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High resolution Street Fighter 4 movies

High resolution Street Fighter 4 movies uploaded 5 high resolution gameplay movies of the console version of Street Fighter 4.

These run at 60 frames per second, and come in a variety of formats for download and streaming.

Even though these are shot on a cam, lack sound, and are a bit tilted, they're still really nice quality.

Video of Rufus' alternate costume

Hard Edge added a video of Rufus' alternative costume. Unfortunately, it's not too much different than his normal outfit.

Ono discusses why they removed parrying from Street Fighter 4

Ono discusses why they removed parrying from Street Fighter 4 got together with Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter 4's producer, for an interview.

They asked some really good questions, and ended up putting together one heck of a piece. Ono covers a lot of subjects that are close to the hearts of many Street Fighter players. Definitely worth your time.

Here's a splice. Why did you make the decision to remove parrying for Street Fighter IV?

YO: I didn't want to create an entertainment video game as such. I wanted Street Fighter IV to be a tool for the people to use and enjoy themselves. I often use the analogy of a chess game. Chess can be played by the American or Russian champion, if you like. We can see them playing chess on live TV and so on. The parrying system is that level. It's quite hard for the vast majority to master. But chess can be played by grandpa and grand kids on a Sunday afternoon. I want Street Fighter IV to be a tool for everyone to enjoy, therefore deliberately I didn't include the parrying system. But you know we carried on with the focus attack and such. Basically we used the rule book from Street Fighter II because that was the most popular.

How to buy a Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet

How to buy a Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet MTV put together a pretty cool article detailing how to buy a SF4 arcade machine.

Considering these puppies cost about $20,000 and you have to jump through a few hoops to actually get one, this article is mostly just for entertainment value — and to give you an idea of why you're not seeing it in more places.

Here's a shake from the page.

3) Live In Japan: Capcom isn’t selling “SFIV” arcade cabinets in the U.S. yet. So how is the game already in some American arcades? It appears that U.S. arcade-owners have imported their units, in some cases just having imported the boards and stuck them into non-”SFIV” cabinets. The units in the U.S. now are gray-market and not approved by Capcom.

Mega Man in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

IAintJWong uploaded a video to YouTube showing Mega Man in the new Tatsunoko vs. Capcom fighting game. He makes his appearance about 1:20 in to the clip.

Here's the video.

Capcom discusses home releases of Street Fighter 4

Capcom discusses home releases of Street Fighter 4 Capcom's Sven has offered up more details on the home releases of Street Fighter 4.
    • They're still investigating the possibility of letting PC and XBox 360 players fight each other online.

    • The PC release of SF4 will trail the console versions by a few months.

    • Releasing via Steam is a possibility, but it's not part of their current agreement with Valve.

    • When the XBox 360 version is complete, it will run better and faster than the arcade release.

    • PC owners will be able to crank up the settings if they have better hardware.

    • The arcade version uses a dual core processor and a Geforce 7900 GS.

If you're like to check out Sven's series of posts for yourself, just hit the Capcom-Unity forums here.

Video: Street Fighter 4 character intros put up a video of all of the characters in SF4 doing their introduction animations.

The video is shot on a cam, so the color and quality is slightly off, but not too bad.

Akuma will be a playable character on Aug. 29

Akuma will be a playable character on Aug. 29 According to translations of the official dev blog from the readers on the message boards, Akuma will be playable in the arcade version of Street Fighter 4 on August 29, 2008.

Before he was unlocked via a code that Capcom sent out to arcade vendors around the world, so the assumption is this will happen again.

It will be interesting to see in the future how many other features/characters are unlocked this way — and if anyone manages to crack this system and unlock stuff before Capcom intends them to.

Video: Zangief vs. El Fuerte

The official Japanese Street Fighter 4 site was updated with another video featuring Zangief and El Fuerte. Here's a YouTube version of the video, or...

You can go to the official SF4 Web site, click the Gallery link at the top, and then click the Part 4 video link.

Udon took break from comics for Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix

Udon took break from comics for Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix IGN conducted an interview with Udon about how their work on the latest Street Fighter comics are going.

They discuss the possibility of a Marvel vs. Capcom set as well as what the current crop of comics are going to be about. Here's a dish:

IGN Comics: I'd be remiss if I didn't start with the question most fans are probably asking - where did the Street Fighter comics go? Why haven't we seen any in a while?

Matt Moylan: The main reason we had to take a break from producing Street Fighter comics was to work on the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix game for Capcom. UDON provided all the character sprites, backgrounds, select screen art, game endings... nearly everything you in the game! The project took up a lot of artists' and admin team's time some we couldn't continue the comics at the same time.

It's true, we probably could have slapped some sort of team together to put out some comics, but I think fans have come to expect a certain level of quality from UDON and we wouldn't want to put out an inferior series. That said, with the HD game behind us, the comics are back! Street Fighter Remix #0 lands at the end of the month, followed by Street Fighter II Turbo #1 in October.

Downloadables confirmed for Street Fighter 4 console release

Downloadables confirmed for Street Fighter 4 console release Not to be outdone by, GameSpy has posted their own interview with Yoshinori Ono.

He reveals that downloadable content is confirmed for the console releases of the game, and explains some of the reasoning behind not making characters available in this way, along with a few other topics.

Good read, here's a clip.

GameSpy: But given that it will be on consoles in a big way, can we expect much in the way of post-release content? Like characters, stages, musical arrangements?

Yoshinori Ono: Going back to the chess analogy, characters [in fighting games] are like rules, and you have to master the rules to enjoy them too. So while we are working on downloadable content, characters will not be downloadable. We don't necessarily want to increase the complexity of the rules. And also, I think it's a little bit unfair that those guys with a bit more money will have more characters. But yes, we are working on some downloadable content.

Source: Microsoft revising XBox 360 controller for Street Fighter 4

Source: Microsoft revising XBox 360 controller for Street Fighter 4 Microsoft is revising the D-Pad on their XBox 360 controllers, with one source claiming it's because of Street Fighter IV's upcoming release.

The new controllers are expected to be released on Oct. 24, 2008. If what the source claims is true, it's good news that Microsoft is taking SF4 so seriously that they're revising their controllers to make it play better.

You can scope out the whole story on Eurogamer, along with three screen shots.

1UP interviews Street Fighter 4's producer Yoshinori Ono

1UP interviews Street Fighter 4's producer Yoshinori Ono 1UP has posted a very nice interview with Street Fighter 4's producer Yoshinori Ono.

There's new information about the upcoming game and Ono hints that there may be more revealed about Sheng Long (Gouken) at the Tokyo Game Show.

Here's a cut.

1UP: How about the new characters for the console version... have you figured out all of them yet?

YO: As you know we allowed people to vote on which character they most wanted in the console game and Cammy won, so she's definitely in the game. We have a rough version of her already up and running. Akuma came in second or third and we've already included him in the arcade game. Figuring out the right number of characters is a lot like chess. You need to know the rules well, and things need to be balanced properly. We'll see what we ultimately end up with.

1UP: Are you going to have a demo for Street Fighter 4 on Xbox Live or PSN?

YO: At the moment we're under pressure to get both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions at the same and to finish them up, so at the moment we unfortunately don't have plans to.

New movie's producer mentions Street Fighter 4's release date?

New movie's producer mentions Street Fighter 4's release date? Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li's producer is saying that the console release of the game will coincide with the movie release in March 2009, celebrating SF's 20 year anniversary.

This conflicts with recent rumors that Street Fighter 4 will see a console release this year.

Rumors aside, it's a pretty good interview and you can check out the full thing here. Here's a quote.

BIZ: Back in 1994, Capcom had the video game movie and then they released a new game based on the movie featuring Jean Claude Van Damme. Are there potential crossovers for you guys with Street Fighter IV?

PA: Capcom is releasing Street Fighter IV in 2009, which is the 20th anniversary of the game. The film and game release dates will coincide, but I'm not certain how much of the game will coincide with the story because ours is a very partitioned off origin story of the Street Fighter universe. So the release dates will coincide, elements between the two will coincide, but in terms of them relating to each other perfectly, I don't believe that's the case.

Street Fighter 4 console version to be shown in Germany

Street Fighter 4 console version to be shown in Germany The Street Fighter 4 Development Blog was updated today with word that the consumer (see console) release of the game would be shown in Germany at the Games Convention.

This does make you wonder how far along in development the console release is, as it will be featured on the east coast when the Street Fighter Clubs start there.

Considering how much play testing Capcom is planning, it could mean they'll go back and tweak any balance issues they come across for the console release, which might make it differ a bit from what's currently being played in the arcades.

Four more alternative costumes for Street Fighter 4

Spotted on the message boards that more photos of alternative costumes for Vega (Claw), Balrog (Boxer), E. Honda and Dhalsim were up. Here's how they look.

Dhalsim alternative costume

Balrog (Boxer) alternative costume

Vega (Claw) alternative costume

E. Honda alternative costume

And here are some videos.

E. Honda vs. Ryu

Dhalsim vs. Ryu #1

Dhalsim vs. Ryu #2

Street Fighter engraved iPod hits the streets

Street Fighter engraved iPod hits the streets A new line of Street Fighter themed iPod Nanos is now available.

You can also find a bunch of other random stuff you can get your favorite fighter etched in to. Kind of nifty if you're into collecting merchandise.