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More Super Street Fighter 4 gameplay videos from GDC, Hakan clips

Another video of Hakan in Super Street Fighter 4 has surfaced, this time from the Game Developers Conference. It shows him getting beat down by Dhalsim.
Update: There are several more videos on Shoryukenvideo's YouTube channel.

Super Street Fighter 4 Hakan trailer and gameplay footage

IGN has come through with an official trailer showcasing Hakan and some gameplay footage of the oil wrestler against Juri in Super Street Fighter 4.

Hakan Trailer

Hakan vs. Juri gameplay footage

Also, IGN posted a handful of screen shots here showing a bit more of Hakan.

Thanks again to DeadlyK and Xaznharryx for pointing this out.

Capcom 'oiling up' for GDC event, iPhone gathering later

Capcom 'oiling up' for GDC event, iPhone gathering later Capcom is going to be hosting an event in honor of the Game Developers Conference today, starting around 6:30 p.m. PST. There will be a live stream of the festivities, which is very likely to include more footage of Super Street Fighter 4's final character, Hakan.

Seth Killian added this note about the event.

They won't let us take direct feed of the action, but there should be some good shots of the room with a few famous Street Fighters and games-industry neer-do-wells cruising around, and I'll try to bust a few shoryuken FADC -> Ultra on the iPhone. Plus who knows what could "slip" on there — anything can happen live...

Also, the creators of Street Fighter 4 on the iPhone will be gathering at the Apple Store in San Francisco, California, on March 10th. Yoshinori Ono and mobile producer, Takeshi Tezuka will be on hand to offer a look at the new title, which will be released this month.

Yasir and Sanvy contributed to this story.

IGN Daily Fix reveals Hakan in Super Street Fighter 4

The first short clip of Hakan in Super Street Fighter 4 has been posted on IGN's Daily Fix. The Hakan stuff starts around 52 seconds in, which the clip below will automatically jump to.
Thanks to DeadlyK, Xaznharryx and Lewis for pointing this out.

Artist Ryu-izes sign in Hoboken, New Jersey

A Photoshopper got it in his head to Ryu-ize a street sign in Hoboken, New Jersey. Maybe someone will be brave enough to do this in real life...

Click image for larger version

Via Jalopnik.

Blurry look at more Super Street Fighter 4 costumes, special DVD

The e-Capcom site was updated with a collage of new images showing Gouken and possibly Vega's new alternative outfits in Super Street Fighter 4.

Click image for larger version

Vega, or whomever it is, looks a lot like Zorro/Batman and is fighting Sakura. Gouken is pictured against Cammy and Rose is fighting Rufus.

Also, Azrael translated part of this page which talks about the special DVD that was mentioned by Shiozawa before. Here's what users will be able to get their hands on.

There will be a tournament featuring 8 of the best Street Fighter 4 players included on the DVD. The bracket is as follows:

Shiro (Abel) vs. Momochi (Akuma)
Tokido (Akuma) vs. Kindevu (Rufus)
Iyo (Dhalsim) vs. Nuki (Chun-Li)
Umehara (Ryu) vs. Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)

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More Street Fighter 4 WGC videos of the Masters Finals

WorstGiefEver recorded some good matches from the World Game Cup in France. Even though these are shaky cam clips, the quality isn't too bad.

The first clip starts off with Ryan Hart's Sagat against Daigo Umehara's Ryu and follows up with a very talented Fei Long player by the name of Evans. The last video is the Grand Finals between Eita's Akuma and Alioune's Sagat.

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Registration now required to comment on EventHubs.com

Registration now required to comment on EventHubs.com Commenting on any of the articles here on EventHubs.com now requires registering with the website. Registration is a completely free and quick process — all you need is a valid email address.

In the future, this login will tie into a lot of new features on the website, so it's not a bad idea to jump on in and get your nickname reserved right away.

In depth with Dudley, Super Street Fighter 4 devs talk shop

In depth with Dudley, Super Street Fighter 4 devs talk shop The Super Street Fighter 4 developers are back again this week, discussing how Dudley plays and why he was included in the new title.

Although Dudley is fairly true to his Street Fighter 3 form, Capcom staff talks about how he was tweaked in this iteration. A big thanks goes to Azrael for translating this latest blog entry.

Hello everyone. This is Tsukamoto.

This week I'll be joined by director Okada and the head battle planner Sano, as we talk about the last of the new characters from Street Fighter 3 - Dudley - and things ranging from how he was chosen and what not.

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Daigo (Ryu) vs. Luffy (Rose) WGC matches

Daigo Umehara (Ryu) and Luffy (Rose) played a few sets at the French World Game Cup recently. Although Daigo took 2nd overall in the tournament, Luffy's Rose impressed quite a few players who got to see him in action.

Here is one of their matches.

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S-Kill responds to comments on Capcom-Unity

S-Kill responds to comments on Capcom-Unity Seth Killian responded to a bunch of random comments made on Capcom-Unity. Topics range from what kind of Street Fighter character he'd like to be, to what he's most excited about for Super Street Fighter 4. This write up really covers the gamut. Here's a taste.

To Seth: "As a special adviser to Capcom, what is the one biggest thing you've done that altered the course of SSF4 development or gave its mechanics an overhaul?"

@SuckaB: Looking at one thing... that would probably be going back to the drawing boards on the collision during SFIV development. Going from 3D hitboxes back to the 2D hitboxes really made the game feel like a true Street Fighter game--maybe someone else who played very early versions of SFIV could tell you what it used to be like, but it was much "softer."

Street Fighter 4 Brawler Pack free of charge on Xbox Live

Street Fighter 4 Brawler Pack free of charge on Xbox Live You can grab the Street Fighter 4 Brawler Pack of costumes, which contains outfits for Abel, El Fuerte, E. Honda, Rufus and Zangief, free of charge on Xbox Live right now.

These costumes will automatically transfer over to Super Street Fighter 4, so if you haven't picked them up yet, there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't go over and grab them now.

Update: To get the pack free of charge, you need to visit the website linked above, going through the Xbox 360 Dashboard doesn't work.

Also, here's a bunch of screen shots of the various alternative outfits in the game, just in case you're curious what they look like.

A big thanks goes to Rodney T. for letting the community know about this.

Seth talks EVO and other fighting game stuff

Seth talks EVO and other fighting game stuff Shadowloo.com is the latest site to get a sit down with Capcom's Seth Killian. In this piece they mostly discuss the Evolution Fighting Game Championships, but they also touch on other Capcom fighters as well.

A solid read, it's worth reading over if you have some time. Here's a grab.

When are we going to see a Seth Killian come back at EVO? We could do a whole documentary about it, from the moment you announce that you will be competing at the next EVO, your training in the US, Japan, Aus, EU with some montage music playing in the background, all the way up to your EVO matches!

Seth: That would be fun. I’ve had some top 10 EVO finishes, but the experience has taught me that helping to run the event and competing in the event are not a great mix. Basically both are extremely stressful in totally different ways, and I’m not able to devote myself fully to either. Since I would never do anything to compromise a well-run event, I end up trading away my own play preparation and mental focus. When you’re playing against world-class experts, you really can’t get away with that kind of split and hope for your best performance.

My other problem is that although I still play a lot of fighting games, most of my time is on pre-release development builds of Capcom games. This is a dream-come-true in a lot of ways, although it’s not so good for my competitive skills. I do a lot of poking around with our games hoping to get things exactly right, but where we find room for improvement, the games change. As a result, most of my playtime is spent on versions of the game that almost nobody else ever plays. So while I might be pretty good at 14 different versions of Super SFIV, they are unfortunately not versions anybody else will ever see. Once the game is out, I’m off and working on another new project, so when I do get a rare chance to play the finished product, it’s usually only for a few hours late at night and online.

Story submitted by Zanken.

Seth talks release dates, stages and other Super Street Fighter 4 stuff

Seth talks release dates, stages and other Super Street Fighter 4 stuff Seth Killian handled a bunch of Super Street Fighter 4 related questions on the Capcom Forums recently.

Not the most exciting topics here, but Killian talks about why SSF4 won't be released until April, that they understand fans want more stages and some soundtrack stuff they're working on, among a few other things.

Here's the latest.

Why do we have to wait so long for Super Street Fighter 4? Why can't you just release it in March?

Seth: We just finished development on the game, and believe it or not it takes time to get the games submitted and approved by Microsoft and Sony, then actually made, and then distributed. There are a ton of moving parts involved in getting the games into people's hands — it's a whole department unto itself.

Are there going to be stages for all of the characters in SSF4? Since the Alpha characters got Metro City, what are the Third Strike fighters going to get?

Seth: Although we added character-specific musical themes, SSFIV hasn't gone back to character-specific stages. Things may go back in that direction, but T. Hawk, Dee Jay, and virtually everyone else doesn't have their own stage either. The "Metro City" stage has a nod to Final Fight with the Haggar statue, but if that's enough why not call it the SF3 stage, since Hugo figures even more prominently in the background?

Overall though, message received: fans want more stages.

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World Game Cup 2010 results and videos

The results from the Street Fighter 4 portion of the World Game Cup in France have started to come in, along with a few videos.

Street Fighter 4 Singles
1. - Fuudo (Akuma)
2. - Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
3. - Luffy086 (Rose)

• Daigo won the first set of the Grand Finals 3-0, but Fuudo bounced back to take the second set and win the tournament 3-2.

• Apparently Luffy's Rose knocked Daigo into the losers bracket.

• In a separate tournament Eita (Akuma) won a ticket to participate in Evo 2010.

Street Fighter 4 2 vs. 2 Tournament
1. Daigo (Ryu) / Eita (Akuma)
2. Yamazaki93 (Ryu) / LordDVD (Honda)
3. Evans (Fei Long) / Renegad (Boxer)
4. Jin (Ryu) / Luffy (Rose)

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Advanced Street Fighter 4 Abel tutorial by KaiiiixD

Ever wonder how Combofiend does some of those awesome set ups with Abel in Street Fighter 4? Well, KaiiiixD has put together a nice video showcasing some of the best tactics to use with the French grappler.

Even more Super Street Fighter 4 videos from Cebit show in Germany

A couple more Super Street Fighter 4 videos have popped up from the Cebit show in Germany. In the clip below you can see Cody doing his Bad Spray move at the 1:30 mark.

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