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Capcom gauging interest for Darkstalkers HD Remix

Capcom gauging interest for Darkstalkers HD Remix In a post a little while back, someone asked Capcom if there was any chance they'd be making a Darkstalkers HD Remix title.

Vice President, Christian Svensson, wrote back to gauge how many interested fans there were in the project.

A number of people replied, and Christian later thanked them for the support, and from that point on nothing has been said about the potential game from Capcom's end.

As far as creating another HD Remixed title, it seems like the game would have to be VERY compelling, because of the amount of effort that it took to re-create SSF2T HD Remix. Svensson had this to say on the topic.
"SSF2T HDR was a very large project with far more moving parts than pretty much anyone expected at the outset."

Because this title ended up being a lot bigger than expected, recouping the investment has got to be a strong concern with any future HD Remixed titles, as games that aren't expected to make good/great profit margins aren't nearly as likely to get the 'green light'.

Darkstalkers has been a game with a strong cult following, but hasn't quite had the main stream success like the Alpha series, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and of course the core Street Fighter products.

Considering the route Capcom very recently took with Marvel vs. Capcom 2's re-release and the success they're having with the title, it seems like going the HD Remix route isn't very likely with a Darkstalkers game.

But, it's clear the company is listening to see how much support this title would have from the fans, and that will certainly weigh on if the game is re-released. And while it looks like an HD Remix isn't likely, maybe there's some other features the fans can suggest that wouldn't require as large of an investment.

Wireless HAPP joysticks for the 360 on

Is the Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightStick not your cup of tea? While some players love the Japanese style stick, others prefer a more traditional 6-button layout, and there's a pretty good option available to you on

Click images for larger versions

While this stick will set you back about $180/$190 USD, plus shipping, the wireless rechargeable setup is nifty. The button layouts and measurements are taken directly from an actual Street Fighter arcade machine, and it uses American-style HAPP arcade parts.

Those of you worried about input lag should check out this thread, which shows that wireless technology has come a long ways since its inception, and provides a very close experience to wired controllers, as far as input latency is concerned.

While this stick is not for everyone, if you're looking for something different, check this puppy out. Here's a promo video.

2007 and 2008 Evo DVDs on sale for 50% off

2007 and 2008 Evo DVDs on sale for 50% off If you've wanted to pick up past year's Evo DVDs, now would be a good time to make the investment. Mr. Wizard posted that the 2007 and 2008 DVDs have been marked down 50%, so you can score one disc of the 2008 version for $14.95 or both for $24.50.

The 2007 version is a tad bit cheaper, one disc will run you $11.95 and both will cost $20.95.

The Evolution Fighting Game Championship DVDs feature high quality video and are a great way to check out top player matches if you don't want to slog through YouTube.

Sequel to Street Fighter pinball game likely in the works

This probably won't end up being too exciting, but ZEN Studios posted a teaser image (on the left) of a new Street Fighter licensed product they're working on.

ZEN Studios also worked on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Pinball FX, and this teaser image (on the right) looks very similar to the original cover art, pictured below.

Click images for larger versions

Regardless, the official announcement will be posted tomorrow on the PlayStation Blog.


Seth talks about adjusting to a joystick for pad users

Seth talks about adjusting to a joystick for pad users Seth Killian popped up over on the Unity Boards to explain why he feels like a joystick is a superior device to a pad for fighting games.

I bought a Madz Catz Tournament Edition Stick and I don't like it.

Seth: Overall, whatever works for you, works for you. If you try a stick and are always just full of fail, by all means play on a pad.

That said, the vast majority of pros, both young and old alike, prefer sticks, as do I. Here's why:

1. Why is it better than using a regular controller?

Seth: Precision counts for a lot in fighters. Of course sniping seems "precise" in Halo, but fighters really take things to another level, and top-level play requires you to routinely hit 1/60th of a second stuff. In fighters, this usually means hitting very particular directions is key. You can't just hit "right," or "mostly right", you need to hit the dead accurate down/towards diagonal or risk disaster. Sticks are perfect for this, with very clearly defined edges, corners, and a lot of tactile feedback that let you know exactly where you're at at all times.

2. Will I eventually get used to a joystick?

Seth: Probably. Most do after a few weeks, but if for whatever reason you hate it, you aren't required to torture yourself forever.

3. I tried using my XBox 360 controller and it felt better and I felt more in control with it rather that my FightStick. Why is that?

Seth: Probably a question of familiarity. A stick is a little like a high-performance automobile. When you're running flat out, it feels great and responsive like nothing else. If you've only ever driven a regular car before, however, driving a high-end racer can feel uncomfortable and awkward.

4. I'm unhappy with it. Should i give it a few days before i sell it on CraigsList?

Seth: You're unhappy probably because of the issues you already mentioned. If they persist, listen to your fingers and "stick" with what you like.

5. How long does it take to get used to a FightStick?

Seth: I grew up on joysticks, but I did actually make the transition from American-style to Japanese style for the FightStick (I think Japanese style is ultimately better -- more responsive, sensitive, but different). It took me about 3-4 weeks until I felt equally comfortable. I did have a lot of experience on sticks already, but my game is more advanced than many other players, so even though I had a headstart in the race, my finish line of feeling comfortable was also further away. Or something.

6. And most importantly... How does using a stick improve your game?

Seth: See #1 again. In the opinion of most top players, a good joystick is vastly more precise than standard pads. Of course you can do the same things on a pad that you can do on a stick, but it's easier to do them on a stick because of the level of tactile feedback. This is exactly analogous to the suspension on fast sportscars. For just driving to the store to buy some Cheerios, it's not necessary, and can even be uncomfortable. For when you're blasting down the track, however, every little bit of additional "feel" makes a huge difference, so you want it tuned for maximum sensitivity.

If you want additional tips on switching from a pad to a joystick, check out this guide.

Sven covers reviving dead franchises, hardware lifecycles

Sven covers reviving dead franchises, hardware lifecycles Christian Svensson spoke on the Capcom Forums about what's behind the business end on deciding if they're going to create a new IP (Intellectual Property) or end up building a game off of one of their current franchises.

This is noteworthy because of all of the people asking for a Darkstalkers/Capcom vs. SNK 2/etc. revival.

Here's the skinny.

In the wake of the economic situation, what are the chances of you guys bringing back some dead franchises? — Gabriel

The economic climate is less of a factor than where we are in the hardware lifecycle.

First, some generalities (not specific to Capcom):

As we enter the back half of the cycle (hard to tell sometimes, but we think we're in the back half), new IP becomes increasingly challenging, and reliance upon franchises and licensed properties across the industry tends to become the norm. This is in response to the fact that lower price points on hardware later in the cycle tend to attract a more price sensitive/brand driven consumer and early adopters tend to become a bit less active or at least, less influencing of retail decisions than they were earlier in the hardware cycle.

To be clear, this transition hasn't really happened yet because hardware prices haven't yet declined to the point where they are impulse purchasable. If you look back at the last cycle, more than half of all PS2 unit sales occurred at $149 or less... we're not there yet, but I think we'll be there soon and so my project planning now assumes that by the time games being greenlit today come to market, we will be in that situation.

So as this happens, we have looked to our back catalog to see what opportunities there may be. I know you guys think that everything we do is gold and should be brought back, but not everything is appropriate or has the awareness you guys think it does (seriously, how many people have ever heard of Vulgus... how many media folks, whose job it is to be knowledgeable about the industry, have ever heard of Vulgus? It's a very, very small percentage).

Bionic Commando was a stab in this direction. And while not a household name, it's a title that we'd been asked for for years from the Capcom community and the media. At minimum, the media knew the game and that helps us get on their radar so they can enlighten their audiences.

I've found digital channels have become a great opportunity for us because it allows us to meet the needs of an avid but niche audience, without the need to be the 1 million+ sellers that retail products do in order to be successful. Our digital strategy continues to evolve, but games we've done with the goal of fan service, have tended to meet their sales goals, and make people happy. In my book, those are always our two highest objectives.

I'd like to also say that what's said above isn't to say we're not doing new IP (because we are). It's just that new IP is more of a challenge than it is at the front of the cycle. We're anticipating those challenges.

Pause Strike, the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 combo breaker

D3v pointed out this video and named it appropriately the 'Pause Strike', Marvel vs. Capcom 2's equivalent to a combo breaker.
Because breaking up the other player's infinite has never been so funny.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 retail pack announcement coming soon

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 retail pack announcement coming soon It looks like previous rumors of a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 retail pack are going to end up being at least partially true.

While the details aren't specific yet, Capcom's Christian Svensson strongly hinted that will have an announcement on the product soon via the Unity Boards.

Is GameStop's listing for the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 retail pack going to happen? It was originally stated to have the following things for the PlayStation 3.

* Redemption Code for full game.
* DVD case with sleeve.
* 8 page color manual with artwork and moves list.
* 1 month free subscription to Marvel Digital Comics ($9.99 value).
* 2000 Capcom-Unity points - can be used for prizing and auctions.

Sven: We haven't announced anything like that just yet, and what's there isn't quite right. Stay tuned. ;)

Play Street Fighter for money on

Play Street Fighter for money on is a site that's currently making headlines on a lot of blogs for offering gamers the chance to bet money on the outcomes of their matches, including Street Fighter IV.

Many people have wondered how exactly you would accurately report who the winner was into their system to be awarded prize money. states they have some kind of "AutoScore" function with some games that will report the results to their website.

AutoScore ties in with your GamerTag and apparently both players have to have this set up to get it working. In cases where AutoScoring is not an option, they also accept screen shots, video uploads, end of game emails, and audio or written proof as to who won the match.

This is definitely an interesting concept, but the ease of use and user experience don't exactly sound thrilling outside of the AutoScoring option. While uploading a couple of videos to their service wouldn't be so bad, if you played 30 matches that might get a bit tedious.

Still, with so many players hoping to jump on the professional gaming bandwagon, this service, or something along these lines may help pave the way pro gaming to become more viable in the future.

To give this a whirl you must be 18 or over and not live in one of these 11 states: Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Tennessee, and Vermont, for the rest of you it appears there's nothing standing in your way.

You can scope out the FAQ page for more information.

And in remotely related news, there's a new Street Fighter 4 slot machine which has a couple of screen shots which are kind of fun to check out, and maybe even fun to play for those of you who are into gambling.

Video interview with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's producer, Ryota Niitsuma

In the wake of Siliconera's interview with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's producer, Ryota Niitsuma, G4TV also caught up with him at Comic-Con for a short sit down.
This video discusses how they're trying to attract both casual and hardcore gamers, that acquiring the Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets) license was one of the most difficult things they had to overcome and how they went about implementing the fighting styles for the Tatsunoko side of the cast.

This is a solid clip, worth watching if you're excited about the game.

Street Fighter 4 Championship Mode Grade Point rank guide

Street Fighter 4 Championship Mode Grade Point rank guide Awhile back, Bal Roger started a thread on the forums to gather information about Street Fighter 4's Championship Mode.

Many people wondered how many points it took to attain a better rank, how much you gained for every win and many other questions he and several other contributors did an excellent job answering.

We've added this information into our Street Fighter 4, Championship Mode Grade Point Rank guide.

While the article has a few areas that haven't been fully fleshed out, you will find a fairly detailed account of what it takes to progress through the various ranks in Street Fighter 4's Championship Mode.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Bal Roger, Aure, Warrlad, D.A.N., Zombiebrian, Kanped, Schmeggma, Gozhard350, Sacojericho, Monir, EnronJon, Sm1leyB, Azianflavor, MickaelKicker, SSJ3X, Donkeyboy and others for making this happen.

Also, if you can fill in a few blanks, please leave a comment on the guide page.

And you can always find a link to this, and much more information about the game on our Street Fighter 4 Strategy Guide section.

Early sales of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 looking good, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in the future?

Early sales of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 looking good, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in the future? Capcom V.P., Christian Svensson, was on the Unity Boards responding to a question about MvC2's current sales, and if that will have any impact on MvC3 being release in the future.

Here are his remarks.

Since Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is obviously selling well, what are the chances of getting Marvel vs. Capcom 3? — Magnetowned

Sven: I've only seen two days of data on one platform. While I'm encouraged by those days, it's way too early to speak to the long term success of MvC2.

Beyond that, I've got no comments about the prospects of an MvC3 at this time. Sorry.

Activision currently holds the Marvel license for some characters up until 2017. But contracts often offer some wiggle room — as evidenced by the recent re-release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 — but it's hard to say if there will be a big enough loophole to jump through in this case.

But considering the rabid success of fighting games and that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was an extremely popular title, I wouldn't be surprised for these companies to be looking hard at finding a way.

New version of 360 dashboard to decrease install size

New version of 360 dashboard to decrease install size Love Street Fighter 4 but hate how much hard drive it takes to install it on the XBox 360? Well, the next version of the NXE XBox 360 dashboard will offer some relief, according to this article on

Using Street Fighter 4 as an example, he claimed that the new "NXE produces smaller install sizes for disc based games," with SF4 taking up 4.6 gigabytes. [The game normally takes up 5.7 GBs.]

The new update is due out August 11th.

Gigantic post from the Japanese Street Fighter 4 blog

Gigantic post from the Japanese Street Fighter 4 blog Azrael on the message boards began work on translating a monstrously huge post made recently on the official Japanese Street Fighter 4 blog.

Topics range from a discussion about the timeline, Focus Attack balancing, mention of Gouken's daughter -- again, to if Vega (Claw) is too weak of a character, plus a heck of a lot more.

There's some frivolous questions mixed in with the interesting stuff, but this is definitely worth checking out. Also, there's even more of the blog that hasn't been translated yet, but when it is, we'll have it posted here.

Q. How do I unlock Fei Long?

A. If you beat the game with Abel, you can unlock Fei Long!

Q. I was thinking of reserving the PC version of SF4, but it's out of stock. What should I do?

A. Really sorry about that... The pre-orders really exceeded our expectations. We have been scrambling to make more copies.

Q. I'll bet even Capcom didn't think that it would sell so well this quickly! LOL

A. ...Gulp!

Q. It would be nice to have an option where the CPU characters used the alternate costumes...

A. To be honest with you, to try and do that now would be very difficult... !

Continue reading »

Marvel vs. Capcom 2's producer covers order switching, online stats

Marvel vs. Capcom 2's producer covers order switching, online stats Capcom's Rey Jimenez, one of the lead guys behind the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was hitting the Unity Boards, to field some questions that had come up from the fans.

Here are his comments.

Why isn't vs. screen character order swapping in Marvel vs. Capcom 2? It was a nice little fake out to bring in someone else based on who your opponent picked first.

Rey: Long story short, switching characters during the vs. screen causes sync bugs. If this was a new game, sure we could probably do it, but with the old base code there were some risks with having it in for online play.

Do the MvC2 leaderboards use Microsoft's truskil rating system? Also, random losses are popping up on my stats, why is this?

Rey: The game doesn't use truskil specifically, but something similar to it. Your overall rating is what determines your rank and that rank is only partially calculated by your win/loss record. Affecting it more are the ratings of the people your playing against. So defeating someone with a higher rating will give you more of a rating boost than defeating someone with a lower rating. With this considered, it is possible to have a lower rating that someone even though they have a better win/loss record because they happen to defeat higher rated opponents.

About losses showing up on your record, for MS games, MS has arbitration servers that determine how to administer wins/losses in the case of an incomplete match (via disconnection or network error) and it will mete out win/losses accordingly. Unfortunately, we do not have control over this system. If it's handing out losses for some reason, we cannot change the arbitration server settings to fix this.

Siliconera interviews Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's producer

Siliconera interviews Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's producer Siliconera caught up with Ryota Niitsuma, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's producer, to discuss the upcoming international release of the game.

Inside they discuss what it was like getting the character licenses, that an announcement on the new playable characters will be, "very soon," and that a potential sequel may be a Wii-only affair.

If you're interested in the game, this is definitely something you should look over. Here's a clip.

If you decided to make a sequel would it be for the Wii or one of the HD consoles?

First, we have to see how this game does then we can consider what we want to do next. As far as I’m considered the HD systems have Street Fighter IV. What does the Wii have? The Wii has this. We wanted to make a fighting game for the Wii.

If we’re talking about a sequel we first have to talk about success of this game. If it does well we can probably make a sequel. But, if people are going to invest in this game, like we want them to, they’re going to go out and buy arcade sticks. It would be a disservice to fans to just put out this one game that they buy sticks for and then they have nothing more to play. Since this one is for the Wii, maybe the sequel will also be on the Wii.

But, we have to look at market conditions to make a final decision about that. As the way I’m seeing it now, the sequels will be on the Wii as well.

Random team generator for Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Random team generator for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tired of playing Magneto, Storm and Sentinel teams all day long in Marvel vs. Capcom 2? Well, if you're looking to spice things up a lot, check out this random team generator.

The page is fairly vanilla, and while this won't help you with picking a balanced or maybe even smart team, you will get some crazy combinations that can be a lot of fun to play.

And deep down you really know you want to play a Venom, Chun Li and Servbot squad. ;)