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Daigo Umehara confirms he's gameinn, sorta

Baqsam pointed out this video translated by KeNzo, where Daigo Umehara confirms he plays under the name 'gameinn' on both PSN and Xbox Live.
When he games under this name, it's at a friend's house, so it's possible that even if you see gameinn, sometimes it won't be Daigo.

Makoto video tutorial for Super Street Fighter 4

Option-Select.com has posted another video tutorial for Super Street Fighter 4, this one is for Makoto.

Hit box information for Super Street Fighter 4

While these have been floating around in the community for a little while, it's just recently happened that most of the hit box data for Super Street Fighter has become available in easier to digest formats.

Keep in mind these came from an early build of Super Street Fighter 4, so there's probably some inaccurate information.

A handful of the links below are YouTube playlists so you can see the moves in action, others are images and there are a few links to .zip files you have to download to view.

Four characters aren't linked up because the community hasn't posted anything beyond the original torrent movies.

| Abel | Adon | Akuma | Balrog | Blanka | Cammy | Chun Li | Cody
| C. Viper | Dan | Dee Jay | Dhalsim | Dudley | El Fuerte | E. Honda | Fei Long | Gen | Gouken | Guile | Guy | Hakan | Ibuki | Juri | Ken | Makoto | M. Bison | Rose | Rufus | Ryu | Sakura | Sagat | Seth | T. Hawk | Vega | Zangief |

Also, if you have trouble understanding this stuff, check out the guide to understanding hit boxes here on the site. Plus, a member of the community created this image to give you a better idea of what these boxes are and there's a description below so you can start sifting through this stuff.

Click image for larger version

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Deals on Mad Catz joysticks in Europe

Deals on Mad Catz joysticks in Europe A lot of deals have come up for Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightSticks on the site, but if you live in Europe you may have not been able to capitalize on these offers.

Duckmouth wrote in to let players know that ShopTo.net is offering some good prices on Mad Catz's line of joysticks on the other side of the pond.

• Tournament Edition FightStick: 81.75€ - 87.75€ PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360

• Tournament Edition S Black: 116.99€ PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360

• Tournament Edition S White: 116.99€ PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360

Using TE joystick and Sanwa buttons to make music

Noticed over on Capcom-Unity that Immuzikation posted a video showing a nifty midi controller set up. He has a Mad Catz TE Stick and a special thing called Immuzikade which has a bunch of Sanwa buttons hooked up to make music.

GameStop offering awesome deal for PS3 Super Street Fighter 4

GameStop offering awesome deal for PS3 Super Street Fighter 4 If for some reason you're shopping for another copy of Super Street Fighter 4, GameStop has a wicked deal where you can pick up the PlayStation 3 version of the game for about $25.

You need to use the coupon code 2D15 or 15XPS3 to get an additional $5 off. You'll also get $10 credit towards the purchase of something else with your order.

The Xbox 360 version is already sold out, unfortunately. Even without the deal, both versions had been marked down to $29.99.

Source: SlickDeals.

All 35 character endings for Super Street Fighter 4

Clovr4Lyf spotted this clip which shows all of the endings for the 35 characters in Super Street Fighter 4.

Evo 2010 tournament rules for Super Street Fighter 4

Evo 2010 tournament rules for Super Street Fighter 4 Nyoronoru noticed that the rules for the Super Street Fighter 4 portion of this year's Evolution Fighting Game Championship have been posted by Mr. Wizard. Here they are, along with an explanation.

• If one of the players asks for a blind pick, then Player 1 must tell the judge his character and ultra selection. Player 2 then must pick his characters, and after that Player 1 must pick the characters he told the judge. Everything is blind pick.

• As far as the winner switching ultras, since ultras can counter the other player's ultras, the winner [of a match] will NOT be allowed to switch up any ultra. There should be no advantages given to the player that already is up a game in the set.

• A perfect example of ultras countering ultras, is Seth vs. Chun-Li, if Seth picks Ultra 1, Chun-Li can punish Seth's Ultra 1 when blocked from full screen away, even though in many player's eyes, [her] Ultra 2 is way better.

This is worth pointing out because Evo's rules are often followed by the fighting game community at large.

It was around the time that Evo banned Akuma in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix that he was banned in most major tournaments as well, so it may become common place to see these rules implemented in most of the top competitions.

Updated: More scans and screens of Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Update: Carpark pointed out higher quality scans of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 from Famitsu magazine. The colors on the other screen shots of the game weren't very good, but these are closer to how the title will actually look, even though they're still not top notch quality.

Click images for larger versions

No plans for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 demo, playable at live events

No plans for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 demo, playable at live events There are no plans for a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 demo, but gamers will be able to try the game out at live events and trade shows, similar to what happened with the Street Fighter 4 games.

Here's the latest from the Unity Boards.

Will we get a playable demo for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 after E3?

Sven: That is not the plan, no.

Seth: We'd like to give people the chance to play the game early and often, but it may be more along the lines of Street Fighter 4 with live events. As Sven mentioned, the plan you mentioned for a demo is... not the plan.

I remember reading the events of SSF4 took place 1 or 2 years after SF4 why does it seem the same things are happening with some people and some things seem different with others. IS this a post SF4 story or a replacement to the past events in question? — YumeKage

Seth: The concept of SSFIV's story was that it was supposed to be it's own thing, and move beyond the SFIV story. Obviously some details leave, um.... room for interpretation :)

NeoBlood's typewriter joystick mod

NeoBlood picked up a compact typewriter at an antique store for $5. After adding some joystick parts and a bit of effort, he came up with this.

Click images for larger versions

You can see a video of this thing in action, proving it actually works.

A bit more information and a few more photos can be found here.

More Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay details and notes

More Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay details and notes An anonymous reader sent over a bunch more notes about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to give players a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming game. For older details and some scans, check out this story.

• If you were disappointed that you didn't see certain no-brainer Capcom characters in Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the Wii, don't give up hope. Niitsuma confirmed that big characters like Dante were saved from Tatsunoko for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

• MvC3's characters were all created from scratch — you won't see recycled character models.

• A sort of cross-over aerial rave can be performed, where you can safely change your character in the middle of an air combo, using the exchange button.

• The flow of combat is just as intense and hectic as MvC2.

• The game is currently using TvC's style Light, Medium, and Hard attacks along with the Exchange button.

• Story mode is being slightly improved, with beginning and ending story bookends, along with in-game events to keep it fresh in players' minds. Producer Ryota Niitsuma insists that though this story is better than in other MvC games, it doesn't steal the spotlight from the action.

• MvC2's cast recycled 15 years of backlog and that's a large reason why it had such a big cast. The Morrigan you saw in 1994's Darkstalkers was basically what you saw in 2000's MvC2.

• Capcom is paying a very large attention to detail to make sure all the characters are very in-character and act like themselves.

• Game Informer raved about the graphics for a good paragraph, apparently lighting is superb and Iron Man's armor has reflections.

• Game Informer seemed very impressed with how Dante was represented in the game. "His cockiness and bravado shines through in every action, doing the white-haired badass justice."

• Backgrounds will be lively. J Jonah Jameson is in a helicopter in the background of the Daily Bugle stage shouting and pointing at the players. There's also a parade in the background that has huge air balloons of characters like Spider-Man and Viewtiful Joe. Servbots and Tron Bonne in the background of the Megaman Legends stage.

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Very early Super Street Fighter 4 tier list speculation

Very early Super Street Fighter 4 tier list speculation FallenAngel pointed out a new tier listing for Super Street Fighter 4 which appeared on this Japanese wiki site.

Important disclaimer: The game hasn't even been out officially for 30 days yet, so the listing below needs to be taken with a grain of salt, then a teaspoon, hell, you should probably just dump the whole container of salt on this.

Tiers are an extremely debatable subject — even when a game has been out for years — and considering how early in it's infancy Super Street Fighter 4 is, this should tell you right off you can't take this list at face value.

But the listing below gives you an idea of what some of the community thinks of the various characters at this stage of the game.

Also, keep in mind that Abel was rated very highly in the early days of vanilla Street Fighter 4 and moved down considerably over time, while C. Viper started out near the bottom and moved up to a respectable position.

Tiers can and do change.

Rufus, Abel, Sagat, Guile
Dhalsim, M. Bison (Dictator), Ryu, Ken, Balrog (Boxer), Chun-Li, Ibuki, E. Honda, Akuma
Dee Jay, T. Hawk, C. Viper, Zangief, Dudley, Seth, Rose
El Fuerte, Adon, Vega (Claw), Blanka, Cammy, Cody, Juri, Gouken
Hakan, Guy, Fei Long, Gen, Makoto, Sakura

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Daigo Umehara online matches against Juri player

KeNzo sent over an online SSF4 replay between Gameinn (Ryu), who appears to be Daigo Umehara, and Kuraudokin who plays a very nice Juri — which may be the highlight of this video for many people, as not many top players have tried taking her on yet.

Note: Replays of online matches do NOT show lag, which may or may not be a factor in this set.
Hit the link below for the second part of these matches.

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IGN interviews Street Fighter: Legacy's team

IGN.com is the latest website to gather the thoughts of some of the team members behind the fan film Street Fighter: Legacy.

This is a 7 minute clip which has highlights from the short and a lot of commentary from the project team.

Thanks to Ex Ein for sending this over.

Super Street Fighter 4 sells 250k copies in a few days

Super Street Fighter 4 sells 250k copies in a few days 1Up.com is reporting that Super Street Fighter 4 sold over 250,000 copies despite the fact it was only out for a few days before the month (April) ended.

The PlayStation 3 version sold 143,000 copies, outperforming the Xbox 360 edition which moved 108,000 units.

Another month needs to go by before SSF4's numbers better reflect how the game is going to do overall, but considering Capcom shipped 1 million units world wide, and what they already did in a just a few days — it should perform pretty well.

It was also noted that vanilla Street Fighter 4 sold a combined 849,000 units on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 during its first month of release.

Akira The Don's Street Fighter mix tape

Akira The Don's Street Fighter mix tape Akira The Don has released a Street Fighter mix tape which has been getting A LOT of publicity on non-fighting game websites.

Some places have claimed this is the "Best Street Fighter Mix ever," while the reaction from the community seems to be much more of a mixed bag.

After you check this out, leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Thanks to HarkMammil, Balmung, BIGDIRTYtoews and JoshAndroid for pointing this out.