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Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 Oni kill combo, Dee Jay combo video, & more

InahkSohrab created another Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 Oni video showing off a combo that resets, stuns and kills most of the cast with dealing 1031 damage.
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Street Fighter X Tekken moves, King of Fighters 13 guide added

Street Fighter X Tekken moves, King of Fighters 13 guide added SFilp and DreamKing23 have been making steady progress behind the scenes updating the guides here on for Street Fighter X Tekken and King of Fighters 13, the latter of which is probably a surprise announcement for many of you, but we'll get to that in a bit.

Basic Street Fighter X Tekken move listings for Dhalsim, Hugo, Ibuki, Poison, Rolento, Zangief, Hwoarang, Julia, Kazuya, King, Kuma, Lili, Raven, Steve and Yoshimitsu have all been added into the site. Keep in mind these are based on pre-release versions of the game, and it's possible these listings could change with time.

Also, we've launched a brand new King of Fighters 13 section with basic moves. Yes, this means we're going to start covering non-Capcom fighting games here on the front page — in the very near future.

If you don't want to see news about these games, and you want EventHubs to stay as is — you'll have that ability — because we're going to launch a news filtering option that lets you customize the home page to your own personal preferences. You'll be able to cherry pick whatever flavors of fighting game titles you're interested in.

We're putting the finishing touches on this feature right now, along with a few extra bells and whistles, and we will have a front page announcement about this VERY soon.

Also, a number of new, and often requested, features will be added into the site — further down the road. Some of the things have never been done in the fighting game community before, and they'll offer new opportunities and abilities we'll discuss in complete detail when they're ready.

We have a lot of exciting plans for EventHubs, and to put it simply, you ain't seen nothing yet. Stay tuned.

Sven wishes Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 'caught a little more fire'

Sven wishes Tatsunoko vs. Capcom 'caught a little more fire' Chiming in once again on the Unity Boards, Christian Svensson talked about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's UAS sales performance on the Wii. While stating he wasn't dissatisfied with how it performed, he wished the game caught on more with a broader audience.

He also went on to explain why Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was announced so shortly after TvC came out, what Seth's role at Capcom is and responds to a fairly robust request from a fan to continue the Street Fighter 4 series.

Are you happy with how Tatsunoko vs. Capcom performed? I don't think Capcom ever released official numbers on its sales so I don't know how well it did. — Eternal

Svensson: Investor Relations has never released official numbers. Let's just say the performance was not near to any of the Street Fighter 4s or Marvel vs. Capcoms and leave it at that. I wished it would have caught a little more fire than it did (and the game being as good as it was, really deserved it) but I'm not dissatisfied with the North American performance in the end.

What was the thinking behind announcing Marvel vs Capcom 3 only three months after the release of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars? While it is true that TvC and MvC3 were on separate systems, it still was a direct competitor for a player base and Marvel was an established fighting franchise both with fans and the FGC tournaments. — Eternal

Svensson: Frankly, for the majority of the people who bought either title, it's a completely different audience given the disparate demographics of the platforms upon which those games reside. While I love the FGC, in terms of raw numbers purchased, even if TvC had been adopted more widely by the competitive community, I don't think it would have moved the needle appreciably for it in terms of broader acceptance. Secondly, it takes about 10-12 monthsish for a marketing cycle on a big game to build the awareness it needs to be successful. That Captivate was planned early in the process the right window for MvC3 (even before we'd managed to get everything done to bring TvC Westward).

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Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 First to five sets with Weirdo Neo and Latif

PandaxGaming has uploaded more Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 footage. This time featuring the number 1 ranked Juri player in America Weirdo Neo vs. ShikeNotoru a Guy player in a first to 5 set. After the jump there is another first to 5 set this time it's RZR|Latif's C. Viper facing off against Snake Eyez' Zangief.
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 mega roundup: RR combos, She-Hulk TAC glitch & more

Karitakanehakaesanai has uploaded an Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 combo video featuring Rocket Raccoon. This video shows of some incredibly high damaging combos without using X factor and quite a few that can even K.O. Thor.
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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches featuring Noel Brown, RayRay & more

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches featuring Noel Brown, RayRay & more The guys over at The House of Crack have been streaming some Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 where a bunch of New York City players. Some of the the notable players include UVG|Noel Brown, RayRay, Alukard, Bum and many more.

After the jump there will be a set between Noel Brown and Bum followed by a bunch of random matches with various people.

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Cross Counter s8e2 - Cross Counter Cross Cross Tekken?

The Cross Counter team is back with another episode of Cross Counter. In this episode they discuss their thoughts on the newly announced reality show Cross Assault, and what they think about Street Fighter X Tekken so far.
Tip by Rafael2487.

Street Fighter X Tekken 25% off at Newegg with free shipping

Street Fighter X Tekken 25% off at Newegg with free shipping The game isn't going to hit shelves until March but if you pre-order Street Fighter X Tekken from Newegg you can get the game for $44.99 which is 25% off of it's normal price of $59.99. You will also receive free shipping, this deal is limited to one copy of the game per customer.

This offer is for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, but unfortunately not available for the PS Vita version and will expire at 11:50 p.m. PST on Sunday January 29th. To take advantage of this offer use the coupon code EMCYTZT1116.

Tips submitted by S13-Drifter253 and phatboimikey.

Live stream Korea qualifier for LG Cup Street Fighter 4 HD tourney

Live stream Korea qualifier for LG Cup Street Fighter 4 HD tourney The Korea qualifiers for the LG Cup Street Fighter 4 HD tournament should start at 9pm PST and with TwitchTV being announced as an official sponsor for the event the stream is being held over on the LG TwitchTV page. TH|Poongko, WW|Infiltraion and WW|Laugh are expected to attend this event.

Like the U.S. LG cup the winner of both Street Fighter 4 HD and Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 will qualify for the grand finals in February where over $20,000 in prize money will be up for grabs, plus they score an LG Nitro HD.

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Shiro, Uryo, GamerBee & more Super Street Fighter 4 AE v2012 ranked replays

0ShinAkuma0 has uploaded a bunch of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 ranked match replays onto his YouTube channel. Each video is roughly 30minutes long and have various top ranked players such as Shiro, Isy9983, Infiltration, Uryo, GamerBee and many more.
Hit the link to check out another set with more replays.

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Japanese & American pop culture icons drawn into Street Fighter 4 portraits

The Errant Cluster put together a short blog with a bunch of artwork from an artist named Kei-Suwabe. Who created some artwork of what seems to be random Japanese and American pop culture icons drawn into Street Fighter 4 styled portraits.

You can catch a sample below.

Click images for larger versions

Tip submitted by onix_mtg.

Sven talks about Mega Man's appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken

Sven talks about Mega Man's appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken Capcom's Christian Svensson offered some clarification and responded to a fan suggestion concerning Mega Man's appearance in Street Fighter X Tekken on the Unity Boards. Rey Jimenez also jumps in to say how difficult it would be to add Mega Man as a DLC character to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Here's the low down.

Ono just tweeted that Bad Box Art Mega Man was chosen when talking to Inafune a year ago confirming he was planned before the Mega Man messes started. — Blind Nova

Svensson: All true.

Is there any chance at a more traditional "costume" for Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken? What about using the "Mega Man" seen on the movie-posters in Dead Rising? Or maybe a look based on the Ruby-Spears cartoon? That way, we have the option of a less-creepy incarnation of the Blue Bomber, while still playing along with the slightly-cheesy nature. —

Svensson: Interesting suggestion. Maybe. Let me chat about it with Ono.

Could you please put Bad Box Art Mega Man in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 too? — ACBreaker

Rey Jimenez: Interesting, but unless the team planned for him to be in UMvC3 as a DLC character, it would be very hard to do. It's near impossible post release to add content to a title that wasn't planned for before the title was released.

Information for Capcom Fight Clubs in San Francisco and Norwich

Information for Capcom Fight Clubs in San Francisco and Norwich Capcom Unity and Capcom Europe have information on upcoming fight clubs in February should you be interested in attending and checking out the latest build of Street Fighter X Tekken.

The San Francisco Fight Club takes place on February 2nd. The Norwich Fight Club takes place on February 11th. The addresses and admission times for both are shown below.

195 Utah Street
San Francisco, CA
7PM VIP Entrance
8PM-11PM General Admission
Featured Games: Street Fighter X Tekken

Iceni Warriors
132 King Street
7:30PM General Admission
Featured Games: Street Fighter X Tekken, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.

Capcom Europe says that the latest build of Street Fighter X Tekken will be available to play and it is assumed that the same applies for Capcom USA's event. This assumption is based off the fact that the latest build is being shown and demoed by quite a few media outlets.

Ono practices how to troll using the Street Fighter movie

We get a rare glimpse of Yoshinori Ono practicing his trolling methodology on camera courtesy of 1UP today. Watch as Ono hones his skills using the greatest fighting game movie of all time Street Fighter as inspiration.
Submitted by Dumpling.

Maximilian's Assist Me! Deadpool Outtakes

Maximilian has posted a new video from his Assist Me! series today. This has some NSFW language, but if you're a fan of the series it has some nice behind the scenes stuff to check out.

A celebrity look alike...a monarch...and the merc with a mouth all in the same living room. Nothing good can come from this.

Tip submitted by Rafael2487.

Tatsu explains Team Hori situation, talks about being MIA

Tatsu explains Team Hori situation, talks about being MIA Tatsu wanted to shed some light on what had happened with his sudden disappearance in the fight game community after Evolution 2011, so he did a short Q&A with his new sponsor Eternal Rival. They talk a few subjects from where he has been to why cut off his hair.

Q: Where have you been, Tatsu?!
A: After EVO2011, I had unexpectedly run out of money! I decided it was the perfect time to take a break from fighting games to focus on other things, like schoolwork or getting a job.

Q: That's cool. But why'd you cut your hair?!
A: It's pretty hard to get a job when you look like a girlman BADASS, so I had no choice but to cut it. I do miss my hair an awful lot though. Over the years it's turned into a trademark look for me. I will grow it back if my situation permits.

Q: What's the deal with Team Hori?
A: Without getting into specific details, let's just say that the person who was in charge of managing the team wasn't doing a very good job. He broke a lot of promises, put on a fake smile, and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that this guy represented everything that was wrong about the fighting game community. He didn't really care about Hori at all and was just trying to use their name as a way to make a quick buck.

Hori was never at fault. They're actually really nice people. Even though the team was only active for a short while, I'm really grateful for them. It was also cool being on the same team as Sako-san!

Q: So now that you're back, can we expect to see you at tournaments again?
A: Yes! With the support of Eternal Rival and Madcatz, I'm finally back in the game. I'm really excited with the sponsorship because for once, I might be able to travel to majors outside of socal, which is something that I've never been able to do before. Also, expect to see me at Wednesday Night Fights when the new season starts next month. I also like to head out to the weekly sessions at UCI.

I think that's about it for now. If you guys have any other questions, ask away! Also be sure to follow me on Twitter. The teams got a lot of cool stuff coming up for you guys and you're not gonna want to miss out.

Tip sent in by BALLSOHARD.

SoCal Regionals 2011 top 8 Super Street Fighter 4 & top 4 KoF XIII replays

The Level|Up team has uploaded both top 8 for Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and top 4 for King of Fighters XIII onto their YouTube channel. The SSF4 feature plays like iPeru, RZR|Latif, CCG|Air, EG|Justin Wong, EG|Ricky Ortiz, Hugo101, LU|Alex Valle and Masarap. While the King of Fighters features TC Yoshi, AS|Reynald, LDA B.A.L.A and eLive|Mr. KoF.

You can scope out the results from this tournament along with the characters and teams used as well, if you'd like to jump to specific matches.
Hit the jump to check out the King of Fighters top 4

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