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Could Capcom be looking to alter Street Fighter 5's risk/reward balance in the next update? Kolin's gameplay footage leads us to think so

The Street Fighter 5 community eagerly awaits the upcoming patch for Season 2 as the balance changes for some characters have left a bit of a bitter taste in a few mouths.

At this point we really have no idea just how much or how little Capcom is looking to change in SF5, but we do now have a potential glimpse at the direction developers are intending to take things.

That glimpse comes from the gameplay footage that we've seen for the not yet released character: Kolin. We got our first viewing at the Lupe Fiasco X Street Fighter event last week, and then another showcase yesterday during the WSO Sessions in London.

We haven't gotten our hands on Kolin yet, and she very well may just be a singularity amongst the game's now 24 character roster, but we feel there's a good chance Kolin could represent the bigger picture for the next balance update.

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Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze are both likely headed to Injustice 2 based on the roster leak, but how will they differ from each other, if at all?

I previously wrote a piece on how Poison Ivy and Swamp-Thing could use the same general purpose for two entirely different characters prior to their official reveals, and this time, we're going to take a quick look at Captain Cold and Mr. Freeze, both of whom are present on the increasingly accurate leak list from December.

At first, the two characters seem awfully similar, since both have cold and ice as their gimmick, and they actually both use some sort of gun to fire freezing beams, but is there potential to have them as different characters, and not just have one be a premium skin for the other?

Nothing can be said for sure just yet, but you can find my thoughts on the matter below.

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Nadesh-who? Super Silver online Akuma pulls off one of the most jaw-dropping parries we've ever seen

We've seen some pretty amazing parries by the likes of FOX|Tokido and HORI|Sako, but you don't have to be a Japanese fighting game god to look godlike with Akuma.

AKG_lockdown is a Super Silver ranked player in Street Fighter 5, but recently pulled off one of the most legitimate Akuma parries we've seen.

Keeping in mind this move has three frames of start up, and results in Akuma taking counter-hit damage if timed incorrectly. Sprinkle in the online lag factor and it makes this sequence all the more impressive.

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Juri lets her hair down, Ingrid looks a little bit evil, Chun-Li goes blonde and Seth... um... riiight...

Juri with her hair down for the win...

Tetsuharu is back for a third and final (at least for the time being) gallery of very impressive fighting game sketch work. Today we see mostly Street Fighters, but a few special guests pop in as well.

Chun-Li sports some blonde hair, Ingrid explores her evil side and Juri rides the Tanden Engine...

Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #1 Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #2 Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #3 Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #4 Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #5 Tetsuharu Gallery 03 image #6

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Nearly 2 million matches played and a lot of appearances from Dex-Starr - here are some stats from Injustice 2's online beta

Ran from January 24th to February 21st, the Injustice 2 beta allowed NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. to gather data and help better develop the game's online experience. While most of that information is very likely meant for internal use only, the game's official Twitter account did share some interesting statistics now that the beta is closed.

The following infographic was released earlier today and gives us a look at numbers such as how many matches were played during the beta period, total pieces of gear dropped, and even how many times Dex Starr made an appearance on screen.

And to whomever played 3,081 matches... I tip my hat to you.

Check out the stats below.

Injustice 2 beta stats image #1
Click images for larger versions

Source: Injustice 2 on Twitter account.

'There's no way a Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter crossover would satisfy everybody' - Despite hurdles, Ed Boon says he's still open to the idea

In the latest installment of IGN Unfiltered -- the site's monthly interview show -- Creative Director at NetherRealm Studios Ed Boon stopped by to talk shop.

Over the years, it seems as though there is always one question that Boon just can't seem to avoid: will we ever see a Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter crossover? In this interview, we learned that the MK co-creator is still open to the idea.

"There's part of me that would be like, 'that would be such a cool dream,'" Boon started. "And then there's another part of me that goes, 'there is no way that would satisfy everybody.'"

Boon goes on to explain that even if the game were rated M, it would be difficult to find the perfect balance between the two franchises' styles. Despite this, he would still entertain the idea if Capcom approached him.

You can check out the full segment after the jump.

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Injustice 2 Watchtower live stream ft. Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn showcase, begins at 1 p.m. PST

Updated: The stream is now live.

NetherRealm is back for another Injustice 2 live stream today. As usual, the Watchtower broadcast will show more footage of the game, answer fan questions, and more.

This time, we can expect to see character breakdowns for Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn. Both have seen official reveals, but not much gameplay for these fighters has been showcased yet.

The live stream is set to kick off at 3 p.m. CST / 1 p.m. PST / 4 p.m. EST.

You can check out the broadcast below.

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Guilty Gear and BlazBlue costumes coming to Dead or Alive 5: Last Round in March

Dead or Alive 5 has done a lot of things as far as crossovers go, with guest characters from Virtua Fighter, King of Fighters and even Samurai Warriors joining the fray, and costumes from all different kinds of places being part of the game.

While this latest news doesn't contain characters (as far as we know), 16 costumes are coming to Dead or Alive 5 at some point in March - 8 from Guilty Gear and 8 from BlazBlue.

While details about the update are currently scarce, continue below for the few details we do know.

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Full Capcom Pro Tour 2017 details set to drop on Monday

The time is almost here.

Those anxiously awaiting the full details on this year's Capcom Pro Tour won't have to wait much longer. According to a tweet over on the official Capcom Fighters Twitter account, information about the 2017 tournament season is set to go live on Monday, February 27th on the Capcom Pro Tour website.

Check out the tweet below.

Click image to view the tweet

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A tier list that ranks fighting games, not their characters - here's an interesting idea with some interesting results

We've seen hundreds of personal tier lists over the years. From pro players to casual fans, most everybody has an opinion on how their favorite character in a fighting game stacks up against the rest of the cast, and/or which characters are best and worst.

One thing I can't ever recall seeing is a full on fighting game tier list that ranks the games themselves instead of the characters found in each. One such list is getting some attention over on Twitter, and while it obviously isn't the definitive word on how these games rank, it's certainly interesting.

We're unsure who created this list (if you know, please do tell in the comments), but it was shared by Ryan Hart.

Check out the fighting game tier list below.

Fighting games tier list image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Anti-air bomb confirms, unseeable side switches and so many mixups they'll leave your head spinning - Lucius' Ibuki is back, and it's even fiercer

RnK Clan's Lucius has been featured on our site before with his incredibly lethal Ibuki, and after the buffs she received for Season 2, he's back at it again.

This highlight video contains around 7 minutes of footage from actual matches, and there's so much incredible stuff going on in here, you might just get a new appreciation, or a new fear, for Street Fighter 5's main ninja girl. You can check out one nasty anti-air confirm via V-Trigger here.

Click image for animated version

Continue below to check out the full video.

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Romance explains the most fun aspect of KOF, community reception of the latest game and why YOU should be playing it in this exclusive interview

With a pair of King of Fighters 13 top 8 appearances at EVO and more tournament wins than he's cared to keep track of, Ramon "Romance" Navarrete Valencia is one of the world's most notable KOF players.

King of Fighters 14 dropped in August of last year, and has seen enough popularity to garner a spot on the EVO 2017 line up, but Romance feels the latest entry in SNK's long running series has more to offer potential players, if they'd just give it the chance.

We were lucky enough to sit down with the Mexican player, (he now lives in Southern California, and plans to make a big move to Las Vegas soon) to talk about the KOF community's transition to the latest title, and why it's so enjoyable as a fighter.

Raptor:What's the most fun thing about playing this game?

Romance: I love that people's skill truly shows through in their play. You can be really creative with mind games and such, and you are rewarded based on the amount of time you put in. It's not as simple as other games, but it can be more rewarding as a result.

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'I feel there might be another character, like Sagat, that Capcom will surprise us with for the 30th anniversary' - Vesper talks SF5 PR development

With Capcom's recent promise to be more communicative with fans, the community is hopeful for a stronger year for Street Fighter 5 in 2017.

In a recent video, VesperArcade takes a brief look back over Capcom's 2016 public relations when it came to SF5, and speculates on as to why the company has been less vocal than in the past.

He notes that even Yoshinori Ono, the often go-to figure for trollish hints and hype-building Twitter teases, was hesitant to admit Akuma was actually confirmed after his teaser trailer was released late last year.

Vesper then states that he feels there's a possibility Capcom will reveal a new character in addition to the six promised DLC fighters of Season 2, and that this could be a hugely positive PR move if handled correctly.

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Swamp Thing has extraordinary range, can disable the opponent's jump / dash, and much more in Injustice 2 - here's a quick breakdown

IGN has put together a quick breakdown for one of the most recently announced Injustice 2 fighters, Swamp Thing.

In it, we learn that Swamp Thing has incredibly range, mostly due to his command grabs that can scoop up opponents from any distance. Though he doesn't do too well against projectile-heavy characters, he does have some tricks up his sleeve.

Below is a quick GIF of Swamp Thing in action to get you started.

Click image for animated version

Be sure to hit the jump to view the full breakdown.

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Samus, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman and plenty others make this multi-photographer cosplay gallery sizzle

Today we've got a collection of cosplay featuring characters from all over the fighting game universe.

Plenty of different talented cosplay artists show off some of their best work as captured by three different photographers: Jason Laboy, SL Dixon Photography, CarlosG Photography.

Give this gallery a glance and let us know which photos are your favorites.

Cosplay Galleria image #1 Cosplay Galleria image #2 Cosplay Galleria image #3 Cosplay Galleria image #4 Cosplay Galleria image #5 Cosplay Galleria image #6

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