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M. Bison and Shadaloo may not be actually gone for good according to Street Fighter 6's Director

The destruction of M. Bison and downfall of Shadaloo by the end of Street Fighter 5's story had seemingly put an end to that chapter of the series after 3 decades, but that may not be the case after all.

During the recent round of interviews for Street Fighter 6, Director Takayuki Nakayama appears to imply that the dictator could still be revived.

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D'Vorah's secret affair and 6 more of the creepiest details hidden throughout the Mortal Kombat franchise

The realms of Mortal Kombat are known around the world for its depictions of astonishing violence, but there are some disturbing aspects of the franchise that go beyond blood, guts and dark magic.

Fighting game content creator TrueUnderDawgGaming just released his latest video detailing 7 of the creepiest facts found throughout Mortal Kombat's 30-year history.

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Goku is already being modded into DNF Duel and the game hasn't even been out a day

Whenever we turn around now it seems, the fighting game modding community is leveling up faster and better than before because this stuff is just getting wild now.

DNF Duel hasn't even been available for a full day yet, but the talented Ryn / WistfulHopes has already modded Dragon Ball FighterZ's Super Saiyan Goku into the game.

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'Why are we counting down?' — Hungrybox absolutely loses it when he finds out during this Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tourney match

Probably the most hype tournament moment for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate happened recently during an event called Smash Reality #4. Liquid|Hungrybox was commentating during a match that pitted Epic_Gabriel's R.O.B. and BeastModePaul's Hero against one another.

By the time the clip starts, BeastModePaul is at a stock deficit. For seemingly no reason, the crowd just randomly started to chant a countdown from 10. With this much anticipation, it was expected that something was going to bound to happen at the end of the sequence, but it wasn't entirely clear what that something was just yet.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ version 1.31 patch notes, Lab Coat Android 21 nerfed

As previously promised, patch 1.31 for Dragon Ball FighterZ is releasing "around July." According to Bandai Namco Esports, version 1.31 is releasing tomorrow, June 29.

This probably shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, but Lab Coat Android 21 is receiving a fair share of nerfs in the scheduled patch. Luckily for fans of other characters, the patch is doing more than just nerfing Lab Coat Android 21.

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New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list based on character peak performances at tournaments since January 2022

Coming up with an agreeable tier list for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a rather difficult task considering that the game has a roster made up of 86 different fighters. It's always worth mentioning that a large assortment of these characters have performed well at tournaments. This seems to suggest that the vast majority of the roster are at least somewhat viable, which is actually a fairly impressive feat.

Barnard's Loop recently decided to take a more objective approach to the tier list creation process for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For this particular list, characters are ranked based on their peak performances at tournaments in 2022, ranging from January to June of this year.

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Is it worth the money? — DNF Duel

After only a year and a half since it was initially teased, DNF Duel is now officially available for fighting game fans to dive into something new.

Now that we've spent a decent amount of hours with the Arc Sytsem Works and Eighting co-developed fighter for this review, we're here to let you know whether DNF Duel is worth spending your money on or not at launch.

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Do Hit Box-style controllers truly offer tangible benefits over arcade sticks? Fighting game Tokido dons a lab coat to run experiments

Over the past few years, more and more competitive fighting game players ditched their classic arcade stick controllers for those in the Hit Box-style, but just how much of an impact do the different controls actually make?

Fighting game and Street Fighter legend Rohto|Tokido recently began his Fighting Game Laboratory series on YouTube, and his first episode was dedicated to exploring and testing the potential benefits of replacing your lever controls with buttons.

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Chun-Li and Juri slip into bikinis for beach day in Carolina Angulo's beautiful Street Fighter cosplay

It's summertime and most of us would love to be able to visit the beach... especially if the Dominican Republic's Carolina Angulo is showing off her Street Fighter cosplays.

Angulo becomes both Juri and Chun-Li, two of the franchise's most popular characters, for some bikini-clad fun in the sun. Continue on to see our roundup of gorgeous photos.

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Sparkling water company launches Street Fighter 2 promotion with a funny music video and an augmented reality game

Capcom certainly doesn't shy away from licensing out the Street Fighter franchise for a variety of different games, clothing, products and services, but this one is possibly the oddest yet most charming that we've seen.

The Japanese company Suntory Beverage & Food announced a special collaboration today pairing Street Fighter 2 with their 'THE STRONG' sparkling water by releasing special anniversary water bottles, a funny music video and even an augmented reality game to boot.

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The fever dream of seeing Guilty Gear and BlazBlue's protagonists do battle may soon become a reality thanks to slick new Strive mod

Despite their similarities, Arc System Works have largely kept their two most successful original fighting game franchises, Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, largely separate from one another for well over a decade now.

That may soon be changing, however, with a slick upcoming mod created by WistfulHopes / Ryn that adds Ragna the Bloodegde as a playable character to Guilty Gear Strive.

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Daigo Umehara feels like Street Fighter 6 is the fighting game that he's been waiting on for over 25 years

Although Street Fighter 6 was only announced earlier this year, there's a lot of anticipation that's been building up for the next entry in Capcom's iconic fighting game series. Although we've only had five characters — Ryu, Luke, Chun-Li, Jamie and Guile — revealed so far, we've seen a lot about what the gameplay has to offer thanks to plenty of footage. Needless to say, fans are pretty excited about Street Fighter 6.

Among those who are especially excited is BST|Daigo Umehara. According to FGC Translated's translation, Street Fighter 6 might be the game that Daigo has been waiting on for over 25 years now.

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Riddles and Sonix's grand finals showdown at CEO 2022's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event was unbelievably intense the entire time

CEO 2022 ended up holding the attention of a variety of fighting game fans, but it was the Super Smash Ultimate event that technically featured the most action as it had the highest number of competitors entered to compete — 650 in total.

At the conclusion of the tournament, BAN|Sonix and his Sonic ended up facing off against Liquid|Riddles, who was using both Terry Bogard and Kazuya Mishima during his run. This ended up being one of the most intense sets throughout the history of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You really had to see it to believe what was happening.

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This wild 1-character comeback vs. a full team in King of Fighters 15's losers final was arguably the hypest sequence of CEO 2022

CEO 2022 may be done and over with now, but the weekend event gifted us all too many great moments to count between dozens of fighting games.

There was one sequence in particular, however, that was arguably more hype than all the rest which happened to take place during the losers final of The King of Fighters 15 tournament.

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Evo Moment 37 recreated in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate using Ken, Kazuya and the Perfect Shield mechanic

Evo Moment 37 will no doubt go down in history as one of the most iconic FGC moments ever. Against all odds, BST|Daigo Umehara managed to Parry every single hit of Chun-Li's super and secure the optimal punish during a high stakes Street Fighter 3: Third Strike match where everyone was shouting as loud as they could.

While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Perfect Shield mechanic (often just called a "Parry" within the community) is much more lenient with its window compared to Third Strike's Parry, it's still pretty impressive when a sequence involving the Perfect Shield occurs. Notably, Gamer on Twitter recently recreated Evo Moment 37 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the sound from the event left intact.

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Who will win Street Fighter 6's tournament or ending battle?

We've previously documented who won the various Street Fighter tournaments, but with a brand new game on the horizon, we wanted to discuss who the most likely candidates to take home the glory will be. While not every Street Fighter entry has an official tournament in it, there's usual a last battle of some sort in lieu of a bracket, and we often count the person who delivers the killing blow on the main boss as the winner for that game.

With the past winners in mind, along with a number of other characters who fit the timeline and power requirements needed to be a tournament winner, we discuss who the most likely candidates are to win Street Fighter 6's tournament or last battle.

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CEO 2022 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend will be seeing the grand return of one of the biggest offline majors, namely CEO 2022 which is taking place in Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

There are far too many notable players attending to list them all, but here's just a mere sample of who's going to be there — PG|Punk, Intel|Razzo, XSET|iDom, PG|Plup, TSM|Tweek, DUSG|Gen, RB|Anakin, TMG|Tamago, Moist|Hotashi, CGL|K7 Showoff, NYChrisG, Talon|Book, Liquid|Hungrybox, BMS|Wawa, PGW|Ren, Justin Wong, Liquid|Riddles, Bandits|MenaRD, TxC|ViolentKain, Rise|Nitro, RR|Mono, AR|Wero Asamiya, RYO, Liquid|Dabuz, VGIA|Shanks, Bandits|Caba, DUSG|Rangchu, Exceed|Solstice, Smug, Pako, BC|ApologyMan, Nephew, Hive|LegendaryyPred, Shadow20z, TxC|Khriz, PG|KizzieKay, PG|HookGangGod, ScrawtVermillion, END|Shine, Buscar Luz, Kasuga, EMGG|Justakid, PAR|FlashMetroid, Mundank, LZR|Hayatei, CRaZY|SuperAkouma, PG|MarlinPie, MEGA|ArnKratos, CLG|Brian_F, DEUS|Incendiate, Monarch, DUSG|Pinya, Damdai, ElChakotay, RayRay, YARUCREW|Macho, BAN|Sonix, Zomba, Gosain, END|Shine, OmegaXcn, Shuaboo, Paragon|Myran, MVD, MuteAce, DZ|Jonathan Tene, BC|LordKnight, TS1|Cookye, VIEJOS|Gandido, PartyWolf, Jake, PG|Marss, JakeyTheSnakey, Jram, Spiral|Krudo, Arlieth and more.

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