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FV Cup 2019 results

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

FV Cup 2019 is taking place this weekend in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Some of the notable names set to attend the event are ROX|Knee, THY|Chikurin, Talon|Book, UYU|Jeondding, Yamasa|Nobi, ROX|Chanel, Fate|Ulsan, MVP|Pekos, Tejan, GG|Dee-On Grey, ReaperRabbit, Loveneet, ROX|Puma and more.

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Hard reads in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are always special to watch — Dragon Smash puts out video showcasing some of the best so far

Everybody has gotten a read before. If you play fighting games, you've gotten a read on your opponent and predicted correctly what they'll do.

Reads in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tend to result in ended stocks when done correctly. This is definitely true when it comes to hard reads. This compilation video shows you some of the best reads so far in Ultimate.

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Why is there an outcry to ban Kid Goku from Dragon Ball FighterZ tournaments? Rooflemonger reviews the topic

Not too long ago, FOX|SonicFox made a bold declaration on Twitter that stated his beliefs that Kid Goku should be banned from Dragon Ball FighterZ events, despite how fun the character is. While only having been recently released, Kid Goku has already proven himself to be among the best in the game — if not THE best.

So what makes this character so strong? Rooflemonger has released a video that provides an overview on the topic.

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Third set of tournament variations for Mortal Kombat 11 roster coming in a future patch as confirmed by Ed Boon

Mortal Kombat 11 features two tournament variations for each character. Interestingly enough, this is a reduction to Mortal Kombat X's three variations (four in some cases).

However, Ed Boon on Twitter has confirmed that this will eventually be changing. A third tournament variation will be added to each of the game's characters in a future patch.

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'Get your mentality right' — Leffens gives that and four other tips for improving at Super Smash Bros. and other fighters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most popular games out. Many players are hoping to break into the top level as a competitor.

TSM|Leffen is one of few fighting game players who has shown ability to compete at the top as a professional across different titles. While Melee is his forte, he has shown exceptional prowess in Ultimate and offers five tips on improving in Smash and other fighting games.

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Nightwolf in Mortal Kombat 11 has a number of creative ways to inflict pain, including a 770 damage combo

Nightwolf was released earlier this month for Mortal Kombat 11. His brute force play style has been experimented with ever since.

In case there are still players looking to find their way with Nightwolf, there are a couple of combo videos that are floating around that might be of interest. Needless to say, these videos really demonstrate the potency of Nightwolf's combos.

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Mister Crimson releases his Dhalsim match up chart for Street Fighter 5 claiming Sagat is his easiest opponent

Street Fighter 5 is three and a half years old now meaning that players who have stuck it out with their original launch characters should certainly have a ton of solid match up knowledge for the game.

Nathan "nV|Mister Crimson" Massol is one of the best Street Fighter players in France, and being one of the last handful of (mostly) Dhalsim — who is generally seen as middle of the road on tier lists — mains touring at a professional level, he decided to release his own match up chart for the master of Yoga.

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What exactly happened in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite's troubled development? Matt McMuscles and Max take a behind-the-scenes look at the doomed fighter

Capcom has been firing on all cylinders for a few years now reaching record profits and well-received video games in pretty much all avenues of their business... except for their fighting game division.

No better title than Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite encapsulates the issues that the company has put forth for the genre this generation, and content creators Matt McMuscles and Maximilian just released a new video taking a deeper look at all of the internal and external pitfalls of what should have been a slam dunk with information from some who worked on the title.

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Ibuki's Akane Yagyu costume is now available in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition; here are the colors and Easter egg variant for her Onimusha look

The Extra Battle crossover costume train shows no signs of stopping anytime soon for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition with the newest of the bunch now available to play from a series we haven't seen in the game yet.

Ibuki's Akane Yagyu costume is now available to obtain for players who have collected all four of the outfit parts in the Extra Battle mode, so we've gone ahead and collected all 10 of its regular colors plus its Easter egg variant look.

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Shine 2019 early results, streams ft MKLeo, Tweek, Leffen, Hungrybox, Marss, Samsora, Nairo, Plup, S2J, Light, Dabuz, Esam, SFAT, WaDi, LeoN and more

Update: This story is being updated sporadically with results.

Shine 2019 is taking place in Worcester, Massachusetts.

As always, it's a huge event, and some of the top players set to attend include FOX|MKLeo, TSM|Tweek, TSM|Leffen, Liquid|Hungrybox, PG|Marss, eU|Samsora, NRG|Nairo, PG|Plup, HLC|S2J, Rogue|Light, Liquid|Dabuz, PG|Esam, CLG|SFAT, AG|WaDi, SpS|LeoN, CLG|VoiD, Ace|iBDW, Swedish Delight, MVG|Dark Wizzy, NVR|Elegant, Lui$, TG|MVD, Fiction, EMG|Moky, Zenmda|Puppeh, MVG|ScAtt, Salem, Wishes, BC|Mr. R, CLG|PewPewU, Liquid|ChuDat, DIG|Lucky, Timor|Raffi-X and many more.

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Yu Suzuki would like to return to work on a new Virtua Fighter title after Shenmue 3

Yu Suzuki has been directing video games since the mid-80's mostly with Sega creating a bunch of different franchises that supported the company's previously strong arcade and console business including Virtua Fighter, Shenmue, Out Run and After Burner.

Though he's still working on releasing Shenmue 3 with his current company, YS Net, Suzuki says that he would like to return to work on a new entry in the Virtua Fighter or Out Run series in an interview with Video Games Chronicle.

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Nickelodeon characters become Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster in awesome crossover poster from SpongeBob SquarePants artist

The cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the stars of Nickelodeon's cartoon shows each have their own major fan bases and very high levels of popularity. From the Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda crew to Ren and Stimpy and the Rugrats, these two companies house some of the most widely recognized characters in entertainment.

So what happens when you bring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Nickelodeon together? Apparently, you get this awesome art piece that sees popular Nickelodeon characters filling the shoes of Smash Ultimate's playable roster.

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Mina Majikina is coming to Samurai Shodown Season 2 next year, but which other characters seem like probable picks to join her?

Although we already knew some of the DLC plans for Samurai Shodown's post-launch period, EVO 2019 gave us even more insight and surprises when it was announced that they were adding an extra character for free and moving up the release dates of all the announced roster as well, leading to one new character being added every remaining month of this year, with Rimururu being first out earlier this month.

On top of that, we got a Season 2 announcement at the same time, and were promised that Mina Majikina, who won the Dengeki Online Poll for wanted Samurai Shodown characters would be first out for this next season, with three other characters to follow her. So what characters could they be? Let's take a closer look at the Dengeki Online Poll's results, where the currently announced characters placed in it, and what the other placements might mean for potential additions after Mina.

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Street Fighter 5's 'magic number' and how you can use it to start scoring more wins

This is a fairly basic concept that everyone should be aware of, and even those who are previously familiar can absolutely use a refresher.

HiFight gives us a crash course in Street Fighter 5's "magic number," which refers to a frame data and specifically being at plus two advantage after a foe blocks your attack. While it's fairly obvious as to why being at advantage at all is a good thing, not enough players understand all the strengths and options being in this situation truly affords them.

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Fighting game community GoFundMe aims to support those combating fires in Amazon rainforest

You've likely seen or heard about the fires currently burning in the Amazon rainforest as they've been making quite a few headlines in recent days, and a California fighting game community member has started a GoFundMe campaign to try to help out.

Sierra Danielle hails from Fresno and is trying to raise funds to send to Amazon Watch, an entity that focuses on helping the preservation of the Amazon's ecological systems.

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Brian F: Online for fighting games is trash and prevents people from practicing as hard as other tier 1 eSports games

We've recently been discussing an apparent dip in Street Fighter 5's netcode quality, but conversations have begun drifting away from a direct focus on SF5 and more toward the general (rough) relationship between the fighting game genre and online play.

EQNX|Brian F recently posted a tweet in response to a statement by CLG|Tafo regarding the amount of practice that is required for tier 1 eSports competitors. Brian's message points a finger toward fighting game developers in general, calling for them to up their netcode standards... to put it nicely.

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'You shouldn't tease characters half a year in advance unless fans already know it's going to take that long' - TrueUnderDawg on Mortal Kombat 11 DLC

While the recent Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack character reveal was surely an overall win, but there have certainly been some negative reactions to two aspects in particular: Joker's inclusion and design, and Spawn's distant release date.

True Under Dawg Gaming serves as something of a community chorus in his recent video as he breaks down both the good and the bad of said reveal.

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