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X-23 vs. Felicia Marvel vs. Capcom 3 showdown

X-23 vs. Felicia Marvel vs. Capcom 3 showdown Profiles of X-23 and Felicia were uploaded to Marvel.com by Sumoslamman. As with past articles, this has an overview of both fighter's powers, history and play styles.

X-23's Play Style: While Laura may be a clone of Wolverine, she doesn’t play like him in the least. Wolverine is pure rush; X-23 is a healthy dose of rush with some mix-ups thrown in. Her normal moves have deceiving range because of those razor-sharp claws and she has a few neat little hops that can help her cross up her opponent or create some nasty combos near the ground. She also has some dash attacks that help negotiate space, hit low, OTG and can be canceled if your opponent catches on to your gameplan. Plus her hypers, barring her Level 3, can easily fit into her combos. What’s not to love?

Felicia's Play Style: Because this pretty kitty relies on getting in close to do her damage, she has a couple of moves to get her there. Rolling Buckler gives her a few options to close the distance but her Delta Kick is where it’s at, getting her up out of the range of most projectiles and then putting her quickly to the far side of the screen right in her opponent’s face. Like X-23, Felicia has a low assist that will do wonders for unblockable setups and her Kitty’s Helper hyper is a ton of fun to watch as one of her furry companions leaps around the screen chasing down the enemy, doing damage, and interrupting attacks. Felicia definitely gets by with a little help from her friends.

Sent in by shannaro!!!.

Alex Tatsunoko vs. Capcom video guide by Oreo311

Oreo311's newest video is a tutorial for Alex in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. It has an overview of some of his strengths and weaknesses, combos and more informative stuff.
If this interests you, read over that Alex TvC guide here on the site by Nyoronoru, as it breaks down his specials, hypers and other stuff.

Community news roundup for February 9th

Community news roundup for February 9th

• ArykheartX wrote that Game Informer magazine gave Marvel vs. Capcom 3 a review score of 9.25, a gold award and the game of the month title.

• Candiasis333 showed that Ryu can X-Factor Cancel (FADC) into his Hyper Fireball in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, like the infamous SSF4 combo.

• GamerBee is the latest SSF4 player to sign on with The Traveling Circus, joining Tokido and Toxy. There's a video announcement here too. Tips from Virtua_Kazama and Street Pussy.

• Kayane mentioned you can get a 20% discount when you buy a Round 2 Tournament Edition Fightstick from the GameShark Store by using the code kayane2011. This offer is good until the March 7th, 2011. Also sent in by Fawaz.

• Fighter101.net posted a video tutorial showing a couple advanced combos for Fei Long in SSF2T.

iPhone Street Fighter 4 on sale for .99 cents

iPhone Street Fighter 4 on sale for .99 cents The iPhone version of Street Fighter 4 has been marked down considerably and is up for grabs for just .99 cents. This is a temporary price reduction, so if this interests you, you should grab it as soon as possible.

You can purchase it on the iPhone application store here.

Tip from an anonymous reader.

MrDustKicka's 2011 video preview

A video preview of what's in store from MrDustKicka for 2011 was uploaded to YouTube.
Make sure you subscribe to his YouTube channel.

100% Thor reset setup in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Tragic discovered a 100% reset setup for Thor in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which only uses one bar of super meter.
Also, there are more MvC3 videos on Tragic's YouTube channel which are worth looking over. Punch the link below for a bit more Thor footage.

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Playing H-O-R-S-E with combos in Super Street Fighter 4

Lukenessmonster and Snoooootch came up with a fun game for Super Street Fighter 4. It's a take on the basketball game of H-O-R-S-E where if you miss a shot, you get a letter. The SSF4 twist is that one player performs a combo, then the next person has to replicate it, and if they're unable to do so, they get a letter. Here's a video explaining the game.
Note: Under no circumstances should anyone play this game against Desk (Biffotasty).

Seth Killian previews Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Arthur with G4TV

If you want to know more about Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Arthur, from how he plays to why he was selected as a roster member, G4TV has a preview of this character that features Seth Killian.
Submitted by Hakansoilbarrel.

More IGN Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay montages

A few more Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay montages from IGN were uploaded this evening, they feature Chris Redfield, Dante, Spider-Man and Trish.

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Hakan's Super Street Fighter 4 Oil Trap tutorial by Realpolitix

Realpolitix did a SSF4 tutorial for Hakan showing some trap setups that can be applied with his Ultra 2.
Also sent in by Yode.

El Fuerte Super Street Fighter 4 highlights package from Sinix777

If you like a lot of Run Stop Fierces and tons of air throws, Sinix777 did a solid El Fuerte SSF4 highlights package. If you stay tuned to the end, you'll see what he calls the world's highest and lowest air throw.
Noticed by Kingofthesharks.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 collectors edition unboxing

If you'd like to see what all of the contents of the Xbox 360 special edition for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 look like, IGN has an unboxing video for you to look at. It's also mentioned that Jill and Shuma-Gorath will be available on March 15, 2011.
From an anonymous reader and NeoZero.

High resolution Galactus artwork & images, YouTube trailer

High resolution versions of Galactus' artwork and some screen shots are available now. Also, you can get an YouTube HD version of his reveal trailer by hitting the jump, along with seeing a few more images.

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Thor vs. Amaterasu Marvel vs. Capcom 3 showdown

Thor vs. Amaterasu Marvel vs. Capcom 3 showdown Thor and Amaterasu are the latest characters to be profiled on Marvel.com by Sumoslamman. As with past showdown spolight articles, you get to see an overview of both characters, including some notes on their play styles. Here's a clip.

Thor's Play Style: Thor needs to get in close to do damage but when he gets in there, watch out! Mighty Strike and Mighty Smash can help him close the distance while attacking and if Mighty Smash connects, you get a free ground bounce for free punishment. His Mighty Tornado command grab can be comboed out of into some terrifying aerial shenanigans but the trick is landing that first hit. His 8-way air dash can be canceled, helping to surprise enemies, and his Mighty Thunder hyper is incredibly versatile, giving Thor an edge in any combo situation.

Amaterasu's Play Style: Amaterasu has so many options in this game it’s ridiculous! She has three different sets of normal attacks to keep your opponents guessing, and each comes with its own unique special move. Ammy can play keep-away with her Cold Star projectile and the long reach of her Rosary Bead normals or dash in with the Reflector or the Glaive to start some combo action into OTG into hyper madness. Her instant full screen Okami Shuffle does great damage and her tiny hit box causes tons of normals, specials and hypers to go right over her head!

From shannaro!!!.

Desk's Super Street Fighter 4 execution video: Makoto, C. Viper

A new video showing C. Viper and Makoto combos along with a diagram and hand view was posted by Desk.
Submitted by JTLaVi and Bkpnr.

Adon Jaguar Kick Super Street Fighter 4 tutorial part 1 by Breslinabrb

Breslinabrb did a solid tutorial for Adon players showing how his Jaguar Kick can be applied in matches. This starts off with some basic stuff and works its way into more advanced tactics.
Also sent in by Vilestylez.

Excellent Adventures: Hungry Like The Wolf(Krone)

Hungry Like the Wolf(Krone) is the latest episode of Excellent Adventures to hit the web. Look below for a little blurb about what this video has in store for fans.

Wiping the saltiness away from their escapades with FlashMetroid, Gootecks and Mike Ross return to XBox Live in search of new adventures! Are you sick of Balrog mirror matches yet? How about Mike's Blanka? TOO BAD! But in this episode, our heroes come across a compatriot from the other side of the country in porkloafking... aka an up-and-coming young player named Wolfkrone!

Tip from Rathi04, KreyZ, Vampireplatypus and ChunLiSexBeast.