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HD version of Ryu combo exhibition

SonicHurricane.com has released an HD version of the Ryu combo video that was compiled for Evo 2009. While you may have viewed this video not too long ago, it's a great compilation with the excellent transitions, so it's worth another look.

Super Street Fighter 4 artwork for Abel, M. Bison and Seth

The Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 site was updated with new character artwork for some of the returning competitors. Here are the images.

For transparent .png versions of Abel, M. Bison and Seth's artwork, click the link below.

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Part 3 of Dogface's interview with Justin Wong

The third part of the Dogface Show's interview with Justin Wong has recently been posted. Here's the clip.

Weekend community events, Dec. 26 - 27

Weekend community events, Dec. 26 - 27 Here's what's happening this Christmas weekend. Although there's not many tournaments taking place, the Arcadia tournament might be attracting some big names.

• Simi Valley, California: Denjin Arcade Ranbat 2.4, Return of the Queen!, Dec. 26. Street Fighter 4 and Third Strike tournaments that will be streamed live by Top Tier Gaming here. There's also an HD Remix tournament happening that same day.

• Arcadia, California: DreamLab's 14th day of X-Mas SF4 Singles, Dec. 27.

• Ashburn, Virginia: Moment Of Truth tourney, Dec. 26.

If you know of any other events, please feel free to leave a comment with the details and a link to more information.

Shadaloo Psycho Brigade clothing by Triumvir

Triumvir is back again with a line of clothing inspired by Shadaloo, called Psycho Brigade.

Unlike some other Street Fighter merchandise you come across, this stuff is actually pretty slick. Here's a sampling of some of the clothes.

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Crave Online goes hands on with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom UAS

Crave Online goes hands on with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom UAS Crave Online has a solid preview up of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. The piece has a 7 minute movie clip showing gameplay as Seth Killian discusses the game.

This does cover a lot of ground you've probably heard about before, but with the title right around the corner, it's not bad to have a recap.

You can also see one of the new Mad Catz Wii FightSticks for the game sitting in front of Seth.

15th anniversary of the original SF movie

Destructoid reported that today is the 15th anniversary of the original Street Fighter movie.

To commemorate the event, here's a clip that will take you back through some of the more fail moments.
Of course, there's the 'Legendary' interview with the new cast members IGN did. Because once you fail, you can always fail harder.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 sale on XBox Live Wednesday

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 sale on XBox Live Wednesday Today (Wednesday) only Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is 560 Microsoft Points on XBox Live, marked down from the 1200 MS points it usually sells for.

That's $7 USD, which means this is over a 50% mark off. If you've been holding off on buying the game for whatever reason, this is a good chance to pick it up for a low price.

Source: Capcom-Unity.

Seth: No guard crush, but Super Street Fighter 4 will be more offensive

Seth: No guard crush, but Super Street Fighter 4 will be more offensive According to Capcom Community Manager, Seth Killian, Super Street Fighter 4 is going to be a more aggressive game overall than Street Fighter 4 was.

While exact details aren't given, this is welcomed news for those of you who felt like the game was too defensive before.

Here's the run down from the Unity Boards.

Daigo Umehara said Street Fighter 4 should of had a guard break bar like there was in Street Fighter Alpha 3. The game is too defensive without this.

Seth: Yes, a lot of people have had this same idea, and after not mentioning anything for 9 months or so after release, they all coincidentally had it after Daigo mentioned it in an interview :P

Although I like a lot of things about Guard Crush, there are no plans to implement the system in Street Fighter at the moment.

That said, I think you'll find Super Street Fighter 4 has become a more aggressive game overall, with plenty of reasons not to spend too much time blocking... just wait and see. Muhahaha!

Super Street Fighter 4 delayed, will be released after March 31, 2010

Super Street Fighter 4 delayed, will be released after March 31, 2010 Joystiq got their hands on a fiscal report (.pdf) by Capcom that states that Super Street Fighter 4's release date has been moved from the first fiscal quarter.

In more human terms, this means the game won't be released until after March 31, 2010. Capcom has stated several times the game would be out in the spring of 2010, so that puts the date some time between April 1st through June 21st.

The official stance on why the title was delayed is that Capcom wanted to "avoid competing with the major titles that other companies plan to introduce in the 4th quarter."

While this may be disappointing for some fans, being delayed is generally a good thing as the developers have more time to work on the product, make it more balanced, add more features, etc.

Juri will be central character for Super Street Fighter 4's story

Juri will be central character for Super Street Fighter 4's story The latest Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog has been translated by Goblin.

Instead of a word for word translation, this is the gist of the developers thoughts on the story lines for the Street Fighter 4 series.

Story direction

We'll find out what Juri was up to during the events of Street Fighter 4 and the Street Fighter universe will continue to become deeper.

While the Street Fighter 4 story was centered around Abel, it will center around Juri this time. Since she's the polar opposite of Abel, we can expect a very different kind of story.

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Does Daigo get insider info? Seth says no

Does Daigo get insider info? Seth says no A user asked on the Capcom Boards if Daigo Umehara gets insider information from the developers and if that's why he's so good.

Seth Killian responded.

Daigo has been dominating the Street Fighter scene since Street Fighter 2.

We all know that Capcom employees are not allowed to enter tournaments... BUT what if he was related to or a close friend of the programmers/testers?

Seth: He isn't, but what if he was? Would a few tips from the testers somehow allow Daigo to beat people for years? I don't think so.

I certainly have that kind of access, and there are plenty of players that can beat me. If anything, I'd say playing a lot of pre-release Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4 has *hurt* my overall game. After Street Fighter 4 was released, I found myself with a ton of bad habits from earlier, unreleased versions of the game (combos that don't work in the release version, etc.). It's pretty ironic, actually.

He is ALWAYS at the top and always real fast! You THINK he puts in a lot of hours but if you look at the videos of him playing he elicits no emotion at all, as if he knows whats gonna happen and why already.

Seth: Daigo is certainly one of the strongest players in Street Fighter history, but he isn't "ALWAYS" at the top, and when he is, you've already answered your own question as to why — he has many great personal attributes that help him, but above all else, he puts in the time needed to achieve mastery. Daigo has probably played more Street Fighter 4 than anybody that works at Capcom.

Snuggie not enough? Get some SF lounge pants

Snuggie not enough? Get some SF lounge pants If the infamous Street Fighter Snuggie wasn't bad enough, now you can take things to a higher level.

Ryu Street Fighter 4 lounge pants are available on Amazon.com, so when you're hanging around your place playing Street Fighter, you'll have the proper attire to put on. But you'll get serious bonus points for wearing these in public too, as they're fully guaranteed to repel any female attention you may have otherwise attracted.

Kudos go out to Justin Wong for the heads up.

Community tournament videos on YouTube

Three places that are definitely worth checking out for time to time if you love Street Fighter 4 match videos are LordAborigineSF4's, Frame-Advantage's and IPlayWinner's YouTube channels.

LordAborigineSF4 is always picking up matches from competitions held in Japan. On the Frame-Advantage page, there are sets from BattleField Arcadia #9 going up and on IPlayWinner you can find bouts from the NorCal Regionals, held awhile back.

Here's an older match from LordAborigineSF4's channel showing Daigo (Ryu) vs. Iyo (Dhalsim).

New Guy Super Street Fighter 4 screens on Famitsu.com

New Guy Super Street Fighter 4 screens on Famitsu.com Famitsu.com has 21 new images of Guy in Super Street Fighter 4.

While you've probably already seen a ton of this character through movies and other images, these pictures show him performing a solid portion of his moves, so if Guy is someone you're thinking about playing, it's worth checking out.

Super Street Fighter 4 footage from Famitsu

Some footage of Super Street Fighter 4 from the Famitsu live stream has made its way online, courtesy of Aditya, Benichon and AceKombat.
This clip features bouts from new and old characters.

JonM noted that it looks like they gave Guile's Flash Kick more forward range and that Abel has a new fake kick, but the quality is a bit rough so it's hard to see exactly what's going on.

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Live Street Fighter streams for Sunday

Live Street Fighter streams for Sunday Frame-Advantage.com is running a live stream of BattleField Arcadia #9 from Brooklyn, New York. This is mainly a Street Fighter 4 competition, but there are a few other games being played here as well.

Also, there's another stream from IPlayWinner.com of the Mano-a-Mano Gaming tournament taking place in Concord, California.

If you know of any other streams taking place, please leave a comment with a link to them.