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Images of Marvel vs. Capcom 3's character select screen

A few readers asked for a better view of Marvel vs. Capcom 3's character select screen. Here are some images of how things look now.

You can see how the Assist system is set up, including the text which explains what the various helper moves do and the match up screen right before you fight.

Click images for larger versions

1Up's Richard Li talks with Seth Killian about Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Richard Li is the latest person to hunt down Seth Killian to chat about Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

This piece discusses more of the ins and outs of the gameplay and ends up being a very solid clip. Definitely worth your time.

GodsGarden to host invite only online Super Street Fighter 4 tourney

GodsGarden to host invite only online Super Street Fighter 4 tourney Spurred by a suggestion from Daigo Umeahara, GodsGarden is going to host an online Super Street Fighter 4 tournament featuring some of the best players in Japan.

The players competing are:

• Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
• Mago (Fei Long)
• Tokido (Akuma)
• Momochi (Ibuki)
• YHCmochi (Dhalsim)
• Uryo (C. Viper)
• Sako (Cammy)
• Makoto (Vega)

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Updated: High resolution Marvel vs. Capcom 3 artwork

Update: High resolution artwork for all of the confirmed characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has been added to this story.

Also, there's a collage shot and a compilation image of the background outline that's shown behind all of the fighters.

Click images for larger versions

If you look in the background, you can see various character outlines of the other fighters that will be in the game.

Seth Killian demos Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with Gamespot

GameSpot locked Seth Killian down for awhile so he could talk about Marvel vs. Capcom 3 while some other people tried it out.

If you've been following this game actively, there isn't anything new for you here, but if you don't check in very often, this works as a solid recap of what to expect.

Even more Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay videos

A few more Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay videos have made their way online. Unlike the last set of videos, these two clips feature Morrigan and Felicia, both of Darkstalkers fame.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 moves, controls & air combo button

At E3, there's a poster with the current moves listings for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, along with another display showing some of the gameplay elements. Speedbrkr took some photos of both items.

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Seth Killian also offered up an explanation of the Air Combo Button — previously known as the Exchange Button — on MTV Multiplayer's blog. He states:

"The idea with this new button," [Killian] explains, "is to have the launcher — the attack that pops you up in the air — be the same for everybody because people were asking us 'why is it different for all the characters?' And we didn't really have an answer."

"In one sense it's easier," he confides "but it's deeper too." The Air Combo button does much more than just launch enemies in the air to open them up for air combos, you can actually use it to continue launching opponent characters in multiple directions. "Once you're in the air you can do traditional combos with punches and kicks, but if you hit the Exchange button or the Air Combo button while holding up or to the side, you'll tag in a partner who will connect and continue that combo in the air." A feat that can be done up to three times to cycle through your complete roster.

And that's just part of it really. Players on the defensive side of an Air Combo can pre-empt their opponents next attack direction and use the button and direction together to counterattack their opponent and start a new combo of their own. Killian reminds me, "You don't have to make a game harder to make it deeper."

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay videos, screens and logo

Five new gameplay videos, an expanded trailer, 11 screen shots, 1 logo and a higher resolution copy of the poster that was shown earlier have all been released today for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Hit the link below for the rest.

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Super Street Fighter 4 in the works for Nintendo 3DS

Super Street Fighter 4 in the works for Nintendo 3DS At Nintendo's E3 press conference this morning, they confirmed that Capcom is working on a 3DS version of Super Street Fighter 4.

The game is titled Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition, although this could change later down the road.

Beyond these scant details, little is known about the title, but there are a few screens and a little more information about the new handheld system from Nintendo below.

Click images for larger versions

The Nintendo 3DS comes with a 3.53-inch top screen and a 3.02-inch bottom touch screen. It has three cameras – one inner and two outer – to deliver the 3D effect [without glasses] and take 3D pictures. It includes a motion sensor, a gyro sensor and even a Slide Pad that allows 360-degree analog input.

Thanks to Boyfriend_of_Ibuki, Stubbs, Creeper, deBLOO and RodneyT for contributing to this story.

Super Brawlers Pack costume pack available for Super Street Fighter 4

Another costume pack for Super Street Fighter 4 is scheduled to be released today. This one features outfits for E. Honda, Abel, Zangief, El Fuerte and Rufus. Here are screens of what they look like.

Click images for larger versions

• Available in pre-order: Super Classic Pack (Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, Fei Long)

• Now available: Super Challengers Pack 1 (Hakan, Makoto, Guy, Dudley, Dee Jay)

• Now available: Super Shoryuken Pack (Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken, Dan)

• Now available: Super Beauty Pack (Chun-Li, C. Viper, Sakura, Rose, Cammy)

• Now available: Super Challengers Pack 2 (Juri, Ibuki, Cody, Adon, T. Hawk)

• Now available: Super Brawlers Pack (Zangief, E. Honda, Rufus, Abel, El Fuerte)

• June 22: Super Shadaloo Pack (Vega, Sagat, Balrog, M. Bison, Seth)

• June 29: Super Classic Pack (Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen, Fei Long)

• July 27: Super Complete Pack (All 35 costumes)

Alternative costumes can be downloaded for $3.99 on the PlayStation 3 and 320 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360.

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament DLC out now

Updated: Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament DLC out now Update: The Tournament Mode DLC patch is already out for some PlayStation Network gamers, depending on their geographic location. It's a 12 megabyte download.

Super Street Fighter 4 will be patched tomorrow, June 15th, on Xbox Live.

Capcom will be fixing various issues and adding in a new Tournament Mode DLC update — for free. Just in case you missed things on the first go round, here's a run down of what to expect, hit the link below for the rest.

• Tournament Mode is a head-to-head in single-elimination tournament with brackets, which works with 4 or 8 players.

• You can watch other tournament matches in progress while you're waiting for your turn and voice chat. Players competing can hear you as well, but if it annoys you, there's a mute option.

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Sega releasing Dreamcast classics, will Capcom follow?

Sega releasing Dreamcast classics, will Capcom follow? Electronic Theatre is reporting that Sega is planning on re-releasing some of their Dreamcast classics on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Right now, only Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi are scheduled to be ported over.

These rehashed titles will keep all of their previous features, but also add online leaderboards, high resolution visuals and surround sound.

Capcom released a number of titles on the Dreamcast back in the day, and it's possible they might look at redoing a few games in this manner as well.

Here are some of the notable fighting games Capcom released on the Dreamcast:

• Capcom vs. SNK 1 and 2
• Marvel vs. Capcom 1 and 2
• Street Fighter Alpha 3
• Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and Double Impact
• Darkstalker (Vampire) Chronicles
• Super Puzzle Fighter II X
• Power Stone 1 and 2
• JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
• Rival Schools 2
• Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
• Plasma Sword: Nightmare of Bilstein

Article sent in by SFilp.

Random Street Fighter odds and ends

Random Street Fighter odds and ends Here are a bunch of random Street Fighter bits from around the web that might catch your interest.

• Over on the Paper Foldables Blog they have some screens and a link to foldable Street Fighter characters. There's also a Blanka Cubecraft available, which was submitted by SFilp.

• Street Fighter Devotion posted their 4th installment of uncommon SF merchandise. This entry features super rare movies.

Video demonstrating Hakan's invincibility window for his EX-Oil Shower, created by Mienaikage.

Minimalist Street Fighter posters over on, submitted by Boss Logic.

• Street Fighter dance performance video by Team 2X, sent in by Kirlopia.

Capcom planning on re-establishing older franchises

Capcom planning on re-establishing older franchises Capcom Europe's senior director of marketing, Michael Pattison, told that they're going to revive some of their old franchises.

While this doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to re-establish their older fighting games, Capcom has had so much success doing so, it's a logical assumption that we'll be seeing some rehashed fighters in the future.

Darkstalkers has been mentioned a number of times, but other games like Capcom vs. SNK 2 and Rival Schools also have a solid following with fans.

Capcom has leaned towards titles that have been commercial successes with their re-releases so far, so the assumption is they'll follow suit with future games as well.

Here's a quote from the article.

"We've also got some other franchises in our locker which we're going to re-establish on the global stage in the near future. We're not going to rest on our laurels and even with established franchises we're going to try new things.

"We have quite a few surprises up our sleeves as we look to bring back some much-loved brands, create new ones and innovate with our existing line-up. I believe our fans will be happy with what we're planning."

Itabashi Slayer, Akuma Super Kara Demon tutorial

Lord of Ultima is back with another very nice video tutorial. This one shows how to do Akuma's Super Kara Demon setup in Super Street Fighter 4, which was nicknamed The Itabashi Slayer.

The video has inputs on, along with a picture in a picture window showing the joystick, so it's easier to follow along and see how things are done.

More Street Fighter 4 tool assisted combos from SonicHurricane is back with another ridiculously awesome combo video for Street Fighter 4. This clip features Vega and Sakura.

Juri's 38 hit Feng Shui combo in Super Street Fighter 4

BiffOTasty has posted another short combo video clip showing how to land a 38 hit Feng Shui Engine (Ultra 1) combo with Juri. The nice part is you can see this being performed on the joystick as it happens.