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Fighting game community GoFundMe aims to support those combating fires in Amazon rainforest

You've likely seen or heard about the fires currently burning in the Amazon rainforest as they've been making quite a few headlines in recent days, and a California fighting game community member has started a GoFundMe campaign to try to help out.

Sierra Danielle hails from Fresno and is trying to raise funds to send to Amazon Watch, an entity that focuses on helping the preservation of the Amazon's ecological systems.

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Brian F: Online for fighting games is trash and prevents people from practicing as hard as other tier 1 eSports games

We've recently been discussing an apparent dip in Street Fighter 5's netcode quality, but conversations have begun drifting away from a direct focus on SF5 and more toward the general (rough) relationship between the fighting game genre and online play.

EQNX|Brian F recently posted a tweet in response to a statement by CLG|Tafo regarding the amount of practice that is required for tier 1 eSports competitors. Brian's message points a finger toward fighting game developers in general, calling for them to up their netcode standards... to put it nicely.

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'You shouldn't tease characters half a year in advance unless fans already know it's going to take that long' - TrueUnderDawg on Mortal Kombat 11 DLC

While the recent Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack character reveal was surely an overall win, but there have certainly been some negative reactions to two aspects in particular: Joker's inclusion and design, and Spawn's distant release date.

True Under Dawg Gaming serves as something of a community chorus in his recent video as he breaks down both the good and the bad of said reveal.

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CD Projekt RED producer wants to see The Witcher 3's Geralt in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is chest deep in the release of its five additional DLC characters right now. So far, Persona 5's Joker and Dragon Quest's Hero have joined the battle, and we know that the highly demanded Banjo-Kazooie will be the next in line to enter the ring sometime this Fall.

With two characters still to be revealed, the discussion about playable characters in Smash is as active as ever. Not only are fans talking about it, but game developers like CD Projekt RED — the minds behind The Witcher series — seem to have Smash DLC on the brain, and one of their producers recently shared his interest for seeing Geralt of Rivia as a playable fighter.

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Poison Street Fighter 5 concept art shows us some of the designs that didn't make the cut

Capcom continues their delve into the designs that didn't make the cut for Street Fighter 5's latest DLC characters. Over on the Shadaloo C.R.I. website, the company added another blog entry showcasing the rejected artwork for Final Fight veteran and SF5 newcomer, Poison.

Last time, we were given a look at the different ideas for fellow Final Fight character Lucia. Now we get a glimpse at what concepts the development team had in mind for the whip wielding contender.

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Dragon Ball Z's Majin Buu and My Hero Academia's Katsuki Bakugo join Jump Force today for season pass holders

Bandai Namco's Shonen Jump crossover fighting title, Jump Force, sees the addition of two new characters today. Majin Buu of Dragon Ball Z fame and My Hero Academia's Katsuki Bakugo both enter the fray.

These two combatants are available starting today, but via early access for those who purchased the season pass. Everyone who hasn't will be able to get their hands on Buu and Bakugo on August 27th.

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More beautiful Street Fighter 5 art from Sokohaaredayo

We've got a full gallery of Street Fighter 5 art pieces to share with you today thanks to the skilled hands of Japanese artist Sokohaaredayo.

A few of the game's newest characters are showcased as both Lucia and E. Honda strike poses. Interestingly enough, Sokohaaredayo seems to change style a bit between the two as Lucia is a little more cartoonish while Honda veers more towards the realistic end of the spectrum.

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How is the new Street Fighter 5 content faring thus far and has it been enough to put the game in a better light in the community's eyes?

It's been about three weeks since Street Fighter 5 received its first major update of 2019 in the form of a patch that brought with it E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison.

While important in its own right, this patch also served as a crucial answer from Capcom to eight months of community pleas for some kind of update to a title the development company themselves billed "as a service." With this in mind, community reception to this new content becomes fatefully significant, and so a general look at the effectiveness and quality of these characters is apt.

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Smug's Street Fighter 4 Dudley, the longest Brutality build up ever, Poison's unfortunate visual glitch, and more; Funny and cool moments episode 113

You can't possibly watch every fighting game stream out there these days, but thanks to the tireless efforts from LiangHuBBB, you can enjoy the coolest and funniest parts of damn near all of them.

The YouTuber has hit us with the 113th installment in his "Funny and Cool Moments" series, and this one is packed to the brim with almost 15 minutes of continuous clips that'll either make you fall back in your seat or move right up to the edge of it.

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'Hero should not be banned in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' - ESAM chimes in on the Smash community's recent hot topic

The fighting game community has been seeing an awful lot of ban talk lately, and the biggest reason for this has to be the newest addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Hero from Dragon Quest.

Since his release three weeks ago, Hero's RNG-riddled arsenal has been causing many Smashers to call for his restriction in tournament play. Prominent Smasher PG|ESAM recently released a video wherein he argues that we should let the newcomer rock.

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What happens to losers in this industry? Daigo shares three paths that players take when they're failing to get wins

Most everyone who enters the competitive fighting game scene does so with that little hope in the back of their heart that their's will be a story of ultimate success, but the truth of the matter is that a lot more drop out than take home gold medals.

This isn't an easy subject to discuss, but it's a very real and pertinent one for those in the FGC. CYG|Daigo Umehara is one of the most qualified people in the world to talk on such a subject, and thanks to FGC Translated, we get to hear what he has to say.

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Should GT Goku be banned from Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments? SonicFox thinks so, but not everyone agrees

Last year the Dragon Ball FighterZ community was feeling the pain of Bardock (aka Grandpa Goku) being a bit too strong for everyone's liking, but 2019 appears to be the year of GT Goku (aka Kid Goku) and the problems he poses might be even worse.

FOX|SonicFox, one of the strongest DBFZ players on the planet, has come forward with an opinion that the new character is just too good. Since we don't expect that Bandai Namco will be hitting this title with a balance update anytime soon, Fox proposes that the best course of action is to ban GT Goku from tournament play for the time being.

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Unannounced Mortal Kombat 11 DLC character listed instead of Joker in potential in-game message error

Mortal Kombat 11 fans were blown away this week as the official trailer for the game's Kombat Pack was released. In it, we learned the identities of the final two characters in the bunch, as well as saw what each of the currently unreleased fighters will actually look like in-game.

The Kombat Pack consists of Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Terminator T-800, Sindel, DC Comics' Joker, and Spawn, but an in-game message that popped up after the reveal seems to have originally contained a name of a completely different character in Joker's stead. Potential spoiler alert: We will be getting into specifics beyond this point, so turn away now if you'd like to avoid potential spoilers.

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Portal punches, reality distortion and the Stardust Breaker: Anime references for Janemba and Gogeta in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Outside of maybe Broly, Janemba and Gogeta are probably the most popular movie-exclusive Dragon Ball characters around having appeared fairly prominently in different games and mediums, so it's nice to see all of the attention to detail put into their inclusions in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Content creator IKevinX is back with another anime references breakdown Janemba and Gogeta in DBFZ trying to find where each of their attacks originate from with some frame-by-frame recreations from their Fusion Reborn film.

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SonicFox drops his latest tier list for Mortal Kombat 11

With the latest DLC in Mortal Kombat 11 came a balance update that accompanied a new fighter, NightWolf. This patch made several changes to a plethora of different characters.

FOX|SonicFox created a new tier list over on YouTube that runs through where he believes each character stacks up now. Looking comparatively at our Mortal Kombat 11 tiers section, we can see how SonicFox feels several characters have climbed and dropped after the update.

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Obscure 90's fighting games given new life with the Breakers Collection coming to consoles and PC in 2020

The fighting game boom of the 1990's produced so many classic hits that are still played to this day, but there are likely even more that have been largely forgotten to the sands of time — with many of those titles hailing from SNK's NeoGeo system.

One of those series will be given new life over two decades since its initial release with Breakers and Breakers Revenge being bundled together to form the Breakers Collection. The publishing team over at QUByte Interactive recently announced that the obscure and cult classic fighting games will be coming to consoles and PC in 2020.

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Longtime Super Smash Bros. tournament The Big House announces that therapy dogs will be available this year

The approach of fall means The Big House tournament is nearing. All the Super Smash Bros. titles will be there.

Well known for its prestige, they have raised the bar even more for a Smash only tournament. Scratch that, they've raised the bar for competitive FGC tournaments. The Big House officially announced that there will be therapy dogs on-site for the first two days of the tournament to help players relax and de-stress.

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