Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Super Street Fighter 4 player impressions from Wondercon event

Super Street Fighter 4 player impressions from Wondercon event P* attended WonderCon 2010 where the final version of Super Street Fighter 4 was available to play. Apparently, he talked Seth Killian's ear off asking questions and getting some good hands on time with the game.

Here are his thoughts. Note: This was a busy venue and lots of things were happening all at once, so please understand that some of the information below may not be accurate.

• Anime release is still unclear, for some reason it might not even see the light outside of Japan.

• Intro/endings are weaksauce. Capcom ended up having to scrap the idea of fully animated stuff due to unforseen budget problems. Meaning it cost more than anticipated.

• No word on PS3 saves being copy locked...

• Apparently, you CAN choose the music you want but you have to first unlock that ability, how exactly was not explained.

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Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 gameplay notes from Arcadiagamers

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 gameplay notes from Arcadiagamers Update: Even more character notes were added to this post along with other stuff.

OK 6 5 0 2 translated a huge list of notes and impressions from a recent Arcadiagamers podcast (.mp3), in Spanish, where they talk about Super Street Fighter 4.

There's new information here, some things you've read else where and of course conflicting notes. Overall, it's a pretty interesting list of stuff, but since the game hasn't even been released yet, please take it with a grain of salt.

Note: The opinions expressed in this article are that of the show hosts, not this website.

Not enough time playing but it seems overall balanced.

First impressions are good. He was expecting more of the same with the same characters over and over but Capcom seems to have taken the right decision to bring down some of the top characters and the new people tend to be generally more offensive changing the dynamic of the game from the overly defensive play style of Street Fighter 4. There should be an overall change in the variety of playstyles.

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Updated: New trailer for Super Street Fighter 4 posted a trailer for Super Street Fighter 4 that was previously shown on YouTube. This version doesn't have the audio desync problems though.

There isn't a lot of new stuff here, but you can see more of the anime sequences starting around 1 minute 52 seconds in.

Extensive Tournament Edition S review on GDN

Extensive Tournament Edition S review on GDN GamersDailyNews has posted a large 3-page review of the new Mad Catz Tournament Edition S FightStick. This article starts off with all of the general spiel you expect from every site, but it soon goes more in depth talking about the playing surface and dimensions.

If you're thinking about buying one of these, it's a very good read. Here's a snip.

It should be noted the Fightstick S is very similar to the original Tournament Edition Fightstick. It makes some minor improvements such as a better lock switch, better top panel artwork, and color-labeled buttons, along with trade-offs that aren’t a net positive or loss. Specifically, the Fightstick S is smaller than the original TE Fightstick because it makes a few small omissions along with one big one in making the side panels much smaller. This trade-off makes it more portable if you intend to go to an out of town tournament, but also makes it a little easier to bump around during actual play.

Does the product have any flaws? A few, but they’re fairly small or obvious ones. The most obvious is the removal of a rounded border for the top panel. This isn’t a problem for some stick grip styles, but some players may wish to leave their forearms on the sides of the top panel... and in this case doing so causes your arm to rub against a rather abrasive surface. It’s not sharp or dangerous, just rough. Fortunately it’s easily fixed, a simple do-it-yourself project can add a nice border to this edge, or even wearing long sleeves or a jacket would suffice. The other flaw is somewhat unfair to criticize, but has to be mentioned anyway: Not all tournaments are run on Xbox 360s. Likewise they’re not all run on PS3s either, so neither system’s version of the Fightstick S would be a perfect solution.

Street Fighter 4 tool assisted combo video for Fei Long, Gen has put together another Street Fighter 4 combo video, with this edition featuring Fei Long and Gen.
Thanks go to Fenris for pointing this out.

Print ad campaign images for Super Street Fighter 4

Here are some of the magazine advertisements for Super Street Fighter 4 you may see popping up in your favorite publication.

Click images for larger versions

And a little background on how these ads came about.

With Super SFIV, the emphasis on art continued, as the new "sketch" style brought a new look to SFIV. As the marketing campaign evolved and our research illustrated, we found that consumers needed to know what was "new" about "Super SFIV" and also that the lower price of $39.99 was a purchase driver.

So what do you think of these images? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Source: Capcom-Unity.

Updated: Setups and escapes for unblockable Ultras in Street Fighter 4

Update: Three more videos have been added to this story.

A reader sent over this clip showing some more practical set ups for unblockable Ultras in Street Fighter 4. Also, you can see how to do this trick with Gouken and Sakura.
Also, there's two more videos of this being done with Dhalsim and Chun-Li.

And yet another movie was pointed out by Krabe displaying how some of the characters can escape these setups.

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Sven: Focus for Street Fighter is on Super for 'near term'

Sven: Focus for Street Fighter is on Super for 'near term' Capcom's Christian Svensson offered a few nuggets of information recently on the Unity Boards. He states that the company's focus for the "near term" is on Super Street Fighter 4, but it sounds like they have future plans for the Street Fighter franchise.

He also discusses title availability on Gametap and lots of other topics. Here is everything.

Now, I know you get A LOT of questions regarding Street Fighter 3 Third Strike on PSN and XBLA, and the answer is always the same, "Nothing to talk about regarding this front. Sorry, guys." My question for you is this, it seems you are well aware of the demand for Third Strike via PSN and XBLA, so why not do it? — Jerry

Sven: Oh, I could write a book here but that would probably get me in hot water. Let's just say all focus as far as Street Fighter is concerned is on Super Street Fighter IV for the reasonably near term.

Have you seen all of the support in the community for Super Street Fighter 4 on the PC? Is this going to happen?

Sven: I'm definitely aware of the interest and I'd like to see it happen myself. That said, I have no news to share on any project of that nature. :(

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Many players reporting problems with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Battle Points

Many players reporting problems with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Battle Points Several players have reported that they've lost their Battle Points for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Wii.

There isn't any explanation for the problem yet, but Capcom has been notified of the issue and when there is a response this story will be updated.

Some people have claimed staying out of Ranked mode will help you avoid losing your BP, but this hasn't been confirmed yet.

Weekend community events, April 2 - 4

Weekend community events, April  2 - 4 If you have an event you'd like to submit, please use the Contact Us form and send over the details.

• Long Beach, California: West Coast Warzone II, April 2 - 4. The biggest tournament this weekend will also have their premiere matches streamed live, along with additional coverage here on Casuals and a 3vs3 team touney start on Friday with the rest getting underway Saturday afternoon. Check out this page for a full schedule.

• Brooklyn, New York: BattleField Arcadia XIII, April 3. Live stream will be hosted by the crew. SF4 leg of the competition kicks off at 2 p.m. EST.

• Little Rock, Arkansas: Arkansas Regional Knockouts, April 3.

• Fredericksburg, Virginia: Street Fighter Fridays at Gamepad, April 2.

• Nashville, Tennessee: Game Galaxy Tournament, April 3.

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Official console magazines give Super Street Fighter 4 strong reviews

Official console magazines give Super Street Fighter 4 strong reviews The Official Xbox Magazine and Playstation: The Official Magazine have both reviewed Super Street Fighter 4, giving it high marks.

The Xbox mag doled out a 9/10, plus an Editor's Choice Award, and the PlayStation publication followed suit with 4.5 out of 5 score. Here's an excerpt from the latter piece.

Don't own a copy of Street Fighter IV? Then you don't even need to think about this. Super Street Fighter IV is a fully loaded and more polished version of last year's SFIV, so at just $40 it's an absolute steal -- especially since SSFIV is such a phenomenally fun and deceptively deep game, one that anyone with even a passing interest in fighting games needs to experience.

Source: Capcom-Unity.

Capcom vs. SNK 3 or April Fool's joke?

On the forum through, there's a supposed screen shot of Capcom vs. SNK 3, although it's quite possible this is an April Fool's joke.

Click image for larger version

Someone claimed this scan came from Famitsu magazine, which has gotten the inside scoop on several Capcom fighters over the years. So, you be the judge, legit or just a joke? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Update: As many of you guessed, this was an early April Fool's joke.

Zangief's Ultra 2 setups in Super Street Fighter 4 by Alioune

While this isn't the best camera work you'll ever see, Alioune has recorded a clip showcasing the variety of ways Zangief can set up his new Ultra 2 in Super Street Fighter IV.

Super Street Fighter 4 combo videos from Jeuxvideo

SuperGerard noticed two clips on Jeuxvideo showing some of the bread and butter combos in Super Street Fighter 4 with a variety of characters. The first movie starts a bit slowly as they speak in another language, but it gets going soon after.

Hit the link below to see the other video.

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Unblockable Ultras work in Super Street Fighter 4

Alioune posted a video of Ryu performing an unblockable Ultra in Super Street Fighter 4 today.
In case you haven't been keeping up, this created a bit of a stir in the community the other day when it was discovered you can do an unblockable Ultra with some characters in vanilla Street Fighter 4.

With the exception of Seth, it doesn't seem like this is too big of a deal, as it requires a good bit of meter to set this up with most characters, yet it's still possible to escape it — if you know it's coming. Update: Malakyoma posted a video showing Sakura doing an unblockable Ultra in SF4.

Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix available for 560 MS points

Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix available for 560 MS points Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix will be available on Xbox Love for 560 Microsoft Points ($7.00) starting tomorrow, April 1st. This promotion runs through April 7, 2010.

SSF2T HD Remix normally sells for 1200 Microsoft Points, which is $15 USD, so this is a solid markdown if you haven't picked up the game yet.

If you end up buying this, make sure you check out our strategy guide here on

Street Fighter in Virtua Fighter 5

Kicking off the April Fool's jokes a little early this year is this video submitted by The Switcher and Mart McFly showing Street Fighter characters in Virtua Fighter.