Moves for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath
Tiers for Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

'Boss at all cost' Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Thor gimmick video

Covering one of the rarest characters you'll see in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, TENINCHLUVABOY did a gimmick video for Thor, titled 'Boss at all cost.'

This covers a variety of Thor setups from command grabs to high/low mix ups.
Submitted by Jem_Over and WARGROUND_COOK.

Super Street Fighter 4 comeback compilation episode 12 by LiangHuBBB

A new entry in the compilation series of Super Street Fighter 4 comebacks is up from LiangHuBBB. This is episode #12.
Submitted by Marleyklus and DreamcastFan.

Super Street Fighter 4 3DS proof of concept shotos combo video

If you're curious how the bread and butter stuff for some of the shoto characters, Ryu, Ken and Akuma, has been transferred over to the portable version of Super Street Fighter 4 on Nintendo's 3DS, AJFAwesome made this proof of concept video replicating many of the combos you've seen over the years being pulled off on the handheld device.

This doesn't show anything you haven't seen on the title's console counterparts, but it's nice to see that these combos can be faithfully reproduced on the new system.

Tron Bonne Beam Bounce, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 instructional video

A video by Option IV showing how to use Tron Bonne's Jumping S as a "beam" bounce and extend combos against small characters was uploaded to YouTube. This is helpful for Tron players in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 looking to score better damage against characters that can duck under her Jumping Hard Attack.
Submitted by Jimbo Slice.

Dante Marvel vs. Capcom 3 teleport cancel tutorial

A video explaining Dante's teleport cancels in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was created by SmexyMillz. The audio quality is a bit rough, but the info is helpful.

Cammy Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo strategies from Damdai

The latest episode of Super Turbo Saturdays with Damdai and Seb focuses on Cammy. Damdai, a terrific SSF2T player, breaks this character down going over her strengths and weaknesses along with some tricks you should know when you're playing her.
Tip also sent in by neoWhite.

Yatterman-2 Tatsunoko vs. Capcom reset tutorial

Showing some of the potential resets Yatterman-2 has in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Wii, Oreo311 built out a detailed video covering some sweet mix ups.

Possible origins of the hole in Evil Ryu's chest

Possible origins of the hole in Evil Ryu's chest Ever wonder how Evil Ryu got that big hole in his chest? Well, did a write up, with images, explaining how it may be based off of a manga by Masahiko Nakahira, who apparently created Evil Ryu and Karin. Here's a clip from the page.

Well it seems Capcom is honoring the work of famous mangaka Masahiko Nakahira who made the Street Fighter Alpha mangas as well as the famous Ryu Final in which Ryu gets almost killed in his final battle against Akuma, where the latter punctured Ryu’s chest.

This is not the first time where Capcom borrows ideas from Nakahira-san’s mangas. In fact Evil Ryu was a creation of Mashiko Nakahira (in the Street Fighter Alpha manga) as well as Karin (who was a character specifically created for the Sakura Ganbaru manga) and the background for many other characters.

If you're interested in picking up the comic discussed here, Udon Entertainment has translated his books and they're available for purchase on Amazon. You can find links to these by hopping the link above.

Installing a new Mad Catz TE FightStick panel or artwork

Want to put a new panel in your Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightStick, but not sure how to go about it? Well, AoBfrost did a helpful tutorial video showing how it's done. The action is sped up, making it a quick watch without skipping out on the important details.
There's also another tutorial, also by AoBfrost, showing how to swap out the artwork on your TE stick.

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3 Green Bars season 2 episode 1, Costa Rica

The first episode of the new season of 3 Green Bars, by CptMunta is online now. This series takes a look at fighting game communities around the globe, this video focuses on Costa Rica.

Cross Counter: Gootecks & Mike Ross: Justin Wong vs. Marn

The latest Cross Counter with Gootecks and Mike Ross has been posted. Mike Ross and Gootecks discuss the past two major fighting game tournaments and analyze the MvC3 Canada Cup Finals between Justin Wong and Marn.
Tip from DreamcastFan, KreyZ and Hydro_UK.

New X-Men: Children of the Atom combo video by IzumojinX

Another great new X-Men: Children of the Atom combo video was created by izumojinX. This shows off a lot of interesting combo techniques and a fantastic level of combo creativity for each character.
Tip sent in by marleyklus4.

Classic fighting game footage on YouTube

Several YouTube channels were sent in over the past week that deal with multiple fighting games over the years. The first is Psychorarity, who has over four thousand videos dealing with all sorts of fighting games past and present. His channel includes classic fighters such as Super Turbo and modern versus games such as Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

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Capcom has plans for Street Fighter's 25th anniversary

Capcom has plans for Street Fighter's 25th anniversary A blurb on the PaulGaleNetwork talks briefly about Capcom's plans for Street Fighter's 25th anniversary, which is coming up in 2012, it reads:

Finally, I had to mention that Street Fighter turns 25 in 2012, and ask if we could expect Street Fighter 5 or was Street Fighter X Tekken going to be all? After all, for the series’ 15th birthday we got the Anniversary Collection and then we got Street Fighter IV for the 20th anniversary. Although I didn’t get anything solid, at least I was told that “Street Fighter is as important as Mega Man and they’re both turning 25″…so my guess is that something is up!

Although the site mentions Street Fighter 5, that does seem very unlikely at this point, as Ono's team is currently hard at work with Street Fighter X Tekken and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition.

Also, with the DLC release of SSF4 Arcade Edition content being all but confirmed at this point, the Street Fighter development team probably has their hands very full at the moment.

Still, it's Street Fighter's 25th anniversary, and it sounds like Capcom will do something to commemorate the event.

Evil Ryu's alternative costume in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, matches

Whosdrivinawarthog posted the first image of Evil Ryu's alternative outfit in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, along with a few match videos of this fighter in action from Kim1234 and Air's YouTube page.

Click image for larger version

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Community news roundup for March 25, 2011

Community news roundup for March 25, 2011

• SabishiiRyuu compiled more battle point Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition rankings running through the top 87 players along with individual rankings for the characters.

• The iOS version of Street Fighter IV was updated enabling a comic viewer option where you can browse some of Udon Entertainment's work right on your iPhone, or other supported device. It's also easier to unlock Dee Jay now. Tip from alex_mmorales, Rafabio and Novilin.

• Wauhti of uploaded a SSF4 combo video for Sakura, titled Whirlwind.

• Kuja_1 showed how Doctor Doom's Hidden Missiles whiff when you're in Level 2 or 3 X-Factor.

• A-Cho has footage up from a Japanese 2v2 SSF4 AE tournament. Tip from Mr. Pavy

• BossLogic created a quick Evil Ryu wallpaper image.

More Wednesday Night Fight 2.2 Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches

A few more Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches from Wednesday Night Fights 2.2 were posted by Offcast. These videos feature EG.Justin Wong, Marn, fLoE, Clockw0rk and Codylicious.

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