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Just how difficult is the 'Perfect Sonic Boom' in Street Fighter 6? Maybe not as hard as you'd think...

Some time ago, it was revealed that Guile will be able to enhance the properties of his Sonic Boom projectile when used with "perfect timing" in Street Fighter 6. Some within the FGC might refer to this as a Just Frame Sonic Boom, implying that this version of the projectile requires execution of certain inputs within one-sixtieth of a second.

Needless to say, it's suspected that this so-called Perfect Sonic Boom will be quite difficult to perform consistently without a solid year or more of practice. During a Capcom showcase video that was uploaded back in the middle of June, Capcom developers were able to demonstrate a consistent usage of the Perfect Sonic Boom during the Street Fighter 6 segment. Just how difficult will it be to perform a Perfect Sonic Boom?

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Fan purchased over $40,000 in Nintendo stock to ask about the future of the F-Zero series

When counting unlockable characters, Captain Falcon is among just 12 characters that have had a "perfect attendance" in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Plenty of Captain Falcon fans might even go so far as to say that Captain Falcon is more of a mascot in the Super Smash Bros. series rather than a representative of the F-Zero series at this point. This is due to the fact that F-Zero hasn't had a new game since 2004 (F-Zero Climax), and that was a Japanese exclusive for the Game Boy Advance.

Needless to say, fans can only hold on to hope that there will someday be another entry in the F-Zero franchise. However, one fan recently decided to take matters into his own hands for the purpose of determining F-Zero's future. To do this, he first needed to buy about ¥5.6 million (about $43,212) in Nintendo stock.

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Here are 5 characters that were absurdly strong in past Mortal Kombat games that most players probably don't know about

It feels like the Mortal Kombat franchise was only taken seriously as a competitive fighting game series beginning with Mortal Kombat 9, the first game developed after Midway became NetherRealm Studios. Still, a lot of the older Mortal Kombat titles did have their own metagames and tier lists.

As such, most players that follow the competitive scenes for Mortal Kombat 9, Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11 probably aren't too familiar with which characters were absurdly strong in older Midway Mortal Kombat titles. In a recent video upload on PNDK&M's YouTube channel, PND|Ketchup highlighted five characters that were absurdly strong in Mortal Kombat that most players probably don't know about.

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Fighting game references we've spotted in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

After initially being announced back in 2019, then being delayed all the way to 2022, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is finally here. Cuphead, Mugman, and new character Ms. Chalice take on a gang of new enemies in a far away land to try and gather ingredients for a very special recipe.

Not only is Cuphead a fantastic game, but the developers are big time fighting game fans and littered some boss fights in the original game with clear references to Street Fighter and other classic titles. It seems like the Moldenhauer brothers may have added some more fighting game references into the new expansion, and now that we've got some time in with the latest DLC here are some of the potential ones we've spotted so far. Spoilers ahead.

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Get On My Level 2022 live stream ft. Zain, Riddles, iBDW, Sonix, Hungrybox, aMSa, Kola, Jmook, n0ne, Mango, Cosmos, Larry Lurr, Moky, Ginger and more

This weekend will be seeing the return of Get On My Level for 2022 and as usual it's taking place in Canada, more specifically Toronto, Ontario.

Players set to compete include GG|Zain, Liquid|Riddles, PG|iBDW, BAN|Sonix, Liquid|Hungrybox, VGBC|aMSa, Moist|Kola, Jmook, GG|n0ne, C9|Mango, BC|Cosmos, Larry Lurr, Moky, LG|Ginger, WaDi, NPT|Tilde, 20GX|Wizzrobe, S2J, Soonsay, Ouch!?, Moist|Aaron, PAR|Scend, DA|Sinji and more.

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Yukako Yamagishi, Jotaro Kujo, and F.F. announced for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R

Bandai Namco and PlayStation have released a new trailer for the upcoming remaster, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R. In it, chapters 4, 6, and 8 are showcased, and three new characters are introduced to the playable roster.

Yukako Yamagishi, Jotaro Kujo (from part 4), and F.F. are joining the fight here in All-Star Battle R, and this new gameplay exhibition gives us a glimpse at what all they'll be able to do come September.

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This awesome fan art gives Darkstalkers characters beards in honor of Street Fighter 6's 'hot' trend

Capcom found a way to give iconic Street Fighter characters a sexy makeover with one very simple maneuver... throw a beard on 'em. What once was just your boring, unsexy Ryu became "Hot Ryu" in Street Fighter 5 with just the addition of some facial hair!

The "Hot" trend continues in Street Fighter 6 as not only Ryu has a beard this time, but Guile too. But what if we could make some of the Darkstalkers character hot too?... Artist Quasimodox had this same thought and produced some epic fan art showing what that might look like.

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5 ways Street Fighter 6 is perfect for noobs

Street Fighter 6 is captivating fans all over as many gamers of all shapes and sizes have turned an ear and an eye in the direction of the franchise's upcoming 2023 entry, but many are surely wondering if the old "fighting games are too hard for newcomers" issue will yet again rear its ugly head.

We only know a limited amount about SF6, but a PlayStation Access rep named Rob, who admits he's an absolute noob at fighting games, recently got some exclusive time with the game. One of Rob's key takeaways: this game is actually quite friendly to newcomers. He details five ways it does so.

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DNF Duel creators gave Desk special access to find the game's coolest combos... here are the results

There's one name in the fighting game community that stands above all others when it comes to creative combo creation: Desk. The talented content creator has been rolling out incredibly impressive videos for years, and this caught the attention of DNF Duel Developers.

Desk was able to work with said developers to come up with a combo showcase video unlike anything else you'll see on the internet right now. Continue on to see just how crazy things can get in the brand new DNF Duel.

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This Maximilian mod for DNF Duel is so on point that Max is offering to record vocals for it

DNF Duel came out just two days ago but already an incredibly talented fan by the name of Excalibur_fyda has already created a mod that introduces prominent fighting game streamer Maximilian into the action.

Max's long blonde locks, glasses, and facial hair are mapped perfectly over the face of Trouble Shooter, making for a character who looks like he was designed from the start by developers to be in the game.

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Liyart's ladies of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are gorgeous, but wait till you see their Chun-Li artwork

Today we're featuring some compelling fighting game artwork from Odyssey Interactive's Liyart, who has drawn some gorgeous characters from across four different titles.

The bulk of the subjects can be found on the expansive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as Byleth, Paletuna, Zero Suit Samus, and Pyra all look top tier, but Liyart's two takes on Street Fighters' Chun-Li have us stunned.

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Someone has made characters from MultiVersus into Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece

Fans seem to have taken quite the liking to MultiVersus, Warner Bros. and Player First Games' upcoming platform fighter, and are currently awaiting the launch of the open beta test next month. After a handful of online play tests, the public has been left wanting more.

This desire has manifested in a number of ways, from fan art to highlights and discussion of gameplay clips. Even more interestingly, though, are the mods and actual creations that people have made using in-game assets, and one savvy fan has actually taken some of the character models and dressed them up as Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece.

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Capcom aims to reimagine Street Fighter 2 for the modern day with Street Fighter 6, says the game's director

Street Fighter 6's development is well underway, and earlier this month Capcom popped the lid, let the cat out of the bag, and showed fans what the next generation of fighting streets is all about. Since the big info drop, the team behind the project has been sharing more details via social media, as well as in interviews with numerous publications.

Game Informer managed to sit down with the game's director and producer, Takayuki Nakayama and Shuhei Matsumoto, respectively, to discuss Street Fighter 6 and what it's pulling from the past to ensure a bright future.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ latest balance patch now lets Adult Gohan land 9 uppercuts in one combo with no assists during Level 1

The latest Dragon Ball FighterZ balance update dropped this week and one of its major focuses was to nerf the overly powerful Lab Coat 21 — which it did. Also included in the patch, however, were changes for everyone else on the playable roster, and the community is diving head first into figuring out what each fighter is now capable of and how strong (or weak) they might be now.

Scarlet_Photon on Twitter, an Adult Gohan player since day one (according to their bio), has been actively releasing new clips on Twitter that aim to push the limits of what this character can do here in version 1.31. Among his new capabilities, apparently Adult Gohan is now capable of landing nine whole Dragon Punches in a single combo without using any assists, and it's swaggy as hell.

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Fans are attempting to remake one of the most broken fighting games of all time, Sailor Moon S

Just about the worst thing a fighting game can do is be painfully average because the more broken and jank a title ends up being, the more likely it is to find a dedicated niche audience that will push things to the absolute limit.

There's probably no better example of that than the infamous Sailor Moon S for the Super Nintendo, and the fan group TsukinoAi+ recently released the first teaser for their unofficial remake of the game.

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The 5 worst Street Fighter games

Not all Street Fighters are created (or DLC developed) equal, and we're using some of our 20/20 hindsight vision to go back and point the finger at the versions of Street Fighter games that missed the mark by the widest margins.

We've come up with the five worst versions of Street Fighter from over the last 35 years, and talk about why these ultimately gave audiences more pain than pleasure in our latest Talk and Block discussion.

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Is it worth the money? — DNF Duel

Update: Our DNF Duel review has been updated with a new section regarding the online modes of the game, which you can find below.

After only a year and a half since it was initially teased, DNF Duel is now officially available for fighting game fans to dive into something new.

Now that we've spent a decent amount of hours with the Arc System Works and Eighting co-developed fighter for this review, we're here to let you know whether DNF Duel is worth spending your money on or not at launch.

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