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Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

New Street Fighter 4 ink trailer: Gouken vs. Akuma

You can check out the embedded version here, or hop this link to watch the HD version.

New details about the Mad Catz SF controllers

New details about the Mad Catz SF controllers Mad Catz put out a press release today detailing what players can expect from their Street Fighter line of controllers. Here's the goods:

Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick
• Dual-speed Turbo functions for each button with LED Indicators.
• 8-button configuration.
• Integrated D-Pad.
• Ergonomic slanted top panel for comfortable play.
• Start and Select/Back Buttons have been moved to the rear of stick so you don't accidentally press them.
• 'Character Cards' which insert into the top panel and display a selection of special moves.

Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick: Tournament Edition
Same as above except also has these features:
• Uses Sanwa arcade quality components that are found in the official Street Fighter IV arcade machines.
• Screw on rubber feet for solid surface play.
• Unobtrusive placement of the Start and Select/Back Buttons along with a locking mechanism preventing accidental activation of Turbo settings.

Street Fighter IV FightPad
• Enlarged circular eight-way floating D-Pad
• Arcade style six-button configuration
• Switch allows gamers to alternate between D-Pad and Analog Sticks

Random stuff also available
• Faceplate and Console Skinz, which have custom Street Fighter IV artwork. Goes on your console or on your PS3 FightPad controllers.
• Street Fighter IV Wall Scroll.

If you'd like to buy the controllers, you can find them here on

The Zangief Chronicles

The Zangief Chronicles Can you say random? It's the Zangief Chronicles which has a few funny videos of this Street Fighter's personal life.

This might be something you have to be in the right mood to get a kick out of, but if you're want to check out some crazy stuff, look no further.

Video: Street Fighter 4 intro with all of the characters

Thanatos_6666 found a new Street Fighter IV video showing all 25 characters.

The video starts out like the other trailers you've seen, but this time you get to see Fei Long, Rose, Cammy and the rest of the new characters in action. Sweet.

American trailer for Legend of Chun Li movie

Looks like got the scoop. The official English trailer of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li is out.
Although you can watch the low res embedded version here, I really recommend checking out the full high resolution version instead.

Street Fighter 4 videos, Gen vs. Rose and more

Some pretty flipping sweet footage was uploaded to today of the new fighters in Street Fighter 4. Although the players aren't good, it's nice to check out the new characters in motion.

'Dan vs. Dan' gameplay HD Street Fighter 4

'Fei Long vs. Cammy' gameplay HD Street Fighter 4

Also it looks like the game has about 17 stages right now.

IGN previews Street Fighter 4

IGN previews Street Fighter 4 IGN has posted an alright preview of Street Fighter 4, which offers a few new details.

They mention that the game does not currently have a speed adjustment option and the port from a casual perspective is arcade perfect.

Besides that they write a few words on how Gouken plays, but nothing earth shaking.

Here's a quick clip from the piece.

Gouken proves to be a formidable weapon when placed under a deft player's control; while fireballs and hurricane kicks prove his staple attacks, he's more than just a Ryu clone with his fireball rising horizontally to deal with foes who insist on bounding around the screen.

Meanwhile his hurricane kick is as devastating an attack as the series has seen, lifting upwards and proving far more ferocious than the versions practiced by other characters.

Like his brethren Akuma, expect Gouken to earn a place in the hearts of the die-hard and to be the bane of online match-ups.

New Street Fighter Movie poster

A new poster for the Street Fighter Legend of Chun Li movie was released today...

Street Fighter the Legend of Chun Li movie poster
Click image for a larger version

Feel free to give your feedback on it by adding a comment.

Screen shots show new Street Fighter 4 stages

Screen shots show new Street Fighter 4 stages posted a Street Fighter IV preview in Swedish, but they also included some screen shots of some of the new stages.

You have to scroll about half-way down the article and sort through the more generic shots, but if you really want to see the new stages, three of them are on the site for you to check out.

Sven on HD Remix patch, future Vs. titles and more

Sven on HD Remix patch, future Vs. titles and more Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson has been active on the Unity Boards, this time around covering when we may hear about a patch for HD Remix, future Vs. titles and what's up with the Mad Catz SF pads.

What's up with getting Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix patched?

Sven: I might have more news in a couple weeks.

Why is the PS3 Mad Catz SF pad wireless and the XBox 360 one wired yet costs the same?

Sven: If I were to guess (and I want to stress, this is only a guess as we don't set pricing on these products), I'd suspect it's because of the need for headphone jacks, which require additional tooling and parts, as well as licensing fees/approvals that exist for MS peripherals (given the proprietary encryption they use even over wired connections) that don't exist for Sony peripherals (which use standard bluetooth).

In other words, I suspect you're getting upset at the wrong people.

Will the success of Street Fighter 4 affect the Vs. series as well?

Sven: Yes. The success or failure of a title in a category or in a category on a given platform does affect how we consider future performance of other potential projects in that category.

Sounds like we should be hearing something about an HD Remix patch in the next few weeks at least.

Live video of Street Fighter IV Jan. 6

Live video of Street Fighter IV Jan. 6 is going to have a live broadcast of Street Fighter IV on January 6, 2009 at 5 p.m. P.S.T.

They're expected to show the new characters, Rose, Gen, Sakura, Dan, Fei Long and Cammy. And also the new stages that are only available on the home release of the game.

The stream is expected to last an hour and it should be pretty entertaining, so mark your calendars.

First console review of Street Fighter IV scores 9.5

First console review of Street Fighter IV scores 9.5 The Official XBox Magazine has already weighed in on Street Fighter 4, and the verdict is good.

The game netted a 9.5 out of 10 in a print review set to be published in February, but the real goodies are what else was revealed, like:
  • When playing online you unlock titles and icons of rank you can show other people.
  • Playing through single-player arcade ladders unlocks hidden characters.
  • An option to set the dialogue to English or the Japanese is an unlockable. 'Hadouken!' is the same in both though.
Big kudos to the Capcom-Unity user Guiseppe for this information.

Super Battle Opera DVDs available on Play-Asia

Super Battle Opera DVDs available on Play-Asia If you haven't heard of Super Battle Opera, it's a fighting game tournament that hosts some of the most talented players in Japan each year.

And the videos from their 2008 Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike tournaments are now available up on

These are a bit pricey to import, as each DVD will set you back almost $50, but the level of competition is supposed to be exceptional.


Guile's HD Remix strategy guide updated

Guile's HD Remix strategy guide updated We've updated the strategy guide for Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Guile players, and now it contains a pretty strong overview of how to play him.

Continuing the latest theme, you'll also find a page that has individual character vs. strategies in case you're struggling with how to fight against specific characters.

As with all of the guides on the website, if you have anything you'd like to add, please leave a comment and if we use your information we'll give you credit down at the bottom of the article.

HD Remix combo video by Biffotasty

The YouTube member Biffotasty uploaded a pretty sweet HD Remix combo video.
You can check out the same video with some notes here.

Sven on why Capcom doesn't reprint old games

Sven on why Capcom doesn't reprint old games Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson, a.k.a. Sven, was on the Unity Boards recently covering how come they don't reprint old games.

Here are his thoughts.

Is it really a bother to re-print old Capcom games, even if they're already made?

Sven: Other than the cost of manufacturing, no. It's not hard to get them remade though there are minimum order sizes of several thousand units. The HARD part is getting retail to take them because they generally won't. So while we can make it, we've got no one to sell them to that will sell them to you.

I wanted to know if there was any chance of getting Marvel vs Capcom 2 reprinted for the PS2. — Alex

Sven: Sorry, can't happen due to licensing issues.

Console versions of Street Fighter 4 will have more stages

Console versions of Street Fighter 4 will have more stages Capcom is addressing a complaint they've heard about Street Fighter 4. The console versions of the game will have additional stages according to this flier up on Capcom Unity.

This announcement came down because Capcom is hosting an event in Las Vegas at the 2009 CES on Jan. 8th through 10th.

The final build of the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Street Fighter 4 will be available there along with online game play demos given by Yoshinori Ono.

Additionally, the folks at Mad Catz will be providing players with their Street Fighter IV-branded joysticks and pads.