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Capcom sent out rose and boxing glove, Dudley hint

Jeff Gerstmann, who works at, received a boxing glove and rose from Capcom and posted a picture of it on his Twitter account (on the left), this of course looks a lot like Dudley's boxing glove (middle) and the rose (right) he throws to taunt his opponent.

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While this isn't official confirmation Dudley is in Super Street Fighter 4 — it's about as close as you'll get to it.

There's a not too exciting video of the glove and rose here as well.

Thanks to Henaki and Dragonfave723 for pointing this out.

Super Street Fighter 4 trailer featuring Juri, Chun-Li and Cammy

New artwork and Ultras for Guile, Vega and Dhalsim

A new video is up showing Guile, Vega and Dhalsim's new and old Ultra moves in Super Street Fighter 4. You can also find their new artwork below.

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Super Street Fighter 4 Valentine's Day cards

Capcom-Unity posted some ridiculously awesome Valentine's Day cards for Super Street Fighter 4.

Not only can you show your better half how much of a Street Fighter goon you are, but you can guarantee you won't be getting any for a good while too — all in one swift move.

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Highlights from Kansai National Qualifier Street Fighter 4 tournament

The qualifiers for the new Street Fighter 4 national tournament in Japan are currently taking place. This is a 3 vs 3 team competition, with players like Daigo Umehara, Mago, Iyo and many others scheduled to participate in the end.

A few new videos have popped up from of the Kansai qualifiers competition. While some of the matches that were posted were on the boring side, here's a couple of clips worth checking out.

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3-Minute Fundamentals: Option Selects in Street Fighter 4

LordOfUltima has put up another exceptional video, this time around detailing Option Selects in Street Fighter 4.

You may have heard this term thrown around a number of times, but if you've ever been curious about what exactly it means, this is an excellent place to start.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom combo video

Spotted through Capcom-Unity this Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars combo video.

Weekend community events, Feb. 12 - 14

Weekend community events, Feb. 12 - 14 Here's a rundown of events in the community this weekend.

• Upland, California: James Games Arcade SF4 Tourney Feb. 12. Event flyer image.

• Harvey, Louisiana: 'Mardi Gras' Regional Tournament Feb. 13. Live stream will be available here.

• Sacramento, California: Moby's Bi-Weekly Tournament Feb. 14.

• Granada Hills, California: Family Fun Arcade SF4/3s Ranbat 1.2 Feb. 13. Might be a live stream of the action here.

• Vernon, Connecticut: BattleGrounds CT Tournament Feb. 12-13.

• Alexandria, Virginia: Sh*ts Baroquen - TvC Tourney Feb. 13.

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Super Street Fighter 4 roster to be revealed between Feb. 18 - March 11

Super Street Fighter 4 roster to be revealed between Feb. 18 - March 11 A little birdie just wrote to inform me that the final four characters for Super Street Fighter 4 will be revealed between Feb. 18 - March 11, 2010.

This somewhat fits with an earlier story that these characters would be announced in the next week or two, but this source and timeline are more reliable.

The person has asked to remain anonymous, but they've provided this site with great information in the past, so expect to officially know who the final four characters are in Super Street Fighter 4 in about a month or less.

Interview with Alex Valle on Sonic Hurricane

Interview with Alex Valle on Sonic Hurricane Sonic Hurricane interviewed the legendary Alex Valle about his past tournament experience and a number of different things.

While the article has some interesting bits of information in it, it could use some better editing as they throw around a lot of acronyms and some obscure references that some readers might not be familiar with.

Here's a grab from the page.

Maj: What made [Mike Watson] so hard to beat?

Alex Valle: He prevented me from having fun, or took me out of my game. Strategy was still new to me somewhat. I just had good reaction time and my execution was great. But Watson made sure I couldn’t land any damaging combos or just simply outplayed me in a way to where I felt noobish. When you’re young all you want to do is have fun, and he took that away from me.

Also, there's this nifty hype clip for an upcoming tournament on the 27th which Valle is running.

BattleField Arcadia 11 tournament highlights

BattleField Arcadia 11 took place in Brooklyn, New York, over the weekend. Here are a few matches from the event, hit the link below for more.

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Seth: No chip damage on Vega's claw in Super Street Fighter 4

Seth: No chip damage on Vega's claw in Super Street Fighter 4 Seth Killian and Christian Svensson answered a number of redundant questions from the Unity Boards recently.

Nothing that's going to knock your socks off here, but you can tell from Capcom's responses what ISN'T in development for the time being.

In Super Street Fighter IV will Vega's claw do chip damage similar to Cody's knife?

In the original game Vega didn't dish out much damage, this could really help him out, considering his overall low damage output.

Seth: Sorry, no block damage on Vega's claw (unless he's rolling at you!).

Since you re-released Marvel vs. Capcom 2, are you going to remake the first game in that series too?

Sven: It's not ruled out but it's not in progress right now either.

Capcom vs. SNK 2 is still popular with a lot of dedicated fans, why haven't you guys re-released it yet?

I know CVS2 still has a dedicated following (and probably nowhere is it stronger than around me, here in Northern California), but this question has been asked and answered many times: no plans right now.

Will we see a D.C. Universe vs. Capcom game in the future?

Sven: You never know what the future holds, but I don't see this happening any time soon.

It's worth pointing out that Capcom has said many of their older games aren't in development for a re-release, but Darkstalkers hasn't been one of those titles mentioned.

While this isn't conclusive by any means, you could argue because of their responses, they may have something up their sleeves for this series.

Artwork exhibit inspired by the Fighting Game Community

In Seattle Washington there's an exhibit titled Bloody-Knuckles: Artwork Inspired by the Fighting Game Community currently running through the 28th of February.

On the 28th there will be a main event which features a tournament as well. Here's a few images from the gallery.

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Super Street Fighter 4 developers discuss character balance, alt. costumes

Super Street Fighter 4 developers discuss character balance, alt. costumes The Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 developers have posted a new entry discussing several of the character balance changes they're looking at with the upgraded title.

The team specifically mentions nerfing/tweaking Sagat, Zangief's Double Lariat and Ryu's Hard Punch Shoryuken. Again, a huge shout out goes to Azrael for translating this post.

Here's the whole shebang.

I really wanted to go to the 1st Kansai Regional Qualifiers... It seems like the Kyushu Regional Qualifier last week was also incredible! This week it's the Chubu Qualifiers! Everyone, do your best! Hello, this is Tsukamoto!

This time, I'd like to talk about some things that all our players have been concerned about - move adjustments/tweaking and the alternate costumes. I'll be joined by director Mr. Okada, and the battle player Mr. Tamamura.

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Another look at Super Street Fighter 4's alt. costumes, select screen

A new image showing a few of the additional alternative costumes in Super Street Street Fighter 4 has surfaced courtesy of the site

Also, we get another look at the infamous character select screen for the game.

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Final Super Street Fighter 4 characters to be revealed soon?

Final Super Street Fighter 4 characters to be revealed soon? According to a translation of this Chinese website by Neo2046, the remaining four characters in Super Street Fighter 4 will be revealed either this week or next week in the Japanese magazine Famitsu.

Just to temper expectations, remember that sometimes these things are not translated correctly and apparently a Capcom employee later jumped on the thread and said that a leaked version of upcoming Famitsu cover had no mention of the new characters — and if the announcement was in the magazine — it would likely be mentioned on the front cover.

Capcom V.P., Christian Svensson, was asked about when the new characters would be revealed and he stated that the game is in the home stretch and we'll just have to be patient.

Note that the rumor list has been very accurate up to this point and previous comments from the Nakky blog have all but confirmed Ibuki is in the game. While making things official will be nice, the collective opinion is that Dudley, Makoto, Ibuki and Hakan are the final four characters that will be in Super Street Fighter 4.

Ryu's classic combo challenge solutions

Maj at challenged readers to combo two of Ryu's Crouching Hard Kick (sweep) attacks without dizzying your enemy in between in any Street Fighter 2 game.

Here were the solutions players came up with.
Check out this page for explanations.