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Tiers for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix beta shutting down

Super Street Fighter 2T HD Remix beta shutting down If you're still playing the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix beta online, it's going to be shut down on September 21st, according to Capcom's Rey Jimenez via the Capcom forums.

Thank you for taking part in the Super Street Fighter HD Remix beta. As of September 21st, online play and the ability to download the beta will end. If you have already downloaded the beta, it will still be available for offline play. Your participation was invaluable towards making the game a success. We encourage you to download the full game from Xbox Live. For more information and to add the game to your download queue, please follow this link.

Super Battle Opera 2009 vol. 1 trailer

To hype up the release of the Super Battle Opera (Tougeki) DVDs through Arcadia magazine, there was a trailer posted online showing users what they'd be in for.
Thanks to an anonymous reader for submitting this.

Seth covers development cuts and the 'mirror' effect

Seth covers development cuts and the 'mirror' effect From the Capcom Forums.

How come the player models in Street Fighter are mirrored when they change sides instead of having them changing sides properly, was this a technical limitation? i.e. Vega's claw changing hands depending on the side he's on.

Technically, [Capcom has] been able to do this ever since 3rd Strike (Gill had different sprites for left and right side), but they keep it that way (character facing the player) since it just looks better for 2D fighters. —d3v

Weren't all of the Street Fighter games rushed and they did this mirror effect thing to save time?

Seth: [...] The mirroring is not some kind of artifact of a "rush job" -- and as for every installment being a rush job (really? every single one of 50+ games was "rushed" out the door?), I think it's correct to say that the scope of some games was sometimes larger than the product that was eventually shipped, but that's not especially interesting to say, since it's true of pretty much every single game ever made. You start with an expansive plan, and usually trim things down as you approach release. This is done to meet schedules, yes, but is a very normal part of every game development cycle, not some kind of "wow, is it October already?! We gotta ship it even though it's not done!" thing...

Wasn't it the case that certain features were axed that were originally planned because you didn't have time to do them? Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Seth: You're not "wrong" so much as the scaling back is just part of every development cycle. At other developers, there are even features, levels, bosses, etc. that actually get flagged in terms of where they are planned to be cut. You start big, then pull back to realistic levels once you see which parts are working, so you can execute on the core experience. You could look at this as "rushing" things out, but I was just saying that's misleading, since these cuts are a part of the process in every single game.

Rumor: Championship Edition and SF1 headed to Wii

Rumor: Championship Edition and SF1 headed to Wii Kombo.com is reporting that Street Fighter II Championship Edition and Street Fighter 1 (also known as Fighting Street) have shown up on the Australian National Classification Scheme, which is basically a rating system ran by the government over there.

It's being heavily speculated that these two titles will end up on the Wii with Championship Edition being an arcade port and Fighting Street from the TurboGrafx CD system.

Potentially good news for Wii fans hoping for some old school action.

Collection of 30 Street Fighter images

Collection of 30 Street Fighter images BlueBlots.com collected 30 excellent Street Fighter images from DeviantArt.com and put them together in one easy to browse article.

Some of the pieces are official, while others are of the fan variety, but this is some outstanding stuff they compiled. If you dig Street Fighter artwork, you should definitely look over these.

Story submitted by Jimmy_Mook.

Guide update digest for 9-14-09

Guide update digest for 9-14-09

Something to be said about Street Fighter 4 'sequel' next week

Something to be said about Street Fighter 4 'sequel' next week According to a translation by Andriasang.com of a recent post from the Japanese Street Fighter 4 blog, Shiozawa is going to comment on the "sequel/upgrade" to Street Fighter 4 next week.

She warns that users shouldn't get too excited, but offers no further details beyond that.

Here's the other interesting bits that came up.

  • There will not be a downloadable version of SF4 on the console machines.
  • Asked about a possible Wii version of the game, Shiozawa responds "At present, I don't think there are plans for that... probably."
  • There appears to be some talk internally about a second national tournament. Nothing is set yet, but Shiozawa says she thinks people will come to regret it if they stop training just because Tougeki is over.
  • Apparently there were some rumors that taunts make the CPU level go up. This is not the case.

So, what do you think Shiozawa-san will announce next week? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Roll strategy guide for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom by Nyoronoru

Roll strategy guide for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom by Nyoronoru Nyoronoru has submitted another great strategy guide for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, this time for Roll.

Inside you'll find a full breakdown on all of her Special and Hyper moves along with some general strategies you can apply while playing her.

Here's a small cut from the guide.

Roll has improved greatly from the previous vs. games; she is no longer the almost unusable character from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. However, she is still pretty weak in a lot of areas which puts her in a joke category.

For starters, her damage output is really poor and her combos are limited. Despite the fact that her Hypers are actually viable, gaining the meter to use them is the hardest part. Her range is also poor. Her air combat options are really bad as well. To top it all off, Roll has the second worst stamina in the game next to Karas.

Where Roll shines is her projectile assist, the high priority of her broom swing, her Hyper moves and her on-the-ground techniques.

If you'd like to see other character guides and general information about the game, make sure you check out our Tatsunoko vs. Capcom strategy guide.

Marvel vs. Capcom Mad Catz sticks up on Gamestop.com

Marvel vs. Capcom Mad Catz sticks up on Gamestop.com Both the PS3 and XBox 360 Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Tournament Edition Mad Catz joysticks have appeared again on Gamestop.com, and since it's official now — should be there to stay.

The joysticks are both listed for $159.99 and the release date is October 13, although with Gamestop, you might want take that date with a grain of salt. Officially, the only known date as of the time of this story is fall.

A big thanks goes to PineTar80 for sending over a heads up email.

Why all of Capcom's news doesn't come from Unity

Why all of Capcom's news doesn't come from Unity A reader asked why Capcom-Unity didn't have any information on the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom leaks via the Unity Boards, and also inquired why information is released over time instead of all at once.

Capcom's Seth Killian and Christian Svensson responded:

Seth: First, we do try and at least have parity with everyone else, so if there's non-rumor news, Unity should have it at the same time as everybody else. Even if it's an exclusive, we'll let you know where to look.

Why does the info go to other sites in the first place? Personally I wish some of it didn't. That said, I do understand why it does in some cases. Here are a few of those reasons:

1) Editorial balance. As you might guess, *we're* excited about SFIV, but when you see that a bunch of other people who aren't paid by Capcom saying the same thing, it adds credibility. There's good reasons to have info coming from a healthy variety of sources, just like you shouldn't try and get all your real-world news from the same outlet all the time.

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Guide update digest for 9-10-09

Guide update digest for 9-10-09

Mad Catz makes it official -- Marvel vs. Capcom 2 stick coming soon

It's official, Mad Catz made their Marvel vs. Capcom Tournament Edition FightStick announcement today and included large images of the PlayStation (left) and XBox 360 (right).

Click images for larger versions

However there was no word of the new FightPads and new TE stick design that were shown earlier.

The release date wasn't officially made known either, but according to Snake918, Gamestop stated they'll have this on October 4th, but knowing Gamestop that date could be an outright guess.

Considering Mad Catz' willingness to make so many spinoff sticks, one can only hope this will bode well for a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom stick on the Wii in the future.

Rage Quit Demon in Street Fighter 4

Because if you land this move — you know it's coming.

Kudos to Saraphan80 for pointing this out on the Forums.

All five new Tatsunoko vs. Capcom characters revealed?

Capcom of Japan may have revealed all of the new Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars characters by accident, according to a post by Mumu.

If you visit the Japanese TvC site, you'll see it was recently revamped, but if you take a look at the source code you can see placeholder spots for five conspicuous entries.


It's been speculated that the new characters are Zero from the Mega Man games, Frank West from Dead Rising, Yatterman No. 2 from the Yatterman series, Condor Joe Asakura from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman and of course Tekkaman Blade, who was revealed earlier.

This of course has not been confirmed yet, but it would make for five new characters in the game coming out to 26 total.

To give everyone an idea of who these people are, here are images of the potential new characters.


Frank West

Yatterman No. 2

Condor Joe

Tekkaman Blade

Click images for larger versions

Street Fighter 4 characters in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike

Spotted through IPlayWinner.com that Haunts linked up some very cool images showing the Street Fighter 4 characters as sprites in Street Fighter 3 Third Strike.

The images seem to be Photoshop mock ups, but they're still very well done. Hit the link above to see more pictures.

Updated: New Tatsunoko vs. Capcom character revealed, Tekkaman Blade

GregsVice pointed out that Tekkaman Blade, also known as Dangerous Boy or D-Boy, will be one of the four new characters in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom according to these two Famitsu scans, via Nintendo Everything.

Click images for larger versions

The announcement may come as a surprise, as there's already a Tekkaman in the game, and when you compare the scans to the current Tekkaman's artwork you can see that both characters are similar.

Some have wondered why Famitsu (a Japanese magazine) broke the story, but apparently Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars will also be released in Japan as well, adding the same features, like online match play.

The other three new characters are scheduled to be announced in a few more weeks at the Tokyo Game Show.

If you have an opinion on this new character announcement, please leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Basic gameplay guide for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Basic gameplay guide for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Nyoronoru has written up an excellent guide containing the basic gameplay details for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

If you're curious about techniques like a Baroque, Mega Crash or just want to know a few of the finer points this page will give you a great idea of what's in store when the game is released this winter.

For those of you who prefer something a bit more visual, SFilp pointed out a a video by Keits which we've added to the section, which also walks you through the core gameplay systems.

Here's a short copy and paste from the page.

• Advancing Guard •
Advancing guard is a technique which pushes the opponent back and almost totally nullifies chip damage when blocking. It also helps you recover faster from block stun. Be careful when using it though, if your opponent suddenly pauses in their blocked combo string and you press the buttons without blocking any attacks, you'll more than likely throw out an attack that leaves you open. Make sure your timing is good. This is also good to use against Hyper moves that you are blocking.