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ESWC results for Super Street Fighter 4

ESWC results for Super Street Fighter 4 Update: The final results for all of the Super Street Fighter 4 action at the Electronic Sports World Cup have been posted on this story.

The ESWC Super Street Fighter 4 tournament in Paris, France has finished up. Top players from around the globe were competing for $14,000 in prize money.

A huge thanks goes out to Slasher, who came through yet again providing a number of updates for the community.

To see how things went down, hit the link below.

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Results from GodsGarden Super Street Fighter 4 Makoto vs. Uryo match

Results from GodsGarden Super Street Fighter 4 Makoto vs. Uryo match Makoto (Claw) and Uryo (C. Viper) squared off in the GodsGarden online Super Street Fighter 4 tournament this morning. This was the last leg of the first round.

A video archive of the first to 10 set is up now, but you should probably jump ahead to about 6 minutes 30 seconds as it takes a bit for the first match to get underway. There will be a YouTube version available from TeamSp00ky in the near future, with English commentary.

To see the results and read a recap, click the link below.

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Price for full Super Street Fighter 4 costume pack, more color guides

The full Super Street Fighter 4 costume pack, containing all of the new outfits for the 35 fighters, will cost 1,440 Microsoft Points or $18.00 USD. The release date for this pack is July 27, 2010.

Also, a few new color guides for SSF4 have been posted on the site. Click the images below to view the updated sections for C. Viper, Cammy and Rose.

Big ups to SFilp for helping with these pages.

G4 to air special show about EVO, provide extra coverage

G4 to air special show about EVO, provide extra coverage In a move that will help the fighting game community get more exposure, G4 TV will be airing a 30 minute special show on July 20th, at 6 p.m. PST, examining the past and present EVO fighting game championships as well as talking about Capcom fighting games.

Also, G4 is going to team up with Level|Up Series to provide 45 hours of live onine streaming of the tournament, so fans at home can catch a lot of the action on Stickam.

Coverages gets underway on July 9th at 9 a.m. PST.

Mad Catz will have a booth at EVO and MarkMan showed us a little preview of what will be available at their booth for those of you wanting to jazz up your TE Stick a bit.

Source: Capcom-Unity and Twitter via Soul Bro Ryu.

Weekend community events July 3 - 7

Weekend community events July 3 - 7 There are several tournaments going on this weekend, and quite a few of them have live streams for you to check out.

If you have an event you'd like to submit, please use the Contact Us form and send over the details.

• Online Xbox 360: GodsGarden SSF4 Tourney, Makoto vs. Uryo, July 3. This starts up at 6 a.m. PST, it will be streamed live in multiple places and additional coverage will be provided here on

• Japan: Nagoya Street Battle 15, July 3. This tournament features some of the best players in Japan including Daigo, Tokido, Mago, Kindevu, Eita and more. A live stream will be provided of this 3 vs. 3 SSFIV teams competition, 8 p.m. PST start time.

• Naugatuck, Connecticut: Friday Night Blackout, July 2. This will be streamed live, 8 p.m. EST start time.

• Nashville, Tennessee: Game Galaxy SSF4, Super Turbo SBO Warmup, July 3. This will also be streamed, noon CST start time.

• San Diego, California: SSFIV Singles Tournament, July 3. Live stream available, around 4:30 p.m. PST start time.

• Brooklyn, New York: Guard Crush 3!, July 7. A live stream will be provided by TeamSp00ky. 6:45 p.m. EST start time.

• Brooklyn, New York: On Blast in 60 Seconds, July 3. TeamSp00ky will also be streaming this event, starting at 5 p.m. EST.

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GameSpot interviews Marvel vs. Capcom 3's producer Ryota Niitsuma

GameSpot is the latest website to get an interview with Ryota Niitsuma, Marvel vs. Capcom 3's producer. In this clip, he mentions that the upcoming game will not have over 50 characters like MvC2 did, but as has been stated before, they're shooting for 30+ fighters.

Also, he added that things are still being decided, but 1/3rd of the cast for this game will be characters that didn't appear in MvC2.

Here's the embed.

In related news, it was recently announced that the playable version of MvC3 at EVO 2010 will be a new build of the game, different than the one that was at E3.

Sven: MK vs. SF discussions happened a ways back

Sven: MK vs. SF discussions happened a ways back Capcom's Christian Svensson and Seth Killian made a few more posts on the Unity Boards recently, discussing various subjects from a Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter title to the U.S. release of the new SF4 series artbook.

Here's the rundown.

Are you guys ever going to do a Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat game?

Sven: Years ago there were discussions about something like this happening (during my time at Midway) that never came to fruition for various reasons. I'm not dead set against it BUT this [post] made me smile:

As for fatalities, it's really not that big of an issue; just alter them to be less "blood" and more "spectacle", and you'd basically have a list of Ultras. For example, Sub-Zero's Ultra might involve him slamming the other character around, freezing part of them with every punch/kick, then finish off with his trademark "Ice-ball", which shatters the ice, but leaves the character perfectly whole. It stays true to the character, without being mindlessly gorey. — Daemon Gildas

Sven: Have you met Ed Boon? :P (and I like and respect the Hell out of Ed by the way).

Are you going to release the Street Fighter 4 series official complete artbook in the U.S.A.?

Seth: [...] It looks highly likely that you will see a U.S. release. :D

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Seth shoots down Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character speculation, talks criteria

Seth shoots down Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character speculation, talks criteria Seth Killian jumped on the Unity Boards to shoot down one of the rumors floating around about Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Christian Svensson clarified again what they're looking for in the fighters they pick to add to the title.

It's been said that Seth Killian mentioned that Chris Redfield was indicative of the kind of characters you'll see from Capcom's side for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Does this mean characters like Viewtiful Joe, Phoenix Wright, Tron Bonne etc. have no hope? — Chabiko

Seth: Not really sure what you're referring to (there's a lot of "Seth said that..." that never has any actual quotes or links :P) but regardless, it doesn't mean anything about the chances of the characters you mentioned either way.

Capcom characters for MvC3 are based on a number of considerations, including playstyle, popularity with fans/randomness, how they fit into the game overall with the Marvel side, and just who everyone on the team happens to like.

Bottom line: I don't think you'll get very far trying to use the currently revealed characters as a basis for speculation about other characters, so don't worry based on what you've seen so far.

How are the characters that get in MvC3 decided on? Is it by developer preference, or is it the characters most often requested by fans? — Wolfe Mann

Sven: Yes. (it's both).

GodsGarden Super Street Fighter 4 match moved to Saturday

GodsGarden Super Street Fighter 4 match moved to Saturday The last match of the first round of the GodsGarden Super Street Fighter 4 tournament has been moved to Saturday at 6 a.m. PST. It was originally scheduled to take place this morning.

This will be a first to ten set featuring Makoto (Claw) against Uryo (C. Viper).

Another schedule for the second round should be going up in the near future. It should feature the winners from the first round, Daigo Umehara (Ryu), Sako (Cammy) and YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim).

Episode 1 of Cross Counter with Gootecks and Mike Ross

Gootecks and Mike Ross have created a new series titled Cross Counter to help you improve your Street Fighter game. They take matches from the community and go back over them highlighting various things the players can do to improve.

This is a really awesome idea and it's very well done, so it's definitely worth checking out.
You can find a transcipt here. If you'd like to submit your video to Cross Counter hit up this page on

What you look like when you play Street Fighter

Spotted this clip over on Capcom-Unity showing the many faces a Street Fighter player goes through in a match.
Note: I look exactly like this guy when I play, except I drool A LOT more during the matches.

Ono pitching new Darkstalkers title? More alts. for Super Street Fighter 4?

Ono pitching new Darkstalkers title? More alts. for Super Street Fighter 4? On Yoshinori Ono's Twitter account, there was a hint that the Street Fighter 4 series producer might be pitching a new Darkstalkers title to Capcom.

This started on Monday when he mentioned a new proposal he was working on and would be presenting to Keiji Inafune, who is Capcom's head of research & development and global head of production, and also the creator of Mega Man.

Ono said this proposal was successful, but didn't offer much information into what it might be.

Another Twitter member asked this question after the meeting with Inafune took place and Ono's response follows.

So now you can make a new Darkstalkers/Vampire game, right?

Ono: I'm left speechless yet..... Shhhh.

This implies Ono pitched a Darkstalkers title and Inafune liked the idea. If this is true, there's still a long way to go before the project is green lighted, but this might potentially be very good news for Darkstalkers fans.

Ono also had this to say when asked about the possibility of new alternative costumes for Super Street Fighter 4.

Will you guys make more alternate costumes for SSF4?

Ono: If there is a demand, I think..

Community news roundup for June 30th

Community news roundup for June 30th Here's a few random bits of news from the Street Fighter community that might interest you.

Street Fighter break dance video from Taiwan.

Justin Wong and Marn were guests on Live on Three, they talked about the ESWC and other fighting game stuff.

• Video of a guy playing Guile's theme on the drums.

• Super Street Fighter 4 stickers are available on

Contributions to this story by Slasher and SSJ3X-II.

New trailer for King of Chinatown, showing in New York

A new trailer for King of Chinatown, a film documenting Justin Wong's Street Fighter 4 playing days and road to being a professional gamer, has been released.
This will be showing in Manhattan, NYC in early August, you can find more details on the official site.

Super Classic costume pack out for Super Street Fighter 4

The Super Street Fighter 4 costume pack featuring new outfits for Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Gen and Fei Long will be available today. The Xbox Live version is up now, and the PlayStation Network update should happen later on in the day.

Click images for larger versions

As with the other packs, this will run you 320 Microsoft points or $3.99.

This outfit bundle was available free of charge if you pre-ordered the game, but since the street date was broken with SSF4, you may have missed out on this.

It's the final costume pack, except for the complete package the contains all of the 35 new costumes, available on July 27th. It's unknown how much this will cost, but the complete set for vanilla Street Fighter 4 ran $12.49 or 1,000 Microsoft Points.

Capcom's Christian Svensson stated that the Super Complete Pack, will cost slightly more than the vanilla Street Fighter 4's iteration.

Svensson said that the reason for the price increase is because there's an additional 10 costumes included in this download, instead of the original's 25.

You can see how all of the new alternative costumes look here.

More Tatsunoko vs. Capcom guide updates by Nyoronoru

More Tatsunoko vs. Capcom guide updates by Nyoronoru Four of the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars guides here on the site have undergone heavy revisions, courtesy of Nyoronoru.

The pages for Zero, Yatterman-2, Viewtiful Joe and Doronjo now have damage information for their special and Hyper moves along with new strategies and tactics for you to try when you're playing these characters.

If these fighters aren't your cup of tea, you can find the other characters along with additional information on the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom guide page here on

More images from the Street Fighter 4 Series Official Artbook tracked down additional images from the Street Fighter IV & Super Street Fighter IV Official Complete Work artbook, which was released on June 25th. If you've been on the fence about picking this up, here's a visual showing a little more of what's inside.

Click images for larger versions

You can find more images on this Photobucket album. If you'd like to pick up the 176 page book, it's available on for $26.90 + $12.40 shipping, USD.