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Hard to find Street Fighter collectables on Jap-Sai.com

Hard to find Street Fighter collectables on Jap-Sai.com Spotted over on the Street Fighter Blog that they ran across a great site for hard to find Street Fighter collectibles, video games and strategy guides.

Everything is sorted and categorized so it's a very easy to navigate the website. If you're looking for some rare Street Fighter stuff, or you just want to take a look around at what's out there in the retail scene, this is one of the best resources you'll find on the Internet.

Does professional gaming have a future?

Does professional gaming have a future? Bit-Tech.com has a intriguing article on if professional gaming may have future after all. Considering all of the bad news professional gaming leagues have been hit with these last few years, many thought the idea of having paid gamers was out the window.

According to Bit-Tech, there's still a few leagues that are doing OK.

Behind all this bad news, there are people out there who are making a living from eSports. Huge events that attract thousands of spectators and give away hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money still take place. While some leagues have gone to the wall, others are quietly flourishing, and many people are passionate about putting professional gaming on the map. Perhaps eSport isn’t dying – it might just be growing up.

Considering Street Fighter IV is growing in popularity, and the World Cyber Games held a small competition for it this year, do you ever see fighting games becoming main stream enough that a few players can make a living off of them? Or will this forever be a pipe dream?

Journal of an old school Street Fighter player

Journal of an old school Street Fighter player Shoryuken.com has a write up by Graham Wolfe documenting the road he took to get back into Street Fighter after taking some time off.

Graham had been in the scene for quite awhile before he took a break and it's interesting how he's approaching getting into Street Fighter IV. It's pretty good read, here's a cut.

I began with Balrog and Blanka, soon realized Blanka wasn’t cutting it compared to Balrog for me, because his ultra was very difficult to land which i soon realized was one of two things that i felt were vital to any winning character.

1. The character must have a landable ultra and not only when you block their ultra, but in combos or in various setups.

2. The character must have ways to defend him/herself from basic things such as jumpins or wakeup games.

Blanka and Balrog both had great defense, but Blanka had an ultra that was not only a charge move but just difficult to land it felt like.

New Street Fighter 3 Third Strike guide for Alex, older guides

New Street Fighter 3 Third Strike guide for Alex, older guides We've added in a new guide for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Alex players.

Also even if you're not into that particular game, there's a few guides in the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike area worth checking out because the tricks inside work in the majority of Street Fighter games.

Assuming you're not already familiar with these concepts, Improving special move execution with Piano Key inputs and Negative Edge is a good place to start. Follow that up with the explanation and use of Cancels, Chains and Links and finally the section on how to Cancel into Supers is pretty handy.

All three of these guides have videos, which were put together by Thongboy Bebop, that illustrate the concepts and include joystick motions and multiple examples. If you're not familiar with these tricks, they can really help you raise your game up to the next level, so I highly recommend checking them out.

PC requirements for Street Fighter IV

The requirements for the PC version of Street Fighter 4 were posted today on the Japanese SF4 blog. They are:
Required Recommended
OS Windows XP Windows Vista
CPU Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or better Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or better
Memory 1GB or more of RAM 2GB or more of RAM
Video Cards DirectX 9.0c / Shader 3.0
NVIDIA GeForce6600 or higher
ATI Radeon X1600 or higher
VRAM: 256MB or more
NVIDIA GeForce8800 or higher
ATI Radeon X1900 or higher
VRAM: 512MB or more
Sound Card DirectSound support
DirectX 9.0c or higher supported
Input Devices Mouse, keyboard Game pad:
XBox360 Controller for Windows XBox360 Controller for Windows

Here's some screen captures of the option menus.

Option screen for the Japanese release of Street Fighter IV on the PC Another option screen for the Japanese release of Street Fighter IV on the PC Third option screen for the Japanese release of Street Fighter IV on the PC
Click images for larger versions

These options will also be available.
  • Frame rate adjustment with the frames per second displayed in real time.
  • Adjust the quality of anti-aliasing.
  • Screen resolution and refresh rate adjustment with vsync toggle.
  • Aspect ratio and brightness adjustments.
  • Texture quality and filtering settings.
  • Quality settings for the character models, backgrounds, shadows, motion blur and particles.
  • Rendering modes for Default, Sumi-E (Ink), Poster and Watercolor modes.

PC Street Fighter 4 shader comparison video

Gametrailers.com posted a clip of the various shader modes in the PC version of Street Fighter IV.

Super Battle Opera qualifying Street Fighter 4 tournament videos

AHOJagi has uploaded several videos to his YouTube channel showcasing some of the better players in one of this year's Super Battle Opera qualifying rounds, including the defending Japanese Street Fighter IV champion, Iyo.

Some of the contestants in here like to use a lot of the clock when they play, but all of the matches feature players at very high skill levels.

Figuring out SFIV's Grade Point rankings

Figuring out SFIV's Grade Point rankings Bal Roger and several other users on the EventHubs.com forums has compiled information showing the point totals needed to advance through Street Fighter IV's Grade Point system.

There's also notes on how much GP (Grade Points) and CP (Championship Points) you lose or gain each match, depending on your rank.

The gang over there has put a lot of work into the guide already, but there's a few spots missing information. If you can fill in any of the blanks or provide additional details, please hop on the thread and share what you know.

Sven covers retail vs. digital and Street Fighter 4 PC stuff

Sven covers retail vs. digital and Street Fighter 4 PC stuff Christian Svensson was on the Unity-Boards to explain why some of Capcom's digital titles cost as much as their retail counterparts, and while he was there he also commented on a few issues related to Street Fighter IV on the PC. Here they are.

What is it that makes digital copies of games cost as much as the retail versions? — Cipher86

Sven: There are three points there:

1. On PC anyway, margins on digital are a little lower than they are at retail at many outlets very often because there are three mouths to feed: us, technology enabler (back end provider), portal (eyeball provider). It's a little different on console because generally the technology enabler is the same as the portal (MS, Sony, Nintendo provide the tech and the eyeballs).

2. Bits still cost money getting them from A to B. In many ways, a disc is still a cheap way to move multiple GBs around. That cost drops every year, but it's still not cheap on projects that are 4GB+ in size.

3. Someone said it above, you don't undercut your retail partners in price. If you do, don't expect to have retail distribution.

All in all, regardless of how you get it, SFIV PC is an incredible entertainment value. We've priced it attractively because we'd like to erase that factor as an adoption issue to see what the potential is for fighting games on PC.

Will SF4 have a benchmark tool so you can see how the game is performing?

Sven: The full game of SFIV includes a benchmark (just as DMC4 and Lost Planet did).

Will you guys ship the Mad Catz FightPad bundle with the PC version of SF4 internationally if ordered through the Capcom store?

Sven: [Yes.]

It's interesting that the profit and loss margin is different for a digitally distributed PC game over a console title. Coupled with PC games selling A LOT less than their console counterparts, it will be interesting to see if the PC ever gets titles like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 or Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix.

Possible fix for rolled back Grade Points in Street Fighter 4

Possible fix for rolled back Grade Points in Street Fighter 4 Quite a few players have stopped their Grade Points from being rolled back in Street Fighter IV by changing their DNS servers to OpenDNS. While this fix has worked for several players, a few people are still reporting the same problems after implementing it.

You can find very clear and helpful instructions to implement OpenDNS here. For those of you who are a bit more tech savvy, all you have to do is adjust your DNS settings to those below.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

In case you're a bit worried about this change, I've personally been using OpenDNS for over a year now and have had absolutely no problems at all with them. I'm also on one of the biggest Internet Service Providers in the nation and OpenDNS' servers have outperformed theirs.

Considering this is a free service, and one many people swear by, if you're experiencing trouble with rolling back Grade Points — I'd highly recommend making this switch.

Also some players claim this has fixed their disconnection issues, and they're seeing overall better performance online, but your mileage may vary.

Thanks go to Azianflavor, TongariDan, Schmeggma and many other people on the EventHubs.com forums for their help.

Street Fighter 4 Ryu and Ken combo video

Blazt The Speakerz and CSVagrant put together a nifty combo video featuring Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter IV. The clip starts off with easier stuff, but it gets going soon after.

While most of these combos aren't practical in a game setting, by watching it you may find a few things you didn't know were possible that you can add to your arsenal.
Another thing to note is how much damage scaling starts happening on some of these bigger combos.

Seth Killian chats about Street Fighter on G4TV.com

G4TV.com caught up with Seth Killian and they chatted about SFIV's Championship Mode update, the National and World tournaments and character rankings.

Also Seth mentioned that the Street Fighter franchise has multiple possibilities for the future on the table right now.
While future SF details won't be announced at this year's E3, something tells me we won't have to wait a long time before we hear about the next upgrade or iteration to the Street Fighter series.

Part 2 of the Dogface interview with Seth and MrWizard

The Dogface Show has posted part two of their interview with Seth Killian of Capcom and MrWizard, the main guy who runs Shoryuken.com.

In this segment the guests talk a lot about the EVO Fighting Game Championship and what users can expect if they show up.
Part 3 should be posted in another week or so, when it's up, we'll have a link here.

Alex Valle featured in a Kotaku write up

Alex Valle featured in a Kotaku write up The legendary Alex Valle was featured in a Kotaku article which talks about how he got into the Street Fighter series.

Alex discusses his early years playing the game and there's a few quotes about his aggressive style of play from other competitors.

He also seems to have fairly strong opinions about online play vs. playing in person. Here's a clip the piece.

"Arcades are where you can truly level up your game against many opponents with no lag issues or rage-quitters," Valle says. "Maybe those rage-quitters can still leave mid-match and cause a scene or something. Playing online on a console is more of a tool for execution and strategy." In short: Play online if you want to practice, play in arcades if you want to fight.

So, what do you think? Do you agree that playing online is just a way of improving execution and strategy, and playing in person is the true test?

Capcom of Japan apologizes for PS3 SFIV problems

Capcom of Japan apologizes for PS3 SFIV problems Capcom of Japan has issued a statement apologizing to PlayStation 3 players for Battle Points, Grade Points and Championship Points not updating properly for some Street Fighter 4 users.

The Google translation is a little rough, but you can make out some of the details for yourself.

If I'm translating the page correctly, they also mention that a few players have had trouble with being disconnected while voice chatting and trying to upload or watch replays.

In the statement they say they're investigating the matter and hope to have a solution soon. Good news for those of you having issues online, as Capcom is looking into the problems.

Capcom to release 9 Wii titles, including 'major' games

Capcom to release 9 Wii titles, including 'major' games The story from IGN.com is that Capcom is going to release 9 new games on the Wii before April 2010. While it doesn't get into specific titles, the article states that one of their goals is to bring major franchises to the system.

One of Capcom's biggest franchises, if not the biggest, is Street Fighter, and with a Wii install base of almost 50 million units world wide — double what the current PlayStation 3 userbase is — they'd be foolish not to put out more titles on the system.

A controller that works well for fighting games might be a bit of an issue, but considering how they're approaching Street Fighter IV's PC release, having a pack-in controller option doesn't seem out of the question.

So if a Street Fighter title besides Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is going to hit the Wii, how do you think it will pan out? Does it matter much if the graphics are dropped down a bit if the game play is there? And would you actually buy a Wii Street Fighter game if it were available?

New business model for arcades?

DeathSmiles II arcade release artwork

Click image for larger version
BeefJack and VersusCity reported that Cave, a Japanese developer, is exploring a new business model for arcade machines with the release of their title DeathSmiles II.

Besides having a ridiculous name, the game will be shipped to select arcades for free with the vendors and Cave splitting the profits from the quarters dropped in.

Considering how much these machines cost and how the console gaming experience has grown, this is an interesting approach. A full on Street Fighter IV cabinet could run upwards of $20,000 and for an arcade vendor to make that kind of investment to not have it pay off ... well, you can see why a lot of arcades have gone under.

While it's highly unlikely the arcade scene will ever be restored to what it once was, this might help keep the current scene around awhile longer. One also may wonder if Capcom will look at doing this with future Street Fighter titles.