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Street Fighter IV E3 'Gameplay System' trailer

Street Fighter IV E3 'Gameplay System' trailer Capcom has updated their Street Fighter IV Gameplay System trailer for E3, this time with English dubbing. "Godzilla is attacking Tokyo, (mouth keeps moving)."

It's a good clip though as it shows more of Parry Saving and quite a few of the character's moves, including EX, Super and Ultra attacks.

Probably stuff you've seen already other places, but still worth a look if you have a few extra minutes.

Gametrailers posts two Street Fighter IV E3 interviews

Gametrailers posts two Street Fighter IV E3 interviews Gametrailers.com has uploaded two interviews with Seth Killian.

In the characters interview, Seth breaks down the new fighters in the game and covers some of the bosses.

There's also a features interview where he talks about some of the new bells and whistles making it into the game.

These videos include new details and are really good overall, so I highly recommend checking them out.

Street Fighter 4: Characters: E3 Interview

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Vote for new Street Fighter IV characters

Vote for new Street Fighter IV characters Capcom wants you to vote on which characters you'd like to see in the home releases of Street Fighter IV.

The choices are...

• Cammy
• Hugo
• Dee Jay
• Ibuki
• Fei Long
• Sakura
• T. Hawk
• Dan

Just click the link to head over to a place where you can vote.

Updated: New SFIV YouTube videos show Parry Saving

Xeromos has uploaded a quite a few new SF4 movies. The one embedded on this site shows how you can use a Saving Attack as a sort of parry. VERY cool. These videos are done in the typical shakeycam style, but they're nice to watch.

Word on the street is that pressing Toward Toward (Dash motion) will cancel the offensive part of a Saving Attack, effectively letting you parry it.

You still take a small amount of damage after a successful Save, but this can be regenerated over time. Very, very cool.

First video footage of Seth in SFIV

Street Fighter IV's boss character, Seth, has made his way onto YouTube courtesy of LordAzrael707. The video shows Seth's intro and a quick bit of fighting.

Also here's a capture showing him on the character vs. screen and some the details about his moves courtesy of Tuan on the Capcom-Unity boards.

Seth Street Fighter IV Boss vs. screen

-- He's got Dhalsim's Hard Punch (stretchy arms).
-- He can throw Sonic Booms, including two consecutively.
-- He can Shoryuken (Dragon Punch).
-- He's got Urien's Shoulder Tackle as well as the Dive Knee, but he does it by bouncing off the wall and then flying at you... he can cover quite a bit of distance.
-- He's got the Urien/Gill anti-air elbow, and he can chain this into a mid-air sequence that ends with a Shoryuken. However, half the time he missed the Shoryuken.
-- His throw is an uppercut punch to the gut, which sends the opponent in the air, and then he jumps up and Screw Piledrives them to the ground.
-- He whiffed what looked like the Screw Piledriver animation twice. Maybe the "regular" throw I mentioned before was the Screw Piledriver.
-- He's got a Bison-like teleport.
-- He can suck you towards him and then attack you.
-- He's got the Gill standing Medium Kick...? The one where he's got a lot of reach...but if he hits you, then your character freezes and gets hit by multiple invisible hits.
-- His super or ultra... he fires a burst of air at you from his midsection. If it hits, your character gets sucked up into a whirlwind and then sucked into Seth's midsection...and then he spits them out. The air burst can be blocked and jumped over with the right timing, but if he catches you in the air at an inopportune moment... he will hurt you with this.
-- While I don't think this is unique to Seth, I got hit out of ultras/super combos A LOT.
-- The first round he takes it easy, but in round two he turns up the heat big time.

Sounds like he is going to be on par with facing Gill in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. Let's just hope Capcom doesn't make Seth playable in online competition.

Street Fighter Blog interviews Seth Killian

Street Fighter Blog interviews Seth Killian The Street Fighter Blog has posted a new interview with Seth Killian.

For those of you who don't know, Seth is a Senior Manager at Capcom, and he handles all sorts of Street Fighter-related stuff.

The interview is a pretty decent read, here's an excerpt.

- The first day the beta was released people found out about Ken's mighty MP Shoryuken, I know you guys addressed the issue by removing the ability for the MP Shoryuken to juggle but it seems from reading the forums that a lot of people are worried that other characters will have similar issues when the game is released especially that the remaining cast was not included in the beta, what is your response to that?

We’re doing our best to test as much as possible early on, by directly involving a LOT of tournament regulars from EVO, who are truly some of the best players and testers in the world. That said, some of the best things about Street Fighter are the “broken” things you can do. The game would be really boring if everybody had similar weaksauce moves, and it’s frankly just a lot of fun to experiment and find powerful tricks. Regardless, we are still making balance revisions, so have faith!

More Street Fighter 4 guide updates

More Street Fighter 4 guide updates We've updated our Street Fighter 4 Strategy Guide so that it includes EX moves for all of the characters and a few other things were fleshed out a bit more.

There's still a lot more work to do, but we'll keep piecing this together, and by the time the this game actually hits the states, we should have a great strategy guide up for it.

If we missed anything or your spot some errors, just contact me here.

New Street Fighter 4 gameplay videos

Spotted on YouTube that Xeromos has uploaded some new gameplay movies from the latest Street Fighter 4 release. Nothing earth shaking here, but still kind of cool to see how the game is shaping up.

And here are links to three more videos.

Zangief vs. Ken

Abel vs. Ken

Ryu vs. Ken

Updated: Capcom vs. Tatsunoko gameplay video

Updated: Capcom vs. Tatsunoko gameplay video GameTrailers.com has a new video up of Capcom vs. Tatsunoko showing some of the action.

Many people are calling this a Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 sequel, at least in spirit, because of the style of play.

The video offers a pretty good overview of what to expect.

Update: Capcom-Unity has stated that there will be a location test of this game at the EVO World Finals in Las Vegas, Aug. 8-10, 2008.

Street Fighter 4 Moves List and Basic Guide posted

Street Fighter 4 Moves List and Basic Guide posted We've posted a moves list and basic information guide for Street Fighter IV.

We're using the term, "guide," kind of loosely here, as this isn't as in-depth as our Street Fighter 3 Third Strike guides. But since the game hasn't even been released yet — it's pretty decent all things considered.

This guide will be expanding rapidly in the future to try and keep up with the latest known information in the Street Fighter 4 scene.

So what are you waiting for? Go check it out.

Street Fighter developers scheduled to speak at Comic Con

Street Fighter developers scheduled to speak at Comic Con Street Fighter 4 developers Yoshinoro Ono and David Crislip are going to discuss the making of the game, along with a few other things at this year's Comic Con in San Diego on July 24. Here's a blurb from Popculturezoo.com.

3:15-4:15 Capcom: The Making of Street Fighter IV — Producer Yoshinoro Ono (Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams) and associate producer David Crislip deliver an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the making of the much-anticipated Street Fighter IV video game, featuring the design of classic and new characters, creating compelling gameplay.

Also, a sneak peek at the animated SFIV minimovies being created to complement the game. There will be a Q&A session as well as Street Fighter-related surprises! Street Fighter cosplayers are highly encouraged to attend this event, as it marks the 20th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise. Room 6CDEF

For Street Fighter fans lucky enough to be attending this year, this is a can't miss opportunity. We'll be reporting all of the details we can get our grubby hands on here on the front page of EventHubs.com as well.

Update: Also Capcom-Unity.com has posted a more complete schedule of events.

EVO expands to South America

EVO expands to South America Pretty cool news for those of you in South America. Here's a scoop from Shoryuken.com.

If you thought that Evo qualifiers in Europe were already too much, think again. The South American players have teamed up with EVO to run their premier event in Brazil.

VERSUS – EVO SOUTH AMERICA will have many of the best players in the continent showing their skills and competing for the opportunity to play at this year’s Evolution World Finals in Las Vegas. Players from several South American countries have already confirmed their attendance, and the event promises to deliver an unforgettable experience and put South America definitely on the fighting game map for years to come.

As the largest open fighting game competition in the world, the Evo Championship Series has a tradition of been open to players of all countries. We believe that anybody should have the chance to step up and try your luck against the best in the world. And now we’re giving that chance to a broader array of players from around the world.

Wanna get into Capcom's booth at E3?

Wanna get into Capcom's booth at E3? Capcom is offering a way for their fans to check out their E3 booth. Here's a direct cut from Capcom-Unity.com.

Gonna be in Los Angeles on Thursday, July 17th? Wanna come to E3, but don't have a pass?

At Capcom, no pass = no problem. We have pretty limited space, but we'd like to extend an offer to you--yes, actual humans--to stop by and check out our new stuff.

We're opening the doors on Thursday, July 17th, from 12 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. (after 1:30 p.m., we release the hounds).

If you just want to come by and hang out, send a note to CapcomContest with "E3" in the title.

As I mentioned, our booth is not big (though it's packed with goodness, including of course all our new games, and a mysterious Street Fighter IV rug!), so to get in, you MUST BE ON THE LIST!

If we don't reply to you saying "come on down!" then you aren't on the list, so don't just show up--we will have to bounce you with extreme prejudice :)

Capcom vs. Tatsunoko adds more characters

Capcom vs. Tatsunoko adds more characters Spotted over on Kotaku.com that Morrigan from Darkstalkers will in the latest Capcom vs. fighting game. Also confirmed are the Japanese characters Soki, Hurricane Polymar and Golden Warrior Gold Lightan.

The Japanese arcade test is supposed to start this weekend as well.

It will be interesting to see as this gets further along if Capcom will continue to explore releasing this title in America.

With this being such a Japanese focused game, I imagine it will be difficult to release this via traditional distribution and expect to make a good return on investment over here. But since Capcom has been deciding to distribute some of their titles digitally, one would hope this would be a cost effective way of getting it over to American gamers.

Street Fighter 4 Fight Club

Street Fighter 4 Fight Club Capcom is planning a round of underground Street Fighter 4 matches, trying to bring back that old school feeling.

The catch is they're not telling people when and where just yet, but to find out simply sign up for a Capcom-Unity account (which you should have anyway) and pop in your email address. When the action comes your way, they'll let you know with an email.

Here's the official line:

Street Fighter IV is on tour and you're invited to take part in the super-secret, underground events that we're hosting around the country. We're not telling you where or when just yet, but Capcom is planning a number of invite-only, old school arcade-style free-for-alls that will flash back to the glory days of pockets filled with tokens, the sound of trash talk in the air and the sweet, sweet taste of victory.

Get ready to put your quarters up and throw down with fellow Capcom Unity members. No token machines that won't take your dollar, no Xeroxed moves lists, just a night of Street Fighter, friends and some surprises.

Street Fighter 4 Location Test in Nagoya, Japan

Street Fighter 4 Location Test in Nagoya, Japan Kunai and a few other people have posted some new gameplay details about the latest Street Fighter 4 Location Test.

It doesn't sound like there's been much changed between this version and the last test, just a few minor tweaks. Here's a clip.

Blanka is really hard to beat. His Blanka Ball is very safe against most people, especially when blocked, EX Ball goes through regular fireballs, and his Ball variant where he bounces back, then forward (especially EX version) is hard to block. Really solid character.

Sagat is great, but only as a defensive player. That tiger uppercut goes through many things. Easy knockdowns with him that have very short recovery times, by doing jump-in attack, crouching short into jab tiger uppercut. Also, watch out for people who do a tiger knee, then tiger uppercut immediately after. The uppercut will tag you if you try to counter.

Updated: Street Fighter 4 Special Anime trailer released

Updated: Street Fighter 4 Special Anime trailer released Spotted on the Capcom Street Fighter 4 Web site that they've posted a new Street Fighter 4 Anime Trailer, which is almost 5 minutes long.

The video shows Akuma, Gouken and Ryu fighting, and it's pretty flipping sweet. Ken also makes a quick appearance.

One would assume from this trailer that Akuma will make some kind of appearance in the game, as well as Gouken — who is Ryu and Ken's master, and Akuma's older brother.

Rumor has it that a full length version of this anime will be packaged with Street Fighter 4.

I've added a lower quality version to YouTube, which you can see below.

Also Capcom updated their Street Fighter 4 development blog with some of the art from the new Anime Trailer.

Although all of the text is in Japanese, it's still cool to look at the concept art. Here's a taste.

Street Fighter 4 Anime Trailer Concept Art

Updated: You can also watch a version of the movie with subtitles on GameTrailers.com.