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Original director of "Street Fighter" comments on new movie

Original director of "Street Fighter" comments on new movie The original director of the Street Fighter movie is still making excuses why he put together a total piece of crap, but he does go on to say that he thinks the new flick should be better.

This is a sardonically humorous read, but it's kind of interesting to hear his perspective on things. Here's a clip.

“And then Van Damme was cast [in the ’94 flick],” de Souza remembered. “But he still wasn’t in the whole movie, because it was so overpopulated!”

“I was begging at the time: ‘Couldn’t we just meet some of these people in the sequel?’” he recalled. “Even after we started the movie, they added another character because there was another videogame. So they were like, ‘We have to add Captain Sawada!’”

History of the Evolution Fighting Game Championships

History of the Evolution Fighting Game Championships has a nice write up that covers the history of the EVO Fighting Game Championships.

They cover the early beginnings and what the event has evolved into. It's a good read, I only wish it were longer. Here's a clip.

In 1995 a group of top arcade fighters, sick of arguing over a newsnet who the player was, decided to gather at an arcade on Broadway in New York City to finally decide it.

"We all came from the street fighter arcades," said Seth Killian, director of EVO and community manager at Capcom. "Everyone coming to that thing was like the kingpin of their local arcades."

There were 40 people at that first throw down. It was played on Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Akuma will have Raging Demon move in HD Remix

Akuma will have Raging Demon move in HD Remix Street Fighter Devotion has an interview with SSF2T HD Remix's associate producer, Rey Jimenez.

It's a really short interview, but it is revealed that Akuma will have his Raging Demon move, performed in classic fashion. Here's a clip from the interview.

SFD: What is one of the more interesting "Achievements"?

REY: One of the more interesting Achievements is called "Sagat's Scar". I think you know who suggested that one. There was a community contest where we've asked for Achievements, and the winner was contributed by Team SFD. If you can defeat Sagat at the end with a Shoryuken, you will get that Achievement.

Stamina, stun, dash and jump rankings for the characters

Stamina, stun, dash and jump rankings for the characters We've just slapped together a page that shows the Stamina, Stun, Dash and Jump rankings for Street Fighter 4's characters.

A huge shout out goes to Reno on the message boards for most of this information.

You can see from this page that Akuma takes roughly three Light Punches before he gets dizzy, and then one Hard Punch before he dies.

In all seriousness, it's interesting to see just how much abuse Zangief can take in comparison with the other characters, and how quick all of the dashes and jumps are.

Multi-language support in Street Fighter 4

Multi-language support in Street Fighter 4 Capcom-Unity moderator TAS chimed in to answer a question about multi-language support in SF4. Here's the skinny.

Will we have the option of selecting either English or Japanese voices in SF4?

TAS: Seth told me at Captivate that they were trying to work on the ability to allow players to switch individual character voices between Japanese and English, i.e. you could have Ryu in Japanese and Ken in English.

As for Ken's English voice actor, it's the same guy who voices Dante in Devil May Cry 3 and 4, and the Devil May Cry anime series, which is pretty good fit I think. Steven Blum has been my favorite voice actor for Ken so far, but the guy in SFIV should be a good alternative, especially since Dante's personality isn't all that different then Ken's.

Source: Capcom-Unity boards.

Video: M. Bison (Dictator) vs. Seth in Street Fighter 4

The official Street Fighter 4 development blog was updated with a new video recently showing M. Bison (Dictator) and Seth fighting. Here's the YouTube version:

You can also watch this by going to the official SF4 Web site, click the Gallery link at the top, and then click the Part 9 video link.

Street Fighter 4 is several months away from release

Street Fighter 4 is several months away from release Capcom Vice President Christian Svensson chimed in recently on the Unity forums to inform us that Street Fighter 4's home release is still several months away, meaning it's unlikely it will be out this year.

Here's the line.

Will there be Downloadable Characters for the console version of Street Fighter 4?

Sven: At the moment, DLC characters are not the plan. Beyond that, we're a bit early to be talking about DLC for a game that's still several months from release. :)

Forum moderator TAS also had this to say.

TAS: I don't know the specific release date, but for the time being I believe the release will be close to the Gamestop date (February 3, 2009).

Also note that "this winter" lasts through 2009, it's basically the same as "this fiscal year" although many believe that both mean "by December" but that isn't the case.

The good thing is that at least we'll know soon (Tokyo Game Show) about what's going on with the release date.

Family Fun Arcade Street Fighter 4 tournament videos

Family Fun Arcade Street Fighter 4 tournament videos Spotted over on Capcom-Unity that Seth found some videos from a recent Street Fighter 4 tournament held at Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills, California.

The matches below are from the Grand Finals featuring Combo Fiend and Alex Valle, both of whom are exceptional players. You can also scope out some more casual match videos and other games here.

Benefits of an IC Street Fighter 4 card

Benefits of an IC Street Fighter 4 card A few of our readers have wondered what benefits an IC Card for Street Fighter 4 offers.

For the record, this is a card you can purchase in Japan, and is only supposed to work on machines networked there. Since SF4 isn't officially released outside of that country, it doesn't work on (any?) machines outside of the land of the rising sun.

But here's the skinny:
  • Card saves your win total.
  • Using one accrues battle points which you can use to unlock alternative costumes and accessories.
  • You can use your cell phone to redeem mobile phone wallpaper and ringtones.
  • Cards cost from 300 to 500 Yen — about $3 to 5 dollars in American currency.

HD Remix match videos from recent tournament

HD Remix match videos from recent tournament Several players uploaded videos from the Gamespot tournament recently held in San Francisco.

Some of these videos aren't great quality, but this is a good chance to see some of the other characters in action for the final product. Also, some notes about the gameplay. Overall, most players seem to be happy with the balance changes.

Matches that used to be heavily in favor of one character seem to have been tweaked a good bit. For example, most people agree that E. Honda completely dominates Cammy in old school Super Turbo, but this seems to have been tweaked in HD Remix where Cammy can actually compete now.

Throw ranges for Dhalsim and Balrog have been nerfed, as reported earlier, but again this doesn't affect them that badly.

Also the changes to character's moves to make them easier to execute have made many fighters like Fei Long and Cammy much more playable. And if you'd like to read more about the gameplay changes, read this post.

And yes, the graphics are outstanding.

Photos of ghetto arcade in North Korea

Photos of ghetto arcade in North Korea Think your arcade is bad? Well, check this one out.

It's an amusement arcade in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. I've played in some bad arcades over the years, but I think this one tops any place I've ever been to.

Optional tetanus shots at the door.

Podcasts with top Street Fighter players

Podcasts with top Street Fighter players Gootecks has recorded some Podcasts with some of the top Street Fighter players in the nation.

The interviews cover strategies and general chatter. These will probably only appeal to the hardcore players out there, but it's a good thing to grab for your iPod, and kick back and listen to it while you're working or traveling.

There aren't too many things like this in the Street Fighter community, so if you have some time stop by and check it out. And if you like these, send him a note so he keeps posting them.

Japanese mook for Street Fighter 4 to be release Oct. 2

Japanese mook for Street Fighter 4 to be release Oct. 2 The official SF4 blog was updated today with word that Arcadia magazine will be releasing a mook (Strategy Guide) for Street Fighter 4 on October 2.

This guide looks like it will mostly be in Japanese, but it's said to contain frame data, moves and the like.

I personally think you should just read our Street Fighter 4 Strategy Guide on, it's free and available now, plus it's continuously updated — but I may have a slightly biased opinion. ;-)

A shout out goes to Reno on the Shoryuken boards for translating the latest post.

Ken's Street Fighter 4 strategy guide updated

Ken's Street Fighter 4 strategy guide updated Ken's Street Fighter 4 strategy guide here on recently underwent several heavy revisions.

Now the guide contains a pretty good overview of each of his moves and how to use them, plus information on his Kara Throw. Here's a blurb from the page.

Ken's Kara Throw is really good. It extends his throwing range considerably, and it helps keep your opponent guessing whether to counter the throw or block when you're close in.

To do it, you press towards your opponent and Medium Kick and immediately press Light Punch and Kick to throw. To most people it would appear as you're hitting all three buttons at the same time, but in reality the throw command comes out right after the Medium Kick, like it's part of the motion.

This results in Ken quickly stepping forward and then throwing, greatly extending his normal throw range.

This is helpful because you can cross your opponent up with Medium Kick, do two Crouching Light Punches, if you've hit you can go into a combo, if not you can do a Kara throw.

Until the other player learns to counter, you'll either throw them or land a big combo when you're able to cross them up with this strategy, guaranteeing some damage and much frustration.

Street Fighter 4's producer goes in-depth on the new game

Street Fighter 4's producer goes in-depth on the new game GamaSutra sat down with Yoshinori Ono to discuss many of the intricate details of Street Fighter 4's game play.

What follows is a pretty good piece on how the game shaped up, and why they tried to appeal to a more casual crowd, while still keeping hardcore players in mind.

This is a really good article if you don't mind reading through all 5 pages, here's a dish:

A thing that I found to be a problem with people trying to make 2D fighting games in 3D in the past is that there's too much focus on finishing animation -- like, making sure that the entire punch goes all the way through and comes back, instead of just snapping back so that it's more functional than visual. Where was the balance for you?

YO: That's a really good question. Like you said, we couldn't possibly do it the way we did it in Street Fighter III. What happened with Street Fighter IV was at the beginning, the way that characters get punched or kicked or the return motion of their fist or foot... we left that at 60 frames, moving really smoothly, and left all of the animation in there.

So a fist would go forward in five frames, then return in five frames. Even though the timing was the same as the ordinary 2D Street Fighter, it looked really weird, and it kind of gave the visual impression that it was moving too slowly or too smooth.

So basically, the adjustment that we've made is that when you first throw a punch, you have that 60 frames per second polygon smoothness, but when it pulls back, we've deliberately skipping large amounts of frames, as opposed to a smooth movement.

Ono wants to create new Marvel vs. Capcom game

Ono wants to create new Marvel vs. Capcom game DasGamer has a decent interview up with Street Fighter 4's producer, Yoshinori Ono.

This is part 1 of a two-part piece, with the second coming in tomorrow. Nothing earth shaking here, except that he wants to create another Marvel vs. Capcom game.

Besides that he pretty much recaps what we already know about Street Fighter 4, still worth a look though. Here's a cut.

I know you’re still finishing up the console version, but hypothetically, if you could create a Capcom vs. game, who would you like to go up against?

Yoshinori Ono: I’d like to do another Marvel game, a Marvel vs. Capcom. I regard Marvel as the best in comics.

I would like to do it again, and I did mention this in a previous interview. Apparently the president of Marvel Entertainment read that, and really wants that to happen. When I went to the US, he invited me to his office and actually offered support and so on and so forth.

I met with him again at Comic-Con, and apparently during a speech he said, “Capcom is cooking up something with us.” That is not true at all, but we’re quite keen on the concept.

Video shows computer controlled Gouken in action

Ndoko9 uploaded a really nice video of Gouken fighting Abel. The player was kind enough just to kick back and not do much so you could get a full view of Gouken's move set. Here's the clip.