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Combo Breaker 2023 results

Updated: This story has been updated with final results.

One of the biggest fighting game events in the world is back in 2023 and the grand tournament, which is of course Combo Breaker 2023, will be taking place in Schaumburg, Illinois, U.S.A.

Notable players set to attend include RB|Arslan Ash, DRX|Knee, TSM|Leffen, XSET|iDom, TempestNYC, Twis|Slash, Liquid|Dabuz, VARREL|Rangchu, RR|Mono, THY|Chikurin, RB|Anakin, AR|Wero Asamiya, TBH|Seis Mx, Talon|Book, ScrawtVermillion, Kkokkoma, ZomBmu, BIG|Sephiblack, Proton|Coach Steve, DRX|Chanel, TUE|Shadow20z, Joey Fury, CRaZY|SuperAkouma, RB|CuddleCore, CATPION|Daymendou, Falcon|Ghirlanda, Buscar Luz, Shuaboo, JPV|Axenstar, PAR|Aarondamac, PAG|Monarch, Psykotik, ONI|NBNHMR, Nitro Knight, BC|Jonathan Tene, Moist|Hotashi, Solstice, Zando, Umisho, Tommy2step, Zane and many more.

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Is Asuka R# worth the money in Guilty Gear Strive?

After 20+ years of waiting, we can finally play as 'That Man' in a Guilty Gear game... well, technically speaking.

Now that we've spent some time with Guilty Gear Strive's latest DLC character, Asuka R#, we're here to let you know if his spell casting abilities are absolutely magical or if you should just leave the Tome of Origin up on the shelf.

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Tekken 7 top 8 qualifier begins with crazy double KO and somehow ends even wilder at Combo Breaker 2023

Even with Tekken 8 on the horizon, the Tekken 7 competitive community is still hungry as hell, and they really came to prove themselves this weekend.

Potentially the best set at Combo Breaker 2023 just went down before top 8 where LNC|Joey Fury and TUE|Genghisdon had an extraordinary match to qualify that could not have been closer.

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Bryan Fury officially announced for Tekken 8

Some of you may have already seen some things earlier than you were supposed to, but now it's officially time to take a look at the next character for Tekken 8.

Bandai Namco announced that the one and only Bryan Fury is coming to Tekken 8 via a new trailer debuted officially at Combo Breaker 2023.

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Capcom reveals part of Lily's Character Guide demonstrating her oppressive normals and command grab ranges in Street Fighter 6

We're just a few days away from the release of Street Fighter 6. In preparation for this, Capcom has continued to release previews of character guides for the entire launch roster.

In their latest released video, Capcom has provided some insight about Lily's play style in Street Fighter 6. Needless to say, those warclubs of hers aren't just for show.

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Capcom confirms you can take your custom avatar abominations into Street Fighter 6's Training Mode

It wasn't up until recently that we received confirmation that players will be able to take their custom World Tour mode characters online and face off against other people's abomindable creations in the Battle Hub, but there's even more you can do with them.

During a recent Japanese Street Fighter 6 showcase, Capcom confirmed that players can also take their custom avatars into Training Mode and showed off some avatar vs. avatar match footage.

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Topanga World Championship results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

The Topanga World Championship is going to be happening this week and will be taking place in Tokyo, Japan.

Participating players are Bandits|MenaRD, Rohto|Tokido, G8S|Kawano, BST|Fuudo, Saishunkan|Higuchi, Mister Crimson, M80|EndingWalker and BLG|Zhen.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ's new update feels like it was made for rollback netcode... except we still don't have rollback

Just a year ago, everyone thought Dragon Ball FighterZ was basically done receiving any type of support after the release of Lab Coat Android 21 and a subsequent balance patch, but there's still a bit more on the way even 5+ years after it first released.

Bandai Namco and Arc System Works announced simultaneously this week that DBFZ would be receiving a new update but also its promised rollback netcode beta is delayed, and now that the balance patch is here... it really feels like it was made under the expectation that we'd have rollback by now.

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Nidra announced as new DLC character for Them's Fightin' Herds and possibly the first fighting game tapir ever

There's been tons of animals who've been made into fighting game characters in the past from dogs to kangaroos, but we don't think we've ever seen a tapir before.

That is until this weekend, however, when Mane6 announced the next DLC character for Them's Fightin' Herds' Season 1 Pass, Nidra, at Combo Breaker 2023.

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Who are the top 10 copycat move stealers in all of fighting games?

Fighting games are all about trying to master and get better with your own character's tool kit, but there's something forever entertaining about using your opponent's own attacks against them.

MrTopTenList just released his latest countdown breakdown video as to who the top 10 move stealers or copycats are in all of fighting games.

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E. Honda's classic costume in Street Fighter 6 revealed

Street Fighter 6 is out next week, and fans are very anxiously awaiting its big launch. Capcom continues to share promotional videos and new details about the game as we get closer and closer to release, and a recent new trailer brings the reveal of another classic alternate costume.

In a Japanese promo ad featuring former wrestler Saori Yoshida, Capcom gave fans a quick look at the nostalgia costume for E. Honda. The sumo makes a return back to his Street Fighter 2 look with this alternate outfit, and it already looks great in motion.

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Final issue of Street Fighter 6 comic highlights new potential DLC character

The fourth and final issue of the Street Fighter 6 "Days of the Eclipse" comic series is now available as we get our exciting conclusion to some of the events leading up to the story that will play out in the latest Street Fighter entry.

Days of the Eclipse generally serves to introduce new big bad guy, JP, and tell the tale of Ken Masters as he's moved from billionaire businessman with a family to more of an on the run vagrant. There are a few other notable character that pop up, however, and one of them stands out as a potential DLC inductee for Street Fighter 6's future.

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'I believe this could become the best game in the series' - Daigo, Bonchan, and Gachikun offer early thoughts on Street Fighter 6

In a recent upload from Red Bull Gaming three of Japan's strongest Street Fighter competitors, BST|Daigo Umehara, RB|Bonchan, and RB|Gachikun, all offered some early thoughts and reactions to the upcoming Street Fighter 6.

Each had something that stood out to them about the game, such as the easier options for controls, the simultaneously intimidating and fun wealth of potential options, and the emerging strategies that come simply from playing. Daigo, however, goes all out and states he feels that this could be the best entry in the entire series.

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Send off Street Fighter 5 with these awesome combos from every character on the roster

We now stand just a week away from Street Fighter 6's official launch, but HiFight is holding onto the past for just a smidge longer with an admittedly awesome combo showcase from Street Fighter 5.

For 13 minutes we get nothing but clever, elaborate, and head turning combos from all 45 roster members. Not only that, but HiFight goes the extra mile to include some fun editing that keeps the action from ever slowing down.

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Kitana, Jade, and Johnny Cage cast in upcoming Mortal Kombat 2 movie

The 2021 live action Mortal Kombat film was... okay. It didn't quite have the charm of the 1995 film, but it did offer some fun fight sequences with modern CGI, featured a fairly badass showdown between Scorpion and Sub-Zero, and Kano was cool.

Whatever your feelings, it wound up being successful enough to spawn a sequel (though we haven't a release date for it yet). What we do have are the names of a few of the actors slated to play a few of the characters who'll appear in the film, namely Kitana, Jade, and Johnny Cage.

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FaniniRB's sexy fighting game cosplay includes Chun-Li in a bikini, Cammy in her Alpha attire, and more

We're sharing yet another collection of awesome cosplay photos from the talented FaniniRB, who shows off sexy female characters from across a few different fighting game franchises.

Street Fighter's Chun-Li and Cammy, two of the most cosplayed fighting game characters ever, make appearances, though the former is featured both in her traditional gear as well as in some beachwear.

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Mortal Kombat 1 online stress test announced, registration open now

It looks like fans will have another opportunity to try out Mortal Kombat 1 before its September release date. A new stress test for the game has been announced today that will give players a chance to help stress test the game's online experience before launch.

The official Mortal Kombat Twitter account shared the first details on this upcoming test. Most important of all, though, sign ups are open right now (though pre-registration does not guarantee participation).

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