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Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Programs to help you with your execution

Programs to help you with your execution If you consistently struggle with executing moves and you'd like to see controller output on where exactly you're running into trouble at, there's a few programs out there that can help you.

Button Masher is a very small program for PCs or Macs that shows joystick and button output in a pretty useful way.

The button and joystick presses are displayed on separate lines with the amount of time you're pressing them so you can break down exactly where you're messing up when attempting to do Zangief's 720 motion.

Also there's a new program called Execution Aid 2 which I still haven't been able to download yet, but has a tutorial video up on YouTube showing how it works.

The download site has NSFW ads running on it, and it's linked from the YouTube video so you can check that one out also.

Win a Tournament Edition FightStick with your Hadoken

Win a Tournament Edition FightStick with your Hadoken is running a contest where you can win a PS3 Street Fighter IV TE Fighting stick and a signed copy of the Street Fighter Tribute book.

All you have to do is put together your best Hadoken (Fireball) using any medium. You could do a video, audio, images, or basically whatever.

The winner of the contest gets hooked up with a very slick stick and art book.

Hop on this link to check out some of the entries that have come in.

Videos: Ultra Moves, Ono interview and more

Videos: Ultra Moves, Ono interview and more Four new SFIV videos have made their way up to the Web recently.

Probably the most interesting are the Super and Ultra move collages put together, although they don't feature all of the characters.

The Ono interview doesn't reveal anything new, but if you haven't kept up on Street Fighter 4, it's worth watching.

And the Dan Super Taunt video is self-explanatory. ;)

Seth comments on PS3 Street Fighter 4 load times

Seth comments on PS3 Street Fighter 4 load times Seth Killian was on the Unity Boards recently to clear up some things about the PlayStation 3 version of Street Fighter 4, here are his comments.

What's up with the load times on Playstation 3 version of Street Fighter IV?

Seth: The recently shown builds were final in terms of contents, but were not actual retail discs. They are development ROM discs, which play on development kits.

Dev kit units are known to be a bit trickier than retail, and things occasionally have odd glitches there, but regardless of any she-said, he-said nonsense, when everything is working right, nobody noticed any differences between PS3 and Xbox load times (this was explicitly measured by Gamespot during TGS, since they couldn't find any graphical differences to complain about, but they didn't see load time differences either).

Capcom had PS3 and Xbox SFIV running literally side by side all week at CES with no shame -- if there had been some loading difference between the two the hundreds of press who came through would have been all over it, and we might have even tried to avoid putting the two machines near one another.

We didn't because the game loads perfectly fast on both systems, especially if you opt for the installation on PS3.

Is an install required for the PS3 version of SFIV?

Seth: The install is optional, for those who want to shave a sliver off of load times between matches :)

FightStick, PC SFIV & Tatsunoko vs. Capcom updates

FightStick, PC SFIV & Tatsunoko vs. Capcom updates Seth Killian was a busy guy today, as he responded to quite a few posts on the Unity Boards.

The Tournament Edition FightStick isn't available for pre-order on some sites anymore, what's up?

Seth: What's going on is pretty simple. The best stick on the market is also turning out to be the most popular. Since they didn't make a billion of these things, they're starting to be pretty hard to find.

The Capcom Store here is supposed to have a healthy shipment coming in, though I'm not sure when they'll go on sale -- just check back on the store regularly and I'm sure they'll pop up in the near future for pre-order.

IGN said the PC release date of SFIV is Feb. 17, 2009, that true?

Seth: The IGN date is not correct, and the PC version will indeed be later than the console version. Often those dates are automatically generated based on limited information, rather than some kind of insider reveal.

If they DO have that kind of insider/leaked info, you'll find it in a headline, not an after-thought-ish release date box. Same goes for the Gamespot date, as we've made no announcement regarding specific PC release date.

It's clear Tatsunoko vs. Capcom didn't do so well in the first weeks.

Would that be the only factor to determine whether the game was successful or not... or do you also consider the amount of quarters spent on the arcade machines?

Seth: Capcom's official position would probably be something like "money is money, and we're happy about it either way." :)

That said, we usually only make money on the sale of the machines themselvses, since it's the arcade operators that get all those 100 yen coins. Capcom DOES own a fair number of arcades in Japan, so it gets a little blurry, but an arcade success without console success could still be a good thing.

Sven responds to delayed European release of HD Remix

Sven responds to delayed European release of HD Remix Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson wanted to clear the air about what's going on with the European release of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix for the PlayStation 3. Here's his reasons why it's taking so long...

SCEE did not approve the version submitted.

We've had to go back, fix a few things, spend a couple weeks testing the new build to verify fixes and make sure nothing else broke in the process... we didn't receive a final report until after we were launched in other territories plus the two week holiday at SCEE and our offices didn't help.

The game is back in submission with SCEE as we speak or will be in the next day or so. Fingers crossed and all of that but it is coming as soon as we can get it to you.

As for trophy support, no that's not required for us as we'd originally submitted in 2008. We're held to those standards on that title, so that will not be a gating factor.

And before people ask, we will always ensure that cross territory play is possible, inspite of the few fixes we've made to the SCEE version.

Street Fighter 4 select screen artwork

Official Japanese Street Fighter 4 website was updated with some new artwork of Ryu, Ken and Chun Li. These pieces show the character's select screen poses.

Chun Li character select screen artwork Street Fighter 4 Ken character select screen artwork Street Fighter 4 Ryu character select screen artwork Street Fighter 4
Click images for larger versions

Another handful of Street Fighter 4 videos

Another handful of Street Fighter 4 videos got their hands on a bunch more videos of the new characters in Street Fighter 4. Here they are. Although the last video is YouTube shakey cam footage of SFIV's boss characters, it's a sweet battle. Kudos to AtomicNumb3r for the link.

Next Street Fighter Club in San Francisco, Jan. 16

Capcom has announced the latest Street Fighter Club event. It will be held in San Francisco on January 16, 2009 from 8 p.m. to midnight.

This is an invitation only gig, so if you'd like to get in, make sure you leave a comment on the Capcom-Unity site here. You'll need to include your real name and then just wait to hear back.

If you're not familiar with the Street Fighter Club events, it's a throw back to the old school arcade days with tons of Street Fighter machines and the Capcom staff on hand serving free pizza and soda.

In other words, it's freaking awesome. Here's a flier of the event.

January 2009 Street Fighter Club flier
Click image for a larger version

More info on the Mad Catz SF FightPads

More info on the Mad Catz SF FightPads The last few days we've found out just about everything there is to know about the Tournament Edition Street Fighter FightSticks from Mad Catz, but we haven't heard a lot about the FightPads.

In response has a pretty nice hands-on piece about what players can expect if they don't want to purchase a stick.

Here's a cut from the article.

Alongside the release of the sticks, Mad Catz is releasing a branded collection of joypads.

These pads aspire to the old Sega Saturn or Sega Genesis style of pad that, as many of you will recall, boasted arguably the best layout and the best d-pad of any console controllers ever.

Mad Catz is well aware of how beloved the original design was but the company didn't stop at making a simple carbon copy.

Fei Long HD Remix character guide updated

Fei Long HD Remix character guide updated We've made massive revisions to the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Fei Long guide, and with all of the new guides we've also created a page for some of his individual character match ups.

Fei Long was considered to be one of the worst characters in the original Super Turbo, but things have changed for him because of the distance added on to his Rekka Kens and Super moves.

He's still a rushdown character, but now he has a few more tricks to help him get in, and he has a dominate ground game.

And a huge shout out goes to the legendary Fei Long player, Jumpsuit Jesse. Jesse helped provide these guides with a ton of information, so many kudos for his contributions.

GameSpot Street Fighter 4 previews and videos

GameSpot Street Fighter 4 previews and videos GameSpot came back from CES with a ton of Street Fighter 4 content.

For starters they had Seth Killian do a video walk through of some of the new characters. They also updated an old preview, and posted a brand new article, both of these offer some new details on what players can expect from the game.

Plus they have a video showing what players can expect from the new training mode.

And they got Seth Killian to demo the Mad Catz controllers for them.

You can also see Ryu's anime intro video on GameSpot.

Lots of great stuff here, I highly recommend checking it out.

EGM's Street Fighter IV cover feature

EGM's Street Fighter IV cover feature It was a truly sad day when the new owners of EGM decided to cancel the magazine, even without so much as a farewell issue, but the former staff members are still going strong online and they've put up their Street Fighter IV cover story that would have run in the next issue.

While the article isn't earth shaking, they do flesh out some of the new modes that will be available in the game, and considering all EGM has done over the years to cover Capcom fighting games, it's certainly worth checking out.

Here's a small clip from the piece.

Of course, the Time Attack and Survival modes are pretty self-explanatory (you earn extra time based on your performance in the Time Attack mode -- or, in the case of Survival mode, health).

But the Trial mode's pretty interesting -- it actually teaches you to play SF4 by making you complete specific combos for each character.

A challenge with Blanka asks you to jump in with a heavy kick, follow it up with a crouching medium kick and a light punch, and then finish it up with a heavy rolling attack. This mode's a great way for newcomers to learn how to play effectively.

Sakura vs. Ryu video and character select screen

The official Japanese Street Fighter 4 website was updated today with an alright video of Sakura and Ryu fighting.

This certainly isn't as epic as the other clips we've been seeing lately, but if you want a closer look at Sakura's move set, it's not too shabby.
Also here's a clear image of how the character select screen looks now when all of the characters have been unlocked.

Street Fighter 4 character select screen
Click image for larger version.

GameSpot Street Fighter 4 tournament from way back

Remember GameSpot's HD Remix tournament videos where they milked the footage for all it was worth?

Well, they're back, this time with Street Fighter 4 and they're bringing some scrubtacular play to the table.

After watching this video, you may ask yourself. Who's better at Street Fighter 4... these GameSpot tournament contestants, or a slightly dead 3-toed sloth?

Mad Catz Street Fighter IV joystick previews

Mad Catz Street Fighter IV joystick previews Two new previews of the Street Fighter 4 Mad Catz sticks have made their way online.

The first one comes from and it has a pretty nice overview of what to expect from the stick, plus some close up shots of the product.

Next up, opened up this bad boy and took some images of the innards plus added a video so you can get a better idea of the dimensions.

Here's a clip from the GameDaily piece.

Other cool features: the start and pause buttons have been moved from the top of the box to the front -- to avoid accidently hitting them while pulling off multi-button maneuvers. There's a storage area for the cord in the back. The top plate unscrews from the unit allowing modders to change out buttons and do those things that modders likes to do. Of course, that will render the warranty invalid, but that's the tinkerer's curse, right?

The Street Fighter stick is also designed to work with other fighting games -- a switch on the bottom of the box allows you to change the functionality of the joystick -- you can have it serve as a directional pad (a must for SFIV) or you can have it perform like a left-hand stick or right-hand stick on a regular game controller.

Lastly, word on Capcom-Unity is that Alex Valle tried out the Tournament Edition stick and said it's the best stick ever on the market.

From everything I've been hearing, these sticks should end up being excellent.

New Street Fighter 4 ink trailer: Gouken vs. Akuma

You can check out the embedded version here, or hop this link to watch the HD version.