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Street Fighter 5 Mysterious Mod on PC showcases fan-made second Critical Arts for most of the cast; Peter even gets a Raging Demon

Mods on PC games that change character models or add some new assets to the game are commonplace in today's market, but ones that completely overhaul a game's mechanics and play style are harder to come by especially in the realm of fighting games.

Earlier this year, we reported on a PC mod in development for Street Fighter 5 called the 'Mysterious Mod' which added and changed mechanics in the game to make it more like Street Fighter 4 and other fighters.

Another addition they've made to the game via the mod has been giving second Critical Arts for most of the cast which they recently compiled and showcased in a new video on YouTube except for a select few like Zeku and Sagat.

These new Critical Arts appear to be made in the style of previous Super Arts from earlier Street Fighter titles like Third Strike where Alex is once again given his Stun Gun Headbutt as a second Critical Art in the Mysterious Mod.

Most of the cast's "new Critical Arts" are based upon specials and attacks they already have in the game turned up a few notches with Ryu getting his Shin Shoryuken, Nash teleports around his opponent like an enhanced version of his first V-Trigger, Falke shots a rapid-fire volley of projectiles and many more examples can be seen.

Even Peter — the police officer from the cinematic Story Mode — receives his own Critical Arts including a Raging Demon. You can check out Peter's moves in action in the clip below and the full compilation after the jump. Let us know if you'd like any form of these to make it into the actual release.

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The ArcRevo World Tour will bring pro tour circuits to three ArcSys titles — How's the tour looking so far, and what could it mean for these scenes?

One of the exciting announcements we were treated to at EVO 2018 was the unveiling from Arc System Works that there will be a pro tour coming up featuring their games.

What people perhaps weren't as prepared for, however, was that it's set to feature not one, not two, but three of their titles, in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and BlazBlue: Central Fiction as well.

With Pro Tours being the latest staple for successful fighting games — Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Injustice 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ all have their own — this is a welcome announcement for anyone who wishes to bring the community to new heights, and perhaps be able to make a living off of playing these games.

At the time of the announcement, details on what exactly this pro tour circuit for ArcSys three key titles would entail were scarce, and to be honest, there's not that much more to go on right now, either.

But we do have some information, and that's what we're going to look through in this piece, as well as analyze what the tour system as a whole could mean for these titles.

And with that, let's take a look at what the upcoming ArcRevo World Tour has to offer for players of any of these three supported titles.

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Injustice Pro Series event winners haven't been getting their prize winnings, Intersport lays out plan to rectify and avoid such issues in the future

The Injustice 2 Pro Series has been roaring along with its 2018 run for a good while now, and while we've seen multiple hype tournaments since the official kick off at Combo Breaker in May, there's been issue with prize payouts not reaching players' hands in a very prompt manner.

NetherRealm Studios is working with Intersport, an eSports brand-building company, to put on the Pro Series this year, and it seems as though the responsibility for getting cash prizes to event victors falls on Intersport.

After multiple players expressed delays in seeing their tournament winnings, Travis Hezel of the aforementioned company took to Twitter to put forth a statement acknowledging the issue as well as laying out their plan to rectify it.

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Desk presents 'A very stupid Urien combo' in his second batch of '10 combos that will never happen'

As the title of the video implies this collection of combos are extremely situational and will likely never occur in a competitive environment. That said they're still a vista of intriguing displays of imagination sure to give you a chuckle or two as you watch.

Keeping in step with his long resume of impressive displays and constant thinking around corners desk brings us a follow up to his 10 Combos That Will Never Happen in a Real Match from back in July.

Some of these involve producing long-standing attacks such as Urien's Aegis Reflector, then repositioning both characters around it so specific juggles are possible.

As a bit of an added bonus desk includes the two newest characters, G and Sagat, in his showcase here. A mind like desk's is surely welcome in the mix as the community continues to explore these two and their potential.

Easily my favorite from the bunch is the Ryu combo that includes not one, not two but three Joudan Sokutogeri (Donkey) kicks which bounce characters off walls for what's usually just a single follow up hit.

You can view said sequence first by clicking the thumbnail below and then watch desk's video in full by continuing on after the jump.

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'Why the FGC stays broke' - Ernesto Lopez offers commentary on how the community deals with new ideas

As the ever-raging debate about the good and bad of the FGC's movement into eSports continues on Ernesto Lopez Jr. offers some of his personal observations to help move things along.

On a recent episode of his "Button Check" series Lopez points out a few hypocrisies that he feels are ultimately holding the fighting game community back in the finance department.

"People are constantly complaining about the FGC being broke, they're constantly complaining about eSports, they're constantly complaining about not being able to travel... we complain and present problems but a lot of us do not present solutions," he says.

Lopez goes on to specifically highlight the emerging eSports cryptocurrency ESE and the immediately negative reaction a significant portion of the FGC seems to have had towards it.

The argument boils down to the idea that we tend to want the money and perks that come with eSports practices while simultaneously rejecting the entities that provide them.

You can hear his full talk by checking out the video below. Please be warned that it has a bit of NSFW language in it. Let us know if you agree and offer your thoughts in the comments after.

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Sako's combos are lethal, Xian's 50/50s are unpredictable, and Caba is an immovable defensive wall — TWFighter Street Fighter 5 highlights

A premier Capcom Pro Tour event took place at the TWFighter Major 2018. That means that the competitor that came in first place walked away with 700 CPT points which will surely make a difference when it comes to getting a spot in the Capcom Pro Tour finals at the end of this year.

There were a total of 323 players that were gunning for those points. Among them included FAV|Sako, FOX|Tokido, Rise|Caba, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, RZR|Xian, UYU|NL, Liquid|Nemo, Mago, and many more.

Now that the event has already concluded, we've got a number of highlights that are worth talking about. With so much on the line, the players there really demonstrated solid performances.

First, let's take a moment and look at Xian's play against Nemo. While Xian was using his Ibuki, Nemo represented himself as Urien.

Things were really going in Nemo's favor in this particular sequence. It looked as though Nemo was about to score a perfect. Needless to say, Xian had a pretty significant life deficit to overcome.

Thanks to Ibuki's V-Trigger 2, Xian was able to land an extremely tricky reset for big damage. Afterwards, he committed to pressure by using up all his kunai for another 50/50. He kept attacking until Nemo was stunned, awarding him the 3-0 victory.

Click image for animated version

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Who is Cooler and what makes him an exciting addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Although the downloadable content for Dragon Ball FighterZ this year was originally datamined as far back as March, Cooler's reveal trailer at EVO 2018 seems to solidify thast list, once and for all, as the truth.

The launch roster had nothing but characters from the original source material and the extended continuity of its canon (at least for now) followup Dragon Ball Super. Our first dose of DLC in March however gave us Broly who, at least at the time, was not canon for the series regardless of his high popularity, along with Bardock, the father of Goku.

Next up, at the end of May, we got a double dose of Dragon Ball Super with Fused Zamasu and Vegito, the latter of which had appeared in the original Dragon Ball manga and the Dragon Ball Z anime as well. In the game, though, Vegito's form is SSGSS, or simply "Super Saiyan Blue", solidifying him as mainly based on Super.

Just this week, we got what were almost certainly the most controversial picks, though admittedly my personal favorites so far, Base Goku and Base Vegeta. These are versions of the main character and his most enduring rival based on their very first battle back around the middle of the original manga, or early episodes of the Dragon Ball Z anime.

Finally, the inclusion of Cooler brings us to 7 out of 8 right from the original datamine, heavily suggesting that we will also be receiving Android #17, a popular fighter and twin brother of the already playable Android #18. Android #17 has seen a resurgence in relevance through being included in the action in Dragon Ball Super, making him a pretty good pick for marketing purposes as well.

This piece, though, is about Cooler and what his deal is. If you're not that big on the non-canon areas of Dragon Ball, odds are good you might not know much about Cooler at all. If you're not much in to Dragon Ball at all but enjoy the game, you almost certainly don't know who he is. So let's remedy that by diving in to what makes this villain such a popular pick.

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Captain Ginyu body snatch, Broly's corner beat down, and Kazunoko's relentless Yamcha — TWFighter Major 2018 Dragon Ball FighterZ highlights

The TWFighter Major 2018 event has already wrapped up for the weekend. A Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament took place at this event.

There were a total of 59 players participating at the Dragon Ball FighterZ tournament. While this might not sound like a lot, players like CO|Go1, GGP|Kazunoko, CO|Dogura, CO|Fenrich, Acqua, WP|Inuchiyo, and more.

Since this tournament is taking place after EVO 2018 and after the release of Base Form Goku and Base Form Vegeta, patch 1.11 was the most recent patch. As a result of this, only Kindevu was using Cell within the top eight portion of the bracket.

We saw a number of interesting characters during the event. Both Acqua and Go1 were making full usage of Captain Ginyu's abilities.

Acqua had sequences where you'd swear that every member of the Ginyu force was out and about. This greatly aided Acqua's pressure game.

Go1 even managed to set up a combo that allowed his Captain Ginyu to switch bodies with the opponent.

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A showdown between two EVO champions, slow motion punishes, and an impressive losers bracket run to grand finals — Tokyo Tekken Masters highlights

The Tokyo Tekken Masters tournament has already ended this weekend. This was a Tekken World Tour Master Event that took place in Tokyo, Japan.

There were a total of 276 players signed up to compete for first place at the major event. Competitors included ROX|Knee, UYU|Qudans, CGG|Tissuemon, AR|Book, Fursan|Rangchu, Fursan|LowHigh, Double, MulGold, UYU|Jeondding, ROX|Chanel, and many more.

This ended up being a very hype event for the participating players and spectators. We've collected highlights that showcase some of the event's coolest sequences.

Before the tournament came to its conclusion, we saw LowHigh get matched up against Knee. They were both in the losers bracket. One of these players was going home after this set.

What was particularly interesting about this match up was that both players were previous EVO winners for Tekken. LowHigh took first place at EVO 2018 while Knee was the EVO Japan 2018 champion.

This set had a lot riding on it. You can feel the intensity.

Click image for animated version

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TWFighter Major 2018 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Another huge event is on the horizon this weekend, and it's TWFighter Major 2018.

This is a Premier Event for the Capcom Pro Tour, so it's obviously a huge deal for any Capcom fighters out there, and its the first huge event to follow EVO 2018.

It's not just about Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, though, since the event will also feature Dragon Ball FighterZ, King of Fighters 14 and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.

With as many as 323 people signed up for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, the action is going to be nonstop at this event. There are also 59 players participating in Dragon Ball FighterZ, 45 players for King of Fighters 14 and 30 who have joined the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle tournament.

Notable players attending include FOX|Tokido, FD|Fujimura, CO|Go1, CYG|Daigo, Gachikun, UYU|NL, Fursan|Verloren, CYG|Fuudo, CO|Dogura, FAV|Sako, Liquid|Nemo, FOX|Momochi, GGP|Kazunoko, RZR|Xian, Rise|MenaRD, FD|Haitani, Rise|Caba, GRPT|MOV, DouyuTV|Xiao Hai, Mago, RB|Bonchan, Liquid|John Takeuchi, AB|Chuan, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, AB|Poongko, FE|Humanbomb, UYU|OilKing, NASR|BigBird, AB|StormKubo, EG|Ricki Ortiz, RB and many more.

Streaming is being done at Capcom Fighters, TW Fighter and GamerBee.

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Soul Calibur 6 will have a main story and character stories which intertwine with each other — in-game timeline shows chronological order of events

At the Tokyo Tekken Masters event earlier this morning (or last night, depending on where you live), Soul Calibur 6 producer Motohiro Okubo was present.

Before unveiling the Tekken 7 Season 2 news which you can find further down on our frontpage, there was some talk about the upcoming Soul Calibur 6.

Considering how soon after EVO this is, we unsurprisingly did not get a new character reveal (after all, we got two of them at EVO earlier this month), but there was some light shed on other aspects of the upcoming game.

There was talk about how the Soul series was way ahead of the curve as far as voice acting went, and that they paid the voice actors much more than what was customary for games at the time, leading to the high quality voicework that was praised when the early games came out, and that they did their best to try and get back the original voice actors and actresses for this title, though it wasn't possible for all of them due to busy schedules. Such was unfortunately the case for Seong Mi-na, who switched to yet another new voice actress for this game.

The main brunt of the talk, though, was centered around the story mode, and a few images shown give an idea of what the story mode will look like in-game.

Below, you can find some images of the story mode, as well as some artwork and visuals presented during the stream. There's something we need to talk about regarding that story mode image too... But we'll do that further down.

Soul Calibur Presentation Gallery image #1 Soul Calibur Presentation Gallery image #2 Soul Calibur Presentation Gallery image #3 Soul Calibur Presentation Gallery image #4 Soul Calibur Presentation Gallery image #5
Click images for larger versions

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Revival Tournament Series early results, stream and details

Update: This story has been updated with week 15 results.

The Ultra Street Fighter 4 Revival Tournament Series will be taking place throughout the year.

Due to lag concerns because of the tournaments mainly focusing on online, it's been divided up into two separate regional events, one for North America and one for Europe.

Both regions will have eight tournaments, with the winner of each tournament qualifying for an eventual "Topanga-style" long-set Round Robin.

This event is all about bringing back Ultra Street Fighter 4 into people's minds, and entry is free, so if you happen to miss Ultra Street Fighter 4 and live in either North America or Europe, this is a grand chance to join, since these events will continue for some time.

We'll keep a continuous schedule in this story and bump when relevant so you can keep track of whatever's happening, and of course update with results after an event ends.

Streaming will be done at USF4 Dave for North American events and at GillStoleMyRide for European events.

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Tokyo Tekken Masters results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Tekken World Tour is going into high gear this weekend in Tokyo, Japan.

Indeed, it is a Master Event, and one of the biggest ones yet — the Tokyo Tekken Masters.

As one might expect, practically every asian player worth their mettle has shown up to compete, meaning the whole weekend will be packed to the absolute brim with hardcore Tekken 7 action.

As many as 276 players have signed up and will be fighting it out across the span of two days, so there'll be a lot to get through.

A few notable names you most surely recognize that are part of this extensive list are ROX|Knee, UYU|Jeondding, Kkokkoma, UYU|Qudans, Fursan|LowHigh, CGG|Tissuemon, COOASGAMES|Noroma, Yamasa|Take, ROX|Chanel, Yamasa|Nobi, Fursan|Rangchu, AR|Book and EQNX|Dimeback... And of course, many, many more.

Streaming is of course being done at Tekken, so make sure you tune in all weekend long.

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Anna Williams and Lei Wulong set for release on September 6th — Tekken 7 Season 2 DLC pricing revealed along with new video footage

Today, the Tokyo Tenne Masters event was taking place in... Well, Tokyo, Japan.

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada was present at the event, and he brought a long some surprises with him.

Although there wasn't anything big like what we saw at EVO last year, we got further details as to the characters announced there, as well as the pricing for the Season 2 DLC pack that's coming up.

The Season Pass for Tekken 7's second season of DLC will retail for 2,800 yen in Japan, meaning a price point of $29.99 for US territories and €29.99 for European territories seems likely, though it hasn't been officially stated as such yet. If you only want individual characters, Anna and Lei will cost 500 yen each, presumably $4.99 or €4.99 in other areas, though that remains to be announced.

We also got the good news that Anna Williams and Lei Wulong will both be available in just short of three weeks' time, on September 6th in Japan, and presumably the same date in the rest of the world as well. Balance changes and new system implementations such as the new Wall Bounce seen in trailers will be entered into the game on that same date.

You can find some images from the presentation here, and the videos which combine already seen footage from the EVO trailers with brand new parts as well below. In the images, you can see changes to the rank system online in the new update, as well as a newly implemented simple combo system which will be available both online and offline, including ranked matches, but cannot be used in tournament mode. In other words, the simple juggle system will not be applicable in competitive offline play.

Tekken 7 Season 2 Gallery image #1 Tekken 7 Season 2 Gallery image #2 Tekken 7 Season 2 Gallery image #3 Tekken 7 Season 2 Gallery image #4 Tekken 7 Season 2 Gallery image #5 Tekken 7 Season 2 Gallery image #6 Tekken 7 Season 2 Gallery image #7
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Hitomi and Leifang screenshots leak online for Dead or Alive 6

Previously, Tecmo Koei teased two new characters to be revealed for Dead or Alive 6 at Gamescom in the coming week, but it appears our first look at the characters are already available to view via some leaked screenshots online.

French gaming website Playscope recently posted screenshots of Hitomi and Leifang online ahead of their official Gamescom reveal which have since been taken down though they have been saved elsewhere around the web.

A new stage is also revealed in these screenshots featuring a shipwreck and an interactible giant octopus / kraken-like Danger Zone that appears to grab and throw characters that get to close or are knocked into the large tentacles.

Both characters are returning favorites with Hitomi first appearing in 2001's Dead or Alive 3 and Leifang being a part of the original Dead or Alive roster before the turn of the century.

Hitomi is of German and Japanese descent, and she is trained in basic karate by her father obtaining her black belt at 18. Leifang is Chinese college student and is referred to as the "Tai Ji Quan Genius."

Diego and Rig were the previous characters announced for Dead or Alive 6 before EVO 2018 where the former is the new title's first official newcomer. You can take a look at the new characters and new stage in the gallery below.

Hitomi and Leifang leaks image #1 Hitomi and Leifang leaks image #2 Hitomi and Leifang leaks image #3 Hitomi and Leifang leaks image #4 Hitomi and Leifang leaks image #5 Hitomi and Leifang leaks image #6

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Big improvements potentially coming to the online modes of top fighting games — here's what we know about Bandai Namco's network service division

A complaint we hear over and over again here on EventHubs is that a fighting game's netcode or online match making isn't up to snuff.

Pretty much no title in the community escapes these complaints, from Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition to Tekken 7, you don't have to look far to see someone saying they're having big issues playing online.

Back in mid-2017, Capcom entered into a deal with Bandai Namco to improve the online aspects of their titles, specifically naming the Street Fighter franchise.

The "deal contributes to a healthier industry while improving user experience," Capcom wrote at the time. Goals of reducing production time and costs, delivering more content to users, and contributing to a healthier game industry were also cited.

Nearly a year later, Bandai Namco announced a network service division, which is a wholly owned subsidiary that will launch on October 1, 2018, about a month and a half from now.

The stated goal of the company is to efficiently and swiftly respond to the need for more stable network connections, starting with Bandai Namco games.

The goal is for this to eventually encompass areas outside of their games and applications, and support all areas of business.

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Warframe adds a fighting game mini-game 'Frame Fighter' to the PC version in the latest patch

Warframe has been slowly but surely incorporating more and more genres and gameplay styles into the already massive free-to-play third-person action game, and now that appears to even include fighting games.

The latest patch to the PC version of Warframe added the ability to play a fighting game mini-game in the title called 'Frame Fighter' along with a few other games with more on the horizon.

Frame Fighter's logo may look quite similar to Street Fighter 5's, but the gameplay itself appears to be more based around other titles like Mortal Kombat or Killer Instinct though a much more simplistic design overall. It's unclear how many buttons Frame Fighter uses for attacks, but there appears to be multiple punch and kick buttons, a block button and a single special that recharges at least.

Players can choose from the Excalibur, Volt or Mag frames as playable fighters from the start though more are said to be unlockable by finding fragments throughout the main game plus the Prime variants if the player has them in their possession. Only online versus modes appear to be currently playable in the title as well though the background displayed during matches will actually be based on the player's clan Dojo's design.

This new mini-game can be played by visiting Simaris and purchasing the Ludoplex through standing which will allow you to play the mini-games featured in Warframe going forward including other titles Wyrmius and Happy Zephyr.

Frame Fighter was originally shown off in prototype form earlier this year, but now everyone playing on PC can hop on and try it for themselves if they've progressed far enough in the title. You can also check out the game in action in the videos below.

Warframe's Frame Fighter image #1
Click images for larger versions

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