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Collector's Edition buyers will get 'Brawler' costumes

Collector's Edition buyers will get 'Brawler' pack costumes

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Enop80 over on Shoryuken.com captured an image of a Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition promo item and on the side you can clearly see that the game comes with the Brawler's Pack of alternative costumes.

The Brawler pack includes the costumes of Zangief, E.Honda, Rufus, El Fuerte, and Abel and it's set to be released on February 17, 2009 to the general public.

If you'd like to see all of the alternative costumes for SF4, just go here.

A few people were disappointed with the Brawlers pack being packaged with the Collector's Edition and Seth Killian responded to their complaints on the Unity Boards.

Seth: I'm sorry people feel disappointed in the "brawlers."

I do think the CE is a good package overall, and people were very excited about the package before they had any idea about the DLC, so I do find it a little strange that getting something extra (but not exactly what you wished it would be) would actually cause people to reverse their feelings. I personally voted for a different pack to be included, but sometimes things aren't that simple.

Is the DLC "under-handed"? Although I work for Capcom now, even as a life-long SF fan, I don't understand these feelings. The DLC you see on almost EVERY other game limits the player-base. If you don't want to pay for the DLC, you are not getting the same great experience, and won't be able to play with your friends (FPS map packs, Soul Calibur's DLC characters, etc.). I'm very proud that SFIV has not taken this road, and gives you the entire game, all the modes, all the moves, and all the characters as the BASE package.

The DLC that does actually affect the game is also free (expanded online rankings, matchmaking, and match recording stuff). I have to think that for anyone that's actually into Street Fighter, that stuff matters a lot more than El Fuerte's chef hat.

If you do want El Fuerte's hat, however, yes, Capcom is asking you for 80 cents. That is indeed Capcom trying to make money. That we're in business to make money cannot possibly surprise anyone. Where your voice comes in is whether we can make money while ALSO recognizing fans' voices and providing them great experiences. Listening to the fans has been a big priority for SFIV throughout its entire development (from bringing back the franchise in the first place, to playtesting with fans, to letting them pick characters to include, and even putting their faces in the game). The Collector's Edition in particular has a lot of solid fan service.

CE aside, you get everything relevant to the game for free. If you're a big SF fan, the DLC is a chance to go the extra mile for some non-essential goofiness and support one of your favorite franchises. By supporting Capcom and making SFIV a success, you are supporting the production of future SF games. If SFIV is not a success, the odds of making more games like this get pretty slim. If supporting the SF franchise in this way or just getting the zany alternate costumes is not important to you, there is no pressure to buy it whatsoever -- you are still playing the same great game as everybody else.

I'm not telling anybody anything they don't already know, I guess I'm just looking for a little perspective here. I'm proud of the SFIV package, and VERY proud of the decision not to nerf gameplay with DLC. The bottom line is that SFIV is a potentially epic game -- angry discussions about 80-cent hats do not embiggen us all.

3D Street Fighter models

3D Street Fighter models Spotted on Capcom-Unity that several members of Gameartisans.org have put together some nice 3D models of various Street Fighter characters.

You should absolutely check out these 3D renders of Guile, and if you're thirsty for more, stop by this thread to see some additional pieces.

Although the rest of the images aren't as good as the Guile render, still worth looking at if you're into SF artwork.

Hardcore modification video for the TE FightStick

Hardcore modification video for the TE FightStick If you've ever wanted to see how exactly you can modify a Tournament Edition FightStick, look no further than this set of tutorial videos by ShinJN from Shoryuken.com.

This series of 8 clips shows ShinJN taking apart the joystick, how to add in your own artwork or replace various parts.

The videos are a little dry, but if you're looking for a great tutorial on how to modify your stick, I don't think you'll find a better one any where.

GameStop offers trade in special for Street Fighter IV

GameStop offers trade in special for Street Fighter IV If you're short on money and have some extra games lying around, you can trade them in at your local GameStop for an additional 20% store credit towards the purchase of Street Fighter IV.

Offer is only good until Feb. 22, 2009 and you MUST use the store credit towards the purchase of the game.

If you'd like to scope out more details, just hit GameStop's weekly deals page here.

Also word on the street is Game Crazy is offering this same deal, kudos to Robbie for the heads up.

Tournament Stick mock up and artwork template

Kyle Kargov has created a nifty artwork and mock up template (14.1 megabyte .rar file) for the Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightStick.

This requires Photoshop and a basic understanding of how to use it. The template files are all .psds, and the package includes instructions to make the process easier. If you've ever wanted to play around with various button/stick colors and artwork combinations without having to commit to anything — this is the way to do it. It's painless and fun.

Here's a mock up Kyle made of a Crimson Viper stick using the .psd template files.

Custom Crimson Viper Tournament Edition FightStick mock up Custom Akuma Viper Tournament Edition FightStick mock up Custom Rufus Viper Tournament Edition FightStick mock up
Click images for larger versions

If you create something nice with this, please share it with everyone by adding a link to the image in the comments.

Dee Jay HD Remix strategy guide updated

Dee Jay HD Remix strategy guide updated We've made heavy revisions to the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Dee Jay strategy guide here on EventHubs.com.

Inside you'll find detailed instructions on how to use his new and improved Machine Gun Punch and Dread Kicks along with several notes on how to fight against some of the individual characters.

Dee Jay is an excellent character in HD Remix, and for some reason he still doesn't seem to be picked all that often by players. If you've wanted to learn how to play him, this guide should help you take your skills to the next level.

Updated: FightPads available at stores, TE sticks shipping

Updated: FightPads available at stores, TE sticks shipping Some Mad Catz Street Fighter 4 FightPads have started showing up in a few stores in San Diego and other areas. They were originally spotted by a Capcom-Unity member on this post.

Also a few people have said the Tournament Edition sticks they ordered from GameStop have started to ship. The estimate arrival date for these lucky people is said to be about Feb. 9th or 10th.

Thanks to Dominic for the original heads up.

GameSpot Street Fighter 4 tournament videos

GameSpot Street Fighter 4 tournament videos GameSpot added a couple more videos from their SF4 tournament held last year, and actually there's some really good matches shown.

Features players like John Choi, Graham Wolfe and Jeff Nguy.

Capcom's net income drops 95% from 2007

Capcom's net income drops 95% from 2007 1Up.com is reporting that Capcom suffered a 95% drop in income from 2007.

While it's nice as fans not to have to worry about the financial end of things as much, it's still good to be aware of what's going on with the company. Losses like these can directly affect what kind of games are made and what employees stay with the company, among other things.

Here's a cut from the 1Up article.

The causes for this are cited as poor performance from Capcom's arcade and content expansion businesses, the yen's rising exchange rate, and the fact that a number of the company's big games aren't releasing until the fiscal fourth quarter, which runs from January through March 31, 2009.

It's not, however, necessarily time for Capcom fans to panic. According to the press release, "The prospects of the consolidated business results for the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2009 remain the same as what were projected at the financial results announcement on May 20, 2008." So if the outlook hasn't changed drastically since last May that hopefully means we won't suddenly see any radical cuts made, though it's hardly a guarantee.

Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson also dropped this note on the subject.

Sven: To fix it [revenue loss]... we ship games. Second, exchange rates hurt us a great deal.

We've shipped very, very few titles in our FY 2008 so far and that was always anticipated.

This quarter will by FAR be our largest of the year.

You will also note, inspite of the net income drop, we are still generating net income (not net losses). Even with very few releases, that's a marked difference from many of our competitors.

Don't worry. We're fine.

Street Fighter 4 expansion pack details, 50 images of alt. costumes

Street Fighter 4 expansion pack details, 50 images of alt. costumes Capcom announced today the details of their free expansion for Street Fighter 4, called the Championship Mode expansion pack, it adds a few new features to the game.

Users will be able to record, upload, and download top matches with a replay mode, use a new point systems to measure their skill, and take advantage an enhanced match system - which offers improved tournament match making for beginners and mid-level players.

They also fleshed out the details on the alternative costumes along with 50 screen shots. To view more details and all of the images, just click the See More link below.

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HD Remix patch being tested, controller release dates

HD Remix patch being tested, controller release dates Seth Killan and Christian Svensson were on the Unity Boards to answer some questions from the fans about the HD Remix patch, release date of the Mad Catz controllers and a few other topics.

Here are their remarks.

What's up with the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix patch?

Sven: I believe the patch is still in our internal test... and has been for a while. When it's "done" it will be submitted, which then has to go through the approval processes at MS, SCEA, SCEE, SCE Asia. After which point it will be rolled live.

I'm wondering if there's even a vague window of time you could estimate for its release.

Sven: See, doing exactly this is what gets us into trouble, because when it runs late, or bounces on a submission, THEN we'll get another earful.

It's best to just let it run its course and we'll give you updates when we have them to give.

Just take solace in the fact that we're working diligently on improving the product. :)

When is the official release date of the Mad Catz controllers?

Seth: It depends on when your retailer receives their shipments from Mad Catz. Unfortunately Capcom has no direct insight into or control of that process, and obviously the sticks are in very high demand. We're hoping everyone gets them as soon as possible, though it's all scheduled to put them in players' hands in time for launch...

Ono mentioned that if people really wanted to see SFIII characters return in the next Street Fighter game, you just have to let your voice be heard. So how can I do this?

Seth: Well we're way ahead of ourselves talking about a *next* SF game -- we've got one coming out in a couple of weeks that we'd like people to buy before we start cranking on something new :)

That said, this is [Capcom-Unity boards] definitely the place. I (and other people at work on SF) track everyone's comments broadly to see who is getting the comments lately, as well as of course having a pretty solid sense of character popularity as a big fan myself.

Beyond that, if we do get into a new game, I'd love to do what we did for SFIV: have a character poll right here to make sure that at least the biggest fan-favorite does make it into the game. The poll results from the last time we did that secured Cammy a spot, as well as catapulting a bunch of other characters that were "maybe"s into making the final cut.

Making sure the fans are heard and taken care of is my #1 priority. That doesn't mean everybody will always get exactly what they want, but it does mean the people in charge will get an earful of what you have to say before they make ANY decisions.

Was the Street Fighter series named as an homage to the Sonny Chiba Street Fighter movies? — Andrew

Seth: The original Street Fighter was tied closely in the minds of the developers to the Final Fight series, which does mostly take place in the mean streets of Metro City.

As for an homage to Sonny Chiba, I don't think that was directly considered, though many of the SF characters are firmly rooted in the pulpy traditions of kung-fu flicks, so it's all part of the overall cultural package...

Wicked Seth and M. Bison Street Fighter 4 trailer

More information on the alternative costumes in Street Fighter 4

More information on the alternative costumes in Street Fighter 4 The SRK user KIRBYSIM has translated part of the Famitsu scans that show what the downloadable content will be for Street Fighter 4.

Here's his run down.

Alternate costumes are available only in 5-character 320-MS-point DLC packs, one new pack every week as follows:

  • Grapplers Pack - Zangief, E Honda, Rufus, Abel, El Fuerte (Feb 12)
  • Beauty Pack - Chun Li, C.Viper, Sakura, Rose, Cammy (Feb 19)
  • Shoryuken Pack - Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, Dan (Feb 26)
  • Shadoloo Pack - Dictator, Sagat, Claw, Boxer, Seth (March 5)
  • Classic Pack - Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, Fei Long (March 12)
  • All-In Pack - Get everyone at a discount (1000 MS Points; available from April 30th)
On day one, when you put in the disc you'll be prompted to download an update that will give you a Championship mode, which facilities play in a tournament format, allowing you to earn more Grade Points. Clearly this is for Ranked match... but I don't see anything that says if there is an unranked/player-match Championship mode.

Championship mode, as with Ranked and Player matches, can be played using the Arcade-interrupt method (or whatever it's called; under player profile, there's an Arcade-interrupt setting that you can change)

If you rank in for Championship mode, or any of the Challenge modes (I think; the text is not very clear), you can choose to upload your replay file. Replay files can be viewed by anyone.

It's interesting that he mentions replays, because according to Capcom, they didn't make it into the game, so something may be getting lost in translation here.

Also this article on Kotaku.com says the XBox 360 DLC will be more expensive.

Thanks to Chris King for the heads up.

Street Fighter 4 release party in L.A. Feb. 12

Capcom is holding a Street Fighter 4 release party in Los Angeles on February 12, 2009 from 8 p.m. to midnight.

Here's the details and the poster shamelessly ripped from Capcom-Unity.com.

Street Fighter 4 release party in L.A.

Click image for a larger version

On February 12th, Capcom's doors are swinging wide to welcome Street Fighter fans everywhere into our SFIV wonderland.

The where:
The Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art
152 North Central Avenue, Los Angeles CA 90012

The when:
Thursday, February 12th, 2009, from 8pm-12 midnight.

The who:
You! Yes, you. And your squirrely cousin. And his best friend. On February 12th, any friend of Street Fighter is a friend of ours, and is welcome at the party.

The how:
You sign up for the party by dropping an email to sfevent@capcom.com and await your RSVP!

The What:
So what's happening? If a roomful of SFIV isn't enough to keep you smiling, we've also got:

-Producer Yoshinori Ono on hand for autographs
-Live performance by The Knux
-Live performance by Supreme Soul from America’s Best Dance Crew
-Live performance by DJ QBert
-Customized fitted caps by Estate LA (www.estatela.com)
-Customized etching by Coveroo (www.coveroo.com)
-Customized sketches by Udon artists
-Street Fighter Club Room – If you missed us in LA, SF and NYC, here’s your chance to relive the magic
-Screening of the new Street Fighter anime “The Ties That Bind”
-Old-school arcade cabinets redesigned and reinterpreted by artists and fashion labels

And last but not least, your chance to win a retail copy of Street Fighter IV a week before it hits stores!

Yes my friends, it's a good time to be a Street Fighter, so come one, come all, and join us for a very special night of face-punching goodness!

Mad Catz Street Fighter 4 controller interview with Mark Julio

Mad Catz Street Fighter 4 controller interview with Mark Julio We fired off a bunch of questions to Mark Julio at Mad Catz to pick his brain about the new line Street Fighter 4 controllers.

Mark is the associate product manager and had quite a bit to say in our interview. He talks about what went into the development process and what goals they aimed for along the way.

While this covers some ground you may have heard about before, if you haven't kept up on the Mad Catz SF4 controllers, you'll find some good information here.

Also we've put together a SF4 Mad Catz joystick FAQ that answers some of the more common questions that have came up.

Here's a small copy and paste from the interview.

EventHubs.com: Capcom Vice President, Christian Svensson, was quoted as saying, "there's nothing else like them on the market," in regards to the Street Fighter pads. Can you provide more details on that statement?

Mark: For the FightPads, we went back and forth for awhile regarding the design. At first we were trying to do something similar to the Neo Geo Pocket controller, and then eventually we decided to go with the more traditional floating dpad style. We know that the Sega Saturn (Japanese/Model II) controller is held in high regards as THE fighting game pad… So our goal was to go with that style, but not only to match it, but improve upon the design. We feel that we are offering something completely new for fighting game fans. We have an enlarged dpad that rolls and responds much better compared to other dpads currently on the market and we also have enlarged contact buttons arranged in the 6 button layout from other popular controllers. Smooth rubber grips on the side also give you a better hold of the controller. We also have a unique 3 way switch that lets you have the dpad emulate left analog stick, right analog stick, and dpad.

Ono: Seth in Street Fighter 4 is about as powerful as CE M. Bison

Ono: Seth in Street Fighter 4 is about as powerful as CE M. Bison The Bionic Commando Podcast had Street Fighter 4 development team members Yoshinori Ono and David Crislip on their show.

One of the big things I heard Ono say is that Seth is about on par with M. Bison (Dictator) in SF2 Champion Edition in level of power, and there won't be a way to set up online matches where you can lock him out.

Character balance and player skill being what is it, it should be very interesting to see how this decision shakes out. It's usually best to wait and see how powerful a character ends up being, because what some people consider to be dominating can usually be countered with time.

Anyway, the action really gets underway around 8:10 in, they answer a bunch of questions from the fans and provide some good insight into the game.

Those of you wondering why Street Fighter 3 characters didn't make it in, how the character balance shakes up and a bunch of other things will get some really good answers mixed in with a lot of jokes and off topic items.

This is really a great listen regardless, and certainly worth your time even though it runs on the long side.