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Tatsunoko vs. Capcom ranked match, Viewtiful Joe player

Oreo311 uploaded a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom online ranked match featuring a very solid Viewtiful Joe player, M~Trnl. TvC doesn't get the spotlight a lot, but this is an entertaining set.

Reverse Shoryuken Super Street Fighter 4 input bug with Fei Long, Gouken

The input leniency in Super Street Fighter 4 has made for some rather infamous and interesting moments for many gamers, but Neville Bamshew discovered another input shortcut (bug?) with Fei Long and Gouken.
While this works for both of these characters, it's odd that the same input doesn't work for Adon.

New select screen for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Ptfighters.com took a photo of the new Marvel vs. Capcom 3 select screen, showing 30 of the game's playable fighters, including the newly announced Storm and C. Viper.

Click image for larger version

Contributions to this story by Kanta Kun, Colonelcrawfish and Stubbs.

Preview of what Desk has in store for 2011

Community video maker extraordinaire, Desk, has posted a preview video of what fans can expect from him in 2011.
Sent in by Hael.

Seth's Kara Spinning Piledriver in Super Street Fighter 4

Ferdi Guler made a video demonstrating how to do Seth's Kara Spinning Piledriver in Super Street Fighter 4, giving him just a bit more range than he would otherwise have.

BossLogic's final set of Street Fighter Tron artwork

BossLogic posted the final set of Street Fighter Tron styled artwork. Here's a taste of the last pieces.

Click images for larger versions

You can find the full set on BossLogic's Deviant Art page.

Weekend community events January 1 - 5

Weekend community events January 1 - 5 If you have an event you'd like to submit, you can add it into the Events area of the forums or you can send it in via the Contact Us form.

• Miami, Florida: Free Entry Tournament at Final Round Arcade, January 4. This will be streamed live, no start time or URL given.

• Portland, Oregon: Throwdown Thursdays, January 6.

• Florence, Alabama: Saturday Night Fights FTW, January 1.

• Baltimore, Maryland: Wednesday Night Xanbats, January 5. Live stream on Justin.tv, 8 p.m. EST start time.

Quick Ryu Super Street Fighter 4 AE impressions from Valle, Choi

Quick Ryu Super Street Fighter 4 AE impressions from Valle, Choi Alex Valle left a few messages on his Twitter giving a quick update for those curious about various changes to Ryu in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition. Here's the rundown.

• Ryu's Light Dragon Punch anti air trade into Ultra 1 works, but you have to be really fast. Option select vanilla technique recommended by John Choi.

• Ryu can no longer do extended Light Punch Shoryuken combos into Super. His Light Punch Shoryuken has more recovery and it appears the opponent is pushed back further.

• Both Valle and Choi said they've stuck with Ryu in every Street Fighter game and it doesn't sound like either guy will be dropping him now in Arcade Edition.

DMG.PR Rog comments on Boxer in Super Street Fighter 4 AE

Jason24cf caught up with DMG.PR Rog to discuss the changes to Balrog (Boxer) in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition, after he got some time in with the character and the tweaks made to him.
You can also find some in-game footage of PR.Rog playing this character in SSF4 AE by hitting the jump.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 highlights compilation by HFB

HFB did a compilation of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 match highlights which contains a bit of NSFW language. This has quite a few epic moments.
Tip from kSummer.

Community news roundup for December 30th

Community news roundup for December 30th

• BossLogic did Juri and Chun-Li Tron styled Street Fighter artwork.

• There's another preview of a print advertisement by Dave Wilkins for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

• Desk set the world record for Super Street Fighter 4's arcade mode, which was verified by Twin Galaxies. Sent in by JDLlama.

Tokido posts more thoughts on Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

Tokido posts more thoughts on Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Tokido added a few more notes about Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition on his blog, plus included a very defensive match, along with some random thoughts about various movies and such. Here's a rundown of the relevant stuff.

• He thinks T. Hawk is not a strong character in AE.

• Dhalsim has no future against Yun. Likely means he feels this will be a bad match for Dhalsim.

• Juri is so-so. If the opponent doesn't know the match up, Juri can win easily, but...

• Feels that Hakan is Akuma's easiest match up, and C. Viper is his worst.

• Cammy is good, but not top tier in Tokido's opinion.

• Right now, Daigo or Mago are the best SSF4 AE players.

• Someone by the name of Salt left a cutting remark about Japan getting beatdown when they come to the US to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at Final Round Arcade. Tokido responded that he'd remember this guy's name and money match him in March.

Tip from Toshi-kun.

Street Fighter character montage in SmackDown vs. RAW

Jim784m has created various Street Fighter characters in WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2011. Not only did he recreate the looks of some of the fighters, with their alternative outfits, but also did a few of their moves as well and set up some ridiculous in-game stuff. This is well done.
Submitted by GoogleMyname.

Excellent Adventures: Lost Episode #3, Gee Whiz

KreyZ noticed that there's a new lost episode of the Excellent Adventures of Mike Ross and Gootecks. This one is simply titled 'Gee Whiz'.

Capcom responds to Super Street Fighter 4 AE DLC rumors, Cammy nerf

Capcom responds to Super Street Fighter 4 AE DLC rumors, Cammy nerf Seth Killian and Christian Svensson took a few Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition questions recently on the Unity Boards, discussing the nerf to Cammy's Cannon Strike (Dive Kick) and the June rumored release date for DLC.

Cammy sucks in SSF4 Arcade Edition. She's worthless, the worst character in the game.

Seth Killian: I suggest you give it a little more time before you pass judgment on Cammy in Arcade Edition.

Yes, she lost Tiger Knee Cannon Strike (kinda), but the impact is somewhat severely overstated here. She can still Cannon Spike quite low to the ground, although she can't do it *instantly* with the "tiger knee" motion.

That was one of the strongest techniques in the game, and allowed all manner of very powerful tricks in SSFIV (for instance, while most people had to guess a bit in order to try and counter a throw, Cammy could use it to not only avoid throws, but also regain offensive momentum or even land a large combo, which is kind of a big reward for a safe technique you can apply while being put on the defensive).

The funny part is that she can STILL do that, you just have to spend the 1 bar to use an EX Cannon Strike. Considering that Cammy doesn't use meter for a whole lot else, 1 bar of EX meter is hardly a high price to pay for what remains one of the strongest techniques in the game.

Character strength is also less about individual tweaks than it is about how those affect overall matchups and viability.

If it keeps you hopeful, Sako (perhaps the strongest Cammy player in the world), he finds Cammy to be essentially the same. When I was watching his recent SSFIV tournament showdown with Haneyama (expert Chun-Li), if I remember correctly, Sako didn't do anything for the entire match that you can't still do in AE.

Like everyone in AE, she has changes, and she will have some tough matches, but all the talk about "worthless" and "worst character in the game" seems way, way off the mark. Give it a little time...

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Street Fighter 3 Online offers something unique, but no new characters

Street Fighter 3 Online offers something unique, but no new characters While this probably won't come as a surprise for most of the people reading this, Christian Svensson confirmed on the Capcom Forums that there will be no new characters or gameplay elements for Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition, but he added that there's still some exciting things to announce in regards to the game, stating the the title will go places for fans that no fighting game has before.

When will we get some Street Fighter 3 Online Edition details?

Svensson: Release is still quite a ways away and posts like this are part of the reason I didn't want to announce the title when we did (just after it was greenlit and development only just beginning).

In a project like this, where you guys know who the characters are and what the gameplay is, we have a very specific set of "new bits" to talk about and we can't go firing all of our details at once lest we not reach beyond a very limited audience (and while I love you guys, we really need to bring more than the hardest core SF3 fans to the table to be successful with the title). Secondly, as a digital release, the marketing ramp up needs to be relatively short as compared to a retail release.

To more directly answer the question (sort of), we have a schedule for reveals and announcements in 2011 that alas, I must still remain coy about for the reasons above. At the risk of stirring the pot/raising expectations to unreasonable levels, there are places this game is going for fans where no fighting game (not even our big retail fighting games) have gone before.

It's for those reasons I'm extremely excited about this project personally.

It makes me think SF3 Online Edition might have Tekken 6 graphics with the way you're talking.

Svensson: Remember what I said about the risk of raising people's speculation to points of unrealistic expectation? You've just gone further than I'd imagined anyone could. ;) It's still Street Fighter 3.

Capcom on fan feedback vs. developers, Unity suggestions

Capcom on fan feedback vs. developers, Unity suggestions Seth Killian had some interesting things to say about the difference between fan feedback and developer thoughts in some recent posts he made. Killian also went on to explain a bit of how the Suggestion Box on Capcom-Unity works.

If you're curious about some of the behind the scenes details when it comes to making games, this post is right up your alley.

Do you really look in the Suggestion Box on Capcom-Unity?

Svensson: We look at it with great frequency and many of its suggestions are discussed at very high levels.

Seth Killian: Yes, we look at it, but as has been pointed out here, it's not always easy to provide feedback regarding specific suggestions:

Real sample suggestion: "Add Strider to MvC3!"

As has been mentioned, the release characters for the game are fixed, so timing and a number of other factors make this inviable. The thing I don't think people consider is that even if we DID say, "Okay, we will do it," we still wouldn't SAY we were doing it. At least not yet.

This is to say there's often a long burn period between the time a suggestion gets made, and the time we're able to act on it and tell you about it. It's sometimes the case that we can't use even good suggestions for a variety of internal or business reasons, but we really do look and implement a number of things. As I recall, there are suggestions in there that are being acted upon AT THIS VERY MINUTE, although we're not telling you which ones just yet. Not teasing so much as making it clear that yes, we look and listen, though it's sometimes a looong time til we can let you know.

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