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Street Fighter 4/Super Street Fighter 4 speed run compilation by LiangHuBBB

LiangHuBBB has created another compilation video. This one shows fast matches in the Street Fighter 4 series, or as they're called in this clip, "speed runs."

G4 Icons: History of Fighting Games

There's a YouTube version up of G4's old TV show Icons, examining the history of fighting games. This starts at the very roots of the genre, before moving into Capcom titles along with others. It's a little over 20 minutes long, but it's entertaining if video game history is your cup of tea.
Pointed out by SpeedBrkr.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE devs on Ken, Vega, Rufus, F. Long, Juri & Dhalsim

Super Street Fighter 4 AE devs on Ken, Vega, Rufus, F. Long, Juri & Dhalsim More changes to Ken, Vega, Rufus, Fei Long, Juri & Dhalsim were documented by the Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition developers, which includes some screen shots to illustrate the things they're talking about.

This mostly focuses on hit boxes, but there are a few frame advantage/disadvantage changes as well.

Another entry will be up next week focusing on six more characters. To see a translated version of this entry, hit the jump.

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New Super Street Fighter 4 costume pack out Tuesday

Another new costume pack will be released for Super Street Fighter 4 on Tuesday, this has outfits for Guile, Blanka, Dhalsim, Fei Long and Gen. Here's a video showing the color options for these fighters.
To see some stills of these new costumes, hit the jump.

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Mike Ross talks Super Street Fighter 4 AE tweaks, character thoughts, etc.

0ShinAkuma0 posted a pretty solid interview with Mike Ross, mostly collecting his thoughts on Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. Topics range from Honda's nerfs, who's better between Yun and Yang, to the best overall character.

Community news roundup for January 24th

Community news roundup for January 24th

• Registration is now open for the GameSpot/Capcom Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament happening on January 27 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

• Tokido mentioned that Adon's wake up timing is the same as other characters in SSF4 AE, making it so Akuma can vortex him now.

• There's a Vega Slide glitch in SSF4, from Francys Pai. This video repeats the same trick against various cast members, so once you've seen it a few times you may want to move along.

• On the Hit Box YouTube page there are several Marvel vs. Capcom 2 online matches being played using this stickless joystick. If you're not familiar with the Hit Box, you can find more info here.

• Availation did a potential move set for Silver Surfer, showing what his attacks/colors and various things could be in game. Tip from DestinyZX1 and ChunLiSexBeast.

Desk's Akuma Standing Hard Kick loop & combo video

Desk added another combo video for Super Street Fighter 4, this one shows Akuma's Standing Hard Kick being used in a variety of combos along with some other killer setups.
Desk offered up these notes on the clip.

In Super Street Fighter IV, the start-up of Akuma's st. RH was increased in order to stop his Vanilla SFIV loop [st. jab, st. RH] repeat.

Under normal circumstances it isn't actually possible to combo into the st. RH. Every instance of it happening in this video is after a jab that cunningly avoids it's first active frame (i.e. it connects 'meaty').

Extra effort was made to avoid using training mode, in fact one of the combos in this video is actually impossible in training mode. Also, I have attempted to demonstrate the wide variety of characters on which Akuma can loop his st. RH.

Submitted by Mgs.Metallica.

Niitsuma talks Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Mega Man, rage quitter hell with Spong

Niitsuma talks Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Mega Man, rage quitter hell with Spong Spong's 2 page interview with Ryota Niitsuma covers why Zero was chosen over Megaman for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and also covers the "rage quitter hell" system they've implemented to match up people who drop from games with each other.

Here's a healthy copy and paste.

SPOnG: The character roster means a lot to everyone playing the Marvel vs Capcom series, so you must get an awful lot of requests. My big question in this regard is Mega Man. You have Zero, but not the original. Where is he?

Ryota Niitsuma: I assume you’re talking about the original Mega Man. There was a Mega Man slot for this game - we had room for a character from that series. But when it came to the propriety of that character being in a fighting game, Mega Man has some problems.

If we were to adapt the original Mega Man character into a fighting game he would have to have a lot more extra moves and abilities, and that would then create a different Mega Man entirely. You couldn’t retain his original character as he is. So we looked into other Mega Mans, and decided that Zero had the best list of moves already in existence when it comes to fitting into a fighting game.


SPOnG: Is there a chance for rage-quitters to repent their actions after being sent into the chaos that is rage-quitter matchmaking? What if they see the light?

Ryota Niitsuma: It’s actually top secret to reveal the conditions in which you go to hell [laughs]! But we do have a means of repentance so if you don’t do it for a while you get to come out from this. If you don’t do it on purpose anyway, you’ll never end up in that place. So my advice in that regard would be to not bother [laughs].

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Why Frank West was cut, Phoenix Wright considered

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Why Frank West was cut, Phoenix Wright considered A short, but informative article was posted by this morning explaining why Frank West was cut from Marvel vs. Capcom 3's roster, as explained by Ryota Niitsuma. It reads:

"As for Frank West, he was actually in the process quite deep, and in one of our high quality CG trailers he was actually part of it," Niitsuma told at the end of last week. "But we've taken him out, due to the fact that we've foreseen some extra work involved, just from the nature of his moves. We felt we could direct our resources to better use, so we've taken Frank out."

Another Capcom favourite who hasn't made the line-up is plucky lawyer Phoenix Wright. But while Wright may not be naturally suited to the fighting genre, Niitsuma seems happy to consider his future inclusion - provided that MvC3 gains a following.

"Phoenix Wright is obviously a famous franchise - especially in Europe, actually. It would be interesting to see him, although he distinctively lacks the number of moves he might have [in a fighting game]. But if Marvel vs. Capcom 3 does well, he's definitely up on the list as one of the characters to add, given the chance."

So it sounds like Frank West was in the episode 2 trailer, but was cut at some point after wards, and that Phoenix Wright has a shot at being a DLC fighter.

Sent in by Cpt Jack House, FOOOLS, Fawaz and Darkraids.

Ryota proud of Marvel vs. Capcom 3's net code, additional online modes

Ryota proud of Marvel vs. Capcom 3's net code, additional online modes Ryota Niitsuma hyped up Marvel vs. Capcom 3's net code in a piece with EuroGamer today, claiming the title has "speed of light" infrastructure for online play.

"It's the speed of light, and maybe a little bit of influence from infrastructure depending on where you are. So, if you're playing from Japan against someone in Sweden there will be some lag due to the distance. But it's all quite satisfactory."

Niitsuma quickly went on to add that there are more online modes to be announced for the game as well, along with a way to quickly select the teams you like to use over and over again.

"In terms of online modes, we haven't actually announced all the modes yet. But, again, it's about repeatability. That's our motto this time. We have three characters to pick and then you have to pick three different assist modes. We gather people who play 400, 500 matches a day don't want to do this 400, 500 times a day.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character selection discussed on Strategy Informer

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character selection discussed on Strategy Informer Strategy Informer also posted an interview with Ryota Niitsuma this morning. This covers some of the ins and outs of the character selection process, while also recapping a few other known Marvel vs. Capcom 3 bits, here's a slice from the page.

Strategy Informer: Are there any Capcom or Marvel characters you personally made a push to include?

Ryota Niitsuma: In terms of Marvel characters we pushed for Shuma-Goroth - that’s one of Capcom’s favourite Marvel characters and he appeared in MvC 2. We really wanted him but Marvel were quite reluctant to have him in the game because they felt there were more appropriate characters that could fill that slot out of the limited number that could be included in the game. In the end our passion was acknowledged by Marvel and they’ve allowed us to include him as DLC.

In terms of Capcom characters we wanted to push for one of the most popular franchise heroes we have which is Dante from Devil May Cry. There was a lot of work involved in this. People seem to think that because it’s internal that it’s easy but in fact within Capcom each franchise is heavily guarded by its individual producer. We had to have a pretty lengthy conversation with the producer of DMC but we finally won approval from him to have Dante from Devil May Cry 3 in the game.

Strategy Informer: Street Fighter’s Ken is a notably absent from the roster of playable fighters. What were the reasons for leaving him out, especially given his popularity with players of Street Fighter IV?

Ryota Niitsuma: A big difference between the last game is that MvC 3 doesn’t have any clone characters - every single character has a unique fighting style. Even though Ryu and Akuma appear similar we considered those two to have different fighting styles. We have limited ourselves to four Street Fighter characters since this is a vs. Capcom title and not a vs. Street Fighter one. We wanted this to be a celebration of Capcom and the addition of Ken would make it a lopsided roster toward one franchise.

Capcom putting copyright notices on Oni, Evil Ryu videos

Capcom putting copyright notices on Oni, Evil Ryu videos Capcom has issued a number of copyright warnings to YouTube members that had videos uploaded of Evil Ryu and Oni in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, and as of the time of this story, most of them are displaying copyright messages and cannot be viewed.

Also, it appears that Yoshinori Ono, the title's producer, has taken some heat for the early reveals, which he posted about on his Twitter account.

It hasn't been confirmed how Oni and Evil Ryu were unlocked, but many people have claimed there was a password entered which opened up both fighters. It's unclear when these fighters were supposed to be officially revealed, but considering Capcom's actions, it wasn't at this time.

Both of these characters briefly appeared in an officially released trailer back in early December 2010, although it was simply a teaser image.

Story submitted by Zerenade, ImTheChankiest, Kendstorm, Singh31 and FOOOLS. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 interview with Ryota Niitsuma Marvel vs. Capcom 3 interview with Ryota Niitsuma posted another interview (Google Translate link) with Marvel vs. Capcom 3's producer, Ryota Niitsuma. The piece states that MvC3 has been in development for about 3 years and around 300 people have worked on the game.

There's also a part which has lead many people to believe that the original Megaman was disconfirmed, although considering the iffy Sentinel disconfirmation that popped up the other day, this is probably another statement that should be taken with a grain of salt.

Still, regardless of all of this, there are a few solid nuggets of information in the story, so it's worth glancing over. Here's a cut of the Google Translate version.

Savepoint: Why there are fewer characters in this third part that was in the second?

Ryota Niitsuma: Right now it's very expensive having to make new 3D models for each [from scratch], followed by three-dimensional animations too.

Tips sent in by Icytor and Darkraids.

DojoSports 5v5 SSFIV results, Evil Ryu and Oni discussion

DojoSports 5v5 SSFIV results, Evil Ryu and Oni discussion Earlier, the DojoSports SSFIV 5v5 league, backed by Jason Cole, took place. The match was between Team Empire Arcadia and Team NYC, lead by Sanford Kelly and Arturo Sanchez, respectively. You can find the results and a partial battle log below.

Team Sp00ky streamed the action and also had some players on to talk about Evil Ryu and Oni in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition at Chinatown Fair in New York.

To see a video archive, battle log and a bit more info, hit the link below.

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Glitchy Tasty interviews Seth about Super Street Fighter 4 3DS had a recent sit down with Capcom's Seth Killian to discuss the 3DS version of Super Street Fighter 4. Seth offers an overview of the game, including controls, game modes and other stuff. He also touches on if the game will see any balance changes or Yun and Yang.

BradyGames Marvel vs. Capcom 3 guide has frame data

BradyGames Marvel vs. Capcom 3 guide has frame data GameStop updated some of the details for the BradyGames Marvel vs. Capcom 3 strategy guide, including letting potential buyers know that it would contain frame data.

Listed as a February 15, 2011 release date (Feb. 4 on Amazon) this 352 page book will also feature the following things:

• Character specific strategies and team battle tactics designed with the beginner, intermediate, and advanced player in mind.

• Devastating Combination Attacks for every character in the cast, as well as throw set ups and range strategies.

• Character sections show official art, bios, and stats.

• Achievements and Trophies guide describes all achievements and trophies in the game and how to complete them.

• Written by the same tournament Pros that brought you BradyGames' Street Fighter and Soul Calibur Guides!

Frame data in strategy guides has been a bit of hit or miss affair as of late, with some inaccurate information being printed, but assuming this data is accurate, it might end up being a must buy guide for a lot of players.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition endings for Evil Ryu and Oni

Aznjkc uploaded the endings for Evil Ryu and Oni in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition.
Sent in by Ice9.