasn't been officially confirmed by Capcom yet, but so far it looks legit.

This article has now become part of our Street Fighter 4 strategy guide.

Those of you wanting to play as Gouken better start practicing with all of the characters...

Street Fighter 4 Collector's edition selling out, more console notes

Street Fighter 4 Collector's edition selling out, more console notes Capcom manager, Seth Killian, chimed in on the Unity Boards to let people know that if they want the Collector's Edition of Street Fighter 4, they should act quickly.

Seth: Just a heads up -- if you're thinking of picking up a Collector's Edition of Street Fighter IV, you should lock in your preorder as soon as possible. Our production quantities are fixed, so this is actually a limited item, and the way things are looking lately, these are going to be completely gone in the very near future.

I'd also suggest a preorder on the regular edition SFIV if you're hoping to play it the first days after release -- I don't think anyone here was quite ready for the heat that's been building around the game lately and I just want to make sure that everyone who was already planning on buying it doesn't have to end up waiting, especially if your local store didn't happen to order extras.

You can see more details on what the Collector's Edition offers here.

If you'd like to preorder the games, you can do so on

• Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition: XBox 360 | PlayStation 3
• Street Fighter IV: XBox 360 | PlayStation 3

Seth also went on to comment on some particulars for the console release of the game.

Were there any alterations and/or adjustments made from the arcade version to the console version of SF4? — Dubindoh

Seth: The focus was basically on fixing bugs. These things will be imperceptible to 99.x% of even those who spent a lot of time with the arcade version (for instance, you can watch even very experienced arcade players beast on the console version with no adjustments in their playstyle).

If you come across major issues, or a massive amount of complaints about a particular issue, will you consider a patch?

Yes, but there haven't been any massive amounts of complaints about a particular issue. As you can see from recent tournament results, the characters are extremely well-balanced. People often get upset about something the first time they see it and overreact, but after a bit of experience with the game it turns out to be a minor thing or even a non-issue. It's also true that Street Fighter is *supposed* to be full of powerful, dangerous techniques, so we're not interested in nerfing any little thing that seems powerful.

Would it be possible to play an emulated arcade version through the console version, by means of an extra option, or switches? And if the there are future adjustments... with the patch... could we go back to the original release version?

It's not really a plan right now, just because the console edition of the game is the one that the designers consider to be definitive. They've been working on getting everything just as they wanted it, so I doubt there's a lot of interest in re-presenting the arcade version with fewer characters and options.

Additional tournament videos from Japanese competition

Additional tournament videos from Japanese competition The official Japanese Street Fighter 4 website was updated today with more videos from the 2009 national Japanese tournament.

6 matches of some of the better fights were added. You might recognize the Dhalsim player in these videos as the tournament winner Iyo.

Also if you're interested, they added yet another one of their 1 round character match up vids, this time it's Dan vs. Sakura.

Videos: Street Fighter 4 character demos, joysticks and Rose shock

Videos: Street Fighter 4 character demos, joysticks and Rose shock Gametrailers has added in several more Street Fighter 4 videos for your viewing pleasure.

Seth responds to Street Fighter 4 motions, demand for game

Seth responds to Street Fighter 4 motions, demand for game Seth Killian was lighting up the Unity Boards today fielding questions from the community about Street Fighter 4.

Here's what he had to say.

Are there any plans to make Cammy's Hooligan motion easier in Street Fighter 4, like it is in HD Remix?

Seth: The hooligan combination is back to its original command in SFIV, but I think when you have a chance to try it out you'll find yourself able to do it more easily. The input windows are more forgiving in SFIV than they were in the SF2-era, and although I was never much of a Cammy or Fei player, I find myself able to pull off those motions with comparative ease.

So in short, "don't worry, you'll be fine."

Will Street Fighter 4 be available February 17th? — NessinEagleland

Sven: Shipped. Plan your party on the 18th.

Seth: I wouldn't plan the party until you preorder. Demand on SFIV is starting to get crazy, so I'd say reserving is a pretty necessary move if you want to get your copy at launch...

Will SFIV leaderboard stats be available online? — LOSS

Seth: They will be on XBox Live and (the) PlayStation Network for sure, and we're looking at ways to take this to the web as well. Stay tuned.

Can you give us more details on SFIV's alt. costumes?

Seth: We'll have more word on the alternate costumes on February 7th.

Is there any word on whether per-character language selection made it in to SF4? — Giolon

Seth: You can indeed choose voice on a per-character basis.

The lack of stages in SFIV is awful.

I'm not sure what you mean by a "lack" of stages -- there are plenty, but more important than the number is that the stages in SFIV are actually richer and more interactive than any stages in any SF game ever.

Did Ono say the reason for exclusion of Street Fighter 3 characters is, "too many freaks?"

Seth: I'm not sure Ono said anything about the SF3 cast being "freaks," but basically the SF universe is BIG. Very big, with lots of characters. In every title, there are going to be characters that are somebody's favorite that didn't get into the game for whatever reason.

SFIV is chronologically earlier than SF3, but more to the point there just isn't the budget to include every character you (or somebody else) might want to see. It's very difficult to create the 3D models in a way that preserves our 2D memories, plus we need some familiar characters to consider including in any future SF titles, right? :)

Broken Akuma? HD Remix patch? Seth comments

Broken Akuma? HD Remix patch? Seth comments There's some players who feel strongly that Akuma is a broken character in HD Remix.

While the jury still seems to be out for the majority of people, Seth Killian explained how they're looking at the matter.

He also went on to comment about the upcoming patch for the game and what's up with the backgrounds.

Is Akuma really broken in HD Remix? — Alexandre

Seth: Akuma can certainly be a pain, but Capcom doesn't have any official position on his "brokenness." Truly this is better decided by the players and tournament results than some kind of Capcom statement, right? :)

There has been some griping online, but nothing that firmly establishes him as overpowered. We're tracking what happens at the next big tournaments and can look at those results going forward.

When will both the XBox and PlayStation 3 SSF2THDR games be patched?

Seth: (We're working on it.) Should be soon, weather permitting.

If you switch to classic graphics in HDR, the backgrounds dont change, can you fix this too?

Seth: No, only because the old backgrounds don't work in widescreen mode, and we'd have to fake it or add black bars to the edge, which would look terrible.

International Legend of Chun Li movie poster

Capcom-Unity uploaded the latest Street Fighter movie poster today. Here's the picture.

International Legend of Chun Li movie poster
Click image for a larger version

More Tournament Edition sticks being made, UK pre-order

More Tournament Edition sticks being made, UK pre-order UK readers can pre-order the Mad Catz tournament edition sticks from XBox 360 version, PS3 version.

Unfortunately, they will not ship these to an address in the United States. Also according to a reader, UK citizens can pre-order them in person from Play Any Time stores for a 10% deposit.

But there's good news for the rest of us, as Seth Killian was recently shown in this video saying that Mad Catz will be making more of the Tournament Edition sticks. When exactly these might be available and how many there will be is unknown, but when word is out there will have it here.

You can see the comment for yourself by jumping to about 8 minutes into the video.

Also posted a solid review of the Mad Catz SFIV FightPad. Not a lot that's new here, but it does have a good summary, so if you're on the fence about buying one, this may help you decide.

Street Fighter community news roundup

Street Fighter community news roundup put up some interviews with members at the recent CES 09 show. They briefly chat with Seth Killian about the game, but it is cool to see Justin Wong have a little camera time.

And in case you missed it had top SFIV players go at and put up the full video. Some good competition in this clip and helpful points along the way.

Part three of Gamespot's Street Fighter 4 tournament coverage is up.

Also Haunts (who's been a really busy guy recently) posted his experience from a recent California Regionals tournament held at Denjin Arcade on his site. The post is a little long winded, but it offers a look at how the competition shaped up along with some photos.

Street Fighter IV plot trailer with transcript

Also a very kind reader, Chris King, took it upon himself write out a transcript. If you'd like to see this, just click the link below.

Continue reading »

Street Fighter 4 strategy guide updates

Street Fighter 4 strategy guide updates We've updated our Street Fighter 4 strategy guide here on with some new content.

Now you'll find move listings for the new home version characters. Here's direct links to those sections.

| Cammy | Dan | Fei Long | Gen | Gouken | Rose | Sakura | Seth |

Also all of the characters have new storyline pages which tell a bit about them and why they're fighting in the Street Fighter tournament.

While some of the plotlines are nice to read about, some of them are fairly cheesy. But Street Fighter is a lot like porno — you don't get into it for the plot. ;)

The one thing that really jumped out to me while compiling the new moves is that Cammy and Fei Long retained their difficult motions for the Hooligan Throw and Flying Kick.

Why this doesn't hurt the hardcore players too much, it's a real shame for the more casual crowd that they didn't implement the HD Remix equivalent motions, because it makes Fei and Cammy a lot less approachable.

Hopefully Capcom of Japan will come around and implement these if they ever patch the game.

Sven rules out PC HD Remix, covers TE stick availability

Sven rules out PC HD Remix, covers TE stick availability Christian Svensson has said HD Remix for the PC isn't getting the green light, but he did offer some information on how you might come across a Mad Catz SF4 Tournament Edition sticks.

Here's his comments from the Unity Boards.

Will we see Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix on the PC?

Sven: While SF2's code has been playable on PC for ages, Backbone's specific meta emulation code has not. So you'd have to port Backbone Entertainment's technology over, and then handle the specifics for HDR.

Then you'd have to pull out the Sony/MS networking features, integrate something else (Gamespy most likely) then you'd have several hundred thousand dollars in testing costs for compatibility and bugs.

Long story short, there's a very, very low chance it would never earn out, there fore, I can't greenlight it.

Where can I get a Tournament Edition Mad Catz stick? How limited will the pads be?

Sven: I've heard unofficially that many Gamestops have reopened their pre-orders for the TE sticks though I haven't confirmed that myself. You might try calling your local Gamestop to see if that's true if you really want them. I suspect this is for the post-launch follow-on shipments so I'm guessing it probably won't be day and date with SF4.

On the question of pads, there are more of the pads than the sticks manufactured, but there will likely be shortages in certain designs (I have no idea which will be more popular than the others). If you want a specific design it will probably pay to pre-order to make sure you get it.

Dhalsim player wins national Japanese Street Fighter 4 competition

The Japanese Street Fighter IV player Iyo has finished first in a recent national tournament, using Dhalsim.

This tournament had some of the best players in Japan, including the legendary Daigo Umehara who didn't even place in the top 8.

Here's a clip of the finals match between Iyo and the Sagat player RF.
While some people like to put a lot of faith in the tier rankings, things change and the rankings are only a general idea of how the characters stack up against each other.

They cannot ever take into account your own personal level of skill and strategies you bring to the table.

I think a Dhalsim player winning a very prestigious tournament proves that.

Thanks to the SRK user Ohayo1234 for this information.