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ZeRo eliminated in top 96; Larry Lurr, ANTi, and MKLeo sent to losers at 2GGC: Civil War pools in major upsets

Update: ZeRo has been eliminated from the tournament at losers top 96. The player that eliminated him is known as Luhtie, a Zero Suit Samus player.

Ironically, he signed up for the tournament as a Team ZeRo supporter. Betrayal?

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Congratulations to Luhtie for being the 21st player to have taken a set off of ZeRo in tournament.

Earlier: 2GGC: Civil War is currently on its second day of the tournament. It seems that a few of the world's top players have been sent to the losers bracket rather early.

MSF|Larry Lurr, IMT|ANTi, FOX|MKLeo, and TSM|ZeRo were beaten in an upset by FOW, Nicko, Meteror, and Xzax during pools. All three of these players that were sent into the losers bracket are on Team ZeRo.

Many top players have mentioned in the past that Smash 4 has a feeling of inconsistency in it. An "anybody can beat anybody" type of mentality.

We have highlights for the Larry Lurr vs. FOW and ANTi vs. Neko sets to show after the jump.

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Kenny Omega gets his own highlight video! Watch as the wrestling superstar shows off his Alex in impressive form

He may not be a favorite to win EVO, (yet) but professional wrestling superstar Kenny Omega has a damn impressive Alex in Street Fighter 5.

Not only does Kenny offer the magic of a real wrestler playing as a wrestling-based character, but he's got some pretty awesome moves with a character that's regarded as fairly low tier. Xuses has created a highlight video for Kenny's Alex, showing off some of his coolest and hypest moments from online play.

Check out this slick sequence wherein Kenny mauls a Chun-Li player:

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Street Fighter 5 off to a stronger start than expected in 2017? BornFree and Velociraptor discuss on Nameless Fighting Game Show

Street Fighter 5's initial launch had its ups and downs, and while the 2016 Capcom Pro Tour was surely an overall success on many fronts, it wouldn't be fair to discuss it historically without bringing up the handful of issues fans took with convoluted rules, somewhat repetitive character appearances in latter brackets and a very rock Final Round 19 to kick off the year's Premier events.

Much of 2016's Tour was a learning process as Capcom delved into new avenues and tried new approaches, some of them more fruitful than others. Speculation for the 2017 Tour took a somewhat negative turn when the community began seeing the game's Season 2 top tiers emerge, and expectations of a Urien, Laura, Balrog and Guile fest became more and more prevalent.

Final Round 20 kicked off the 2017 CPT, and things could not have gone much better for Street Fighter 5 and the Pro Tour. The tournament ran well, the action was exciting and not filled with perceived top tiers, RZR|Xian wowed the world with his Ibuki and the whole event left a rather sweet taste in figurative mouth of the FGC.

Though not part of the Pro Tour, South by Southwest took place just one week later with similar exciting results, prompting us to think Capcom may have set things up efficiently for 2017. On the Nameless Fighting Game Show, BornFree and I examine specifics, share takeaways and talk significance of kicking things off on the right foot.

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'He's of course stronger in this version, and I’m very happy about that. To be honest, I’m very excited to try him!' - Xian on F.A.N.G.'s changes

Continuing on with getting the opinions of top Street Fighter 5 players, I decided to reach out to Xian on his impressions of the upcoming patch.

Xian is a professional player that is experienced with both F.A.N.G. and Ibuki. As a result, I've asked him questions pertaining to his opinions regarding both of these characters.

We also briefly talk about his recent tournament win at Final Round 20.

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Alex Myers creates a match up chart for Cammy in Street Fighter 5

Cammy is turning out to be one of the better characters in Season 2 of Street Fighter 5. The character is widely considered to be top tier among the top players.

RN|Alex Myers, a professional Street Fighter 5 player, has created a match up chart for Cammy. Kolin is noted as being a question mark as the character still hasn't had a lot of time

Alex Myers's Cammy match up chart image #1
Click images for larger versions

What do you think of these match ups? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.

Source: Alex Myers's Twitter account. Photo source: Chris Bahn.

2GGC: Civil War early results, streams feat. Zero, Ally, MKLeo, Nairo, Dabuz, Larry Lurr, VoiD, Abadango, ANTi, Mr. R, Kameme and more

An absolutely stacked Super Smash Bros. 4 tournament is kicking off today in Santa Ana, California at the eSports Arena.

Some of the notable players attending include TSM|Zero, C9|Ally, FOX|MKLeo, NRG|Nairo, RNG|Dabuz, MSF|Larry Lurr, CLG|VoiD, LG|Abadango, IMT|ANTi, Elevate|Mr. R, DNG|Kameme, 2GG|Komorikiri, MVG|Salem, Ranai and so many more.

The schedule and streams are all available below.

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New King of Fighters 14 footage showcases Vanessa's impressive combo game

So Vanessa was announced as a DLC character for King of Fighters 14 recently. The trailer gave us a glimpse at what the character is capable of.

A video has been released that further demonstrates the combo potential of Vanessa. Below is a quick snippet.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump below to check out the entire video.

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Capcom almost went with a photo realistic look for SF5; presentation highlights the artistic goals for SF5

Not too long ago, a Capcom presentation was given that explained the art direction of Street Fighter 5. A lot of the decisions were actually made for the sake of gameplay and allowing players to be able to follow said gameplay.

For example, it was noted that the team initially pursued realistic proportions during the development of Street Fighter 5. This, however, turned out to be really hard to read and follow during actual gameplay for both players and spectators.

This has been a practice since Capcom made pixel games too. You can see how exaggerated Yun's arms were since those were important for displaying where his attacks were being placed on the screen.

It is also important that characters and their themes are memorable and can be interpreted within a fraction of a second. Tiny details such as a 5 degree difference in a camera angle can make a big difference here.

(For the record, no, the art direction of Ken's and Akuma's hair are not elaborated on).

Street Fighter art direction and themes image #1 Street Fighter art direction and themes image #2 Street Fighter art direction and themes image #3 Street Fighter art direction and themes image #4 Street Fighter art direction and themes image #5 Street Fighter art direction and themes image #6

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Game Over Tournament 2017 live stream feat. DR Ray, Flash, Nacer, Mono, Lord Knight and more

A Capcom Pro Tour ranking event kicks off today in the Dominican Republic.

Game Over Tournament 2017 will feature GAM|DR Ray, Flash, Nacer, Mono, TS|Lord Knight and additional players.

The live stream and schedule can be found below.

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Full Bloom 3 streams feat. Hungrybox, Mango, Leffen, SFAT, Westballz, Axe, Swedish Delight, Ice, PewPewU, Duck, S2J, and more

Full Bloom 3 is a one day event in Bloomington, Indiana. This tournament has a very strong Melee presence, and also features Smash 4.

Notable players include Liquid|Hungrybox, C9|Mango, TSM|Leffen, CLG|SFAT, G2|Westballz, Tempo|Axe, RNG|Swedish Delight, LG|Ice, CLG|PewPewU, Duck, Tempo|S2J, Secret|Silent Wolf, MSF|The Moon, KJH, Selfless|HugS, Glacial|Prince Abu and HomeMadeWaffles, among many more.

You can find the live streams and schedule below.

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Taylor possibly leaked as a playable character for Street Fighter Season 2 by fellow voice actor - what could his Tweet mean?

Update: Bill has stated that Taylor was not a leak and that he was referring to Dave Fenoy's voice work in Kolin's story mode through a series of additional Tweets.

Dave Fenoy voicing Taylor in Season 2 image #4

Earlier: According to Bill Rogers, the voice of Urien, Dave Fenoy is the voice of Taylor for Street Fighter 5 Season 2. He stated this in a Tweet.

Dave Fenoy voicing Taylor in Season 2 image #1

The news that Dave Fenoy, also known as the voice of Lee Everett from Telltale's Walking Dead series, is the voice of Taylor isn't the part that is news, however. We saw this in the credits at the end of "A Shadow Falls" story mode.

Dave Fenoy voicing Taylor in Season 2 image #2

Does this mean that Taylor will be one of the remaining Season 2 characters that have yet to be revealed? This doesn't 100% confirm this as there are a few other possibilities as to what this means.

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The Street Fighter 5 servers will be down for maintenance on March 26th for the upcoming PC beta

It has been announced that the Street Fighter 5 servers will be going down on March 26th from 3 PM until 12 AM PDT in order to prepare to prepare for the announced PC beta. This is only two days before the beta test actually begins.

It was not specifically mentioned if this would affect the PlayStation 4 version of the game. More than likely though, the PlayStation 4 will also have its online features be unavailable.

Street Fighter 5 maintenance period image #1

While it wasn't mentioned in-game, Capcom confirmed over Twitter that the purpose of this maintenance period is for the PC beta.

Street Fighter 5 maintenance period image #2

We'll be sure to keep an eye out for additional updates regarding this.

Source: SFVServer Twitter.

Rage quitter Hell is coming with Street Fighter 5's next update

Yesterday, Capcom gave us a sneak peak at the improvements they will be making to Street Fighter 5's online experience. The blog post shared a slew of details, and one that may have gone overlooked amidst the excitement is the updated rage quit penalty system.

"Matchmaking logic will take into account online behavior and frequent disconnectors will be matched with similar opponents," the blog on Capcom Unity states.

Frequent offenders being paired up with players of similar behavior means we'll be seeing a "rage quitter Hell" of sorts. A feature found in other titles -- such as Super Smash Bros. 4 -- this punishment system makes it so that rage quitters fight other rage quitters more often and encounter those who play by the rules less.

Additionally, the icons that were introduced back in December will be working as intended once the next update is officially in effect. The most vicious rage quitters will be flagged with a special Player Profile icon to help others identify them more easily, and the most honorable of players will also be given a special profile image.

Beware, rage quitters, life is going to get more difficult for you very soon.

Source: Capcom Unity.

The man who broke the bat, Bane, faces off against the alien symbiote, Venom, in the latest Death Battle

Death Battle is showcasing a fight between a man who pumps a substance known as Venom through his veins against an entity that shares the same name as that substance. D.C.'s Bane vs. Marvel's Venom.

Venom is a character that has appeared a few times in the Marvel vs. Capcom series while Bane is a character that appeared in Injustice 1 and will also appear in Injustice 2. Both characters' most notable traits are their phyisical strength.

In the end, only one of these characters will survive (which is obviously why it's called "Death Battle"). Here's a quick little snippet from the battle.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump below to check out the full video.

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Who exactly does ZeRo, the best Super Smash Bros. 4 player, call for coaching during tournaments?

TSM|ZeRo is widely considered to be the best Super Smash Bros. 4 player in the world right now. Despite this, even he benefits from a coach's tips in between rounds.

We saw ZeRo texting and making calls during his sets against Tsu and Kirihara. It's likely that he was seeking advice from somebody.

Click image for animated version

ZeRo confirms as much, including who this individual is, in one of his Tweets.

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