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Ice triumphs over Leffen at Eclipse 2016 tournament - Let's analyze the matches

It seems that LG|Ice has been leveling up his game lately. His performance at the Eclipse 2016 tournament is certainly proof of that.

In particular, his matches against TSM|Leffen ended in quite the upset. Leffen was certainly the favored played expected to win between the two of them.

The first game seemed like it was swinging in Leffen's favor early on with his damage lead. Unfortunately for Leffen, the very moment that he found himself off stage Ice was able to seize it with a quick shine spike as if he were a shark that smelled blood in the water.

After this, it seemed Leffen went all out against Ice and started racking up a great deal of damage. Either Leffen ended up getting a little overzealous or he was still a little rattled from that first stock loss, as Leffen ended up self-destructing one of his stocks after dealing about 100% damage to Ice. The stock count was now 4 to 2 in favor of Ice.

In the end, Ice was able to take game one with two stocks remaining. The first two stocks of the game were deciding factors in game 1.

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That's one way to psyche out your opponent... Tournament competitor stretches by doing the splits before playing stream match

FeiLong86, I just want to say that you're awesome.

Back at the Capcom Pro Tour European regional finals, FeiLong86 went up against Ladose|Akram in an early Street Fighter 5 pools match. Before the match, the Juri player took the time to get out of his seat and get in a quick stretch.

It's not every day when the player sitting across from you drops down to do the splits for five seconds. This caught viewers by surprise, and as peculiar as it was, it certainly entertained us.

Click image for animated version

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Street Fighter 5 PC mods: Juri becomes Avatar's Princess Azula, Laura gets luxurious, and Ultimate Muscle Zangief

PC Best Mods returns with footage of more excellent Street Fighter 5 mods. Today's customization comes from brutalAce, THEJAMK and monkeygigabuster.

Featured in today's assortment of mods we have Juri as Princess Azula from Avatar (the air bender, not the blue folks), Laura in a luxurious outfit, and Zangief dressed as Kinnikuman from Ultimate Muscle.

Below are just a handful of screenshots to get you started.

New Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #1 New Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #2 New Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #3 New Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #4 New Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #5 New Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #6 New Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #7 New Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #8 New Street Fighter 5 PC mods image #9
Click images for larger versions

To see these mods in action, be sure to hit the jump. Download links can be found in each video's description.

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SNES had the superior sound chip, right? Savaged Regime's remix of Ken's SF2 theme for the Genesis may make you think of things a little differently

The Genesis' sound chip had a bit of an infamous existence.

While it definitely had its fans and share of rocking tunes, the Super Nintendo was often regarded as having the superior sound chip in the 16-bit consoles.

Enter Savaged Regime, who does some great reproductions on the Genesis Yamaha YM2612 chip, and Ken's remixed theme from Street Fighter 2 is no exception. Check it out.

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A tricky left/right mix up that beats 3-frame normals and both recovery options: Urien's EX Knee has more utility than you might think

In Street Fighter 5, Urien has a ton of tools that players are still exploring in order to find the best and most effective set ups. One such tool is his EX knee drop, a move that we actually haven't seen much tech for yet.

Rotbah aims to change that with this new video featuring a tricky left/right mix up.

After hitting Urien's BnB crouching HP into HP fireball, using EX knee can make it so that you either land in front or behind the opponent, depending on the direction you're holding.

If done correctly, not only will the opponent have to react to what side you're on, but hitting crouching heavy punch upon landing will hit meaty and beat 3-frame normals on wake up.

Click image for animated version

This set up works on both normal and back recovery, can be made safe with another stock of meter, and varied for different combos. You can check out the full video below.

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Is Street Fighter 5's next brand new character being introduced this Winter? A big clue may have been right under our noses this whole time

Back when Street Fighter 5's London stage was first revealed over a year ago, fans spotted an interesting billboard in the background. For those who looked closely, a poster for a movie called "Secret Delta" could be seen featuring a character stuck in a blizzard wearing a hoodie.

The name written on the billboard reads "Eisbahn," which as HierophantG over on /r/StreetFighter pointed out at the time means "ice rink" in German.

You can see the billboard in the background of the London stage below.

Is Eisbahn Street Fighter 5's next brand new fighter? image #1 Is Eisbahn Street Fighter 5's next brand new fighter? image #2 Is Eisbahn Street Fighter 5's next brand new fighter? image #3

As we can see, the character's design seems to be fairly fleshed out. With a name attached to it and what looks to be some sort of ice-based powers, this could very well be a future fighter and not just a generic advertisement to occupy the stage's background.

But the plot thickens.

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Sexy, funny and WTF Halloween fighting game character costumes

The annual EventHubs Halloween costume gallery is back again for 2016.

Every year we feature some sexy, funny and WTF Halloween costumes for fighting game characters you can find in stores.

We found so many images this year, we split it into two galleries, so check back again to see the second gallery.

You'll also find some of our favorites from prior years included below.

Halloween costumes featuring characters from fighting games image #1 Halloween costumes featuring characters from fighting games image #2 Halloween costumes featuring characters from fighting games image #3 Halloween costumes featuring characters from fighting games image #4 Halloween costumes featuring characters from fighting games image #5 Halloween costumes featuring characters from fighting games image #6

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Street Fighter 5 allows players to express themselves more than Street Fighter 4 did - PR Balrog explains his likes and dislikes for SF5

Yesterday we shared with you part one of our exclusive interview with EG|PR Balrog. The Evil Genius has recently been showing new life in his Street Fighter 5 performances, and so we got a little one on one time with him to ask how he feels about the game now, and what he's hoping will change in season two.

We conclude our interview today, kicking things off with the ever important question: "Are you having fun with Street Fighter 5?"

PR Balrog: Yes and no.

Yes because I feel that a lot of players can express themselves with the characters in this game more than in USF4 which was more automatic due to OS and back dash. In other words when I play this game I can have a glimpse on how the person is in real life. I find joy in that (laughs).

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Street Fighter 5 servers scheduled to be down for maintenance for six hours on 10/25

We jumped onto Street Fighter 5 just a few minutes ago to find that Capcom is planning a scheduled maintenance session on Tuesday, 10/25.

Servers are projected to be down for a total of six hours, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. PDT:

Servers Down image #1
Click images for larger versions

We're not sure exactly what kind of maintenance will be performed, but we'll keep you updated as we find out.

Red Bull Proving Grounds results ft. Dieminion, ChrisG, Sabin, Filipinoman

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

We're a little over a month away from Capcom Cup, and players find themselves scrambling for the fleeting final spots in the prestigious competition.

Today we passed another mile marker on the road to the North American Regional Finals as another Proving Grounds event played out in Southern California. The competition included names such as Dieminion, ChrisG, Filipinoman, TS|Sabin and ROM.

Top 8 is scheduled to play out at 3:30 PDT. We've got the live stream for you to follow along with, as well as early results and battle logs below.

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Where my hitbox gone? This sequence is demoralizing for Dhalsim players, hilariously depressing for everyone else

If you run into Flako any time in the near future, please be sure to offer your condolences for what you are about to see.

The Dhalsim main recently uploaded some footage of a match against a Ken player wherein, despite Flako's perfect read, set up and execution of plan, he loses to an air Hurricane Kick.

The animation for Hurricane Kicks, or Tatsus, in Street Fighter have been pretty consistent throughout the game's history. One foot spins around the character's body while the other stays stationary directly below them.

Ken's Tatsu in Street Fighter 5 has some exceptional lower body invincibility, which apparently covers his entire stationary leg. Flako pressures his foe into a forward jump to escape the flaming trap on the ground, he meets Ken in the air with seemingly perfectly-timed normal to close out the round. Things do not go his way in the slightest.

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Leffen and Ice perform a perfectly synced punish on their opponents during a team battle tournament match

They say that the best team is a team that can work together as if they were one perfectly in synced individual rather than two separate people. The better you know your teammate(s) in a game and the better that he/she/they know you, the better your performance will be.

Something rather funny happened during the Eclipse 2 Tournament in Norway. With both players playing Fox, they performed the exact same punish against their opponents in a two vs. two match at the same time.

It seems that Leffen and Ice have broken down the barriers that exist between their minds and were able to perform a sequence of events almost completely in sync at the exact same time. It was almost as if only one player was controlling both characters at the same time.

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If Mortal Kombat X gets a Kombat Pack 3, which klassic kombatants would you like to see return to the roster?

Mortal Kombat X recently received some big balance changes, which has reinvigorated the game a bit (though it's been healthy enough to not need refreshment), and there's been a lot of talking back and forth about a potential Kombat Pack 3 DLC set for the game.

While there's been no official confirmation if a new Kombat Pack is coming or not, an inquiry as to who you'd like to see return from the series' wealthy roster can't hurt.

You can cast your votes below.

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Eclipse 2016 results ft. Armada, Leffen, Mr. R, Ice

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Eclipse 2 is taking place this weekend in Oslo, Norway, and a lot of Europe's top smashers are attending the event which will feature both Singles and Doubles for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

You can expect to see competitors such as Alliance|Armada, TSM|Leffen, Mr. R, Ice, VwS|Professor Pro, Liquid|Chillin, Overtriforce, Heir|Trifasia, Alliance|Android, iStudying, SynK|Kage, Zgetto, Captain Jack and many more.

Streaming is being handled by Geeky Goon Squad, Fuzzyness and Smash Norge

Hit the jump to check out the full action for yourself.

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Why Super Smash Bros. Melee HD (with online) would be a huge success for Nintendo

With the recent announcement of the Nintendo Switch, we were able to get a glimpse of the console's many forms of controls and how they would work in a theoretical Super Smash Bros. Switch entry. A ported version of Super Smash Bros. (Melee or otherwise) has been on the mind of many gamers lately as a result of this announcement.

Like the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch is unlikely to have backwards compatibility to the GameCube specifically. We've seen that the Wii U previously has tried to remedy this by releasing HD ports of GameCube games (most from the Legend of Zelda series).

We've already seen that Nintendo is porting a few of their Wii U titles to their new console. If Nintendo were to continue to remake HD versions of older GameCube games, they would almost certainly create them for the Nintendo Switch rather than the Wii U.

Of all the GameCube games that Nintendo gamers have wanted to have a high definition port, Super Smash Bros. Melee may just be the most desired game to have a port. With Nintendo's new console, they have now been presented with an extremely beneficial opportunity.

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