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Capcom considering doing more with Nintendo Switch? Support could depend on Ultra Street Fighter 2's performance

Capcom will gauge their future support for the Nintendo Switch while watching Ultra Street Fighter 2's performance.

In an interview with Toyokeizai (brought to our attention by Calm Mind on NeoGAF), the company's COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto shed some light on their current approach for Nintendo's latest hardware.

"As for us here at Capcom, we try to offer software that meshes well with each platform, so we're doing basic research at the moment," Tsujimoto said (thanks to MajinTenshinhan's translation). "For Switch in particular, we have Ultra Street Fighter 2 releasing in May, so we'll decide on our approach while watching how it performs."

Whether this means Capcom will cease development for Switch titles if the game doesn't perform up to par, or if strong sales will simply encourage them to produce more games is uncertain right now.

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Street Fighter 4 Champion Edition headed to iOS; Poison, Dudley and Ibuki to join roster

A recent post from Gamespot informs us that Capcom will be releasing a new version of Street Fighter 4 this summer... for iPhone and iPad.

Street Fighter 4: Champion Edition will run on the latest devices, feature updated visuals and see three new fighters join the mobile cast: Dudley, Ibuki and Poison.

At this point we have no screen shots, price tags or even a concrete release date, but we do know that it will support external controllers and gamepads.

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I KO'd my opponent while they were combo-ing me, and damn, was it satisfying

Generally speaking, when your opponent has you trapped in a combo they have the upper hand in fighting games. Most of the time...

In Injustice 2, Scarecrow's character power creates a cloud of fear toxin around him that hurts the opponent over time if they're in close. This stays in effect even if Scarecrow is being hit.

As a scarecrow main, I've found that sometimes my opponents don't realize the character power is active. This leads to some dirty, but ever so satisfying situations.

During one of my ranked matches, I managed to hit Scarecrow's Fear Toxin attack on wake up to push the opponent away and buy time to activate my character power, which I did. The Atrocitus player punished the ending frames of my activation -- which is a smart move -- but didn't realize that the blood tornado would bring me in close and this would happen.

Click image for animated version

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Static Shock almost made it onto the Injustice 2 launch roster, character designer shares concept art

Static Shock, or simply "Static" as he's known now, was close to being a playable character on the Injustice 2 launch roster.

Character designer on Injustice 2, Marco Nelor, recently shared finished concept art for the electrifying fighter over on Instagram. The artist notes that the character's overall look was finished, but he ultimately got cut from the game.

"So sad about this one," he wrote on Instagram. "He was all cleaned up and ready to go, but unfortunately Static didn't make the cut for #injustice2 ... damn. I had him all worked out too. Oh well. Enjoy!"

You can check out Static's concept art below.

Static concept art image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Capcom confirms Balrog's TAP did not receive buffs in upcoming patch, clarifies today's Unity blog

Today's Capcom Unity post regarding the big changes soon coming to Street Fighter 5 was chock full of information, but one section in particular was a bit confusing, and we'd like to clear the air once and for all.

Prefacing a collection of balance change notes is the following phrase: "Speaking of balance changes, we have a few additional updates to share alongside the New CFN." This led many readers to assume the notes for Balrog, R. Mika and Dhalsim were upcoming new changes.

Upon closer inspection, we and many others noticed that notes appeared to describe the current build of Street Fighter 5.

We reached out to Capcom, who responded with further clarification.

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Who is getting top 8 at Combo Breaker? Submit your predictions for a chance to win EventHubs Bragging Rights

First off, congratulations to iib3Rt for predicting an unprecedented six of eight top finishers at Battle Arena Melbourne 9 and earning the title of current EventHubs Bragging Rights champ.

We've got three major events playing out this weekend, but our audience participation competition is going to be limited to Combo Breaker only for the sake of sanity. BornFree and I have made our predictions for all three events, and have a bet going wherein the loser will wear the 'B***h Boy" shirt (yes, we got it at Spencer's Gifts) during our filming at CEO, as seen in the image below:

NFGS Picks image #4

You can get in on the action yourself by voting for your top eight picks at Combo Breaker. Read on for more.

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Street Fighter 5 server maintenance taking place today at 5 p.m. PDT

Just a friendly reminder: Street Fighter 5 will be undergoing server maintenance later today.

From 5 p.m. PDT to 8 p.m. PDT, players will be unable to access the game's online modes. This is only set to run for three hours, a fairly large deviation from the usual eight-hour maintenance periods.

You can check out the tweet from SFV Server below.

SFV Server tweet image #1
Click images for larger versions

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SonicFox shows off a powerful, guaranteed chip damage set up for Poison Ivy in Injustice 2

FOX|SonicFox posted a couple of useful tech videos for Poison Ivy in Injustice 2 over on Twitter recently.

The first one involves locking your opponent down for a guaranteed chip damage set up. Though it's a bit meter heavy -- this set up uses all four bars -- you can shave off roughly 20% of the opponent's health.

If the opponent doesn't have meter, they can't escape this lock down. SonicFox notes that this is also difficult to backdash out of midscreen.

You can check out the set up below.

Click image for animated version

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Tekken World Tour announced, over $200,000 in prize money up for grabs

Bandai Namco, in collaboration with Twitch, has announced a new tournament series entitled the "Tekken World Tour." This circuit will pit Tekken 7 players around the world against each other for a chance to compete in the World Tour finals.

This tournament series will feature both live and online events in which players can earn ranking points. Leaderboards will be maintained for the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific and will be region locked.

The top 5 players from each of the regional leaderboards will qualify for the 16-player World Finals. The 16th competitor spot is reserved for the EVO 2017 Tekken 7 winner, who will automatically qualify.

Bragging rights aren't the only thing on the line with the Tekken World Tour. Players will be competing for over $200,000 in prizes.

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New Vega classic stage, balance change updates, return of the Thailand stage, coming to Street Fighter 5 on May 30th

Capcom's large CFN update for Street Fighter 5 is set to go live on May 30th. Along with the initial balance changes, the improvements to the online infrastructure, and the game's 3rd DLC character, Ed, Capcom will be adding some more treats for players.

For starters, another classic Street Fighter 2 stage is entering the mix. Players will be able to pick up Vega's classic Spain stage complete with the cage in the background.

Now called "Flamenco Tavern," players can acquire this stage for $3.99 / ¥400 / €3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money. Vega players will be able to climb the cage, just like in Street Fighter 2.

Street Fighter 5 Vega stage image #1 Street Fighter 5 Vega stage image #2

Additionally, the classic Thailand stage will become available again with the updated background music for $3.99 / ¥400 / €3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money.

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Ultra Street Fighter 2 review

Capcom's Nintendo Switch title, Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers, will be releasing this Friday. Many have wondered if it will be worth its $40 price tag.

What does USF2 offer compared to its older editions? It actually does come with a few nice additions that can serve as a momentary distraction.

As someone who only started really getting into the advanced stuff of the Street Fighter series since Street Fighter 4, my perspective for this game is a fresh one rather than one driven by nostalgia. It's been over twenty years since I last touched one of the SF2 titles.

I can say that USF2 feels like a mixed bag. There are certainly some enjoyable things about the game, but there are also plenty that bother me as well.

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This Razor's Edge Ibuki mod is great, but the special Strider Hiryu color is awesome

The latest Street Fighter 5 PC mod from Khaledantar sees Ibuki decked out in some slick ninja armor, and is appropriately titled "Razor's Edge."

XusesGB has highlighted this new costume in a collection of HORI|Sako's matches to ensure some stylish Ibuki sequences to go along with her garbs.

Here are a few stills, and as you'll see in the final image, Khaledantar made color 3 a special tribute to Strider Hiryu:

Razor's Edge image #1 Razor's Edge image #2 Razor's Edge image #3 Razor's Edge image #4 Razor's Edge image #5 Razor's Edge image #6
Click images for larger versions

You'll catch footage Razor's Edge Ibuki, along with a link to download information, after the jump.

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Community leaders demonstrate growth during scheduling challenge with CEOtaku and SCR 2017

It used to be that the fighting game community tournament calendar offered one, maybe two blacked out dates a month for players and fans to look forward to, but that's changed drastically over the last few years.

With the boom in growth, more and more tournaments have been popping up, and some of the longer-established events have grown exponentially. On the whole this is surely a net positive for the community, but it does pose some issue with the potential of overlap.

Indeed even this weekend we'll be seeing Combo Breaker (Illinois), Red Bull Kumite (Paris) and the Eleague Finals (Georgia) all vying for the community's attention at roughly the same times. As it turns out, Level Up's SoCal Regionals and Alex Jebailey's anime-centric CEOtaku will also fall on the same weekend this coming September.

While knee-jerk reactions may incline one to think that such an overlap would spark drama or hard feelings between the respective tournament organizers, quite the opposite is happening.

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And the struggle is... waiting for Street Fighter 5's servers; Ernesto Lopez' new video hilariously hits the nail on the head

Ernesto Lopez Jr. continues his fighting game comedy with a video that teeters on the line of almost being too real to actually laugh at.

Street Fighter 5 fans are more than familiar with the struggle that is waiting to find an online match. More than a few times have we heard frustrating stories of players having to wait for five or ten minutes at a time before finally being matched up with an opponent.

While by no means is this always the case, we have to admit there have been times where we've sat for quite a while, watching videos on our phones or even writing EventHubs articles while awaiting a fight.

Ernesto brings his comedic expertise in to say what we've all thought at least a time or two.

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That moment you realize that you're never touching the ground again after getting hit by Balrog's turnaround punch

Ever be in that situation where you are winning against a Balrog with a considerable life lead? Then... you get hit by their fully charged turnaround punch and realize that you've already lost.

A user on Twitter posted a video/animation that sums up the feeling pretty well...

In a match where a Karin player looked like they were about to win over a Balrog player, they got hit by that turnaround punch. It is then represented that Karin essentially falls for what feels like forever.

The attack technically traded, but Balrog got to continue the combo afterwards.

Click image for animated version

Does this moment feel familiar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: MrDustKicka's Twitter.