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Tiers for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

Air Man and Devil May Cry costumes, Survival mode changes coming to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

With the announcement of Devil May Cry 5 at E3 2018, Capcom revealed costumes from that franchise would be making their way to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition.

Ken will receive a Dante outfit, along with Ed (Nero), and Laura (Gloria). Also, Rashid will be getting an absolutely sick Air Man costume from Mega Man 2. Using the Easter Egg code will equip Ken with Gilgamesh, a set of armor. The same code removes Ed's jacket to reveal his whole Devil Bringer arm.

Laura's Gloria costume is the Extra Battle mode outfit for July 5th through August 2nd. Using the Easter Egg code with Laura's new DMC outfit will replace Gloria's hair with Laura's normal locks. Rashid's Air Man costume will be the next Extra Battle mode outfit, after Laura.

Cody will come packaged a number of these new features listed below — a day earlier than initially planned, June 25, 2018.

Capcom is also updating the game's Survival Mode, adding new features like progress saving, and consumable items. We've outlined all of these new additions below.

Menat will also showcase her fortune telling capabilities in Fighting Chance, which seems to be a loot box feature, with a number of cosmetic accessories and things to help you through Survival Mode available.

Devil May Cry, Air Man costumes, Survival mode changes in Street Fighter 5 image #1 Devil May Cry, Air Man costumes, Survival mode changes in Street Fighter 5 image #2 Devil May Cry, Air Man costumes, Survival mode changes in Street Fighter 5 image #3 Devil May Cry, Air Man costumes, Survival mode changes in Street Fighter 5 image #4 Devil May Cry, Air Man costumes, Survival mode changes in Street Fighter 5 image #12

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Street Fighter 5 shows off new Critical Arts... for its pachislot machine

Street fighter 5 launched in 2016 as the only mainline title in the series that didn't have an arcade version until now... if you want to count pachinko parlors as arcades.

Capcom and Enterrise announced Street Fighter 5: Pachislot Edition for Japan which includes familiar characters, stages and cinematics along with new features specifically for the pachislot machine like new Critical Arts.

The trailer for Pachislot Edition shows off at least three new Supers in the form of Ryu's Shin Shoryuken making another appearance along with more cinematic Critical Art versions of Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick and Cammy's Spiral Arrow with a throw added to the ending.

The Shin Shoryuken appears to have the most amount of work put into its animation and cinematics while Chun Li and Cammy's Critical Arts look to just be extended versions of their normal special moves with extra cinematics, so these likely will not be making the jump into the standard version of the game.

Pachinko and pachislot machines are the most popular and essentially only legal forms of "gambling" in Japan currently due to the country's strict gambling laws and regulations which game developers and publishers have taken part in over the years.

Developers like Capcom, SNK, Konami and Sega among others all have pachinko or pachislot versions of their popular titles like Metal Gear Solid, King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown. You can take a look at the trailer for Street Fighter 5: Pachislot Edition and the new Supers after the jump.

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BET, HipHopDX team up with Level|Up for rappers vs. gamers Tekken 7 event; featuring Baron Davis, Page Kennedy, Derek Minor, Mozzy and others

HipHopDX , BET, and Level Up are teaming up for DXTurbo III: Rappers vs. Gamers featuring Tekken 7.

The annual event will be held on Thursday June 21 with hip hop stars and some of the fighting game community’s favorite Tekken 7 players competing in a 2v2 tournament for a chance to win sponsored prizes and ultimate bragging rights.

Some of the celebrity talent will include the likes of Page Kennedy, Derek Minor, Mozzy, NBA All-Star Baron Davis and Grammy Award winning producer Drumma Boy.

These hip hop community notables will be teaming up with Tekken players such as Rickstah, Circa|JoeyFury, ITS|JackieTran, ITS|CuddleCore, LUYG|RunItBlack, WayGamble and others.

Tekken 7's pacing and general action lend themselves to it being an incredibly engaging spectator eSport, fully capable of entertaining audiences whether they're part of the hardcore following or now.

You'll be able to watch the action at 2 p.m. Pacific Time either at the Hiphopdx website or over on LevelUp's Twitch live stream. For more information on the event please head over to LevelUp Live.

Maximilian recounts playing Cloud, Snake and others during his hands on time with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3

Prominent fighting game community streamer Maximilian and his friends were able to play a good bit of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at E3 this year and is now sharing his initial findings with anyone interested.

His recent review video spends most of its time looking at how individual characters felt, played and whether or not they were all that different from earlier versions, but also delves into some of the game's newer features.

Max himself spent some time using both Final Fantasy's Cloud and Metal Gear Solid's Snake, and was particularly impressed by the size of the latter's explosion-based attacks. He also noted that Cloud felt fairly similar to his Smash 4 iteration.

One non-gameplay particular the team points out is the in-match scoreboard that pops up after each kill in one vs. one stock battle. Such a move appears to be an acknowledgement for Ultimate's potential presence in the fighting game eSports realm.

They also speak about the update to Ganondorf as he now gets to wield his giant sword for his Smash attacks. This marks a major step in the evil king's departure from being more or a less a Captain Falcon clone, now boasting more of his own moves.

Give the video a watch and let us know if you learned anything new about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Chime in with your reactions, expectations and other observations in the comments below.

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Cammy has an EX move that builds meter in Street Fighter 5

Cammy White's uncanny ability to not only dodge the nerf bat but also somehow find herself getting buffs through seemingly every balance update for Street Fighter 5 has reached meme-worthy status.

The Killer Bee's ability boosts through the most recent patch pushed her from top five to arguably the strongest fighter in the entire game, and it appears there's a bit of a bug that only helps her further.

The Korean Dhalsim player known as Save recently took to Twitter to share his findings of said bug, which grants Cammy meter upon successfully landing her EX Hooligan Grab. For those unaware, its a general rule that techniques that use meter do not build meter.

We went into the training room ourselves to double check on this, and sure enough, it's legitimate. The English Street Fighter can follow up her EX Hooligan Combination with a handful of different attacks including a dive kick, a slide and a head scissors grab.

If she successfully lands the grab, she'll build back a good third of the bar of meter she used to initiate the attack. The other follow ups do not grant her meter gain, and nor do any of Akuma's EX Demon Flip (a move that is very similar in nature to EX Hooligan Combination) followups.

You'll see Save's clip highlighting the bug in action by clicking the thumbnail below. He also included a quick clip of Akuma performing his Demon Flip for comparison purposes.

Click images for animated versions

Masahiro Sakurai was met with dead silence when he told the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate development team that he wanted to bring back every character

During Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation, they finally gave audiences an information dump about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. While the announcement of fan favorite Metroid character Ridley was indeed a "big deal," the reveal that every single fighter that has been playable in Super Smash Bros. 64, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Super Smash Bros. 4 will be returning was probably the most shocking to fans.

Many were expecting to never see Solid Snake of the Metal Gear series return to Super Smash Bros. as a result of Hideo Kojima's departure from Konami. There were a number of reasons to be skeptical of Vergeben's leaks regarding the return of Snake, the Ice Climbers, every character that appeared in Super Smash Bros. 4 and the new announcement of Ridley. According to rumors, Simon Belmont is apparently also supposed to be joining the roster at some point.

In a way, it's not entirely surprising that Masahiro Sakurai would want to bring back everyone from the series' history into this new game. He has stated before that the roster selection process was "stressful to the brink of death" because he didn't like cutting anyone that fans liked. This new game is sort of cathartic for him.

Masahiro Sakurai has been able to maintain a healthier work schedule this time around. While he previously commented that he was suffering from calcific tendonitis in his right arm during the development of Super Smash Bros. 4, he's only been working 50 hours per week. Notably, Nintendo has reported that Masahiro Sakurai has been in good health ever since.

This isn't to say that Sakurai hasn't been working extremely hard on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In fact, after the Nintendo Invitational he announced to the crowd that he'd be taking a midnight flight back to Japan so that he could get back to work the very next morning.

Imagine the response from the development team when he first informed them that he wanted to bring back every single fighter in Super Smash Bros. history this time around. The Verge has reported that Masahiro Sakurai was first met with gasps of surprise, then dead silence.

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Go1 is training his Fused Zamasu in Dragon Ball FighterZ online matches with destructive results

CO|Go1's status as the best Dragon Ball FighterZ player might be in jeopardy. Given, the other players still have a number of tournaments to take over him before he officially loses that title, but he has recently been suffering a few losses at some major events.

Notably, FOX|SonicFox changed his team from Goku Black, Hit and Android 16 to Cell, Gotenks and Kid Buu. This allowed him to take Combo Breaker 2018 from Go1.

At the Summit of Power, HookGangGod took Go1 and SonicFox down. He ended up winning the entire event afterwards.

XusesGB has uploaded a video that depicts Go1 utilizing one of the newest additions in Dragon Ball FighterZ, Fused Zamasu. While this fighter and Super Saiyan Blue Vegito were tournament legal, the attending players only felt confident in Bardock at the time since they were too new.

Go1 appears to be practicing with a Bardock, Cell, and Fused Zamasu team. Destruction awaits those that run into him online.

Here's a pretty cool 0-to-death sequence he was able to set up with this team:

Click image for animated version

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Yang Xiao Long, Jubei Mitsuyoshi, Aigis, Carmine Prime, Hakumen, Naoto Shirogane, and Vatista available for download in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

ArcSystemWorks has announced that Yang Xiao Long, Character Pack #2, and Character Pack #3 have been released for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. All the downloadable content should be obtainable on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

Yang Xiao Long is the fourth member of Team RWBY. She is joining Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna, and Weiss Schnee.

Like Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long is free to download. Might as well snag the character if you already have the game.

Character Pack #2 contains Jubei Mitsuyoshi, Aigis, and Carmine Prime. Meanwhile, Character Pack #3 will give players access to Hakumen, Naoto Shirogane, and Vatista.

Each of these downloadable packs cost $4.99. Alternatively, you can get all six packs for $19.99. Remember that Character Pack #1 is free until July 6, 2018.

After the jump, you'll find a trailer that demonstrates everything that ArcSys is releasing today.

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VesperArcade discusses why the next patch for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition needs to fix the netcode

You might have heard about MDZ_Jimmy's decision to finally quit Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. While MDZ_Jimmy is known as being a Ryu main, a character that has not been particularly strong in the meta for some time now, his decision appears to come as a result of the netcode's performance rather than gameplay reasons.

This has apparently prompted a discussion between VesperArcade and one of his friends. In particular, they believe that the next major patch needs to have emphasis on Street Fighter 5's netcode.

The discussion has them comparing the pros and cons of both Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5. Street Fighter 4's main problem was that it used delay-based netcode.

While Street Fighter 5 uses "rollback-based netcode," the matchmaking system can seem pretty terrible in comparison. In Street Fighter 4, players were able to select which lobby that wanted to join, even in ranked mode.

This allowed the player to gauge a number of things, such as latency, before joining a match. Street Fighter 5, on the other hand, can match you up against something in another continent.

Precisely one year ago, Bandai Namco and Capcom entered into a cross-licensing agreement to improve online experiences in games like Street Fighter. Perhaps a patch will someday be released that fixes many of the issues that come with Street fighter 5's crossplay.

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Rage Street Fighter 5 All-Star League early results ft. Tokido, Daigo, Fujimura, Nemo, Moke and Itabashi Zangief

Update: This story has been updated with day 5 results.

There's a new league event being set to occur in Japan, organized by Rage eSports.

The format of the tournament, once the teams have been decided, will be a set of matches between the teams, in which each game is a first-to-1, but the teams have to win 3 out of 5 sets between the teams, and will be played in a round robin format where wins and losses in the team matches will come in to play.

These six players are FOX|Tokido, CYG|Daigo, FD|Fujimura, Liquid|Nemo, Ponos|Moke and DNG|Itabashi Zangief.

Each of these players will take part in a draft on Thursday May 31st, to pick players for their teams. From there, the competition will continue on various days for the next 2 months.

The matches are being played with 3v3 teams, so each player will add two fighters to stand beside them. There's a lot of money being played for here, with the first placing team getting 6 million yen ($54,663) while the second placing team will receive 3 million yen ($27,331) and the third place team being awarded 1 million yen ($9,111).

Streaming is being done at OpenRec.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate demo to be playable at CEO 2018

We recently just got a huge information dump about Super smash Bros. Ultimate at E3 2018. Fans were not disappointed after the three month wait of silence on the part of Nintendo that came about once the tease trailer was released.

During the convention, players had the opportunity to try the game out in a demo. Many top players of the Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Melee scenes competed against one another in the Nintendo Invitational as the world watched.

This gave everyone a demonstration of newcomer characters, Inkling and Ridley. Veteran fighters that have been out of the action for a long time such as Snake and Ice Climbers were also playable at the event.

As we approach the end of June, we are getting closer to one of the year's biggest tournament events of the year -- CEO 2018. There are apparently over 3,000 players that are currently signed up to participate.

Apparently, Nintendo will have a presence at CEO 2018. They're also bringing a demo for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. If you're in the area and want to check the game out, it might be worth the effort to do so.

CEO 2018 will take place at Daytona Beach, Florida on June 29th - July 1st. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018.

Click image for Tweet

Source: CEO Gaming Twitter via Nintendo Everything. Sent in by: tobydanger.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate crowd sings the 'DK Rap' all together during E3 2018 invitational and it's awesome

"Here's the leader of the bunch, you know him well. He's finally back to kick some tail!"

If you recognize those lyrics, it means you're probably a fan of Donkey Kong 64 and/or the Super Smash Bros. series. The "DK Rap" is a song that played during the intro of the former and is well known for it's very corny lyrics.

The DK Rap describes each member of the Kong family: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong, and Lanky Kong, each of which is a playable character in Donkey Kong 64. We're told of their unique talents with whimsical lyrics such as "This Kong's so strong, it isn't funny, can make a Kremling cry out for mummy" (referencing Chunky Kong, of course).

This tune is actually the theme for the Kongo Jungle stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and it just so happens that this particular battlefield returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. During the Super Smash Bros. Invitational at E3 2018, we saw the stage make an appearance when NRG|Nairo went up against three celebrities in a 3v1 team battle.

While the Smash Ultimate action was underway, the crowd suddenly began singing the chorus of the DK Rap all together. "DK! Donkey Kong! DK! Donkey Kong is here!" roared the crowd.

Despite Nairo's success against his opponents: WWE Superstar Ember Moon, Green Bay Packers defensive end Mike Daniels, and actress Olivia Holt, it was Holt who was actually playing as Donkey Kong during the match. It was like the crowd was cheering for Olivia Holt with their DK Rap chants.

You can check out the clip (via theSirToasty on Twitter) below and the full replay after the jump.

Click image to view the clip

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ZeRo claims that you can make more money working at McDonald's than winning EVO for Super Smash Bros; the numbers appear to back him up

Nintendo revealed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last week at E3 which has lead many to focus their attention back on the series and its competitive scene including TSM|ZeRo.

Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios was recognized as the greatest Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Smash 4) player in the world with a 56-tournament win streak which is unheard of in the modern era of fighting games.

He decided to retire from competitive play in January this year to become a streamer, but ZeRo came out to E3 for the Super Smash Bros. Invitational that he would go on to win and is now considering coming out of retirement for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate... if the money is there.

"I'm open to coming back, but it depends on the opportunities that I have and what opportunities it has to offer," said ZeRo in a recent stream. "If I compete, it's because I found some good business opportunities and also because the tournaments have a lot more support. Otherwise, I'm just gonna be a streamer and a commentator."

Barrios goes on to say that players can make more money working at McDonald's than they would for winning EVO for Super Smash Bros, and the numbers actually appear to support that depending on the game you play.

Super Smash Bros. has had consistently high EVO entrants, yet among the smallest prize pools due to the lack of pot bonuses from Nintendo or anyone else among other factors.

Click image for ZeRo's statement

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Nintendo's consistent hype levels blow away Capcom and the rest of the FGC for character reveals, and SF5's small roster size - EventHubs Podcast

During the E3 2018 week, we were treated to what I thought was the best fighting game reveal of all time — Smash Ultimate coming in with guns blazing and at least 65 playable characters — bringing back every playable fighter in the history of the franchise.

This isn't the first time Nintendo had knocked it out of the park with their reveals for Super Smash Bros., as unveiling Mega Man, Ryu, Bayonetta, Cloud and Mewtwo had some people going absolutely wild.

Nintendo has consistently delivered massive hype levels in fighting game trailers, something that Capcom missed heavily on with fighters like Ed, Falke and Alex, or practically entirely with Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, as the game had very few reveal videos for the 36 cast members.

While not exclusive territory to Nintendo, as characters like Cody, Sakura, Akuma, and Geese Howard, the latter two for Tekken 7, delivered large amounts of adrenaline to the thrill seeking FGC.

On this episode of the EventHubs Podcast, we discuss why these trailers and hype generation are important to the games, and what we think the FGC companies as a whole could do a better job of when it comes to their creation.

Nintendo has set the bar here for consistency, and we'd like to see most other companies follow suit on the same level, and market their games at a higher clip than we've sometimes seen in the past.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ for the Nintendo Switch launches in September for Japan at a cheaper price, includes new features and bonuses

Dragon Ball FighterZ is turning out to be one of the hottest fighting games this year, and now even more people will be able to play the game since it was announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch at E3 last week.

The initial reveal trailer and wave of information for the Switch version of the game did not include much in the way of features or a release date though we now know more about both, at least for Japan.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is scheduled to launch on September 27, 2018 in Japan and will include new features and bonuses for those waiting to play on the Nintendo platform.

The Switch version of DBFZ includes a new easy input mode called "Extreme Type" which allows players to input specials using the L and R buttons. Pressing L + R + heavy attack will use a character's Meteor Smash while pressing L + R will fire off a special.

This input mode was designed specifically for the Switch so players can use individual Joy-Cons to battle it out if they so choose.

The Japanese release will also reportedly include a downloadable code for Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden which originally released in 1993 for the Super Famicom.

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden image #1 Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden image #2
Click images for larger versions

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Character creator and season pass confirmed for Soul Calibur 6

Bandai Namco had a busy E3 showing off Soul Calibur 6 to all who were interested, and now we know much more about the title including when it's coming out and what modes and features will be included.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, the game's producer, Motohiro Okubo, confirmed that the character creator mode would be returning in Soul Calibur 6 though he did not elaborate much as to what players should expect for the feature.

Create-a-Soul was first introduced in Soul Calibur 3 and has since become a staple for the franchise appearing in every numbered title since which still remains the only major fighting game series with a consistent original character creator mode.

"In terms of other modes, there is the alternative story mode that I mentioned before and the character creator that is a key element of SoulCalibur," said Okubo via Newsweek. "That’s going to be in there, we don’t know how it’s going to look yet. There will be online modes, of course, but how all of this is going to play out, I’d say stay tuned."

The character creator mode in previous games allowed players to use move sets of every character in the game (minus guest characters) plus some exclusive styles like Devil Jin in Soul Calibur 5 to customize their own original creation using hundreds of armor sets, hair styles and other accessories to make whatever they'd like whether they be cool, funny or just plain weird.

The E3 build of Soul Calibur 6 featured a character select screen with 23 slots for characters, so the game should feature at least 22 different character creator styles since Geralt's style likely won't be able to be used for the mode if it works similarly to previous titles.

Soul Calibur 6 screen image #1

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Ganondorf players will finally be able to use that awesome giant sword of his in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

When Super Smash Bros. Melee hit the Nintendo GameCube back in 2001, there was one character in particular I wanted to play more than the rest: The Demon King, Ganondorf.

Fresh off of his evil rampage in 1998's Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf was more in the public eye than ever before. Zelda fans would finally have a shot at harnessing the Triforce of Power, even if he would just wind up being a slower, less efficient version of Captain Falcon.

After unlocking him via playing through the "Triforce Gathering" event, I was finally able to get my hands on hard-hitting master of dark magic. After winning my first match with him the game took me to Ganondorf's win animation screen, which saw him spinning a massive sword above his head before planting it into the ground in front of him.

I lost it. I immediately went back into the fray trying every combination of button possible as I tried to figure out how to wield his humongous weapon. It turns out that you can't, and to say that I was disappointed would be a significant understatement.

The Demon King would eventually engage in swordplay in later Zelda titles, but never would Smash Bros. players be able to slice and dice opponents even through his Brawl and Smash 4 iterations. Come this October, that will no longer be the case.

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