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Juicebox podcast: How to use throws

Juicebox podcast: How to use throws Juicebox Abel has posted another solid podcast focusing on how to improve your Super Street Fighter 4 game, this time explaining throws.

He offers a full on break down of the mechanics of a throw and how to use them in various situations. While this is a fairly basic move, hearing how to incorporate it from a pro is very helpful. Later on, he also delves into frame traps and other helpful bits.

The podcast is about 19 minutes long and there's an inline player available, just hit the link above to check it out.

Artwork and screens of Spider-man and Wesker in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Here is the artwork and a set of new screen shots for Spider-man and Wesker in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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Super Street Fighter 4 arcade tournament in the works, community news

Super Street Fighter 4 arcade tournament in the works, community news Here's a look at some of the interesting things happening in the community.

Yoshinori Ono said that Capcom is planning an official Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition tournament. This will probably be a Japan only thing, though. He also added that Capcom may be planning arcade edition content for the home consoles, if there are enough requests.

• Nagoya Street Battle 17 is taking place tonight, featuring Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz and Martin "Marn" Phan. A live stream will be available starting around 7 p.m. PST. Live coverage will be provided here on EventHubs.

• A Fight Club for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be held in Chicago today, from 8 to 11 p.m. CST.

• MarkMan mentioned that BitMob is running a contest where they're giving away two of the Chun-Li Tournament Edition FightSticks. It's fairly easy to enter to win these if you're interested.

SpeedBrkr posted some 8-bit style images of Yun and Yang.

Schedule for second GodsGarden online Super Street Fighter 4 tourney

Schedule for second GodsGarden online Super Street Fighter 4 tourney Twelve of Japan's top Super Street Fighter 4 players will be participating in an online round robin tournament hosted by GodsGarden. The action will be streamed, so you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

Since this is running in Japan, the matches will be taking place very late or early most days. The competition starts this weekend and will continue on almost every weekend through the start of November. If you miss anything though, you'll be able to catch an archive and additional information here on EventHubs.

Hit the jump to find a schedule and a list of who will be competing.

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Capcom hopes to squeeze another fighter or two into Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Capcom hopes to squeeze another fighter or two into Marvel vs. Capcom 3 G4TV posted a solid preview of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. They discuss the upcoming title with Seth Killian, quickly going over the new characters and simple mode.

Also, one of the more interesting parts of the article is when Seth mentions that they're trying to hold off on announcing a final roster number because they're hoping to squeeze more characters in before deadline.

Killian added that Capcom also doesn't want to say whether or not there are any more surprises yet to come or hidden characters. Here's a copy and paste from the write up.

G4: So, tell us about Tron Bonne and X-23.

Killian: So, Tron plays very similarly to Marvel vs. Capcom 2, new looks, some new moves of course. Some surprises. But, her core techniques are still there. She's got a brutal level three grab that we may be able to show off on stage later this weekend. X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine, a lot of claws of course, and the footy claws as well. She's basically what you call a rushdown character, so ... in your face, going high, going low, with some interesting ways to extend her action in the air as well. Very fast, she's one of the fastest characters in the game. Basically what you'd expect from staying true to the character from the comics.

PC Super Street Fighter IV very unlikely due to piracy

PC Super Street Fighter IV very unlikely due to piracy AndriaSang.com translated an interview Yoshinori Ono held with 4Gamer.net. Ono claims there will not be a PC version of Super Street Fighter 4 due to how much the original titled was pirated on that platform, unless much better copy protection can be put in place.

Here's a healthy copy and paste from the write up.

It doesn't look like this is going to be happening. In a 4gamer interview today, series producer Yoshinori Ono said that, due to high piracy with the PC version of the original Street Fighter IV, there are currently no plans for a PC version of Super.

The PC version of the original was actually a strong seller worldwide, said Ono. However, it was also "number one in piracy."

Ono actually managed to look on the bright side of the piracy issue, saying that at least the game saw wider spread because of it. However, for the sake of protecting the Street Fighter IV IP, they cannot make it so that Street Fighter is considered "free" in certain areas.

Ono didn't totally rule out a PC release. If they were to find some sort of powerful copy protection solution, the PC version's status could change, he said. He explained that the arcade version already runs on Taito's DirectX-based Type X2 arcade board, so a PC version is already 99% ready.

He did, however, rule out the possibility of a Steam-only release, saying that it would be unfair to those who are unable to buy via Steam.

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Ultras, artwork and images of Yun & Yang in Super Street Fighter 4 arcade

New artwork and images of Yun and Yang were just posted on the official Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 website, along with a direct feed of the two new charactersin action, which was previously posted at the Tokyo Game Show.

Hit the jump to view everything.

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New images for Super Street Fighter 4's costumes, direct feed video

A direct feed of the Super Street Fighter 4 alt. costume trailer you saw a few days ago from TGS has been posted. Also, a handful of high quality images showing these in action were posted.

Click images for larger versions

You can find lower quality screen captures showing these new alt. costumes, as well as a bunch of concept artwork for these as well.

Capcom Europe: More Marvel vs. Capcom 3 announcements in October

Capcom Europe: More Marvel vs. Capcom 3 announcements in October If you were hoping you'd hear about more Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters being announced soon, Capcom Europe threw a bit of a wet blanket on that idea today via Twitter. Here's what they had to say.

Will there be any new MVC3 character announcement at the EuroGamer Expo? If not, when will be the next?

Capcom Europe: I think the next announcements are next month (October).

Simpsons style Street Fighter & Marvel artwork

If you've ever wondered what some of the characters from Street Fighter and a few fighters from the Marvel side of MvC3 would look like if they were to appear on The Simpsons cartoon, here's a sampling of work created by Dean at Springfield Punx.

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Spider-Man and Wesker Marvel vs. Capcom 3 TGS trailers

Spider-Man and Wesker trailers for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 were just officially released. They are the same clips that GameSpot posted a few days ago from the Tokyo Game Show, but these are much better quality and available in HD via YouTube.

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Community news roundup for September 20th

Community news roundup for September 20th

• Delriach mentioned that the new PlayStation 3 Mad Catz Chun-Li TE Stick works a lot better with PCs than other previous Mad Catz PS3 sticks.

• Snoooootch posted a video explaining some tricks and tactics for Fei Long in SSF4 for those of you interested in picking up the character.

• While not directly Street Fighter releated, Keiji Inafune, one of the top brasses at Capcom, had an interview on the NY Times website, talking about the Japanese gaming industry. He had some very provocative and illuminating things to say.

• GcYoshi13 uploaded a PTX-40A combo video for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom UAS. BlueBomberXTJ also added a new Megaman Volnutt clip showing a nifty combo.

• For you old school fans out there, KeikoMars has a Guy combo video for Street Fighter Alpha 2.

New Super Street Fighter 4 combo and glitch video by Desk

Desk has posted another nice Super Street Fighter 4 video. It features stun glitches and general weirdness, along with a bunch of combos.

Updated: Dialogue from PAX West concerning Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Update: Five more clips have been added to this story. They all feature Seth Killian talking about the upcoming game, hit the jump to see them.

Afroreo1369 has uploaded more videos of Seth Killian talking about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at PAX West. While this might be old hat if you caught the entire live stream, a lot of people missed this the first time around and it's nice to hear what he has to say.

Killian starts off discussing Morrigan's Hyper move that fires off a bunch of missiles, but quickly gets into the X-Factor System and Marvel vs. Capcom 2's balance and how it relates to the new game. This is really good stuff, hit the jump for another clip.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 playable at EuroGamer expo Oct. 1-3

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 playable at EuroGamer expo Oct. 1-3 Update: GamerKim noticed that Capcom Europe provided an update on if this would be an actual arcade machine running Marvel vs. Capcom 3, or a console version in an arcade cabinet. They stated:

Nope it's not on arcades. Just specially adapted arcade machines in this case.

Earlier, it was reported on Capcom's official Twitter and Facebook accounts that an arcade version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be playable at the EuroGamer expo, which runs from October 1-3, 2010.

Thanks to CoKami and Yasir for the tip.

Ono: Request things you want to see in Capcom fighters

Ono: Request things you want to see in Capcom fighters Yoshinori Ono responded to quite a few fans on his Twitter account. He dropped a few more hints about what might be in store, but the main message was that if you want to see something added into a Capcom fighting game — request it.

Please add in Urien and Poison into SSF4! :D

Ono: [I've had] a lot of [requests] from fans...

Will we see the new arcade characters as DLC on the consoles?

Ono: We don't have [a plan for it]. But a lot of [people have asked for it]. I'll try talk to Capcom's tops.

Can you please tell us when you will release the new costumes for SSFIV?

Ono: Autumn. Maybe in October or November.

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Fresh Spider-man and Wesker Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay footage

FroggyMan77 and John sent in the clip below which shows a bit more of Spider-man, Wesker and the other recently announced characters, X-23 and Tron Bonne.
There's a bit more after the jump.

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