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More Street Fighter 4 location test information

More Street Fighter 4 location test information Scott Popular and some other players have made some more posts on the Shoryuken.com message boards detailing some new game play changes with the latest location test for Street Fighter 4.

Here's a quick grab:

Zangief's Saving Attack A.K.A. The Soviet Farm Hand! Pros: Has the potential to be unblockable. Cause opponents to buckle to there knees. A great set-up for his supers! Has incredible range. Really (messes) up people's wake-up game and of course its made of sunshine cookies and bubbles. But seriously I'm not (crapping) you. Cause I saw it today.

Scenario: Ken Jumps in deep and catches the Fierce Lariat! Which pops him up and drops him down like a ton of bricks. Zangief then stops or just finishes the Lariat early and Immediately goes into the Saving Attack! Out of footsweep and dp range. As soon a Ken gets up the Soviet Farm Hand meets him in the face like "BLAAAAAOWWWW!" Crumple stun to the Ultra +30% Damage!

If you want to know all the juicy details, just head on over here.

Street Fighter 4 location test report from Wired.com

Street Fighter 4 location test report from Wired.com Wired.com shot up a new report about the Street Fighter 4 location test in Tokyo, Japan.

It's an alright look at what the scene at a location test is like, including some nice photos, but it's scarce on gameplay details. Still worth a look though if you have a minute.

Here's a cut from the page.

But the man to beat was Hanamaruki -- that's the name he had listed on his SFIV data card -- who was undefeated for over an hour. He took on challenger after challenger, expertly finishing off all opponents with his navy-uniform and white-haired Ken, while barely moving from his cross-legged sitting position. Funny enough, it was Ryu that finally took Ken down. And let's give props to Scott for immediately finishing off that Ryu on his next try.

The players there were obviously fans of the series, with pretty much everyone buying a SFIV data card before starting to play -- it keeps track of points awarded at the end of a match, based on how you used your fighting skills. As for those who weren't playing, they were mesmerized by the action that was being shown on nearby monitors. The only incident was a rough-looking blond-haired player who didn't take too kindly to one watcher blocking his way in line. He initiating a slight confrontation, followed by the kind of dirty look that usually signals violent intent.

Ryu character guide updated with new video

Ryu character guide updated with new video We've updated the Ryu Street Fighter 3 Third Strike character guide with a video.

This video shows a collage of Ryu's most common and deadly tactics being executed against other players. This movie is intended to offer an overview of what things to use to become a better player.

Keep checking back in the future for more videos.

Update from Capcom on the Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta problems

Update from Capcom on the Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta problems Capcom's JimmyRey has updated his blog with a little more 411 on what's currently working in the beta, what isn't, and what they plan to do about it.

To scope out the whole thing, click here, and here's a short blurb for the lazy people.

It seems that joining or using quick match in ranked or player match was resulting in a crash of the system. This is very perplexing because I can assure you all that this never occured during testing or during certification. We're busy on tracking down the issue and will be evaluating our options at addressing it. While this is a beta and bugs are expected, we're going to do everything we can to address this issue. Fortunately, this does not seem to be an issue that's affecting everyone.

Until then, tournament mode seems to be working fine. Oddly enough, quick match and custom match in ranked and player match modes, seemed to start working better today. Not perfectly, but what I used to crash on all the time seems to be working about 60-70% of the time.

Capcom comments about Ken's Dragon Punch in the beta

Capcom comments about Ken's Dragon Punch in the beta Capcom has responded to the concerns about Ken's Medium Dragon Punch in SSF2T HD Remix being overpowered. They had this to say.

As some of you might have noticed, there are some Ken shenanigans going on related to his MP Shoryuken. Basically, it's a monster and threatens to shape the world of SF as a whole. This issue was realized after the beta was approved and has since then been changed so that the MP Shoryuken does not juggle like it does now.

Hopefully that quells anyone's fears, or stifle's a certain persons hilarious laugh, that the Remixed mode will be the best that it can be. If you haven't noticed anything wrong with the move, then keep on moving, there's nothing to see here.

If you're really worried about game breaking issues making it into the final release of Super Street Fighter 2 HD remix, keep in mind Capcom has a great reputation for balancing their games.

While they're certainly not perfect, they don't typically leave in blatantly game breaking moves in the final release. They do so much testing, and they've got a great team behind this -- so don't worry about it too much. Just look at their track record.

More Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta impressions and videos

More Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta impressions and videos Ars Technica has posted their impressions of the beta. People who aren't having trouble with freezing are all basically saying the same thing.

Ken is way too powerful.

Well, let me start by saying that I am, and by extension Ken is, clearly the superior fighter. I've spent the better part of this morning and what's already passed of this afternoon jousting with Ryu players, and I've got to say that, while I'm impressed with the graphics, this is clearly a beta. Connection and hosting issues are rampant, some of which end in system lock-ups. The game's current handling of lag is also less than stellar. Whereas Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, the previous XBLA Street Fighter title, handled lag by slowing the gameplay down to keep up with data transmission, SSF2HDTR simply skips frames. This isn't optimal, and I'm sure you can figure out why.

Also Evilaj2010 put up a pretty nice video on YouTube showing the beta in action in tournament mode. You can see how this mode works, and some of the latency issues players are experiencing.

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Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta experiencing freezing problems

Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta experiencing freezing problems There's been a number of players experiencing freezing issues while trying to play the SSF2T HD beta today. Capcom is aware of this problem and trying to fix it. They had this to say:

I can assure you that during our testing of the title, this never occurred. It would never have been released by Capcom nor any other parties involved if we saw it. I want to let you guys know that we are definitely looking into the issue and evaluating options for addressing it.

In contrast to this answer, Capcom's VP Sven said:

We will not be patching the beta... resubmissions would cost a fortune and not go live for weeks even if we had (MS would have to reapprove every submission). This isn't like the PC where a developer can make changes daily (for good or ill). All feedback and bugs will be factored into the final code.

This is an interesting contrast in official comments, which I guess means they'll look at fixing this without using some kind of patch(?).

If you want to make a bug report, Capcom recommends going here.

Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta up and running and initial impressions

Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta up and running and initial impressions Capcom-Unity has updated their blog with instructions on how to access the Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix beta.

Here's the dish.

To gain access to the Beta:

Step 1: Buy Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 for 800 MS Points (aka "render unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's")

Step 2: Select the “SFII HD Remix Beta” option on the main menu of Wolf

Step 3: You will be taken to a download blade where you can confirm your download (this will not be visible until the code is live on Arcade tomorrow)

Step 4: Once the Beta has finished downloading, head to the “Games” blade on your 360

Step 5: Fire up SSFIITHDR in the Demos section on the Games blade and enjoy the online multiplayer goodness!

This unique Beta version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix will allow players to select from one of two Street Fighter characters, either Ryu or Ken, and battle online. This Beta test will help Capcom stress-test the network code underlying the incredible online features that power the multiplayer modes of the game. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta online modes include Player or “Quarter” Match, Ranked Match, and Tournament Mode, as well as offline, local two-player matches (but that’s much less fun, isn’t it?). The Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta will run for approximately eight weeks, ending around August 20 or whenever we decide that we’ve had enough people using cheap moves on us online.

Also Capcom's VP Sven had this to add about the leaked beta version.

You and like 20 other people got it. :)

Seriously, I looked at the beta leaderboard data today to see how extensive the leak was and there were almost NO players on the ranked leaderboards yet (less than 20). Either none of the people were playing ranked (which I find hard to believe) or it was up for like 5 minutes or less (which I do believe).

And VideoGamer.com has posted some initial impressions of the beta. Here's some of what they had to say.

First off, it's Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo with an HD sheen. It's no more complicated an issue than that. Developer Backbone has tweaked rather than revolutionised the game, which is great, since SSF2T is what many consider to be the best SF2 game ever. The redrawn art, by Udon Entertainment (the guys behind the US comic series), has divided the series' vociferous fans. Inevitably your opinion on the game's 'look' will come down to personal preference. For us, the game looks great in motion, far better than in screen shots, especially if you have an HD television. Fireballs create a heat haze effect on the redrawn backgrounds (only Ryu's Japan stage is available in the beta) and the animations are to our eyes gorgeous. But the most important point is that the redrawn art hasn't impacted on the precision collision detection we know and love from the franchise. The game looks new, but it feels reassuringly old.

While only staple street fighters Ryu and Ken are playable in the beta (the final game will feature all 17 characters from the original game, including Akuma), full one on one offline and online play, including tournaments, ranked matches and player matches are available. One of the biggest question marks surrounding SSF2THDRemix was how the net code would stand up in the face of that online fighting game killer, lag. We're delighted to report that apart from some rare occasions all our matches have been silky smooth slug fests, which is great for a game that relies so heavily on timing and anticipation. Already it's a massive improvement on the disappointing quality of online play experienced in Street Fighter 2' Hyper Fighting. And, since this is a beta, things can only get better.

Check out the full scoop from VideoGamer.com by clicking here.

New Street Fighter 4 wallpaper images

New Street Fighter 4 wallpaper images There's a bunch of new wallpaper images posted on the Shoryuken.com forums.

Some of these are really good, and certainly worth a look if you need a new desktop decoration.

Updated: Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta available for download, kinda

Updated: Super Street Fighter 2T HD beta available for download, kinda Early reports are coming in saying that the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix beta is available for download, a few days ahead of it's projected June 26th release date.

The problem? Some people are able to play it, some others aren't. Here's the scoop from The Game Reviews.com.

I've also updated this story with a fairly low quality video from Shady424 showing the beta being played. If you squint and turn your head to the right, you can kind of tell it's the SSF2T HD Remix beta.

Many people are still complaining that the dreaded “Can’t retrieve information from Xbox Live. Please try again later, Status code: 80153005” comes up on Live when attempting to download the beta. TheGameReviews.com have contacted Capcom for a response and they have yet to give us an answer which makes one wonder: has it been released early and taken down? We have asked Capcom the questions and you can be sure that TheGameReviews.com will let you know as soon as they get back to us.

EVO North: Midwest Championships results posted

EVO North: Midwest Championships results posted Spotted over on the Shoryuken.com forums that DreamTR has posted the results from the EVO North Midwest Championships.

In case you haven't heard of it before, EVO is one of the top tournaments around for fighting games. It attracts some of the best players you can find any where.

To give you an idea of the diversity and talent involved, the guy who won the Super Turbo tournament used Blanka.

Damdai also posted some shakeycam footage of the East vs. West Super Turbo matches, just click the Read More link below to see it.

Lastly, here's some results shamelessly ripped from Shoryuken forum post.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo:
1 NH2 -- lost to no one (Blanka)
2 Jesse Howard -- lost to Nohoho, John Rambo (Old Ken, Ryu)
3 Damdai -- lost to Nohoho, NH2 (Zangief, Ryu)
4 ImmortalBMW - IN -- lost to Jesse Howard
5 DreamTR -- lost to Nohoho, Jesse Howard
5 NKI -- lost to Immortal BMW, Damdai

Alpha 3:
1. Sabin
2. Sabre
3. Grego

3rd Strike
1. Justin Wong
2. KO Fiend
3. Fubarduck
4. Floe
5( tie) Gootecks
5 (tie) Tony Defily

Also, there's a photo gallery up of the action on Capcom-Unity.com.

And Seth Killian posted some of his own impressions here.

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Preorder Street Fighter 4 on GameStop.com

Preorder Street Fighter 4 on GameStop.com Saw a post by Crono_marle on the Shoryuken.com message boards that you can preorder Street Fighter 4 on GameStop.com. Right now it's only listed for the XBox 360 and PS3 at $59.99; unfortunately there's no PC version.

The preorder is currently set to ship on 2/3/2009. You should take this with a grain of salt though, because the dates listed on early orders are sometimes way off.

High quality Street Fighter 4 gameplay footage

High quality Street Fighter 4 gameplay footage In case you missed this originally, Gametrailers.com has some excellent high quality gameplay footage of Street Fighter 4. Just follow the links below to check out the videos.

Capcom's VP on what it takes to revive old franchises

Capcom's VP on what it takes to revive old franchises Saw that Capcom's VP wrote up a reply about what it takes to have a game remade or have a sequel put out. Here's part of what he had to say:

We consider a lot of elements in such a decision.

"How did the last outting sell... and how long ago was it (has it had sufficient rest)"

"Are we continually getting requests/fanmail" is a major one.

"Are we seeing threads on boards around the net concerning the property's history?" is another.

"If it were to come back, what's an appropriate platform/delivery mechanism (is digital appropriate?)"

Read the whole reply by clicking the link above.

Exclusive Street Fighter toys at Comic Con 2008

Exclusive Street Fighter toys at Comic Con 2008 ActionFigure Insider is reporting that there's going to be a new line of Street Fighter toys available at Comic Con. Here's some quick info.

Comic Con is just around the corner and SOTA Toys is getting ready! Well, we’ve got all our exclusives planned and we’ll be giving EVERYONE a chance to get them, not just the people who go to the Con!

We have a slew of exclusives planned for this year. First, the much anticipated Street Fighter Revolutions will be very close to ready. In celebration of that we’ll have sneak peak exclusives. We are offering two exclusive for Revolutions. One is the Pink R. Mika – Green Zangief two pack. The second will be our Dark Dhalsim – Black E. Honda two pack. These two packs are limited to 500 pieces each will and will be on sale for $30.

Street Fighter 4 Location Test Information

Street Fighter 4 Location Test Information Capcom-Unity posted some information from Scott Popular about the latest Street Fighter 4 location test. To check out the whole thing, plus some video footage, just click the link.

It's a solid overview of what to expect from the new game, although the grammar is bad. Here's a snippet.

Graphically, you really can't compare SFIV to anything else out now. The cell-shaded ink splash flares are hot! The color pallete used in SFIV is mad juicy! Capcom went on a nice little acid trip and decided to abuse the Crayola vivid colors crayon set to the max. The ultra bright color scheme really pulls the characters out and puts them in your face when the do their supers and ultras. Or when the do something big like Zangief's Spinning Pile Driver. Man, the last frame of it is so sick looking! Also if you look closely, Capcom has put a lot of working into giving the characters facial expression to kinda match the damage inflicted upon them.

Footage from a 1994 Official Super Street Fighter 2 Tournament

Spotted on the Shoryuken.com message boards that someone posted old school footage of an official Capcom Super Street Fighter II tournament.

The footage quality is pretty low, but it features some matches from Mike Watson, Jesse Howard, Eddie Ferrier and Steve Warwick. Worth checking out if you have some spare time.

And it also has some beta footage of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.