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New Super Street Fighter 4 gameplay movies from GameSpot

GameSpot has posted a few gameplay movies of Juri, Dee Jay and T. Hawk. Nothing ground breaking here, but you can clearly hear the new announcer and see a few new combos.

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Checking up on Korean Street Fighter 4 champion Poongko

Poongko, who plays Ryu, is the reigning Street Fighter 4 champion from Korea. He made a name for himself with his outstanding execution skills and very aggressive style of play, although he lost to Iyo, Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara at the national SF4 competition held here in America.

Since that time, not much has been said about the guy, but a few new videos popped up featuring him on YouTube.
So, what do you think? Have his skills evolved to the point you think he could take on the best of the best? To check out another video and leave your comments, click the link below.

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Street Fighter 4 top match videos for E. Honda

I've added a page to the E. Honda Street Fighter 4 guide featuring some of his top match videos. Inside you'll find 8 matches of some of the better Honda players on the web, including Mike Ross, Akimo and Shinjuku.

These players square off against the likes of Daigo Umehara, Alex Valle and Momochi. If you find any other clips worth pointing out, please leave a comment on the page linked above.

Here's one of the videos from the House of Cicada tournament earlier in the year.

National tournament details for Japan

National tournament details for Japan The Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog was updated again recently offering some new details about the 2nd national tournament being held in Japan.

  • Tournament will be a 3 vs. 3 team competition.

  • Single match per player, best two out of three rounds format.

  • Cannot have duplicate characters on the same team, i.e. couldn't make a squad with two or more Sagat players.

  • The winning team will earn the right to go to the final tournament and receive the title of 'Most Wanted 2010'. However the winning team cannot refuse to go to the final tournament. Capcom will pay the transportation costs to and from the tournament for the qualifying teams.

  • The runner-up team will receive the title of 'Untamed Spirit 2010'.

Unfortunately the rest of the entry talks about food and we don't get any new Super Street Fighter 4 details.

Translation Source: VersusCity

GameSpot interviews Seth about Super Street Fighter 4

GameSpot captured Seth Killian for awhile and got him to talk a bit more about Super Street Fighter 4.

The clip digs into the special moves and offers a bit more gameplay footage showing the 3 characters you've probably seen a lot of now.

Seth also covers the recently announced bonus stages, online modes and other things, but he doesn't offer up any thing you haven't heard before if you've been keeping up with the game.

Justin Wong demonstrates a few tricks with Akuma's Ultra

Frame-Advantage.com and Justin Wong have posted a video to YouTube showing you a few tricks with Akuma's Raging Demon Ultra move in Street Fighter 4.

Svensson pushing for more PC releases from Capcom

Svensson pushing for more PC releases from Capcom Potentially good news for fans of Super Street Fighter 4 hoping for a PC port — Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson stated he is pushing for more PC releases via the Unity Forums.

He also briefly chimed in on who he thought could hold their own as a lead in a Street Fighter film.

Will Modern Warfare 2 selling well despite how crap of a PC port it is, somehow influence Capcom and others to slack off/disregard PC gaming/raise prices? — McJon

Sven: Frankly, I'm trying to push our company to "PCize" more, not less. Slow and steady progress will be made.

I couldn't be happier reading those words Sven.

Sven: Just to set expectations, I'm not always going to be successful in my endeavors, but the effort is being made nonetheless.

Which Street Fighter character(s) could hold their own movie in your opinion? — Rey

Sven: I'd say Crimson Viper... not in the sense that she's popular, but that her backstory would provide some very cool opportunities.

Capcom on the price of developing games

Capcom on the price of developing games Christian Svensson and Seth Killian were on the Unity Boards to offer a bit of insight into what the profit/loss margins are for video games.

While this doesn't directly deal with Street Fighter, it gives you an idea of what kind of money publishers get in return for a title.

If a game sells 250,000 copies at a Suggested Retail Price of $50, that comes out to a total of about $12,500,000 worth of total business. Would it be fair to say approximately $10,000,000 of that makes it way back to the publisher?

Obviously there are development, marketing, shipping and production costs that have to be factored in before any kind of profit can be weighed out. I've heard you guys can't really discuss this, but I was curious.

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Seth and Sven cover Super Street Fighter 4's net code

Seth and Sven cover Super Street Fighter 4's net code Capcom's Christian Svensson (Sven) and Seth Killian were communicating with the fans to clarify some things on Super Street Fighter 4's net code and spectator systems.

Here's what they had to say.

If you cannot talk about the netcode yet, then maybe you can answer this. How are you going to handle spectators in order to minimize lag? For example, is it possible that the spectators have nothing to do with the two players in the match? Even if it means spectating would be out of sync with the actual match. Any information or response will be greatly appreciated. — AlboShinobi

Sven: Yes... thought has been given to these issues... but alas, I can not share details at this time. Stay tuned.

Why is there such secrecy on this matter? — PKT

Sven: It's less secrecy and more that everything isn't "set in stone". If we told you, "Oh, this is how we're dealing with it," when there's still loads of testing and optimization that may cause us to deviate from a given path, well then, effectively we've told you something that isn't ultimately true... and in turn, we hear complaints.

Rather than tell you what we're trying to do, we'd rather make sure we have things baked before we go making promises (and when we use words like "may" or "try" consumers often hear "you promised!!!1!1!!one!").

Also a few people remarked about the statement that the Japanese development team is trying to "preserve" the net code for Super Street Fighter IV, even with spectators. This comment was taken from this blog post.

Capcom's Seth Killian added this note on the subject.

Seth: Lol. The "preserving" the netcode stuff is misleading translation at its finest, not something significant (why is it in quotes at all?)

What the team is referring to is simply that it can get difficult to sync all the spectators with the competing players themselves, in terms of image AND voice. Basically the issue they are struggling with is that sometimes the spectators will be watching at slightly different speeds, so that if I'm across the country and watching a few frames behind my friend, I might still hear him cheering his buddy in victory before the final blow has landed for me. It's not a major issue, applies only to spectating, and is still in development. Geez! :)

Also, on another good note, Seth added that, "Yes, you CAN record and save your matches at will," for those of you who were wondering about the replay system.

Source: Capcom-Unity.

Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 team goes in-depth on network modes

Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 team goes in-depth on network modes Azrael, who's done a ton of translating for the community, has converted the most recent Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog developer post to English.

This is a large entry with a lot of details, so here's a quick summary Azrael typed up giving the gist of what the development team had to say.
  • More "community" feel than the last game.
  • All multiplayer lobbies will have the ability to spectate matches.
  • Working to "preserve" the quality of the netcode from SFIV even with spectators.
  • Can use Fight Request while you wait for all members of a team battle.
  • For a private team match, the host can divide up the teams. Otherwise, it's done automatically.
  • Auto team placement uses Player Points as well as some randomness.
  • Voice chat available while watching a match.
  • Endless Battle has no effect on Battle Points/Player Points.
  • In Ranked, Battle Points is divided up into BP/PP - PP will be your overall score, while BP will be character specific.
  • In Ranked, you can upload a replay after 3 straight wins.
  • Blind character select for all network modes, including no cursor motion sound.
  • Preset comments available for entering a lobby.
To read the entire post, just click the link below.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 TE stick hits on Nov. 18

Things have been pretty quiet on the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament Edition FightStick front, but it turns out they'll be a Gamestop exclusive and released on November 18th for $159.99 according to this picture from the Capcom-Unity Twitter account.

Street Fighter 4 Snuggie blanket

The Street Fighter name gets slapped on a lot of interesting products, and this one certainly falls into the 'interesting' category.

If you look around, you might be able to find a Street Fighter Snuggie in random retail stores. A Snuggie is basically just a blanket with sleeves.

Click image for larger version

You can bet someone at a major tournament is going to be sporting one of these things at some point, but the real test will be if they can manage to win a match while wearing it. ;)

Transparent Super Street Fighter 4 artwork

GROARK posted some character artwork from the official Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 site as transparent .png files, which makes them super easy to work with when you want to create your own avatars or do some nifty stuff in Photoshop.

Click images for larger versions

If you like these, but want more images to play with, make sure you hit up the artwork section here on EventHubs.com for tons of character galleries.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom UAS interviews by Capsule Computers, Gamasutra

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom UAS interviews by Capsule Computers, Gamasutra First up, Capsule Computers caught up with Capcom's Seth Killian to discuss Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

This piece talks about the staff who's working on the game, how well written the endings in the game are, and some more details on how the online modes work. It ends up being a pretty good read.

Not to be out done, Gamasutra interviewed the game's producer, Ryota Niitsuma. This article isn't as informative, but if you're hungry from more TvC info, it's worth looking over.

This write up focuses on how the game came to be, what the developers were trying to accomplish, and they brush over some of the challenges working with 3D characters in a 2D environment.

Super Street Fighter 4 character bios for Cammy, Chun-Li and C. Viper

Super Street Fighter 4 character bios for Cammy, Chun-Li and C. Viper The character bios/storylines in Super Street Fighter 4 for three of the female cast members have been translated by Jigsaw.

There isn't anything too exciting here, but if you're looking for a little background on these fighters, these pages flesh things out a little bit.

Street Fighter 4 Akuma combo expo video

Mt. Symbal sent in this Akuma combo movie which starts off with some things you may have seen before in some matches, but transitions into the crazy stuff you expect from most combo videos.

The video creators also show you some practical setups for Akuma as well.

Battlefield Arcadia 7 match videos and tourney bracket

To expand the event coverage on the site, you'll now find tournament brackets for major competitions that take place. This is so you can see how the individual match ups went down and which characters were taken. Here's a breakdown of the top eight for BattleField Arcadia #7.

Click image for larger version

The match videos from the event have also made it online, including this Winners Finals match between Justin Wong (Fei Long) and Arturo Sanchez (Dhalsim).
Here are some other clips from the Top 8. You can find other videos of earlier matches here on YouTube, and all of latter battles are available on Frame-Advantage.com, although you might have a little trouble with their player.