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Fractured heroes come together to face an enemy they've never seen before: microtransactions; Honest Game Trailers goes in on Injustice 2

With "a story mode that's leagues ahead of the rest of the genre" and "a system that makes the game less balanced and even more addictive" we have some pretty high hopes for "PG Mortal Kombat."

Smosh Games has hit it out of the park with another Honest Games Trailer, this time featuring Injustice 2.

While they do acknowledge that NetherRealm's latest is "their most polished game yet," that doesn't stop them from poking some pretty hilarious holes in it.

Whether you play on a more competitive or casual level, you'll definitely appreciate the commentary here.

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New Tekken 7 videos show high quality footage in 60 FPS on PlayStation Pro, reveal new glimpses into story mode

A recent article on fightersgeneration has turned us on to two pretty interesting Tekken 7 videos.

The first of these is a new character episode trailer from Bandai Namco, which happens to show off a few scenes from the game's story. We nabbed a few of those for you to quickly view in the GIF here:

Click images for animated versions

The second of these is a cinematic intro video from YellowMotion, which shows off the game in the highest possible quality on PlayStation Pro.

Since this is through YouTube, compression is still a factor, and what we're seeing isn't quite as crisp as the real thing. Still, Tekken 7's visuals are looking absolutely top notch, and you can see them for yourself after the jump.

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Balrog's TAPs may not be as strong as you think, here are three important counters to keep in mind when playing against him

One of Balrog's buffs in Season 2 of Street Fighter 5 went to his turn around punch, (also known as "TAP") and ever since we've seen a sharp rise in the average number of taps per round across online and tournament matches alike.

Fifteen invincibility frames, a good deal of damage and safe on block? Just on paper TAP begins to sound a bit overpowered, and indeed it's been a source of frustration for many a Balrog opponent in recent months. Is it as good as it seems though?

A player by the name of Uncle Wimpy has made it a point to discover and share the weaknesses of TAP in SF5, and has already come out with a few counter measures, the first of which you'll see here:

Click images for animated versions

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Harley Quinn's 'NSFW' dream, a dig at social justice warriors, talk of Two-Face... Injustice 2 is rich with quick jokes and Easter Egg references

Not only will players be coming back again and again to enjoy Injustice 2's beautiful visuals, enticing story and incredibly entertaining gameplay, they'll also want to check back to see which of the game's numerous Easter Egg references may have slipped past them.

Coming mostly from pre-battle character interactions, Injustice 2 offers a myriad of nods to other comic characters, the Mortal Kombat universe and even a tidbit of commentary on today's social trends and climate.

MKIceAndFire has taken the time to seek out (potentially) all of the game's Easter Eggs and funny references, and they've made a video spanning nearly nine minutes to show off all they've found.

We'll admit we smiled and chuckled more than a few times while watching, and have to take our hats off to NetherRealm Studios for making such a rich and detailed experience.

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I agree with Infiltration about Nash being weak... Punk is currently the best in the world - the red hot Bonchan interviews with Capcom

With three Pro Tour victories in a row, and the first player to be able to boast a Premier win with Nash in Season 2, RB|Bonchan has reemerged as one of the strongest players in the Street Fighter scene.

After his win at Battle Arena Melbourne 9 in Australia, Bonchan had a chat with Capcom's Matt Edwards, (made possible via the excellent translation skills of Jiyuna) who picked the Japanese player's brain for his perception on what's going on in the general Street Fighter 5 landscape.

Bonchan states that he does not disagree with RZR|Infiltration's now famous description of Nash's fall on the tier lists, deeming him "limbless" and near unplayable by competitive standards.

He admits that he attributes a significant part of his success to the fact that many players have allowed Nash to slip from their radars, not seeing him as enough of a threat to focus on.

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Does Deadshot actually need a nerf in Injustice 2? The pros and cons of balance updates

So Injustice 2 has yet to be out for a full week but there is already a debate going around concerning a very specific character: Deadshot.

Does this character need to be nerfed? Is it too early to even be considering this question?

There are strong arguments for both sides honestly.

On one hand, it's an extremely polarizing playstyle that is essentially only fun for one player. While the strategy of "spamming" (not true zoning) is easily beatable, it's not always within the capabilities of the more casual audience to do so - which makes up most of the game's playerbase, like it or not.

Still, the game has only been out for an extremely short period of time. If there is a solution to Deadshot, not enough time has actually been given for players to explore the meta.

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Still on the fence about Ed's inclusion in SF5? Check out this compilation of matches from Momochi, 801_Strider, Poongko, Velociraptor, and more as Ed

We're still awaiting details on when Ed will be officially released along with the CFN update and balance patch. In the meantime, we do still have Ed footage to tide us over.

If you are still wondering you Ed is the right character for you, it'd certainly be beneficial to watch gameplay footage of high level Street Fighter 5 players. WuahWuahMan has released a video containing as such.

During the video, we see players like Momochi, 801_Strider, Poongko, and PR_Balrog playing as Ed. We even get a glimpse of our very own Velociraptor with Ed.

Here's a highlight from 801_Strider's gameplay:

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump below to check out the full video.

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'CFN Servers are a nightmare' - Phenom and Ryan Hart sit down with FGC News for interviews on SF5 and Eleague

David Gama of FGC News is back with more interviews from top professional players on their opinions on Street Fighter 5 and Eleague. This time he's interviewing Ryan Hart and then Arman "BX3|Phenom" Hanjani (separately).

We've definitely seen how Eleague has stressed out top players and made them nervous during their sets in the tournament. These interviews give us an opportunity to pick the brains of these top players.

While Ryan Hart has already been eliminated, Phenom is still in the tournament and will be playing this upcoming Friday.

Hit the jump below to check out the videos.

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'Change it from the undefeated show to where Mango goes undefeated...' - Mango on The Reads; catch up on episodes here

The Reads show has been active on the Cross Counter TV YouTube channel. Like the Excellent Adventures, it shows players going up against the world in online matches, only in Super Smash Bros. Melee Netplay.

Our hosts for the show are Scar & Toph. They've had SilentWolf and C9|Mango appear as special guests.

No surprises here, but there have been plenty of hype moments on the show.

Click image for animated version

After the jump, you can watch episodes #02 through #05.

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Does a Mortal Kombat Reboot that was 'like a Hard-R Avengers' with violence sound interesting? That was the original intent according to Oren Uziel

Recently, Collider had an exclusive interview with Oren Uziel, the original screenwriter for the Mortal Kombat Reboot movie that's been in years of development.

While he is unsure of how much of his original script remains for the story, he was going to "[take] The Avengers, or a storyline like that and set it in a sort of hard-R, over-the-top violence and hard-edged world of Mortal Kombat." The tone was intended to be "still fun but very dark."

Even though we did have two previous Mortal Kombat movies, the word "cheesy" definitely comes to mind whenever you think of these two movies. A more serious and intense version of the events would be a unique take.

Hit the jump below to see the "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" short that was written by Oren Uziel back in 2010 to get an idea of what the Mortal Kombat Reboot could be or could've been like.

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Harada confirms a game tuning patch after the release of Tekken 7 for consoles

Despite Tekken 7 being available in Japan since March 18, 2015, the worldwide console release won't be coming until June 2, 2017. It's been a long wait, but we're nearly there now.

Harada was recently asked if there will be an update made to Tekken 7 after its console release. Harada had this to say:

Click image for Tweet

We already know that Tekken 7 will eventually have two additional DLC characters from other franchises later down the road so patching for the game is to be expected. It is nice to know that balance adjustments will be made as well.

Patching games after their release has essentially become standard practice in the video game industry. This allows the developers to continue work on a game without the pressure of deadlines.

Source: Harada's Twitter.

Street Fighter 5 hit 1.6 million in sales, Capcom continues to push it for eSports - title keeps chugging along despite hate

Mention the words 'Street Fighter 5' to almost anyone in the fighting game community, and you're about to get an earful.

Whether you love or hate the game, it's hard to run across anyone in the FGC who doesn't have a strong opinion about the release.

Personal feelings aside, what really matters with a title like this is the traction it's seeing from gamers, how often it's being played in the community, and if it's main developer continues to improve and support the title.

And against all odds, Street Fighter 5 keeps checking these boxes, and today I wanted to show how it's doing it.

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Juri dead last in Capcom's official Street Fighter 5 match up chart, popularity rankings for April put Zangief in top 4

Capcom released their latest set of match up data for Street Fighter 5, looking at the win rankings and popularity of the entire playable cast.

This data is from April 2017, and some of the things that stood out to me were Juri's placement as dead last overall in the match up chart, with Ryu in the 2nd worst overall position.

Urien has taken control as the most dominating online character, from a wins perspective, followed by M. Bison and Balrog.

What's interesting is when you start comparing the two lists together, as Vega was the 4th most winning character for the month of April, he was also the third least popular character in the game.

So while Vega players had a strong winning percentage — not many people were actually playing the character.

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'I missed all of the recent tournament results, where can I find them? Oh, right there'

If you don't look over EventHubs very often, you might miss some of the excellent features we have on site, like a list of tournament results.

These last two weeks, we've covered 10 major events, but with how the front page works, they're mixed in with all of our other recent stories.

The tournament results page is a dedicated area for these stories — and these stories alone — so if you're looking for the latest breakdowns of how competitions in the FGC have shaken out, they're just a click away.

You can always find a link to this section at the top of our desktop website, and in the navigation on mobile, as it's one of the first links on either page.

If you don't like the news getting mixed in with the tournament results you came to see, this is the perfect one-stop shop for your needs.

Injustice 2 roundup: Tricks for Atrocitus, set ups for Captain Cold, the most terrifying combos we could come up with for Scarecrow and more

Today's Injustice 2 round up has something for most everyone whether you're looking to see some cool combos from the likes of Robin, Grodd or Captain Cold, learn some clever strategies and tricks for Atrocitus, or even learn how to approach the game in general.

Our own Steven "DreamKing" Chavez has even come up with his own combo video for Scarecrow, exploring the most devastating (though perhaps not optimal) sequences he's been able to find.

Take this brutal beat down, for instance:

Click images for animated versions

There's plenty to get through, and you'll find it all right after the jump below.

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