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Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

More Tournament Edition sticks being made, UK pre-order

More Tournament Edition sticks being made, UK pre-order UK readers can pre-order the Mad Catz tournament edition sticks from XBox 360 version, PS3 version.

Unfortunately, they will not ship these to an address in the United States. Also according to a reader, UK citizens can pre-order them in person from Play Any Time stores for a 10% deposit.

But there's good news for the rest of us, as Seth Killian was recently shown in this video saying that Mad Catz will be making more of the Tournament Edition sticks. When exactly these might be available and how many there will be is unknown, but when word is out there will have it here.

You can see the comment for yourself by jumping to about 8 minutes into the video.

Also posted a solid review of the Mad Catz SFIV FightPad. Not a lot that's new here, but it does have a good summary, so if you're on the fence about buying one, this may help you decide.

Street Fighter community news roundup

Street Fighter community news roundup put up some interviews with members at the recent CES 09 show. They briefly chat with Seth Killian about the game, but it is cool to see Justin Wong have a little camera time.

And in case you missed it had top SFIV players go at and put up the full video. Some good competition in this clip and helpful points along the way.

Part three of Gamespot's Street Fighter 4 tournament coverage is up.

Also Haunts (who's been a really busy guy recently) posted his experience from a recent California Regionals tournament held at Denjin Arcade on his site. The post is a little long winded, but it offers a look at how the competition shaped up along with some photos.

Street Fighter IV plot trailer with transcript

Also a very kind reader, Chris King, took it upon himself write out a transcript. If you'd like to see this, just click the link below.

Continue reading »

Street Fighter 4 strategy guide updates

Street Fighter 4 strategy guide updates We've updated our Street Fighter 4 strategy guide here on with some new content.

Now you'll find move listings for the new home version characters. Here's direct links to those sections.

| Cammy | Dan | Fei Long | Gen | Gouken | Rose | Sakura | Seth |

Also all of the characters have new storyline pages which tell a bit about them and why they're fighting in the Street Fighter tournament.

While some of the plotlines are nice to read about, some of them are fairly cheesy. But Street Fighter is a lot like porno — you don't get into it for the plot. ;)

The one thing that really jumped out to me while compiling the new moves is that Cammy and Fei Long retained their difficult motions for the Hooligan Throw and Flying Kick.

Why this doesn't hurt the hardcore players too much, it's a real shame for the more casual crowd that they didn't implement the HD Remix equivalent motions, because it makes Fei and Cammy a lot less approachable.

Hopefully Capcom of Japan will come around and implement these if they ever patch the game.

Sven rules out PC HD Remix, covers TE stick availability

Sven rules out PC HD Remix, covers TE stick availability Christian Svensson has said HD Remix for the PC isn't getting the green light, but he did offer some information on how you might come across a Mad Catz SF4 Tournament Edition sticks.

Here's his comments from the Unity Boards.

Will we see Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix on the PC?

Sven: While SF2's code has been playable on PC for ages, Backbone's specific meta emulation code has not. So you'd have to port Backbone Entertainment's technology over, and then handle the specifics for HDR.

Then you'd have to pull out the Sony/MS networking features, integrate something else (Gamespy most likely) then you'd have several hundred thousand dollars in testing costs for compatibility and bugs.

Long story short, there's a very, very low chance it would never earn out, there fore, I can't greenlight it.

Where can I get a Tournament Edition Mad Catz stick? How limited will the pads be?

Sven: I've heard unofficially that many Gamestops have reopened their pre-orders for the TE sticks though I haven't confirmed that myself. You might try calling your local Gamestop to see if that's true if you really want them. I suspect this is for the post-launch follow-on shipments so I'm guessing it probably won't be day and date with SF4.

On the question of pads, there are more of the pads than the sticks manufactured, but there will likely be shortages in certain designs (I have no idea which will be more popular than the others). If you want a specific design it will probably pay to pre-order to make sure you get it.

Dhalsim player wins national Japanese Street Fighter 4 competition

The Japanese Street Fighter IV player Iyo has finished first in a recent national tournament, using Dhalsim.

This tournament had some of the best players in Japan, including the legendary Daigo Umehara who didn't even place in the top 8.

Here's a clip of the finals match between Iyo and the Sagat player RF.
While some people like to put a lot of faith in the tier rankings, things change and the rankings are only a general idea of how the characters stack up against each other.

They cannot ever take into account your own personal level of skill and strategies you bring to the table.

I think a Dhalsim player winning a very prestigious tournament proves that.

Thanks to the SRK user Ohayo1234 for this information.

Capcom vs. SNK 3 in the realm of possibility

Capcom vs. SNK 3 in the realm of possibility Take this with a grain of salt, because even if anything comes of it, it's still going to be a ways off.

But according to Street Fighter IV's producer Yoshinori Ono said that doing another Capcom vs. SNK game might happen.

He mentioned that Street Fighter 4 happened fairly casually, because the fans demanded it, it helped the game get made.

He seems to feel that another Capcom vs. SNK title could go down the same way.

But don't get your hopes up for another Marvel vs. Capcom title any time soon, according to Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson, Activision holds the Marvel license until roughly 2013.

Interview with Seth Killian at the SF Club event

Interview with Seth Killian at the SF Club event caught up with Seth Killian at the last Street Fighter Club event for an interview.

Nothing new revealed here, but Seth does talk about the creation of the game and the characters, and it's not a bad read.

Here's a clip.

R.Piddy: Like you said, this is a ten-year reboot. What have some of the challenges been in bringing back the series?

SK: Internally at Capcom, it was a real challenge. I have to credit Ono-san -- he really believes in the 2D fighting mechanic, because that's where it's at, as far as Street Fighter goes. To really bring it to the next gen, we had to have 3D graphics, but we wanted to keep the 2D mechanics. So we brought in a 3D graphical style and introduced a lot of great flourishes, but the game still has that great, precision 2D feel of Street Fighter. So you're not alienating any of the longtime fans with this game.

Play Street Fighter on YouTube

Yes, you read that right. This is one of the craziest things I've seen in awhile.

But you can play Street Fighter on YouTube with stop motioned animated figures.

New intro for Street Fighter 4

YouTube user DigiBoy88 uploaded the console version of Street Fighter 4's video intro.
Not too sure about that 1st song, but the rest is great.

Updated: Amazon drops PS3 TE stick pre-orders, again no longer has the Mad Catz PS3 Tournament Edition sticks available for pre-orders — they went through them very quickly.

But if you find any more locations that are selling the sticks again, please add a comment and let everyone else know too.

Street Fighter IV training manual

Street Fighter IV training manual A reader named Matt pointed out that scanned in all of the images for the Street Fighter IV training manual.

The booklet shows you the backstory on all of the characters, plus their moves. It's cool little overview.

If you'd like to go more in depth though, I recommend checking out our Street Fighter 4 strategy guide. It also includes the moves for the characters, but has full on strategies and frame data as well.

Dhalsim's HD Remix strategy guide updated

Dhalsim's HD Remix strategy guide updated Dhalsim's Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix guide has been redone and the sections for his special and normal moves have been fleshed out considerably.

Also there's a page up discussing his tactics against individual characters.

Dhalsim is one of the best characters in HD Remix, but he has a unique style and can be difficult to play for newer players.

If you've always want to learn how to play the Yoga master or are just trying to improve your game with him, these guides should help you on your way.

Mad Catz SFIV controller details and review

Mad Catz SFIV controller details and review Myung on the Capcom-Unity site has written up an incredible piece offering just about every detail you could want to know about the Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Tournament Edition stick.

If you had any questions at all about the stick, this article should answer them.

Next up, reviewed all three Mad Catz SFIV controllers, the Tournament Edition piece covers much of what we already know, but the articles on the FightStick and FightPad are worth checking out because those two products haven't gotten nearly as much coverage, and they give you a really good idea of what to expect.

Fei Long and Abel's character select artwork and video

The official Japanese Street Fighter IV site was updated with Fei Long and Abel's select screen artwork.

Fei Long Character Select Artwork Street Fighter 4 Abel Character Select Artwork Street Fighter 4
Click images for larger versions

If you can't get enough of these two, scope out this new video of them fighting.

Round 2 of GameSpot's SFIV tournament

GameSpot posted part 2 of their Street Fighter IV tournament held last year, and in 2nd round they picked a couple of good matches to show in this video.

Check out the comment at 7:35. According to Lark Anderson, Sagat lost his eye with an uppercut. Way to know your history there Lark.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix guide updates

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix guide updates We've added three new sections to the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix strategy guide.

Although this is information most of the hardcore fans already know, those of you who are still trying to wrap your head around the game should probably check these out.

First up is a section on how to deal with Throws. This includes countering tick throws, how to escape quickly from grabs and dizzies, plus when and where you're invulnerable from actually being tossed.

Next we've added a guide on what Reversal moves are and how to do them. There's also a break down of each character's best Special Moves to use as a Reversal. Handy.

And finally comes the very general basic gameplay details guide, which just offers up some things you're probably aware of if you've been playing Super Turbo for years, but worth looking at if you're a new player.