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Frame traps in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are critical to success but work differently to other fighting games, here's what you need to know

Frame traps in fighting games are the result of predicting and beating the opponent's next option after placing yourself in an advantageous position. Usually this comes about because the last attack that the opponent blocked put you at frame advantage.

In the case of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, attacks that leave you at frame advantage on block are exceedingly rare. Having said that, frame traps still exist in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and are critical to understand for achieving success.

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Five returning Capcom characters that need to come back if we ever get another Capcom versus game

After Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite didn't quite meet the expectations that Capcom's versus titles are known for, we haven't really heard anything from the company on the potential of a new Capcom crossover fighter. Many of the unpopular decisions that were made with the last title have since been speculated to be more from Marvel's side than Capcom's, meaning that perhaps we could see a return to crossing over with a smaller company like Tatsunoko again, or simply doing the often-requested Capcom All-Stars which would remove all form of red tape from the project by focusing only on Capcom's very own characters.

Whatever the case may be, if we're ever to get another Capcom crossover fighter, it has a very storied legacy to live up to, and many Capcom all-stars have been playable throughout the years. So which five characters do I feel need to make a comeback if such a project surfaces? Well, continue reading to find out.

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Smug attempts EVO Moment 37 and takes on the online world with Dudley in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Before RISE|Smug played Balrog in Street Fighter 5, he made a name for himself by dominating players with Dudley in certain versions of Street Fighter 4. In his latest video upload, Smug decides to take on the world in Dudley's place of origin: Street Fighter 3.

Of course, Smug had to attempt EVO Moment before hopping online. Without too many attempts, Smug concluded that he had better things to do.

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What can Abigail do with endless meter? How about M. Bison? Here's a look at some of the best Street Fighter 5 Infinite Challenge submissions

We've seen what can be done with an infinite meter gauge in Street Fighter 5 as combos can be extended quite a bit beyond their usual potential, resulting in impressive displays.

We've seen the hashtag #SFVInfinite going around lately on Twitter, and HiFight has put together a compilation on YouTube of the best ones so far.

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King K. Rool's neutral air just got WAY better — GimR goes in depth on what it can do now in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Patch 6.0.0 brought some buffs to some of the worst fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. King K. Rool was one of those combatants who was improved.

One of his most noticeable changes was to his neutral air. The question is what can this new and improved neutral air do for Donkey Kong's main nemesis? VGBC|GimR tells us.

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Justin Wong's Street Fighter 5 Poison play at Canada Cup 2019 will have you reconsidering just how good she is this season

Justin Wong is one of the few players who can lay claim to being a god in the FGC. Across numerous titles, over multiple decades, he has remained a top player.

When Poison was released for Street Fighter 5, he immediately took a liking to the fighter. Her long-range, patient playstyle is one that fits Justin very well, and he opted to use her exclusively at Canada Cup 2019 earlier this month — putting on an impressive display with the Season 4 newcomer.

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Tekken 7 Ver. 3.03 update is now live, here are the patch notes

A new update for Tekken 7 has been implemented into the game today. Fans can now download the Ver. 3.03 patch on consoles, which contains fixes and balance adjustments for a handful of characters.

Tekken producer Michael Murray released the patch notes for Ver. 3.03 over on Twitter this morning. Among those seeing changes are latest DLC fighter Zafina, as well as major guest character, The Walking Dead's Negan.

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Terry Bogard's worst enemy is shown to be Mario's F.L.U.D.D. in this hilarious Super Smash Bros. Ultimate clip

Although Terry Bogard, the latest character to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, appears to be quite gifted in the way of damage output and confirms, he isn't without his weaknesses. In particular, he has quite a time trying to recover back to the stage when launched against certain types of fighters.

Even with access to his Burn Knuckle, Crack Shoot, Power Dunk, Power Geyser, and Rising Tackle as viable recovery options, Terry is still going to struggle when it comes to keeping his stocks alive. A recent clip uploaded by MVG|DarkWizzy, one of the best Mario players in the world, highlights a hilarious issue that Terry has against Mario's down special — the F.L.U.D.D.

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One of Capcom's most shortlived yet fondly remembered and beloved franchises — How Darkstalkers succeeded in spite of its commercial shortcomings

Another Halloween passed, another year without any news on the Darkstalkers front. This is hardly surprising, given we haven't seen anything new from the franchise itself since 1997... but that doesn't mean we haven't been constantly reminded of it at every turn possible from Capcom.

Even though Darkstalkers is far from an active series, and may not have seen notable success with its fighting game titles, the unique flavor of its characters left a strong impression in people's memories — which is something Capcom have used to their full advantage, making sure that the Darkstalkers cast of characters remain at the forefront of fans minds for over 20 years. So what exactly happened with the Darkstalkers franchise itself, and why are Capcom so intent on not letting us forget its characters? Let's take a look at the successes and missteps of the Darkstalkers games.

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PC Mods: Poison as Catwoman, Lucia as Harley Quinn, and Cody as Leon S. Kennedy in Street Fighter 5

PC Mods has returned to highlight more work from the modding community. This time, we dip into the D.C. universe and Resident Evil series.

Coincidentally, it's the Final Fight characters that don these mods. More specifically, these must be implemented on Cody, Poison, and Lucia for them to work correctly.

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Undocumented changes found in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's version 6.0.0 patch

Version 6.0.0. of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate dropped earlier this week. Not only did we finally gain access to Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury, but there were also a number of improvements made to Donkey Kong, Kirby, Incineroar, Jigglypuff, Robin, and King K. Rool.

However, the community has discovered the presence of unlisted changes that are present in the game. Do keep in mind that these are clearly bug fixes that do have a direct impact on interactions that can win or lose games.

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Joker, Wolf, and Palutena took top spots at Tri-state Showdown: Fall 2019's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament

Tri-state Showdown: Fall 2019 has now concluded. This was a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event that featured notable competitors like NRG|Nairo, TSM|Tweek, Liquid|Dabuz, LeoN, Illuz|Jakal, Wishes, Rivers, Demise|Mr. E, IlluZ|Juice, DA|Sinji, NPT|BlazingPasta, Suarez and OES|RFang.

As a result, we have yet another opportunity to see which characters are the most prominent at these type of events. We'll be looking at the fighters that were found in the top 32 portion of the bracket. Do feel free to draw comparisons to our community voted tier list for the game.

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Capcom releases Street Fighter League Pro-JP episodes with English subtitles for first time allowing western fans to enjoy the Japanese events fully

The Street Fighter League initiative began well over a year ago in Japan, and though it has since gone forward with an American version of the league, western fans have been left without a good way to watch the top Japanese players plan and perform until this week.

Capcom is now officially translating the current run of Street Fighter League Pro-JP from the past weeks into English for the first time allowing more people to fully engage with some of the best players in Japan like CYG|Daigo Umehara, Rohto|Tokido, RB|Bonchan, Liquid|Nemo and many more detailing their team choices, strategies and counters.

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New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate glitch discovered as Terry Bogard freezes and forces a time out

When you go to play online in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can expect to see plenty of Terry Bogards running around. Everyone is still labbing the newest DLC fighter and attempting to gauge his viability.

There have been a good number of glitches discovered in Ultimate, but this latest with the Fatal Fury star may be one of the most interesting we've seen up to this point. Terry can be frozen in time, which can lead to hilarious results.

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Super Broly trailer released for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Following the conclusion of the hype top 8 over at the Red Bull Spain Saga, Bandai Namco finally showed off the gameplay trailer for Broly (DBS) in Dragon Ball FighterZ as the final character coming to Season Pass 2.

The new version of Broly appears to be even more of a brawler than his original counterpart slamming Gogeta back and forth across the floor and chasing him down wherever he tries to hide away.

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Red Bull Spain Saga 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Red Bull will be hosting the Spain Saga event for Dragon Ball FighterZ this weekend in Madrid, Spain.

Some of the big name players set to compete in this tournament are CO|Go1, FOX|SonicFox, FOX|Dekillsage, ASM|Wawa, VGIA|Shanks, BC|Kazunoko, BC|ApologyMan, Supernoon, BC|Tachikawa, Maddo, PG|BNBBN, RSG|Seo, WrNx|Kayne, PG|Nakkiel, Kuba, LBC|AkaOni, RMZ, BC|LordKnight, Jila, R-Cade|Alioune, OBAssassin, Oplon|Noka, Rudi and HU|Zer0q, though there are obviously many more as well.

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Kid Goku used by over half of players plus Teen Gohan continues to rise: Dragon Ball FighterZ character usage statistics for Red Bull Spain Saga 2019

The second year of the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is still going strong with another Saga event going down this weekend in Madrid, Spain where the best competitors from Europe, North America and Asia are throwing down their Gokus to see who is the top dog Saiyan.

With so much talent and over 250 entrants in total, we've collected the DBFZ character usage statistics for the top 48 players including over half of the teams using Kid Goku and Teen Gohan continuing his rise through the ranks.

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