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New M. Bison and Magneto videos and artwork for Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Capcom posted some new videos and artwork for M. Bison and Magneto in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
You can find their video strategy guides and move lists on the M. Bison and Magneto character pages here on

Also, here's the new artwork.

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Capcom's Q1 sales soar 19%, arcade division down

Capcom's Q1 sales soar 19%, arcade division down is running a story showing that Capcom's quarter 1 sales have increased by 19%. Here's the skinny.

Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV boosted the publisher's 12-month take 10 percent year-over-year to nearly $1 billion, with profit creeping up 3 percent to $81.6 million. Today, the publisher revealed that the good times continue to roll in Osaka, as first-quarter revenues for its current fiscal year, jumped 19.2 percent over the previous year to ¥19.5 billion ($204 million).

Though revenue was clearly up for Capcom during the three-month period ended June 30, profit was more of a mixed bag. Operating income climbed 23 percent during the period to ¥3.66 billion ($38.3 million), boosted by Capcom's successful home video game business. However, the publisher's arcade business continues its inconsistent performance, dragging net income -- or profit -- down 6.4 percent to ¥2.23 billion ($23.3 million) during the period.

It's interesting to see that Capcom's arcade division didn't perform as well. While arcades in Japan have proven more resilient than those over here in America, for a variety of reasons, one can't help but wonder if they too will soon start to close down like they have been nearly every where else.

Seth on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom character themes, watering down the game

Seth on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom character themes, watering down the game

Was there an issue with licensing the themes for all the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom characters? I thought that when you got the rights to the characters you got their themes as well.

Are you just trying to Americanize the game? If so, I think that's a really bad move, most people want the authentic experience, not a watered down version. — Tyler

Seth: Characters and their themes do NOT necessarily go together (think about it -- because you get a license to make a Han Solo figure doesn't necessarily give you the rights to release a new Star Wars soundtrack, does it?).

That said I dunno what the legal status of all the relevant themes might be at the moment. Some may make the transition while others may not -- my suspicion is the current approach is to avoid assuming anything, so we have other music ready just in case and don't have to risk delaying the game if there are more licensing surprises.

I would say anyone thinking that TvC: UAS will be a "watered down" version is flat out nuts. If we can't get the rights to a character theme (a theme 98% of the US market doesn't know in the first place), write some new music instead, and add stuff like... I dunno... extra characters -- that would be a watering down? We are working very hard not only to bring out TvC in the West, but to make TvC: UAS the definitive game worldwide.

Source: Capcom Forums

Picking the same characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and mix tape release

Picking the same characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and mix tape release Capcom's Seth Killian recently visited the Unity Boards to dish a little information about Marvel vs. Capcom 2's same character on one team option and the upcoming release of the Hip Hop mix tape.

Here are his comments.

Is there a way to choose more than one of the same character for your team in online play for Marvel vs. Capcom 2? It works in local offline and in arcade mode but it is disabled for Ranked and Player Matches as far as I can tell. — Mugenmidget

Seth: I believe the game understands player matches as a subset of ranked matches, and so uses the same rulesets re: picking characters for both. I agree adding this would be fun -- I'll mention it to Rey in the event there's a patch for some reason.

What's up with the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 mix tape? When will we be able to download this?

Seth: It'll be on PlayStation Network when MvC2 launches there in two weeks (August 13th). Until then, it's only on vinyl.

Finding bugs in Marvel vs. Capcom 2? Let Capcom know

Finding bugs in Marvel vs. Capcom 2? Let Capcom know Marvel vs. Capcom 2's producer, Rey Jimenez, posted on the Capcom forums that if you run across a bug in the new release of MvC2, to post it here on the Unity Boards.

It's good to know that Capcom is listening, but also if you're curious if anyone else has run across some of the same issues, this is a good location to check.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 out now on XBox Live

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 out now on XBox Live You can download and play Marvel vs. Capcom 2 now on XBox Live. The download weighs in at 196.70 megabytes and will set you back 1,200 Microsoft points or $15 USD.

If you're having trouble with the game and don't know the moves, make sure you check out our Marvel vs. Capcom 2 strategy guide. There's move listings for some of the characters and more stuff is being added all of the time.

And later on today you should be able to look at to view your stats for the game.

Buy Street Fighter IV for $20

Buy Street Fighter IV for $20 Several readers pointed that you can buy Street Fighter 4 for the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $20 on

You need to add the game to your cart to get the discount and then checkout, but the title should show up for a very reasonable $19.99 USD, for those of you who haven't actually bought it yet.

The discount is said to run through August 2nd, so if you want to get in on this offer you should act within the next few days.

IGN's video review of Marvel vs. Capcom 2

IGN has thrown up their video review of Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and they offer a solid overview of the new features.
There's also a more detailed written review which delves a bit further into the online play modes, among other things. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 strategy guide Marvel vs. Capcom 2 strategy guide After many, many requests from fans of the site, we've launched a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 strategy guide.

Inside you'll find tier listings and popular team choices, basic gameplay details and a list of achievements and trophies for the re-release.

Also, there are character guides for about 1/5th of cast at this time. Some of these pages include video strategy tutorials, but all of their assist information in an easy to read chart. There are also listings on how to perform all of their moves along with general notes on how they work.

Obviously there's a lot more stuff to get to — and we're going to make a mad dash to get up as much information as quickly as possible to coincide with the re-release of the game, BUT in the mean time you can help out. As always, please feel free to contribute to the guides by leaving a comment or pointing out any problems you may see. If you notice anything urgent, try the Contact Us page for a faster response.

This guide came to life because A LOT of people requested it, so if you've got something you want to see, feel free to let us know. While not everything that's suggested can be done, your feedback is always appreciated.

Capcom confirms Hakushon Daimao won't be in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Capcom confirms Hakushon Daimao won't be in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom While this isn't a shock for anyone who's followed Tatsunoko vs. Capcom closely, it has been confirmed that, Hakushon Daimao, the genie, will not be in the game. Here's the bit via Siliconera.

“I guess it’s OK to tell everyone this now,” Ryota Niitsuma, Producer of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom said in an interview with Siliconera. “He’s [Hakushon Daimao] not in the game. We had some licensing issues with him so we weren’t able to obtain him for the American version.”

Hakushon Daimao is a genie and the lead character in a 1970s anime series. Capcom added him to the home version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. Unfortunately, Daimao and his math mini-game will remain in Japan. New characters will replace Daimao, but Niitsuma was careful not to reveal them at this time.

The good news is that they will have a longer interview with Ryota Niitsuma later on in the week and will cover online play and other topics.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 videos, artwork and images

Capcom has released another set of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 assets today, this time featuring Spider-Man and Strider.
• Video: Strider strategies for Marvel vs. Capcom 2
• Video: Spider-Man vs. Strider: Episode 5, Marvel vs. Capcom 2

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Part 2 of interview with David Sirlin

Part 2 of interview with David Sirlin posted part 2 of their interview with David Sirlin, SSF2T HD Remix's lead designer.

This article doesn't talk about Street Fighter as much as the previous one, it focuses more on game balance, but there's still a few interest nuggets in there, mixed in with some bad grammar and bad HTML editing.

Here's a clip.

And let's say you discovered that Chun-Li is too good. Can you imagine using an equation to tell you how to fix it? Her walk speed? Her throw range? Maybe a new arc on spinning bird kick would help? It's so complicated that you need a deep understanding of the problem combined with intuition, but I think a lot of people think there is some math involved here. I have a math degree from MIT and I like math, so if it were useful to me, I would use it - but it's mostly not. That said, in an RPG where you have lots of stats and levelling curves, math comes into play more. Blizzard games use a lot more math than a fighting game for example, but even then, their real balancing solutions come from human analysis. Blizzard's Rob Pardo, in a lecture at a previous GDC, mentioned that he tells his designers not to "math the fun out of the game" or something.

Just in case you missed part 1 last week, you can view it here.

PC Street Fighter 4 leaderboard problems, alt. costumes soon

PC Street Fighter 4 leaderboard problems, alt. costumes soon Capcom is still exploring their options on what they can do to handle the PC Street Fighter IV leaderboard hackers and Christian Svensson also stated that owners of the game can expect alternative costumes on the MS Marketplace soon.

Here's his comments from the Capcom Forums.

Will there be a new Street Fighter title. Here are a bunch of suggestions. [...]

Sven: Thanks for the suggestions. Obviously the Street Fighter series isn't over but alas, I have no news to share about potential future titles or their designs at this time. We'll take your feedback to heart though.

Is there anything that's going to be done about the SFIV PC leaderboard hackers? I've seen nothing so far. Are you ever going to do anything?

Sven: We know what they're doing and how their doing it. I'm discussing options with Microsoft and the team on an ongoing basis. Do not assume "nothing" will be done about it given enough time.

Will the PC version of SF4 get the costume packs that the consoles had?

Sven: We're waiting for Microsoft to make the "official" alternative character costumes available via [the] Marketplace. I don't have a timeline but I would think it should be "soon" (TM).

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom character announcements in coming months?

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom character announcements in coming months? Those of you who are anxious to hear who the remaining characters will be for the North American release of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom might be waiting for a couple of months.

The Game Developers Conference (Aug. 17-19) or the Tokyo Game Show (Sept. 24 - 27) have been pegged as potential announcement dates by Capcom's Christian Svensson via the Unity Boards, although it still sounds up in the air.

With the game not set to be release until the winter time, there probably isn't a sense of urgency to get this information in front of the fans just yet.

When do you expect to reveal the new characters in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom? — Martin

Sven: Hmm... I'm not sure of the announcement schedule actually. I'd think some news would start to trickle out in the coming months... maybe Cologne (Game Developers Conference) next month, TGS (Tokyo Game Show) the month after, etc. Again, I'm guessing as I haven't been staying in the loop as much as I should.

Will Capcom support the new XBox 360 dashboard update?

Sven: I think we'll have a few things to talk about in the future on those fronts. ;)

Review: IGN Insider Evo 2009 videos

Review: IGN Insider Evo 2009 videos IGN Insider has started to post their Evolution Fighting Game Championship 2009 videos. Access to IGN Insider for a year will run you $15 with this special offer, but the big question is, "is it worth it?"

For starters, the quality on the videos is very nice. This is a direct feed from the console machines and they're streamed through IGN's web player. If you want even higher quality, at least for the Street Fighter IV finals, you can download HD matches in .wmv format at 1280x720 resolution.

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Daigo: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix would be a hit in Japan

Daigo: Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix would be a hit in Japan Usually Street Fighter titles are released in Japan first and hit the United States and other places later on down the road. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix didn't follow this formula and to date hasn't even been released in Japan — at least by conventional means.

Daigo Umehara, Evo Street Fighter 4 champion, thinks Capcom would have a hit on their hands if they were to make the game available to Japanese players with an arcade release, according to

Daigo went on to add that in Japan, the console version isn't as important to the competitive scene as an arcade release, since arcades are still very popular over there.

While this won't affect the majority of the English speaking audience, opening up the game to hardcore fans over there would help draw in more players from other countries to compete at tournaments and contribute more content to the community.

Capcom typically responds when they feel there's enough interest to justify the business costs, so we'll see if players in Japan can generate enough buzz to get the title released.

Strider vs. Spider-Man: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 trailer

Video submitted by Yasir.