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SpotATrain & DontTaseM3Bro Super Street Fighter 4 moments vol. 2

Following once again in the footsteps of LianghuBBB, SpotATrain & DontTaseM3Bro created their own compilation of funny and cool moments in Super Street Fighter 4.
Sent in by Sonic_III.

Community news roundup for December 15th

Community news roundup for December 15th

• Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition is officially out in Japan now. Expect videos and additional information to come in soon. Some arcades in the states and else where will be getting it too. The arcade tracker on the site will be getting these new locations soon.

• Rumor: I've heard it from a few different sources that SSF4 Arcade Edition may have more characters to be revealed, and they'll be made available over time, like Akuma was in the arcade release of vanilla Street Fighter 4. This would extend the roster beyond Yang, Yun, Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma — but this is very much a rumor. There are conflicting reports saying that there are only 37 playable characters and Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma will only be boss characters, although I'm hearing more of the prior claims as of late. As with all rumors, it's always a good idea to reserve judgment until more is known. Thanks to Kenshin Hiroki for this tip.

• A Nesys card is being made available for SSF4 AE, which will expire on January 1, 2011. This card can be used to log in to the game, and it's kind of like a credit card which contains all of your game information. On Jan. 1 a new card will be made available that won't expire for a full year. Again, props to Kenshin for this information.

• Kenzo posted a video interview with Tokido, mostly talking about his strategies and playstyle using Akuma in SSF4. BerzerkDC also posted an interview with GamerBee. Submitted by Zanomaru.

• Mike Ross' big online match, which is a side thing to the Excellent Adventure series with Gootecks, is up now. The SSF4 match is from Newegg's Winter Wanfest tournament. Sent in by SavageFred.

New 100 Yen Trailer - The Last Coin

100 Yen released a new full-length trailer for their upcoming documentary this afternoon, title The Last Coin.

Also submitted by ActRmx.

Yun Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition guide

Yun Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition guide A new guide for Yun in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition has been posted here on EventHubs.com.

This covers his move set, armor breaking attacks, target combos and more stuff to help you get started if you get the chance to play Arcade Edition.

There's a lot of basic information in this guide, as the game is just getting into player's hands, so there's still a lot to be discovered. Here's a snip from the page.

He's very fast and his Dive Kick is still strong, letting Yun apply a ton of offensive pressure with few gaps, and setting up his damaging combos along the way. All of this offensive pressure helps him build up Super meter quickly, relatively, so he can unleash a Genei Jin and potentially do a ton of damage.

Yun's Genei Jin was actually strengthened from how it was in Third Strike, but since it's more difficult to build up a full meter in Street Fighter 4, and EX moves are helpful to his overall game, it's still balanced out.

To compensate for his terrific offensive capabilities, Yun has a low stamina (health) rating and his individual attacks don't do as much damage in comparison with most of the cast, so it's very important that you pull off his big combos.

A guide for Yang will also be posted in the very near future. Until then, it's still worth checking out the Third Strike guide for Yang as a lot of the information there is surprisingly relevant still.

Beat By Contest Super Street Fighter 4 replay: Sako vs. Kindevu

Team Sp00ky has a replay of the Beat by Contest SSF4 match between Sako (Fei Long, Rose) and Kindevu (Sagat, C. Viper, Rufus) up. This is a first to five set and the clip is almost 35 minutes long, although you can skip around a bit just to get to the meat of the matches.

Mago (Sagat) vs. GamerBee (Adon) Super Street Fighter 4 matches

Shadoloo.com posted a 44 minute clip of Mago (Sagat) and GamerBee (Adon) playing a long series of Super Street Fighter 4 matches.

These two players are exceptional, and if you can spare the time to watch this, you're in for a treat.

Nathan Spencer Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character analysis

Nathan Spencer Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character analysis Nathan Spencer, from Bionic Commando, is the latest character to have an in-depth analysis written up for him by Sumoslamman.

As with prior articles, this provides detailed information on this character's moves and play style and what you can expect from him come February. Here's a snip.

First impression

Most mobile grappler ever! He can grab you from a screen away, grab you while you’re laying helpless after a beat down, grab you while you’re in the air, and of course he has a sick unblockable grab with what looks like different followups. Holy S team it looks like we might have a Jack of All Trades on our hands here.


Spencer’s normals look dang quick. Not only that but it seems like they do great damage. His little aerial raves simply womp, even without the OTG (off the ground) grapple claw followups. His low magic series has great range (Video 2 – 1:52) and his low hard attack comes out really quick and combos into his launcher (Video 2 – :16) and his Bionic Punch hyper for some quick and dirty damage (Video 2 – :50). That 4 hit combo does nearly 50% damage to MODOK!

You can find an archive of previous articles in this series here on the EventHubs.com forums.

Sent in by Icytor.

Drinking and online Super Street Fighter 4 mix?

Dark Syde Geoff, a.k.a. Geoff The Hero, 'chronicled' some of his experiences with the recent EVO online tournament — after getting plastered. What follows is some very NSFW language, but also some embarrassingly hilarious rapping and Street Fighter play.
You'd think that drinking and Street Fighter wouldn't mix, but Geoff actually got a decent ways into his bracket.

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Video: Rtdzign's FightStick LED button modification

Rtdzign created a LED modification for his Mad Catz Chun-Li TE FightStick, using Seimitsu and Rollie buttons. Check out the video to see it in action.
Mentioned by MarkMan.

Community news roundup for December 14th

Community news roundup for December 14th

• The Gameshark Store is now offering the buy one get one free deal for the MvC2 Xbox 360 Tournament Edition FightSticks and the PS3 Round 2 TE FightSticks.

• Availation has been creating images showing what move sets and alternative colors various MegaMan characters could have if they were added into Marvel vs. Capcom 3. So far he's got moves for Classic MegaMan, Bass, Dr. Wily and Protoman. Submitted by Gerahld.

• Dementia on the NeoGAF boards wrote up some impressions of the new NeoGeo USB pad for the PlayStation 3, for those pad users out there looking for a new product. Tip from KodyPi.

SSF4 and HDR results for Focus Fire are up. You can also find a replay of the matches here. Thanks to SpeedBrkr for compiling this information.

• Justin Wong briefly talks with 8wayrun about having fun with Street Fighter, the changes to Makoto in SSF4 Arcade Edition and a few other topics.

• RedBubble.com has Sesame Street Fighter artwork available on T-Shirts, stickers, calendars and more. Sent in by Elvis Cab and Katie U.

• YouTube playlists are available for NEC XI SSF4 tournaments, including the singles and teams competitions.

• AfterDarkGaming took some video of the MvC3 Food Truck that was part of the Food Fight they had this last weekend, from Wonder_Chef.

• Tatsunical, a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom fan art tribute contest is being held.

• File this under the seemingly dangerous, but cool, department, as GlassGiant has built a wrist fireball shooter, and has video of it in action. Tip from Mail.

Excellent Adventures: Season 2 Ep. 4, Excalibur

The newest episode of The Excellent Adventures of Mike Ross and Gootecks is up on the Cross Counter YouTube channel. Here's an embed.
Also, here's a run down about this episode.

We rejoin Gootecks and Mike Ross in the home of John Choi, and our gracious host takes the hot seat. How does "The Korean Inferno" withstand the snowstorm of PSN lag?? Also: Ricky Ortiz pushes it to the limit against Gen, the guys discuss Arcade Edition nerfs, and John both sets an Excellent Adventures milestone AND shows us an exclusive combo!

Tip sent in by KreyZ and ActRmx.

Super Street Fighter 4 AE changes: Dhalsim, Bison, Akuma, T. Hawk & Adon

Super Street Fighter 4 AE changes: Dhalsim, Bison, Akuma, T. Hawk & Adon A translation of the most recent SSF4 blog changes has been posted for Dhalsim, M. Bison, Akuma, T. Hawk and Adon, by Street11.

If you checked out this story when it was first posted, make sure you hit the link again as several more notes and clarifications were added in.

This is the last entry in the series of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition blog changes for the old cast members.

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C. Viper & Storm Marvel vs. Capcom 3 images, high res artwork

New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 screen shots were made available today of C. Viper and Storm, you get to see a bit of both character's alternative colors.

Also, high resolution versions of the artwork that was released previously is also up now as well. Hit the jump to see everything.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character notes from Japanese Q&A

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character notes from Japanese Q&A RyanCE transcribed a Q&A session that was held with the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 developers that contained a few interesting notes about the characters who were and were not included.

• The Thing was considered at one point, but they felt he would be too similar to Hulk.

• Human Torch was a completed character, but he ate up too much RAM and had to be taken out.

• Marvel suggested Super-Skrull as a Human Torch replacement.

• To balance the roster out, Niitsuma wanted to include a young Marvel female, and ultimately X-23 was decided on.

• Niitsuma intentionally held off Spider-Man's announcement until the Tokyo Game Show because he is a popular character in Japan.

• Marvel was reluctant to grant permission to include Shuma-Gorath, but Capcom convinced them that he is popular and an important part of the series history.

• Shuma-Gorath was the first Marvel character that Capcom proposed to Marvel — and he may have originally been planned as an on-disc character.

• Felicia has yet to appear in an official English language gameplay video because of the ESRB.

Pointed out by John Z and an anonymous reader.

Awesomely bad review of Street Fighter Alpha 2

Vintage reviews of games can provide some rather hilarious moments, and the video below is no exception. While this starts off bad, if you manage to stick with it — it gets a lot worse.
Sent in by Kendstorm.

The Magic Of Alioune Sensei's Cammy

MrDustkicka and YogaFlame24 made this compilation SSF4 video of Alioune Sensei's Cammy. Often called the best player in Europe, Alioune has made a big impact on the scene over there, and after watching this clip, you should quickly see why.
Submitted by NMS84, Breslinabrb and ChuckBartowski.

Simultaneous throw outcomes in Street Fighter IV

Error1 has a new video showing the outcome of two simultaneous throw commands being entered in at the same time in vanilla Street Fighter 4. To ensure the commands came out at the same time, tools assistance was used in the creation of these videos.

While this is for Super Street Fighter 4's predecessor, things should work the same way in the current title.