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Further explanation on why Justin Wong went with Rufus

The American Street Fighter IV champion, Justin Wong, commented in an interview that he's the player to beat at this year's EVO 2009 Fighting Game Tournament, even after losing 0-4 against Daigo Umehara's Ryu in the World Competition.

That original interview didn't provide a lot of detail on why he thought this was the case, but Gamenook caught up with him and a few friends and they cover the subject a bit more.
The clip above gets to the most interesting part of the interview right away, but you can also check out part 1 here as well.

Justin also says his own personal tier list for Street Fighter IV is Seth, Sagat, Ryu and Zangief. He mentions this a bit after he claims that Sagat is overrated.

So, what do all of you think of the explanation given?

EventHubs.com news archives upgraded

EventHubs.com news archives upgraded We've added a new feature to the front page of EventHubs.com. Now you can easily go back in time to browse older stories you may have missed with our paginated front page.

All of you have to do is scroll down and click one of the numbered or Next links and you can browse our new archives with article text and images.

How combo and damage scaling works in Street Fighter 4

How combo and damage scaling works in Street Fighter 4 Most of you have probably noticed that after a number of hits, your combos don't quite take off as much power as you thought they would.

This is something built into Street Fighter 4 called damage scaling, and it reduces the amount of life you take off in combos, after a certain number of hits. This is a function added into the game to help negate the impact of infinites and really large combos — among other things.

We posted a guide that explains combo damage scaling so you have a better idea how to put together your combos for maximum damage and efficiency.

Gigantic kudos go out to Genotox, Buktooth and Yeb for collecting information and putting it up for everyone to check out.

More PC Street Fighter IV details

More PC Street Fighter IV details Christian Svensson updated his blog on Capcom-Unity with more details about the PC version of Street Fighter IV. Here's the interesting stuff in bullet points.
  • The game will retail for $39.99 and ships on July 7th.
  • Best Buy customers will get an Eagle One animated DVD with the game.
  • For $59.99 you get the game and a PC/XBox 360 Mad Catz FightPad, the bundle is a limited edition run, so once it's gone, it's gone for good.
  • You'll also be able to buy the game from digital distribution areas, like Steam, Impulse, Direct2Drive, Metaboli, Gametap, Nvidia.com and GamersGate.

Major revisions to the Street Fighter 4 Blanka guide

Major revisions to the Street Fighter 4 Blanka guide The Street Fighter 4 guide for Blanka here on EventHubs.com has undergone heavy revisions recently.

Not only has the main guide been revamped to provide better details on how to use each of his moves, but there's new combos, strategies and general tips on how to raise your game while using the beast.

Also we've added in a video page and character match up notes, to help you with some of the specific fighters you'll face while using him. You can also find older sections for his frame data and challenge mode trials.

As always, if you'd like to add anything to the guides on the site, please leave a comment in the appropriate section.

Kudos go to SuperGolden, The Mullah, tatatan1, LatinDiveman, Tinshi, MAGUS1234, Viscant, ElectricBalls, Mijnjiku and MOD for their contributions both large and small.

Capcom updates list of their top selling titles

Capcom updates list of their top selling titles Capcom's latest financial report has been released, and they break down their top 44 selling games ever. Street Fighter IV has made a nice initial showing, but it's also cool to check out how old Street Fighter titles performed on the list.

Here's how the top 10 looks.
1. Street Fighter II (Snes) – 6.3 million units
2. Resident Evil 2 – 4.96 million units
3. Resident Evil 5 - 4.4 million units
4. Street Fighter II Turbo (Snes) – 4.1 million units
5. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis – 3.5 million units
6. Resident Evil - 2.75 million units
7. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 G – 2.55 million units
8. Street Fighter IV (PS3, XBox 360) – 2.5 million units
9. Devil May Cry 4 – 2.4 million units
10. Dino Crisis - 2.4 million units

Here's some other notable games from their top 40.

15. Super Street Fighter II (Snes) - 2 million units
18. Street Fighter II Plus [Special Edition] (Genesis) - 1.6 million units
44. Street Fighter Alpha 3 (PlayStation) - 1 million units

If you want to go further, you can check out the whole list here.

It's pretty interesting to see which games are and are not up here. The only Alpha title that cracked the top 44 was Alpha 3, and not a single Vs. title made the list.

'Legendary' release for Blu-ray version of SF flick

Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li Blu-Ray cover

Click image to see a
larger shot of the Blu-ray
The 'epic' Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li movie will be available for $39.99 on Blu-ray June 30, around the same time Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is set to be released.

Clearly fans hadn't felt enough pain, so Fox Home Entertainment decided to pack in three Blu-rays worth of crap stuff, including the Theatrical and Unrated versions of the movie.

Here's what else you'll get if you're actually crazy enough to buy it.
  • Street Fighter: In Movie Enlightenment
  • 14 Deleted Scenes
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2: Sneak Peek
  • Becoming a Street Fighter
  • Chun Li: Bringing the Legend to Life
  • Fox Movie Channel Presents Making A Scene
  • Recreating the Game: Arcade to Film Comparisons
  • The Fight in Black and White: Storyboard Gallery
  • Behind the Fight: Production Gallery
  • Disc 3 - Street Fighter Round One: FIGHT! Animated comic movie
  • Audio Commentary by Patrick Aiello, Ashok Amritraj, Neal McDonough and Chris Klein
Of course what fans really want to know is if Vega is mortal, immortal or from another planet.

Sources: Kotaku.com and TheHDRoom.com

All-in-one costume pack available for Street Fighter IV

All-in-one costume pack available for Street Fighter IV You can purchase all of the alternative costumes in Street Fighter IV in one package on XBox Live now. The PlayStation Network release is due out any time.

The full set runs 1,000 Microsoft points or roughly $12.50 on the PlayStation network. The sets which contain 5 costumes run 320 MS points, or $3.99 on the PSN, so if you buy everything in one package you'd save $7.50 over buying them all separately.

Here are links so you can check out all of the character's alternative and regular costume colors.

| Abel | Akuma (Gouki) | Balrog (Boxer) | Blanka | Cammy | Chun Li | Crimson Viper | Dan | Dhalsim | E. Honda | El Fuerte | Fei Long | Gen | Gouken | Guile | Ken | M. Bison (Dictator) | Rose | Rufus | Ryu | Sagat | Sakura | Seth | Vega (Claw) | Zangief |

Street Fighter movie poster mock ups

Spotted over on Capcom-Unity that Empireonline.com has posted some movie poster mock ups of famous video game characters, including a few Street Fighter creations.

Here the two images they had of Street Fighter characters.

Dirty Dhalsim -- Street Fighter movie poster mock up Blankaman (Anchorman) -- Street Fighter movie poster mock up
Click images for larger versions

Although there's no other Street Fighter specific posters, there's quite a few other images to check out on the link above.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 pegged for a June 29 release, character roundup

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 pegged for a June 29 release, character roundup Destructoid is reporting that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is set for a June 29, 2009 release date on XBox Live and the PlayStation Network. They spotted this information in a Marvel financial report (.pdf), so while it isn't official, yet, it looks like Capcom is aiming for a release right around this time.

June 29th is a Monday, and neither online network typically releases stuff that day, so we're likely looking at a very late June or early July release.

Also GamesRadar put together a 56 character Marvel vs. Capcom 2 roundup, showing you every character in the game along with a small bit about their past.

Street Fighter Devotion interviews Marvel vs. Capcom 2's producer

Street Fighter Devotion interviews Marvel vs. Capcom 2's producer Street Fighter Devotion caught up with Marvel vs. Capcom 2's new lead producer, Rey Jimenez, to discuss how the re-released game is turning out. Inside they cover the glitches that were fixed, what unlocked things will be there from the start, and the possibility of a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 title.

Good read if you're interested in the upcoming game. Here's a blurb.

SFD: Now for what all the fans have been really dying to know... depending on the success of this digital download, would Capcom consider partnering with Marvel for an all new third game?

REY: While I’m not saying (yes I know this is frustrating to fans) that Capcom will definitely do a new Marvel game, I will say that the anticipated success of MvC2 will send a clear message to us that a new Marvel game is what the fans want. Actually, I honestly can’t think of a very successful Capcom game that did not get at least one sequel.

Joystiq: Capcom to release 20 to 40 games on the PSN

Joystiq: Capcom to release 20 to 40 games on the PSN Joystiq has a story claiming Capcom has plans to release 20 to 40 titles on the PlayStation Network over the next several months.

Capcom Community Director, Chris Kramer, is quoted as saying fans should expect a lot of Street Fighter titles, but not games that would involve licensing issues -- like Marvel vs. Capcom.

From what I've heard, these games would be straight ports of PlayStation titles with no extra frills like online play or other goodies.

Still, if you're a fan of these older titles and don't mind the lack of online play, this would be a great way to pick them up for a low price.

The Street Fighter artwork of Bengus

The Street Fighter artwork of Bengus BigMex, who has been doing some really interesting entries recently, put up a blog about one of guy's behind Street Fighter's artwork, Bengus, a.k.a. CRMK.

Bengus has worked on some of the most notable games in Street Fighter's history, and this post examines his past work and how it evolved over the years. It's a long, but solid read, but if you're pressed for time, it's worth checking it out just to see the artwork.

Here's a clip.

For the original SF II, Capcom greats Akiman and Sensei had designed stylized, almost proportionally realistic characters, Bengus was at the opposite end of the spectrum.

The fighters personality spoke through the character designs. Muscles were exaggerated, hands and feet were disproportionate to the body, the good and bad guy archetypes were easy to identify and the animation perfectly complimented the design.

The art and design was unlike Japanese manga art and at the same time unlike Western comic book art, it was a perfect hybrid of the two. Bengus has never been hung up on creating Japanese pop inspired characters but rather fresh and unique ones.

Svensson on why Street Fighter 4 won't have cross platform play

Svensson on why Street Fighter 4 won't have cross platform play Christian Svensson gave a few more details on why cross platform play won't be a reality for Street Fighter 4. Here are his comments, along with a few other subjects from the Unity Boards.

Why won't there be cross play between XBox 360 and PC Street Fighter IV players?

Sven: Supporting crossplay in any game is not trivial by any stretch.

It also means a commitment to version locking where if you update one platform, you have to update the other too. And costs of doing so are also not trivial.

Additionally, schedule is a factor. If we wanted to go that route, it would have meant an even greater delay in the product arrival.

Will the PC SF4 game have improved net code?

Sven: To the best of my knowledge, it's identical net code.

Is there any chance of Capcom re-releasing Rival Schools?

Seth: Re-releases are not always as cinchy as they sound, but I do agree [Rival Schools] has some fun potential to reach an audience. The downside is that time has not been as kind to its 3D graphics, and while sprite-based work can still seem interesting and even nostalgic, some of the Rival Schools models just look a little rough.

We've also got a LOT of fighting options available right now, so we want to be able to focus on each of them without just flooding the market with our entire back catalog. [...]

Justin Wong says he's the player to beat at this year's EVO

Justin Wong says he's the player to beat at this year's EVO In a move that's sure to make this year's EVO Fighting Game Championship more interesting, Justin Wong stated he beat Daigo Umehara in Japan 10-4 during a Twin Galaxies interview.

Justin isn't bashful when he talks about his skill set, claiming he's the player to beat at this year's World EVO Finals. Here's a clip from the interview.

Twin Galaxies: In the International Finals round of the Tournament, you lost to Daigo Umehara. Tell us about that experience.

Justin Wong: I lost to Daigo at the International Exhibition. If that was a real tournament, I would have changed to my counter character. He uses Ryu, and Ryu counter’s Rufus. Don’t get me wrong, Daigo is REALLY good; maybe too good. For someone like me, though, he's just my peer; I know what can beat him and what can't. A lot of people don't know this, but I went to Japan and beat him 10-4. It’s the truth. If someone says it’s a lie I'll go back to Japan again, because I'm going anyway, and I'll beat him again.

Was Justin not tipping his hand, or is there more to the story here?

You can check out videos from the SFIV World Finals here where Justin played Daigo.

Shortcut motion for a Shoryuken in Street Fighter 4

Shortcut motion for a Shoryuken in Street Fighter 4 We've added a new guide to the Street Fighter 4 section here on EventHubs.com explaining an alternative way of pulling off a Shoryuken.

ShinobixTC put together a nifty video which shows it being done. While this won't be earth shaking news for some people, it might explain why you'll sometimes get a Dragon Punch to come out even though you know you didn't do the full motion.

While this shortcut is mostly applicable for players on square-gated joysticks (anyone on a Mad Catz stick), people who want an extremely quick way of doing a Shoryuken from an offensive crouching position without having to press towards first will have another trick up their sleeves.

Dogface Show interviews Seth Killian and MrWizard

Two of the biggest names in the Street Fighter community were guests on the Dogface Show recently. Seth Killian of Capcom and Joey Cuellar, a.k.a. MrWizard, who runs the legendary site, Shoryuken.com, got in front of the camera to talk shop.
Part 1 of the interview is about 9 minutes long. Seth mostly covers how he got to work at Capcom and Joey tells the short story of how he inherited Shoryuken.com and started running the EVO Championships each year.

When part 2 comes online, we'll post a link to it here on the front page.