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Seth talks Phoenix's health in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, training mode options

Seth talks Phoenix's health in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, training mode options A number of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 related posts were added to the Unity Boards from Capcom staff members Seth Killian and Christian Svensson. Here's a rundown of what they had to say.

Will you increase Phoenix's health in MvC3?

Seth Killian: No Phoenix health buffs just yet, sorry :) Her health has continued to go down over the course of development based precisely on our extreme respect for her overall potential.

I keep saying it, but nobody likes the answer because it's a tough one: If you want to win with Phoenix, don't get hit. It's tough, but not impossible. She's not for beginners, and I would never start a match with her, but she's one of the most explosive characters in the game.

On point she has a terrifying rush and extreme mobility (8-way airdash, speed, flying, instant teleport to multiple positions), and an effective way to set it up from far away (tracking fireballs). Her Phoenix traps and faster fireballs are also a solid keepaway, and when she "goes dark" you can totally flood the screen with projectiles. She's very, very good.

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IGN's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video character montages

IGN posted a set of character video montages for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This has about a minute of footage each for six of the game's fighters and runs through combos, hypers and specials.

This is all direct feed footage available in 720p HD.

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Gouken Super Street Fighter 4 safe jump setups by Phunksim

Phunksim did a video tutorial of Gouken's safe jump setups in Super Street Fighter 4. Take a look.

More 3DS Super Street Fighter 4 footage, Street Pass, touch screen mashing

A lot of stuff is recapped in this new video from IGN showing more of the 3DS port of SSF4 in action, but you get to see a video look at some of what Street Pass mode has to offer, and how the touch screen controls look when you're mashing out moves on them.

AE blog notes: Honda, Gouken, Rose, Ibuki, Seth & Akuma

AE blog notes: Honda, Gouken, Rose, Ibuki, Seth & Akuma The Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition developers latest entry focuses on some of the hit box changes to E. Honda, Gouken, Rose, Ibuki, Seth and Akuma.

A rough translation of the entry is available along with the images showing you how the various moves were changed.

Hit the jump to check things out.

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In depth with the new PDP Marvel vs. Capcom 3 pad

If you're interested in what features the new PDP Marvel vs. Capcom 3 pad has, an overview of the product with some spiffy details was posted on YouTube. This is retailing for $39.99, and will only be available for the Xbox 360, for the time being.
Video spotted by BIGDIRTYtoews.

Cody and Dudley Super Street Fighter 4 combo videos

A couple of combo videos for Cody and Dudley in Super Street Fighter 4 were uploaded to YouTube recently. The first one comes from SpookyDonkey and has a variety of stuff for Cody fans.

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Akuma Marvel vs. Capcom 3 analysis by Sumoslamman

Akuma Marvel vs. Capcom 3 analysis by Sumoslamman The latest Marvel vs. Capcom 3 analysis from Sumoslamman covers Akuma. If this is a fighter you're considering playing, this is a good overview of what he is, and isn't capable of.

Normal Moves

Akuma has very fast normals, his jab is sickeningly quick, and his sweep combos into his launcher which is always a plus (Video 1 – :22). His aerial combo finisher lets you OTG with either of his aerial beam/fireball hypers making Akuma a ridiculous threat once he’s got you airborne (Video 1 – :53). On the ground he can combo into his Messatsu-Goshoryu (Uppercut hyper) from a very simple normal combo (Video 2 -:55). Unfortunately he has virtually no range on any of his attacks besides his low sweep, and even that’s not saying much.

He also a command normal, at least that’s what it looks like. He basically does a jumping spin kick that can be comboed into and cancelled into Hyakkishu (Demon Flip) mix-ups (Video 1 – :29, Video 2 – 2:01) as well as into hypers (Video 1 – :45). It has a decent amount of start-up so you don’t want to be using this outside of combos. Just like in MvC2 Akuma has quick normals but no real range to speak of. Hopefully that’s where you can substitute Demon Flip shenanigans, air fireballs, and assists to get him in close.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3's training mode has internet lag simulation option

bk4revenge took more video of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, this clip specifically shows all of the options available to players in Training Mode.

One of standout new features is that MvC3 has a "Network Simulation" option which you can set between 0 to 5 bars. Awesome.
If you want to skip specifically to the network mode option, it's at the 1:22 mark.

Big ups to ArykheartX for spotting this.

Galactus' Marvel vs. Capcom 3 reveal trailer

Galactus was officially revealed today as one of the boss characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Here's direct feed video of his trailer.

IGN also has details on how the boss fights were implemented, along with some screen shots and official artwork.

In case you're wondering, the battle with Galactus isn't as simple as fighting the purple behemoth himself. When you first reach the final stage, Galactus can't be bothered with your meddling. He's hungry and would rather focus on having lunch (read: an Earth is the main course). Instead he creates not one but two Silver Surfer-esque heralds, which are metallic versions of villains from the game, like Dr. Doom or Dormammu. The best part? You have to fight both at the same time.

Fortunately the two heralds share one health bar, so with a bit of skilled execution, dispatching these two should be no problem. If it is, you're in trouble, as Galactus will swoop down on you immediately once his two lackeys have fallen.

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New images of Marvel vs. Capcom 3's DLC Shadow Mode

New images of Marvel vs. Capcom 3's DLC Shadow Mode were uploaded this morning. A post is up on Capcom-Unity explaining a bit more about how this feature works.
Ever dream of squaring off with Marvel vs Capcom 3 fighting game legends, but never have the chance? Beginning in March, players will be able to face off against custom-built computer opponents, modeled after famous players and specific themed teams via Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s innovative “Shadow Mode”.

A series of downloadable packs, each will contain three unique teams to battle against, with their own programmed special techniques and preferences. The first pack will include the team and AI Personality of the game’s producer, Ryota Niitsuma, in addition to the Shadow Mode teams for Assistant Producer Akihito Kadowaki and a QA team leader. More packs will be coming soon, and may feature some personalities you already know.

Here are some high resolution screens of Shadow Mode.

Click images for larger versions

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Health (stamina) rankings for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Health (stamina) rankings for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 The stamina (health) rankings for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 were gathered and compiled by TheDuskwalker on a GameSpot UK blog. Here's the listings he wrote up.

Sentinel - 1,300,000

Thor - 1,250,000

Hulk - 1,200,000
Haggar - 1,200,000
Tron Bonne - 1,200,000

She-Hulk - 1,150,000

Chris Redfield - 1,100,000
Taskmaster - 1,100,000
Wesker - 1,100,000

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First look at PDP's Marvel vs Capcom 3 pad

First look at PDP's Marvel vs Capcom 3 pad A new pad for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was officially announced today on Here's the skinny, hit the link for more info.

Performance Designed Products LLC (“PDP”), a worldwide leader in the videogame accessory market, today announced the limited Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad for the Xbox 360. This new game pad has been designed specifically to appeal to both fighting gamers and fans of Marvel comics, with high-quality parts, unique design and explosive artwork taken from the pages of one of Marvel’s biggest events of 2010: SIEGE. The Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad will be available at retail and on for a suggested retail price of $39.99 beginning February 14, 2011.

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Video: Yang's moves and combos in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

Ne0Russell did a video demonstrating Yang's special moves and some combos in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition.
Tip from Prettyboycj100.

All of the taunts in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

bk4revenge has uploaded a video showing all the taunts for Marvel vs. Capcom 3's roster.
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Evil Ryu vs Oni, speed painting by Erick De Icaza

Erick De Icaza did this nearly 6 minute video showing a Evil Ryu and Oni piece of artwork being put together really quickly in Photoshop.

Dr. Doom vs. Jill and Storm vs. Trish Marvel vs. Capcom 3 showdowns

Dr. Doom vs. Jill and Storm vs. Trish Marvel vs. Capcom 3 showdowns A couple of new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 showdown spotlights were written up by Sumoslamman. The first one is a Doctor Doom and Jill Valentine overview, giving the usual information including notes on the character's powers and play style. The second piece focuses on Storm and Trish. Here's a sampling of that write up.

Storm's Play Style: Storm looks a lot slower than her god-tier MvC2 incarnation, but she’s kept a lot of her old tricks. Her Whirlwind and Double Typhoon specials keep enemies at the far side of the screen where they’re susceptible to her awesome Hail Storm hyper for big chip or big damage. Combine those traits with her astounding aerial capabilities and her extremely useful lightning Storm hyper, and Storm takes complete control of the skies.

Trish's Play Style: Fast and agile, Trish traverses the screen with ease, applying debilitating pressure one moment and barraging the enemy from a distance the next. While these hit-and-run tactics may seem annoying, Trish’s invisible traps make reaching her for a little revenge that much more difficult. Add in the fact that she has two long-range hypers and her Round Harvest Hyper tracks and does great chip damage, and Trish can keep you locked down without breaking a sweat.

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