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Battle Royales are the biggest trend in gaming right now with Apex Legends and Tetris 99, so what could fighting games do to get in on the action?

Taking a look at Twitch's front page right now, Apex Legends and Fortnite: Battle Royale are consistently the most popular games on the platform with hundreds of thousands of viewers watching a myriad of players trying to take out everyone on a map to prove they can adapt and perform.

To find fighting games on the streaming service, however, you usually need to scroll quite a ways down the list unless there's a big tournament or event going down even with our community's most popular content creators.

Two games have come out in recent weeks that have shaken up the battle royale landscape with the aforementioned Apex Legends seemingly dethroning Fortnite at least temporarily along with Tetris 99 — which some can argue isn't technically a battle royale game despite its presentation, goals, and meta.

Tetris 99 — which was developed by Fighting EX Layer's Arika funnily enough — has proven that the battle royale formula of dropping a bunch of strangers into one map / match and duke it out until only one player or team is left standing can apply to genres beyond shooters... so why haven't fighting games dipped their toes into these waters?

We already hold tournaments to prove who is the best player in the room or in an online lobby, and fighting games are already about adaptability and coming up with better strategies / having better execution than your opponent so what is holding them back right now from experimenting here?

I'm not saying that developers necessarily need to or should branch out into battle royales to chase the next big thing though experimentation in the field could produce some interesting results. Let's dive into some of the genre incompatibilities fighting games seem to have compared to games like Playerunkown's Battlegrounds, and what developers could to meld the fields in unique and fun ways.

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More Tekken stuff is being worked on that Bandai Namco is looking forward to announce — does this mean a Season 3 for Tekken 7?

The announcement at EVO 2018 of Tekken 7 receiving new DLC characters, as well as the reveal of who three of them were — the much-requested veterans Anna Williams and Lei Wulong, alongside extreme surprise guest character Negan from The Walking Dead, was met with amazing fanfare.

A few months later, we got to see who the rest would be at the Tekken World Tour Finals, when we were treated to the brand new designs and trailers for Craig Marduk and Armor King, as well as a brief glimpse at Julia Chang.

Finally, at EVO Japan last week, we got the full skimmy on Julia as well as Negan, and the reveal that they'll be out by the end of this month.

After showing us these trailers at the latest event, Season 2 was officially wrapped up, but we got some promising words from Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada.

As translated by game designer and constant companion to Harada at big announcements Michael Murray, the official word regarding Tekken moving forward was this:

That completes the DLC Season Pass for this season, but we're not finished with Tekken as a whole, we plan to have a whole lot of cool other stuff coming up that we're looking forward to announce.

This was obviously welcome news to anyone who's a big fan of the game, and while they didn't outright say "Season 3", that's definitely where the mind wanders. So what exactly supports this being a Season 3, and if we're getting a Season 3, what seems likely to add?

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Update: ESAM releases video that details his Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 2.0.0 tier list placements

Update: PG|ESAM has released a video that details why he placed each character the way he did in his 2.0.0 tier list. You can check the video out after the jump.

Earlier: With Genesis 6 out of the way, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate events will be using the 2.0.0 version until the next patch is released. There will notably be some minor shifts here and there in the overall meta.

PG|ESAM has recently released a tier list for version 2.0.0 of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate during one of his Twitch streams. It doesn't appear as though all of the characters in each category are arranged in any particular order.

At the very top of the list, sitting in the "super top tier" category, we see Peach (and Daisy), Pikachu, Olimar, Lucina (not Marth), Snake, Pichu, and Wolf as candidates for strongest characters in the game.

Most notably, there are only a handful of fighters that ESAM looks at as "bad characters" in the low tier category. They are King K. Rool, Robin, Little Mac, Kirby, Sheik, Zelda, Ryu, Isabelle, Ken, Bowser Jr., and Mii Brawler.

ESAM also discussed Pikachu's match ups in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It appears that Pikachu's only losing match ups are against Olimar and potentially Ness.

More than likely, ESAM will release a video that goes into great detail about character positions and match ups. In the meantime, here's what ESAM showed during his Twitch stream:

ESAM's 2.0.0 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list image #1 ESAM's 2.0.0 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list image #2
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Photo source: Stephanie Lindgren.

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All Mortal Kombat 11 characters revealed so far

Mortal Kombat 11 is coming to consoles this April. NetherRealm Studios is bringing the next big installment in the classic fighting game franchise replete with popular series characters that fans will be able to entrench in brutally bloody battles.

Despite the game's release date being set for April 23rd this year (a mere two months away), only a handful of Mortal Kombat 11 characters have been officially revealed. About half of the game's roster has been shown so far, and only nine have actually seen gameplay.

Having said that, there are some fairly strong hints and potential leaks that could be providing us with a clearer picture of the roster, not to mention a few scattered reveals that you might have missed.

Today we're rounding up all of Mortal Kombat 11's officially revealed characters, as well as the ones that have a strong chance of being playable.

Included here are each of the characters that saw official announcements — such as Sonya Blade, Kabal, Jade, and more — the pre-order bonus (Shao Kahn), and those who have seen reveals by way of official artwork. All of the hinted and potentially leaked characters are hidden behind a spoiler tag, so you are safe proceeding from here.

You will also find move listings for the base characters that were playable in the Mortal Kombat 11 The Reveal event build of the game.

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Here are 15 out of 16 of the Smash Ultimate Summit competitors

Voting for the Smash Ultimate Summit has now come to its conclusion. 15 out of the 16 competitors that will be present at Smash Ultimate Summit has been decided.

This is definitely an event that Smash fans will want to be on the lookout for on March 7th until the 10th. The final player will be determined by the highest relevant placement at Ultimate Nimbus.

Many of the competitors were invited to the event due to prior successes. Tempo|ZeRo was widely considered to be the number one player in Super Smash Bros. 4 throughout most of its four year lifespan.

FOX|MKLeo and NRG|Nairo are also viewed as some of the top professionals when it came to the Super Smash Bros. 4 tournament scene.

Likewise, Alliance|Armada, FOX|Mew2King, and TSM|Leffen have proven themselves to be exceptionally strong in Super Smash Bros. Melee and have all expressed some degree of interest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

CLG|VoiD, Samsora, Dabuz, and GW|Zackray proved themselves worthy of a Smash Ultimate invitation based on their success at Genesis 6. Since Zackray tied for fifth with Light, Zackray had to defeat Light in a tiebreaker set to determine the winner.

C9|Mango, PG|Cosmos, PG|Plup, orKsGP|Glutonny, and ZD were able to acquire enough votes by the community to secure their entry. Considering the level of competition here, we're in a weekend of exceptionally high level play.

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Street Fighter 5's Mech costumes are returning this week for Juri, Zangief, Abigail and F.A.N.G

Yesterday, we learned that Alex would be receiving his first crossover costume by way of Leo from Capcom's old Red Earth fighting game, but a handful of popular outfits will also be returning later this week.

Capcom announced that their previously released Mecha-based costumes for Zangief, Juri, Abigail and F.A.N.G will be available again beginning February 22 for anyone who missed them the first time around.

All four outfits will have their first mission available starting this Friday in Street Fighter 5's Extra Battle mode with the following weeks going through their regular release schedules.

No mission pricing was announced for the returning robotic fighters, so we don't know if the costume pieces will cost the standard 2,500 Fight Money per attempt or if they'll be lowered to 2,000 FM like a prior re-released costume in recent months.

If you only missed a few of the pieces the first time they were available, your progress in unlocking them will carry over for the new campaign though you'll still need to unlock the four separate correct parts to use them in battle.

Mech Juri, Zangief, F.A.N.G and Abigail will likely be available as a paid bundle once this return campaign ends if it follows the trend of previous Extra Battle costumes for the game, but we won't know for sure until Capcom announces the collection. You can check out all of the colors and Easter egg variants for all four costumes below and after the jump — and if you don't know where the banner image came from, here's a lesson on 90's R&B from Mark Morrison.

Mech Juri colors and Easter egg image #1 Mech Juri colors and Easter egg image #2 Mech Juri colors and Easter egg image #3 Mech Juri colors and Easter egg image #4 Mech Juri colors and Easter egg image #5 Mech Juri colors and Easter egg image #6
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Joker confirmed for April launch in Super Smash Bros Ultimate; Persona 5 hero and future DLC will not feature Palutena's Guidance according to Sakurai

Palutena's Guidance was an Easter egg feature that was added to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U to give players and Pit some background to the game's fighters and some comic relief — plus it also served as the replacements for Snake's codec calls from Brawl.

The feature showed back up in Smash Ultimate with dialogue for the title's newcomers like Ken and Incineroar plus some reworked speech for previously existing fighters including Ike and Ganondorf. Interestingly, Piranha Plant also received special interactions despite it being DLC which had fans wondering if Persona 5's Joker and the other incoming characters will receive the same treatment.

We now have confirmation it seems, however, that will not be the case after all. In a recent Famitsu column from series director Masahiro Sakurai, he states that Joker and the other four unannounced DLC characters will not feature Palutena's Guidance according to Meshima — which falls in line with their previous decisions since DLC characters in Smash 4 like Cloud and Corrin were also left out.

During last week's Nintendo Direct, we got our first teaser of what Joker will look like in Smash Ultimate along with his release window of 'before the end of April' which was vague enough to give fans some hope that we could see the DLC and Spring update in March — since Piranha Plant was given a February launch window yet it launched at the end of January.

Nintendo appears to have elaborated on that a bit more now with a new graphic that shows Joker and the four blank DLC packs stating that the next character is 'approaching' in April. This would seem to keep pace with the developer's goal to have all six fighters out by February 2020.

We'll need to wait closer to his launch to see Joker's play style in action it seems, but you can check out Nintendo's latest information about the DLC in the Tweet below plus you can get caught up on Smash Ultimate's use of Palutena's Guidance in the compilation video after the jump.

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A sixth fate will be joining BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, but which franchise did Arc System Works decide on?

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle released as a crossover title between four different franchises with BlazBlue, Under Night In-Birth, Persona 4 Arena and RWBY. Three of them had games that were originally developed or published by Arc System Works while one was entirely new to fighting games entirely.

At EVO Japan this past weekend, ArcSys announced four new characters will be joining Cross Tag Battle's roster as DLC in the near future including a fighter from a different series all together with Arcana Heart 3's Heart Aino bringing the number of represented series to five.

There was something else at the end of the EVO trailer that you may have missed if you didn't watch the full thing which is the fact that not only did the fate squares expand to five... it split into six. This means that yet another franchise will be joining the ranks of this celebration of anime fighters.

Given that Arcana Heart 3 is another ArcSys published game, the next series we see added will also likely be tied to the company in some capacity which narrows things down a bit though there's still a decent number of choices there.

Obviously, the biggest of the bunch would be the game that started ArcSys' fighting game kick to begin with, Guilty Gear. The series moved to 3D models with Xrd, but their old Accent Core sprites could probably be re-purposed for the new game here.

The developer also worked on a Fist of the North Star fighting game over a decade ago, but it would be fairly weird to see Kenshiro beating on Persona 4's Teddie which still leaves a handful of ArcSys published titles like Skullgirls, Chaos Code, Melty Blood and Kill la Kill.

Sixth fate in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle image #1
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Only seven of Street Fighter 5's 35 characters have special idle animations while crouching

We've had Street Fighter 5 for more than three years now, but never before have we realized that some of the characters have a special extra animation in their design.

It's commonly known that if you leave your fighter in their idle stance for a good three or four seconds they'll enter into their aptly titled idle animation. Some of these, such as Birdie's booger flick, we've even highlighted previously on this site.

As it turns out, seven of the current 35 playable roster members have additional idle animations that activate if you leave them alone while they're crouching.

It was actually HiFight that turned us on to this when he posted footage of Laura performing a somewhat goofy hip shake from her lowered position.

After getting over the surprise that we hadn't caught this in three years worth of playing this game almost daily, we set out to see if such little Easter Eggs were included for everyone. The answer was "no" for the majority, but Necalli, Sagat, Sakura, Cody, Blanka and G all stand as exceptions with Laura.

We nabbed quick clips of all seven of the aforementioned fighters and their idle crouch animations so you can see them here. Nothing too earth-shattering, but a bit of fun nonetheless.

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Why I don't really want to see my wish list characters make it into Street fighter 5 anymore

The Street Fighter 5 community has been thinking quite a bit on which new characters will be coming to their game as DLC here in 2019, and as we've spent a ton of recent time sharing wish lists and contemplating the who and when, I've realized I actually might not want my personal top picks to join the roster anymore.

It's not that I wouldn't be immediately happy to see Gouken, Goutetsu or maybe even E. Honda announced as the next combatant to enter the fray, but the landscape for fighting games has changed in recent years, and it may not be a very opportune time for newcomers as far as SF5 is concerned.

The game is entering into its fourth year now, and while Capcom hasn't said as much, there is certainly a case to be made that Street Fighter 5 is starting to see gray hairs, and that things are beginning to slow down.

Modern timelines tend to see fighting games replaced by sequels more and more rapidly, and four or five years is not an uncommon lifespan. The Capcom Pro Tour kind of secures SF5's center stage time for at least the duration of 2019, but 2020 is by no means guaranteed.

Capcom's movement away from the Season Pass model they've used since day one of SF5 could mean they're going in all new directions and trying to reach all new heights, but it could also (and perhaps more likely) mean that the company is taking their foot off the gas and limiting expectations from what they've traditionally been.

If the next Street Fighter title is en route for 2021 or 2022, development has likely already started. If this is the case, manpower and resources are probably being divided between SF5 and its successor with greater emphasis being devoted to the latter as time rolls forward. So why would all this matter in terms of the DLC characters that are still coming to SF5? To plainly put it, it might just be a little too late in the night to join the party.

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EVO Japan has come and gone and still no Street Fighter 5 announcements, Vesper thinks he might know why

This past weekend saw EVO Japan play out in Fukuoka, Japan, and included plenty of spectacular game play, hype reveals and enticing fighting game entertainment... but still no Street Fighter 5 news.

Vesper Arcade and Mir recap all of the above in their latest video as the community starts getting situated for competitive play in 2019.

The pair discusses some of the highlights of the event, specifically getting into some of the new high level Street Fighter 5 play shown off by the likes of CYG|Fuudo, VP|Momochi and others.

They also address the elephant in the room, namely the continued radio silence from Capcom on the SF5 front. We won't spoil it here, but Vesper actually shares an interesting speculation as to perhaps why Capcom would hold out this long.

Regardless of the reason, the streamer acknowledges that "we're going to be in the red" if Final Round (the first event on the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour) comes and goes without significant reveals for the latest Street Fighter.

This would include multiple characters, new game mechanics or both as far as Vesper and Mir are concerned. Continue on to see the full video and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on the matter once you have.

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Jump Force will be getting 9 DLC characters post-launch — let's speculate on which picks might be likely

Jump Force from Bandai Namco is the latest crossover of the highly popular Shonen Jump magazine, a weekly publication in Japan which features many of the most popular manga series in the world.

In a somewhat curious move, as stated by the developers themselves, this latest game decided to appeal mainly to a western audience both in the visuals of the game and the roster picks, despite all of the franchises present originating, and many of them being the most popular, in Japan.

Of course, the roster isn't entirely comprised of characters that are big in the west — for example, City Hunter's Ryo Saeba and Dai no Daibouken's Dai are likely question marks for many people outside of Japan.

With the game's release, it's gotten attention for some more unfortunate realities, but let's take the time to focus on posivity and some characters that would be cool to see join the game's roster.

It was said before release that we'd be getting 9 DLC characters for the game, which is quite the large number. There are some key characters missing from big series that are already in the game, but on top of that, there are so many Jump properties not currently present in the game, we couldn't even begin to list them all.

There's obviously no way of knowing what'll be coming to Jump Force, but as a gigantic fan of the magazine itself, I figured I'd take a look at which series are currently in the game, what's big outside of Japan, and what's big enough in Japan that they'll want to put it in, regardless of its size elsewhere. With those criteria in mind, here's what I came up with.

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Soul Calibur 6's DLC Pack 3 is now available bringing 67 new costume pieces and 28 musical tracks; Update Version 1.20 now live

Amy is coming to Soul Calibur 6 sometime in the near future as DLC, but fans can now get their hands on new content for the game starting today though it is more on the cosmetics side.

Soul Calibur 6's DLC Pack 3 is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam as the first character creation-themed set of the game's Season Pass priced at $5.99 USD by itself.

The focus of this pack is based around new clothing and accessories for the fighting game's Create a Soul mode and character customization with 67 new items being added that are from Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, completely new to the series or come from other games.

This new DLC is touted as a celebration for the 20th anniversary of Soul Calibur with 28 musical tracks being added to the game from the first Soul Calibur plus the fighter that started it all, Soul Blade.

Update Version 1.20 is also live for Soul Calibur 6 which brings with it some free new creation parts including school uniforms along with a number of adjustments to the game overall — like Libra of Soul having better currency exchange rates.

You can check out the full patch notes on Bandai Namco's official website. We also have a gallery full of the new costumes that can be found in the DLC below plus the pack's full description after the jump.

Soul Calibur 6 DLC Pack 3 image #1 Soul Calibur 6 DLC Pack 3 image #2 Soul Calibur 6 DLC Pack 3 image #3 Soul Calibur 6 DLC Pack 3 image #4 Soul Calibur 6 DLC Pack 3 image #5 Soul Calibur 6 DLC Pack 3 image #6

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Bayonetta might be 'next' for Mortal Kombat 11

Just when we thought we had a pretty good idea of which characters might be en route to Mortal Kombat 11, a whole new potential twist emerges.

Enter Hideki Kamiya, the Director of Bayonetta and Writer/Supervisor behind Bayonetta 2. Kamiya recently took to Twitter for a very short, but very impactful statement concerning the titular character from the aforementioned franchise and Mortal Kombat... you can see where this is going.

Kamiya tweeted early Tuesday morning a simple "Mortal Kombat × Bayonetta," simultaneously piquing fan interest and leaving them to speculate whether this is a sudden announcement, cruel tease or a mere "hey, you know what might be cool?" thinking out loud type of sentiment concerning Mortal Kombat 11.

While Bayo is already a quite popular part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (and Smash 4 before it) roster, the time-bending witch actually fits the bill quite nicely for an MK guest appearance in more ways than one.

First off, she already hails from a mature game that's filled to the brim with plenty of violence and sexuality, so there wouldn't be much in the way of culture shock should she find herself amongst the brutal battles of a Kombat title.

It's also the right time for some good old fashioned cross promotion as Bayonetta 3 is slated to release on the Nintendo Switch (MK11 will also be featured on the console) some time later this year. Check out Kamiya's tweet below and let us know what you think on the matter in the comments.

Bayonetta creator hinting at her inclusion in Mortal Kombat 11? image #1
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Thanks to Upset Dreamer for the tip.

Alex receiving Red Earth crossover Leo costume in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5 is going into its second year of doing free crossover costumes since launching Arcade Edition, but there's still a good number of characters who have yet to receive their time in the spotlight.

Capcom announced today that Alex will be receiving his first crossover costume in Street Fighter 5 in the form of Red Earth's Leo including his signature sword and shield.

This new costume will be available in SF5's Extra Battle mode with missions set to kick off on March 15 when Balrog's Guts Man crossover missions come to an end meaning that players will not be able to use the grappler's lion-headed outfit until April 5.

Leo is one of the main characters of Capcom's fighting game Red Earth, or War-Zard in Japan, where he was a king cursed to have the body of a beast. Red Earth never earned a sequel, but Leo did show up in Capcom Fighting Evolution and had a cameo appearance in Hawkeye's ending in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

To obtain the first Red Earth-themed costume in Street Fighter 5, players must complete four weekly missions in the game's Extra Battle mode to collect pieces costing users 2,500 Fight Money per attempt or at least 10,000 FM to complete.

The publisher released a trailer for Alex's Leo set alongside the announcement, so you can check out the costume in motion in the clip plus in the gallery below.

Alex's Leo costume image #1 Alex's Leo costume image #2 Alex's Leo costume image #3 Alex's Leo costume image #4 Alex's Leo costume image #5 Alex's Leo costume image #6
Click images for larger versions

Click image to view the clip

Jump Force's first DLC characters to launch in May; patch coming soon to fix bugs and add skippable cutscenes

Jump Force came out at the tail end of last week, and while critical reception for the game has been lukewarm at best, the developer and publisher plan to support the crossover title for many months to come.

Nine currently unannounced characters will be joining Jump Force as DLC, and we now know that we should expect to see the first one around May thanks to the latest edition on V-Jump magazine in Japan.

No further details have been released by Bandai Namco about what is coming in the game's Season Pass, but we do know that more avatar customization options will be coming for free at some point in the future.

Bandai Namco's European branch took to Twitter after Jump Force officially launched to announce that an update will be coming to the title in the "coming days" that should rectify or improve a number of some of the technical complaints lobbed at the arena fighter.

Though it doesn't have an official launch date yet, Jump Force's next patch is said to include improvements for load times and the ability to skip the game's questionable cutscenes along with some stability and bug fixes.

The publisher also confirmed that the crossover Shonen Jump fighter will receive more patches in the future. You can take a look at Bandai Namco's official update announcement below.

Jump Force patch incoming image #1
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Source: Ryokutya2089.

Blade Strangers appears to tease new DLC character from 1001 Spikes

Blade Strangers originally released at the end of August 2018, but the title has yet to receive any post-launch support for DLC which may be changing in the near future.

The game's publisher, Nicalis, recently posted a screenshot for Blade Strangers including a character who currently is not on the playable roster likely as a teaser to show that more content is coming to the fighting game.

Aban Hawkins from the game 1001 Spikes — which was also published by Nicalis — can be seen fighting Curly Brace from Cave Story along with the caption "Aban performs a perfectly timed Counter vs Curly in #CrystalCri--wait, what!?! This isn't #CrystalCrisis!"

Crystal Crisis is an upcoming crossover game from Nicalis that appears to take much of its inspiration from Capcom's Puzzle Fighter series of games where Aban was revealed during its initial announcement.

If the 1001 Spikes hero does join the roster of Blade Strangers, he will become the game's 15th character and represent its seventh crossover tie-in with other series including Shovel Knight, Code of Princess, The Binding of Isaac and Cave Story among others.

We quite enjoyed Blade Strangers when it came out last year, so go back and check out our review for the fighting game with simplified controls and loads of style. You can see Nicalis' teaser for Aban below.

Blade Strangers teases 1001 Spikes character image #1 Blade Strangers teases 1001 Spikes character image #2
Click images for larger versions