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Here's what the Mind Stone does in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

We've known the properties of five of the six Infinity Stones in the Marvel universe as they pertain to the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, and we're now upping that figure to a clean six out of six thanks to Maximilian.

San Diego Comic Con officially kicked off today, and the latest build of MvCI is playable for those in attendance. Unfortunately, not much information escapes SDCC immediately, as streaming and footage capture is heavily regulated, but we are getting updates from those on site about the newest additions to the latest Versus fighter.

Each Stone has two applications in battle. The first is the Infinity Surge, which players can use any time during the bout. The second is the Infinity Storm, which empties the charged up bar of meter and allows for a game changing Super move.

"Mind Stone is a command grab that is a full stun. Think of SF2 dizzy state, but has heavy scaling. The Infinity Storm gives you meter," explained Max on Twitter. This actually conflicts with what leaker Ryce said about the Mind Stone's powers.

We'll be expecting the new trailer showing off Spider-Man, Frank West, Mike Haggar and Nemesis, though we did get a sneak peak earlier today.

Max had a few more reactions to the latest build of MvCI, which you'll catch after the jump below.

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Starfire Injustice 2 reveal set for tomorrow at 1 p.m. PDT

Looks as though NetherRealm Studios will be taking the opportunity to reveal something Injustice 2-related at San Diego Comic-Con this year. According to a recent tweet from the game's Twitter account, a special live stream event is set to be held on DC All Access tomorrow.

Kicking off at 1 p.m. PDT / 4 p.m. EDT, the broadcast will feature NRS Creative Director Ed Boon. It's no secret what is set to be revealed as the tweet included an image of Starfire -- Injustice 2's next DLC fighter.

Starfire is a part of the game's first fighter pack, which also includes Red Hood and Mortal Kombat's Sub-Zero. Both of these characters are already playable in-game, and Starfire is the last of this batch to be included.

Further confirming the time and day, a tweet from Boon reads "DC all access tomorrow." With that in mind, it is very likely that tomorrow is Starfire's day.

On top of the three DLC characters that we already know of, six more are set to join the fray. Though we don't know who they are exactly, speculation that Black Manta and Mortal Kombat's Raiden are among the bunch.

We'll have to stay glued to DC Comics' Facebook page for more information about tomorrow's reveal. Be sure to check us out here at EventHubs as we'll have the latest Injustice 2 news as soon as it is readily available.

Click image to view the tweet

Spider-Man, Frank West, Haggar, and Nemesis revealed in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, new stage MODOK's Lair

During the Marvel Games panel at San Diego Comic-Con, new characters were revealed as playable in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. Spider-Man, Frank West, Haggar, and Nemesis are officially joining the battle.

The trailer showed the wall crawler using a super move that involves him dodging pumpkin bombs and throwing them at his opponent. We see that Spider-Man's move set looks similar to that of his Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 counterpart, but with some new additions.

Nemesis also retains similar moves from the previous game in the franchise. We see his command throw and his bazooka hyper combo are still intact.

Frank West fans will be happy to learn that the photo-journalist is back and his level up system is still the core of his gameplay. Taking picture to level up improves his tools and we see a new move in which he equips a Servebot head and rushes the opponent for multiple hits.

As for Haggar, he appears to be mostly unchanged from the shot snippet we see of him. He does, however, use the Space stone to bring his opponent in close and hits what appears to be his level 3 hyper combo.

We also learned of a new stage with a giant MODOK in the background. The new trailer also revealed the next Infinity Stone -- the Mind Stone, though we haven't seen it in action just yet.

Though we won't see the official trailer until tomorrow, we can expect to see more Gamora gameplay featured in it.

Footage showing some of the trailer has surfaced. We see all four of the newly announced characters in action, as well as the new stage.

New Marvel Chars image #1 New Marvel Chars image #2 New Marvel Chars image #3 New Marvel Chars image #4 New Marvel Chars image #5 New Marvel Chars image #6 New Marvel Chars image #7 New Marvel Chars image #8 New Marvel Chars image #9 New Marvel Chars image #10 New Marvel Chars image #11 New Marvel Chars image #12 New Marvel Chars image #13 New Marvel Chars image #14 New Marvel Chars image #15
Click images for larger versions

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Official Capcom stats show most popular characters and who won the most matches in Street Fighter 5 for May and June

Capcom has released the latest Street Fighter 5 stats for online play. Today we have rankings for May and June 2017.

These stats show which characters are the most popular and who ranks the highest for wins and losses in each match up.

The latest character to be added to the roster, Ed, has made quite the impact since his release. He ranked high on the list, sitting among the most popular characters -- the Shotos -- in the game.

Despite being used the second most last month, Ed placed 23rd for overall wins. M. Bison, on the other hand, placed highest for best win average against everyone on the roster.

F.A.N.G. continues to get little representation online. In both May and June, he ranked among the least popular, only being beaten out by Ed in May because of the DLC character's release at the end of the month.

You can check out the charts for each month below.

Street Fighter 5 online stats May / June 2017 image #1 Street Fighter 5 online stats May / June 2017 image #2 Street Fighter 5 online stats May / June 2017 image #3 Street Fighter 5 online stats May / June 2017 image #4
Click images for larger versions

Source: Capcom's CFN site.

Reflecting projectiles, anti-air jab, and even a cross up - here's what Abigail can do in Street Fighter 5

Yesterday we were treated to a full-fledged breakdown of Street Fighter 5 Season 2's newest DLC character. The latest WSO Sessions over in the UK featured a showcase of Abigail, the 8-foot-tall giant, and we learned quite a lot about him.

This article highlights some of the most notable things we saw on stream. If you'd like to catch the full recap, be sure to head over to Capcom Fighters (you'll need to subscribe to view the archive).

From long-ranged normals to hard-hitting punishes, Abigail has a lot of tools on his tool belt. Let's get started.


Several of Abigail's punches find use at mid-range and up close. His standing light punch leads into a quick target combo. Standing medium punch is great for pressure and can combo into his back + heavy punch, which also has a target combo tied to it.

Abigail also has a sweep that sees him rolling forward and hits twice with the first hit being V-Trigger cancellable. To further open up his foes, forward + medium punch is an overhead that can be combo-ed after if it lands as a counter hit.

Click images to view the clips

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Icons: Combat Arena trailer -- gameplay made to be very similar to that of Super Smash Bros.

Recently, we saw the trailer for a new game by the company known as Wavedash Games. The gameplay looked pretty familiar...

There's actually a reason why the game looks familiar, and it's not a bad thing. For one, the mechanics appear to be similar to the Super Smash Bros. series.

The reason for this is that at least some of the team is made up of people who worked on Project M, a mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl that made the mechanics feel closer to that of Melee's. It also came with the addition of balance adjustments and characters.

You may recall that the Project M team ceased development on their mod back in December of 2015. It seems that this concept has come a long way since the beginning of Smash mods such as Project M.

This definitely makes me think that the gameplay will try to match Melee's mechanics more so than Smash 4's mechanics. This could be the game many fans were waiting for when Brawl came out instead.

Those familiar with the "Ken combo" will certainly recognize the playstyle that this character is seemingly emulating.

Click image for animated version

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What do EVO 2017's results say about Street Fighter 5's balance?

Street Fighter 5 has undergone a couple of significant balance changes over its 15 month lifespan, and as with any fighting game, countless debates as to which characters are the best have raged over forums and comment sections.

Taking a look at EVO 2017's final brackets, we're actually having a hard time figuring out which characters should be feared most.

In the top eight finals there were eight different main characters, and top 16 featured 13 different mains.

While there surely is merit in general perception and online experiences, characters that have been revered as the game's best are certainly not prevalent here, if present at all.

Compare this to last year's EVO finals, where there were three Nash players, two Chun-Li players and a total of only five different characters in the top eight, and you at least have an argument that Street Fighter 5 is heading toward a place of at least decent balance.

Here are the top 16 brackets for both EVO 2016 and 2017:

Evo Char Results image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Why is Nemo's Urien the best in the world? One word: defense

Already a strong character in Season 1, Urien became an absolute powerhouse in Street Fighter 5's second season with commanding normals, incredible damage output and Aegis mix ups that could lop off entire life bars in seconds.

Though the Illuminati character became quite popular online, (and the popular sentiment was that he'd be dominating tournament brackets) few Uriens actually saw much prosperity at all in major events.

Enter AW|Nemo. With only a week's worth of practice, Nemo was seeing results in his home circles of play. After a few months, the Japanese player took Topanga League, and then Red Bull Kumite a short while after that.

Still few others had success with Urien, and the character's Season 2.5 nerfs made it even harder for him to take down wins.

BornFree caught up with Nemo at EVO this year to ask quite a few interesting questions. One such inquiry: why have you been able to emerge victorious where so many others have not?

Nemo responds by highlighting a facet of Urien's game that doesn't usually come to mind: defense. Get the detailed answer plus a ton more in the video below.

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Gameplay, mechanics, developer attitude and more; here's everything you want to know about Arika's new EX game so far

Arika's latest fighting game project was on the showroom floor at EVO this year, and Maximilian was able to get his hands on it for a good chunk of impressions.

There's a certain, unique anticipation for this title, probably stemming from the fact that it's being made by developers that worked on Street Fighter 2, and that it's part of a series that wasn't really all that mainstream when it came to the fighting game genre.

In this current build there are only a few playable characters, and it does not try to hide the fact that it's still in development as clipping and overpowered sequences abound.

That said, Max had a blast playing it, and points out directly that developers were on site actively trying to get feedback from players in order to tailor make this game for today's fighting game climate.

There are a few mechanics that really draw interest, especially the gougi system which allows fighters to access mini power ups mid-match. This is one of the facets of the new Arika game that's fairly broken right now, as it can allow for near endless Super combos and hyper armor that lasts for quite some time.

Max offers a full breakdown from gameplay to aesthetics to overall experience in the video below.

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What Tokido said in Japanese, for his country, after winning the EVO 2017 Street Fighter 5 tournament

The Street Fighter 5 tournament for EVO 2017 certainly ended with a bang. Even though PG|Punk was probably the favorite to win for most spectators, FOX|Tokido ended up coming back from the losers bracket (in which Punk sent him there) to win the whole tournament.

For many years, Tokido had been known for coming in second place at EVO, time and time again. This year, Tokido nabbed the first place prize.

Afterwards, he had some words to share with Gootecks and the American audience. Here, he spoke English for our benefit.

Once he finished, Gootecks asked him if he would like to speak some Japanese for those watching from his homeland. He told him not to worry about those of us that don't speak Japanese and to just speak in his native language.

As you can expect, Tokido obliged. There wasn't a translation for what he said, which is perfectly fine.

In case you were curious, this is what he had to say:

"All the fans that have been cheering for me, and everyone who played against me to defeat me and get better, egging me to defeat them and get better as well, I really want to say thank you to all of you."

Click image for animated version

Source: EVO Twitch stream. Translation by: Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor.

Alex's jacket makes its return: New footage featuring two of Street Fighter 5's upcoming nostalgia costumes and the classic Ryu stage

During today's WSO broadcast, the UK's competitive scene showed off some of the new content coming to Street Fighter 5. In addition to showcasing Abigail, Season 2's fourth DLC character, we got our first look at the new nostalgia costumes and classic Ryu stage in motion.

On the stream, we saw Alex and Juri's classic costumes selected. Much like we saw in the original concept sketches, Alex does have a way of equipping his Street Fighter 3 jacket.

He starts out without it, but if you input the Easter egg configuration (All three punches + light kick + up) before the match starts or during the transition in between rounds, he'll put it on. Unfortunately, we did not see Juri's Easter egg variation.

We also get to see the Suzaku Castle stage in action. You can check out everything in the clips below.

All of this content and more is set for release on Tuesday, July 25th.

Click images to view the clips

CM Punk sends special video message to Punk in response to his emotional run at EVO 2017

Like a good portion of the fighting game community, Victor "PG|Punk" Woodley is an avid fan of professional wrestling. A quick glance at his name and it shouldn't be of much surprise that his all time favorite is former WWE superstar CM Punk.

Woodley has risen through the ranks of Street Fighter 5 like a madman, becoming arguably the best in the business and making most world class competition look as though they're playing the game for the first time.

Though he dredged through EVO in the winners bracket, the 18 year old player from Philly would fall to FOX|Tokido in grand finals.

Punk's face is almost always characterized by an endearing smirk of confidence, but for the first time we got to see The Alpha in a vulnerable state. Punk stood in the second place position on the EVO main stage in front of his mother, family and the entire FGC with tears in his eyes, effectively securing anchors around the hearts of the tens of thousands watching around the world.

New Japan Pro-Wrestling's current IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega, is an avid SF5 player and active member of the fighting game community, and apparently used his wrestling world ins to grab quick word from a very special someone.

Just a few hours ago, Omega tweeted Woodley with an encouraging video message from none other than his favorite wrestler of all time, CM Punk.

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Abigail WSO Sessions live stream, catch Street Fighter 5's newest character in action now

Updated: The stream is now live.

The UK scene is back with another installment of their Winner Stays On Street Fighter 5 sessions. Today, we'll be getting a very large, special treat.

Street Fighter 5 Season 2's newest character, Abigail, will be showcased on the stream today. He is not set for release until Tuesday, so if you're looking to see how he plays ahead of time you'll definitely want to tune in.

Capcom UK's Matt Edwards will be in attendance and providing commentary throught the event. We will surely be given the full scoop on what this character is all about.

The live stream is set to kick off at 12:30 p.m. PDT / 8:30 p.m. UK time. We will update the story once the broadcast is live.

To catch the video feed, be sure to hit the jump.

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Stronger characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ have longer cool down periods for assists, can be used less often in battle

Last month, Dragon Ball FighterZ producer Tomoko Hiroki explained how weaker characters in the series' lore will be able to combat the stronger fighters in the upcoming 2.5D fighting game. "It could destroy the image of Dragon Ball if, for example, a weak character could destroy Goku," she said in an interview with Siliconera, noting that power levels were being taken into account.

One way the development team is aiming to balance this is by assists. Hiroki said that though there will not be characters specifically used as support for their team, there may be characters who are better at assisting than actual fighting.

Today we learn a bit more about how assists will work in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Speaking to Red Bull at EVO 2017 this past weekend, Dragon Ball FighterZ director Junya Motomura shed more light on this subject, detailing how the weaker characters assist's function in battle.

"We didn’t design it for certain characters to be support, exactly," Motomura explained. "It’s just that their assist moves have more situations that they can be useful than others.

"If you have a team filled with these characters, then you’d be able to use their strong assists to take down the stronger characters."

On the other side of the coin, stronger characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ will actually have assists with longer cool down periods. This will help further close the gap between the powerful and less powerful.

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Footage of Abigail being air thrown by Cammy, hit with SPD, and other character throws in Street Fighter 5

And there you have it, folks. Here is what you've been waiting for since Abigail's initial announcement on Sunday.

Capcom UK's Matt Edwards released a short clip on Twitter this morning showing Street Fighter 5 Season 2's next character being hit by various throws in-game. Because of his enormous size, fans have been wondering how these throws might work / look, and now we have a visual to go off of.

In the video, we see Abigail struck by Cammy's air throw, command throws from Zangief and Laura, Bison's regular throw, and Karin's Critical Art. You can check out the clip below.

If you're anxiously awaiting more Abigail footage, later today we'll be seeing him showcased on the WSO stream. The event is set to kick off at around 12:30 p.m. PDT / 8:30 p.m. UK time.

Fans have also been curious about how jumps will work when it comes to Abigail. We got confirmation yesterday that he can indeed be jumped over.

Abigail is set to become available in Street Fighter 5 on Tuesday, July 25th. He will come along with a brand new stage called Metro City Bay Area.

Click image to view the clip

Will Street Fighter 5's massive new character 'fit' the game? Abigail's size alone could really shake up the current meta

Capcom intended for Street Fighter 5 to feature a roster devoid of copy/paste characters both in appearance and fight style, and I applaud them for their success in doing so. Abigail looks to play unlike any fighter in the game, and perhaps even the genre.

I wrote an article before we got F.A.N.G back in early 2016, essentially saying that characters that go too far in breaking the established mold usually go in one of two directions: they either rise straight to the top or sink straight to the bottom.

In the case of F.A.N.G, his unique poison mechanic would prove difficult to balance because it had so much potential to be overpowered. Turn this guy up just a little too much and you might have the absolute best character in the game, take the more cautious route and risk having him be extremely weak.

It's very possible to have a possibly polarizing character integrate smoothly into an already established roster, and we've seen that happen before as Capcom builds its ever growing Street Fighter cast. Admittedly, I do fear that Abigail could be one of those characters that doesn't play nice with everyone else.

Initial reactions to the trailer likely started with Abigail's childlike intro as viewers watched the character "vroom" onto the scene via an imaginary car. Viewers then likely started contemplating developers' decisions to go with the Lennie Small template of the big and strong, but not all that bright brawler.

We already had DreamKing breakdown Abby's reveal, but I want to look a little closer at his gameplay potential inside of the Street Fighter 5 universe.

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SFV x SSBM Showdown results ft. Tokido, Hungrybox, Punk, Mango

Update: This event has been updated with full results.

Even though EVO 2017 just ended, we've got more action going on this week, and on a Tuesday of all days, no less.

Today, HyperX are presenting a somewhat odd event, namely a show match in Nintendo Switch's new unique fighting game ARMS between seasoned pros from two of the biggest fighting games right now - Street Fighter 5 and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

This event features 14 invited players, as well as 2 unannounced special guests we will presumably be introduced to when the stream starts.

The players invited are FOX|Tokido, Liquid|Hungrybox, PG|Punk, C9|Mango, FOX|Momochi, CYG|Daigo, FOX|Mew2King, TSM|Leffen, FOX|Justin Wong, G2|Westballz, RB|Snake Eyez, CYG|PR Balrog, Liquid|ChuDat, Liquid|Ken, Liquid|Chillin and FOX|ChocoBlanka.

Although the only announced happening so far is the ARMS showmatch, it was also said that we'll get to see matches in "fan voted game modes" and "pro gamer game crossovers" - can anyone say Melee Doubles with Tokido and Hungrybox?

All the action will be happening at HyperX, so tune in.

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'I want to meet the Ono-san of SF3 and congratulate him' - Ono reveals both the biggest challenge and proudest moment of his Street Fighter career

With the exception of a few tweets leading up to EVO this year, we haven't heard all that much from Yoshinori Ono, but a recent interview with ESPN offers us a much desired catch up session with the lovable, troll-prone Executive Producer of Street Fighter 5.

Nowadays Ono is most commonly seen venturing to major events with his Blanka doll, making Street Fighter 5 announcements dressed as upcoming characters and prompting huge crowds to perform his trademark real life Shoryuken.

In recent years, the producer's claim to fame came from his work on Street Fighter 4 as he had a major hand in rejuvenating the entire series and helping the fighting game genre enter an all new chapter of success.

Ono's discussion with ESPN covered a myriad of topics including the future of Street Fighter and its place in eSports, but we were especially intrigued by his early years with the company, during the turbulent Street Fighter 3 era.

Though it retained a devoted player following, Street Fighter 3 was not a commercial success for Capcom. There was real possibility of the Street Fighter franchise coming to an end with SF3, but Ono's specific passion for the iconic series was a major factor in keeping it alive.

"I wanted to make the next Street Fighter game, but Capcom said "no." The conversation would continue for several years and that's why there's a 10-year gap between Street Fighter 3 and Street Fighter 4," Ono explained to ESPN.

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NuckleDu tries to psyche Kazunoko out via teabag, Itabashi combos Super from V-Reversal, and Tokido KOs with taunt combo - EVO SF5 top 8 highlights

EVO 2017 has already arrived at its conclusion. The tournaments were simply spectacular from a spectator's point of view.

In particular, Street Fighter 5 featured probably some of the best matches of its lifetime during the top eight segment of the tournament. Definitely very high level play from the competitors involved.

Like with other games, we have the highlights ready for your viewing pleasure. These are particularly good if you missed out on the action initially or just want to see them once more.

Our first couple of highlights focus on the set between PG|Punk and DNG|Itabashi Zangief. It seems Punk decided that Nash would be a better match up against Zangief.

Itabashi certainly put up a pretty good fight. He even managed to stun Punk in one round.

The set resulted in Punk winning 3 - 0 against Itabashi as its conclusion, however. Punk's well-timed critical art to catch Zangief's jump was what sent Itabashi to the losers bracket.

Click image for animated version

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Extended Geese Howard trailer shows Tekken 7 producer's process of selecting the upcoming DLC character

It's no secret now that Fatal Fury's Geese Howard is headed to Tekken 7 as DLC this Winter. During the EVO 2017 finals, Bandai Namco took to the stage to reveal the powerful addition to the game's playable roster.

Though we saw the reveal trailer showcasing gameplay of Geese, there exists an extended version that features Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada taking a trip to the SNK offices in order to talk shop.

Harada combs through a sea of different characters from SNK IPs, ultimately landing on Raiden as his pick. Unfortunately, the SNK execs aren't too impressed by the choice.

The Tekken producer has a strong fan following, and it's very entertaining to see him appearing in official trailers for upcoming Tekken 7 content. Earlier this month, we saw him pull off a killer double strike in the Tekken Bowl DLC announcement video.

You can check out the extended trailer after the jump.

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite reveal coming at San Diego Comic Con

It has been announced over Twitter that there will be a reveal of some sort for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite at San Diego Comic Con 2017. The panel will be taking place on Thursday, July 20th.

We'll be sure to be keeping an eye out for what this reveal is at 1:00 PM PST on that day. The panel will last until 2:00 PM.

Based on the panel's webpage, many are thinking that it might be a reveal for Spider-Man. This is a character that has appeared on the leaked list and has yet to, strangely, be revealed thus far.

Considering that Jedah was recently revealed for MvCI after it was leaked, Spider-Man certainly has a high chance of being revealed very soon. There are of course other possibilities too.

The only other Marvel character that has yet to be revealed would have to be Ant-Man. Aside from that, it could be an announcement of future DLC characters -- potentially Venom, as rumors would suggest.

Of course, there isn't a guarantee that it is a new character. We still haven't received any official information on the two remaining gems, Soul and Mind, and what they are capable of doing. There are some supposedly leaked info regarding those gems too.

Click image for Tweet

Source: Marvel Games's Twitter. Sent in by: J3NAR3X.

Here are Trunks' anime and manga references found in his official Dragon Ball FighterZ reveal trailer

Over the weekend, we saw Trunks' official reveal in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The son of Vegeta comes out sword swinging in his Super Saiyan form.

IKevinX has already jumped in to analyze the footage and put together another comparison video showing the anime and manga references found in the trailer.

From his epic sword slash to his Burning Attack, the game's development team continues their trend of filling each character with actions from the show and books.

As of right now, nine characters have been unveiled for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu were all previously known about, and this morning we learned of Piccolo and Krillin's inclusion.

Sign ups for the closed beta will begin on July 26th, and producer Tomoko Hiroki noted that nine characters would be playable, presumably the aforementioned fighters.

Below is a quick clip showing his Burning Attack comparison. Be sure to check out the full video after the jump.

Click image for animated version

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT closed beta 'should' kick off this summer; EVO attendants given beta codes

It was announced at EVO 2017 that there will be a beta for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Square Enix notes that they should be kicking off the closed beta this summer.

Attendants at EVO are supposedly being given a special access key for this closed beta. Despite this, they note that they want to open the beta to more people than just EVO attendants later down the road.

You'll want to go here to register for the closed beta.

Square Enix states that they want as many people to give them feedback as possible. They intend to use the feedback for development and operations.

Still, being that it is a closed beta, you can expect that the amount of testers will be limited. If you are interested in participating, then you might want to register.

After the jump, you'll find the trailer for the game that was previously shown at E3.

Dissidia image #1 Dissidia image #2 Dissidia image #3 Dissidia image #4 Dissidia image #5 Dissidia image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Abigail can be jumped over and thrown in Street Fighter 5, Winner Stays On to showcase the new character tomorrow

Yes, folks, it has been confirmed! Abigail can indeed be jumped over, crossed up, and thrown in Street Fighter 5.

Capcom UK's Matt Edwards sent out a tweet to address the question that people have been asking since the character's official reveal on Sunday. In the clip, we see that Akuma can jump over a standing Abigail and cross him up.

We also see that Akuma lands several regular throws on the giant, despite his size. You can check out the clip below.

If you're hoping to see more ABigail soon, you're in luck. Winner Stays On -- a weekly event that sees some of the UK's best players compete against each other -- will have a showcase for the character tomorrow.

It is not uncommon for the event to feature upcoming Street Fighter 5 characters on stream, and we can expect Matt Edwards to be in attendance to share more information about Abigail with viewers.

The stream usually goes live around 12:30 p.m. PDT / 8:30 p.m. UK time. Be sure to tune in here at EventHubs as we'll have the latest from the broadcast on our front page.

Click image to view the clip

Sent in by Zephyrus and CODYYY.

Armored attacks, counters, and terrifying mix ups - here's why you should play Abigail in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 Season 2's next DLC character, Abigail, is set for release next Tuesday. In order to better familiarize players with the towering titan, Capcom has released his character introduction video.

Capcom UK's Matt "The Street Writer" Edwards gives us the rundown on what Abigail is all about. Though he's the largest character in Street Fighter, Abigail isn't quite what you'd expect. He does away with the traditional grappler playstyle in exchange for a more versatile tool set.

His V-Skill allows him to perform high and low counters that lead into a heavily-scaled combo. In V-Trigger, Abigail can charge all four of his heavy punches, which lead to wall bounces, guard breaks, and more.

His Nitro Charge run special move is his most useful technique as it includes four different follow ups for maximum mix up potential. Abigail can run towards the opponent -- absorbing one hit with the regular version and two hits with EX -- and transition into a stiff punch, command throw, his V-Skill counter, or a slow overhead.

So why should you play Abigail? If you enjoy pressuring opponents with long-range normals, then punishing their hesitation with powerful combos and command throws, the Final Fight giant is the character for you.

Below is a quick V-Skill combo to get you started. Be sure to hit the jump to view his full introduction video.

Click image for animated version

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