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StreetFighterDevotion posts more of their collection

StreetFighterDevotion posts more of their collection StreetFighterDevotion.com has posted several batches of rare SF games, merchandise and collectables for you to browse over on Capcom-Unity. The initial batch was posted awhile back, but it's been updated a few times since then.

Here are links to the images.

Part 1 — General Photos

Part 2 — Rare Comics

Part 3 — Rare Games

Seth discusses Marvel vs. Capcom 3's control scheme

Seth discusses Marvel vs. Capcom 3's control scheme A few members in the community were upset recently when they heard that Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would use a simplified control scheme, similar to what's available in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

Capcom's Seth Killian posted this response.

What's up with the new control scheme I keep hearing about for Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

Seth: MvC3's controls are still in development, but it currently has 4 attack buttons, and two assist buttons. If you want the take-away, you can stop reading now because that's the bottom line.

The excitement has all come from the way those buttons are labeled — specifically because one of the attack buttons has a new name. [Editor's note: Right now it's called the Exchange button.] Why does it get its own name? Because:

A) Coming up with exciting new names for stuff is what marketing departments do (was "Aerial Rave" a reason to worry about what we used to just call "air combos"?).

B) It does some fun new stuff in some circumstances, but in many ways that stuff is not different than command normals in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It does stuff like launching (also a normal move in MvC2), causing OTG-able flying screen (normal in MvC2), and some other interesting effects (not as much like MvC2, but a pretty natural evolution).

I understand people's concerns and that even the hint of a change can cause people to go to red alert and divert all power to forward deflector shields. We know MvC2 is serious business, and a very special game. Part of the reason we know that is because we made it, and there are key people from MvC2 on MvC3. We've worked for years to make this game a reality, and so we take it very seriously. The objective is not to "dumb down" a thing, but there are ways to go new places without also giving new players the finger. We have high hopes — you should too. It's easy to get worked up and complain in the absence of a lot of hard info, and there will be plenty of time for that, but I hope we can agree that stuff should come after people have actually played the game and seen it in action.

The good news on that front is that — just like SFIV — we're not hiding this away, and want to get it out and into your hands as early and as often as we can.

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Updated: Street Fighter: Legacy team trying for more

Updated: Street Fighter: Legacy team trying for more Update: The full GamePro interview with Joey Ansah has been posted.

The short film, Street Fighter: Legacy, has received over 1 million views since it's launch last Thursday, but Joey Ansah, one of the main people behind the project, is hoping to do more in the future.

Ansah told GamePro that he's looking to expand the project if Capcom is cool with his ideas. Here's a cut from the article.

"The plan was always to do more," he said. "I always wanted to do a series or a movie and this ended up being the best [method]. If the fans get behind it -- which they have -- it's going to make it all the more easy to get the real deal off the ground which is the next step. We would love to do a couple of movies, maybe a trilogy or a prologue series and then a movie."

"Given how many fans there are, if you do new media [like] Xbox where you can get content full HD, with great sound, and most people have nice flat screens, I think that's the way to go," Ansah said. "So you could have maybe these 10 minute episodes that you pay maybe 50 Xbox Points or the equivalent of 50 cents. We would like to try something like that out."

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Seth Killian talks about fighting games on Mobcast

Seth Killian talks about fighting games on Mobcast Capcom's Seth Killian and GameVideos' Richard Li were guests on Bitmob's Mobcast radio show.

They discuss which titles caused them to fall in love with fighting games, what makes virtual pugilism so engaging, subpar entries into the genre, how sites like YouTube have changed strategy, and whether or not fighting games have become too esoteric.

You can listen to the entire show by clicking here.

GameSpot takes a look back at Street Fighter

GameSpot is declaring May as video game history month and launched a new feature which takes a look back at various games. This week's video is for Street Fighter, it covers the very first title up till the current iterations.

Shoryuken costume pack for Super Street Fighter 4 out

Shoryuken costume pack for Super Street Fighter 4 out The alternative costume pack featuring new outfits for Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken and Dan was released today.

They can be downloaded for $3.99 on the PlayStation 3 and 320 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360.

If you're wondering when the new costume for your favorite character will be released, here's the schedule.

• Available in pre-order: Super Classic Pack (Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, Fei Long)

• Now available: Super Challengers Pack 1 (Hakan, Makoto, Guy, Dudley, Dee Jay)

• Now available: Super Shoryuken Pack (Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, Dan)

• May 25: Super Beauty Pack (Chun-Li, C. Viper, Sakura, Rose, Cammy)

• June 8: Super Challengers Pack 2 (Juri, Ibuki, Cody, Adon, T. Hawk)

• June 15: Super Brawlers Pack (Zangief, E. Honda, Rufus, Abel, El Fuerte)

• June 22: Super Shadaloo Pack (Vega, Sagat, Balrog, M. Bison, Seth)

• June 29: Super Classic Pack (Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, Fei Long)

• July 27: Super Complete Pack (All 35 costumes)

If you'd like to see how these things look, just hit this page for screen shots showing all 35 characters.

Street Fighter Alpha 1 headed to mobile phones

Capcom is going to release Street Fighter Alpha 1 on mobile phones according to PocketGamer.co.uk.

The original 13 player roster has been reduced to 6, with only Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Akuma, Charlie and Sagat selectable.

There's no word yet on how much this will cost or when it will be released, but it it's anything like Street Fighter 4 on the iPhone, it should be less than $10.

Here are some screens.

Click images for larger versions

Another Super Street Fighter 4 combo and trick video by BiffoTasty

BiffoTasty has posted another excellent Super Street Fighter 4 combo and trick video. Along with the usual string of attacks, there's also a number of unblockable Ultra set ups.

Makoto teaches how to count to 10 in Japanese

A reader pointed out this video by nutsVSguts, which is a short animation piece with Makoto showing how to count to 10 in Japanese, there's also an excessive amount of breast action.

Frame Data for Super Street Fighter 4

Frame Data for Super Street Fighter 4 Gilley has come through again by providing frame data for Super Street Fighter 4.

If you're curious about the new cast members, or how the returning fighter's moves look now, this is a solid spot to check out.

All 35 characters have had frame data guides posted on their pages, but to get you there quicker, here are direct links.

| Abel | Adon | Akuma | Balrog (Boxer) | Blanka | Cammy | Chun Li | Cody
| C. Viper | Dan | Dee Jay | Dhalsim | Dudley | El Fuerte | E. Honda | Fei Long | Gen | Gouken | Guile | Guy | Hakan | Ibuki | Juri | Ken | Makoto | M. Bison (Dictator) | Rose | Rufus | Ryu | Sakura | Sagat | Seth | T. Hawk | Vega (Claw) | Zangief |

This is the first draft of frame data, so there are some rough spots that will need to be smoothed out with time. Also, some people have already discovered inaccurate data in here, so keep that in mind when browsing through. The 'Notes' listings are from vanilla Street Fighter 4, but for the most part things haven't changed a lot, so this information should still hold up in most cases.

For comparison's sake, Street Fighter 4's frame data was kept for all 25 characters, simply scroll down to see the old information.

If all of this stuff goes over your head, make sure you check out the How to read frame data guide here on the site.

And again a huge shout out goes to Gilley for yet again taking a ton of his own time to provide the community with this information.

Capcom expects to sell 2 million copies of Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Capcom expects to sell 2 million copies of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Capcom expects to sell 2 million copies of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 after it's released in the spring of 2011, according to a report Siliconera.com picked up.

This is pretty comparable to vanilla Street Fighter 4, which to date has moved roughly 2.8 million copies world wide. Capcom recently announced Super Street Fighter shipped 1 million units around the globe, which was the mark they were originally aiming for.

According to VGChartz, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars on the Wii has sold about 250,000 copies to date and Seth Killian called the title a success considering it beat out initial sales expectations.

Capcom is obviously planning on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 being a big title for them, and with the sales of Marvel vs. Capcom 2's re-release drastically overperforming what they had originally hope for, there's lots of reason for them to be optimistic.

Updated: New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters shown

Updated: New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters shown Update: Better quality screen shots were added to this story along with two additional images.

In the latest Game Informer magazine, Dante (Devil May Cry), Felicia (Darkstalkers), Deadpool and Captain America were listed as confirmed characters for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Here's a list of details and impressions from the write up.

• MvC3 is using the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom scheme to be more accessible, but will retain stuff like Hyper Combo cancels, Snapbacks and assists.

• The game will have the alpha, beta and gamma assist types, just like in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

• MvC3 aims to knock down the wall of complicated controls and open up the field of strategic fighting to all comers. This means fusing the accessible controls of TvC with tried and true MVC2 gameplay.

• The game has simplified launch attacks which are universally performed with one button, the Exchange button. This can also be pressed along with certain directions to slam opponents into the ground, leaving them susceptible to combos. Players can also hit the Exchange button in midair to tag in other team members on the fly. You can also counter exchange moves by guessing the correct exchange move to input at the same time as your opponent.

• Deadpool's teleportation device will comically malfunction if you spam his teleport move. Also, he breaks the fourth wall by beating his opponents with his health bar.

• Chris Redfield uses his weapons from Resident Evil 5, his shotgun and the "shock stick."

• Moves from the previous games seemed to have been retained. Wolverine and Hulks' Supers are shown.

Also, these screen shots of the game have surfaced.

Click images for larger versions

Thanks to Legbone, Jet Grind Radio, Deezee989, Sektah84 and Sairus for contributing to this story.

Results from Midwest Championships 2010 tournament

Results from Midwest Championships 2010 tournament The Midwest Championships fighting game tournament in Chicago Illinois has ended. The results are listed below.

There were a ton of tournaments held at this event and there were some great matches.

If you missed the action and would like to see how some of it went, there's a video archive of the live steam.

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Short Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Q&A with Capcom's Svensson

Short Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Q&A with Capcom's Svensson Capcom V.P., Christian Svensson, posted a short question and answer session about Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

This isn't going to knock your socks off, but there's some alright information about the upcoming game.

How far into development is Marvel vs. Capcom 3? Could you throw a rough percentage at us?

Sven: Percentages of development are sort of meaningless. Let's just say there's already a lot of playable characters with full move sets, some characters with partial move sets and some that aren't yet playable.

Considering how long this game has been in development (Since Summer 2008). Have most of the characters models and move sets been applicated?

Sven: See above. Bear in mind, that in the first six months, it's not active development with a full team. It was planning and design, not full production.

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Capcom's income drops 73.1% from previous fiscal year

Capcom's income drops 73.1% from previous fiscal year Capcom announced today they their net income went down 73.1% from the previous fiscal year. This isn't too big of a deal though, as a sharp rebound is expected because they're releasing some major titles this fiscal year.

What's interesting though is what they had to say about the loss.

In Arcade related business, extraordinary loss increased due to the business restructuring expense incurred for revising the arcade game development system. On the other hand, the corporate tax refund for prior fiscal years based on the agreement between US and Japanese tax authorities concerning the revision on transfer pricing taxation was recorded.

With this statement, it's somewhat surprising that Super Street Fighter 4 will see an arcade release, but considering what's happening in that division — it may very well be one of the last, if not the last, Capcom fighter that sees one.

There is some good news though, the write up also states that Street Fighter IV saw nice overseas growth, which helped offset the losses for the fiscal year.

Source: Capcom press release

Street Fighter 4Tube for Boxee and mobile devices

Street Fighter 4Tube for Boxee and mobile devices Langdon sent in a heads up about Street Fighter 4 Tube, an application you can use to watch matches via Boxee or your mobile device — as long as it's YouTube capable.

If those two options aren't up your alley, there's also an RSS feed available where you can quickly browse through the different categories and sections.

If you want to find out more about this, hit up sf4tube.com for additional details and some screen shots.

Weekend community events May 7 - 12

Weekend community events May 7 - 12 If you have an event you'd like to submit, please use the Contact Us form and send over the details.

• Chicago, Illinois: Midwest Championships 2010, May 8-9. This is a large tournament and there will be a live stream available. Competition gets underway around noon CST.

• Denville, New Jersey: Console Warzone SSF4 Fight Circuit, May 9. This will be streamed live over Justin.tv. 2 p.m. EST start time.

• Brooklyn, New York: Raw Game Play SSFIV Tourney, May 8. This will be streamed live here, 10 a.m. EST start time.

• Boynton Beach, Florida: Back to Basics Tournament 16, May 8.

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