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Official results from the Street Fighter 4 character poll

Official results from the Street Fighter 4 character poll Ever wonder how the final results for the "Which character would you most like to see in Street Fighter 4" ended up? We all know that Cammy won, but Seth Killian filled us in on the rest.

Confirmed characters are in bold.

Here are the full results, however basing any expectations about more SFIV characters on the placing of the finishers would be... unwise. As I think I said someplace (maybe it was at the Comic-Con panel?), Cammy crushed the competition:

1. Cammy - 43%

2. Sakura - 15%

3. Dan - 12%

4. Fei Long - 8%

5. Ibuki - 7%

5. Hugo - 7%

6. Dee Jay - 4%

T. Hawk - 1%

It's interesting to note that the 1st, 3rd and 4th place finishers are all confirmed for the console release of the game — which seriously makes you wonder if Sakura will be in it — despite Seth's disclaimer.

Source: Capcom-Unity Forums.

Street Fighter 4: Information on PC release delay and more

Street Fighter 4: Information on PC release delay and more Capcom is burning up their message boards again, this time responding to questions about the delayed PC release of Street Fighter 4, the soundtrack and the collector's edition of the game.

Here's the full scoop:

I know that SF4 is being designed on the PC, so why is it coming out last?

Sven: There's a few reasons:

The vast majority of revenue comes from the console versions, so they take priority. From a managing our business stand point, we aren't going to hold them back to wait for the PC to be ready.

PC requires optimizations for dozens of different possible configurations (the arcade unit, while a PC, has one specific configuration to test and optimize for...).

Compatibility testing across all of this hardware takes a long time.

Online integration is separate and different from the console versions, requires different and additional testing.

Addressing the technical requirement needs for Games for Windows certification takes time, as does submission for approvals for the program (similar to a console submission in time required but less rigorous). Etc.

In our ideal world of worlds, they would be simultaneous. As it is, we're going to keep them as close together as possible. Exactly what that means in terms of a gap, it's not certain yet.

Street Fighter IV Soundtrack, are we going to see it available?

Sven: I don't know for sure but I suspect the soundtrack will be made available in some way shape or form (either iTunes or something else music most likely... or both). We're increasingly doing that with new titles.

From what I understand pre-orders of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of Street Fighter IV on Gamestop.com that offer a Street Fighter art book as a bonus. Will the PC version get this at all? If not, is there any chance it might be sold separately?

Sven: It's highly unlikely there will be a collector's edition for PC. The retail numbers simply aren't high enough to justify it.

I don't know for certain (as we're focused initially on the console version that will ship some time ahead of the PC), I suspect it won't be sold separately, as that's part of what makes it desirable as a collector's item.

What type of artbook is it? The Street Fighter Tribute book done by Udon or the SF IV Official Artbook?

Seth: I don't believe it has been produced yet, but it will be closer to your second option than your first.

The United States of Street Fighter IV

The United States of Street Fighter IV Jared Rea has put together a very well written piece examining the state of SF4 in the U.S. and how the current arcade scene looks here.

This is a great article, and well worth your time. Here's a clip.

And now, a little over a month after it’s Japanese release, Street Fighter IV has landed in select arcades across North America. From what I’ve seen and heard, it could very well be that one game needed to convince the masses that yes, arcades are very much worth your time. The problem is that it also represents an easily missed opportunity.

The number of people who are turning out for just a chance to get their hands on Street Fighter IV has been mind boggling to say the least. Lines stretching out doors, arcades packed from wall-to-wall and some locations such as Granada Hill’s Family Fun Arcade pledging to stay open for 24 hours some nights just to satiate gamers.

This kind of widespread pandemonium is something that, for the most part, has been unheard of for practically decades in America.

Capcom responds to questions about Street Fighter 4

Capcom responds to questions about Street Fighter 4 Several members of the Capcom team hopped on the Capcom-Unity forums to answer some reader-submitted questions.

Here's what they had to say:

Character creation in Street Fighter 4. Would Capcom ever think about introducing something like this?

Sven: Not for Street Fighter 4, sorry. While we're embracing user created content in several projects (Age of Booty, Flock and others we can't yet talk about) for Street Fighter 4 we wanted the action to remain our between iconic characters, not cheap knock offs of celebrities, politicians, other videogame characters or dressing Ryu in silly hats and sunglasses.

What is it with the still images for the endings in SF4?

TAS: The reason the Arcade version has still frames is because the animated endings aren't completed yet, nor are you going to have many arcade players standing there to watch a 30 to 60 second animated video.

The Arcade version is meant to be quick, fast, etc., in order to make the most money possible so that more people can put more money into it as fast as possible, and having fully animated intros and endings in the arcade version would just slow that process down.

Why isn't Sean in the game?

TAS: As for Sean there are multiple reasons why he wouldn't/shouldn't be in the game...

1) He's one of the least popular characters in the entire series and it would be stupid to include him over more popular and much more requested characters like Sakura.

2) There doesn't need to be any more shoto characters at this point. We already have Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Dan, with Gouken + Sakura being rumored for the console version. Does there really need to be seven of them? I think you'll find that more people would like to have more variety then more shotos. Example someone Elena is mid tier in terms of popularity but she's much more unique in style then a lot of other SF chars (like Sean) and for that reason she (or whoever else falls into that same grouping) should be given the chance over Sean.

3) SFIV takes place around 1994. SF3 Third Strike took place in 1999. Sean was around 16 in Third Strike, which would mean he'd be like 12 during the events of SFIV, making him way too young for SFIV in terms of the storyline/canon.

Japanese Street Fighter 4 2008 tournament videos

Japanese Street Fighter 4 2008 tournament videos Capcom put up 5 videos from the official tournament recently held in Japan for Street Fighter 4.

This is great stuff if you're into high level competition.

Video 1: Sagat vs. Sagat

Video 2: Sagat vs. Ryu

Video 3: Sagat vs. Balrog (Boxer)

Video 4: C. Viper vs. Ken

Video 5: Rufus vs. Abel

You can also check out these same movies by going to Capcom's official SF4 website and clicking on news.

Video: Dhalsim vs. E. Honda in Street Fighter 4

The official Street Fighter 4 development blog was updated with a new video today showing Dhalsim and E. Honda fighting. Here's the YouTube version:

You can watch this by going to the official SF4 Web site, click the Gallery link at the top, and then click the Part 6 video link.

IGN reviews Street Fighter Remix #0 comic

IGN reviews Street Fighter Remix #0 comic IGN has reviewed the preview issue of the Street Fighter Remix comic book by Udon, giving it a 6.5 out of 10.

The some what low mark is because of the price mainly, but they say from a functionality standpoint this book really hits its mark.

Here's a cut.

All told, this preview does what it needs to do - give us a glimpse of the future. It easily defines where each series takes place, gives readers a central premise and gives them an idea of the art. It's a shame that the art for Turbo comes across as the weakest as it's certain to draw the most interest. Chamba's weaknesses are sadly highlighted by his counterparts on the other titles as well as the presence of Street Fighter IV concept art by Ikeno.

Continue reading »

Udon Street Fighter comics on DVD

Udon Street Fighter comics on DVD Out of left field comes an announcement from Eagle One Media that you can watch Udon's Street Fighter comic book series on DVD, with some animation and voice-overs.

Not sure how this will pan out, kind of a weird concept to try and turn still images into animation, but maybe it will turn out OK. Here's a quote from the press release.

An Eagle One Media animated comic production utilizes the actual artwork and story content from a series of published comic books and with the addition of animation, motion-style techniques, character voice-over, music, and special effects, creates a fast-paced, content production that can be watched on any DVD device or made available for download.

Capcom plans to submit Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix in a few weeks

Capcom plans to submit Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix in a few weeks Capcom is hoping to have the final version of SSF2T HD Remix sent to Sony and Microsoft in the next few weeks, according to company V.P. Chris Svensson.

He notes that the art is complete, and they underwent a play test with some EVO players and made some balance changes recently.

Now they're just doing an animation cleanup, making final gameplay tweaks, network code finalizations and bug fixing.

Sounds like the game is just around the corner.

Sagat's alternative costume in Street Fighter 4

Sagat's alternative costume in Street Fighter 4 GameChariot.com posted a video of Sagat's alternative costume. Here's a screen capture.

They've got a whole set of videos here for you to check out, but the site is in Japanese.

In case you missed them, you can still look at all of the other characters alternative costumes, except for Akuma which is still undiscovered.


Vega, Balrog, Dhalsim and E. Honda

Bison, Guile, Ken and Abel


Crimson Viper, Zangief and Ryu

El Fuerte


Keiji Inafune outlines Capcom's plans to win worldwide

Keiji Inafune outlines Capcom's plans to win worldwide 1Up.com has a story up with Capcom's Keiji Inafune, head of research & development and online business, discussing their plans for a global domination business strategy.

He talks about how much of an impact Street Fighter has had on them as a company. Not the greatest read, but worth a look if you have spare time. Here's a cut.

Inafune closed by showing off the new entry in a series that already has a strong fanbase in Japan, the U.S., and Europe: Street Fighter 4, whose name, he noted, "carries more weight than even Capcom's." He pointed out the title's huge impact on Capcom's growth and existence as a company. Inafune knew when he rose to his current position that "this was one of the titles I wanted to make."

He also brought the audience's attention to the distinct ink style used in the title's trailers. "There have been fewer and fewer Japanese games with worldwide impact. But by using a Japanese form of expression like sumi-e [ink painting] in something we bring to the world, we hope to send a clear message that Japan isn't out of the running yet."

Infinite combo loop discovered in Street Fighter 4

Infinite combo loop discovered in Street Fighter 4 The rumors proved to be true, and El Fuerte's infinite combo loop has been discovered.

You can see a video of this in action here.

If you'd like to read details on how it's done, go to the El Fuerte Character Guide.

GGPO networking guru talks Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix

GGPO networking guru talks Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix Tony Cannon, one of the guys behind GGPO has stepped up the mic to discuss how the latency code is looking in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix.

It's a modestly technical piece, but what it boils down to is that Capcom is taking a hardcore look at their fighting game networking code, and it's looking really good.

This is something you should read. Here's a clip:

It turns out the timing couldn't have been more perfect: in August of last year Capcom took notice of GGPO and arranged a meeting where we discussed the technology, how it worked, and particularly why it was ideally suited for arcade games.

Other genres have used similar latency hiding techniques, but GGPO is the first to prove that they could be used for the most latency sensitive games, around the world, on the public Internet. Capcom was impressed and convinced Backbone that STHD needed similar technology in order to replicate the arcade experience online.

Last week I had the opportunity to work with Dan Halpern at Backbone to check in on they've networking stack and provide some pointers for improvement. We hooked GGPO up to the same latency simulation tools you've read about on Gary's blog and compared it to STHD.

Updated: Akuma playable in Street Fighter 4, videos and move list

Updated: Akuma playable in Street Fighter 4, videos and move list As previously mentioned, Akuma was unlocked as a playable character in some Street Fighter 4 arcade machines today.

Early reports have him most closely resembling his SF3: Third Strike version. We've posted his move list which is now part of our SF4 strategy guide.

Gostunv uploaded several videos of Akuma in action:

Akuma's ending featuring Gouken, Ryu and Ken's master, and Akuma's brother.
Akuma vs. Seth, part 1
Akuma vs. Seth, part 2
Akuma vs. Balrog (Boxer)

Also the SF4 development blog was updated with some Akuma concept art too.

Video: Vega vs. Chun Li in Street Fighter 4

The official Street Fighter 4 development blog was updated with a new video today showing Vega (Claw) and Chun Li fighting. Here's the YouTube version:

You can go to the official SF4 Web site, click the Gallery link at the top, and then click the Part 5 video link.

High resolution Street Fighter 4 movies

High resolution Street Fighter 4 movies Gamersyde.com uploaded 5 high resolution gameplay movies of the console version of Street Fighter 4.

These run at 60 frames per second, and come in a variety of formats for download and streaming.

Even though these are shot on a cam, lack sound, and are a bit tilted, they're still really nice quality.

Video of Rufus' alternate costume

Hard Edge added a video of Rufus' alternative costume. Unfortunately, it's not too much different than his normal outfit.