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Super Thumb Fighters promotional video

Whoever thought that this would be a good idea for a Super Street Fighter 4 pre-order item should be dragged out in the street and shot.

More video and images of alt. Super Street Fighter 4 outfits/colors

MeriStation.com posted another video showing more alternative outfits in Super Street Fighter 4, along with one of Cody's extra colors for his main outfit. The clip below has alts for Dudley, Sagat, Fei Long, Dee Jay, Cody and M. Bison.
And here are some images from GameKult.com showing a few of the outfit colors players will be able to choose from with T. Hawk, Guy and Juri. And yes, T. Hawk's infamous pink outfit is back.

Click images for larger versions

Direct feed of Super Street Fighter 4's intro movie

Here's a direct feed of the full intro movie for Super Street Fighter 4.
From GameKult.com

Stamina rankings for new Super Street Fighter 4 fighters, more notes

Stamina rankings for new Super Street Fighter 4 fighters, more notes MeriStation.com posted an article which also contains the stamina (hit points) and stun (punishment you can take before getting dizzy), for the new Super Street Fighter 4 cast members.

Important note: These listings have NOT been officially confirmed. You can also compare these to how the current stamina rankings in Street Fighter 4 break down.
Character Stamina Stun
Adon 950 1000
Cody 1000 1050
Dee Jay 1000 1000
Dudley 1050 1050
Guy 950 1000
Hakan 1050 1100
Ibuki 900 950
Juri 950 950
Makoto 950 1050
T. Hawk 1150 1100

Also, from other reports we've heard that Sagat's stamina has been dropped to 1000 and Zangief's is down to 1100 in SSF4, although again, this has not been officially confirmed.

There may be changes to the other 23 cast member's endurance as well.

Plus, a few more notes came out of this article which were posted by DruscaelaN. Again, this is a translation and based on people's opinion of the game which isn't even out yet, so please take the following information with a grain of salt.

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More Super Street Fighter 4 alternative costumes

Meristation.com uploaded a clip showing more of Super Street Fighter 4's alternative costumes.
In this movie, you'll see how Sagat, Guy, Fei Long, Ryu, Hakan, Cammy, Juri, Gouken and Chun-Li's new outfits look, plus some random gameplay footage.

Just in case you don't want to sift through this 4 minute clip, here are some low quality screen captures.

Click images for larger versions

Also, in case you missed them on the first go round, here's a link to the new outfits that were posted on Xbox Live.

Minor notes about Super Street Fighter 4's audio from GameLatest

Minor notes about Super Street Fighter 4's audio from GameLatest GamesLatest.com has posted the most recent preview of Super Street Fighter 4 that contains a bit of new information.

Although almost the entire article recaps stuff you've likely heard else where, there's a few small bits of somewhat interesting information, like this.

Audio changes

In addition to new moves, all of the original cast members now have new dialogue lines. These can also be chosen during the character selection screen in case you’re all sick of hearing Ryu explaining where ‘The Answer Lies’. And for all you haters, they took out the ‘Indestructible’ song from the menus, although I must begrudgingly accept that the new menu music is pretty decent. However, I seriously don’t understand why people didn’t like that song. Also, you “purists” can now change the audio to Japanese voice overs for cutscenes as well as in-game quotes.

Ono discusses character balance in GameSpot interview

Ono discusses character balance in GameSpot interview GameSpot has posted a 2 page interview with Super Street Fighter 4's producer, Yoshinori Ono.

He talks about rebalancing the game, what the character selection and tweaking process is like, but Ono-san also covers a good bit of ground you've probably read before.

It's still worth looking over though, here's a copy and paste.

GameSpot: Street Fighter has always been a series balanced and tweaked at each iteration. Which characters will be receiving changes in Super Street Fighter IV? Who was too powerful, and which characters underperformed?

Yoshinori Ono: We have carried out tuning for all characters. It has been a year and a half since the arcade release and almost a year since the console release. In this time span an unbelievable amount of research and study has been done on characters and tactics. We are very surprised to the extensiveness of this and many things we were not expecting were discovered as a result. However, for SSFIV I don’t think anyone is too strong or too weak. I know there is the legend of over-powered Sagat and supposedly weak Vega (Balrog in Japan) and Guile etc, but these tierings really depend on the reviewer and their favourite characters. Also, although everyone talks about Sagat being too strong, I don’t know any major tournament champion who uses Sagat. But I do admit the unique elements of characters are exploited at mid-level matches and this has been re-adjusted in SSFIV.

Street Fighter 4 tool assisted combo video for Gouken

SonicHurricane.com has published the latest tool assisted combo video for Street Fighter 4, this time featuring Gouken.
For an explanation of what's going on, hit this page.

Thanks to Melvargh for the tip.

New Super Street Fighter 4 previews from Videogamer, Eurogamer

New Super Street Fighter 4 previews from Videogamer, Eurogamer Videogamer.com has posted a 3 page preview of Super Street Fighter 4. This article discusses a few new Guile changes, but this particular website has a bit of a reputation for getting some things incorrect, so take the write up with a grain of salt.

Here's a hefty grab.

I headed straight to Guile - I'd heard he'd been ever so slightly tweaked to make him more powerful, and as an old school fan of the spiky-haired US army general, I needed to know. It's true: he's now even better. His pressure mix up game - so good in past Street Fighters - is reborn. His crouching medium punch is now easier to link from, enabling some great poke, Sonic Boom, tick throw mix ups. Unfortunately, his Overhead Kick doesn't hit high - as it did in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD, but he still has a dirty towards medium punch that does the job almost as well.

Guile's biggest weakness, however, was his Ultra - the Flash Kick Explosion looks the business, but it's about as useful as a paper boat in the middle of the ocean. Because it's extremely difficult to combo into, Guile's Ultra goes largely untouched. No more. Welcome, Guile fans, to the Sonic Hurricane.

The Sonic Hurricane (charge back, forward, back, forward and all three punches), is lifted straight out of Guile's Marvel vs. Capcom incarnation, and spits out a vortex Sonic Boom that stays close to Guile for a few seconds, damaging anyone silly enough to jump into it. Finally, he has an Ultra worth the complex command input, and it can be more easily comboed into from the Double Flash.

Not to be out done, Eurogamer.net added their own 3 page write up on the game. This article dabbles in a lot of stuff you've probably heard about before, although you may pick up an interesting tidbit or two about the new character's moves.

Street Fighter 4 C. Viper matches between Flash Metroid and Marn

Two of the best C. Viper players in America went head to head recently. Flash Metroid (Black oufit, left side) and Marn (White outfit, right side) played a first to 5 set, with the loser having to buy the other player dinner.

Here are the matches.

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Complete Street Fighter 4 costume pack half off for Europe PS3

Complete Street Fighter 4 costume pack half off for Europe PS3 If you haven't picked up all of the alternative costumes for Street Fighter 4, now is a good time to grab them on the PlayStation Network, as they're half off. This offer may only be available for European PlayStation 3 owners though.

You can grab all of the alternative costumers for the characters for £4.79/€5.99, they normally run £9.99/€12.99. This offer ends on April 1st.

Any costumes you purchase for Street Fighter 4 will be available when you pick up Super Street Fighter 4. Thanks to Zombiebrian and Omnius for the note.

Super Street Fighter 4 intro movie, more HD gameplay footage

Someone recorded shaky cam footage of Super Street Fighter 4's intro at the Game Developers Conference. The first part of the intro is new, but the latter part is a CG sequence you've likely seen before.
Also, several more videos from Ruliweb.com were uploaded to YouTube on Rajman's channel. Some of the clips feature Korean SF4 champion Poongko. Just hit the link below to see them.

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Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 team breaks down Hakan

Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 team breaks down Hakan The Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 developer blog focusing on how Hakan was created has been translated by Azrael.

In this week's entry the team discusses Turkish oil wrestling and how they made this apply to Hakan, what his various moves do and some general advice on how to use him.

Last week, the intense qualifiers finally came to an end, and now all that's left is the National Tournament on April 4th! Everyone, thank you very much for all of your efforts! The National Tournament is sure to be an intense battle, the final chapter in an ever-unfolding drama. We can't help but to anxiously look forward to it!

I hope everyone is doing well. This is Tsukamoto.

The new character has finally been announced! I've been eagerly awaiting this day. Today, we'll be talking about Hakan's moves and functionality with director Okada and the man-in-charge, Sano.

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Super Street Fighter 4 'Dojo edition' details, pre-order

Super Street Fighter 4 'Dojo edition' details, pre-order You can pre-order Super Street Fighter 4 Dojo Edition: PlayStation 3 | Xbox 360 now on the Capcom Store for $79.99.

This is the promised collector's edition Capcom USA had been hard at work on, here's what you'll get for your dough on April 27th.

• Super Street Fighter IV game
• Super Street Fighter IV Dojo Edition Gym Bag
• T-shirt featuring Dudley tossing his rose
• 24 oz aluminum water bottle with carabiner (BPA free) featuring Ibuki
• Super Street Fighter IV Dojo Edition head band
• 1 GB USB drive featuring Juri and containing character art, wallpapers, comics and more...

Thanks to Xaznharryx for contributing to this story.

Updated: HD Super Street Fighter 4 gameplay footage from Ruliweb

Update: 3 more videos have been added to this story, with each clip showing two different battles each.

8 new videos from Ruliweb have been uploaded to RajmanGamingHD's YouTube channel. Not only are the matches in 720p HD, but unlike other videos you've seen before — they actually have some solid players going head to head.

You get to see some of the bread and butter combos for the characters and get a general idea of how they play. Definitely worth watching these, hit the link below for more.

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Seth Killian demos Hakan in Super Street Fighter 4

GameTrailers.com got Seth Killian on camera to do a video walk through of Hakan. He explains some of the basics of how the Turkish oil wrestler works in the game.
Also, Get Your Tournament has a 10 minute Podcast with S-Kill where he dishes a bit more dirt about the character.

Capcom planning on bringing a lot of games to iPhone

Capcom planning on bringing a lot of games to iPhone Getting a quick quote from the general manager of mobile content for Capcom, Takashi Tezuka, the MTV Multiplayer blog asked what franchises the company was planning on bringing to the iPhone. He responded:

"Whatever you can think of is coming on iPhone!"

From this statement, it sounds like the big C has plans to release all of their major franchises on this platform in the future.