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Daigo facing off against FenTamu and AFG - Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012

Ov3rheadGreg has uploaded some Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 match footage featuring none other than MCZ|Daigo.

Daigo, playing Ryu faces off against FenTamu's Yun and AFG's Sagat in a pretty awesome set. These videos total in at a little over 20 minutes of footage, hit the jump to check out the other matches.

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Arcade endings for all 6 DLC Tekken Tag Tournament 2 characters

SFxTruth has put together a video showing the arcade endings for the DLC characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Violet's ending is the same as the Fight Lab's, but Miharu, Sebastian, Slim Bob, Dr. Boskonovitch and Unknown are all originals.

As these contain major spoilers, only watch at your own risk.
In case you missed it, earlier today SFxTruth also posted footage of all 6 characters in action.

LiangHuBBB's comeback compilation Episode #31

LiangHuBBB has returned with another installment in his comeback compilation series. Today's set features matches from the Street Fighter series, King of Fighters 13, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, BlazBlue, Street Fighter 3 Third Strike and more.
Tip sent in by Masose and an anonymous reader.

Re-imagining of X-Men #1 cover for Marvel vs. Capcom Origins

Brelston on Capcom-Unity has once again posted an amazing piece of artwork for Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. The piece today is a re-imagining of the classic "X-Men #1" cover, which some might recognize as it played a role in setting the look of the cartoon from the 1990s.

This new re-imagining artwork comes from Marc Brooks, and the original artwork by Jim Lee.

Click images for larger versions

Be sure to check out the previous re-imagining of Mega Man 2 North America box art if you missed that.

Tip sent in by SarcasticSincerity and an anonymous reader.

More footage of all 6 DLC Tekken Tag Tournament 2 fighters in action

SFxTruth put up a few videos of the confirmed Tekken Tag Tournament 2 DLC characters in action. He shows off Miharu, Sebastian, Slim Bob, Dr. Boskonovitch, Unknown and Violet. Keep in mind Harada has said on many occasions that all DLC characters in this game are free of charge.

SFxTruth noted that everyone seems to have unlockable outfits and swimsuits except for Unknown. Hit the jump for more.

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Street Fighter 4 originally had 'waving' mechanic for doding fireballs while dashing

Street Fighter 4 originally had 'waving' mechanic for doding fireballs while dashing Talking about gameplay elements that didn't make the final cut for Street Fighter 4, Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano noted that at one point they had a "waving" mechanic which enabled players to dodge fireballs while dashing, but they ended up removing this because it too closely mirrored by what Focus Attacks could already do.

Complex: Street Fighter IV introduced new moves like Focus and Ultra Attacks. Were there any additions or changes that you had to leave out? Could they be included in future games?

Ayano: There were a few ideas that didn’t make it into the final version of Street Fighter IV. Just to give an example of one idea, we came up with something called “Waving.” This was a universal gameplay mechanic which allowed characters to shift their upper body during dashes in order to avoid projectile attacks. However, Focus Attacks also fulfilled this role in some ways, so we scrapped the idea as a whole. There were several other ones, but I won’t get into any more details here [laugh].

It’s tough to say if those ideas could make it into future games however, since we’re still discussing what we will be making in the future. If there is a good chance to do so, I’d like to take the opportunity though!

Readers might also want to check out the early version of Street Fighter 4 to see how things evolved. Older versions had variations on Abel's super, showed different lifebars, an altered jump trajectory, plus more.

Source: Complex.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U trailer features plenty of Mario growth/shrink mushrooms

For those of you wondering what Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will offer on the Wii U, Namco Bandai released a trailer for TGS 2012 which showcases various Mario themed items. From a field mushrooms, to the classic song you know so well, TTT2 on Nintendo's new platform is a bit crazy.

Stay tuned till the end to scope out the Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Link and Zelda costumes, among others.
From Tekken Channel's YouTube page, via AvoidingThePuddle. Submitted by Malikae.

Tekken cast members get their Halloween on in new Street Fighter X Tekken Vita costume screens

A set of new screen shots featuring the Tekken cast members of Street Fighter X Tekken sporting their extra alternative costumes was posted by the Capcom Unity crew. You get these costumes for free if you pick up the Vita version of the game, which also unlocks them on your PS3.

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Throw break training and theory in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 by Aris

Aris, from Avoiding The Puddle has done a new guide for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. In this video, he goes over how to practice and train for throw breaking.
Tip sent in by the_disturbed_113.

Mike Ross leaves CompLexity Gaming

Mike Ross leaves CompLexity Gaming CompLexity Gaming announced today that Mike Ross has parted ways the company. Mike is one of the most popular members in the fighting game community, well known for his play Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012, and being the co-host of Cross Counter.

Complexity issued this statement on their website.

Today we are sad to announce that compLexity Gaming and Mike Ross are parting ways after more than a year of successful cooperation in the fighting game community (FGC).

Our split is very amicable and we wish him nothing but the absolute best. Mike has decided to move on to the next phase of his FGC career which precludes being an active competitor for compLexity. He'll be announcing the details in the near future.

Mike had the following to say:

I just want to say that I had a blast being a part of compLexity. I will definitely miss competing as a teammate. However this isn't the end of the road for me. This doesn't mean that I'm leaving the FGC and competing completely. I will still try to make it out to all the events that I can. I would not let these amazing talents (or lack thereof) go to such waste.

This announcement came a little over a month after Combofiend revealed he was also leaving CompLexity.

Tip sent in by Eid0lus and Popparoks.

8 floppy disk drives used to re-create Mortal Kombat theme song

Floppy disk drives, considered almost useless by most now have recently been making a comeback. Not used to install copies of the original Doom, but instead to create music. One musician, MrSolidSnake745, has re-created a Mortal Kombat theme song with eight floppy disk drives for an ensemble that could amaze you.

Fat Ken and Ryu, Akuma cameo appearances in Tekken Tag Tournament 2's Fight Lab

The Fight Lab in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has some cameo appearances by none other than Street Fighter's Ken, Ryu and Akuma. These appear on stage 5 during the boss battle when the game wants you to defeat the three opponents, using the tag system. It seems that since Ryu and Ken were in Street Fighter X Tekken, both of them have gained a considerable amount of weight.

Click images for larger versions

Pre-release Dead or Alive 5 combo video featuring Rig

Emper0rC0w has posted another pre-release combo video for Dead or Alive 5. This video focuses on Rig, one of the new characters to the Dead or Alive series.

He has two unique stances, his flamingo stance (Kubryo Sogi) and his spinning stance (Tolgi), both of which have their own sets of unique moves. One interesting thing about Rig is that he has a lot of sit down stun options from neutral stance, kubryo sogi, as well as some of his moves from both states change their stun properties into sit down stun when hitting a crouching opponent. This increases his chances for guaranteed damage making him extremely deadly in the right hands.

Tip sent in by Virtua_Kazama, Kara and some anonymous readers.

Creator of PaRappa the Rapper is happy that he is making a comeback, not happy with him in a weapon filled battle game

Creator of PaRappa the Rapper is happy that he is making a comeback, not happy with him in a weapon filled battle game Rodney Greenblat the artist who created PaRappa the Rapper, recently did an interview with Not Enough Shaders to discuss a few various topics including his thoughts on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Here's the excerpt about PaRappa being in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

PaRappa the Rapper will be a fighter in the 2012 fighting game, “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale” for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Are you personally hoping that the popularity of that game might spark interest at Sony to create a new “PaRappa the Rapper” game? Do you have any interest in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal?

I’m very happy that Parappa is making a bit of a comeback, but not so happy about him being in a weapon filled battle game. Actually the Battle Royal game is fun, and I have to do what I can to get Parappa back in the game scene. My hope is that Sony realizes the golden true potential of Parappa and asks me to design some new games. I’ve learned a lot, and I think Parappa could be great again.

Justin Wong discusses how to learn new fighting games quickly, players to model your game after

Justin Wong discusses how to learn new fighting games quickly, players to model your game after EG|Justin Wong's latest column here on EventHubs discusses how to pick up new fighting games quickly and which players to model your game after when you're trying to discover new tactics and improve your overall skill.

Justin gives an overview of the community resources he likes, talks about what he's doing to prepare for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and other things of that nature. Here's a snip from the page.

Players to watch and what to look out for

Here are some of the players you should watch and take note of and what makes them top players.

• LU|Alex Valle: Strong fundamentals, rush down, clutch game play, amazing footsies.

• FC|NYChrisG: Strong fundamentals, amazing spacing, amazing defense and very smart.

•|Filipino Champ: Calculated play, amazing spacing, very controlling and great reactions.

You can find an index of EG|Justin Wong's past columns here.

Virtua Fighter's Pai Chan joins Dead or Alive 5 roster, Gen Fu also confirmed

Famistu has revealed yet another playable fighter in Dead or Alive 5. Virtua Fighter's Pai Chan will be joining Sarah Bryant and Akira as the third Virtua Fighter character in DoA 5.

Famitsu also confirmed the inclusion of Gen Fu who was previously seen only in past trailers.

Click images for larger versions

Via Siliconera. Tips by Eternal Dragon and irc_mocpac.

Desk breaks infinites using Viewtiful Joe's assist, 2P side incapable of performing

Desk returns today with another Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 infinites video. In this footage, Desk shows that only player 1 can take advantage of the Viewtiful Joe bomb assist infinite. This means that players using Viewtiful Joe on the player 1 side have access to infinite combos that player 2 is incapable of performing.

Tips by gigantor21, SFinDaejeon and TioClone.