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Big announcement next Friday, Japanese tournament

Big announcement next Friday, Japanese tournament The official Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog was updated this evening. Nothing earth shaking was revealed in the post, but Shiozawa-san stated there will be a big announcement next Friday, November 6th.

Current speculation is that more of the game's roster will be revealed, but there were no hints at what exactly Capcom plans on telling the fans.

They did add a few more details for the next Japanese national tournament. Qualifiers will be held in seven cities, but a schedule and other details are still being worked out. For those of you curious about a tournament here in the United States or else where, when I last spoke with Seth Killian he said potential plans (if any) are still being determined.

Lastly, Shiozawa also added this artwork to help promote the upcoming tourney.

Click image for larger version

How to stream or record your matches for about $60

Ever wanted to set up an easy and inexpensive way to record your Street Fighter matches?

Well, the Console Warzone crew has you covered with this video tutorial. Although the clip moves a little slowly in parts, it's easy to follow, and it's a great way to get your matches online or just record them for your own personal use so you can analyze your game and improve.

SSFIV interview with Seth on Gamervision.com

Gamervision.com caught up with Capcom's Seth Killian to discuss Super Street Fighter 4. The interview doesn't cover any new ground, but if you haven't kept up on all of the news stories since the game was announced, you might hear a new thing or two.

Seth: Marvel vs. Capcom 2's sales helped prospects for new title

Seth: Marvel vs. Capcom 2's sales helped prospects for new title Before you get too excited by the headline for this story, keep in mind several companies hold the Marvel license, but considering Capcom was able to broker a deal to re-release Marvel vs. Capcom 2, this obstacle is potentially one that can be overcame — but it won't be easy.

Seth Killian also commented on the status of the infamous volcano stage, stating if it will be making a return in Super Street Fighter 4. Here are his responses from the Unity Boards.

Now we know the sales of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 were exceptional, does that actually help chances of a Marvel vs. Capcom 3?

And since this game was allowed to be published, does that mean Capcom holds the rights to Marvel again, or was it simply a one off deal?

Seth: The deal for MvC2 was a self-contained, stand-alone deal. It does not involve any transfer of any rights, beyond the rights to re-release an existing game with the upgrades that you know about already.

MvC2 sales do help the prospects of another title, at least in the sense that it makes it clear this is still a franchise with a lot of interest and support, which is a critical question. That said, interest alone does not transfer any rights to make such a game.

Can you please remove the Volcano Stage from Super Street Fighter 4?

Seth: I admit the volcano stage is not my favorite SFIV stage, but we're trying to ADD content in SSFIV — not remove it.

Patch notes for Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Patch notes for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 The re-release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 will be patched this Friday. Here's the rundown of what's going to be fixed from Capcom-Unity, along with some other notes from Rey Jimenez, the game's producer.

[...] The patch addresses bug fixes only. We were not able to add new features. Any function that's not in the game now is considered a new feature. There are technical restrictions on what can be fixed via a patch and new features are usually not viable, especially with ports. To go along with that last statement, I'd like to stress that we're aware of all the reported issues, but because of these technical limitations, we're not able to address all of them. I hope that with this patch, we're able to at least address the major ones.

For both platforms:

• Cable's Hyper Viper Beam has been fixed so that it is blockable if you block during the flash. There were many reports that other moves had the same issue but they seemed to be incorrect. Note, this was a bug fix and not a design change.
• Magneto's Tempest was dealing incorrect amounts of chip damage. Each hit of the Tempest is supposed to randomly deal 1 point or 0 points of chip damage. Right now they either all deal 1 point of damage or they deal 0. Random has been reintroduced.
• Jin's Light Punch, Medium Punch, Cyclone Hyper was not comboing correctly. This has been fixed so that it combos correctly.
• ***PLEASE NOTE*** I will be resetting the leaderboards (every stat) on Friday November 6th (my birthday thank you very much). This was the consensus from Unity members when asked if they wanted the boards nuked or not.

PlayStation 3 specific fixes:
• The title will no longer crash most of the time when using the 'Search for Match' function.
• Overall online stability has been improved, particularly when using headsets.

XBox 360 specific fixes:
• Occasionally, a users record will freeze or contain grossly erroneous ratings. This has been fixed and if you have this problem with your stats, they will automatically fix themselves the next time you play a ranked match. For example, if you have a frozen record, the next time you play after the patch rolls, your wins/losses/ratings should fix to what they actually are.
• The game will no longer crash if 2 users enter a lobby at the exact same time.

Those are all the fixes. It took a while to get these together (especially the network ones) because a lot of them didn't show up in test. Also, we spent a decent amount of time trying to fix other issues that turned out to not be technically able to be fixed via a patch.

I hope that the fixes above will greatly improve your experience with playing the game. I apologize if there's a fix or change that you wanted and it didn't make it into the patch, but we took a look at every reported issue and some were are just not able to be added or fixed in a patch (0 input lag online setting for example) because of technical limitations to what patches are able to fix.

Thanks again for all your support.

Chun-Li can combo Crouching Light Punch into Ultra

Spotted through Versus City that Chun-Li can combo into her Ultra from Crouching Light Punch in Street Fighter 4.
This allows her to Link into her Ultra after hit-confirming with a couple of light attacks. While she could already combo into her Ultra before, it was difficult to land the majority of the hits if your opponent wasn't cornered, while this allows her to fully connect it no matter where her opponent is standing.

To check out a slow motion video of how the Link is set up, click here. Note, the timing and spacing on this is strict.

Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 developers discuss Juri

Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 developers discuss Juri Jigsaw has given us a full translation of the latest developer blog posting from the Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 team. Here's the full rundown.

Developer blog no.4

* Juri, part 1 (moves and abilities)

It's been a week. Tsukamoto here.

Today, we'll give you some long-awaited insider info on the birth of new character Juri, and some of her moves and abilities. So without any further ado, let's hear what our busy director Okada and our Battle Planner have to say! Let's see if they can put you fans at ease...

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Super Street Fighter cartoon stupidity remix

Because when a bomb is about to go off, the best way to diffuse it is with a, "SONIC BOOM!"

Street Fighter 4 match videos for Guile

There's a new page housing top match videos for Guile in Street Fighter 4. Inside, you'll find seven clips by top players showing you how to use him at a high level.

Some of the movies are based around Guile's tougher match ups, like Sagat, Viper and Blanka. Here's the first movie.
To see the rest, just hop this link.

Shoryuken tattoo fail

Just a note for those of you planning on showing how hardcore you are by getting a Street Fighter themed tattoo — it's probably a good idea to double check the motion before you make it permanent.

Although maybe with the shortcuts in Street Fighter 4, this would still get a shoryuken to come out...

3D renderings of M. Bison by rv_el

rv_el posted some 3D renderings of M. Bison. These are pretty cool, as he takes his own artistic representation of the dictator.

Click images for larger versions

You can find more images of M. Bison here, and if you'd like to see other 3D renderings like this, although not necessarily Street Fighter related, hit this thread on ZBrushCentral.

Source: Capcom-Unity.

Cover art for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

Capcom sent out the cover art for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate-All Stars today.

Click image for larger version

The image displays the 25 confirmed playable characters, with Yatterman No. 2 still being absent.

Hadoken.net interviews Seth Killian about Super Street Fighter 4

Hadoken.net interviews Seth Killian about Super Street Fighter 4 Hadoken.net, formally the Street Fighter Blog, caught up with Capcom's Seth Killian to ask him about Super Street Fighter 4.

While the interview starts out with some stuff you may have read else where, it also covers a good bit of new ground as things progress. This is definitely worth checking out. Here's a grab.

5- So far you guys revealed only 3 characters, when will more be revealed?

I can’t give you an exact date, but you’ll definitely be hearing more before Christmas.

6- In terms of gameplay what can we expect from Super Street Fighter 4? Are there major differences between the gameplay of Street Fighter 4 and Super?

There are major differences (every single character has some exciting new stuff), but at the same time, the game won’t feel unfamiliar at all. I can certainly say we’re not doing anything drastic like returning to parries, or adding another mechanic that would fundamentally change the game. It’s still very much a SFIV game, so returning players will feel right at home.

Old school Street Fighter tournament results

Sticking with the old school theme, awhile back Snake posted some scans from the old Tips & Tricks magazine which ran a monthly column recapping tournament results and other things in the Street Fighter community.

You'll see Seth Killian's name come up a few times along with other notables like Alex Valle, John Choi, Sanford Kelly and many other recognizable players.

A few readers have asked why these guys are so popular, and you can see from these scans that most of the well known competitors have been going at it for a long time.

Checking over the images, you'll see a guy you may recognize by the name of Justin Wong. He had somewhat humbler beginnings taking top honors in many Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournaments, the first article pointing out that he was just 15-years-old at the time. Now he has become probably the most well known Street Fighter player in America.

October 2001

January 2002

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Tomo Ohira, where is he now?

Back in the day Tomo Ohira had made one hell of a name for himself, taking top honors at many tournaments that were held state side. One time before a match, he said he was going to beat his next opponent with Guile by only using the Light Kick button.

Ohira walked around, pegged the other guy with Light Kicks and won in convincing fashion. He was also featured in Capcom instructional videos and his name continues on to this day for his legendary prowess in the competitive Street Fighter scene.

Mike Watson interviewed him to see what he's been up to all of these years after he left the scene around the time Hyper Fighting was in it's hey day. Here's the interview from Evo 2009.
Tomo Ohira Interview with Mike Watson part 2

Also, here's some commentary from James Chen and Arturo and Gootecks sharing their thoughts on the legend.

Story submitted by Lee.

Sven covers 3s HD Remix mock ups, Street Fighter 4 Steam sales

Sven covers 3s HD Remix mock ups, Street Fighter 4 Steam sales Capcom's Christian Svensson had a few replies on the Unity Boards recently. He covered the Third Strike mock ups that were posted the other day, followed up on how the weekend promotional sale of Street Fighter 4 for $20 did on Steam, and discussed what kinds of profits they're making from their original PlayStation re-releases.

What did you think of the Street Fighter 3 Third Strike HD Remix mock ups?

Sven: Nice work. I have nothing really beyond that to add other than I'll be sharing this thread with a few other people internally.

How did the Street Fighter 4 weekend deal on Steam go? — Phaid

Sven: Quite well. I was pleased with it. That weekend's promotion exceeded the target I'd set for it.

Is putting older PlayStation 1 classics on the PlayStation Network a money maker for Capcom?

Sven: It's not a lot of revenue but it is something.

Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog: More select artwork, voice actors

Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog: More select artwork, voice actors Jigsaw has again come through with another translation of the Japanese Street Fighter 4 blog. Today's entry talks about the character select artwork along with who they cast as voice actors for the new fighters.

Voice cast announcements & more Character Select artwork!

Hello everyone!

Ahh, the most exciting part of development on Super Street Fighter 4 is approaching fast, and the office is becoming a whirlwind of activity. I've mentioned this numerous times on the SF4 blog as well, but we've got staff doing their very best to make this a fantastic game. Moreover, in order for them to keep peace of mind and be able to work well, there are staff members supporting them from behind the scenes. All these people are the pride and joy that make the game. Development goes on!

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