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New Guy Super Street Fighter 4 screens on Famitsu.com

New Guy Super Street Fighter 4 screens on Famitsu.com Famitsu.com has 21 new images of Guy in Super Street Fighter 4.

While you've probably already seen a ton of this character through movies and other images, these pictures show him performing a solid portion of his moves, so if Guy is someone you're thinking about playing, it's worth checking out.

Super Street Fighter 4 footage from Famitsu

Some footage of Super Street Fighter 4 from the Famitsu live stream has made its way online, courtesy of Aditya, Benichon and AceKombat.
This clip features bouts from new and old characters.

JonM noted that it looks like they gave Guile's Flash Kick more forward range and that Abel has a new fake kick, but the quality is a bit rough so it's hard to see exactly what's going on.

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Live Street Fighter streams for Sunday

Live Street Fighter streams for Sunday Frame-Advantage.com is running a live stream of BattleField Arcadia #9 from Brooklyn, New York. This is mainly a Street Fighter 4 competition, but there are a few other games being played here as well.

Also, there's another stream from IPlayWinner.com of the Mano-a-Mano Gaming tournament taking place in Concord, California.

If you know of any other streams taking place, please leave a comment with a link to them.

Seth on Super Street Fighter 4's ranked match settings

Seth on Super Street Fighter 4's ranked match settings Capcom's Seth Killian said Super Street Fighter 4's development team is still looking at a few different ways to handle match making in the new title. Here are his comments from the Unity Boards.

Could you guys tell me how ranked matches will work? I'm not talking about the points system, but how the matches will be setup. Will it be a standard 2/3 rounds like most other fighting games for ranked, or will it be the same as Street Fighter 4?

One of the reasons I hated ranked matches in Street Fighter 4 is because people would create 1 rounds, 30 seconds matches. Even when I thought I was joining a standard game, the host would change the match settings in the lobby to make it 1 round 30 secs. It's why I stopped playing ranked and went to championship since at least that mode has standard match settings. — AlboFighter

Seth: It's not yet decided.

Some elements of the team like the option to have different kinds of matches, and I kind of see where they're coming from, though if someone wants to be the champion of 1-round, 30 second matches, I want the records to reflect the kind of match-types they're winning, instead of lumping them all in to the same pile.

I think this would solve the problem and produce some fun stats.

How do you think Capcom should match making in the new game? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Super Street Fighter 4 character select screen, more screen shots

New images of Super Street Fighter 4's select screen, stage select, main menu and other various items have made their way to the web.

You can see from the shot below that there's 4 character slots still open, which matches up with the previous rumors that there will be 10 new characters.

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Seth comments on PC Super Street Fighter 4, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom guide

Seth comments on PC Super Street Fighter 4, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom guide Seth Killian answered questions about Super Street Fighter 4 on the PC and a potential Tatsunoko vs. Capcom strategy guide on the Unity Boards.

Here are his comments.

Is Capcom afraid of the PC sales, and that's why they're not releasing a Super Street Fighter 4 PC port simultaneously with the console versions?

Seth: Sorry guys, but no. While I'd like to see all of our games on as many platforms as possible, there's no conspiracy/revenge/etc. afoot.

Will you guys be releasing a guide book for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars?

Seth: No plans that I'm aware of right now for a TvC guide, though I'd like to see one as well. We do have some materials I'll try and get localized from Japan...

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 blog entry shows new stages

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 blog entry shows new stages If you haven't had your fill of Super Street Fighter 4 stages today, the Japanese blog was updated with a ton of new images showing various details of the new backgrounds.

Inside you'll find shots of India, Korea and Africa.

Jigsaw has come up with a translation of the post, for those of you interested in how these environments came about and various details about them.

Just hit the link below for all of the images and explanations.

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Weekend community events, Dec. 18 - 20

Weekend community events, Dec. 18 - 20 Here's what's happening in the fighting game community from December 18-20, 2009.

It's worth pointing out that the event being held in Chattanooga, Tennessee is giving away all of the door money to charity — which is a very awesome move by the tournament organizers.

• Brooklyn, New York: BattleField Arcadia #9, Dec. 20. Live stream provided by Frame-Advantage.com.

• Jersey City, New Jersey: Monthly Beatdown Street Fighter 4 Tourney, Dec 18. Tournament organized by RawGameplay.com and OHMZ.

• Chattanooga, Tennessee: Chatt-Town Beatdown, Dec. 19. All of the door money will be donated to buy Christmas toys for underprivileged children.

• Simi Valley, California: GYTNews' 3-year anniversary tourney, Dec. 19.

• Sacramento, California: Hot Shots Billiards SF4 tournament, Dec. 18.

• Kissimmee, Florida GPX Gaming: WinterFest 09, Dec. 18-20.

• St. Louis, Missouri: Aerial Rave 1.6 Ranbat, Dec. 19.

• Los Angeles, California: UGTL SF4 Tournament, Dec. 20.

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New Super Street Fighter 4 stage screen shots on Capcom Unity

Seth Killian has posted several new screen shots of Super Street Fighter 4's background stages over on Capcom Unity.

Below are a few pictures from the gallery, so make sure you hit the link for many more images.

Click images for larger versions

Guide update digest for 12-17-09

Guide update digest for 12-17-09
  • Grade Point Rank Guide, Street Fighter 4: Updated point totals required for gaining rank for SG in Championship Mode.

  • Ryu, Street Fighter 4 match up notes: Posted revised notes from YFlow on all of Ryu's 25 match ups in the game. This is worth checking out even if you don't play Ryu, because you can see what strategies Ryu players may be using against your character.

  • Street Fighter 4, Arcade Tracker: Added new locations in San Diego, CA, Saint Peters, MO which both use time-based machines. There's also another location in Houston, Texas and three more spots in Hong Kong.

Hori's new EX2 Turbo fight pad

For those of you who prefer pads, Hori has a controller coming out called the Horipad EX2 Turbo for the XBox 360.

The analog stick has three sensitivity settings, normal, narrow, and wide. It's got turbo buttons and the usual features you'd expect.

It's set to hit Japan on Dec. 17, 2009 and will retail for about $44 USD. Most import sites, like Play-Asia.com, should have this product with time if you really want a different kind of controller and you don't like the Mad Catz FightPad.

Fun with Street Fighter 4 volume 1

SonicHurricane.com has put together another nifty video showing some odd combos and behavior in Street Fighter 4.
For an explanation of what's going on, hit this page.

Gamespot demos Super Street Fighter 4 bonus stages, characters

The action gets underway about 4 minutes in, starting off with Sagat beating up the car in one of the bonus stages for Super Street Fighter 4.

Then Seth Killian walks you through the newly announced characters, so you get to see a bit of how Guy, Cody and Adon play.

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 developers talk about Adon

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 developers talk about Adon Jigsaw has provided a much better translation than the one that was originally posted of the most recent Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog.

Here's what the developers had to say about Adon.

How's everyone doing? Tsukamoto here.

Today's subject is the newly added character Adon, so Okada, Tamamura and I will tell you a little something or other about this character in development!

Please tell us how you decided on adding Adon to the roster.

When choosing which characters to add to Super Street Fighter 4, not only characters from the Alpha games were on the list, characters from Street Fighter 1 were too. Adon is a Alpha character as well of course, but since he was also in Street Fighter 1, he was first on our list. There was some concern that we'd have a lot of quite complicated characters this time around, like Juri and Cody, so we felt there was kind of a need for simple, easy to understand characters as well. For that reason, Adon seemed like a good choice. Also, well, I don't know what the rest of the world thinks (laughs), but everyone on the development team seemed to think Adon's a really cool character, so he was always popular among us.

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Part 1 of L.A. Riots videos available for download

Part 1 of L.A. Riots videos available for download Gootecks has posted the first round of L.A. Riots videos, which was a Street Fighter 4 tournament held a little while back. Run time for this set is 1 hour and 20 minutes, h.264 codec.

You can download this a few different ways, either through Bit Torrent or as a Hotfile .rar archive. Here are the links:

Bit Torrent, 871MB: File download link

Hotfile: All Parts | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

If you're looking for iPhone format, hit Gootecks' page for those download links and he also has a write up on why the footage is being distributed this way instead of through YouTube.

If you want to see how this tournament played out, you can find the results here.

Capcom responds option selects and Dragonball questions

Capcom responds option selects and Dragonball questions Capcom's Seth Killian and Christian Svensson fielded some questions asking about Option Selects in Street Fighter 4 and a potential Dragonball vs. Capcom title.

Here's everything they had to say from the Capcom Forums.

What does Capcom think about Option Select glitch in Street Fighter 4?

Do they plan to fix this glitch? The more people learn about it, the more it influences gameplay. IMHO, that means exploiting a glitch that can ruin gameplay balance (it artificially adds more offensive tools to already powerful chars).

Seth: "Option select" is present in virtually every Street Fighter game in some fashion, and actually in almost every fighting game period (it's probably present in non-fighting games too, but I'm not thinking clearly yet this morning).

Good balance is good balance, but option select is not necessarily something that anybody needs to aim specifically at eliminating.

Is it possible we'll see a Dragonball vs. Capcom game?

Sven: I'd say it's a longshot, but it's interesting. Namco is the new licensee on a relatively new deal.

New Tatsunoko vs. Capcom UAS media

New Tatsunoko vs. Capcom UAS media Capcom has released a batch of new screen shots, artwork and gameplay movies for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

The images have been sorted by character to make them a little easier to browse.

Just hit the link below for new stuff featuring MegaMan Volnutt, Roll, Ippatsuman and Jun The Swan.

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