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Alex Valle discusses Level|Up tournament series

Alex Valle discusses Level|Up tournament series Alex Valle, Jimmy "ShinJN" Nguyen and AJ "PotatoHead" Papa were guests on Live On 3 with show hosts DJ Wheat and Slasher, the live stream crew from last year's Devastation.

Valle and co. discussed their new SoCal Level|Up Tournament series, which takes place next weekend, February 27th, at Dave & Busters at The Block at Orange. There will be a 64-man tournament in Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6, featuring the west coast's top players and a bonus $1,000 for each winner.

The organizers talk about the release and concept of this project and what we might see in the future, including the release of Super Street Fighter 4 in the near future.

Visual Stamina & Hit Point Rankings for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Visual Stamina & Hit Point Rankings for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom I've posted a new visual guide showing the character's stamina rankings and hit point totals in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars.

This is useful information if you're curious which fighters can and cannot take a beating. It's no surprise that the Giant characters are at the top of the list, but you may be surprised how some of the roster members stack up with one another.

The guide has been added to the main TvC section where you can find tons more information about the game.

Sonic Hurricane's Street Fighter 4 Rose combo video

Check out an explanation of these combos here.

Updated: GodsGarden #2 tournament trailer and details

Update: Unfortunately, some of the top players who were originally scheduled to attend this event have canceled or have conflicting tournaments they're attending. Below is an updated list courtesy of Versus City.

GodsGarden #2, a fighting game tournament in Japan, is going to be taking place on March 5th and 6th (6th and 7th in Japan). This promotional trailer was recently posted.
The event apparently kicks off around 3 p.m. Japan time, which makes it a March 5th 10 p.m. start time for those in the Pacific time zone. There should be a live stream available around this time as well.

For those of you who can't stay up this late, coverage will be provided here on EventHubs.com. Here's a player list who will be competing courtesy of BlackStarNinja and Mustain21.

01. Mago (Sagat)
02. Kyabetsu (C. Viper)
03. Uryo (C. Viper)
04. Wao (Ken)
05. Dragonboy (Ken)
06. Ojisanboy (Sagat)
07. TKD (El Fuerte)
08. Maeda Taison (Balrog)
09. Dashio (C. Viper)
10. Hachigashira (Guile)
11. Tokido (Akuma)
12. Choco (Blanka)

Daigo Umehara, Iyo, Nuki, Makoto and Fuudo will not be attending this event.

Updated: Third Strike character notes for Super Street Fighter 4

Updated: Third Strike character notes for Super Street Fighter 4 Update: A couple additional notes for the three Third Strike characters that will be appearing in Super Street Fighter 4 have been added to this story.


• She can Super Jump like C. Viper and apparently Cancel some of her normals with her Super Jump as well.

• Super: Kasumi Suzaku — Ibuki's projectile throwing Super from Third Strike. She unleashes a barrage of kunai and shurikens after leaping into the air.

• Ultra 1: Yoroi Dooshi — She attacks her opponent with her fist and elbow making a big energy ball come out.

• Ultra 2: Hashin Shou — This is from 2nd Impact, it wasn't in Third Strike. Ibuki performs a series of attacks and follows up by throwing a ton of her kunai (daggers). It goes through projectiles.

• She has a target combo, and can do it while jumping. It's Light Punch, Chain into Hard Punch.

• Far standing Light Punch is very fast — good poke.

• Crouching Hard Punch is very good anti-air.


• Super: Tanden Renki/Semenokata — Unlike in Third Strike, Makoto can now block when she does this Super and can also perform her Ultras while it's activated, it's still timer based. This pisses Makoto off and makes her attacks take off more power.

• Ultra 1: Seichuusen Godandzuki — Performs a series of really powerful punches.

• Ultra 2: Abare Tosanami Kudaki — Makoto's off the wall jump attack, she follows up with some upwards punches after she lands. This can be Jump Canceled.


• Super: Rocket Upper — Dudley performs multiple Jet Uppercut attacks.

• Ultra 1: Rolling Thunder — Charges him forward and he connects with several powerful punches. This travels through projectiles.

• Ultra 2: Corkscrew Cross — Somewhat like the Corkscrew Blow Super Art in Third Strike. It will connect with airborne opponents, so it's better for combos. Rolling Thunder meanwhile does not (fully?) connect with airborne opponents, but it does more damage to compensate.

• Machine Gun Upper, Cancel into Ultra works.

In case you missed it, you can view these character's Ultras in action here.

Thanks to DKN29, N0thingman, Jigsaw and V-Ryu for contributing to this story.

More artwork and images for Dudley, Ibuki and Makoto

Capcom uploaded more Super Street Fighter 4 images to their press site this morning. They added new versions of Dudley, Ibuki and Makoto's artwork with backgrounds and 9 other screen shots, which you may have seen else where if you've been browsing the web a lot.

Click images for larger versions

Seth: Keno misquoted me about Super Street Fighter 4 info

Seth: Keno misquoted me about Super Street Fighter 4 info A few days ago, an interview with Keno was posted where he talked about the balance changes in Super Street Fighter 4.

He mentioned that Guile was still low tier and made several other comments. This interview created a bit of a stir in the community, and Seth Killian recently responded to it on the Unity Boards.

Is Guile low tier in Super Street Fighter 4? Keno said you told him a lot of things in the interview. Also, when the players had time with it at USC, were they playing the most recent build, or did you not have access to it?

Seth Killian: Hey guys,

A few things. One, I <3 Keno, but was unfortunately misquoted in a number of places. Them's the breaks, happens a lot.

That said, Guile feels more "Guile-y" to me, which I think is a good thing. A lot of the work on the game is not specifically around, "Let's make this character #1!" but more about improving options and feel and fun for everyone. There will always be winners and losers in a rankings chart; if there weren't disparities, the game would be a lot less fun, which everyone seems to forget immediately when they are talking about "There's an imbalance!" but I digress.

Also, although Keno refers indirectly to playing the characters that were just announced today, that certainly didn't happen with me — the build at USC was exactly the same as the one showed at Fight Club in Las Vegas, with 4 masked character slots. There were a lot of people there, and this is quite clear.

Finally I'm not sure what you're referring to about "not having access to the most recent build" etc. That would be... nuts. Possibly the confusion comes in because we're often not able to *show* the most recent build, since creating builds that have some characters masked is extra work that takes time away from development, but of course my in-house materials are as fresh as it gets.

It really wouldn't make sense for someone as important to dealing with the fan base, the press and the overall Street Fighter hype machine to not have access to every new build that comes through.

Seth: You guys do realize I do internal reviews on the game as well just talking about it, right? Maybe not? Anyway, that's why it sounded nuts to me to suggest I wouldn't have the latest build.... Yes, I do more than just talk about Street Fighter. :P

Weekend community events, Feb. 19 - 21

Weekend community events, Feb. 19 - 21 Here's what's going on this weekend in the fighting game community.

• Simi Valley, California: Sunroute Cup at Denjin Arcade, Feb. 19-21. The 2006 and 2008 Super Battle Opera Street Fighter 3 Third Strike champion, MOV, will be attending this event. Justin Wong, Marn and Ricky Ortiz will also be there. There is supposed to be a stream, but the URL hasn't been posted yet.

• Jersey City, New Jersey: The Monthly Beatdown, Feb. 19. Street Fighter 4 tournament hosted by Raw Game Play & OHMZ. There will be a live stream here, first match gets underway at 8 p.m. EST.

• Columbus, Ohio: C-bus Bar Battle, Feb. 20. Live stream of this competition available here, doors open at 1 p.m. EST.

• Brooklyn, New York: NYC vs. EMP, Feb. 21. Live stream by Frame-Advantage.com, tournament starts at 3 p.m. EST.

• Honolulu Hawaii: Hawaiian Brian's Billiards SF4 Tournament, Feb. 19. Live stream link tournament starts at 7 p.m. HST.

• Austin, Texas: Team Tournament at Arcade UFO, Feb. 20. You can view a promotional trailer for the event here.

• Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Gameware Monthly 3.1, Feb. 19.

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Ultras, artwork and screens for Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley

New video and images for Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley have been posted. The clip below shows the new Ultra moves for the three characters, followed by their Super Street Fighter 4 artwork and 18 screen shots.

Hit the link below to see the new screen shots.

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Nakky blog shows Makoto's alt, Super Street Fighter 4 rivals and more

Nakky blog shows Makoto's alt, Super Street Fighter 4 rivals and more The Nakky blog has been updated with a new photo showing Makoto's alternative costume in Super Street Fighter 4.

This entry also details who the rivals are for the Street Fighter 3 characters, along with offering a few random gameplay notes.

Again, a huge thanks goes to Azrael for translating the post. Click the link below to see the whole thing.

Hello everyone! Today, I have three huge announcements for you all - new characters, iPhone/iPod Touch Street Fighter 4, and details about the National Tournament!

I think many of you may already know about this from this week's Weekly Famitsu, but we have characters from the Street Fighter 3 series joining the fight!

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List of Super Street Fighter 4 Achievements

List of Super Street Fighter 4 Achievements Azrael has come through yet again with more Super Street Fighter 4 information, this time listing Achievements for the upcoming game.

Note, since this is a translation, some of the text may be a bit off once the game is actually released.

• Get All Achievements

• Get All Character Colors

• Get All Character Taunts

• Get All Titles

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Dudley vs. Sagat Super Street Fighter 4 gameplay video

Video courtesy of LordAborigineSF4, submitted by Drakek6, A Nun, Mustain21, H1gg1n5, lan, Phoenix Reborn, PR DontShoot and many others.

Super Street Fighter 4 Makoto & Ibuki gameplay, Seth Killian interview

There's a new gameplay video up showing Makoto and Ibuki fighting.
Also, GameSpot posted a Q&A session with Capcom's Seth Killian about Super Street Fighter 4. Here's a grab.

GameSpot: How many of the characters added this time out were characters that didn't make the cut for SFIV and how many are driven by the user feedback once all the characters in SFIV were revealed to fans?

Seth Killian: Development on Dee Jay and T. Hawk was started during the original SFIV, but the rest of the newcomers were basically all driven by the players' feedback after SFIV was completed.

You can find several new images from GameSpot here too.

Thanks to Clovr4Lyf, Drakek6, SFilp, Mienaikage, Ishmael, Pein and others for the heads up on this.

Ibuki, Makoto & Dudley trailer for Super Street Fighter 4

A new trailer featuring Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley in Super Street Fighter 4 has been posted. If you listen near the end, you'll hear a liquid substance splashing around and a reference to oil, which most likely means Hakan, the long rumored new fighter, is in the game.
Thanks to Phoenix Reborn, Melvargh, Xdjrailx, TheHerald, VANER0ST, H1gg1n5 for sending this in.

New Super Street Fighter 4 screens with Makoto, Ibuki and Dudley

Click images for larger versions

Images sent in by Phoenix Reborn and Gamogo.

New Tatsunoko vs. Capcom intro by beating the game with multiple characters

Over on Capcom-Unity, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom project manager Kadowaki, provided details on how to unlock this new intro movie for the game.
Here's how.

Have already unlocked "Ai-chan" (Yatterman-2)? If you unlock "Tekkaman Blade", "Joe the Condor", "Zero" and Frank West and also play the ending, you can not only unlock her, but at the same time, you can unlock this opening movie which includes "Ai-chan".

Street Fighter 20: The Art Of Street Fighter 20% off

Street Fighter 20: The Art Of Street Fighter 20% off A great collection of Street Fighter artwork is now being sold for 20% off in the Capcom store.

You can pick up SF20: The Art Of Street Fighter for $63.96, marked down from it's typical price of $79.95.

This has received very good marks from people who are really into Capcom's art from the series, so if this is something that highly interests you, it's a good time to buy it.