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Would these four improvements help fighting games grow in popularity?

Though there's been an observable rise in popularity in the fighting corner of video gaming, it's no secret that our genre is not the most popular of its peers. Efforts have been made to make titles like Street Fighter and Tekken more inviting to a broader range of potential players, but it's surely been a game of both helpful hits and harmful misses.

FGC content creator Press Button Win has posted his first video in a little while, and it has all to do with why fighting games are still lagging behind their MOBA and FPS counterparts, and how developers could close that gap.

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7 times Mortal Kombat allowed players to cheat Combo Breakers

It's a bold mechanic to include in a fighting game, but Mortal Kombat has included the combo breaker, or at least a variation of it, in its recent franchise entries. The ability to put an early end to your foe's combo is an incredible defensive tool, but it kind of implies a powerful array of offensive options to keep things feeling balanced.

What happens, however, when players find out means of cheesing their way around having their combos broken? In his recent video essay, True Under Dawg Gaming recollects seven times NetherRealm Studios gave characters the ability to dole out damage without having to worry about combo breakers.

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Daigo Umehara would be jealous of this brilliant 20+ parry sequence in Street Fighter 5

No, it's not the next Evo Moment 37, but Sunshine-OU's recent parry extravaganza in a Street Fighter 5 match is an absolute ton of fun to watch.

It'd be one thing if this all happened as a staged event in training mode, but Sunshine's Alex is able to parry his way through the insane combination of two projectiles plus an entire Tengu Stone barrage from Oro, and does so after a call out taunt.

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It's so easy to get lost in Morry Evan's mesmerizing fighting game artwork

Artist Morry Evans has a particular affinity for drawing Morrigan Aensland, a gorgeously deadly succubus from Darkstalkers, and one of Capcom's most beloved fighting characters.

That actually works out well thematically, as Evans' art, not unlike a succubus, lulls us into a sense of tranquil security with its soft and almost muted presentation, yet still brims with power and personality.

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Capcom does not believe Capcom Fighting Collection will increase the possibility of classic series like Darkstalkers seeing a revival

Capcom is gearing up for the release of their latest bundle of retro fighting games. Capcom Fighting Collection is set to drop next month and will feature 10 classic titles spanning several fan-favorite fighting franchises from the past.

While fans are certainly excited to revisit these childhood memories, it is the potential for series revivals that this collection potentially implies that has them most thrilled. Unfortunately, according to a new interview with Street Fighter 5 producer Shuhei Matsumoto, Capcom doesn't feel the same way.

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New Street Fighter 5 glitch involving Gill looks a whole lot like the infamous Street Fighter 2 'Handcuff Glitch'

Street Fighter 5 recently saw two updates go live that added new balance changes to the game. The Definitive Update back in March implemented a slew of changes to the cast, while the 202205 patch last week mostly addressed bugs, but also nerfed Luke.

We're not sure which of these updates allowed for it, but a new glitch involving Gill has been discovered in the latest version of Street Fighter 5. If certain conditions are met, the two characters on screen will be unnaturally bound together very similarly to Street Fighter 2's infamous "Handcuff Glitch."

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R release date and four new characters announced

Bandai Namco has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming fighting game remaster Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R. 2013's All-Star Battle makes its return with new characters, content, modes, and more in All-Star Battle R, and today's showcase provides some very important new details about the title.

While we initially heard that Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R would see a Fall 2022 release, today's news reveals the official release date. In addition to this, four new characters — Robert E. O. Speedwagon, Mariah, Pet Shop, and Diego Brando — have been announced.

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Here's what Guilty Gear Strive's entire roster would look like if they were part of Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang

Well, here's a crossover I never knew I needed in my life. Charles M. Schulz's Peanuts gang first debuted back in 1947 and spawned classic comic strip characters such as Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and more.

One artist has fused the Peanuts gang and the cast of Guilty Gear Strive to show the masses what some of our favorite fighting game characters would look like in Schulz's cartoon world. Even though the art style is simple, there is a great attention to detail with this excellent art piece.

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The first time each Street Fighter character was playable

We're likely on the verge of some new Street Fighter 6 information as we delve into the summer season, and while we wait to see which new and familiar faces appear for the game's starting lineup, a look into the past might help us get an idea of what's coming down the pike.

We're examining each main Street Fighter entry and noting how many characters got their playable debut in which titles. We get into the details of what percentage of base and final rosters were new while also nostalgically recalling the first times we were able to get our hands on particular fighters.

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Street Fighter's Ken, Sakura, Luke, M. Bison and Dhalsim are now available as playable characters in Brawlhalla

Capcom's world warriors from Street Fighter are seemingly crossing over into more and more video games these days, and it's not just Ryu and Chun-Li getting the spotlight this time.

Brawlhalla has now launched the 2nd part of Street Fighter collaboration, which adds in Ken, Sakura, Luke, M. Bison and Dhalsim as playable characters along with a bunch of neat SF-themed items, accessories and special game mode.

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Riddles transforms into Tekken's Kazuya with Hungrybox being aged into Heihachi for cool and comical Team Liquid sponsor announcement

There are very few players who can make traditional fighting game characters like Kazuya and Terry Bogard work at the highest competitive level in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and no one does it better right now than Liquid|Riddles.

Team Liquid announced today that they have officially picked up Riddles as part of their pro player roster with a cool and funny video transforming into Kazuya and battling his new team mentor in Liquid|Hungrybox, who's been aged into Heihachi.

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Them's Fightin' Herds Season Pass and console versions with crossplay announced

In the realm of modern fighting games, it's almost impossible to find a title out there based around battling animals like Them's Fightin' Herds, and soon everyone will have access to it and more content.

Mane6 announced today that Them's Fightin' Herds will be coming to consoles with crossplay later this year as well as a Season Pass for the game to introduce more playable characters.

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It only takes 4 seconds for Poison to lose 70% health in this wild Street Fighter 5 tournament clip

The threat of Balrog's Turnaround Punch in any Street Fighter game he is in is one that is always looming. At any point in time during a bout, the classic boxer could unleash a massive attack that initially dodges incoming attacks and returns fire with a potentially powerful punch that can wipe out insane amounts of health depending on how long it has been charged.

This is a lesson BST|Fuudo relearned thanks to G8S|Pugera's Balrog in the latest batch of Street Fighter 5 Topanga Championship 4 action. In this clip, Fuudo's Poison loses roughly 70% of her health in just 4 in-game seconds, and it's a confirm that you simply must see.

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Coney releases new doubles tier list for the MultiVersus alpha

The private MultiVersus alpha will only be available for just a few more days now. Notable players within the Smash community, such as PG|Coney, have been putting in a lot of time into MultiVersus to get a better understanding of what this platform brawler is all about.

Coney recently released a tier list for the MultiVersus alpha that rates each character based on their performance in 2v2. Characters have been ranked into the five different tier categories, but two characters are clearly having more issues in this mode than others.

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First look at Black Dahlia's gameplay in Skullgirls revealed

Black Dahlia is slated to be the next character to join Skullgirls' roster. A new trailer showcasing Black Dahlia's gameplay was recently released.

Though the developers are clearly showcasing an incomplete version of this upcoming challenger by doing this, it gives fans an early look at how she'll play. Additionally, Skullgirls on Steam provided some additional details on how Black Dahlia functions during gameplay.

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Balance update for Guilty Gear Strive coming June 10, cross-play beta test to begin this summer

In the middle of the Guilty Gear Strive's 1st anniversary stream, it was revealed that the next balance update is scheduled to release on June 10, 2022. According to the developers, there will be balance tuning for the entire roster.

Shortly afterwards, the developers also revealed that there will be a cross-play beta test for Guilty Gear Strive that is currently scheduled for this summer. We were then told to keep a close eye on the official Guilty Gear Strive Twitter account and Guilty Gear Strive website for more details in the future.

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Guilty Gear Strive's 1st anniversary stream is now live to reveal new Season 2 information

It may be hard to believe, but Guilty Gear Strive's basically been out in the world for just about a year now — and the developers are looking to have a little birthday celebration.

Arc System Works is currently hosting their 1-year anniversary live stream for Strive where they promise to reveal new details about what to expect for Season 2.

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