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Chun Li Goes Wild! Sorta...

GameWatch uploaded a photo of a severely blurred and somewhat unclothed Chun Li from the crappy Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation.

We just added this story so you could laugh at the photo.

If they were going to blur something, they should have started with those knees.

Chun Li Gone Wild!!

Street Fighter 4 Video: Ken vs. Rufus

The Street Fighter 4 Development blog was updated today with a new video of Ken and Rufus fighting. The movie shows Rufus' Ultra move.

You can check out the YouTube video below, or...

You can go to the official SF4 Web site, click the Gallery link at the top, and then click the Part 2 video link.

Capcom patches Super Street Fighter 2THD Remix beta

Capcom patches Super Street Fighter 2THD Remix beta Capcom patched Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix beta today. You can scope out the full details here.

Here's some of the good stuff.

• Ken's Shoryuken shenanigans are fixed.

• The title no longer crashes when joining games. So all online functions should work normally, including quick match and custom match.

• Netcode optimizations have been made. Overall, the online experience should be about 50% better. While we can't do anything about high ping times, we've optimized the gameplay experience so that it's less noticeable and smoother. For example, playing someone with a ping time of 200 with the patch, should feel something like playing someone with a ping time of 100 before the patch. If you want to see the gameplay without the "smoothing" just enter the following code to disable it.

Hold the Left Trigger, Right Trigger, RB, LB and while holding down the buttons, hit start. You should hear an audbile tone.

Game space delivers Street Fighter 4 interview

Game space delivers Street Fighter 4 interview Game Space had an interview with Leo Tan, the U.K. P.R. manager for Capcom. They rehash a few things previously mentioned, but there are more details about the Focus Attack system.

Worth a look.

GS: What can you tell me about focus dash?

LT: There are three levels to the focus. At any stage while you're charging, you can dash out of it. I can bait you -- I can start it up, you run in to get me, and I dash out and hit you. That's a simple mind game you can play.

GS: Are you invulnerable during the focus dash?

LT: No, you're just dashing so you can get nailed by stuff. Usually, the thing that tends to happen to me is I get the throw. I dash when I'm in close and you just start spamming the throw if you see [the dash] coming at you.

Capcom's V.P. discusses PC distribution

Capcom's V.P. discusses PC distribution IGN conducted an interview with Capcom's V.P. Christian Svensson discussing the topic of digital distribution and PC conversions of their games.

Christian talks about some of the struggles they've had with digital distribution and PC sales, which is interesting considering that Capcom is going to release SF4 on the PC.

How well their PC games perform will certainly affect how many titles of theirs we see on that platform along with future downloadables. Here's a cut from the interview.

IGN: Why is Capcom Japan opposed to digital distribution when it has proven itself to be a viable business platform in the PC gaming culture?

Christian Svensson: I should probably be more specific. When it came to DMC4 and Lost Planet: Colonies Edition, their respective producers weren't allowing digital distribution on those specific titles for the near term. I'm not completely clear on the reasons to this day. It might have been that they wanted to worry about getting them approved (Games for Windows approval and Live approval for Colonies) and out the door before taking on the additional workload of submissions to digital portals, a conversation I'm picking up again with them on my next visit.

73rd issue of Games magazine features SFIV

73rd issue of Games magazine features SFIV The 73rd issue of Games magazine will feature 16 different covers, each one showcasing a different character from Street Fighter 4.

There's also a six-page feature containing Street Fighter trivia, a full game history, and even little-known tips for Street Fighter IV from Capcom insiders.

Although it doesn't sound like the most compelling thing ever, might be worth picking up a copy for the tips. Or of course you could just read our Street Fighter 4 strategy guide.

Breaking down Street Fighter's frames

Breaking down Street Fighter's frames Derek updated his blog on Capcom-Unity with a really good explanation of the frame system in Street Fighter.

The frame system is important to understand because it teaches you about the recovery and timing of moves. Here's a quote from the page.

When your opponent blocks an attack, they become stuck in the blocking animation for a short period of time. During this time, they are unable to move, attack, jump, or do anything else. This is called block-stun.

When you hit an opponent in the face with a move, pretty much the same thing happens. While the opponent is recovering from being hit, they cannot move, attack, jump, or even block! This is called hit-stun.

This article is part of a Street Fighter 101 training course which has some great stuff in there, here's a link to the index page.

Updated: IGN's Top 25 Street Fighters

Updated: IGN's Top 25 Street Fighters IGN has day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 and day 5 of their Top 25 Street Fighter Characters up. These articles aren't anything special, but if you're bored, go check it out. Here's a blurb.

Dudley: There have been more effective, more popular characters in Street Fighters new and old, but Dudley has them all beat for sheer simple class. He'll pummel you stupid, sure, but he'll be unfailingly polite about it, and his faithful butler will offer you a reviving cup of tea afterwards.

Dudley's also famous for having what might be the weirdest motivation of any World Warrior tournament entrant. He's not out for revenge, he's not training to get stronger, he's not searching for a long-lost family member or anything serious like that. No, he just wants to get his car back.

Updated: Bison, Guile, Ken and Abel's alternative costumes

Update: There's a video up on YouTube from DandyDLC showing Ken and Abel's alternative costumes.

Other members of the community uploaded more images of alternative costumes in Street Fighter 4. Thanks to Azrael for the Guile videos and Jubei Kibagami for the M. Bison photo.

M. Bison (Dictator) is shown in blue with part of his shirt missing and an unusually large crotch — maybe that's where he keeps his hat.

M. Bison (Dictator's) Alternative Outfit

Guile's Alternative Outfit

Abel and Ken's Alternative Outfits

Video: Guile's alt costume, vs. Zangief (Yellow color)

Video: Guile's alt costume vs. Zangief (Red color)

Street Fighter 4 videos from Sneaker Pimps event in L.A.

Street Fighter 4 videos from Sneaker Pimps event in L.A. Maximilian recorded 21 videos of Street Fighter 4 action from the Sneaker Pimp event held in L.A. a few days ago.

The video quality is OK, and there are some good players featured in here — not bad stuff to check out if you have extra time on your hands.

EVO 2008 mini-trailer and confirmed games

EVO 2008 mini-trailer and confirmed games EVO 2008 is the premiere fighting game tournament and Jchensor has put up a mini-trailer for this year's competition.

The event runs from August 8-10 in Las Vegas, and it will have the unreleased games, Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix and Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom playable for attendees.

There's also a BYOC (Bring Your Own Console) area where tons of additional games will be played.

This year's tournament games are:
1) Capcom Vs. SNK 2
2) Marvel Vs. Capcom 2
3) Street Fighter III: Third Strike
4) Super Smash Bros. Brawl
5) Super Street Fighter II Turbo
6) Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

And keep checking back for more coverage.

More rumors about Street Fighter 4's home release this year

More rumors about Street Fighter 4's home release this year Capcom-Unity.com was updated with another session of Ask Capcom.

When asked about the possibility of having a Street Fighter Club on the east coast, Kramez said that it would happen in the Fall and focus on the console version of SF4.

This does lend some credence to the rumor that SF4 may see a console release this year, as they could just have a fully playable copy of the arcade game there instead.

Saying that it will focus on the console version of the game likely means it will be in a very (fully?) playable state at that time, meaning we may see a release this year.

Here's the quote.

5. JoeMasters (Ken's brother?) asks about about Street Fighter Clubs: In the blog that explained the event that happened in Los Angles, it said that a similar event was going to happen in the east cost in the fall that would center more around the console version. Have you finalized on the location yet? If so where?

Kramez: Me, again. We haven't announced where on the East Coast yet, but we will be coming Right Coast in the fall. The next one will be focused mainly on the console version of the game!

Ryu vs. Sagat - Street Fighter 4 video showing Ultras

The Street Fighter 4 Development Blog was updated with a high quality video showing Ryu and Sagat fighting and doing their Ultra moves.

You can watch the embedded YouTube video here...

Or you can go to the official SF4 Web site, click the Gallery link at the top, and then click the Part 1 video link.

Photos from the set of the new Street Fighter movie

Photos from the set of the new Street Fighter movie Legendfilms has 11 shots up from the new movie, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li currently being filmed.

Yep, one of those happens to be Balrog (Boxer), Michael Clarke Duncan firing a gun.

Some of the pictures look good, but it doesn't look like the director has an aversion to some of the Street Fighter characters using firearms.

Rumor: Home version of Street Fighter 4 may be coming out this year

Rumor: Home version of Street Fighter 4 may be coming out this year Kotaku has a story up stating that a few insiders are claiming that Street Fighter 4 will be released on console machines and the PC by this holiday season.

They don't quote any sources on this information, which does make me a bit skeptical. Considering the game was just released in Japanese arcades on July 18th, this would be a pretty fast turnaround.

All the same, I'm sure there's a lot of incentive to get this title out to hit holiday shoppers. Here's a blurb from Kotaku.

In the next quarter of this financial year, Capcom has no plans to launch any major titles. According to insiders however, Capcom said in a conference call today that it did plan to launch Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in the third quarter of this financial year, which would make it a holiday release (this Thanksgiving in the US?). Nothing has been confirmed, but that would make sense as Resident Evil 5 launches in March 2009.

Capcom did provide its sales target for upcoming titles. Resident Evil 5 is expected to move 2.3 units, SFIV is expected to move 1.7 million, Bionic Commando 1.5 million units and Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop 0.5 million units.

Battle of Destiny results and videos

Battle of Destiny results and videos Neoempire.com posted the results from the Battle of Destiny held in London recently.

This was a large tournament hosting some of the best fighting game players, who also got a hands on with SF4 and SSF2T HD Remix.

Here's one of the videos from the SF3 Third Strike part of the event and there's two more on Rakurai Media's YouTube page and you can also check out some photos here.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

The Grand Final

Zak (Oro) 2 - 0 HarmoNaz (Akuma)

Semi Finals

Zak (Chun Li) 2 - 1 CIV (Chun Li)
HarmoNaz (Ak, Q) 2 - 1 Cyrox (Yun)

Quarter Finals

Zak (Oro) 2 - 0 The Prince (Ken)
CIV (Chun Li) 2 - 0 The HY (Hugo)
HarmoNaz (Akuma) 2 - 0 The Chef (Ryu)
Cyrox 2 - 0 Jiuty * Cyrox progresses as Jiuty not present.

Yoshinori Ono discusses new possibilities in Street Fighter 4

Yoshinori Ono discusses new possibilities in Street Fighter 4 Siliconera has yet another interview with Yoshinori Ono discussing SF4.

This piece is actually pretty good, as they cover some subjects no one has directly asked Capcom about.

Ono goes on to mention that it's possible for SF4 to hit the Wii if there's enough demand for it. I recommend reading through this whole thing, it's good.

Here's a cut.

Do you plan on selling additional characters as downloadable content?

We want to avoid doing that. The reason is pretty simple. It’s like someone playing chess, but selling them the bishop separately. So you would have one guy would be without a bishop and one guy would have one. For the sake of the balance of the game we would like everyone on the disc. That being said, we are thinking of doing something as downloadable content. Maybe some things distributed for free. Maybe some things for sale, but they won’t be characters.

For the PC version of Street Fighter IV will you be able to play against Xbox 360 owners? Or will Street Fighter IV only have PC vs. PC and Xbox 360 vs. Xbox 360 play?

We haven’t decided on that yet. It’s certainly something we’re thinking about. A lot of it is going to come down to how LIVE on PC works. They recently announced gold membership for LIVE on PC will be free whereas on Xbox it still costs money. We want to avoid any perception of being unfair and giving PC users preferential treatment or anything like that. This is something we’re thinking about, but not something I can answer right now. It really hasn’t been decided.

Right now we know Street Fighter IV will come out on three home platforms, but have you thought about the Wii at all?

The more people that ask about it, the more likely we are to move in that direction. The very existence of Street Fighter IV was based on people asking about it for so long. If we get a lot of requests it will be something we will think about. It might be difficult to reproduce the graphics exactly as they are, but the gameplay should be completely intact. It’s something we can think about.