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Ken's Ultra glitch in Street Fighter 4

error1.geo sent in these two videos showing how to glitch out Ken's Ultra in Street Fighter 4.
Video: Street Fighter 4 Ken Ultra glitch addendum

New Super Street Fighter 4 details from French website

The French site Jeuxactu.com has written up an interesting story about Super Street Fighter 4. I've done a rough translation of the piece, so keep in mind some things might get lost in translation.

  • Sagat and Seth were specifically mentioned in the article as being nerfed (not being as effective).
  • The rest of the cast is being rebalanced by altering the power of some of their moves along with changing up the frame data.
  • There will be new opening and ending sequences done by a 'great Japanese animation studio.'
    • Assumption from author: The user-interface will be receiving an overhaul.
    • Assumption from author: Bonus stages have been confirmed.

They also included a new video which shows more Dee Jay and Juri action, but you can hear a clear new sampling of background music too.

Udon's intro for Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix

Udon revised the intro for Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo when they re-did the graphics for HD Remix, but the clip didn't make the final cut.
What do you think?

Character strength comparison for Street Fighter 4

Character strength comparison for Street Fighter 4 In an effort to compare how strong the fighters are, there's a new character strength chart for Street Fighter 4.

Here's a grab from the page to give a little background on what this is — and isn't.

Because it's difficult to create an apples to apples comparison for how strong each of the fighter's Special/EX Moves are when compared with the rest of the cast — these attacks were NOT factored in. When Specials/EX moves were in the charts, the numbers for projectile throwers and other low damage attacks skewed the results quite a bit.

Instead universal moves that all characters have like Hard attacks, Supers, Ultras, Throws and Focus Attacks were used to tabulate the data.

So while this will give you a general idea of how strong each of the characters are, it doesn't factor in things like recovery time, speed and the overall efficiency of a move. Some attacks may have really high damage, but are very difficult to land in an actual match.

Even if a character's overall strength rating here is low, it doesn't necessarily mean their damage capabilities are. Things like combos and how easy it is to connect with your attacks also play a very key role.

If you notice any errors or problems with the list, please send me a heads up via the contact form.

Seth talks about the viability of re-releasing fighters

Seth talks about the viability of re-releasing fighters Seth Killian made an excellent post on the Unity Boards explaining what Capcom's stance is on re-releasing fighting games, especially in regards in Capcom vs. SNK 2.

This is a great read if you've ever wondered what it would take for an old title to get the green light, as Killian covers the criteria from multiple angles. Here's the entire post.

Is it possible we'll see a re-release of Capcom vs. SNK 2 any time soon?

Seth: I too would love to turn on my consoles and have my choice to play any of my past favorites, but a few things to keep in mind for CVS2, or really any Capcom fighter not currently available on next-gen systems:

"Just release it on PSN (or XBL, etc.)" is much harder than it sounds. As you can see from MVC2 and SF HD Remix, we aim high in terms of overall standards even for digital-only releases, and getting online right, much less the port itself, can be a very painstaking process. Having been a part of both of these from the inside, the amount of work that goes into the games, even when they are just ports+online (like MVC2) would likely shock you. It takes a lot of time and effort, all of which costs money.

That leads us to consideration #2: return on investment (aka "yes, this is a business that has to make money to keep the lights on"). CVS2 has a very dedicated following, and had a long tournament life, but wasn't one of Capcom's most generally popular fighters. In order to make these proposals "pencil" (as in, predict reasonable sales that at least cover our development costs), we need to be able to offer games that appeal to a larger base than just existing CVS2 fans. This is a hard market to expand, however, because CVS2 is *extremely* complicated for new users. It has C, A, P, S, N, and K "grooves," a large cast, multiple team members, not to mention roll canceling (the first hurdle you must jump if you want to play "seriously"), which puts the difficulty bar at a ridiculously high place for anyone trying the game for the first time.

Finally, even if we can generate enough sales to cover costs, there are at least two other issues to consider: First is opportunity cost. That's basically the cost of having our staff work on this instead of something else. The people we have working on CVS2 online aren't working on SSFIV, or some other game that might produce a better return. We're all about the fan service (trust me when you see a few of the things we have in store!), but when fan service becomes a black hole for time and money, that party gets ended pretty quick.

The second issue has already been mentioned here, and that's flooding the market. I am insane about fighters, as are a few of you, but for most of the game-buying public, they only have room for a fighting game or two per year. If Capcom decides to release a bunch all at once (and let's not forget, we've already gone from approximately zero per year to MANY just since I've started), we risk burning out even the hardcore. Being "hardcore" about any game means devoting a lot of time to it, so having a lot out at once can get in the way of having enough time to really spend with any of them. Fighters are special -- they aren't like your Assassin's Creed, where you play it, hopefully enjoy it, get to the end, and then stick it on the shelf with your collection, probably never to play it again. You can play a good fighter every day for well over a decade without getting bored, and even without mastering it. Having TOO many such creations around can be taxing on everyone's time.

Wow, long answer to a simple question, but hopefully that gives you a little extra perspective from our side...

List of changes in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

List of changes in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars Spotted through Capcom Unity that FrustratedSquirrel on the SRK boards has compiled a truly impressive list of changes from Tatsunoko vs. Capcom to the Ultimate All-Stars upgrade.

If you played the original title or heard a bit about it and want to know what's changed, I don't think you'll find a better list anywhere.

Here's a grab from the page.

+ Throws are more useful (tick throws exist. You can throw someone while they are attacking, can throw after blockstun, etc.)
- Characters fall faster now.
- Megacrash pushes up and away. Can still combo after a megacrash.
- Baroque is not as potent.
+ Giant characters cannot be so easily comboed/infinited.
+ Characters gain a bit more meter while being hit.
- Cannot force the opponent into a corner after a juggle via the air combo trick.
* Stage-specific music.
* New character select screen (with gear-like selection reels that leave the number of new characters to be included ambiguous).
- Damage scaling on DHCs (Delayed Hyper Combos) is more severe, devaluing hyper combinations somewhat.
+ Characters now have more proration as their health bars get lower (guts).

Street Fighter 1 available on the Wii's Virtual Console

Street Fighter 1 available on the Wii's Virtual Console Fighting Street, a TurboGrafx-CD port of Street Fighter 1, is now available on the Wii's Virtual Console for 800 points, which is $8 USD.

While this is the first Street Fighter game, it's not a particularly good title, with challenging controls which will probably prevent you from executing a Shoryuken most times you try.

Still, it's not a bad trip down memory lane, because for $8 you get to see the game that started the legendary franchise.

Updated: More Super Street Fighter 4 details from Micromania Game Show

Updated: More Super Street Fighter 4 details from Micromania Game Show Update: Ken Bogard emailed me to clarify some of the things in this news story. Notably that there were 8 character slots in the beta he played, with only Juri, T. Hawk and Dee Jay selectable.

He also stated that the properties for Shoryuken/Tiger Uppercut moves wouldn't be changed, but Ono wants the rest of the cast to have more ways of countering these attacks.

Earlier in the day more Super Street Fighter 4 details have emerged from the Micromania Game Show that was held in France.

Ken Bogard got some hands on time with the title and revealed/confirmed some new details about the game which Tuurio translated. Here's the skinny.

• He confirmed characters will have two Ultra moves.

• Some of the new commands to execute an Ultra are very unique.

• There were 8 selectable character spots on the select screen with only Juri, T. Hawk and Dee Jay selectable.

• The character select screen is completely different than it was in Street Fighter 4.

• Yoshinori Ono is still pushing hard to get an arcade version made.

• He was asked if the big announcement next week will relate to characters or new online modes, Ono said it was the latter.

• Dee Jay's Machine Gun Punch is now a mash punch command. It's no longer done by charging down and then pressing up + punch.

• T. Hawk's Condor Spire (horizontal Hawk Dive) is a reverse Dragon Punch command.

• You can follow an EX-Tomahawk Buster with an EX-Condor Dive. This takes two EX meters.

• Yoshinori feels that a Darkstalkers revival is possible.

• Throws are too easy to land in Capcom's eyes and they plan to tweak some things to fix this. Ono wants jumps to have fewer startup frames.

• Capcom wants to give the rest of the cast more tools for countering Dragon Punch/Tiger Uppercut attacks.

BattleField Arcadia 7 tournament results

BattleField Arcadia 7 tournament results TFGM provided the results for the recent BattleField Arcadia tournament. Here's the recap.

Street Fighter 4
1. Justin Wong (Fei Long, Rose)
2. Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez (Dhalsim, Seth)
3. Sanford "Santhrax" Kelly (Akuma, Cammy, Sagat)
4. Rico (Abel)
5. Andre "Jago" Lambert (M. Bison)
5. Chris Hu (Ryu)
7. Jav1ts (Balrog)
7. Aulord (Cammy)


• Sanford holds his own against Arturo in Losers Finals but is taken out 2-3 by Arturo. Solid Akuma and Dhalsim play.

• Justin Wong's Fei Long takes out Arturo's Seth in the Grand Finals.

• Rico defeats Andre in tournament for the first time.

• Aulord takes out Joe "ILOVEU" Ciaramelli, shocking.

• Chris Hu defeats Sanford's Sagat but is utterly destroyed by his Cammy.

Thanks to Relikk for helping with some of the results.

Rumor: Arcade release of Super Street Fighter 4 before consoles

Rumor: Arcade release of Super Street Fighter 4 before consoles A Twitter post from Arcade Infinity states that there will be an arcade release of Super Street Fighter 4 and it will hit before the console versions.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Arcade Infinity, it's located in Southern California and regarded as one of the best arcades in the nation.

It attracts top players like Ed Ma, Mike Ross and Gootecks, among others and hosts some major events.

So while this shouldn't be taken as official confirmation that the arcade release of Super Street Fighter 4 will happen before the console versions hit in the Spring of 2010, this statement isn't coming from some random anonymous person on the Internet.

On the contrary, the owners seem to be fairly well plugged in with the arcade scene in Japan, and it's not much of a stretch that they'd hear this before other news outlets, considering they specialize in this area.

Regardless, Capcom hasn't even made it official that there will be a Super Street Fighter 4 arcade release, although recent statements seem to strongly imply that their initial comment that an arcade version, "wouldn't happen at all," was a ways off base.

Only time will tell here, but since Capcom has done multiple arcade location tests and used this feedback to balance and improve their fighting games in the past — and this formula seems to be very successful — it seems odd they'd break away from it now.

Ono interview, more footage of Dee Jay, Juri & T. Hawk

Yoshinori Ono was at the Micromania Game Show, which was held in France, to demo Super Street Fighter 4 and give an interview. Parts of this clip are a bit hard to make out though, but he talks more about pushing for an arcade release of the title.
Also, there were a few new gameplay videos posted from the event.

Dee Jay footage
Juri footage
T. Hawk footage

Unfortunately, these videos don't show much beyond what we saw earlier from the Capcom Fight Club in New York City, but you may spot a normal move or two you didn't see the first time around.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom UAS footage from the NYC Fight Club

While Zero and Joe the Condor were announced a little ways back there's hasn't been a lot of footage for these two characters yet. GameManx recorded some shaky cam footage of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate-All Stars at the Capcom Fight Club held in New York City recently, showing a lot of Zero and some Joe the Condor as well.

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Mini Street Fighter cell phone joysticks for $13.70

Mini Street Fighter cell phone joysticks for $13.70 If you're ridiculously hyped for one of those mini Street Fighter joysticks you can attach to your cell phone that make sounds when you perform the motions, Straya-World.com is selling them for $13.70 a piece.

They have all four characters available as well, here are the links.

Kotaku: Capcom getting 'bullish' about paid DLC

Kotaku: Capcom getting 'bullish' about paid DLC Kotaku.com has an interesting story stating that Capcom is going to push out more downloadable content (DLC).

They stated:

Capcom offered the following as one of its strategies for the second half of its fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2010.

Use digital distribution to maximize opportunities to sell software
• Sell game software by using network downloads in order to give users more options.
• "Marvel vs. Capcom 2", "Fate / unlimited codes" (overseas), and others.
• Constantly offer upgrades and earn profits by using PSN and XBL to distribute additional content.
• Constantly sell "Resident Evil 5", "Street Fighter IV" and other additional content.

While Super Street Fighter 4 isn't mentioned directly, 'offering upgrades through the PlayStation Network and XBox Live' was how the original costume packs were distributed for SF4, so it's possible we'll see some similar things with the release of SSF4 too.

Capcom expects Super Street Fighter 4 to sell 1.1 million copies

Capcom expects Super Street Fighter 4 to sell 1.1 million copies VGChatz.com is reporting that Capcom expects to sell 1.1 million copies of Super Street Fighter 4.

For comparison's sake, the original title, Street Fighter 4, sold 2.7 million copies world wide on the console machines according to the same website. 1.43 million on the PlayStation 3 and 1.27 million on the XBox 360.

Regardless, selling 1.1 million copies would definitely be a solid sales mark to hit with an upgrade, but it would be almost a 60% drop from it's predecessor — if Capcom's predictions hold up.

New Marvel vs. Capcom 2 artwork, vinyl giveaway

To celebrate the release of the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 patch, Capcom has posted some new artwork for the game.

Click image for larger version

Also, they're running a contest where you can win one of two vinyl soundtracks over on Capcom Unity.

PC Street Fighter 4 for $20 all week

PC Street Fighter 4 for $20 all week For those of you who have been on the fence about picking up the PC version of Street Fighter 4, the downloadable version is on sale all week long for $19.99 at the Capcom Store. This offer ends on Thursday, November 5th.

Also, the Platinum Hit version of the title on both the 360 and PS3 is now available, and that's retailing for $29.99 for all two people who haven't bought it yet.