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The idea of Jigglypuff being a top tier character in Super Smash Bros. Melee was once joked about for an April Fool's joke

In today's meta for Melee, Jigglypuff is an important character to consider as a result of her dominating tournament performance. This puts Jigglypuff at rank #5 out of 26 characters for the current Smashboards tier list, just under Fox, Falco, Marth, and Sheik.

Jigglypuff wasn't always seen as such a strong character in Melee though. When the game was first released, Jigglypuff was ranked at #17. It didn't take long for Jigglypuff to get bumped up to the top 10 area though.

On March 31, 2004, a special kind of tier list was released by Smashboards.

April Fools Melee Tier List image #1
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Advertisements for Red Bull Battlegrounds tournament spotted on Street Fighter 5's Ring of Destiny stage

It seems that in addition to the Red Bull costumes that Capcom are releasing, they are also advertising the Red Bull Battlegrounds tournament on the DLC stage, the Ring of Destiny.

This seems like a smart way of advertising for and generating hype for upcoming tournaments. Could we see this happen for future tournaments as well?

In the background of the stage, you can see the Red Bull Battlegrounds logo and text being rotated out on the electronic marquee sign.

Red Bull Battlegrounds Advertisement image #1 Red Bull Battlegrounds Advertisement image #2 Red Bull Battlegrounds Advertisement image #3 Red Bull Battlegrounds Advertisement image #4
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Source: Stephon Lyon's Twitter

Daigo's worst match up is against Balrog, but he almost never loses to Ryu; check out The Beast's Ranked Street Fighter 5 stats here

We've all been watching BST|Daigo at just about every tournament appearance and every weekly stream on DaigotheBeasTV, but today we're taking a closer look at The Beast's online records in Street Fighter 5.

Thanks to V-League, we've been able to get the statistics from Daigo's online play, and can see with even more detail how he fares against each and every character he plays in Ranked matches.

Daigo has won 2,860 of his last 3,488 games, giving him an overall win percentage of 82%. You can compare this percentage to the individual character percentages below to see who his best and worst match ups are against.

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Mike Ross discusses potential of returning to competition, Gootecks recalls horrifying run in with stalker; check out this Excellent Q&A session

Gootecks and Mike Ross took some time during their recent stay in Singapore to answer a handful of fan-submitted questions, one of which asked Mike whether or not he feels he'll ever return to playing fighting games competitively.

Ross doesn't go as far as to say it's out of the question, but has hesitations on ever going that route again. The duo also recounts some of their most unsettling interactions with fans, as well as discuss their fighting game career origins.

There's plenty more the Excellent Adventures stars cover, most all of which you wont' want to miss. You'll see their full session after the jump below.

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King of Fighters '94 releasing on PS4 in Japan on October 27th, more classic SNK titles coming up as well

SNK are launching a series of downloadable titles called "Arcade Archives" for download on PlayStation 4, starting with the incredibly classic King of Fighters '94 today, October 27th.

While there's beeen no word as of yet if the games are going to be released in regions outside of Japan, it seems likely since The Last Blade 2, which SNK put up for download, was released internationally.

You can see the full list of titles coming up for the rest of 2016 below.

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We think Capcom may add two more characters to Street Fighter 5 before season 2; here's who we feel might make the cut

Capcom originally stated that this season of Street Fighter 5 will see six DLC characters added post-launch. As of late September, all six officially joined the roster.

But we've seen a couple of things this week that make us believe that there's more to come in 2016.

The most interesting is the two extra character slots found in files of Street Fighter 5's ver. 1.10 patch. While some might think this is simply Capcom preparing for season 2, we think it's just a little too peculiar for that to be happening this early, especially when we know we'll be seeing a patch at the end of the year.

Editor's note: This article is merely speculation based on recent events, so please do not take this as confirmation.

With that having been said, if Capcom does actually surprise fans with two more DLC characters this year, here's who we think have the best chances of being added.

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Urien nets 42 hits in the latest Max Hit Combo exhibition, but he still manages to get outdone in the end...

A new Max Hit Combo video for Street Fighter 5 was just released by izumojinX.

In this video series, the goal is to get out the maximum amount of hits in one combo for each character, basically showcasing their potential combo length, even if they generally aren't particularly practical.

Here, you can see what they managed to accomplish with Urien.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump for the full video.

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Surprisingly, Baraka didn't make the top 10: Here are the klassic kombatants our readers want to see return in a potential MKXL Kombat Pack 3

Updated: And the results are in! You can see how EventHubs' readers voted after the jump.

Earlier: Mortal Kombat X recently received some big balance changes, which has reinvigorated the game a bit (though it's been healthy enough to not need refreshment), and there's been a lot of talking back and forth about a potential Kombat Pack 3 DLC set for the game.

While there's been no official confirmation if a new Kombat Pack is coming or not, an inquiry as to who you'd like to see return from the series' wealthy roster can't hurt.

You can cast your votes below.

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'I think that after some adjustment, Third Strike Urien players will feel pretty at home with SF5 Urien' - Gootecks on how the character has changed

Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez is known by most for being a pivotal part and co-creator of The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross. But those who know the FGC pre-Street Fighter 4 remember him for being an avid Street Fighter 3 Third Strike competitor, advocate, and veteran Urien player.

Now that he's had quite some time to better familiarize himself with Street Fighter 5's newest DLC fighter, and considering his extensive knowledge of the character back in Third Strike, we wanted to pick his brain and find out what he thinks about 2016's Vice President of Illuminati.

Today we have part 1 of our interview with Ryan in which he explains to us the major differences between Urien's Third Strike design and his Street Fighter 5 counterpart.

From unblockables to a heavy focus on medium punch pressure, you can check out what Gootecks had to say on the matter after the jump.

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Momochi shows Jyobin real DPs, ImStillDaDaddy teabags to victory, and a filthy Mika set up gets the win: Unbelievable Street Fighter 5 comebacks

Sometimes realizing that you have little to no health left in a match causes you to fight your hardest. Every hit you land on your opponent from that point on further demoralizes them, allowing you to build momentum and secure a highlight reel-worthy comeback.

Such is the story for each of the players featured in today's Street Fighter 5 comeback compilation from XusesGB.

Today, we have some amazing rounds played by competitors such as EG|Momochi, ImStillDaDaddy, fLoE, and several others. To get you started, check out this awesome play from Meoooww9's R. Mika.

Click image for animated version

For the full video, be sure to hit the jump.

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Chun-Li and Ryu remove their stylish jackets: Here are the 'Easter egg' variations for Street Fighter 5's upcoming Red Bull costumes

Yesterday, we learned that Street Fighter 5's next set of costumes will be Red Bull-themed. Thanks to X-Kira once again, we now see what the outfits' "Easter egg" variations look like.

To access these alternate looks, you'll have to hold down all three punches, light kick, and up simultaneously when the game is transitioning between the character select screen and the match.

We see that for this set of costumes, both characters remove their jackets when the variation is activated. You can check out screenshots of these in-game below.

'Easter egg' variations for Street Fighter 5's new Red Bull costumes image #1 'Easter egg' variations for Street Fighter 5's new Red Bull costumes image #2
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Source: X-Kira.

Grumpycat returns to shows us Pikmin, Mario, Luigi, GameCube, and more fitting recolors of the Nintendo Switch console

Previously, Grumpycat gave us a some fan examples of the recolors for the newly announced Nintendo Switch console. It seems Grumpycat has been busy and has created another set of awesome recolors.

This time rather than just focusing on recolors of the Nintendo Switch console, Grumpycat seems to have focused on themes. These themes range from GameCube colors, Legend of Zelda colors, Mario Colors, Pikmin colors, Kirby colors, and a lot more.

If Nintendo were to go this route, it would provide customers with an opportunity to get a console that suits their own personalized tastes.

Nintendo Switch Recolors (again) image #14 Nintendo Switch Recolors (again) image #15 Nintendo Switch Recolors (again) image #16 Nintendo Switch Recolors (again) image #17 Nintendo Switch Recolors (again) image #18

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Is Street Fighter failing to appeal to younger audiences? Alex Valle urges community to reach out before it's too late

Record breaking EVO attendance year after year is evidence that the fighting game scene has seen growth like never before, but a recent string of tweets from LU|Alex Valle warns us that with the direction we're headed, we may be missing a crucial audience.

Valle has seen it all when it comes to the FGC, and the veteran player feels it may be time to take initiative to reach more players and expand our scene.

More specifically, Mr. Street Fighter thinks we should be aiming to get college and even high school-aged players to join the competitive scene.

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New 'Dan's Dojo' mini game, new stage and more on the way to Street Fighter 5? Data mining from X-Kira reveals tons of potential new content

I have to start this off by clearly stating that none of this is official or from Capcom. Brazilian data miner X-Kira has been perusing the files from the latest Street Fighter 5 patch, and he's come across some incredibly enticing tidbits.

The first of these appears to be a new mini-game mode featuring Dan Hibiki. X-Kira has found files for a Dojo stage with Dan as a background character:

Dan's Dojo image #1
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This is only the surface though.

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Red Bull Proving Grounds Grand Finals was one of UltraDavid's favorite Street Fighter 5 sets thus far; see why with our tournament highlights

From production to competition, Red Bull put on an exceptional show with their latest Proving Grounds event, as well-known fighting game players clashed with talent brand new to the limelight.

Players like TheCoolKid93 and Nightmare2045 got to prove their impressive runs at locals and in online tournaments are not all the only feats they're capable of. Their taking on the big dogs like ChrisG, Dieminion and TS|Sabin made for some awesome and exciting matches.

Check out CoolKid's rampage against ChrisG, as his Alex lands blow after crushing blow for a near perfect round:

Click image for animated sequence

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