Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Sagat, Dee Jay in iPhone version of Street Fighter 4, new features

Update: Pawn080 pointed out that Dee Jay is getting hit by Sagat in one of the images released by Capcom today, marking the first Super Street Fighter 4 character seen in the lineup.

Capcom hasn't made any official announcement on Dee Jay being added, so it's possible he's a prototype character or something else, but more than likely he'll also be a playable fighter at some point.

Capcom announced this morning that Sagat would be added in as a free update to Street Fighter 4 on the iPhone in the future.

Also, this patch will include a new local match making feature that will auto connect players when they get within Bluetooth range of each other.

Here are some screens of Sagat in action along with the new modes.

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Funny and cool moments in Super Street Fighter 4 #17 by LiangHuBBB

LiangHuBBB posted another video in his series of funny and cool moments in Super Street Fighter 4.

Blanka Super Street Fighter 4 electricity video tutorial

theDUKE and ReNiC created a great video tutorial showing some ways to quickly get Blanka's electricity to come out in Super Street Fighter 4.

Everything is slowed down and done step by step so it's much easier to replicate in training mode.
While this video is obviously geared towards Blanka, the techniques used can be helpful for other characters that have special move button inputs that are mashed, like E. Honda and Gen.

Excellent Adventures of Gootecks & Mike Ross #13

Another episode of the Excellent Adventures of Mike Ross and Gootecks is up now on CrossCounter's YouTube channel. They're joined again by EG.Justin Wong and GamerBee.

Run It Back, Road to the SoCal Regionals: Episode 2

Zaid Tabani, a.k.a. RedRapper, posted the second episode of Run it Back, which takes a look back at the preparations and work that went into creating the SoCal Regionals.

Canada Cup, Kumite and Dreamhack Spain results

Canada Cup, Kumite and Dreamhack Spain results Daigo Umehara, Mago, EG.Justin Wong, Mike Ross and others competed in the Canada Cup this weekend. Team Sp00ky provided a live look at the action for people watching at home.

There were some really good fights, including a great showing by Canadian native JSMaster.

To see the SSFIV results from this tournament and a quick look at the Kumite competition which was held in France, hit the link below.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character reveals next week, surprises in store

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character reveals next week, surprises in store Marvel vs. Capcom 3 producer, Ryota Niitsuma, mentioned today via Twitter that more character announcements would be taking place next week.

Niitsuma: So busy, no time to tweet! Next week there will be some announcements, so make sure you check them out! There might be surprises!

Niitsuma reiterated in Japanese that he thinks fans will be surprised, so there is likely going to be some unexpected people announced.

Have any idea which characters will be revealed? Take a guess by leaving a comment below.

Live on 3 interviews Filipino Champ, talks community stuff

Live on 3 interviews Filipino Champ, talks community stuff BLG.Ryan "Filipino Champ" Ramirez was featured as a guest on this weekend's edition of Live On Three. The crew discussed Champ's emotional victory at the SoCal Regionals, thoughts going into next weekend's hometown NorCal Regionals event, how his new sponsor BLGaming is treating him, and what the future holds.

Lo3 also talked about some of the drama in the fighting game community as of late and recapped some of the tournament results.

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Community news roundup for November 14th

Community news roundup for November 14th

• There's a free iPhone app for SSF4 called 2DMoveset by Arron Mitchell, showing the character's various moves, counter pokes and other bits of useful info. Good if you need information on the go, sent in by BOT2K.

• E. Honda has a nifty set up into his Ultra that you don't see every day. Although this is vanilla SF4, it should also work in SSF4. Submitted by R4HU1.

• uploaded SSF4 highlight video with some solid bread and butter combos and tactics.

New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 GameStop poster

Aastrawhat Pirate tracked down this Marvel vs. Capcom 3 poster, which you should start seeing in the near future, which contains new artwork.

Click image for larger version

What do you think of it? Leave a comment below with your thoughts. owner on the IPlayWinner podcast owner on the IPlayWinner podcast recently asked me to do an interview to discuss some of the drama that had come up in the community.

The interview on IPW is about 40 minutes long, and it also covers how EventHubs came about, and a bit more about the knucklehead (me) who runs it.

I probably talk too fast, and there's some parts that are difficult to hear what the heck I'm saying, but if you've heard about the situation, or just want to know more about the website in general, you should check this out.

Cross Counter: Filipino Champ vs. Daigo Umehara

A new episode of Cross Counter has been posted to Machina Respawn's YouTube channel, this episode focuses on the BLG.Filipino Champ (Dhalsim) vs. Daigo Umehara (Ryu) grand finals match from the SoCal Regionals.

Capcom in final phase of deciding Street Fighter X Tekken's roster

Capcom in final phase of deciding Street Fighter X Tekken's roster Yoshinori Ono mentioned that Capcom is in the final phase of deciding which characters will show up in the upcoming crossover title, Street Fighter X Tekken.

Ono also went on to comment on a few other topics via Twitter.

When will we hear about the next characters for Street Fighter X Tekken?

Ono: We had [the final phase for choosing characters] just now.

I want to play with Yun and Yang on my Xbox 360.

Ono: Umm, I [understand that]. Before that, Microsoft has to repair Xbox Live! ;(

Will there be any Poison news at Moscow, from Nov. 20 - 21?

Ono: No... hehehe, [please] wait. ;p

[Editor's note: Yoshinori had previously stated he'd be making an announcement for Street Fighter X Tekken and Super Street Fighter 4 at an event in Moscow, later this month.]

Christian Svensson, Capcom USA vice president, said Elena was after Makoto for joining SSF4.

Ono: He always says a selfish thing. ;D The truth will [come] out.

Charlie Street Fighter Alpha 2 combo video by KeikoMars

KeikoMars from the SFZ2 Blog posted another clip in his series of Street Fighter Alpha 2 combo videos. While this is an old school game, these are very well done and enjoyable if you like this classic title.

Community news roundup for November 12th

Community news roundup for November 12th

• Prettyboycj100 noticed a ton of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay videos from the SoCal Regionals uploaded by BrandNuu562.

• There's a nifty Ultra/Super cross up combo for Blanka in vanilla SF4, created by Doopliss.

• Alex Valle mentioned that there is only two months next year without major tournaments, and that players should choose their events wisely.

• The winner of the EVO online SSF4 tournament will receive a unique in-game title.

• Duckmouth has an image of what Mago's new online SSF4 title looks like, after he won the 2nd GodsGarden Online Tournament.

• Michelle Phan vs. sWooZie of Press Start played a blindfolded SSF4 match, which you might find entertaining. Submitted by Kryplixx.

• SitverGold posted a clip with easy ways to complete Ken's 24th and Cody's 23rd Challenge Trials in SSF4.

• Capcom-Unity added an Abel flowchart to their site.

Best of online Super Street Fighter 4 matches part two, by 0ShinAkuma0

0ShinAkuma0, NMS84 and Nippon wrote in about a new collection of online ranked Super Street Fighter 4 matches, showing various highlights from some very notable names in the community.

Gen Super Street Fighter 4 highlights and combos compilation

Drdremacdre3 created a compilation video showing some Gen Super Street Fighter 4 highlights from actual matches. You get to see solid combos along with some tricky stuff.