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Svensson on why Street Fighter 4 won't have cross platform play

Svensson on why Street Fighter 4 won't have cross platform play Christian Svensson gave a few more details on why cross platform play won't be a reality for Street Fighter 4. Here are his comments, along with a few other subjects from the Unity Boards.

Why won't there be cross play between XBox 360 and PC Street Fighter IV players?

Sven: Supporting crossplay in any game is not trivial by any stretch.

It also means a commitment to version locking where if you update one platform, you have to update the other too. And costs of doing so are also not trivial.

Additionally, schedule is a factor. If we wanted to go that route, it would have meant an even greater delay in the product arrival.

Will the PC SF4 game have improved net code?

Sven: To the best of my knowledge, it's identical net code.

Is there any chance of Capcom re-releasing Rival Schools?

Seth: Re-releases are not always as cinchy as they sound, but I do agree [Rival Schools] has some fun potential to reach an audience. The downside is that time has not been as kind to its 3D graphics, and while sprite-based work can still seem interesting and even nostalgic, some of the Rival Schools models just look a little rough.

We've also got a LOT of fighting options available right now, so we want to be able to focus on each of them without just flooding the market with our entire back catalog. [...]

Justin Wong says he's the player to beat at this year's EVO

Justin Wong says he's the player to beat at this year's EVO In a move that's sure to make this year's EVO Fighting Game Championship more interesting, Justin Wong stated he beat Daigo Umehara in Japan 10-4 during a Twin Galaxies interview.

Justin isn't bashful when he talks about his skill set, claiming he's the player to beat at this year's World EVO Finals. Here's a clip from the interview.

Twin Galaxies: In the International Finals round of the Tournament, you lost to Daigo Umehara. Tell us about that experience.

Justin Wong: I lost to Daigo at the International Exhibition. If that was a real tournament, I would have changed to my counter character. He uses Ryu, and Ryu counter’s Rufus. Don’t get me wrong, Daigo is REALLY good; maybe too good. For someone like me, though, he's just my peer; I know what can beat him and what can't. A lot of people don't know this, but I went to Japan and beat him 10-4. It’s the truth. If someone says it’s a lie I'll go back to Japan again, because I'm going anyway, and I'll beat him again.

Was Justin not tipping his hand, or is there more to the story here?

You can check out videos from the SFIV World Finals here where Justin played Daigo.

Shortcut motion for a Shoryuken in Street Fighter 4

Shortcut motion for a Shoryuken in Street Fighter 4 We've added a new guide to the Street Fighter 4 section here on explaining an alternative way of pulling off a Shoryuken.

ShinobixTC put together a nifty video which shows it being done. While this won't be earth shaking news for some people, it might explain why you'll sometimes get a Dragon Punch to come out even though you know you didn't do the full motion.

While this shortcut is mostly applicable for players on square-gated joysticks (anyone on a Mad Catz stick), people who want an extremely quick way of doing a Shoryuken from an offensive crouching position without having to press towards first will have another trick up their sleeves.

Dogface Show interviews Seth Killian and MrWizard

Two of the biggest names in the Street Fighter community were guests on the Dogface Show recently. Seth Killian of Capcom and Joey Cuellar, a.k.a. MrWizard, who runs the legendary site,, got in front of the camera to talk shop.
Part 1 of the interview is about 9 minutes long. Seth mostly covers how he got to work at Capcom and Joey tells the short story of how he inherited and started running the EVO Championships each year.

When part 2 comes online, we'll post a link to it here on the front page.

Seth on Street Fighter 4's inputs, character poll & 3rd Strike HD Remix

Seth on Street Fighter 4's inputs, character poll & 3rd Strike HD Remix Seth Killian posted details as to why additional shortcuts are added to Street Fighter games to make moves easier to execute, if the Street Fighter 4 character poll was legit, and what if anything is going on with a possible Street Fighter 3 Third Strike HD Remix.

Why are the inputs for moves in Street Fighter IV dumbed down? I accidentally do moves I don't want to do.

Seth: I know where you're coming from, but it's not as simple as "shortcuts on/off" -- almost every iteration of Street Fighter has adjusted the command inputs, both in terms of the input window, and the exact types of input that will produce the special. SFIV is no different in this respect.

The good part is that, being a more serious player, you're also able to notice the subtle differences and make some small adjustments where necessary (like with the accidental teleports (though I find I don't have the issue after updating with Championship Mode -- check that out for yourself...).

The overall result is that more users are able to execute the specials and have fun. This isn't "dumbing down," so much as it's just different. Were [Street Fighter 2's] controls "dumbed down" from [Street Fighter 1's]? You could look at it that way, I guess, since it's easier to do SF2 specials than SF1s, but I look at it as a straight up improvement/usability increase. Time will tell whether we judge SFIV's controls the same way, but yeah -- same issue in every single SF (including HD Remix!).

Was the Street Fighter 4 character poll was legit? Meaning that Cammy was in the game due to the fact that she won the poll?

(Ed. Here are those poll results.)

1. Cammy - 43%
2. Sakura - 15%
3. Dan - 12%
4. Fei Long - 8%
5. Ibuki - 7%
5. Hugo - 7%
6. Dee Jay - 4%
7. T. Hawk - 1%

Seth: [...] The poll was, believe it or not, not BS. There were a number of characters at various stages of rudimentary development both before and during the poll, but as you can ascertain from Ono's comments, some were then developed and added into the game, while others were not, and the effect of your voices is pretty clear from the final product's lineup.

And just to stave off the rumor train here, no, that doesn't mean there are a bunch of finished or semi-finished characters sitting around just waiting to be added as DLC or something. The level of polish, balance, and refinement that went into SFIV should hopefully make clear the difference between putting in wireframes and some rudimentary collision and being anywhere near a finished, living, breathing SFIV character.

I know it's more fun for some to believe in evil corporate conspiracy than to think we do actually care about what you say, but hopefully our track record of fan-service over the last few years, PARTICULARLY with fighting games, will put you nearer the truth. Just because we can't always do everything that you ask for every brand doesn't mean we aren't listening -- like it or not, we are.

What are the chances we'll see a Street Fighter 3 Third Strike HD Remix?

Seth: We get this suggestion a lot (HD Remix for 3s), and we've considered it. Some of our concerns are the same as those already mentioned here: 3s had a huge number of animated frames, making it very expensive and time-cosuming to "HD Remix."

It was a popular game with a dedicated constituency, but was also pretty alienating to newer players, but mostly I think we just have a lot of offerings for dedicated Street Fighters, right?

There's HD Remix, SFIV, and MVC2, just to name a few, and there may be some more good news for Capcom fighting fans in the future... who knows? 8)

Source: Capcom-Unity forums

PC SFIV DRM will differ based on where you buy it

PC SFIV DRM will differ based on where you buy it Christian Svensson was on the Capcom-Unity forums offering up information on other digital avenues you'll be able to purchase Street Fighter IV through along with how that will factor in with what type of DRM (Digital Rights Management) is included with the game.

Also he covers how sales of current titles will affect future games.

Which places will distribute SFIV for the PC?

Sven: SFIV will be distributed on Steam, Gamersgate, Direct2Drive, Digital River (including,,, etc.), Metaboli, Gametap, Impusle and others.

Online play will be provided by Games for Windows Live.

Please understand, there is a difference between distribution mechanism and online services provision.

What DRM will the PC version of SFIV use?

Sven: The Steam version will use Steam's DRM. Retail will use SecuROM. Other digital outlets will use either SecuROM or that specific outlet's proprietary DRM mechanism (for those that have them). Games for Windows keys will be required for online play, regardless of outlet.

As such, all versions will have some form of DRM (regardless of how you choose to define DRM).

Is it possible to purchase a retail version, but instead of installing it, I take the key and enter that in Steam, just to prevent using SecuROM? Or do I have to stick to SecuROM with the retail version? — Shoryufail

Sven: Nope. Retail and Steam will be separate.

Does releasing yummy Capcom games affect sales of other yummy Capcom games? — Chen Li Cha

Sven: The answer is, yes. The release of new Capcom games does affect the sales of games already on sale, though not always how you might expect.

At times, a good experience with one game (e.g. 1942: Joint Strike) may lead to the purchase of another (e.g. Wolf of the Battlefied: Commando 3), even long after the title release windows. Similarly, our hope is that people who enjoyed HD Remix (and there are a LOT of them) will enjoy MvC2. Does that mean MvC2 will crush HD Remix? There's likely to be a short term impact around release, but again, our hope is for people who liked what they got from MvC2 but didn't buy HD Remix the first time around, may eventually be converted customers.

You'd think HD Remix would have crushed Hyper Fighting sales... and it has reduced the pre-HDR plateau number slightly, but here we are approaching the third anniversary of Hyper Fighting, and we're still selling loads of Hyper Fighting, even when there is a "superior" product on XBL Marketplace.

Then we get into the possibility of bundling and other clever promotions. These are a lot more prevalent on the PC than they are on consoles today, but I'd expect that to change over time. Because there's no inventory to move around, and no retail buyer to convince to restock, these titles never go off sale.

We've seen how interesting promotions, or limited time pricing strategies can drastically alter the sales curves (and thus overall revenue) of titles, even years after release.

At the same time, we have our Capcom store on the US PSN. Having the ability to merchandise our titles together, is a really powerful tool. So in that regard, the MORE content we have to showcase, the higher the likelihood we're going to attract someone new to the Capcom fan pool, who will hopefully be looking for similarly high quality experiences.

And we're still learning what works best. All of this, is a learning process. No one has the answers... but we're getting a better understanding every day.

Capcom responds to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 questions

Capcom responds to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 questions Capcom employees have been very active on the Unity-Boards lately fielding questions from fans about Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Here's what they said.

Why didn't you guys use a zoomed look for the widescreen adaptation of Marvel vs. Capcom 2?

JimmyRey: That was definitely considered on our end, but unlike [Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix], high level gameplay is much more vertical. Zooming in the camera would change the vertical viewing area on a game where it is extremely important, effectively changing the gameplay, which is something we want to avoid at all costs.

It was determined that the best way to implement widescreen for the title without changing the gameplay was to do a 16:9 viewing area on a 4:3 gameplay area.

Can you adjust the screen size then?

JimmyRey: Like SF HD Remix and [Puzzle Fighter] HD Remix, the screen display size can be adjusted/scaled vertically and horizontally.

Why didn't the MvC2 demo have single player or online play? That sucked!

Seth: Hey guys,

I'll be the fall-guy and chime in so you can at least have a person to focus your anger around :(

I'm not positive what the reasoning was behind no limited single-player. It might have been a technical challenge for whatever reason, or intentional -- perhaps Rey will enlighten us.

As for online, yes, a demo with online = more fun than a demo with no online, but remember we're trying to show off the game while still giving you a reason to buy it when it's available. SF HD Remix had online in the demo because we specifically wanted to test the new online features. The same stuff is powering MVC2, so it doesn't require special testing at this point.

Before we go down the line about "you aren't listening to us" let's also keep our irony detectors on and remember that the entire reason we worked to rerelease this game was because we ARE listening to you. The rerelease began as fan-service, from concept right down to the details (where we went the extra mile to use player-preferred Dreamcast code instead of the easier existing Xbox MVC2 code).

Also please remember that the full game does have all the features you want out of the demo (single-player and SF HD Remix-style online), so we really are just complaining about the demo, which doesn't matter in the long run after the game is released.

While I understand your issues, actual anger over a free demo is hard for all of us that have worked so hard to make this re-release a reality. Believe it or not, we're people too. We really are trying to do fun stuff for our fans as fans ourselves, so try and keep the good intentions and overall GREAT news (right?) in mind...

Why isn't there going to be a PSP release of MvC2?

Sven: [...] At the time, I was more focused on PS3/360 for our digital strategy. Remember, we started negotiating this deal in mid-2007, which I think was before PSP even had a digital store available (or perhaps it was only available through PC).

We're trying a few things digital-only on PSP now (for example, Fate: Unlimited Codes). We'll see if we can get some learnings from that and some of the PSP digital rereleases we have coming to get a better understanding of the thresholds for PSP digital sales for future consideration.

Will there be Marvel vs. Capcom 2 costume packs?

Sven: No.

PC Street Fighter 4 to be digitally distributed through Steam

PC Street Fighter 4 to be digitally distributed through Steam In a move that won't be a surprise to pretty much anyone, it looks like Street Fighter IV will be digitally distributed through Steam.

Also in their write up they confirm there will be global online play between PC players.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Steam is a digital distribution network which has quite a few extra features built in. Including anti-cheating and user banning abilities, which is pretty important for PC games. They also put out some great deals from time to time, so you can pick up games ultra cheap.

This is good news because if Capcom takes advantage of some of the additional features Steam offers, then players should really benefit from it, and it's hard to find a better avenue than Steam to release the title digitally.

Japanese PC release date for SFIV is July 2, 2009

PC Street Fighter IV cover for the Japanese release of the game

Click image for a
larger version
The Japanese Street Fighter 4 blog has confirmed that the game will be available to PC players in the land of the rising sun on July 2, 2009.

From the sounds of the announcement, Japanese PC gamers will get the title first, and if it matches how the North American console editions were rolled out, we should be seeing it about a week later. Capcom U.S.A. is expected to have an official announcement out soon though.

The suggested retail price is listed at 7,340 yen, which when converted to U.S. dollars is almost $74. I don't think this will be the price when it hits American shores, as Amazon has been taking pre-orders for $36.99 for some time, and the console versions were both about $60 when they were first released.

Also the game officially supports Windows XP and Vista users, along with DirectX 9 and 10, plus mouse and keyboard compatibility, but you'd certainly be better off purchasing one of the Mad Catz controllers and using that instead.

If you'd like to see previously announced details about the game, including screen shots of the alternative rendering modes, click here.

PSN Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo out now

The PlayStation Network Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo is out now, and it's a 198 megabyte download. It doesn't offer CPU controlled opponents or online play, so the only way to have anything beyond a training mode experience is to invite a friend or two over and have them bring an extra controller.

Early reports are saying the game looks pretty good graphically.

After you download and try out the demo, please feel free to share your experiences in the comment sections.

Also Udon uploaded some artwork for the game featuring Wolverine and Ryu. Here's the pieces.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Wolverine by Udon Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Ryu by Udon
Click images for larger versions

There's also another gallery up of some concept MvC2 sketches on Joe Vriens' blog.

Kudos to Rick, Pioneere99 and Canto for contributing to this story.

European Street Fighter 4 tournament expands to other countries

European Street Fighter 4 tournament expands to other countries Word over on Capcom-Unity is that they've heard your complaints and will be expanding the tournament to cover several other countries in Europe.

In addition to players from the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France and Spain, competitors from these countries will also be eligible.

• Switzerland
• Austria
• Sweden
• Norway
• Denmark
• Belgium
• The Netherlands
• Luxembourg
• Ireland
• Portugal

For more details on the tournament, check out this post.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo for XBL, no Wii release, MvC1 unlikely

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo for XBL, no Wii release, MvC1 unlikely Capcom revealed a few more details today about when users can expect a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo for the XBox Live and a they commented on few other matters concerning the release of the game this summer.

Will we see a MvC2 demo release for XBox Live like there is for the PSN?

Seth: The early demo will indeed be a PSN exclusive. MVC2 will also have an X360 demo available at the time the game launches.

More details about what the demo contains when it goes live... [this week].

Sven: Demos on XBLA are part of the same submission as the full game (the demo is the full game with some content locked until the key is purchased) and demos are not released in advance on XBLA.

So the XBLA demo will arrive when the game goes live this summer. And as some people have pointed out, we did manage to get content early to 360 owers via the HD Remix beta program.

Why isn't MvC2 being released on the Wii?

Sven: [...] There's no way to get anywhere near the Wiiware filesize limit. [...]

Will we get a Marvel vs. Capcom 1 re-release too?

Sven: We had only ever intended to do one of the Marvel revivals, and by far, the most popular/critically acclaimed/highest ebay priced choice, was MvC2. From a business perspective, we will likely only ever get one bite at the apple in this series and we feel we've put our best foot forward with MvC2.

Seth: There's no question MvC1 is a great game in its own right. The issue with releasing it was not one of chronology, it was more about "if we only have one opportunity to release one of our old Marvel titles, which one should it be?" MVC2 won that battle, and as much as I like a lot of the earlier games (Xmen vs SF, and Marvel Super Heroes in particular), I think MVC2 won for good reasons.

Source: Unity Boards.

No new music tracks or retail release for Marvel vs. Capcom 2

No new music tracks or retail release for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Capcom has been burning up the Unity Boards with more details about the upcoming release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Here's some of the questions that were on the minds of the fans.

Will you guys add new music into MvC2?

Sven: Sorry, there are no plans to add new music to the game. The orignal game's music is the original game's music, unless you want to change it with support from the custom soundtrack features on each console.

Will there be a retail version of Marvel vs. Capcom 2?

Sven: The deal for MvC2, upon which I was the primary negotiator, only grants us rights to port and sell digitally MvC2. Beyond that, we'll see how this title does. I have high hopes.

The MvC2 deal pertains ONLY to MvC2. Anything that happens beyond that will be contingent upon MvC2's performance (and naturally, Marvel has considerable say in that decision too).

So blame Marvel for not being able to release this project in the retail scene.

Sven: No, don't blame Marvel. Blame the economics of retail. We've opted to not negotiate those rights because the economics don't make sense, nor does it dovetail with what we feel works in the digital-only space.

Sooner or later, everyone will be connected.

Why did break the story before anyone else?

Sven: Contractually, Marvel was allowed to break the news first. It was a point we'd agreed upon. They too are big fans of the series and were happy to reach an agreement with us. So far it's been a great partnership.

Do you think we'll see a DC vs. Marvel game?

Sven: I'd suspect you will never see a game with both DC and Marvel in it. The licensing and approval ramifications make my head spin (not to mention the cost of such a project in just licensing load).

Street Fighter 4's default online settings, HD Remix replays

Street Fighter 4's default online settings, HD Remix replays Seth Killian had a bit to say on the Unity Boards about why the developers went with best of 3 rounds default setting for SFIV's Championship Mode.

Christian also commented on the possibility of adding replays into HD Remix.

If most tournaments are best of 5 or 7 rounds, why is the Championship Mode for Street Fighter 4 default to best of 3?

Seth: Most standard in-person tournaments are either 2 out of 3 rounds, double elimination, or 3 out of 5 rounds, single elimination (where there are more time pressures).

SFIV tournaments defaulting to 2 out of 3 rounds was done to keep the action quick and exciting. There usually aren't THAT many live events, so if you go to one, you want to make sure you have your best chance.

With SFIV tournaments online, however, if you lose, you can immediately play in another tournament, with no waiting. This means there's less need for each tournament to be the ultimate test, and even if they get hit with a random Ultra now and again, the good players do win on average and will advance in tournament ranks.

HD Remix is an awesome game, but I wish you could record and replay matches. Will this be added at some point?

Sven: This was a feature we'd hoped to get in and discussed at length, but time and budget unfortunately didn't allow for it. I'm not sure if we'll revisit the title with a DLC plan right now, but I can raise the question at some upcoming planning meetings and see what sort of response it gets.

We're still waiting for trophy support in the PS3 version Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix.

John Diamonon: [...] Trophies were never promised for [HD Remix] and aren’t going to be implemented...

The comment from John Diamonon comes courtesy of the PlayStation blog.

Capcom rules out cross play for Street Fighter 4 PC/XBox 360 players

Capcom rules out cross play for Street Fighter 4 PC/XBox 360 players Although this feature has been ruled out a few times, still some fans wonder why cross play between PC and XBox 360 Street Fighter IV players isn't a reality. Here's what Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson had to say on the issue.

Street Fighter IV on the PC is Games for Windows Live compatible, right? Does that mean we'll be able to play against XBox 360 players?

Sven: Yes it is GFW Live... unfortunately though, there is no cross play with 360.

Is implementing cross platform play an easy/trivial process?

Sven: Cross platform play is NOT trivial and in our experience very little cross platform play actually happens. It's a "nice to have," not a "must have."

Were the three Alternate Shaders the secret bonus feature for SFIV PC that we've been waiting for? — Tom

Seth: I don't know about a "secret bonus feature" :) but yes, the shaders are the primary addition to SFIV PC, along with the higher screen resolutions.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 themed FightPads and FightSticks were faked

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 themed FightPads and FightSticks were faked Rumors about MadCatz making a line of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 themed FightPads and FightSticks was completely false, according to Capcom. But there's still some hope for people who want to see these in the future.

Here are Seth Killian and Christian Svensson's comments from the Unity Boards on the matter.

Is there any news regarding FightSticks or FightPads for the upcoming release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2?

Seth: Ironically, although the rumors about the game were in fact true, the stick postings were 100% fake. It was either a mockup composed by the site themselves to generate traffic (it worked), or they were fooled too and pulled the image from someplace else. It didn't come from Mad Catz, and it certainly didn't come from Capcom.

They would be cool though, yeah?

Sven: Seth is right. But I don't want to rule out the possibility of something special in this realm if there are enough people who want to see something like this come to fruition.

PC SFIV will have alternative shaders and voice chat

Seth Killian has revealed today that the PC version of Street Fighter IV will have voice chat, achievements and 3 alternative shader rendering modes that closely mimic some image filters in Adobe Photoshop.

The PC version will be a Games for Windows Live title with online play and offer higher resolutions than the console and arcade versions. This edition of the game is rumored to be out in July of this year.

Here's some comparison shots of the new shader rendering modes courtesy of

PC version of Street Fighter IV in the 'normal' shader rendering mode

PC version of Street Fighter IV in the 'normal' shader rendering mode

Normal mode

PC version of Street Fighter IV in the 'poster' shader rendering mode

PC version of Street Fighter IV in the 'poster' shader rendering mode

Poster Shader

PC version of Street Fighter IV in the 'Sumi-E' shader rendering mode

PC version of Street Fighter IV in the 'Sumi-E' shader rendering mode

Sumi-E Shader

PC version of Street Fighter IV in the 'Watercolor' shader rendering mode

PC version of Street Fighter IV in the 'Watercolor' shader rendering mode

Watercolor Shader

Click images for larger versions