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More descriptions of alt. costumes in Super Street Fighter 4

More descriptions of alt. costumes in Super Street Fighter 4 Reno got his hands on the new Famitsu issue which has descriptions of some of the new Super Street Fighter 4 alternative costumes.

Here's the dish, with a few visual examples of what to expect.

• El Fuerte's new alternative costume is a festive Latin costume. (Example)

• Fei Long's new alt is the BLACK MASK aka Bruce Lee's character. Except this one is sleeveless. (Example)

• Ken's new costume is a cowboy outfit.

• Honda's new alt looks like a traditional Japanese thief. (Example)

• Cody has the white wifebeater and jeans. (Example)

• Dhalsim has traditional Indian garb with a turban.

• Rose has a very stylish dress with a long slit up it.

New Super Street Fighter 4 TE FightStick, keychain edition and CES images

Capcom has unleashed some new images on the unsuspecting public. The first one shows off a new design for the Mad Catz Tournament Edition FightStick, sporting the Super Street Fighter 4 logo and artwork.

To the right of that is Capcom's suite at the CES 2010 show, with a better view of the new Mad Catz sticks, plus you get another look at the infamous character select screen with the empty slots.

Click images for larger versions

The other two pictures are of the keychain version of the TE FightStick. The keychain comes with a hex screwdriver so you can violate your warranty of your full-sized stick.

Source: Capcom-Unity Twitter.

New trailer for Super Street Fighter 4

GameTrailers has a video of Super Street Fighter 4 up showing new alternative costumes and some of the two selectable Ultra moves for the characters.
Thanks to a WHOLE bunch of readers for pointing this one out.

Famitsu scan shows new Super Street Fighter 4 Ultras, costumes

A new scan from Famitsu magazine in Japan has confirmed that Super Street Fighter 4 will have new Ultra moves for all of the characters along with new costumes. There's the initial scan below along with a zoomed in shot to help people see the character select screen a little better.

Click images for larger versions

Slash5150 and El_Twelve provided these names and descriptions for the Ultra moves shown in the scan.

• Ryu: Metsu Shoryuken - Basically describes it as a Shin Shoryuken with nastier looking effects.

• C. Viper: Burning Dance - Activates in the air, kicks the opponent into the air and finishes with an electric cross chop.

• Cammy: Cammy Quick Combination - It's a counter move, when opponent attacks, you'll counter with a submission hold combo (which probably involves Cammy rubbing her body all over her opponent...)

• El Fuerte: El Fuerte Ultra Spark - A close range grab, basically Propeller Tortilla the opponent into the air for a "finish hold" which could be any wrestling move. Can't make it out from the picture.

From the scan it looks like Sagat has his Tiger Cannon Ultra and Chun-Li has her Kikosho (Super Fireball) which matches what the rumor list originally stated.

AVGN reviews Street Fighter 2010, original

The Angry Video Game Nerd has posted his most recent review, taking on Street Fighter 2010 and even the original Street Fighter 1.

Adult language and trip back to the past await those of you who click the play button below.

Updated: Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 devs go over the new stages

Updated: Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 devs go over the new stages Azrael has come back to translate the most recent Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog post.

While just the first part of the blog was initially posted, now the entire thing is available for you to read. Here it is.

Happy New Year! This is Tsukamoto.

We're also gonna give it our all this year, so I hope you all stick with us.

As its a new year, I'm going to eat some mochi and tackle this new year with a lot of energy! First off this year, I'd like to talk about the stages with the design director Mr. Kamei, as well as the stage lead planner Kawasaki. We'll talk about the design of the environments as well as how the stages were decided on, and various other things.

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Ricardo "Dasrik" LaFaurie passes away

Ricardo "Dasrik" LaFaurie passes away A member of the fighting game community passed away recently, Ricardo "Dasrik" LaFaurie. An excellent piece explaining the details of his passing was written by Joe Zaza.

To help his family with the costs of recent events, some kind hearted members of the Shoryuken.com forums have set up a donation thread for those of you who'd like to help out.

If you personally knew Dasrik and would like to add your condolences, the first link in this story would be a good place to do so. I know his family would appreciate the kind words.

Yatterman No. 2 confirmed for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on the Wii

On GameStop's Today on the Spot, Yatterman No. 2 was revealed as one of the secret characters for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. Seth Killian starts discussing the game at about 8:50 in the clip below.

Yatterman No. 2 being included shouldn't come as too big of a surprise for players, as a leak that was previously reported had her in the lineup.

Still, it's very cool to see she wasn't dropped from the game and she'll be making an appearance in some fashion when the title hits later this month.

For those of you who are curious, it was also stated on the official TvC blog there will not be an arcade release of Ultimate All-Stars and the save data from the previous game will not be compatible with the new one on the Wii.

Chinese Street Fighter 3 Third Strike players video

There's a lot of combo videos in the Street Fighter community, but this movie is from a Chinese group of players who put together a highlight reel of some of their best moments.

While you've probably seen a number of these tricks before, the fact they're happening during matches and the way these are edited together make for a very awesome clip.
Thanks to Aliensang for the heads up.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Wii sticks available for pre-order

The GameShark.com store has the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Wii FightSticks made by Mad Catz available for pre-order.

These are supposed to be available when the game is released this month, although there isn't a date on the GameShark page.

Also, for those of you who asked, this connects to the Wiimote and it will work with Virtual Console titles and it's selling for $79.99. Here are a couple of shots.

Click images for larger versions

Daigo limited matches to mostly non-console characters

Daigo limited matches to mostly non-console characters An interesting bit of information came from Clovr4Lyf, who pointed out in the Gootecks' interview with Arturo "Sabin" Sanchez that Daigo Umehara wouldn't face any of the console characters in the money matches he played, except for Cammy and Sakura.

Daigo's reasoning was that these characters were similar enough to their old iterations, he wouldn't mind playing against them.

We know from past interviews that Daigo doesn't practice much against the console characters. So it makes sense why he'd request to limit his play to certain members of the roster.

So what's your take on this matter? Does Daigo only playing against the arcade release fighters give him an advantage against competitors who have to learn to play against all 25 members of the roster? Or is it fair for him to make requests like this considering the console scene isn't as strong in Japan as it is here?

Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Street Fighter 3 sprites site back online

Street Fighter 3 sprites site back online You may have stumbled across this site at one point or another if you actively follow Street Fighter 3, but it went offline a little while back, and just recently came online again.

Regardless, the Street Fighter 3 sprite site is back now. On the page you can find animated sprites for all of the characters, background images and some other nifty stuff.

If you're looking for a new animated avatar, or just want to look at some of the artwork from the game, this is an excellent place to do so.

Archived video from Capcom's Tatsunoko vs. Capcom session

Archived video from Capcom's Tatsunoko vs. Capcom session There was a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars session at the Capcom headquarters today. The fans were invited to get some hands on time with the game, and Justin Wong was there to showcase his skills.

The crew had a live stream up, and luckily they've kept around the archived video from the event. Here it is in three parts.

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CVG previews Super Street Fighter 4, confirms old rumors?

CVG previews Super Street Fighter 4, confirms old rumors? Computer and Video Games has an interesting preview of Super Street Fighter 4.

Parts of the interview seem to hint at things that they've heard directly from Capcom or another reputable source, while some seem to be taken from the rumor list and other things that have been posted.

Here's a bulleted run down of the notable things they had to say.

• The game is 'feature-complete' and ready for certification, which means the final feature list has been locked down.

• Some problems are still being fixed like slowdown on the new stages, animation and lighting glitches.

• The team is still working on unfinished moves for some of the new cast members.

• The existing 25 characters apparently haven't been rebalanced yet, they don't have their new moves, damage changes, etc. Also, some existing moves will be tweaked, which was previously confirmed by Ono-san.

• The article states Sagat will be a little weaker and Vega (Claw) and Guile will be stronger.

• They mention that there will be selectable Ultra moves, just like in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.

• CVG hints at the game shipping in three months, which would mean April. We know from a previous announcement the game will not ship until after March 31, 2010.

• The article states the character count in this title will be 35, which is inline with the rumor list, but debunks the "Shadow" character rumor that popped up awhile back.

• There will be 70 all new cutscenes in Super Street Fighter 4, replacing the old animated sequences.

Get $10 towards another game when you pre-order Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Get $10 towards another game when you pre-order Tatsunoko vs. Capcom For those of you planning on purchasing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars on the Wii, Amazon.com has a nifty offer giving you $10 towards the purchase of another video game when you order it off of their site.

Also, if goodies are your bag, when you pre-order it from Gamestop you'll get eight collectible trading cards.

If you're planning on buying the game anyway, you might as well get some free stuff to go with it.

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars will be released on January 26th.

Balrog tricks video for Street Fighter 4

Xaazic, Jav1ts and other people have put together an excellent video showing off some nifty tricks with Balrog (Boxer) in Street Fighter 4.

Some of these tactics are character-specific, but they come really come in handy.
For an explanation of what's going on, hit this thread.

Videos show what can be done with hacked PC Street Fighter 4

YouTube user polarity55 has uploaded several videos showing how he's hacked the PC version of Street Fighter 4 to do some unusual things.

Here are some of the more interesting clips.

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