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Here's the final character select screen for Granblue Fantasy: Versus

Cygames originally dipped their toes into the fighting game community by partnering with CYG|Daigo Umehara to create their own sponsorship team, but the publishers will soon have their own entry in the genre come next year.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus will soon be upon us, and the game's official Twitter account recently gave us our first good look at what the apparently final character select screen will look like containing all 11 members of its launch roster.

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Laura hits the deepest and meatiest standing medium punch behind her opponent I've ever seen in Street Fighter 5

When you've been playing fighting games for a while, eventually you'll run into a player who is incredibly experienced with their favorite character. They'll have such a great understanding of their main that they'll hit you with a set up or combo that you've never seen before.

As someone who fancies himself a lab monster, the kind of plays you see from people who clearly have extensive knowledge of their character are my favorite in fighting games. It's those absolutely filthy ones that almost look like they're bugs or glitches, but are incredibly effective. Here we have one of those types of set ups for Laura in Street Fighter 5.

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Here are the top 10 moves we'd like to see changed in Street Fighter 5's next balance patch

As the community prepares for the end of Street Fighter 5's fourth season we begin looking forward to the potential changes that will be coming with the yearly balance patch we'll likely see in the coming weeks.

Catalyst and I have both independently put together lists of 10 moves we'd like to see changed to discuss on today's recording.

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Tekken 7 is probably showing new content this weekend — What reveals can we expect from the Tekken World Tour Finals, and who's qualified to compete?

This weekend will be the climax of this year's installment of the Tekken World Tour, and the hype is massive leading in to the event.

Not only are we going to see the culmination of some fantastic storylines that have been building throughout this year of competitive Tekken, but everyone's giddy to know when we'll finally get our hands on the much-hyped Leroy Smith who was first shown at EVO 2019 earlier this year. We also know there's more content coming of the game besides him, and odds are good we'll get to see more surprises at these finals. Let's take a closer look at what the event may have in store for us.

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Super Broly is releasing tomorrow for Dragon Ball FighterZ, here's everything you need to know about the exiled Saiyan

Super Broly will be releasing tomorrow on December 5. This legendary Saiyan is the final character that is joining the Season 2 roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Although Broly is technically already in the game, this is a completely different version of Broly. Don't just think this is just a rehash of another character. His moveset is completely different from the non-canonical version of Broly's.

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New character reveal for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate feels highly likely at The Game Awards despite the lack of confirmation

We recently learned that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Jump Force, Dead or Alive 6, Mortal Kombat 11, and Samurai Shodown are nominations for The Game Awards' Fighting Game of the Year. Considering Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's record breaking 15 million sales, many feel that Nintendo will be taking the prize this year.

In addition to the awards, there were a number of reveals that kept fans engaged to the yearly show last time. NetherRealm Studios, for example, opted to hold onto the Mortal Kombat 11 announcement for this specific event.

For Smash fans, the first character of the Fighters Pass was unveiled just before the game was officially launched to the public. It was at the The Game Awards 2018 where we learned about the inclusion of Joker from the Persona series.

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Rumor: New data mined content from the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ patch further supports a Season 3

Dragon Ball Super Broly will be releasing for Dragon Ball FighterZ tomorrow on December 5. The patch for the game has already been released in preparation for Season 2's final character.

Official confirmation of a Season 3 has not yet been unveiled by the developers. Having said that, there appears to be plenty of evidence that supports the existence of a third season.

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Another look at Alex's V-Skill 2 shows us that specials can be chained on hit AND block in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Earlier this week, we got a sneak peek at the new V-Skills for Blanka, Alex, and Kage. The next day, we received a more detailed breakdown for Blanka's V-Skill 2, the Shout of Earth.

Not surprisingly, we now have a better look at yet another V-Skill 2. This time, Alex is "ready" to show off what he can do with his newest trick.

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5 things you need to know before Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition launches

The Street Fighter 5 series is seeing a new jolt of electricity pumped into its body by way of a fresh update coming next year. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is the next installment in Capcom's mainstay fighting game, and with it will come a ton of content for fans to enjoy.

Though the game is set for release on February 14, 2020, some of the additions that are being advertised for Champion Edition will become available later this month. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good time to run through five things you should know before Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition and its content launches.

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Dragon Ball Super Broly touch of death combo discovered in Dragon Ball FighterZ prior to his official release

Dragon Ball FighterZ is seeing the official launch of its next DLC character tomorrow, December 5, but that hasn't stopped people from sharing clips on Twitter showing what Dragon Ball Super Broly is capable of in-game.

Twitter user Lookewarm posted footage of the first touch of death combo — a sequence that sees a character take an opponent's health bar from 100% down to 0% in one go with no breaks — that we've seen for Super Broly.

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SonicFox says no character is unviable in latest Mortal Kombat 11 tier list

One of the most accomplished players in NetherRealm Studios fighting games and Mortal Kombat in particular, FOX|SonicFox, has just released a brand new tier list for Mortal Kombat 11.

This updated chart features the full roster of characters so far, with latest DLC character Sindel included.

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Here are the alternate colors for Dragon Ball Super Broly in Dragon Ball FighterZ

The sixth and final addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ's second season of DLC characters is joining the roster tomorrow, Thursday, December 5, as the community is more than ready to welcome the Dragon Ball Super version of Broly.

We've already seen a bit of footage for Super Broly as Bandai Namco showed him off via live stream recently, and we've nabbed images of all six of the character's costume colors to share with you today.

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Zangief's second V-Skill in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition should be Green Hand... right?

New information on secondary V-Skills for the cast of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is slowly but surely trickling in as we've gotten a few glimpses of new techniques for a few characters already, but we're particularly interested in seeing what Capcom does with the godfather of grappling: Zangief.

While there's a good bit of mystery as to what developers will give the majority of the roster, expectations for Zangief's VS2 are very heavily skewed towards one attack in particular. His Banishing Flat (aka Green Hand) has been conspicuously absent from SF5 since day one, and while the majority of fans are all but certain this the right answer for a second V-Skill, commentator UltraDavid and pro player RB|Snake Eyez aren't so sure.

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Super Broly has long reaching normals, a bunch of command grabs, and incredibly powerful supers in Dragon Ball FighterZ — here's a detailed breakdown

Footage of Dragon Ball Super's Broly in Dragon Ball FighterZ was recently streamed by Bandai Namco. This provided the community with the most in-depth look at Super Broly thus far.

As a result, Rooflemonger has released a video that covers the breakdown. It's quite clear that Super Broly is a very unique fighter with an interesting assortment of tools.

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Third party companies supposedly disconfirmed by leaker Vergeben for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Fighters Pass

It's been about a month since SNK's Terry Bogard became a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Unfortunately, news about the Fighters Pass' elusive fifth fighter has yet to be officially unveiled by Nintendo.

As one might imagine, there have been a number of supposed "leaks" and rumors that have been running rampant in the meantime. One individual in particular — Vergeben — has been disconfirming a number of potential characters lately.

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Lowain character feature trailer released for Granblue Fantasy: Versus

To those of you who haven't been formally introduced to Lowain in Granblue Fantasy: Versus yet, welcome to one of the most intriguing and peculiar fighting game character concepts we've seen in a while.

Lowain is, first and foremost, a bro. He's all about living that playboy lifestyle with his two literal bros, Tomoi and Elsam, and daydreaming about the woman he was looking at when Cupid's arrow pierced his heart: Katalina. Somehow developers incorporated all of this into his actual fighting style.

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New footage of Blanka's second V-Skill gives us a better understanding of how the move functions in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Yesterday, we got a quick glimpse at Alex, Kage, and Blanka's second V-Skills during the latest trailer. However, this was fitting in three different V-Skills in a 28 second period of time.

Capcom has now provided a more detailed breakdown of Blanka's second V-Skill, also known as the "Shout of Earth." There's more to this ability than what we previously saw.

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