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Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Sakura may have another costume, Gen artwork and video

Spotted on that a few people found images of Sakura fighting in what appears to be a Japanese school girl gym outfit.

No word yet on how you can do this, some people think this is another alternative costume while others say it's just her gi costume with the outer layer removed.

Here's three images from

Sakura fighting without her gi in Street Fighter 4 Sakura fighting without her gi in Street Fighter 4 Sakura fighting without her gi in Street Fighter 4
Click images for larger versions

Gen's new artwork

Also the official Street Fighter 4 website was updated with this new image of Gen.

And another video of a battle between him against Chun Li.

Capcom Unity pre-paid Visa card

Capcom Unity pre-paid Visa card You can pick up a Capcom-Unity Visa pre-paid card that gets you instant savings on Capcom games, money back on purchases and Capcom Unity points when you buy stuff.

Might be a pretty smart thing to grab if you buy a lot of Capcom items. You can check out the full press release by clicking the link below.

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Street Fighter 4's release and guide updates

Street Fighter 4's release and guide updates

Word on the street is that a few stores will get copies of Street Fighter 4 late on Tuesday, but most will have it for sale on Wednesday.

Game Crazy stores seem to be the place to go to pick up the game on Tuesday, although there's a few other locations that are supposed to have it as well. Your best bet is to call around to make sure.

If you want to tune up your game in the mean time, make sure you stop by our Street Fighter 4 strategy guide page.

Inside you'll find how to unlock additional fighters, tier listings, basic gameplay details move listings for all the characters along with combos and strategies and tons more.

Also this strategy guide will be receiving lots of updates this week as we step up our efforts to coincide with the release of Street Fighter 4 — so keep checking back for more information.

Clip from Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li

Video coverage of Street Fighter 4's launch event

G4TV slapped together some pretty cool coverage of Street Fighter 4's launch event that was held in L.A.

There's interviews with Taboo (Vega), Chris Klein (Charlie) and Seth Killian (Fashion Model). This is worth checking out.

Sven comments on Mad Catz problems, TE stick availability

Sven comments on Mad Catz problems, TE stick availability Christian Svensson commented on the Unity Boards today about the problems a few users have experienced with the Standard Edition FightSticks. He also cleared up the availability of the Tournament Edition joysticks and what's up with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

Here are his comments.

Are all of the Standard Edition Mad Catz sticks bad or only certain ones?

Sven: It's just a few (we have a couple dozen, none [have] problems I'm aware of). Most are fine.

It seems a few came off the line with the issues people are referring to. Mad Catz has already given directives to the factory to watch for the issue so future ones should not have the problem.

Are the Tournament Edition FightSticks here to stay? Or are they going for a 'Limited Edition' type of run? — Daemon Gildas

Sven: There will be more shipping over the next couple months. Not tons, not an unlimited supply, but "more."

I know you said you were thinking about it, but is a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom localization still being looked at? What would the chances be of cutting out the Tatsunoko characters and replacing them with another license? — Carlnunz

Sven: If Tatsunoko vs. Capcom comes over, it will be as TvC, not a different property. That said, I've got no new news at this time. Sorry.

Some problems being reported with Mad Catz controllers

Some problems being reported with Mad Catz controllers Some users have reported a few problems with the Mad Catz line of Street Fighter controllers.

There's a list of issues players have had with the Tournament Edition stick on, and another thread about the standard FightStick here.

Just to keep this in perspective here, people are reporting stuff as minor as the buttons being slightly scratched, and others state they're having absolutely no problems at all.

But the most common problem seems to be the standard FightStick 'sticking' a little bit when you let go and it returns to a neutral position.

Several SRK members are posting detailed accounts and fixes to these issues — but also remember Mad Catz is offering a 90 day warranty — so if you run into big time problems you can always ship it back. And again, most people who picked up these controllers say they're very happy with them, so it seems like the percentage of people running into trouble is small.

Updated: Street Fighter IV sells out in Japan

Updated: Street Fighter IV sells out in Japan Capcom Community Manager, Seth Killian, has said that Street Fighter IV isn't just selling well in Japan, it has sold out.

The game was released yesterday in the land of the rising sun and early reports said sales were looking pretty good, but this news is outstanding.

Here are his comments.

The numbers being quoted some places are off based on what I've been told, but the real story is that SFIV is not "selling well" but is in fact SOLD OUT in Japan.

There ARE no more copies to sell on the store shelves. I heard from Ono-san himself last night that Capcom has a few boxes left in the basement that they'll be sending out on Monday, but they were totally overwhelmed by the demand. Sales couldn't have been any higher because every single copy in the stores has been sold (!!!).

Should be interesting to see how this stacks up with the American release of the game.

There's rumors that stores may be selling the game a day or so early over here, if these turn out to be anything more than rumors we'll have the latest news posted here.

Update on the Mad Catz TE sticks and backorders

Update on the Mad Catz TE sticks and backorders A handful of people have received their Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightSticks or have gotten an email letting them know it's on the way.

But it seems like the vast majority of the community who ordered one have been stuck in limbo, not really knowing if they'll get a stick any time soon.

Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson jumped on the Unity Boards to clarify what's going on with the Mad Catz sticks.

I know for a fact we (the Capcom Store) have FAR more orders than we have sticks. Mad Catz will be getting us more in the next couple weeks and we hope to have all outstanding orders met.

We appreciate your patience as the situation is pretty much the same with every retailer on those items.

As Christian says, this is a problem that's not just affecting people who bought their stick at the Capcom Store, but basically every place that had these up for sale online.

Mad Catz is producing more Tournament Edition sticks and estimates on when those will be available range from 2 to 6 weeks, but if you'll actually get one close to the release of SFIV seems to be a roll of the dice at this point.

Videos of Gen's two fighting styles in SFIV

Videos of Gen's two fighting styles in SFIV Official Japanese SF4 website was updated today with two videos of Gen in Street Fighter 4.

He's fighting Chun Li in both clips, and each one shows him using a different fighting style. If you'd like to know a bit more about Gen's moves and back story, stop by his Street Fighter 4 character guide page.

Street Fighter IV release party recap

Street Fighter IV release party recap Capcom-Unity user BigMex posted a recap of the Street Fighter IV release party that was held yesterday in L.A.

He's got a bunch of pictures of the event and some of the cast from the upcoming SF movie were on hand and a ton of Capcom employees.

All and all, looked like a lot of fun.

Surprisingly good SFIV basics video by IGN

IGN slapped together a surprisingly decent basics guide to Street Fighter IV. If you've actively followed the game, you're probably not going to learn anything here, but if you're new it's worth checking out.
Their execution of Ken's Kara Throw is the ultimate lesson in FAIL though.

And if you want to go further, make sure you look at our SFIV strategy guide here on

Read the first six pages of the SFIV comic

Read the first six pages of the SFIV comic UDON Entertainment has uploaded the first 6 pages of their Street Fighter IV comic to the web.

You get to check out a fight between Birdie and Abel.

For those of you who don't know, Udon is the team that did the artwork for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, and has a bunch of SF comics.

Early word on Street Fighter 4's net code is very good

Early word on Street Fighter 4's net code is very good The SRK user Maximilian Masters posted two videos up to YouTube this morning showing him playing online against someone in Japan.

Watching the clips you can see the action is basically lagless, and judging from what Max said, the netcode sounds outstanding considering these two players have the Pacific Ocean in between them.

While online gaming may never be perfect, this is looking damn good.

Street Fighter 4 Online Play: Video 1 | Video 2 |

Custom Street Fighter arcade machines

Custom Street Fighter arcade machines is building custom arcade cabinets that come with a handful of Street Fighter games.

These will set you back either $1,699 to $2,499 depending on the size of monitor you choose.

Console machine not included though, but you do get Hyper Street Fighter II - Anniversary Edition, Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike and Street Fighter IV.

While this is out of the price and space range for most players, it's still fun to look at.

Ranking system and 'puller' detection for Street Fighter 4

Ranking system and 'puller' detection for Street Fighter 4 If someone pulls during an online match of Street Fighter 4 they will be given a loss according to Capcom Community Manager, Seth Killian.

It also looks like the online ranking system should be good to go from the start. This taken from a recent post on the Unity Boards.

How will the ranking system in Street Fighter 4 will differ from the HD Remix ranking system?

Seth: A few notes:

• The SFIV rankings are totally unrelated to the SF HD Remix ranking system. They were developed independently, so there's no reason to think that issues with one should affect the other.

• SFIV does include code to determine who the "puller" was, and should give the puller a loss, with nothing being awarded to the winner.

• Most of the issues around someone disconnecting are not directly controllable by Capcom, and are more closely related to the first-party online infrastructure. Capcom has actually led the way in pushing for more improvements in "puller detection" code, and I believe the first time anything like that was implemented was for our original release of SF Hyper Fighting on X360.

More tournament matches from Japanese competition

More tournament matches from Japanese competition Official Street Fighter 4 website was updated with another set of matches from the quarter finals of the national Japanese tournament held awhile back.

This set features a terrific Crimson Viper player and more of Iyo's Dhalsim.