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EGX early results, stream ft. Mago, Moke, MOV, Go1, Gachikun, Problem X, Luffy, Packz, MisterCrimson, Ryan Hart, Big Bird, Dark Jiewa, Akainu and more

Update: This story has been updated with full day 1 results.

There are big happenings this weekend in Birmingham, UK.

One of two Capcom Pro Tour Premier events this weekend is taking place there, namely EGX 2017.

With the European portion of the Capcom Pro Tour over, that leaderboard is set in stone as far as points go, so for those who aren't part of the top 7, this is a perfect chance to try and sneak in via the Global Leaderboard instead.

This is a Street Fighter 5-only event, as far as fighting games go, so once the action begins, you can keep watching until the end of the stream if this is your game of choice.

Players attending are Mago, Ponos|Moke, GRPT|MOV, CO|Go1, Gachikun, Mouz|Problem X, RB|Luffy, Method|Packz, MD|MisterCrimson, Ryan Hart, NASR|Big Bird, PandaTV|Dark Jiewa, Prophecy|Akainu, Epsilon|Takamura, Millénium|Will2Pac, Infused|ImStillDaDaddy, Infused|Afii, exceL|Brian, Mouz|CCL, Epsilon|Brick, ECV|Hiruko and many more.

Streaming is being done at Capcom Fighters.

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Yamcha and Tenshinhan trailers released for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Announced via magazine roughly a week ago, Tokyo Game Show 2017 now brings us good tidings, namely trailers for Yamcha and Tenshinhan in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Although the trailers are fairly brief, you'll get to see signature moves and intro poses from both fighters, and get a slight feeling for how they play.

For more in-depth knowledge, though, look no further than my earlier translation, compiled by John "Velociraptor" Guerrero, of their original scans.

You can see some images from the trailers here.

Yamcha and Tenshinhan Gameplay Trailer Gallery image #1 Yamcha and Tenshinhan Gameplay Trailer Gallery image #2 Yamcha and Tenshinhan Gameplay Trailer Gallery image #3 Yamcha and Tenshinhan Gameplay Trailer Gallery image #4 Yamcha and Tenshinhan Gameplay Trailer Gallery image #5 Yamcha and Tenshinhan Gameplay Trailer Gallery image #6
Click images for larger versions

Check out the full trailer below.

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FV Cup 2017 early results, stream ft. Infiltration, OilKing, Tachikawa, Humanbomb, Sako, Book, Hotdog29, Daikokugo, Denesis, Tanukana, Chuan and more

Update: This story is being updated with live results as they occur.

This weekend, we've got Street Fighter 5 action going on in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

While Street Fighter 5 isn't the only thing on the menu, this is the final stop for the Asian portion of the Capcom Pro Tour - so after this event, the standings for that part of the leaderboard will be final.

Besides Street Fighter 5, this event also features Tekken 7, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and King of Fighters 14.

Players attending include RZR|Infiltration, ZW|OilKing, DNG|Tachikawa, Humanbomb, Scarz|Sako, VS|Book, Talon|Hotdog29, YBK|Daikokugo, CO|Tanukana, Talon|Denesis, FV|Chuan, TJ|MindRPG, Tse4444, FV|KOFMaster, GRPT|Gllty and many more.

Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 have over 100 entrants each, so the competition will be heated for sure.

Streaming is being done at Beastapac.

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Syndicate 2017 live stream ft. Armada, Wizzrobe, Mr. R, ChuDat, KEN, Professor Pro, Trifasia, Overtriforce, Amsah, SuperGirlKels, Android and more

Syndicate 2017 is taking place this weekend in Utrecht, Netherlands.

This is a Super Smash Bros. event which will have both Singles and Doubles events in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. 4 and Project M.

Attendance is plentiful - Over 200 entrants in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and over 300 for Super Smash Bros. 4.

With several players from out-of-region attending, there's likely to be a lot of action-packed matches to enjoy.

Players attending are Alliance|Armada, Frys|Wizzrobe, BC|Mr. R, Liquid|ChuDat, KEN, Professor Pro, vL|Trifasia, vL|Overtriforce, Asterion|Amsah, SuperGirlKels, Alliance|Android, Zgetto, Mahie, Jeapie, iStudying and many more.

Streaming is being done at Geeky Goon Squad and BYO Controller.

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SoCal Regionals 2017 early results, stream ft. JDCR, Punk, Saint, Haitani, Momochi, Yukadon, Dragon, Justin Wong, Hayatei, FChamp, ChrisG, JoeyFury

Although many events are going on this weekend, it's hard to argue that any of them are bigger than SoCal Regionals 2017, taking place in Anaheim, California.

This event isn't only a Premier event for the Capcom Pro Tour, but also a Masters event for the Tekken World Tour and the first Battle for the Stones event for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Besides these main games, the event will also feature tournament play in Injustice 2, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Under Night In-Birth EXE: Late[st], Pokkén Tournament DX, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo, Killer Instinct and King of Fighters 14.

There will also be special exhibitions in the upcoming Final Fantasy: Dissidia NT.

Players you can expect to see at this event are beyond plentiful - FOX|JDCR, PG|Punk, FOX|Saint, GRPT|Haitani, FOX|Momochi, YouDeal|Yukadon, Noble|Dragon, CYG|Snake Eyez, FOX|Justin Wong, PG|Hayatei, SPY|Filipino Champ, EG|NYChrisG, Circa|JoeyFury, FOX|Theo, SPY|RyanLV, PG|Speedkicks, GFuel|Verloren, ITS|Princess Ling, EG|K-Brad, Chris Tatarian, Eanix|Biohazard, /r/Kappa|Jeondding, Circa|JoeyD, PxP|A Foxy Grampa, VS|Pokchop, FP|Suiken, Circa|ForeverKing, NG|Obscure, Noble|iLuusions, CYG|PR Balrog, PND|Madzin, BrianF, XSK Samurai, Circa|LPN, Xcel|SperoGin, ITS|BeautifulDude, WBG|CJ Truth, Flash, 801 Strider, Tempo|Alex Myers, GAM|Caba, NB|DualKevin, PG|RayRay are all expected to attend, and obviously many more will be there alongside them.

Streaming is being done at Capcom Fighters, Tekken, NetherRealm, LevelUp Live, LevelUp Live 2 and EnnyMura.

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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite already being hacked on the PC? Maximilian goes up against a team made up of... two Dantes

Did you know that Dante is a triplet (not really)? His brothers are Vergil and... Dante again?

An amusing occurrence happened during Maximilian's stream the other day. He ran into an opponent that was using Dante and Dante as their team.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is a game where you are allowed to have any combination of two characters from the roster as your team. The only limitation is that these two characters can't be the same.

Yet somehow, this particular player was using two of the same character. It's pretty obvious what is going on here: MvCI has already been hacked.

This is definitely not something you'll need to prepare for when practicing for tournaments. If you are playing on the PC, then you may run into this at some point.

Here's a few clips of this happening (beware of a little bit of NSFW language ahead):

Click image for animated version

If you want to see the whole set, head over to Max's Twitch channel. Sent in by: DontTaseMeBro

Go1 blows through opponent options with Menat's invincible Critical Art while Brick stocked up a little too much grey life - EGX day 1 highlights

Day one of the EGX Street Fighter 5 tournament has already concluded. We shall see the continuation of the tournament tomorrow.

Notable players included Mago, GRPT|MOV, CO|Go1, Gachikun, RB|Luffy, Method|Packz, MD|MisterCrimson, Ryan Hart, and more. As a result of this, there were a number of spectacular moments that occurred throughout the day,

We have a batch of highlights that showcase these sequences. They're certainly worth checking out if you missed the action or just want to see them happen all over again.

The first set of notable moments are focused on the set between Endpoint|GinoDaCampo and Go1. GinoDaCampo was playing as Laura while Go1 was using Ibuki.

As Laura players are usually able to do, GinoDaCampo was able to keep Go1 guessing with 50/50s utilizing a combination of normals and command grabs. Trying to jump away from command grabs means you're risking getting hit by normals.

Go1 was able to fight back thanks to bouncing Ibuki's V-Trigger. He was able to position himself in an area that was different than what GinoDaCampo expected, allowing him to get an air EX Kunai.

Click image for animated version

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PC mod: Juli answers the call of duty in Street Fighter 5

Making her debut in Street Fighter Alpha 3, today Juli transitions into modern times by way of PC mods.

PC Best Mods has uploaded footage of a mod that makes the Bison doll playable in Street Fighter 5. This particular alternate look was created by tom12422.

From what we see in the video, it appears that Juli has been modded over the NPC of Decapre. Her moves are similar to Cammy's, but she has a unique flying kick special move.

Download information for this mod can be found in the video's description.

Below are some screenshots to get you started. Be sure to hit the jump to view Juli in action.

PC Mod: Juli in Street Fighter 5 image #1 PC Mod: Juli in Street Fighter 5 image #2 PC Mod: Juli in Street Fighter 5 image #3 PC Mod: Juli in Street Fighter 5 image #4 PC Mod: Juli in Street Fighter 5 image #5
Click images for larger versions

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New Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite tag tech discovered, may be a game changer

Something interesting was sent to us earlier this morning regarding Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. In a nutshell, the video we received shows some tech involving tagging your partner in that could be a potential game changer (from my understanding of it).

Basically, performing this maneuver that Heidernn98 -- who stumbled upon it -- calls "Plink Assist," you can create combo opportunities where there may otherwise have not been.

The first example in the video shows a team of Strider and Dante. When Strider lands a normal throw, usually, Dante can't be tagged in until the animation is complete -- which means he doesn't have enough time to continue the combo once he's on the field. With Plink Assist, though, Dante can be tagged in at the start of the throw, which gives him ample time to get things cooking.

So, how does it work? In order to pull this off, you'll have to hit the heavy punch (for throw) and very quickly after hit tag.

This tech is called "Plink Assist" because it is initiated by performing a similar input to a Plink -- a technique made popular in the Street Fighter 4 days that sees players rolling their fingers over two buttons in order to hit them sequentially at a very fast rate.

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Smug can't believe it, Yukadon throws Momochi seven times, and an amazing whiff punish: Northern Arena Knockout highlights

The Northern Arena Knockout tournament -- a 16-player event with $30,000 up for grabs -- has concluded, and now that the Street Fighter 5 action is all said and done, we'd like to share with you some of our favorite moments from the competition.

Featured in our highlights today, we have players such as Rise|Smug, YouDeal|Yukadon, FOX|Momochi, Liquid|NuckleDu, and more.

With such amazing talent in the building, it was no doubt that we'd have some great moments to behold. To start us off, we have last year's Capcom Cup champion, NuckleDu.

When up against BX3|Phenom's aggressive Necalli, Du made it a point to keep his opponent at bay with V-Trigger Sonic Booms. Seeing that Phenom started backing off, Du's Guile took the opportunity to rush in.

Following behind his slow moving projectiles and eventually pulling in front of them, NuckleDu was able to get in close to Phenom, jump over for a cross up, and mix up the Necalli player with the Boom hitting on the other side.

This tricky set up allowed Du enough time to confirm into a combo that closed out the round.

Click images to view the clips

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Street Fighter and Smash Bros. collide: Watch Dhalsim slug it out with Wii Fit Trainer in this quick Death Battle X

The crew behind the popular Death Battle series is back to pit two characters from different fighting game franchises against one another.

ScrewAttack brings us a new episode of Death Battle X in which Street Fighter's Dhalsim clashes with Super Smash Bros. 4's Wii Fit Trainer.

Differing from a regular episode in the series, DBX bypasses the in-depth analysis of each combatant's skills. Instead, we get right into the action.

Being one of the world warriors, Dhalsim happens upon Wii Fit Trainer's gym after traveling to America. Once inside, the two are quick to begin exchanging punches and kicks until one leaves victorious.

The animation used here is slick, and the foundation for the characters are sprites from some of the games they've appeared in before. Since there isn't a sprite version of Wii Fit Trainer (that I know of), though, the animator used what appears to be Blue Mary from the King of Fighters series as the base.

To see who comes out on top, be sure to hit the jump.

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Doctrine Dark joins Arika's untitled fighting game

Although it's slightly awkward that Arika's upcoming fighting game doesn't even have a title yet, that hasn't stopped people from being hyped for it.

Taking the characters from Street Fighter EX which they have the rights to, Arika have shown off many old favorites to be joining the fray in this future fighter.

Next on the list is the twisted Doctrine Dark, quite a popular character if comments on our stories is anything to go by.

It's a very short teaser, but you'll get to see his in-game appearance, and briefly hear his voice in the form of a creepy laugh.

Doctrine Dark joins Kairi, Shirase, Garuda, Skullomania, Darun Mister, and Allen Snider on the playable roster.

Arika's unnamed fighting game is due out sometime next year.

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DisplayLag examines input delay for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite on PlayStation 4

Widely because of the eight frames of delay that infamously plagued Street Fighter 5 conversations shortly after its release, input lag has become an extremely hot topic in the fighting game community.

To clarify, input lag refers to the amount of time between the player's press of a button and the actual execution of action by the character on the screen.

While there's no technical right answer when it comes to how much input delay is acceptable when it comes to fighting games, it seems that we've heard more and more complaints once a game jumps above six frames or so.

DisplayLag is a website created by Adeel "Four Wude" Soomro that tests and reports on lag times for HDTVs and monitors. Soomro is an avid fighting game fan, and so he'll often release videos (like the one at the bottom of this article) highlighting his findings in lag tests for certain titles.

Soomro actually tested input latency on the MvCI beta, which yielded slightly laggier results than the release build on PlayStation 4.

For a bit of reference, MvCI's predecessor, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, clocked in at just under five frames of input lag on Xbox One and Xbox 360, and then 6.1 frames of lag on PlayStation 4. We eagerly await information on the Xbox One and PC versions of MvCI.

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Northern Arena Knockout results feat. NuckleDu, Momochi, Yukadon, Smug, Phenom

Updated with final results: We've added in the results for Northern Arena Knockout into this story. You can find them all below, along with battle logs of how things broke down.

Sixteen players are battling it out in Toronto for a prize pool of no less than $30,000 at Northern Arena Knockout.

The Street Fighter 5 competition is fierce as such players as Liquid|NuckleDu, FOX|Momochi, BX3|Phenom, FOX|Justin Wong, EG|K-Brad, INFS|ImStillDaDaddy, Rise|Marn, Rise|Smug, YouDeal|Yukadon, EG|NYChrisG, SB|Dieminion, duke it out.

Eleven of the event's competitors were invited based on past Street Fighter performances, but the remaining five have gone through the ringer to qualify for their shots at the big names as well as their part of the $30k that's up for grabs.

First place will be taking home a cool $12,000, while second gets $7,500. You can see the full prize placing breakdown as well as other details over at the event home page.

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Mario's nipples have made their way into Smash 4 (via PC mod)

An Italian plumber created by a Japanese company that rescues princesses from giant, fire-breathing lizards. As farfetched an idea as it might seem when you think about it for two seconds, Mario has somehow come to be the most iconic character in all of video games.

Mario's latest venture is in the all new Super Mario Odyssey, (to hit stores October 27th) and though reviews for the franchise's latest installment are widely positive, the internet is hung up on one of the upcoming game's more important details: the fact that it shows Mario shirtless, and that he has nipples.

Now we could get into the psychology of how players have perceived Mario over the past 33 years and talk about why Mario having nipples suddenly sparks such a reaction in the hearts of gamers, but instead we're going to perpetuate things and show off a Mario nipple mod (never thought I'd be typing that) for Smash 4.

Nishman235 has uploaded a video of the mod in action, and it's just about what you'd expect... everything in routine Smash 4 pace and style, but with Mario nipples.

You too can experience Mario in Smash in the way he was meant to be played by heading over to Game Banana to download the mod for yourself.

You'll see the full video after the jump, but can also check out a few screen shots right here.

Mario Nipples image #1 Mario Nipples image #2 Mario Nipples image #3 Mario Nipples image #4 Mario Nipples image #5 Mario Nipples image #6
Click images for larger versions

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30 things all Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite players say

The candid chorus of the fighting game community strikes again as Ernesto Lopez Jr. has come out with his newest "30 things players say" video, this time highlighting the brand new Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

The Marvel community has been anything but silent about their reactions to MvCI's visuals, character roster, mechanics and, let's be realistic, just about everything other aspect of the game.

Funnyman Ernesto Lopez attempts to say what we're all thinking as highlights both the good and not so good of Marvel Infinite.

Lack of X-Men characters, Chun-Li's face, the whole "characters as functions" fiasco... it feels as though no topic goes undiscussed in Ernesto's latest.

Something to keep in mind while watching: the goal here feels more like incitement of laughter as opposed game-changing movements.

Give this quick video a watch and then head to the comments to let us know if you found it funny and truthful, and please let us know if you've said or thought any of these yourself.

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The European leg of the Capcom Pro Tour is completed, here are the seven regional finalists

It's been a long and winding road on this year's Capcom Pro Tour, but the end is now in sight, and the European region has completed its leg of events.

This means that we now know the seven players that will be part of the eight man bracket that will be the European finals next weekend ant Milan Games Week (the eighth will be the winner of the open invitational to be held on site).

The winner of the EU Regional Finals will secure a spot in the 2017 Capcom Cup, and will be the first officially qualified player (outside of last year's champion, Liquid|NuckleDu) for this year's Cup.

There's a bit more at stake for three of the seven established players, as RB|Luffy, MS|ProblemX, NASR|Big Bird and BX3|Phenom are already mathematically qualified via the global leaderboards, so should one of them win, the European regional qualifier will become something of a moot point.

Should Method|Packz, MD|MisterCrimson or RASS win, they'll effectively eat up one of the top spots on the global leaderboards, meaning one less player will be able to qualify with global points.

The image below shows the final standings for the EU region on this year's Tour. Please let us know who you think will qualify for the eighth and final spot, and who you think will win the European regional title in the comments below. Please visit the Capcom Pro Tour home page for more details.

European Standings image #1
Click images for larger versions