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Bridget was picked as Season 2's first DLC character partly to increase Japan's 'sluggish' Guilty Gear Strive sales

Guilty Gear Strive is the best-selling entry in the franchise to date and the first Arc System Works original game to cross 1 million copies sold, but the vast majority of those numbers came from overseas.

4Gamer recently held an interview with Strive's Director Akira Katano and Producer Ken Miyauchi where the developers discuss their reasoning behind their DLC decisions and approach going into Season 2.

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Team Samurai early preview and gameplay breakdown provided by Maximilian for The King of Fighters 15

Fans are just a few days away from getting their hands on the newest DLC coming to The King of Fighters 15 in Team Samurai, but they can now get an extra special sneak peak at what all they can do.

SNK provided Maximilian Dood an early preview build of KOF15, which he's used to put together a nice gameplay showcase and breakdown for Haohmaru, Nakoruru and Darli Dagger.

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The Mixup 2022 early results, streams ft. Leffen, SuperAkouma, Yasha, MisterCrimson, Kkokkoma, MysticSmash, Latif, JoKa, Shanks, Sephiblack and more

Update: This story has been updated with day 1 results.

The Mixup 2022 is happening this weekend in Lyon, France.

Notable players set to compete include TSM|Leffen, CRaZY|SuperAkouma, Solary|Yasha, MisterCrimson, Talon|Kkokkoma, VG|MysticSmash, NASR|Latif, JoKa, GIA|Shanks, BIG|Sephiblack, Fergus, Takamura, RooKang, Zando, GL|Tetsu, Ryan Hart, Orange|Kayane, PdM|Sonic-san, MrPOW, Ducky, NSxC|PataChu, Oplon|Skyll, Chickenmaru, Darth Seppius, OBAssassin, NSxC|WhiteBl4ck, mYi|Kirakira, Mik, GIA|Uriel Legion, Will2Pac, TryKeazer, HG|MitrustStorm, HG|Danielmado, NGI|TalesOfMrE, Ghirlanda, RIZE|Ayorichie, Shirdel, GG|Tibetano, Arefu and many more.

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HiFight slows down impressive round of Juri's Feng Shui Engine combos and Jamie's Drive Rush punishes in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 can look pretty darn fast in the hands of strong players even in this early beta phase, so it can be extremely helpful to slow things down a bit to get a full grasp of what they're doing.

The ever great HiFight released a new SF6 breakdown video covering an impressive round between Rycroft's Juri and FlawlessDeku's Jamie, who both showed off some interesting tricks with the characters.

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Hungrybox beats Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's best Jigglypuff player in the mirror match at tournament in surprise upset

Lost Tech City 2022 is one of the tournaments occupying the attention of Smash spectators this weekend. Players that are attending this event include Liquid|Hungrybox, Chilly|BassMage, Moist|Maister, SSG|Zomba, BC|Cosmos, PG|Esam, PG|Marss, and around 400 others specifically for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

While Hungrybox is typically renowned mostly for his successes as the best Jigglypuff user in Super Smash Bros. Melee, he still competes at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the same character. However, BassMage is actually known for being the best Jigglypuff player in the world when it comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. During Lost Tech City 2022, these two ended up running into one another during their respective bracket runs.

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Luke stuns commentators as he breaks Juri's Critical Art at Street Fighter 5 match but slowing things down reveals what happened

Although the latest balance patch for Street Fighter 5 (very likely the final balance patch) did make it a point to nerf Luke, it's still generally accepted that Luke is a top tier contender in Street Fighter 5. Some might even argue that the Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition iteration of Luke "breaks the game."

Needless to say, this thought was jokingly echoed by RZR|Xian on Twitter while highlighting a commentated match between two Gold ranked players. While this could appear to be an argument to suggest that Luke is able to break the game at will, there's more going on here than meets the eye.

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Lost Tech City 2022 live stream ft. Hungrybox, Mango, Plup, Maister, Zomba, aMSa, Cosmos, Esam, Marss, KoDoRiN, Wizzrobe, S2J, Axe, MuteAce and more

Lost Tech City 2022 is happening this weekend in San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

Notable players set to compete at this event include Liquid|Hungrybox, C9|Mango, PG|Plup, Moist|Maister, SSG|Zomba, RB|aMSa, BC|Cosmos, PG|Esam, PG|Marss, FLY|KoDoRiN, Wizzrobe, BC|S2J, Tempo|Axe, MuteAce, PG|WaDi, CRYME|Lui$, Chilly|BassMage, BC|Magi, CLG|SFAT, LG|Ginger, DarkWizzy, Lunar|Skyjay, PAR|Scend, PG|KizzieKay and many more.

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Mario brought his Super Smash Bros. skills with him on his return to World 1-1 in an awesome sprite-based animation

Mario certainly has come a long way since saving Pauline from Donkey Kong in "Donkey Kong," and Princess Toadstool (now Princess Peach) from King Koopa (now Bowser) in "Super Mario Bros." Since then, he's even become a mainstay in many of Nintendo's spinoff series such as the Super Smash Bros. series.

It wouldn't be too farfetched to think that Mario has acquired a ton of experience over his career as a video game icon as a result. What would happen if he utilized some of that experience in a journey back to World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros.?

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VCA Vienna Challengers Arena 2022 live stream ft. Glutonny, Sisqui, Abadango, Bloom4Eva, Fatality, Mr. R, Leon, Space, Flow, Tarik, Peli and more

This weekend will see a big Super Smash Bros. major happening in Vienna, Austria by the name of VCA Vienna Challengers Arena.

Notable players who will be competing at the event are Solary|Glutonny, GIA|Sisqui, SNB|Abadango, Bloom4Eva, Furia|Fatality, Mr. R, Leon, mCon|Space, Flow, Tarik, Peli, Luugi, Raflow, Kept, QuiK, MazeBeans and more.

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Ken can combo after the non-cinematic version of his level 3 super in Street Fighter 6

There has been so much to sift through for Street Fighter 6 fans over the past few months. Not only have new trailers and information about the game been released at a steady pace, but the public has also gotten their hands on the game quite a bit by this point thanks to playable builds and various events.

As we draw nearer to the closed beta test and the next opportunity for players to get time in with SF6, we continue to learn more and more about the game. It certainly feels like we're barely scratching the surface of what's possible in Capcom's latest fighting title, and things like Ken being able to combo after his level 3 super are the type of hidden gems that we're dying to know.

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Saikusa Hinoru draws Street Fighter 6 characters, a gorgeous Blue Mary, and plenty more

The roster for Street Fighter 6 is rounding out nicely as we've now seen a handful of characters and know the identities of the rest of the starting lineup, and Japanese artist Saikusa Hinoru has a few awesome pieces of SF6 character art we just had to share.

From the lollipop loving Juri to Chun-Li in her newest attire, from modern Cammy to on the run Ken, Saikusa some great takes on iconic characters. But the fun doesn't stop there, as a handful of other games get some representation in our gallery round up as well.

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Street Fighter League Pro-JP 2022 early results, stream ft. Kawano, Tokido, Daigo, Gachikun, Fuudo, Bonchan, Momochi, Higuchi, Pugera, Sako and more

Update: This story has been updated with day 7 results.

The Street Fighter League Pro-JP is back in Japan and will be running throughout the rest of the year.

The players participating this year are HB|Kawano, Rohto|Tokido, BST|Daigo, RB|Gachikun, BST|Fuudo, RB|Bonchan, Victrix|Momochi, Saishunkan|Higuchi, G8S|Pugera, FAV|Sako, GyoGun|Mago, SNB|Fujimura, GyoGun|Moke, DNG|John Takeuchi, WPRZT|Nemo, Akira, DNG|Itabashi Zangief, GyoGu|Machabo, GyoGun|Mizuha, DNG|Nauman, iXA|StormKubo, CO|Dogura, SNB|Johnny, Narikun, AXIZ|Shuto, iXA|Gunfight, Uryo, SNB|Yamaguchi, YHC-Mochi, iXA|Inaba, Crusher and CG|Torimeshi.

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Demon Dan's meme filled Alex clips are the best in the FGC, and these three prove it

Alex may have never quite lived up to the hopes of the Street Fighter community when it came to tier list placings, but he's proven to be one of Street Fighter 5's most entertaining roster members to watch. In no small part, that's thanks to Demon Dan.

Dan is one of the Alex faithful who has stuck by the lower tier character through thick and thin, and has been creating the best highlight clips in the business with his perfect pairing of creativity and comebacks.

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Who is actually the MOST Bruce Lee of all fighting game Bruce Lee homages?

Is it even a fighting game if it doesn't have a Bruce Lee character in it? While there are plenty of recurring homages to famous martial artists in our favorite genre, far and away the most popular has to be the iconic 70's action star: Bruce Lee.

The founder of Jeet Kune Do is in seemingly everything from Street Fighter to Tekken, and in a recent video The4thSnake has ranked some 15 Bruce Lee homages in terms of just how many references they include and get right, and the overall winner is probably not one you'd expect.

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From Menat to Psylocke, Shiki to Eliza, Kitty Kaboom's passion for fighting game cosplay is unrivaled

You'll find plenty of cosplayers featured here on EventHubs, but when it comes to passion for the characters she embodies, Kitty Kaboom is queen. She proves she cares about these characters' identities and doing them justice with her acute attention to details many others would have missed.

She's been perfecting her craft for quite a while now and so we've gone through her portfolio and nabbed shots of characters from all over the fighting game world.

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Tekken 7 is getting another balance update on October 4

Bandai Namco announced this morning that Tekken 7 will be receiving another balance update very soon. On October 4, fans can expect another patch that is slated to introduce character changes.

At this time, details have not been divulged on exactly what and who will be targeted for alterations.

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High level Street Fighter 6 footage broken down reveals every little detail about the gameplay

If you're even half as excited as we are for Street Fighter 6, you've probably been spending hours on end watching all the wonderful uploads those who've had the opportunity to play have posted. For those who may want to go just one layer deeper, we've got you covered.

Well, HiFight and Justin Wong have you covered as the former has slowed and broken down some high level gameplay footage posted by the latter, and the results are eye opening for anyone hungry for SF6 info.

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