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Community news roundup for December 14th

Community news roundup for December 14th

• The Gameshark Store is now offering the buy one get one free deal for the MvC2 Xbox 360 Tournament Edition FightSticks and the PS3 Round 2 TE FightSticks.

• Availation has been creating images showing what move sets and alternative colors various MegaMan characters could have if they were added into Marvel vs. Capcom 3. So far he's got moves for Classic MegaMan, Bass, Dr. Wily and Protoman. Submitted by Gerahld.

• Dementia on the NeoGAF boards wrote up some impressions of the new NeoGeo USB pad for the PlayStation 3, for those pad users out there looking for a new product. Tip from KodyPi.

SSF4 and HDR results for Focus Fire are up. You can also find a replay of the matches here. Thanks to SpeedBrkr for compiling this information.

• Justin Wong briefly talks with 8wayrun about having fun with Street Fighter, the changes to Makoto in SSF4 Arcade Edition and a few other topics.

• RedBubble.com has Sesame Street Fighter artwork available on T-Shirts, stickers, calendars and more. Sent in by Elvis Cab and Katie U.

• YouTube playlists are available for NEC XI SSF4 tournaments, including the singles and teams competitions.

• AfterDarkGaming took some video of the MvC3 Food Truck that was part of the Food Fight they had this last weekend, from Wonder_Chef.

• Tatsunical, a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom fan art tribute contest is being held.

• File this under the seemingly dangerous, but cool, department, as GlassGiant has built a wrist fireball shooter, and has video of it in action. Tip from Mail.

Excellent Adventures: Season 2 Ep. 4, Excalibur

The newest episode of The Excellent Adventures of Mike Ross and Gootecks is up on the Cross Counter YouTube channel. Here's an embed.
Also, here's a run down about this episode.

We rejoin Gootecks and Mike Ross in the home of John Choi, and our gracious host takes the hot seat. How does "The Korean Inferno" withstand the snowstorm of PSN lag?? Also: Ricky Ortiz pushes it to the limit against Gen, the guys discuss Arcade Edition nerfs, and John both sets an Excellent Adventures milestone AND shows us an exclusive combo!

Tip sent in by KreyZ and ActRmx.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE changes: Dhalsim, Bison, Akuma, T. Hawk & Adon

Super Street Fighter 4 AE changes: Dhalsim, Bison, Akuma, T. Hawk & Adon A translation of the most recent SSF4 blog changes has been posted for Dhalsim, M. Bison, Akuma, T. Hawk and Adon, by Street11.

If you checked out this story when it was first posted, make sure you hit the link again as several more notes and clarifications were added in.

This is the last entry in the series of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition blog changes for the old cast members.

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C. Viper & Storm Marvel vs. Capcom 3 images, high res artwork

New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 screen shots were made available today of C. Viper and Storm, you get to see a bit of both character's alternative colors.

Also, high resolution versions of the artwork that was released previously is also up now as well. Hit the jump to see everything.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character notes from Japanese Q&A

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character notes from Japanese Q&A RyanCE transcribed a Q&A session that was held with the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 developers that contained a few interesting notes about the characters who were and were not included.

• The Thing was considered at one point, but they felt he would be too similar to Hulk.

• Human Torch was a completed character, but he ate up too much RAM and had to be taken out.

• Marvel suggested Super-Skrull as a Human Torch replacement.

• To balance the roster out, Niitsuma wanted to include a young Marvel female, and ultimately X-23 was decided on.

• Niitsuma intentionally held off Spider-Man's announcement until the Tokyo Game Show because he is a popular character in Japan.

• Marvel was reluctant to grant permission to include Shuma-Gorath, but Capcom convinced them that he is popular and an important part of the series history.

• Shuma-Gorath was the first Marvel character that Capcom proposed to Marvel — and he may have originally been planned as an on-disc character.

• Felicia has yet to appear in an official English language gameplay video because of the ESRB.

Pointed out by John Z and an anonymous reader.

Awesomely bad review of Street Fighter Alpha 2

Vintage reviews of games can provide some rather hilarious moments, and the video below is no exception. While this starts off bad, if you manage to stick with it — it gets a lot worse.
Sent in by Kendstorm.

The Magic Of Alioune Sensei's Cammy

MrDustkicka and YogaFlame24 made this compilation SSF4 video of Alioune Sensei's Cammy. Often called the best player in Europe, Alioune has made a big impact on the scene over there, and after watching this clip, you should quickly see why.
Submitted by NMS84, Breslinabrb and ChuckBartowski.

Simultaneous throw outcomes in Street Fighter IV

Error1 has a new video showing the outcome of two simultaneous throw commands being entered in at the same time in vanilla Street Fighter 4. To ensure the commands came out at the same time, tools assistance was used in the creation of these videos.

While this is for Super Street Fighter 4's predecessor, things should work the same way in the current title.

Community news roundup for December 12th

Community news roundup for December 12th

• Mike Ross and Gootecks posted a thank you video to all of the fans who donated to take their Excellent Adventure series on the road. They reached their goal and even went past it bringing in over $7,000. Sent in by Shffl.

• Man_In_Pink pointed out a new compilation of Gen SSF4 moments, showing resets, combos and punish opportunities. Some stuff is done in training mode, but for the most part these things are shown in actual matches.

• There's a video up showing how to block Cammy's almost unblockable setup in SSF4, mentioned by FERDI.

• Eli created a new 3D model of Captain Commando from Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

3 Green Bars: Episode 4, London

CptMunta has posted the latest 3 Green Bars video, this time focusing on the scene in London, in the United Kingdom.
Here's a little info about this clip.

This Week: London, at Winner Stays On. A weekly Ranking Battle tournament. I interview Ryan Hart about Super SF4 AE and the UK Fighting Game community, Anil a programmer for Capcom UK, Pedram and Kaz about their 3rd Strike podcast and their thoughts on 3rd Strike Online Edition and a whole bunch of UK Street Fighter players.

Next week's 3 Green Bars episode will be about Tokyo, Japan.

Also sent in by Bhav and 8ighty6ix.

Fan made Lego Marvel vs. Capcom 3 images

A few community members took it upon themselves to make a Lego 'port' of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. There isn't a game engine here, just some mock up images that were made to show what things could look like.

Click images for larger versions

Created by Nathan Hunnicutt, Jose Garcia and Pablo Florentino Gonzalez.

Cross Counter: NEC XI and Hadocon recap and replays

Gootecks and Mike Ross are back with another season of Cross Counter. In this episode the cover the recent Northeast Champsionships (NEC) and Hadocon tournaments, going back over matches and the results from the competitions.
Sent in by Greysix.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Thor character analysis from Sumoslamman

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Thor character analysis from Sumoslamman EventHubs.com member, Sumoslamman, has posted another entry in his series of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character analysis.

This time he tackles the rather infamous Thor, who's already earned a fairly terrible reputation in the community for not being effective in the playable builds at various trade shows.

Here's a snip from the page.


It looks like the majority of his normals suffer from a case of sloth. His crouching hard attack comes out relatively quick though and leads into his launcher (Video 2 – :48) and you can cancel it into his Mighty Smash special to start some pretty dangerous combos, ending in his Level 3 hyper (Video 2 – :33). Dangerous recovery however.

Seth points out that his jumping hard attack (may be a command normal) has some unique properties. Thor leads with his hammer and rides it to the ground. Its active frames last until Thor hits the ground and if he manages to clock someone with Molinjor they go into a reel animation assuring some big damage (Video 1 – 2:11). However, it looks awkward in an aerial rave as it takes Thor straight to the ground while his enemies air recover (Video 2 – :50). That can be fixed if you follow up with a standard hard attack which knocks them to the ground and gives you a free Mighty Smash assuming they don’t tech roll (Video 2 – :28).

Super Street Fighter 4 comeback compilation episode #4 by LiangHuBBB

LiangHuBBB is back with another episode of his Super Street Fighter 4 comeback series, with Guile music. Here's episode #4.
Sent in by Dreamcastfan.

Super and Ultra damage comparison table for Super Street Fighter 4

Super and Ultra damage comparison table for Super Street Fighter 4 A new Super and Ultra damage comparison table for Super Street Fighter 4 has been posted here on EventHubs.com.

Once you hit the link, you'll find a listing of how much damage each of the character's Ultra and Super moves do in SSF4, including the numbers for when you connect with your Ultra meter at 50% capacity.

This is strictly a damage comparison and doesn't reflect how easy or difficult it is to land these moves, which is obviously a heavy consideration when factoring in the viability of these attacks.

It's also worth pointing out that one very weak Ultra can throw off a character's average damage ranking, which is what the the table is sorted by.

Big shout outs to SFilp who helped compile this information.

Dec. 11th news roundup, Shadowloo Showdown results

Dec. 11th news roundup, Shadowloo Showdown results

• There's an interesting clip showing Juri Kara Fireball and Focus Attack tricks made by Artistbydefault. These things can help control spacing and expand her Focus Attack range quite a bit.

• GamerBee (Adon) took first place in the Shadowloo Showdown tournament. Tokido (Akuma) got second, Mago (Fei Long, Sagat) third, and local Australia player Humanbomb (Ryu) placed 4th. Thanks to Alex Valle for the results.

• Stiffler2100 created this Gouken combo video which starts off with some standard combos before working its way into the tricky stuff.

• Hoigek posted a video of the insane damage Balrog's fully charged Turnaround Punch does on counter hit. Don't blink or you might miss this one.

• Ladi96 uploaded another SSFIV combo video, featuring multiple characters. This has a few flashy combos along with some more common ones as well.

Video details some of Abel's option selects in Super Street Fighter 4

Option-Select.com posted a new video, coincidentally enough about option selects, covering some very nice tricks Abel has up his sleeve.