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Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Capcom responds to Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta patch issues

Capcom responds to Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta patch issues Capcom's JimmyRey followed up on the issues users have noticed after the latest SSF2T HD Remix beta patch.

This has some great info on what's happening behind the scenes. Here's a clip.

For those whose experience has seemed to degraded, I wanted to let you guys know what's going on and hopefully it will alleviate some of your fears.

Many of you guys have indicated that it now seems a bit more jittery and possibly laggy now that the patch is applied. There were 3 issues that we knew were still going to be in the game, but unfortunately, they were too "risky" to fix in time.

By risky, we mean that the changes were deep enough in the code were it presented a risk to fix due to potential to create other bugs and require a ton more QA. As we wanted to get the patch out soon, we decided go keep the issues in the game for now, to be fixed for when the game was released. The issues are:

• The background will jitter around a bit. This is actually occurring more in the real world than in our testing, but we do know about it and have a fix. This is being caused by the camera position adjusting when the "smoothing" frames are being played back.

• When throwing an opponent, the character being thrown seems to be lagging behind. This is an issue we know about and will be fixed.

• Sometimes when throwing a hadoken, the fireball isn't seen until many frames later.

Rumor: Akuma may be unlocked in Street Fighter 4 on Aug. 15

Rumor: Akuma may be unlocked in Street Fighter 4 on Aug. 15 FuguTabetai on the message boards translated the latest entry from the SF4 blog.

The rumor floating around is that beating Seth in grand fashion will unlock Akuma, but only after August 15th.

This might be a stretch though, but here's the translation so you can judge for yourself.

Street Fighter 4 is going to get pretty hot too!! It's coming, it's coming. Something will happen on 8/15. Something that lots of fans have been waiting for is coming this way!!

It's been a month since the machines went out. I think you've all got in a lot of practice with your favorite character. Now you'll really get to test your skill! Give a testament to the experience, skills, and courage that you've piled up!!

Aim for it, Seth! Defeat him, Seth! And then, the thing that you've been waiting for... Nothing special will happen for a simple halfhearted battle. So, there's only three more days till it happens. So give it your best and Fight!

Feel free to sound off on the comments area on what you think of this rumor.

Videos of M. Bison and Zangief's alt. costumes

Videos of M. Bison and Zangief's alt. costumes Ndoko9 uploaded three new videos to YouTube showing the alternative costumes for M. Bison (Dictator) and Zangief.

The quality is pretty good, for YouTube videos, so it's worth checking out.

Here's the links.

Zangief vs. M. Bison

Zangief vs. Guile

M. Bison vs. Ken

Street Fighter Alpha to be released on PSN

Street Fighter Alpha to be released on PSN Capcom's 'big surprise' for Playstation Network players was the release of Street Fighter Alpha this Thursday.

Which I must say is kind of a let down. While the first Alpha game wasn't a bad title, I think most people were expecting something bigger. It's kind of cool that Capcom is going back and re-releasing some of their old titles though.

And until SSF2THD Remix and SF4 hit the consoles, it might be fun to do some retro gaming.

Rumor: Street Fighter 4 may see U.S. release this week

Rumor: Street Fighter 4 may see U.S. release this week posted a rumor hinting that Street Fighter 4 may be released in the states this week.

With the EVO Fighting Game Championships over, and considering that every SF4 cabinet on this continent was there, a U.S. release in the very near future seems likely.

Here's some excerpted text, check the link for the whole story.

Robert Turner claims Arrows Plaza Bowling in Tacoma is definitely getting a SF IV cabinet.

- The cabinet and display should be in within the next week.
- $1.00 per play.
- They won't be able to use the IC cards due to limitations (note that Tekken 6 also would face the same pitfall if it were brought over).
- This will be the international version of the game.
- They're planning to use LCD HD monitors to grab everyone's attention.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom gameplay video from EVO 2008

There's a new movie up on showing how Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is shaping up.

Although it's still not planned for release outside of Japan, if enough interest gets drummed up, Capcom may put it out else where.

Here's the movie.

Commenting available on again

Commenting available on again Comments have been re-enabled on Now you can comment on every piece we run, including news stories.

We were able to implement some new settings to keep spam out, and still make it so that users do not have to register to leave feedback.

There's still a few more comment-related features we're working on and we'll be rolling those out as soon as they're ready. If you have any feedback on this change, simply comment on this news story by clicking the Add Comment link below.

Updated: EVO World 2008 final results posted

Updated: EVO World 2008 final results posted TGS on the message boards posted the final results from the EVO 2008 World Fighting Game Championship.

All of the winners are there for you to check out, here's how the Super Turbo and Third Strike parts ended up.

Third Strike
1st - Nuki
2nd - Justin Wong
3rd - Amir
4th - Tokido
5th - JR/Fubarduck
7th - Watson/Ryan Hart

Super Turbo
1st - John Choi
2nd - Nuki
3rd - Alex Valle
4th - Tokido
5th - Kusumondo/Sirlin
7th - Justin Wong/Shirts

Chun Li Goes Wild! Sorta...

GameWatch uploaded a photo of a severely blurred and somewhat unclothed Chun Li from the crappy Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation.

We just added this story so you could laugh at the photo.

If they were going to blur something, they should have started with those knees.

Chun Li Gone Wild!!

Street Fighter 4 Video: Ken vs. Rufus

The Street Fighter 4 Development blog was updated today with a new video of Ken and Rufus fighting. The movie shows Rufus' Ultra move.

You can check out the YouTube video below, or...

You can go to the official SF4 Web site, click the Gallery link at the top, and then click the Part 2 video link.

Capcom patches Super Street Fighter 2THD Remix beta

Capcom patches Super Street Fighter 2THD Remix beta Capcom patched Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix beta today. You can scope out the full details here.

Here's some of the good stuff.

• Ken's Shoryuken shenanigans are fixed.

• The title no longer crashes when joining games. So all online functions should work normally, including quick match and custom match.

• Netcode optimizations have been made. Overall, the online experience should be about 50% better. While we can't do anything about high ping times, we've optimized the gameplay experience so that it's less noticeable and smoother. For example, playing someone with a ping time of 200 with the patch, should feel something like playing someone with a ping time of 100 before the patch. If you want to see the gameplay without the "smoothing" just enter the following code to disable it.

Hold the Left Trigger, Right Trigger, RB, LB and while holding down the buttons, hit start. You should hear an audbile tone.

Game space delivers Street Fighter 4 interview

Game space delivers Street Fighter 4 interview Game Space had an interview with Leo Tan, the U.K. P.R. manager for Capcom. They rehash a few things previously mentioned, but there are more details about the Focus Attack system.

Worth a look.

GS: What can you tell me about focus dash?

LT: There are three levels to the focus. At any stage while you're charging, you can dash out of it. I can bait you -- I can start it up, you run in to get me, and I dash out and hit you. That's a simple mind game you can play.

GS: Are you invulnerable during the focus dash?

LT: No, you're just dashing so you can get nailed by stuff. Usually, the thing that tends to happen to me is I get the throw. I dash when I'm in close and you just start spamming the throw if you see [the dash] coming at you.

Capcom's V.P. discusses PC distribution

Capcom's V.P. discusses PC distribution IGN conducted an interview with Capcom's V.P. Christian Svensson discussing the topic of digital distribution and PC conversions of their games.

Christian talks about some of the struggles they've had with digital distribution and PC sales, which is interesting considering that Capcom is going to release SF4 on the PC.

How well their PC games perform will certainly affect how many titles of theirs we see on that platform along with future downloadables. Here's a cut from the interview.

IGN: Why is Capcom Japan opposed to digital distribution when it has proven itself to be a viable business platform in the PC gaming culture?

Christian Svensson: I should probably be more specific. When it came to DMC4 and Lost Planet: Colonies Edition, their respective producers weren't allowing digital distribution on those specific titles for the near term. I'm not completely clear on the reasons to this day. It might have been that they wanted to worry about getting them approved (Games for Windows approval and Live approval for Colonies) and out the door before taking on the additional workload of submissions to digital portals, a conversation I'm picking up again with them on my next visit.

73rd issue of Games magazine features SFIV

73rd issue of Games magazine features SFIV The 73rd issue of Games magazine will feature 16 different covers, each one showcasing a different character from Street Fighter 4.

There's also a six-page feature containing Street Fighter trivia, a full game history, and even little-known tips for Street Fighter IV from Capcom insiders.

Although it doesn't sound like the most compelling thing ever, might be worth picking up a copy for the tips. Or of course you could just read our Street Fighter 4 strategy guide.

Breaking down Street Fighter's frames

Breaking down Street Fighter's frames Derek updated his blog on Capcom-Unity with a really good explanation of the frame system in Street Fighter.

The frame system is important to understand because it teaches you about the recovery and timing of moves. Here's a quote from the page.

When your opponent blocks an attack, they become stuck in the blocking animation for a short period of time. During this time, they are unable to move, attack, jump, or do anything else. This is called block-stun.

When you hit an opponent in the face with a move, pretty much the same thing happens. While the opponent is recovering from being hit, they cannot move, attack, jump, or even block! This is called hit-stun.

This article is part of a Street Fighter 101 training course which has some great stuff in there, here's a link to the index page.

Updated: IGN's Top 25 Street Fighters

Updated: IGN's Top 25 Street Fighters IGN has day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 and day 5 of their Top 25 Street Fighter Characters up. These articles aren't anything special, but if you're bored, go check it out. Here's a blurb.

Dudley: There have been more effective, more popular characters in Street Fighters new and old, but Dudley has them all beat for sheer simple class. He'll pummel you stupid, sure, but he'll be unfailingly polite about it, and his faithful butler will offer you a reviving cup of tea afterwards.

Dudley's also famous for having what might be the weirdest motivation of any World Warrior tournament entrant. He's not out for revenge, he's not training to get stronger, he's not searching for a long-lost family member or anything serious like that. No, he just wants to get his car back.

Updated: Bison, Guile, Ken and Abel's alternative costumes

Update: There's a video up on YouTube from DandyDLC showing Ken and Abel's alternative costumes.

Other members of the community uploaded more images of alternative costumes in Street Fighter 4. Thanks to Azrael for the Guile videos and Jubei Kibagami for the M. Bison photo.

M. Bison (Dictator) is shown in blue with part of his shirt missing and an unusually large crotch — maybe that's where he keeps his hat.

M. Bison (Dictator's) Alternative Outfit

Guile's Alternative Outfit

Abel and Ken's Alternative Outfits

Video: Guile's alt costume, vs. Zangief (Yellow color)

Video: Guile's alt costume vs. Zangief (Red color)