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Street Fighter 6 September patch notes released, A.K.I. now available as new DLC character

The world got their first chance to see A.K.I. for the first time in motion nearly two months ago at Evo 2023, and now she's ready to sink her claws into every player.

Capcom has released the official patch notes for their latest update in Street Fighter 6 that adds A.K.I. as the new DLC character as well as some additional changes to the game as a whole.

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Update: Street Fighter 6 online servers down to prepare for A.K.I.'s arrival

Update: Street Fighter 6's servers are now offline for maintenance.

A new warrior is entering the ring. Tomorrow, fans will finally witness the official release of Street Fighter 6's next DLC character, A.K.I.

The poison wielding apprentice of Street Fighter 5's F.A.N.G has a launch date of September 27, but Capcom has now shared when we can expect the game's server maintenance to go live. Here is when you'll be able play as A.K.I. in Street Fighter 6 and what all this upcoming update will entail.

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Capcom President says video game prices are too low

With the arrival of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S, some publishers have upped the price of their games for the first time in over a decade, but to others, that may still not be enough.

At the Tokyo Game Show 2023 last week, Japanese publication Nikkei spoke to Capcom President and COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto, who expressed he feels that video games are too cheap and shouldn't be impacted by a recession much.

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Sony investigating, releases statement regarding potentially big ransomware hack

Cyber security is proving to be even more important and complicated as the years press on while some of the largest companies and corporations in the world getting hit with successful attacks.

Sony appears to be the latest victim of a potentially big hack from a ransomware group that is now under investigation.

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How Evo Moment 37 unfolded in an alternate universe in which Justin Wong pulled off the parries

Evo Moment 37 is still one of the most famous moments in all of fighting games. BST|Daigo Umehara pulled off an amazing comeback in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike that had him surprising everyone when he perfectly pulled off a series of parries against Justin Wong's attempt to chip him out with Chun-Li's multi-hitting super art.

What if things played out differently though? In a clip highlighted by UltimaShadowX, we see an alternate version of how things might've unfolded in an alternate timeline.

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Mortal Kombat 1 has 'player 1 advantage' and it's a major problem for the game's competitive future

Mortal Kombat 1 was released earlier this month. We've already had a decently sized Mortal Kombat 1 tournament that took place at CEOtaku 2023.

However, a major bug has recently discovered that potentially threatens Mortal Kombat 1's competitive future. As it turns out, player 1 has a major advantage over player 2.

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Evo champ AngryBird and Red Bull Kumite winner BigBird team up for new Street Fighter 6 tier list with some big changes

It's wild to think that Street Fighter 6 has been in our hands for almost four months now and how much of what we thought of the game has changed in that time.

Evo 2023 champion NASR|AngryBird and Red Bull Kumite winner NASR|BigBird recently joined forces again to craft a new collaborative tier list for SF6.

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Forget the game-breaking glitches, here's a bunch of pointless and funny fighting game bugs including some new finds in old titles

Although fighting games are more technically polished than ever, there's still going to be some glitches that slip through the cracks although probably not quite like the arcade days.

Instead of all the more game-breaking or experience-ruining bugs out there, Jmcrofts just released his latest video detailing a bunch of pointless fighting game glitches to give you a laugh or make you scratch your head.

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Mortal Kombat 1 includes audio descriptions for Fatalities in accessibility features

Accessibility features have come a long way in fighting games over just the past few years, and it's been really cool to see what the developers have been coming up with to help more players enjoy the heat of battle.

NetherRealm Studios just released a new Kombat Kast Short detailing the various accessibility options included in Mortal Kombat 1 including audio descriptive Fatalities.

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Capcom says no thank you to the idea of Microsoft acquisition or making big purchases themselves

For the past handful of years, big developer / publisher acquisitions have been the name of the game for Microsoft and Sony from Bungie to Activision Blizzard itself and beyond.

Capcom has remained near the top of the list for those who may be feasibly up for grabs during that time, but it doesn't sound like they're interested.

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RainbowRaven boldly poses as Cammy in the Shadaloo dictator alternate and Zero Suit Samus covered in slime during cosplays

We recently took notice of RainbowRaven's Instagram page. In particular, some of the photos taken by Cos Pix Creation of her Cammy and Zero Suit Samus cosplay were particularly eye-catching.

Of course, Cammy's popularity among fans of the Street Fighter series has made her a common target for cosplayers. Cammy made her video game debut in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers when it was released on September 10, 1993 and September 11, 1993 in the arcades for Japan and North America respectively.

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Animation showcases how Chris Pratt's Mario would play in Super Smash Bros.

Many were initially skeptical when it was first revealed that Chris Pratt would be the voice actor for Mario in the The Super Mario Bros. Movie when it hit theaters on April 5, 2023. While he provided a very unique take on Mario, it's hard to argue with the results of the movie as it now currently stands as the highest-grossing film based on a video game ever.

Needless to say, King Bob recently decided to animate The Super Mario Bros. Movie version of Mario in a Super Smash Bros. environment. It turns out that King Bob was permitted to borrow a fan-made model of The Super Mario Bros. Movie Mario from Awesome3D — who is apparently an 8th grader.

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JAK puts together 'most accurate' Street Fighter 6 tier list but it's not about character strength

Tier lists attempt to take something subjective and turn it into a quantifiable, so they're not really supposed to be true or false.

That being said, however, Moist|JAK (previously known as Justakid) put together what he calls the "most accurate" tier list for Street Fighter 6 though it's not about character strength.

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The most popular Street Fighter 6 character picks from CEOtaku and Capcom Pro Tour Brazil

The tournament season for Street Fighter 6 has been up and running for a few months now, which has gotten to the point of giving fans sometimes multiple majors in the same week.

We got pretty lucky with that again this weekend with hundreds of players signed up to compete at CEOtaku 2023 and the Capcom Pro Tour Brazil events, and we've gone back now through the brackets to see which characters were showing up the most.

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CEOtaku 2023 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

CEOtaku is back upon us again and taking place in Orlando, Florida.

Notable players participating include FLY|Punk, SR|NuckleDu, Solo|Verix, NBNHMR, ScrawtVermillion, FLY|TempestNYC, FLY|Nitro, ForeverKing, PAG|Monarch, Betadood, MR|Umisho, BC|Jonathan Tene, BeyondToxin, FF|ElvenShadow, JurassicOri, WoC|Coach Steve, Wavie, JPV|Axenstar, Defiant, Foxof42, Knights|2eZ, Moist|JAK, PAR|Eddventure, Zando, Neokarsh, FLY|Razzo, OD|Fullauto, PepperySplash, RB|ApologyMan, Bean, Supernoon, Moist|Hotashi, BC|LordKnight, PAR|FlashMetroid, ITT|Goatgloat and many more.

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From a Sub-Zero film to unfinished DLC characters, the Mortal Kombat franchise has more than its fair share of lost media

Throughout its 30+ years of history, the Mortal Kombat franchise has attempted to spread its wings across all forms of media, but not all of them successfully came together or are not very well remembered.

That's why TheMonit0rLizard recently put together a nice breakdown of all the notable lost media to be found through the ages for Mortal Kombat.

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Capcom Pro Tour 2023 Brazil results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Another online event for the Capcom Pro Tour this weekend and this one has its sights set on Brazil.

Players participating include DS|DidimoKOF, ShadesBR, Juninho-Ras, Keoma, Shodown|Jah_lexe, DMX|RonaldinhoBR, Shodown|ChuChu, NamikazeExTM, Comite|Mimam, NotPedro, HorusPaulin, GO|Dark-Ras and many more.

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