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New SFIV PC video, benchmark tool on June 15

A new video showing the PC version of Street Fighter 4's various rendering modes is now available. This was originally on display at E3, but Capcom posted it for everyone to check out.
Also, FallenAngel on the SRK boards graciously translated the latest post from the Japanese SFIV blog. The entry states that the benchmarking tool for the PC version of SF4 will be released on June 15, and will be available on several sites.

When the tool is available, we'll have it linked up here on the front page of EventHubs.com.

Giving a shout out to the community

Giving a shout out to the community Sometimes we can get caught up in telling people about the things we don't like and too often we don't talk about the good stuff they've done.

To try and recognize how far the fighting game scene has come recently, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at some of the great things that have happened, and give a little praise to those who made it happen.


We've seen a number of new Street Fighter games from Capcom. Instead of being lame half-assed productions carrying the Street Fighter license, these were titles that offered great game play, improved graphics, and some excellent net code for gaming online. And they remade titles that fans love and charged a very reasonable $15 for them.

From offering free pizza and soda to individuals who wanted to come in and play Street Fighter IV before it was released on the home consoles, running a poll where the top characters were including in the game, to hosting tournaments around the world with prizes, they've really put themselves out there and created a lot of great events for the community — and didn't ask for anything in return.

Capcom has changed from being a company that basically only the media could reach, to now having two very prominent employees in Seth Killian and Christian Svensson who not only talk directly to the fans, but also answer questions about their games and give information to their community before they reveal it to some media outlets.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen Seth or Christian on the Capcom Unity boards way after their work hours, sometimes at 3 a.m., fielding questions and talking with fans about their games.

And I can assure you — putting in time on the Capcom Forums at 3 a.m. is not part of their job description. ;-)

The community

The fans themselves have created websites and tournaments to help keep the scene going strong. Sites like Shoryuken.com, iPlayWinner.com and FightersGeneration.com, among others, offer great depth to the community.

Not too long ago, it was the dream of several Street Fighter players to get the best players from the world together to compete against each other in a huge tournament with prizes. Through a lot of hard work, that dream became a reality and today we have the Evolution Fighting Game championships (Evo).

These kinds of things don't happen over night, and a lot of blood sweat and tears are shed to make tournaments and websites a reality.

Your part

So while you might not agree with everything that's said and done in the community, remember every now and again to give people a shout out for their efforts.

Most of the people in the fighting game community don't hear a lot of praise for what they do, so a little kudos goes a long way in making them feel appreciated.

So if you see MrWizard, Seth Killian, employees from Capcom or any other people who've helped make this a great scene over the years, go up and shake their hands and thank them for their hard work.

And if there's any great experience that stands out in your mind, please leave a comment on this story and say thanks to the people who helped make it happen.

Chun Li character guide for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike

Chun Li character guide for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike We've posted a character guide for Chun Li in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike. A gigantic thanks goes out to TJ369 who was a huge help in putting together parts of the guide.

In most people's minds, Chun Li is regarded as either the best character in the game, or 2nd overall. She's a defensive monster, who's got a top notch punishing game.

Here's a small clip from the guide.

Top Chun Li players will 'buffer' her Lightning Legs so they're prepared to throw them out at the drop of a hat. To execute her Lightning Legs, you need to press a Kick button 5 times, fairly quickly. On the 5th press, she'll start hammering away with her leg.

This is good to know because Chun Li can use her Lightning Legs as a counter against people who parry some of her pokes.

The idea here is to have your Lightning Legs ready so that if one of your pokes is parried, it only takes a button press to activate your Legs.

Projectile statistics for Street Fighter IV

Projectile statistics for Street Fighter IV Acku on the Shoryuken.com message boards made a nifty post breaking down the various statistics for each character's projectile.

His listing shows the damage, start up and recovery time for the game's fireballs and sorts everything into categories so you can quickly glance at which character's projectile has the best properties when compared with the rest of the cast.

And if you want to go further, take a look at our Frame Data listings for the game where you can see a full break down of all of the moves for each character.

Seth Killian chats about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Seth Killian chats about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom GamesRadar caught up with Seth Killian so they could discuss Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's upcoming release on the Wii.

This is a solid audio only interview with Killian, which goes a bit more in depth on what the title is going to offer and what they're looking at adding.

While there's nothing groundbreaking said here, if you'd like to hear a nice overview of the game and what they're working on, I'd check it out.

Episode 3, part 5 of The Dogface Show

The latest segment of the Dogface Show interview with MrWizard of Shoryuken.com and Seth Killian of Capcom has been posted. They talk quite a bit about EVO and the scene in general. This is a pretty good clip, so it's worth your time to check out.

Ryu attempts the car bonus stage, in real life

Thanks to ZeroX and a few other people for pointing this out.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will have free hip hop soundtrack

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will have free hip hop soundtrack Kotaku.com is reporting that Capcom is going to release a free downloadable soundtrack for Marvel vs. Capcom 2's summer re-release on the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Here's a clip from the post.

Artists featured on the game's "mixtape" include the following rap greats, who, we're told, are providing original songs inspired by MvsC2 and other fighting games and fighting game themes:

- Raekwon
- Talib Kweli
- E40
- DJ Qbert
- Hieroglyphics
- The Grouch and Eligh of Living Legends
- Planet Asia
- MC Supernatural
- Havoc of Mobb Deep
- DJ Toure
- And more...

The soundtrack will be issued for free on Marvel.com, Capcom-Unity.com, and the game's promo site tu4ar.com. Capcom is also exploring options for issuing the music downloadable directly to consoles, but has no plans to announce yet.

So it sounds like Capcom isn't sure if they can digitally pack in the soundtrack, but you'll be able to use custom music options to play these songs while you're gaming.

More Tournament Edition FightSticks in stock

More Tournament Edition FightSticks in stock Mad Catz is starting to catch up with the massive demand for FightSticks, although the TE XBox 360 version can still be a bit difficult to come across.

Buy.com now has both of the Tournament Edition sticks available on the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360, although the XBox 360 version costs $50 over the suggested retail price, for whatever reason.

And Frys.com has PS3 TE sticks in stock the as well.

There's also Standard Edition FightSticks on Amazon.com: PlayStation 3 | XBox 360

And also on Newegg.com: PlayStation 3 | XBox 360

And you can find Tournament Edition sticks through less reputable dealers here.

Sven hints at Street Fighter IV on the Wii?

Sven hints at Street Fighter IV on the Wii? While this is definitely venturing into the realm of speculation, Capcom V.P. Christian Svensson's recent reply on if Street Fighter IV would ever be released for the Wii seems to hint at the game coming out in the future.

Here's his comment from the Capcom Forums.

So we're never going to see Street Fighter IV for the Wii? — John

Sven: Never is such a long time. Beyond that, I have nothing to add right now.

This is interesting, because it wasn't that long ago that Capcom announced they were going to bring nine new games to the Wii before April 2010, including 'major' titles.

While most of these 9 games have already been announced — one of which was Tatsunoko vs. Capcom's U.S. release — there's still a few spots for other titles to come out.

This certainly isn't a concrete statement about the game, but it may be a hint that Capcom is planning a Wii release for Street Fighter 4.

'Free' commenting restored

'Free' commenting restored The ability to comment without having to register on the site has been restored.

Commenting is a great feature, and it's really nice to not have to require users to register if they want to quickly chime in on an issue — but it's sometimes abused.

When you see someone getting way out of line on the comments — do not respond to them — generally, this just encourages bad behavior.

Instead, please use the Contact Us form and someone will zap the comment.

I hope the site can keep comments "free" permanently and make registration an optional thing, but if things get too far out of line, unfortunately free commenting will likely be removed again.

If you'd like to chime in on this subject, please just add your comment by clicking the link below.

GameSpot runs through Tatsunoko vs. Capcom stage demo at E3

Spotted over at Capcom-Unity.com that GameSpot got Seth Killian in front of a camera to talk about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for awhile, plus shows quite a bit of footage from the game.

There isn't anything new revealed here, but watching the game in action is cool, even if the footage gets a bit choppy.

If you'd like to go further, make sure you check out our Tatsunoko vs. Capcom strategy guide here on EventHubs.com.

Justin Wong breaks world record for Street Fighter 4

Justin Wong breaks world record for Street Fighter 4 American Street Fighter 4 champion, Justin Wong, broke the Guinness World Record previously held by Zak Bennett.

Justin defeated 300 competitors in a row at this year's E3, smashing Bennett's record of 108 consecutive victories.

For every win, Evil Controllers donated a can of food to a Los Angeles food bank, so not only did Justin get entered into the record books, but he also did some nice charity work along the way.

Kudos to JamRock for the submission.

Video: Super Battle Opera qualifiers at Denjin Arcade

Denjin Arcade recently held Super Battle Opera qualifiers. Here's a clip from the 13th/16th bracket match. It features Keno (Boxer), Mike Ross (Honda) vs. Haunts (Sagat), Magus (C. Viper).
Also Getyourtournament.com posted videos of the championship round in .mpg format, which you can download from Filefront, but the quality is pretty bad.

HD quality footage is supposed to be up in the next few days, and we'll have it linked up here when it's live.

If you'd like to see how the current Super Battle Opera qualifier results are shaping up, this thread on Shoryuken.com is a great place to look.

Why characters get banned from tournaments

Quite a few people have asked me why certain characters are banned from tournaments like the EVO Fighting Game Championships.

Gill is the boss character from Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, and he's banned every year from competition. He is considered by almost everyone to be a broken character, as evidenced by this video.
A lot of thought typically goes in to which characters will be banned, if any, from major tournaments. At this year's EVO competition, out of the six games being played: Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Soul Calibur IV and Guilty Gear Accent Core, it's not unusual to see a couple banned characters from some of the games, except for the cases of Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 where everyone is selectable.

While some players will always complain certain characters are too good or too weak, by and large characters typically aren't banned from EVO unless they are highly unfair.

And if players were allowed to select these characters, you'd likely end up seeing most match ups being Gill vs. Gill or Akuma vs. Akuma for the majority of the tournament.

Why 3x kicks and punch buttons aren't in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo

Why 3x kicks and punch buttons aren't in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo Christian Svensson was on the Capcom Forums explaining why the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 demo lacks 3x kick and punch button configuration options. Here's his comment.

Why did you guys omit the 3x punch and kick buttons from the configuration for the Marvel vs Capcom 2 demo?

Sven: The game is built off of the original Dreamcast code and those button maps didn't exist in that version either. As such, it isn't an omission.

Sven: Street Fighter 3 not as popular, but could still be re-released

Sven: Street Fighter 3 not as popular, but could still be re-released Christian Svensson is back from E3 and already posting again on the Unity Boards.

This time he covers Street Fighter 3 Third Strike being re-released. This is a game that still has a very passionate following, and requests come up all of the time for Capcom to remake it. Here's what Capcom's V.P. had to say on the matter.

Knowing the game probably wouldn't make massive sales, would you ever plan to take a risk and re-release Street Fighter 3 Third Strike again?

Sven: Street Fighter III is not forgotten, but there has been a LOT of Street Fighter in the past 9 months or so and we've had a LOT of fighting games in general if you add in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Fate (not to mention PS1 rereleases of Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 on PSN and eventually Alpha 3 Max on PSP digitally too).

To that end, we're not engaged in any SFIII development at the moment. At some point in the future when some of these other titles have released/cooled and fighting gamers have a revived appetite for something "new" (even if that something new is something classic) then we will consider such a project.

That said, you are correct that SFIII would likely be less popular than Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix have been, which is part of the reason it has been prioritized the way it has.