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Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

'Beauty' costume pack available for Street Fighter 4

'Beauty' costume pack available for Street Fighter 4 The alternative outfit pack for Cammy, Chun Li, Crimson Viper, Rose, and Sakura is now available.

It costs 320 MS points on the XBox 360 and $3.99 on the PlayStation 3, just like the other alternative costume packages.

If you'd like to check out a bunch of images of the alternative costumes, including these ones, visit this page.

Also here's the schedule for the rest of the downloadable costumes.
  • March 3 - Shoruken Pack will include alternate costumes for: Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, and Dan.
  • March 10 - Shadowloo Pack will include alternate costumes for: Seth, M.Bison, Sagat, Balrog, and Vega.
  • March 17 - Classic Pack will include alternate costumes for: Guile, Dhalsim, Fei-Long, Blanka, and Gen.
And while it hasn't been officially announced, rumor has it that all of the costumes will be offered in one package a ways after the last pack comes out on March 17th. It's rumored to cost 1000 MS points, about $12.50 USD.

Zak Bennett gets into Guinness World Records for SF

Zak Bennett gets into Guinness World Records for SF reported that British player and former EVO competitor, Zak Bennett, has been entered into the Guinness World Records for beating over a hundred challengers in a row.

Always nice to see a fellow Street Fighter player get some major kudos. Here's a clip from the article.

Guinness World Records confirmed today that UK’s premier Street Fighter player Zak Bennett has broken into the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition for the most consecutive wins on Street Fighter IV - with a whopping 108 wins unbeaten.

The successful record attempt took place in London on Friday afternoon. Official Guinness World Records representatives were present to adjudicate the feat, which is now shortlisted for inclusion in next year’s Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.

Challenger Hatim Habashi beat Bennett after 28 consecutive wins, but in his second record attempt Bennett raised his game and managed to defeat 108 challengers in succession.

Unintentionally humorous interview with SF movie cast

Watch the clip at about 1:40 to see one of the most 'enthusiastic' comments from Chris Klein you're going to see. It looks like the guy ate a couple of elephant tranquilizers before the interview.

Also around 2:08, Taboo, who plays Vega, has a couple interesting things to say about the origins of his character.

This stuff is classic.

Custom made Street Fighter arcade cabinets

Spotted over on Capcom-Unity that they're going to be auctioning off some Street Fighter cabinets with custom artwork for charity.

While these will probably fall out of the price range for most people, it's still really cool to watch them come together in the video.

Street Fighter IV ships 2 million units

Street Fighter IV ships 2 million units Capcom sent out official word today that Street Fighter IV has shipped 2 million units world wide.

On the PS3 version is ranked #17 (#18 for Collector's Edition) in video game sales while the XBox 360 is showing up at #31 (#97 for Collector's Edition).

Looking else where on the Internet, the outlook is similarly strong.

This is a great showing, especially for a game that hasn't seen a true sequel since Street Fighter 3's release in 1997.

With this kind of success, one can only assume we'll be seeing more fighting games from Capcom in the very near future.

First issue released of the Street Fighter Magazine

First issue released of the Street Fighter Magazine The guys behind the Street Fighter Blog have posted their very first issue of The Street Fighter Magazine (.pdf).

It contains interviews with Capcom's Yoshinori Ono and Seth Killian and it's got a ton of other content including a history of the Street Fighter animes and tournament coverage.

Definitely worth checking out. Here's a copy and paste from the interview with Ono, SFIV's lead producer.

STM: ... Were T. Hawk and Dee Jay planned to be in SF4 along with Cammy and Fei Long, and in the end they just didn't make the cut for various reasons?

Ono: ... SFIV was developed for as many users as possible, and to remind gamers that a fighting game is fun. At the beginning of the dev. stage, I thought that fans would be happy to have as many characters as possible in SFIV, but when I went back to the origin of the SFIV concept, I realized that it’s not the appropriate way to make fans happy.

The main reason was because too many characters would cause a complicated rulebook for its game play. After balancing the characters between, from Alpha series and ST series, also diagrams, controls, popularity etc., we made a decision to not include T. Hawk and Dee Jay this time. This is the actual background of why those two characters from the ST series didn’t make the cut for SFIV.

All-In-One costume pack likely for SFIV US release

All-In-One costume pack likely for SFIV US release It sounds like the All-In-One costume pack for Street Fighter IV will be released over here in America, a ways after all of the other costume packs are made available.

While this wasn't officially confirmed, Capcom-Unity moderator TAS strongly feels this will be the case. The downloadable costume pick is rumored to cost 1,000 Microsoft points and be available April 30th.

Capcom V.P., Christian Svensson also chimes on the SFIV Final Fight character rumors and having 3rd Strike remade.

Here's the whole shebang from the Unity Boards.

The costume pack which contains all of the alternative outfits was never announced for America, only Japan. Will this be released over here?

Sven: You are correct, it has not been announced for the West. Beyond that, I don't have details to share.

Your best bet, if you're concerned, wait to purchase.

TAS: Sven can't tell you how it's going to work but I can.

The all in one pack will be released after all the individual packs are put up, that's why Sven said to wait, that was his little hint.

How come Final Fight characters didn't make it into Street Fighter IV? Ono said he wanted Rolento in there.

Sven: At no point in time were any FF characters under official consideration (Alpha connections or no). Like literally they were in no documentation or communications of any sort between us and Ono-san.

We had to prioritize and they weren't even on any list ever submitted to us or us to them (and if they had been, they likely wouldn't have made the cut versus what characters did).

I was just wondering if you guys would totally reject the idea of having Street Fighter 3rd Strike remade? — EVILSIN

Sven: We're still watching the performance of SFIV and HDR (both of which are promising) before we do anything. It'll be a while before we have the clarity needed to make decisions on the future of the franchise.

In-game assistance for Link combos in Street Fighter 4

This tip was discovered by JCool and Godrifle. They found a built-in bar in Street Fighter 4 to help you pull off Link combos.

In case you're not familiar with a Link, it's when the hit-stun is long enough from one move to allow you to combo with another attack. The catch here is that the first move's animation must have completely ended before you can hit with the second attack.

This is unlike Canceling which allows you to interrupt the animation.

Link timing can be tricky — to say the least — but Street Fighter 4's lifebars offer an indicator on when you should press the button next, and since timing on these in most cases is very strict, it's quite helpful.

Here's what to look for.

Street Fighter 4 link indicator

The two orange/yellow indicators move from left to right as soon as you strike your opponent, representing their recovery time after being hit. When the indicator is almost all the way to the right, do your move.

Also with this indicator you can clearly see which attacks are capable of being Linked. Nifty.

Mad Catz aiming to ensure everyone gets TE FightStick

Mad Catz aiming to ensure everyone gets TE FightStick In an interview with Mad Catz Global PR & Communications Manager, Alex Verrey, stated they're going to be making a more Tournament Edition FightSticks — a lot more.

Alex said that their aim is, "to ensure that every gamer who wants a Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition WILL be able to purchase one."

This is great news for many players who have been desperate to get a hold of these sticks and have been paying big time prices on eBay. Now as long as they don't mind waiting a little while, they should be able to get one.

The rest of the interview is solid, but it mostly covers ground you may have already heard about before. Still worth a look though if you're really interested in the TE FightSticks though.

Video: Cammy, Chun, Viper, Rose & Sakura's alt. outfits

The YouTube user Llisera2 made a pretty nice HD quality video of the alternative outfits for Cammy, Chun Li, Viper, Rose and Sakura.

You get a nice look at the outfits and all of their available colors.

Street Fighter movie won't be prescreened by critics

Street Fighter movie won't be prescreened by critics The Cut Scene blog is reporting that the Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li movie will not be prescreened by critics.

So if you were hoping for an early review before the film hits on Friday, February 27th, you might be out of luck.

This blog states that, "In 95% of cases, not screening a movie is the studio's way of admitting critics are sure to hate it -- usually because it's bad, occasionally because it's a genre, like horror, that critics rarely appreciate."

Certainly hope the latter was the case here, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

Unlockable colors, taunts & updated stamina rankings

Unlockable colors, taunts & updated stamina rankings We've added in notes on how to unlock all 10 character colors and 9 personal actions (taunts). Just a reminder, unlocking a color or taunt with one character unlocks it for all of your playable fighters.

Also we've updated the Stamina (defense), Stun, Dash and Jump ratings for all of the new console characters, including Gouken & Seth.

Probably the most interesting thing here is that Seth is actually weaker than Akuma. He takes even more damage when he's hit and gets stunned even faster.

While Seth is considerably weaker than most characters in what it takes to kill him, it should be interesting to see how it all balances out with his excellent move set.

SFIV Championship mode expansion pack update

SFIV Championship mode expansion pack update Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson was on the Unity Boards recently to discuss the Championship mode expansion for Street Fighter 4 along with a few other matters.

If you're not familiar with the Championship pack, it will allow users the ability to record, upload and download top matches, use a new point system to measure their skill and take advantage of an enhanced match making system.

Here's Christian's comments from the boards.

When will the Championship mode expansion pack be released for Street Fighter IV? I thought it was supposed to be available at launch?

Sven: Championship mode was never planned for launch. The whole purpose of that pack is that they were features we wanted to have the whole community have access to but didn't have time in the base development schedule to complete.

So now, it's time to complete those features, which is what the team has been working on since original submission was approved in January (that and the PC Sku).

Why is there no spectator support in SFIV?

Sven: I'll better be able to address this in a few weeks... can't say more than that right now.

For now, the team is focused on the PC SKU and the Championship update. Beyond that, I can't comment. I will say Spectator modes/lobbies not part of either of those pieces of content.

What difference does it make which country owns the rights to Street Fighter and Final Fight? —

Sven: It has pretty massive ramifications on financial issues (specifically who pays for and who profits or loses from the use of said IP... be it in new games or licensing, etc.).

It also has issues over who has creative control of the property (e.g. who decides to do what products, what form they take.) So for example, in SFIV, that project was completely funded and initiated by Capcom USA. Capcom USA opted to engage Capcom Japan to run the development of the project. We had to approve all proposed direction and milestones. Etc.

For consumers, I don't suspect it makes much difference in the end result.

'Street Fighter IV Flashback' concept game

'Street Fighter IV Flashback' concept game broke the story that back in 2006 Backbone Entertainment pitched a concept game to Capcom called Street Fighter IV Flashback. The game was supposed to be a 3D 1-on-1 fighter powered by the Unreal 3 engine.

It never went beyond the concept stage, but this piece has several bits of art they used to pitch the idea including 3D models and some information on what the game play would have been like.

Worth checking out.

New guide: How to read Street Fighter 4 frame data

New guide: How to read Street Fighter 4 frame data We've posted a new guide that shows you how to read our frame data pages for Street Fighter 4.

Frame data is usually something really hardcore players check out, as it's just a numbers break down on the amount of damage and stun moves do, how many frames of animation they have, how long it takes to recover, etc.

While this kind of stuff is definitely geared towards high end players, even new competitors can find a few bits of advice like which moves need to be blocked high or low, what normals are capable of being Canceled and which attacks will gain you the most Super meter.

The frame data pages themselves could use a bit of updating and cleaning up, but if you have any feedback or tips, please feel free to post a comment on the applicable page.

Dee Jay & T. Hawk might be added to SFIV via upgrade

Dee Jay & T. Hawk might be added to SFIV via upgrade translated an interview with Street Fighter IV's lead producer, Yoshinori Ono, and in the piece he comments that Dee Jay and T. Hawk had already undergone the 3D character conversion process.

It sounds like they were a few steps away from being added to the game, but if this was to happen now, it seems like it come via a "Champion Edition" upgrade or some other similar means.

Here's a clip from

Famitsu asked Ono to describe how they determined which characters would make it into the home versions of SFIV. The selection process, he explained, was via a vote conducted in America. The voting was done with light users and core users kept separate. Characters like Cammy and Fei Long were in the top ranks of the light users. Rose and Gen were tops with the core users.

The interviewer mentioned here that he'd wanted to see Rolento from SF Alpha in the game. Some voters did select Rolento, Ono admitted, but he was excluded because he's a Final Fight character. Ono explained that if they put him in the game would become completely like Alpha.

Ono was surprised by the popularity of particular character in the voting: Dan. Most of his votes came from the light users.

Street Fighter savant to attempt Guinness World Record

Street Fighter savant to attempt Guinness World Record Team XBox is reporting that EVO player, Zak Bennet, is trying to set a World's Record for beating the most Street Fighter opponents. Here's a blurb from their page.

Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of videogames, announced today that UK’s premier Street Fighter player Zak Bennet will attempt to break into the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition with a new world record for most consecutive wins on Street Fighter IV, in conjunction with the game’s launch on Friday 20th February.

The attempt will take place in the HMV store on Oxford Street in London at noon. Official Guinness World Records representatives will be present to adjudicate the feat, which – if successful – will be shortlisted for inclusion in next year’s Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the first person to defeat Zak Bennet will be awarded a monster top-of-the-range 48” TV and home cinema surround sound system.