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Updated tier rankings for Street Fighter 4

Updated tier rankings for Street Fighter 4 With the upgrade being announced recently, it felt like a good time to update the tier rankings for Street Fighter 4.

Previous tier charts are listed below the current one, so you can take a look back and see how the characters have, or haven't, evolved in player's minds.

While tier listings are a popular thing, it's always best not to take too much stock in these. Characters move up and down all of the time, and matches change — sometimes on a daily basis. When Iyo won the Japanese National Tournament, Dhalsim moved up a few points in most tier rankings. Dhalsim didn't suddenly develop anything he didn't already have before, but people's perception of him changed.

So while the tiers aren't the final word on anything, some of the information inside is helpful. Very few people would argue that Dan is a better character than Sagat, so the table has some relevancy.

As such, take these tiers as a loose guideline of how the matches stack up, but never as the end all be all of who's good in the game.

If you have anything you'd like to add or you just want to talk about some of the match ups, please leave a comment.

Street Fighter Etch-A-Sketch image

Either someone finally figured out how to draw more than random lines with an Etch-A-Sketch, or they're pretty handy at recreating things in Photoshop.

Street Fighter etch-a-sketch drawing

Regardless, this is a cool throw back to a time when people actually tried to draw with two plastic knobs.

PTX - 40A strategy guide for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom by Nyoronoru

PTX - 40A strategy guide for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom by Nyoronoru Nyoronoru has compiled another excellent guide for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, this time for the giant character PTX-40A.

Here's a grab from the page.

Since PTX-40A is a giant, he has no partner. To make up for this deficiency, PTX has extremely powerful Super Armor made to blow through any attacks that strike him. PTX can still block without having to rely on his super armor, and he can Mega Crash, Advance Guard and Baroque just like all the other characters.

PTX has a very nice special moveset, but since his Level 1 Hypers are really useless even if they land, it's hard to play a good game with him. Your entire goal should be to build up meter and land L-P (your Level 3 Hyper) as quickly as you can. Also try to land a Snapback if at all possible, it is vital to knock off the red life that opponents gain. Baroque all dangerous situations and once your opponent gets to 3 Hyper levels, play more defensively.

Also, if the concepts in this guide are going over your head a bit, make sure you read the basic gameplay section for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, as it explains a lot of the techniques and terminology you'll want to know about.

Microsoft planning universal video system for the 360?

Microsoft planning universal video system for the 360? Microsoft may be working on a universal video system for the XBox 360, which would let users record videos of their games without having it specifically built into the product, according to Kotaku.com.

While this is most definitely in the 'rumor' stage, this story is being talked about because Kotaku asked a developer at this year's Tokyo Game Show if they had any plans to incorporate a video capture feature into their title, they had this to say:

"We'd love to have video capture in our game, but why work on something that the platform holder is already developing," said the developer, who I'm keeping anonymous to cover for his accidental slip-up.

This certainly isn't conclusive, but if it's true — it's fairly exciting news for Street Fighter fans, as having easy and quick access to capturing videos would really help expand the video aspect of the community.

Keep your fingers crossed.

House of Cicada Street Fighter 4 tournament footage

The House of Cicada Street Fighter 4 tournament finished up recently, and whoever put this on did a very nice job with the stream.

Here's the last 15 minutes of action, including most of the finals match between Mike Ross and Alex Valle, in case you missed it.

Here's the breakdown of the top 5 winners and the characters they used.

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Sven on the PC release of Super Street Fighter 4, Alpha 3 on PS3

Sven on the PC release of Super Street Fighter 4, Alpha 3 on PS3 Capcom V.P., Christian Svensson, hit the Unity Boards taking time to answer some questions from the fans.

He covers a possible release for Super Street Fighter 4 on the PC, how Alpha 3 is shaping up on the PlayStation 3 and who his favorite characters are from Street Fighter. Here's the full rundown.

Did Street Fighter 4 fail on the PC, dooming all future fighting games on that platform? — PKT

Sven: Performance that Dooms? No. Performance that assures that future fighting games will be on PC? Also No.

I had a much longer post written here that covered a host of issues, but I'm not sure the team would be comfortable with me sharing so I'm going to have to keep mum a bit longer. Let's chat about it again in a few months.

Has a release date been announced as to when Street Fighter Alpha 3 will hit the Playstation Network? — Woodlandbunny

Sven: Alpha 3 we've been holding back a bit on and haven't set a date for it. There's a number of other PS1 titles we'd like to get out first that we're waiting on Sony to finish up on. I'm HOPING to have some more PS1 news before the end of the month.

Who are your favorite Street Fighter characters? — Tryken (Ryan)

Sven: I tend to play Sagat, Ken and C. Viper in SFIV. From a character design standpoint, I love Viper's design and I think she's only going to get cooler in Super Street Fighter IV.

Considering Svensson's comment, what do you think the odds are that Capcom will release Super Street Fighter 4 on the PC 6 months or so after the console versions hit?

Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

The origins of Dee Jay, with new screens and artwork

Capcom-Unity has a great look back at the origins of Dee Jay with his creator, James Goddard, reminiscing about his times back at Capcom.

He explores how the character came to be, and some of the concept names that were thankfully shot down. All in all, a very good read.

Also, we got hooked up with new screen shots of the dread-locked musician, along with new high resolution artwork for Ken, Ryu and Dee Jay.

Click images for larger versions

And we've posted the biography for Dee Jay along with his assumed moves list for Super Street Fighter 4.

Street Fighter 4 listed as a Platinum Hit on XBox.com

Street Fighter 4 listed as a Platinum Hit on XBox.com The XBox Marketplace is now showing Street Fighter 4 as a Platinum Hits title. In a nut shell, this simply means the price is going to be dropped, typically to $30.

While the original version won't be required to play Super Street Fighter IV, there will be some minor benefit for those who grabbed it, and if you know of someone who held off on buying this for whatever reason, and they want to get familiar with the title before the upgrade hits, this is a decent price to get in on the action with.

Translation of Famitsu's interview with Ono

Translation of Famitsu's interview with Ono Jigsaw on the Shoryuken.com boards translated a recent interview Famitsu magazine had with Super Street Fighter 4's producer, Yoshinori Ono.

The piece has some general commentary and of course a discussion with Ono. Here's the full text.

All about Super Street Fighter IV: 'Super' Interview

Development is finally underway on Super Street Fighter 4. We've attacked Super's Producer, Yoshinori Ono, with our questions. This off-the-record stuff is a must-read for all SF4 fans.

When we first saw the title of the followup to Street Fighter 4, we were quite surprised that it's called 'Super' and not 'Dash' (Champion Edition).

Ono: Originally, when we decided to start working on an update to Street Fighter 4, we were planning on calling it Street Fighter 4'. However, since the original Street Fighter 2' was called, "Champion Edition," overseas, we felt 'Dash' wouldn't have the same impact. Well, 'Super' it is then! Some of the staff felt Super sounded really old fashioned, but we kept discussing it; "Super was the most exciting, wasn't it? After 'Dash' and 'Turbo', don't you remember the excitement for 'Super'?," and so on.

Yeah, I remember the excitement about 'Super'. New characters were added and a lot of changes were made.

Ono: That's right. The gameplay changed, 4 new characters were added, the graphics were improved... it was really exciting, wasn't it? With this game, we went back and forth about what the title should be, but since we're not stopping at mere balance tweaks, but also adding a lot of stuff, we felt that 'Super' conveys this idea better than something like SF4-2.

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IGN interviews Yoshinori Ono about Super Street Fighter 4

Rodney sent over heads up that IGN.com has interview Yoshinori Ono about Super Street Fighter 4. The text interview has a few more details, but for those of you who are a bit more visual, there's a video to check out instead.
Here's a brief recap of what Ono had to say.
  • Lobbies were again strongly hinted at, along with either a spectator mode or being able to watch more replays.
  • Most of Capcom apparently didn't want to make a follow up to Street Fighter 4, but the sales were so good Ono didn't have a difficult time convincing them to do another one.
  • The story modes for all characters will be different this time around. New intros and endings for everyone.
  • The 'Indestructible' song is toast, will be replaced with something else.
  • New background stages are strongly hinted at and old stages will be tweaked a bit.
  • Seth will be the last boss again, and Capcom is doing some things to make players like him even less.
  • There will be no unlockable characters this time around.
  • Focus Attacks will not be undergoing major tweaks, you'll basically only notice changes if you look closely at the frame data.
IGN also has a breakdown on how they think Juri plays. It's not the best article ever, but if you're thirsty for information, it might be worth reading over.

Yasir noted that Gametrailers uploaded their own interview with Ono, which pretty much just recaps what you've just read or already heard.

New screen shots and a trailer featuring Dee Jay in Super Street Fighter 4

The official Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 blog was updated this morning with new shots of Dee Jay and a trailer featuring T. Hawk, Juri and Dee Jay in action.

Click images for larger versions

Takari also translated part of the blog post. Here's the interesting stuff.
  • All existing 25 characters will be tweaked, but the development team is struggling with how exactly to balance everyone properly.
  • They add that an arcade release for Super Street Fighter IV is not completely out of the question after all.
Famitsu also posted Ryu and Ken's artwork from Super Street Fighter 4, along with more shots of Dee Jay, T. Hawk and Juri. Here they are.

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Guide update digest for 10-01-09

Guide update digest for 10-01-09 Also, a few fans asked for a high resolution image of the Super Street Fighter 4 logo, here it is.

Click image for larger version

Video shows some of Juri's moves in Super Street Fighter 4

Luk_Edge submitted this clip showing Juri in Super Street Fighter 4 performing some of her moves against M. Bison.

Play Asia selling Street Fighter 4 SBO DVD with Arcadia magazine

Play Asia selling Street Fighter 4 SBO DVD with Arcadia magazine St. Sgayle sent over a heads up that Play Asia is starting to ship the November issue of Arcadia magazine, which contains the Street Fighter 4 Super Battle Opera (Tougeki) DVD.

The issue runs about $30, with shipping, but if you badly want to get your hands on these matches, this is likely going to be one of your best bets.

If you're curious about the other games at SBO and when they'll be released, check here for a list.

For those of you who are a bit more thrifty, you can check out various matches linked below from events leading up to Super Battle Opera.

Ono: No arcade release for Super Street Fighter 4

In a move that shows how far the arcade scene has fallen, Ono stated in this interview with Gamereactor that there will not be an arcade release for Super Street Fighter 4.
While a lack of an arcade release isn't a big shock for fans outside of Japan, as the original title wasn't 'officially' released elsewhere anyway, the competitive arcade scene in Japan is still very big, and Capcom deciding against releasing this upgrade over there likely means they don't expect to make the kind of money they'd need to make it worth while.

Times have certainly changed.

Super Street Fighter 4 clip shows T. Hawk and Juri in action

MonsieurLâm sent over this Super Street Fighter 4 clip showing Juri and T. Hawk in action.
TTWK also found another video showing a new trailer for the game, which features Dee Jay, T. Hawk and Juri along with several members of the old cast.

Images, video and new details for Super Street Fighter 4

Gamespot caught up with Super Street Fighter 4's producer, Yoshinori Ono, and gathered a bunch of great information from him about the new title.

Here's a summary of what Ono had to say.
  • Super Street Fighter 4 is tentatively set for a spring 2010 release.
  • The update will be released on a disc, and won't be available as DLC (Downloadable Content) — but the game will be priced as an upgrade — not a brand new title.
  • As this time, they're thinking of adding about 8 characters to the game. (Rumors currently have this pegged at 10 fighters total).
  • Capcom is planning on adding more features to the online modes. Things so people can enjoy playing as a group. (Sounds like lobbies are in).
  • There will be tweaks and balance changes, along with more online stuff and new features the developers are adding in.
  • Bonus Stages aren't 100% confirmed, but it sounds very likely they'll be making it into Super Street Fighter 4.
  • You won't need the original disc to play this update, but fans who have a copy of SF4 will be, "happy to have held on to it," as they'll be receiving something nifty.
  • Juri is a Korean Tae Kwan Do fighter and is very important to the storyline.
  • They skipped "Champion Edition" and "Turbo" and jumped straight to "Super" for the name of this upgrade because of the scale and size of what they're planning.

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