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The fireball moves forward, but still hits the opponent from behind Ed somehow... This corner set up for SF5's latest character is really tricky

Players continue to discover tech for Street Fighter 5 Season 2's latest character, Ed. HiFight recently spotted a very tricky set up during a Japanese tournament over on Kagecchi's Twitch that uses Ed's Psycho Spark projectile.

After using a fully charged upward V-Skill in the corner, Ed can reset the opponent out of the air by hitting crouching heavy punch. Upon doing so, he can cancel into the fireball and pass under the opponent, leading to a scary situation for his foe.

If done correctly, the follow up (the actual fireball part of the move) will launch forward, but will somehow hit behind Ed and tag the opponent as they hit the ground. This is likely another instance of peculiar hitbox behavior, but one that can be used to any Ed player's advantage.

You can check out the set up in the GIF below.

Click image for animated version

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A closer look at NPC Necro, Temple Hideout courtyard, the Flamenco Tavern dancers, and more: X-Kira delves deeper into SF5's latest stages

X-Kira is back with more excellent Street Fighter 5 content.

This time, we get an "editor room" look at some of the game's most recently added stages. Essentially, X-Kira takes a free moving camera and moves around the entire stage to show what lies in wait for those willing to watch.

In today's batch we have the Temple Hideout, Spooky Arena, Flamenco Tavern, and the Temple of Ascension. These videos give us a closer look at the NPC Necro and Effie, shows us the Temple Hideout courtyard, walks up the stairs at the Flamenco Tavern, and much more.

Below are some screenshots to get you started. Be sure to hit the jump to view the full videos.

You can find even more of these videos over on X-Kira's YouTube channel.

X-Kira's Editor Room Street Fighter 5 stages image #1 X-Kira's Editor Room Street Fighter 5 stages image #2 X-Kira's Editor Room Street Fighter 5 stages image #3 X-Kira's Editor Room Street Fighter 5 stages image #4 X-Kira's Editor Room Street Fighter 5 stages image #5 X-Kira's Editor Room Street Fighter 5 stages image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Dragon Ball FighterZ perfectly depicts Vegeta's stance and overconfident nature from the anime and manga

IKevinX has already brought us impressive videos showcasing the anime and manga references found in Dragon Ball FighterZ. So far, references for Gohan, Goku, and Frieza have been shown to us.

This time, we're getting a peek at the references spotted for Vegeta. It definitely feels like ArcSys has accurated captured Vegeta's personality.

It's worth noting that this particular character tends to favor knee attacks, elbow smashes, and kicking in the anime and manga. We definitely see this occur a lot in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Perhaps the most recognizable things about the prince is his Saiyan nature. This makes him cocky and very prideful.

Vegeta fans will likely be very pleased with how the character is turning out so far. More and more we're seeing that ArcSys is on top of the referencing the right things for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Hit the jump below to check out the video.

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Fantastic Four characters being removed from popular Marvel Comics MMO, developer says they no longer have the rights to sell them

Fantastic Four characters will no longer be sold for Marvel Heroes soon. According to the developers of the game, they no longer have the rights.

Gazillion, the company behind the popular Marvel Comics action RPG / MMO, stated in their latest blog post that come July 1st, 2017, players will no longer be able to purchase Fantastic Four characters. This includes Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Silver Surfer.

"Under Gazillion’s renewed licensing agreement we do not have the rights to continue selling these characters moving forward," the blog notes. "However, players who have already purchased or unlocked any of these affected characters and costumes before July 1 will be able to continue playing them as usual."

Several character costumes will also be affected once the aforementioned date rolls around. Gazillion notes that they will continue to support these heroes with the same tuning, bug fixing, and attention they give to the others on the roster.

So, why are we talking about this on a fighting game news site? Obviously, this raises the already strong concern for potential X-Men and Fantastic Four characters in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

At this time, characters from either franchise have not been revealed as playable in the upcoming crossover fighter. Many of the characters from these IPs are not only fan-favorites, but are staples of the versus series that stem all the way back to its roots.

Long-time fans of Marvel vs. Capcom and the community as a whole has been clamoring about the possible omission since the game's initial reveal back in December 2016, and as it stands right now, things aren't looking too good. With a game like Marvel Heroes losing the rights to use Fantastic Four characters, could we be seeing Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite suffer the same fate?

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Character modeler for Disney's Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph and Big Hero 6 draws Chun-Li in true Disney fashion

Dylan Ekren is the character modeler for Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph, and the character modeling lead for Big Hero 6. He also happens to be a pretty big fan of Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

While we do see some pretty talented artists here in the fighting game community, we're especially excited to introduce you to the FGC art of someone who has also done work with Disney.

(Please come back and finish reading this after you hit the comments to make a clever joke about Chun's face in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.)

Ekren has more than a few Chun creations in his portfolio, and we've collected a handful of them to share with you today.

Some of these are of a more straightforward Chun-Li, while others see the Strongest Woman in the World in some pretty fantastic imaginings.

Check out this Disney-style gallery of one of video games' most recognizable characters, and let us know what you think of Ekren's incredible work.

Disney Chun image #1 Disney Chun image #2 Disney Chun image #3 Disney Chun image #4 Disney Chun image #5 Disney Chun image #6

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Is it time for Super Street Fighter 5? Here's what a relaunch would need to reinvigorate interest

So we've had Street Fighter 5 for over a year now. There have been a lot of differing opinions on the game's overall status.

To a lot of fans, Street Fighter 5 could be considered a step down from Ultra Street Fighter 4. But is that really a fair comparison?

Many people compare SF5 to USF4, perhaps not remembering that they're comparing a new game's launch to a game that had 5 different editions made to get to the point that they did.

It might be better to compare the latest entry to the series to (vanilla) Street Fighter 4. Perhaps given the same amount of time, Capcom could bring us the quality product we've come to expect.

Now given, Capcom in the past has promised that they are committed to the idea of users only ever having to own one Street Fighter 5 disc throughout the game's lifespan. They would instead continue to update the game as time went on.

But... do fans want Capcom to keep this promise? rumors have already been circulating regarding a free download that upgrades this edition to a Super version.

Let's consider what a re-release would have to bring to the table in order to be relevant.

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Does the Marvel community actually believe players are shilling for Capcom, or does it go deeper than that? NFGS dissects Marvel Infinite backlash

With the playable demo of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite at E3, a handful of players were able to experience the Versus gameplay before the rest of the community.

Needless to say, social media feeds exploded with impressions, findings and all around hype as pros like SPY|Filipino Champ and FOX|Justin Wong reacted widely with excited praise for the upcoming title.

While a portion of the community became further excited at these reactions, much of this praise for MvCI was actually met with a sense of hostility.

Fans began accusing top players as being paid off by Capcom to say kind things about the unreleased title, and the term "shill" became the word of the week in the fighting game community.

BornFree and I aren't all that convinced that the Marvel community actually believes the players have sold out, and that the real reason for the backlash may run deeper.

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High resolution images of all new school colors and Easter Egg alterations for Nash, Ibuki and R. Mika in Street Fighter 5

Street Fighter 5's servers are online once again, and have come back with the brand new school costumes for Nash, Ibuki and R. Mika.

We nabbed all three, and have a gallery to share all ten colors and Easter Egg alterations for each character's fancy new threads.

Holding all three punches, light kick and up as the game loads will cause each of these characters to shed a specific article of their costumes.

Nash unbuttons his coat to reveal some interesting, glowing marks on his chest, Mika gets rid of the ribbons in her hair and then Ibuki sheds loses her shawl.

We also have some footage of Ibuki and Nash in action thanks to X-Kira.

Here are the first two colors for each, with color one showing the Easter Egg version of the costume:

New School Costumes and Colors image #1 New School Costumes and Colors image #7 New School Costumes and Colors image #11

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War of the Gods Injustice 2 week 3 top 8 stream feat. SonicFox, THEO, Semiij, Rewind, Perfect Legend, and more

War of the Gods week 3 will be finishing off their top 8 tonight. This is an online Injustice 2 tournament consisting of some of the best players of the series.

Players in attendance are cR|THEO, HARA|Rewind, FOX|SonicFox, Noble Semiij, PerfectLegend, Method|SylverRye, Lord Pnut, and Buffalo.

The tournament stream will start at 5:00 P.M. CST/8:00 P.M. EST. You can find the live stream below.

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Maximilian and friends take on Ultra Street Fighter 2's Dramatic Battle mode on the hardest difficulty

Maximilian Dood is known for playing the single player modes of fighting games at the hardest difficulty. He typically does this for the entertainment of others.

This time, he released a video of him and friends tackling Ultra Street Fighter 2's Dramatic Battle mode on the hardest difficulty. This is the mode that pits two players against a single AI controlled opponent.

The stage is always M. Bison's stage and you fight against Violent Ken, Evil Ryu, M. Bison, and Akuma always in that order. The mode can feel a little limited but it is fun nonetheless.

Despite the fact that they are playing on the hardest difficulty, since it is a 2v1 fight, there have definitely been harder challenges in fighting games than this. It is clear that this mode is just meant to be fun.

This video certainly brings its share of amusing moments. The final fight against Akuma, is actually Shin Akuma meaning he is strong than the playable version of Akuma.

In many instances, we see that the AI can, understandably, have a difficult time dealing with two opponents at once. Other times, the AI ended up giving Max and his friends quite a bit of trouble despite the favorable handicap.

There's quite a bit of language NSFW used here, so be careful watching without headphones.

Click images for animated versions

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Love Street Fighter 4, but not as interested in playing Street Fighter 5? Hamad explains why Guilty Gear very well may be the game for you

No matter how iconic, it happens every time a franchise releases a new title in a series... some players just don't like the transition to the new game.

The move from Street Fighter 4 to Street Fighter 5 is no exception as there are plenty of players out there, like Hamad Akbar, who just don't have the same amount of fun playing the newest iteration in the franchise.

Hamad's rise in notoriety came after winning Kumite In Tennessee back in early 2015, but we've seen little from the Texas player since the release of Street Fighter 5. That's because he's made the transition to full time Guilty Gear player, and is absolutely loving it.

We recently caught up with Hamad to discuss his transition from Street Fighter to Guilty Gear, and specifically talk about why he made that transition, and why he feels others may want to do the same.

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Raph04's realistic depictions of Dragon Ball Z characters are stunning, so is his Steampunk Rocket Raccoon

The Dragon Ball series now has a traditional fighting game on the way, so we thought it would be fun to share some amazing fan art featuring characters from the franchise.

Raph04art is an artist from the Philippines who puts together detailed pieces depicting giant creatures, lush scenery, and characters from pop culture. Today, we have some realistic version of fighters from Dragon Ball Z.

Included here are characters such as Cell, Broly, Trunks, and Vegeta, the latter of which happen to be playable characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ. As a small added bonus, we also get to see the artist's rendition of a Steampunk Rocket Raccoon of Marvel Comics fame.

You can check out the art pieces below, but be sure to visit Raph04's Deviantart page for much more amazing work.

Raph04's Dragon Ball art image #1 Raph04's Dragon Ball art image #2 Raph04's Dragon Ball art image #3 Raph04's Dragon Ball art image #4 Raph04's Dragon Ball art image #5 Raph04's Dragon Ball art image #6 Raph04's Dragon Ball art image #7
Click images for larger versions

Daigo takes Ryu against StormKubo's killer Alex in this awesome Street Fighter 5 Season 2.5 set

YogaFlame24 brings us a short, but very sweet Street Fighter 5 Season 2.5 match up today. This time, we get to see CYG|Daigo take on StormKubo in a 2/3 bout.

Known for playing grapplers in the past, Kubo runs with Alex in this set. Daigo, on the other hand, deviates from his current main (Guile) and uses his old world warrior Ryu to take on the brawler.

There are some exciting moments to behold here, including a number of devastating confirms from both side. For example, you'll see Kubo land Alex's forward + heavy punch from neutral and score some excellent whiff punishes quite a few times in the set.

Below is a quick GIF to get you started. Be sure to hit the jump for the full video.

Click image for animated version

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Gohan's level 5 super is his final Kamehameha wave against Cell - more Dragon Ball FighterZ anime and manga references

IKevinX is back with another video spotting the Dragon Ball series manga and anime references in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Last time, we took a look at the parallels for Goku and Frieza. This time, however, we have a video showing all of the similarities for Gohan.

It seems that most of the references for Gohan are pulled from his fight with Cell and Cell Jr. There are a few attacks he used against Frieza, but most are against Cell since that was pretty much the most memorable moment for Gohan.

Keep in mind that these references are only targeting kid Gohan from the anime and manga. We don't yet know if there will be a separate character dedicated to the adult version of Gohan, but it wouldn't really make sense to have Gohan behaving in such a way that one might expect from his older self.

So far, it really does look like Arc System Works went out of their way to include the most detailed of references, incorporating things such as a character's stance and fighting style. It'll be interesting to see what other ties to the anime and manga we'll see for the other characters.

Hit the jump below to check out the video.

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FGC throwback: Xian's Gen was one of the most entertaining characters in all of Street Fighter 4, relive the hype with this nostalgic highlight reel

With a lengthy list of major accomplishments crowned with the EVO 2013 gold, RZR|Xian will already go down in history as one of the world's Street Fighter greats.

His trek through Street Fighter 5 has seen him try to make one of the game's weakest characters (F.A.N.G) work, with whom he's had more success than anyone else thus far.

A 2017 switch to Ibuki saw the Singaporean player skyrocket back to the top of the leaderboards, as he took down CPT Premier event Final Round 20 along with a hefty handful of Pro Tour points.

While we excitedly watch and see Xian's SF5 journey unfold, we also couldn't pass up the chance to take a look back at some of his most hype moments from his Street Fighter 4 days.

The BEAST has compiled a video of highlights from Xian's Gen in SF4. In it, we see Xian take on and defeat some of the strongest talent on the planet, including CYG|Daigo, FOX|Momochi, CYG|PR Balrog, Qanba|Xiao Hai and FOX|Tokido just to name a few.

Here's a clip of Xian absolutely melting Xiao Hai's Evil Ryu at Canada Cup Master Series:

Click images for animated versions

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Our readers submitted over 9,000 votes in the DBFZ character poll; Krillin, surprisingly, made top 5 on the list

Update: It's an overused meme, but yes I had to make a reference to it one more time. Over 9,000 votes were submitted for this Dragon Ball FighterZ poll.

Hit the jump to check out the results.

Earlier: The roster of characters tends to be a very important subject for fighting games. Dragon Ball FighterZ is likely no exception as fans will be clamoring for their favorites to be included.

Recently we had an article detailing each of our top five characters that we'd want to see for Dragon Ball FighterZ. This time, it's your turn.

We've created a (massive) poll containing many of the characters that have appeared over the years. Here you'll be able to vote for the characters you'd most want to see for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

As of right now, the announced characters are Goku, kid Gohan, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, fat Majin Buu, and the recently announced Future Trunks. These characters are not included in the poll

In this poll, you'll be able to vote up to ten times. There are a whopping number of options to choose from.

We'll see in the end which characters were the most popular. Hit the jump below to check out the poll.

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Theo signs on with Echo Fox

It has been announced that Theo will be joining the ranks of Team Echo Fox. He is joining fellow Injustice 2 players, SonicFox and Scar.

Team Echo Fox is looking increasingly strong in many of today's fighting games. It's not just their Injustice 2 roster that has such noteworthy presence.

Their Capcom players (Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite when it comes out) consists of Julio Fuentes, ChocoBlanka, Justin Wong, Tokido, and Momochi. Their Smash 4 and Smash Melee team has MkLeo and Mew2King.

They even have a couple of players for Tekken 7. JDCR and Saint plays for Echo Fox in this game.

Theo is certainly a good player to snag for the Injustice 2 scene. Saying that he's a top 10 player for the game might be underselling him, just a bit.

Check out the Tweets below to see the announcement.

Emperor Theo joins Echo Fox image #1 Emperor Theo joins Echo Fox image #2
Click images for larger versions

Source: Echo Fox Twitter, Theo's Twitter.

Sent in by: SqueakyBloom

Eagle, Killer Instinct's newest character, coming out tomorrow roughly at 9:00 AM PDT for $4.99 along with patch 3.8

As we already know, Killer Instinct's newest character, Eagle, will be releasing June 27, 2017. This will be alongside patch 3.8.

It has been announced on Ultra-Combo the time in which Eagle is planned to be released tomorrow. Keep in mind, that there is still a potential for something to delay the exact time of release -- this is only the rough estimate of the character's release time.

Eagle will be purchasable for $4.99. You'll get Eagle and his retro costume for this price.

The premium accessories for Eagle will not be immediately available though. If you want to get your hands on these, you'll have to purchase them using Killer Instinct's in-game currency, gold.

It has also been announced that Kilgore, Shin Hisako, and Eagle will be free for Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition owners -- but not yet. This was supposed to happen when the Steam version comes out, but the KI team is working towards getting these characters out for free to Windows 10 and Xbox One Definitive Edition players.

Eagle, but not Kilgore and Shin Hisako, will also be free for Season 3 Ultra Edition players, eventually. If you fall into this category, it is recommended that you wait as well.

If you own the definitive version, you'll likely want to wait until the characters are free. In the meantime, Eagle will be the next free rotating character for next week to help tide over those players.

Here are Eagle's images again. After the jump, you can review the trailer and gameplay demonstration to see if this character is right for you.

Eagle KI image #1 Eagle KI image #2 Eagle KI image #3 Eagle KI image #4 Eagle KI image #5 Eagle KI image #6
Click images for larger versions

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Prophecy or just a joke? This player might have predicted the community's perception of Street Fighter 5 back in 2015

I think it's fair to say at this point that Street Fighter 5 has been a... roller coaster ride of sorts. The game has seen its fair share of problems that have irked quite a few people since launch..

Don't get me wrong when I say this though. There are plenty of things about Street Fighter that I and many other people enjoy, but it feels like the negative feedback outweighs the positive at this point in time.

Nobody could've predicted the community's response to Street Fighter 5 before its release. Well, actually somebody did jokingly predict it.

Zidanel33t, a player most notable in the anime fighters community, made a rather interesting Tweet back in 2015. He ended up wishing for Street Fighter 5 to be worse than it's predecessor.

Well... some people will tell you that has actually happened. The game is certainly in a state where you're more likely to hear about player frustrations regarding it rather than happy times.

Keep in mind that since then, Zidane has confirmed that he was only joking at the time. Admittedly, it is pretty hilarious.

Joke about Street Fighter 5's future image #1 Joke about Street Fighter 5's future image #2 Joke about Street Fighter 5's future image #3
Click images for larger versions

There has been a bit of a revival for Ultra Street Fighter 4 going on as a result of the community perception of Street Fighter 5. I guess that is coming true for some fans.

So what do you think? Are you looking back at the days with Street Fighter 4 Yun as fond memories?

Source: Zidanel33t's Twitter.

What would be the best way to handle fusions in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

The Dragon Ball series is riddled with characters. From the super-powered Saiyan warriors to perverted hermits, the cast of characters found throughout the franchise ranges from wacky to completely badass.

Towards the end of the Dragon Ball Z run, fans were introduced to fusions -- the joining of two characters to create a more powerful fighter. These amalgamations saw their own popularity, with fusions such as Gotenks (Goten and Kid Trunks) and Vegito (Goku and Vegeta) making their appearance as a last stand to defeat their evil opposition.

Arc System Works is currently at the helm of Dragon Ball FighterZ, a 3v3 fighter that will pit fan-favorite characters from the franchise against each other in a 2.5D setting. Since ArcSys typically keeps their rosters concise, one can't help but wonder: Will we see fusions in Dragon Ball FighterZ? And if so, how will they work?

Before we get into that, let's talk about how fusion works in the world of Dragon Ball. There are two ways to fuse: by successfully performing the fusion dance or by using the Potara (Supreme Kai earrings).

With the fusion dance, both participants must perform the moves correctly to transform successfully. You can see the results of Gotenks' failures and the successful fusion in the banner above.

The Potara, on the other hand, require the users to wear one of the earrings each on opposite ears. For the Supreme Kais, the transformation is permanent, however, anyone else who uses the earrings will only stay fused for an hour before reverting back to their original forms.

Click image for animated version

So, how could this idea transfer over to ArcSys' 3v3 fighter? Let's consider the possibilities.

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Japan only place you can find offline competition in Third Strike anytime say U.S. transplants - gamers give great insight into modern throwback scene

The days of Street Fighter 3: Third Strike were certainly a very interesting era for Street Fighter fans. It didn't really cater to new players that well, and was instead focused on the hardcore audience with a bunch of unfamiliar characters at the time.

Recently, a documentary of sorts was released by Phil H in which he interviewed U.S. players living in Japan. While many of these individuals have their own reasons for being in a foreign country, they definitely have something in common: an interest in Third Strike and the scene present in Japan.

One of the players even mentioned that it is the "red-headed step-child of the Street Fighter series," obviously referring to how it sort of deviated from the expectations of Street Fighter coming from Street Fighter 2.

In this documentary, it is noted that Third Strike can't really be accessed that easily in America, especially when you consider the arcade scene. As noted by another player, there are almost no arcades in America anymore.

As a result, it seems as though these players have determined that Japan is the best place in the world to play Third Strike. It is here that it is said that the best Third Strike players in the world live and play.

In particular John, or "JP" in Japan, said "if you want to take your game to the highest level, you can do it. Maybe in other places, it's not really possible."

Be aware that there is a little NSFW language present in the video. Hit the jump below to check out this interesting documentary.

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The Dante master returns: Isedelica shows us what the gun-wielding devil can do in these Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite combo videos

If you're unfamiliar with Isedelica, the content creator is known for making stellar combo videos. Specifically, Isedelica is renowned for being one of, if not, the best combo creator for Dante in the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 series.

With the release of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's story demo during the week of E3, players everywhere were able to get a taste of what the game has to offer. Isedelica used that time to put in work with Dante and see what he's capable of this time around.

Today we have a couple of combo videos from the creator that focus on solo Dante in MvCI. First up is a single combo using Infinity Storm and Devil Trigger.

What follows is a more complete combo video with several different sequences to behold. Below is a quick clip from that video to get you started.

Hit the jump to view the full CMV.

Click image for animated version

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Nintendo to release SNES Classic this September, features 21 of the era's most legendary titles including Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting

Nintendo of America has announced a new mini-console that will surely evoke all of the nostalgia you can muster. The Super NES Classic is set for release on September 29th and will include 21 of the era's most legendary titles.

The SNES Classic will run for $79.99, and though it will include less games than its predecessor, the NES Classic, it will include a second controller for all of your multiplayer needs. The two wired controllers are the same model as those you'd find with the original SNES console.

Additionally, the box will come with an HDMI cable, an AC adapter, and a USB charging cable. The software, however, is the real draw here.

Each SNES Classic comes equipped with some of the greatest games to ever hit store shelves, including Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting. Players can jump right into local battles with friends thanks to the inclusion of the second controller.

Nintendo has also included Star Fox 2 in the SNES Classic. Though it has been available as a ROM for some time now, the game never saw an official release due to cancellation.

The line up for this mini-console is spectacular, bringing classics like Super Mario World, Super Castlevania IV, and Donkey Kong Country back for a new generation of players to experience.

If you never really had the chance to delve into the SNES library, the Classic will be perfect for you as it features some of the quintessential games that characters from our modern fighting titles starred in. You'll find Mega Man X (Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite), Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting, and many of the main games that feature the core Super Smash Bros. roster.

Below are some images of the Super NES Classic. To view the whole game line up, be sure to hit the jump.

Super NES Classic image #1 Super NES Classic image #2 Super NES Classic image #3
Click images for larger versions

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New in-game screenshot of Future Trunks in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Early this morning, the official Dragon Ball Game Twitter account shared a new screenshot of the upcoming 2.5D fighter, Dragon Ball FighterZ. The image featured our first real look at Future Trunks, the latest character to be revealed as playable.

The character was first unveiled last week in the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Jump. The page scan showed a small image featuring the Super Saiyan version of Future Trunks in the midst of what appears to be a super move.

Today's screenshot gives us a much better look at the character in action. We can see that Trunks will indeed be using his trademark sword in some capacity in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

With this addition to the roster, it makes me wonder if we'll be seeing kid Trunks enter the fray as well. As it currently stands, all of the main Saiyan warriors from the Dragon Ball Z series are represented here, except for Goku's son Goten.

Considering Arc System Works tends to have smaller rosters in their games -- and the fact that they are developing Dragon Ball FighterZ -- it will be interesting to see what selections they make for the playable cast. As of right now, the current roster consists of Goku, Gohan (teen), Vegeta, Future Trunks, Cell, Majin Buu, and Frieza.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is set for release in early 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Pre-orders are all ready available.

Future Trunks in Dragon Ball FighterZ image #1
Click images for larger versions

Sent in by Cael, RYU81, Ozci, and NyuBomber.

Red Bull Proving Grounds 2017 season 1 finals results feat. Brian_F, Alex Myers, CJ Truth, Mikeand1ke, Commander Jesse

Updated with final results: We've added the results for Red Bull Proving Grounds 2017 season 1 finals into this story.

The Red Bull Proving Grounds 2017 season 1 finals are happening in Santa Monica, California, Saturday and Sunday.

Players have qualified for the Red Bull Proving Grounds by playing in competitions hosted across North America and online. U.S. cities who have hosted events include Orlando, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle and Canadian cities Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Notable players who are set to compete are Brian_F, Alex Myers, CJ Truth, Mikeand1ke, Commander Jesse, PIE|Kami, Darkchild, Kelvin Jeon, Jibrill, SD Pnoy, Magneto1080p, Tommy2step, Psycho_FL, Ice Effect, Terrence, Marvelo, Orangeman, L.E.S, Snafoo, Chi-Rithy and others.

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