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Falke becomes more common in the month of May but performs terribly - Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition's latest stats released

Capcom has released the latest batch of Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition online stats. As always, this information gives us a look at which characters are seeing the most representation among online warriors and which are scoring the most wins.

The charts for May 2018 have been released on the Shadaloo C.R.I. Falke is the latest character to join the roster as of April 24th.

In other words, Falke has now had a full month of play while in the hands of the community. She is the 12th most played combatant. However, she is performing the second worst in terms of win rates.

As of right now, Sakura has the worst win ratio for online play. Meanwhile, M. Bison continues to have the best performance in the online environment.

Not surprisingly, Ryu, Akuma, and Ken are still the most commonly played. Despite this, Sakura is a much rarer character to find online.

You can check out the full stats below. Be sure to look over the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition April 2018 stats also, for comparison's sake.

May 2018 character usage and match ups image #1 May 2018 character usage and match ups image #2
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Metroid's Dark Samus could be an Echo Fighter newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

A ton of information was revealed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation. We now know that every single fighter that has ever been playable in a Super Smash Bros. title will be part of the roster in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate -- including characters like the Pokémon Trainer, Wolf, Pichu, and Snake.

Just like Super Smash Bros. 4, it appears that every single fighter will have a total of eight alternate colors, with the exception of Little Mac who has 16 variations. When Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS was released, only a few were able to speculate that an 8-player Smash mode was coming to the Wii U version of the game since there were a total of eight colors per character whereas before there were only four versions for each character, with the exception of Wario who had eight.

While some characters have had some wardrobe adjustments, others appear to largely have the same set of colors to choose from. Seven out of eight of Samus's colors are exactly the same.

In fact, these colors even appear in the same order that they previously did. Most of these alternates are actually in reference to something from the Metroid series.

Samus's default color is a reference to the Varia Suit. The blue colors reference the Fusion Suit that was used in Metroid Fusion. As for the pink, it seems to be a reference to the Gravity Suit that was found in Super Metroid.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes had a Dark Suit that looks like Samus's brown colors in Super Smash Bros. while the purple suit seems to reference the Gravity Suit in Metroid Prime. That green suit... appears to have been created for Super Smash Bros.

As for the seventh color, these seem to be a reference to Samus's Light Suit that made an appearance in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. All these alternates appear in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as demonstrated by GameXplain.

Samus Colors in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #1 Samus Colors in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #2 Samus Colors in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #3 Samus Colors in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #4 Samus Colors in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #5 Samus Colors in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #6 Samus Colors in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate image #7

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Somebody created an animation that puts the real life Ryu and E. Honda comedians of No Motion into the Street Fighter game

Remember No Motion? Two men dressed as Ryu and E. Honda from Street Fighter had a pretty epic battle against one one another. They created the sound effects themselves.

Somebody was actually crazy enough to create an animation that featured these two. Like how it originally unfolds, the battle starts out in a real life scenario.

After a moment, the two are then transported into the Street Fighter world. They then began a true battle while still holding their microphones.

Eventually, M. Bison himself takes notice of the exchanging blows. He decides to take them both on at the same time.

The two then team up to take out the Shadaloo dictator. Somehow... this became even more epic.

Take a look for yourself:

Click image for animated version

Source: Ray Rod's Instagram via Reddit post.

'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is much more aggressive than previous entries' - ZeRo and Armada give initial impressions of the newest Smash

Easily the biggest fighting game news at E3 2018 was Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation. Fans from across the FGC looked on with great excitement as they clamored to gain any and all information about the newest title in the Smash franchise.

A few Super Smash pros were in attendance at E3 and were able to get some exclusive hands on time with the game in progress. Of those, Melee god Alliance|Armada as well as Smash 4 top dog, TSM|ZeRo, were in attendance.

Having gotten to explore Ultimate for roughly five to six hours, both players returned home to make videos to capture their initial impressions and general reactions. We have both for you here today.

ZeRo focuses a lot on the game's basic flow and pace, citing it as a much more aggressive game than previous entries. He also notes that it does not feel like a mere extension of Smash 4, and is very much its own experience.

In his video Armada fields some of the most commonly asked questions about Ultimate from his fans. His focus is mainly on the game's mechanics such as wave and air dashing, specifically examining the potential effectiveness of each.

Continue on to see both players' impression videos on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and be sure to sound off in the comments about what you're most excited and/or concerned about with the upcoming Smash afterwards.

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Cammy gets buffed, Rashid gets nerfed; top Street Fighter 5 players Oil King and NL discuss with Core-A Gaming how they deal with character changes

Rashid was surely one of Street Fighter 5's problem children at the start of Season 3 as his tools far outweighed his vices, (of which we're not sure he really had any) but he has since been regulated with the nerf bat so as to play more fairly with the rest of the cast.

Cammy was also amongst the game's best fighters but unlike the wind-harnessing Arab fighter, she actually got a few buffs in Season 3.5. UYU|Oil King and UYU|NL play Rashid and Cammy respectively, and are both featured in Core-A Gaming's latest video which delves into the effects of buffs and nerfs to top tier characters.

Both of these players are currently in the top ten of the Capcom Pro Tour leaderboard, and both have seen decent success since the changes to their mains back in April of this year.

For OilKing the update has forced him to hone his focus and stay on the mental grind more consistently throughout his tournament matches. He notes that he was previously able to win certain matches without even thinking, but that that is no longer the case.

NL welcomes any buffs that make his competitive journey easier but also feels the heat from the cock-eyed glares that always come with playing a game's potentially best character.

In listening to both players talk it's clear that there's at least some disparity when it comes to the reward of winning. That said, they're also both doing this as professionals trying to get their hands on tens of thousands of dollars in prize money, which is no small factor in the character choosing equation.

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Too many Gokus? Cell too perfect? Jmcrofts lists his top five biggest problems with Dragon Ball FighterZ right now

Dragon Ball FighterZ has already seen immense success on both the casual and competitive fighting game fronts, and very well may be the most popular title in the genre right now.

Based on one of the most recognizable IP's in anime, FighterZ's spectacular visuals, satisfying combat and high flying action captivates players and onlookers alike.

All that said the three on three fighter is not without its faults. We've seen one major patch along with the inclusion of four additional DLC characters thus far, but there are still some issues that need to be ironed out, at least according to jmcrofts.

Crofts is a major fan of the game, but also has a few gripes that he hopes to see changed by Arc System Works in the near future. He's put together a video wherein he covers five of his biggest complaints with the current state of DBFZ.

Not all of these are competition based as single player modes and general quality of life issues pop up alongside nitpicks that deal directly with gameplay.

Give the video a watch and then let us know if you agree with jmcrofts' list or not. Feel free to comment with any fixes you'd like to see implemented in DBFZ as well.

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Harsh exchange on Twitter leads SonicFox and ZeRo to a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate first to 10 exhibition

Dominique "FOX|SonicFox" McLean is already bound for the fighting game history books as one of the genre's all time best players. With major victories in Mortal Kombat, Injustice, Skullgirls, Dead or Alive, Dragon Ball FighterZ and more, it seems the young player is instantly amazing at every game he touches.

His ability to understand and execute top level tactics in new titles surpasses that even of teammate FOX|Justin Wong, as showcased in such instances as McLean's dominant Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite exhibition victory over Marvel god Ryan "Merge|Filipino Champ" Ramirez shortly after the game's release.

After showing interest in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate McLean was addressed by Smash 4's undisputed top dog, the currently retired Gonzalo "TSM|ZeRo" Barrios.

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Barrios expressed discontent at the idea of McLean playing Smash, citing a disrespectful exchange between the two at EVO 2015 and ultimately capping the message with, "I don't care to see you in our scene."

After a back and forth on Twitter, the two decided that a first to 10 exhibition in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be in order. This is to take place three months after the game drops so as to give both players ample time to prepare.

You'll see the tweets wherein this was proposed and agreed to by clicking the images below. There's a bit of NSFW language in the first as a heads up.

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Guile too frustrating to approach in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition? Tyrant and Packz have some tips for dealing with this defensive powerhouse

The current meta for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition has very few disagreeing with the notion that Guile is top tier. Guile is particularly well-known for his oppressive zoning play style where most top tiers have excellent rushdown capabilities.

In our community voted tier list for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Guile currently ranks at #4. Tyrant and Packz of Frame Advantage believe Guile to be a top three character.

So how does one "get in on" a solid Guile player? This is certainly no easy task.

Tyrant and Packz go over Guile's strong neutral game and how to fight against it. It quickly becomes apparently that Guile's normals are very good due to their reach and block advantage.

The Sonic Boom is a projectile that comes out extremely fast (10 frame start up) and leaves Guile at +2 on block up close. This is the main reason why Guile is such a threat.

They are able to demonstrate that by moving into a certain range, you take away the time Guile needs to charge his specials after a blocked Sonic Boom. Hit the jump to check out the guide on how to counter Guile.

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This Dragon Ball FighterZ themed parody of Ed Sheeran's 'Perfect' is flawlessly funny

If you've listened to the radio for more than 30 seconds in the last six months there's about a 150% chance you've had your heart warmed by Ed Sheeran's "Perfect."

A player from Texas by the name of delephantz has been known to make FGC parodies of popular music, and has struck once again to mix Sheeran's hit with Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Under the moniker of "Shenron Sheeran" delephantz takes us through a verse and a chorus as he sings about the top tier nature of Perfect Cell in DBFZ.

The carefully chosen lyrics are sure to split sides of anyone who is even remotely familiar with the competitive side of FighterZ as we hear about how Cell fits on any team, has abilities few others on the roster are capable of and more.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer reactions from ESAM, MVD, Omni, Shofu, and more

Anticipation was very high during the three month wait between the initial tease trailer of the then unnamed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it's actual reveal during Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation. While only Echo Fighter Daisy and Ridley were revealed as newcomers, I can personally say as a Smash fan that the Direct lived up to its hype.

How about the notable community members of the Super Smash Bros. scene? What kind of reactions did they have to the return of the Ice Climbers, Snake, and every playable fighter that has ever appeared in a Super Smash Bros. title? Ridley?

As you can imagine, many videos have been uploaded that showcase some of these reactions. Panda Global showed how PG|MVD, a Snake main in Brawl, and PG|ESAM, a huge fan of Ridley and the Metroid series, reacted during pivotal moments of the Nintendo Switch Direct.

Shofu and his friends also had a few things to say about the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer. For those that don't know, Shofu has been pushing the #FreeWolf movement during Super Smash Bros. 4's lifespan.

Many players now have the opportunity to essentially "reunite" with their former mains because of this upcoming title. There's an indescribable "bond" that is sort of formed between a player and their main character for a fighting game.

That moment when it is revealed that "everyone is here" is something that everyone celebrated. Check it out after the jump!

As a word of warning to headphone users, beware of the volume! Also, there is NSFW language present.

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Xavier Woods's heartfelt letter to the fighting game community

Austin "Xavier Woods" Creed is most notable for his American pro wrestling career. Recently, his rivalry with Kenny Omega was played up in a Street Fighter 5 team-based rematch for the entertainment of the fighting game community.

There were a number of spectacular moments that went on. For example, poor Tasty Steve ended up getting kicked off the stage after Kenny Omega called him out for his "biased commentary." Literally, he was kicked in the chest and sent flying out of the stage.

This was an event that was so hype that apparently even Ric Flair was watching on Twitch.

Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods even participated in Capcom's live action Cody trailer for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. Xavier Woods was the voice on the phone that told Kenny Omega, playing Cody, to turn on the television.

The fighting game community isn't exactly the biggest in terms of its eSports scene. For Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega to be so involved with the FGC really shows their passion for the community.

Xavier Woods recently wrote a heartfelt letter that thanked the fighting game community and told everyone that this is a scene that should be paid attention to. Again, it's very evident that Xavier Woods is very passionate about his interactions with the FGC.

Xavier Woods's message image #1
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Will the Mii Fighters be available for 'with anyone' online play in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Even Masahiro Sakurai seems unsure

The three Mii Fighters, the Brawler, the Swordfighter, and the Gunner, are probably the three fighters that are the least represented by players in Super Smash Bros. 4. At this point, Jigglypuff, fighter that is widely considered to be the worst in the game, probably sees more action at tournaments than those three.

Most top players don't even bother listing them in their tier lists. This is likely mostly in part due the inability of being able to play them "with anyone" while online and since the tournament rules for them are somewhat unclear.

Without a doubt, if you main the Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, or Mii Gunner, you probably have the most difficult time getting practice in compared to the mains of any other character. You can't just jump into a match in Super Smash Bros. 4's online modes and train in match ups.

During the big reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it was revealed that the Mii Fighters would be joining along with every single character that has ever been playable in the Super Smash Bros. series. It was at this point where Masahiro Sakurai addressed the possibility of them being playable in a curious manner.

Rather than stating outright that they would be permitted this time around, Sakurai stated that they're "hoping to get these fighters ready for online play." At the bottom of the video, the text said "online battles in their future?" with a question mark rather than a period.

It sounds like there are some tough guidelines that need to be dealt with. I'm sure everyone here at this point knows that internet interactions aren't always the most... pleasant of experiences. Some people would obviously be tempted to create some offensive things with the Mii creator.

Click image for animated version

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'Every Smash Bros. game is a new game' - Nintendo explains why Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is definitely not a port

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is all the rage both within and without the fighting game community right now as Nintendo's biggest and baddest brawler is getting yet another franchise entry.

With all previous Smash characters returning for a mega roster this time around fans are incredibly excited to take returners like Ice Climbers, Wolf and Snake for a spin in the newest Smash setting.

That said, Ultimate has come across a little more as an acknowledgement of the old as opposed to a delving into of the new, and some fans are pondering as to whether or not the upcoming fighter is more or less one big port as opposed to a new title.

Game Informer conducted an interview with senior product marketing manager for Nintendo America Bill Trinen and localization manager Nate Bihldorff in which they discussed a collection of topics, Smash Ultimate's status as a new entry among them.

"Every Smash Bros. game is a new game. I think for me personally what really defines it as a new game is just the core change to the core mechanics," says Trinen.

"When you change the speed like that, that cascades through character motion, through the speed at which the various moves are coming out, the animations and whatnot, and you have to rebalance every character in the game, so then as a player, when you come in to start playing the game, you’re having to re-learn every character in the game."

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E3 presenters challenged Masahiro Sakurai to a game of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it didn't go well for them

Not only would Masahiro Sakurai sit through interview after interview to talk about the nuances of the newly showcased Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3, he would even go as far as to accept a challenge to play the upcoming entry to Nintendo's biggest fighting franchise.

After discussing Smash Ultimate for a good while with presenters from Nintendo's Treehouse, Sakurai was invited to join in on the action. His opponents were anything but ready.

Proving he could play just as well as design, Sakurai obliged by grabbing a controller and choosing the Breath of the Wild version of Link to go into combat with.

Not only would he batter his foes about the screen for a full five minutes, the Super Smash franchise creator continued to offer bits of commentary and details while doing so.

As a bonus we also get to see the all new Great Plateau Tower stage from the most recent Zelda in action as the four player battle royale rages atop one of BOTW's Sheikah Towers.

You can watch Ultimate's Director give the IGN representatives the full Super Smash Bros. experience by checking out the video below.

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Waluigi isn't a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the internet is really unhappy about that

The biggest fighting game news to drop at E3 2018 this week was easily the flood of information about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. From new gameplay mechanics to crazy items, Smash Bros. Ultimate certainly impressed viewers and expo attendees.

One of the most shocking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcements came in the form of its roster. In the Switch title, every character from every Smash Bros. game ever will be a part of the playable cast bringing the total number of fighters over 60.

Unfortunately, one mustachioed fan-favorite didn't make the cut as a newcomer, and the internet is definitely not happy about it. The purple-clad Luigi doppelganger, Waluigi, only appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an assist trophy -- not as a playable character.

in the Smash Bros. series, traditionally, if a character makes an appearance as an assist trophy it means that they won't have a playable counterpart. Unless Nintendo changes things up with this new iteration of Smash Bros., it is very likely that Waluigi will remain a mere assist.

Fans are particularly upset due to the addition of Princess Daisy, who acts as an Echo Character for Princess Peach. Though one might expect to see Waluigi as an Echo of Wario, the move set and body type might just be too different to do so.

Still, this hasn't stopped fans from voicing their displeasure on social media, and it sure hasn't stopped the memes from being mass produced.

Today we've rounded up several of the best "Waluigi didn't make it into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" memes we could find for you to check out.

Waluigi not in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate memes image #1 Waluigi not in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate memes image #2 Waluigi not in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate memes image #3 Waluigi not in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate memes image #4 Waluigi not in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate memes image #5 Waluigi not in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate memes image #6

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Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo online points cap at 2,045 in 30th Anniversary Collection, two players have already maxed out

One more bullet point we hope Capcom has on their list of various improvements for the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection comes in yet another avenue of online play.

Far and away Arizona's best Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo player, Kris "Fromo" Powell, recently made it to the number one rank online in his game of choice. After accumulating 2,045 points, Fromo noticed his score wasn't ticking up anymore after victories, and realized there's a point cap online.

"[P]oints cap at 2045 and hardly any are taken away when you lose a match. And the player pool is relatively small, especially the higher your rank is thanks to the matchmaking filter," he noted in a Facebook post on the matter.

There's no doubt that the Street Fighter community has been enjoying the nostalgia of the 12 titles included in Capcom's most recent fighting game release, but the experience certainly hasn't been without its bumps in the road.

At this time we're not sure why there's a cap at all in ranked play, nor why it'd be reachable in less than a month's time (the game dropped back on May 29th). The aforementioned list of "various improvements" is somewhere on the horizon for 30th Anniversary, but we don't know when it will drop or what it will entail.

The image below shows the Super Turbo leaderboards at the time of our writing this story, but the struggles don't end there. Read on for details about another issue we've experienced firsthand while trying to play online.

ST Leaderboards image #1
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SonicFox attempts to take down HookGangGod, Summit of Power champion, in Dragon Ball FighterZ

The meta for Dragon Ball Fighterz is starting to look very interesting. For what seemed like the longest time, CO|GO1 just looked absolutely unstoppable.

Time and time again, he would defeat FOX|SonicFox at a number of tournaments. For a while, SonicFox was often regarded as the second best Dragon Ball FighterZ player in the world.

Before Combo Breaker 2018, SonicFox switched his team up from Goku Black, Hit and Android 16 to Cell, Gotenks and Kid Buu. Amazingly, SonicFox was able to finally defeat his demon and win the tournament.

But was it just a fluke, or was SonicFox now the best player in the world? The Summit of Power would surely test this... or so we all thought.

Inevitably, it was neither SonicFox nor GO1 that would take this event. Instead, it was NRG|HookGangGod, who was considered to be an underdog compared to GO1 and SonicFox, who was able to take down both players in an impressive fashion.

YogaFlame24 has uploaded a series of matches that pits HookGangGod up against SonicFox. Will SonicFox be able to take him down? Features "the greatest comeback ever in the history of DBFZ."

Click image for animated version

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