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Super Street Fighter 4 Week-One Combos: Day Six

SonicHurricane.com posted Day Six of their Super Street Fighter 4 combo series.
You can view previous days on their YouTube channel.

Another fan made short film Street Fighter: Beginnings End

Hot on the heels of Street Fighter Legacy comes another fan made Street Fighter movie short.
RivenX3i had this to say about the project...

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Killian on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 endings, costume codes and more

Killian on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 endings, costume codes and more Capcom's Seth Killian visited the Unity Boards a little bit ago and dropped a little information on Marvel vs. Capcom 3, the Best Buy SSF4 costume code issue and a little bit more.

Here's everything.

Will everyone have their own ending in Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

Seth: Everybody gets their own endings, and the story will be "robust" for a fighting game. I can promise at least it will blow the endings in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 out of the water :P

People who purchased Super Street Fighter IV through Best Buy have had issues receiving promotional codes for their orders. Didn't you guys work with them to get this going? I got an email saying I'd get my code on May 6th.

Seth: We worked on the pre-order campaign with Best Buy and got them the download codes, but of course the "activation" part (re: "getting you your stuff") is with them. I don't know the fine print regarding their offer since I didn't have an order placed with them, but they're aware people are still in need of their codes and I was told by our channel guys (the guys that deal with retailers) they are working on it, which sounds in line with the email you were sent.

I'd tell you more if I knew anything else, but it sounds like they are fulfilling the bonus, and apologies for any confusion caused by the details of the policy. Obviously we just want people to get the game and everything they were promised.

Will we see a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 2 on the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360? I'm worried if this game is announced it could compete with MvC3.

Seth: I think the worrying about this is a bit premature at the moment, since our "Versus" team very much has their hands full of MvC3. We were very happy to see TvC on the Wii, but there's nothing to discuss about a TvC2 right now, so let's let sleeping dogs lie for the moment, have a group hug, and smile that Capcom is still cranking on some of the best crossover games of all time. :D

Seth Killian talks about his role as community manager

Seth Killian talks about his role as community manager GamePro.com has a nifty article discussing the role of community managers at video game companies, and Capcom's Seth Killian is interviewed extensively.

While this isn't directly fighting game related, Seth is by far the biggest voice in the community from Capcom's side of things, so it's interesting to read about some of the ins and outs of his job. Here's a snip.

"I do my best to drag out my producers to every one of [the live events I host], because there's nothing like seeing real fans to soften up even the hardest producer and to really see the enthusiasm and the love that people have for a lot of these products," he says. "It inspires them and, I think, opens them up to discussing issues that people really want to talk about relating to the game."

Killian calls this a "superhealthy feedback loop" where the dialogue between developers and community stays passionate without getting ugly on either side. When it's good, it's great -- but when a crisis situation arises that somehow takes the feedback loop out of the community manager's hands, there's danger for both the community and the company.

Super Street Fighter 4 frame data for character dashes

Super Street Fighter 4 frame data for character dashes Venomish put together the frame data for all 35 character's dash moves in Super Street Fighter 4.

This information was added into the walk speed section so that the character's main ways of moving around the screen were all compiled into one place, so easy comparisons could be made.

The listing also contains the frame advantage on block for all of the fighters following a dash after a level 1 or 2 Focus Attack.

Chun-Li's Super Street Fighter 4 Frame Data

Chun-Li's Super Street Fighter 4 Frame Data Venomish has compiled Chun-Li's Super Street Fighter 4 Frame Data.

On this page you'll find the properties for her moves in the new title. Red text indicates a move that has been nerfed from Street Fighter 4, green text is buffed and blue indicates a change that didn't really affect anything, but was still changed.

Also, for comparison's sake, the Street Fighter 4 frame data is still listed right below this new information.

If this kind of thing baffles you, make sure you take a look at the How to Read Frame Data guide here on EventHubs.com.

Another SSFIV combo music video by BiffOTasty

BiffOTasty has released his second Super Street Fighter 4 combo video. Again there are several nifty combos and set ups in here.

Street Fighter Legacy teaser trailers, release on Thursday

Joey Ansah is the actor who played Desh in The Bourne Ultimatum (with Matt Damon) and it turns out he's a huge fan of Street Fighter. He created these two teaser trailers for an upcoming short film titled Street Fighter Legacy.

The film is due to be released on Thursday along with a series showing the making of this movie. To view both teasers and a few more details, hit the link below.

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Super Street Fighter 4 Dee Jay video guide by RushDownTV

RushDownTV has created a Dee Jay video tutorial for Super Street Fighter 4. This starts off with your basic combos and moves into things like cross up tactics and other goodies.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Battle Point bug update, still looking for solution

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Battle Point bug update, still looking for solution Seth Killian posted an update to the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Battle Point problem that's been plaguing the online rankings since April 2nd. Here's the run down.

Seth: Hey guys,

I got an official response back from the team, but unfortunately it's not great news. They're still tearing their hair out about how to fix this :(

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Data Glitch (Update)

There was a data glitch that was discovered on April 2nd, and after a thorough investigation we have confirmed that the following data may be reset through participation in a network battle.

• Number of Wins (Total, Monthly, Weekly)

• Number of Draws (Total, Monthly, Weekly)

• Number of Losses (Total, Monthly, Weekly)

• Number of Matches (Total, Monthly, Weekly)

• Battle Points (Total, Monthly, Weekly)

• Stats

We regret to inform you that, as the issue has yet to be resolved, participation in a network battle on or after May 1st may cause this glitch to occur, resetting the above data. Players who have not yet experienced this glitch are also at risk to have their data reset.

※Data not included in the list above, as well battles themselves, will not be affected by the glitch.

We would like to deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom community, as well as for our delayed response to the matter.

We will continue to search for the cause of the problem, as well as a solution to it. We would greatly appreciate your continued patience and support as we search for an adequate solution.

Super Street Fighter 4 Cody video tutorial

Yasir sent in this sweet video by Option-Select.com which shows how to play Cody in Super Street Fighter 4.

SSFIV Combo Music Video 1 by BiffOTasty

A reader pointed out this new Super Street Fighter 4 combo video by BiffOTasty. Below you'll find some wicked combos and some unblockable Ultra set ups as well.

Super Street Fighter 4 walk speed comparison

Super Street Fighter 4 walk speed comparison A new walk speed comparison page for Super Street Fighter 4 is now available here on EventHubs.com.

If you've ever wanted to know how the character's various walking speeds compare with one another, this is an excellent place to look as everyone's movement speed is broken down into tiers and screen shots are also included so you'll know how much distance they can travel in regards to the rest of the cast.

Here's a little 411 on how this information was gathered.

All of the characters were captured at 60 frames per second starting at the max distance possible and then having them walk forward.

Each clip was placed on the frame right before the fighter's walking animation begins. The clip was then advanced 65 frames and a screen shot was taken. This way all of the characters started at the same time and advanced the exact same number of frames — so no one got a head start.

The order the characters are listed in — from fastest to slowest — was decided by overlaying all 36 images and using the big red line on the training stage as a point of reference. Because some of the characters stick out random appendages and generally all have different stances while their walking, their bodies couldn't accurately be used to judge the distance traveled, instead going by how much the camera had or hadn't panned, judging by the red line, proved to be much more accurate.

This page now resides inside of the ever growing Super Street Fighter 4 guide area, which also has tons of other useful information about the game for you to check out.

Results from Las Vegas Super Street Fighter 4 Majors

Results from Las Vegas Super Street Fighter 4 Majors The Las Vegas Super Street Fighter 4 Majors tournament has ended. There wasn't a lot of great competition, although a few top players showed up.

$2,000 in prize money was up for grabs and there was some decent play near the end of the competition.

The commentary was very poor though and the were some audio sync issues. Regardless, the final results have been posted, check them out by clicking the link below.

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Super Street Fighter IV: Combo Expo 3

Mr. Double Crumble pointed out this new Super Street Fighter 4 combo video from FightersEvo, which is over 10 minutes long. Besides having a big intro, this clip runs through combos for Ken, Ryu, Gouken, Akuma, Adon, Dudley, Cody and Juri.

Ono talks with VideoGamer.com about the future of SF

Ono talks with VideoGamer.com about the future of SF Ono has a 2-page interview with VideoGamer.com. The first page starts out recapping a lot of what you've heard before many times, but on the second page things get a bit interesting as he talks about the future of Street Fighter.

Here's a heavy copy and paste.

Q: You mentioned Capcom has given approval for just one Street Fighter IV spin-off. Does that mean Super is the last Street Fighter IV game we'll see? If that's the case, what's the future of the franchise? Have you begun to think about where you'll take it in the next year to two years?

Yoshinori Ono: I'm well aware of the mistakes the company made in the past, so I don't intend to accept, even if Capcom orders me to make Hyper Street Fighter IV or Ultra Street Fighter IV. But what I can do is if there is a need to update the game in the form of a patch for rebalancing, then that can definitely be done through DLC, or just a download patch. Perhaps we could release a patch that's called Super Street Fighter IV 2011. That would just have the latest updates, but not a new package. Just to set a new regulation for the game.

Does that mean we're going to Street Fighter V straight away? Now I'm not sure about that just yet, because with Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV I don't think we've managed to pick up all those people who've never played fighting games. We've managed to pick up some of the people who used to play Street Fighter II, but not all of them, and I don't think we've managed to pick up those who've never played fighting games. So what we would like to do is lower the entry barrier for those who have never played the fighting genre before so we can convey that fighting games are a good tool, a good fun thing to have per family. That's what I'll be thinking about in the next few months.

Q: You say you'd like to broaden the appeal of Street Fighter. Microsoft will release Natal very soon, and Sony will release the PlayStation Move very soon. Can both of those motion-sensing technologies be used with Street Fighter to broaden its appeal? Have you begun to think about how motion-sensing can be incorporated into the fighting game genre? Will we see a download patch that will allow us to play Super Street Fighter IV with Natal and PS Move?

Yoshinori Ono: I've been interested in motion-sensing for a while, ever since Wii was launched. But I don't think it fits the way Street Fighter is played at the moment. It does broaden the appeal to casual users simply because of the instinctive controls, but it just doesn't quite fit an intricately balanced game such as Street Fighter. Now, there is a possibility of doing something called Street Fighter Fit, or Street Fighter Exercise, that is more suited for motion-sensing games, but that would obviously be a slightly different-themed game.

What I mean by broadening the appeal is that where hardcore players are at the moment, with all their hyper super techniques, that seems to isolate themselves from the rest of the players. What I want to do is connect those people and casual players together so that the progression is a bit more continuous than it is at the moment, where a few of the elitists deem their skills amazing and don't want to play with other people.

Super Street Fighter IV ships 1 million world wide

Super Street Fighter IV ships 1 million world wide Capcom announced today that the initial shipment of Super Street Fighter 4 has reached one million units worldwide. This is a very nice number and falls in line with the predicted sales numbers that were listed back in October 2009.

For comparison's sake, vanilla Street Fighter 4 shipped about 2.8 million copies to date.

It will be interesting to see how much of this momentum Super Street Fighter 4 can keep going as the title hasn't been out for a long period of time.