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Footage of Morrigan's Harmonious Spear special move in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite surfaces, potentially nerfs opponent meter gain

We've seen quite a lot of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite in recent times. From back-to-back events featuring a playable version of the game on the show floor, a slew of new footage has surfaced over the past two weeks.

Despite this, I feel as though we haven't really seen all that much of Morrigan in action. Much how all of the returning characters on the roster have received something new to work with, Morrigan has a new special move that we get to see utilized today.

Morrigan's Harmonious Spear sees her firing a long-ranged, well... spear at her opponent. When performed in the air, as we see in Olaf's clip from San Diego Comic-Con, Morrigan launches the spear diagonally down in front of her making for what looks to be great space control.

When this move successfully strikes the opponent, it inflicts them with a dark haze. Though this was thought to steal health from the opponent -- like a poison effect, but with Morrigan gaining health -- it looks as though the effect might actually target the opponent's meter while it's active.

"It 'used to' steal life. It PROBABLY nerfs opponent meter gain. I asked. That's what I was told," Olaf's tweet notes. Unfortunately, we didn't get an example of this potential meter gain hindrance within the clip.

Though Morrigan will still retain her ability to put opponents in fireball hell, representatives working on the game noted that it won't be as powerful and frustrating as before. On the plus side, Harmonious Spear looks like it's going to be a great tool for Morrigan to control the air and frustrate her opponents in a whole new way.

Click image to view the clip

Be sure to check out Olaf's Twitter for more Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite videos from the SDCC show floor.

Over 50 minutes of Arika's unnamed fighting game footage, features look at the 'deck' system

Recently, Arika uploaded a YouTube video containing over 50 minutes of gameplay footage of their unnamed game. It is specifically mentioned in the title of their game that the name is still undecided.

As indicated by the description, the footage shown is the EVO build (meaning there likely exists a build for the developers that is beyond the EVO build). The game is being played by the developers themselves, who probably know the most about how to play the game at this point.

Characters that fight are Kairi, Garuda and Hokuto. Unfortunately, no Skullomania or Darun yet despite their announcements.

We get a good glimpse of some mechanics as a result of the footage. For example, there are two different input methods that can be selected before a match.

Progressive is said to give shortened inputs for the benefit of faster inputs. Meanwhile, Classic has traditional inputs instead.

There is also an interesting "deck system" that appears similar to SFxT's gems, but way simpler. This seems like it will help players better diversify themselves even if they pick the same characters.

Here's a pretty stylish sequence that occurred within the video:

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump below to check out the video.

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The most impressive moment of Street Fighter 5 at EVO 2017 that most people probably didn't notice

EVO 2017 was filled with very impressive moments, especially in the top eight part of the bracket. In particular, the Street Fighter 5 tournament showed FOX|Tokido achieving 1st place, coming out of the losers bracket.

During the event, Tokido performed a combo against SPY|Filipino Champ that hasn't really been seen before. A rather intricate explanation is required in order to explain why it worked, but most people probably didn't even know how awesome it was when it first occurred.

At midscreen, Akuma's back plus heavy punch cancelled into red fireball is fairly easy to connect with. This becomes a bit more complicated in the corner though.

The opponent is not normally launched far enough while in the corner for the red fireball to connect. Even if cancelled at the last possible moment from max range, it still won't connect.

This combo only connects from maximum range, while cancelled at the last possible moment, and while the opponent is crouching. Crouching, after all, will cause a character's hurtbox to extend horizontally.

By connecting the red fireball in the corner, Akuma is then allowed to get additional damage with his Dragon Punch special. It isn't just a matter of execution that makes this combo work -- the situation has to be perfectly set up.

Click image for animated version

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Maximilian's Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite 'Assist Me!' teaser; Dr. Doom tries to find a job

Maximilian uploaded a video which showcased a quick preview for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite "Assist Me!" series. Personally, I do think the title still works despite the lack of an "assist" feature in the game this time around since the viewers are the ones getting assistance in the form of a tutorial.

You may remember that during EVO 2016, it was announced that Max and his team would finish up the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Assist Me series. Max explains during this video that he lost all the data on a hard drive, causing him to cancel that idea.

He mentions that the Assist Me series has always been based around an idea. The idea behind the Injustice video was to have Dr. Doom and Wesker fight over being Batman, for example.

It seems that the idea behind the MvCI videos is to poke fun at how certain character roles have changed going from UMvC3. For example, some characters may not be included in the game that were in UMvC3.

Dr. Doom is looking like one such character. He has yet to be announced and, if the leaks are to be believed, his only chance might be as future DLC.

Being that Dr. Doom is one of the main recurring characters of the show, you can expect there to be a lot of poking at this fact. We see this in the teaser.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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I am way too excited about Menat in Street Fighter 5, let's explore what we know about her so far

Rose has been my favorite Street Fighter character since the Alpha 2 days, clear back in 1996.

So the prospect of adding her protégé to Street Fighter 5's cast has me way more excited than I should be, even though it's still not a lock the Fortune Teller is Menat — just highly likely.

I've searched the internet for information on Menat, and come up almost completely empty-handed.

Realizing the scarcity of information, I wanted to take a deeper dive into what we do know about the potential 5th DLC character for Season 2.

Fair warning, a number of these details are speculative, so proceed with that in mind.

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Plup wins Melee tournament against two Gods, a feat that nobody aside from Leffen had accomplished since 2010

There's a reason why FOX|Mew2King and TL|HungryBox are referred to as being among the five "gods" of Melee. With the exception of Leffen, nobody has won a tournament against the Melee Gods when two or more of them were present since 2010.

Today, that streak has been broken. PG|Plup managed to defeat both Mew2King and HungryBox at DreamHack Atlanta 2017. Inevitably, he ended up winning the tournament as a result.

First, he ended up running into Mew2King in the winners bracket. It was quite an intense Sheik mirror match.

With already having two games in his favor to Mew2King's one, Plup really had Mew2King in a bad spot. Thanks to his edge hogging, he kept forcing Mew2King to recover onto the stage instead of letting him safely grab the ledge.

Mew2King even tried transforming into Zelda in order to further extend his recovery. In the end, Plup was able to take Mew2King down with a 3 - 1 victory.

Not only did he send Mew2King to losers, but he also sent HungryBox there as well. This meant that the grand finals would not be a god vs. god.

Click images for animated versions

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DreamHack Atlanta 2017 results ft Salem, ZeRo, Hungrybox, Punk, Nairo

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

This weekend, you can count on seeing some top-level Super Smash Bros. action, as DreamHack Atlanta is upon us, with $10,000 on the line for both Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Of course, these aren't the only games being played. Street Fighter 5 also has a $5,000 prize pool, while Tekken 7 and Injustice 2 have $2,500 each.

This is also a stop on the Tekken World Tour, so as expected, most of North America's top players have decided to show up.

Players expected to attend this event include MVG|Salem, TSM|ZeRo, Liquid|Hungrybox, PG|Punk, NRG|Nairo, FOX|Mew2King, RNG|Dabuz, Streamme|Anakin, FOX|MKLeo, CLG|SFAT, PG|Speedkicks, MSF|Larry Lurr, BC|Mr. R, C9|Ally, PG|Plup, ITS|Princess Ling, Tempo|Axe, CLG|VoiD, Fable|NYCFab, P1|Tweek, SB|Dieminion, EMG|n0ne, MSF|The Moon, Liquid|ChuDat, VS|Pokchop, BxA|Squall, BxA|KoDee, Balance|DruggedFox, YP|Fatality, PG|Esam, SS|Colbol, NS|Joel, H3|TheGame, ITS|JoeyFury, ITS|Mak, Samsora, ITS|Lil' Majin and many more.

With entrants in each game besides Injustice 2 exceeding 100 each, and both Smash games exceeding 300 each, you can bet that competition will be fierce.

Streaming is being handled by DreamHack Fighters, DreamHack Smash and VG Boot Camp.

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Punk takes top eight DreamHack opponent's arcade stick and continues playing for him after a rage quit; Jebailey Jebaits in background

As the Street Fighter 5 bracket at DreamHack Atlanta was coming to a close, PG|Punk decisively defeated PIE|Kami 3-0.

The way the two players finished the bout however, was ridiculous.

Having abandoned all hope, Kami admitted total defeat by ceasing to play and literally handing Punk his arcade stick. I also should note that the term "rage quit" may be a bit harsh here, as Kami's smiling face reveals that he's not all that angry.

The young player of prodigious skill took the abnormal situation in stride, and actually continued playing as Akuma.

Perceptive viewers will notice the perfect cap to the ludicrous sequence as Alex Jebailey stands perfectly framed in the background in his trademark "Jebaited" pose.

Everything about this is absurdly perfect, and you can watch the whole sequence in the clip right here:

Click images for animated versions

Look at this banner, now watch this video

The Cross Counter boys are back with the latest installment of Excellent Adventures, this time featuring none other than PG|Punk and RISE|Smug.

First of all, it's near impossible to imagine The Alpha, The Mayor of Duff City, Gootecks and Mike Ross all on a couch together not being entertaining, so I feel like I shouldn't have to sell you on this one.

For those of you sticklers that haven't already jumped to the video, you'll catch such rare sightings as Punk's R. Mika and Smug's Urien in action.

Known for his colorful stream personality, Smug delivers with comical banter and animated expressions. He keeps things lively with antics such as showing off his ridiculous (see also: super cool) socks.

Punk's commentary is hilarious throughout, mainly due to that perfect juxtaposition of his laid back, matter of fact tone alongside beastly gameplay against anyone and everyone that comes his way.

If you're here to see the famous Pogchamp emoji recreated in real life, it happens just after the 26:00 minute mark.

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With an EVO win and an endorsement from Tokido, is Akuma the strongest character in Street Fighter 5?

A few weeks after we got our first glimpse at him back in December of 2016, I wrote a reaction piece titled "Why Akuma may have the potential to be the strongest character in Street Fighter 5... (and why it may not matter)."

Since that time, I admit I banished the thought from my mind, not playing him much myself and seeing plenty of other roster members fare better at major events. If you're not keen on going back to read the whole thing, the message was essentially this: Akuma has access to almost every tool an SF5 character would need to win, but low life plus high technicality plus human error equals a potential that we'll likely never see.

Enter Tokido, AKA The Murderface, AKA the living embodiment of his favorite character. That last one isn't to say Tokido goes around murdering people's souls, but rather that his name has become nearly synonymous with the avatar he uses in Street Fighter.

More often than not, when people think of Akuma, they think of Tokido, and I can't tell you how many times I've heard individuals (myself included) accidentally exchange the two names while discussing them.

There are few barometers more telling than EVO grand finals, and Akum- err, Tokido walked away from them this year with a very decisive victory. In his post win interview Tokdio stated, "Akuma is best character... he is difficult, but very good."

An EVO victory and a claim from one of the Japanese gods that he's the best? Well that's going to at least reopen the case for demonic fighter's rankings, so let's see what we can conclude.

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The History of Geese Howard video describes tough childhood, interactions with the Mafia, and role as host for King of Fighters tournaments

During EVO 2017, we got a special announcement for a character that will appear as DLC for Tekken 7. This character is Geese Howard.

What makes Geese Howard particularly interesting is that he first appeared in Fatal Fury, but also had roles in the King of Fighters series and the Art of Fighting series. Like Street Fighter's Akuma, he is a third party character joining Tekken 7's roster.

As such, in order to really understand Geese Howard, you have to know his history. A video has been uploaded on the History Behind The Warrior YouTube channel that goes over this.

Geese did not exactly have the best childhood. His father was the source of a great deal of anger for him since he was barely around, even after Geese's mother died.

This anger created a fire that would eventually turn into an insatiable thirst for power. It is noted that he would intimidate and bribe Mafia members.

He would become the host of a couple of King of Fighters tournaments. This kept ending with Terry knocking him off a building.

Hit the jump below to check out the video.

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'I moan about Street Fighter 5 a lot... but it's the future' - ImStillDaDaddy's EVO interview with BornFree is incredibly transparent and heartfelt

Sean "INF|ImStillDaDaddy" Dench is one of Europe's most charismatic Street Fighter players, and that's most likely due to the combo of his strong skill and passionate expression.

Dench spoke with BornFree at EVO this year about Street Fighter 5, focusing both on experiences within the game and with the community around it.

Like a good portion of SF fans, ISDD takes issue with certain aspects of SF5, but he has come to have a progressive attitude about it.

"I've been moaning about SF5 a lot, and there's a lot of things I don't agree with in it. I've gone back to the other Street Fighter (SF4) and I can't play it no more. This is the future, it's like, you just get in there and you get things done. It's complicated, but I've really adapted to this game now," he explains.

Dench goes on to detail the newer characters that have arrived in Season 2 of SF5, expressing that they've added a lot to the game with their unique styles and designs.

You'll learn about the origins of ISDD's unique handle, his experiences in successful streaming and plenty more in the full interview below.

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Did you notice the Bizarro premier skin during Starfire's Injustice 2 trailer? Has flame breath and frost vision

While Starfire was certainly the star of her own trailer that launched yesterday, there was a brief moment where another character caught our interest. Rather, a character that appears as what we believe to be a premier skin for Superman.

The character that we saw was clearly Bizarro. He is essentially the opposite to Superman.

As you might expect from Superman's opposite, instead of freezing breath and heat vision, Bizarro has access to flame breath and frost vision. In terms of gameplay, however, these moves have the exact same functions as the original character.

Meter burning Bizarro's flame breath will cause the opponent to freak out in place while trying to douse their flames, similar to how Superman's meter burned frost breath freezes opponents in place. The frost vision appears to only cause damage, just like heat vision.

While premier skins are not exactly a new concept for Injustice 2 (we already have Mr. Freeze, Vixen, Reverse-Flash, Power Girl, Grid, John Stewart, and Jay Garrick), Bizzaro looks particularly unique. The appearance of his attacks, while they do the exact same thing, are completely different.

It's an additional attention to detail that just looks really cool. Hopefully future premier skins will be this awesome.

Click image for animated version

Bizarro image source: D.C.

Here's what the Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite roster and character select screen may look like upon release, according to leaks and announcements

You may recall a little while ago that we posted about a leaked Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite list by Ryce. So far this list has proven to be pretty accurate as characters on the list have not yet been deconfirmed.

Still, with the reveal of characters like Haggar and Frank West showed us that there were a few more characters in the roster than this list. It doesn't deconfirm it, but just suggests that there were a few characters unknown to the source.

There is another piece of information where even characters like Haggar fit into. A data mine list was posted at some point that includes Ryce's list in addition to characters like Frank West and Haggar.

As a result, we are expecting to see a few of the other characters found in this data mine later down the road. Characters like Dormammu and Ghost Rider, for example, are not found on Ryce's original list.

Keep in mind that not everything on the data mined list will be characters. "RestraintThanos" probably refers to the restrained model of Thanos we saw during the MvCI story demo.

Recently, Maximilian posted a photoshopped character select screen of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. The purpose of this image is to show what the roster may look like based on those data mined images.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite characters image #1 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite characters image #2 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite characters image #3
Click images for larger versions

Source: Maximilian's Twitter.

Frank West has 'game-changing' new move in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Haggar a 'natural fit' for Space Stone; early new character impressions

We found out about them only yesterday (okay, maybe it was secretly the day before) but already the information is flowing in about Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite's brand new characters.

Among these are two returners from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Dead Rising's Frank West and Final Fight's Mike Haggar.

As we've seen over the years, the MvC series doesn't always mix up legacy characters too much from game to game, and players that used these two in UMvC3 will likely already have something of a handle on them in Infinite.

That said, they do have some important new moves in their latest iterations, and the potential for new approaches when these fighters are paired with any of the game's six Infinity Stones will surely take old faces into uncharted territory.

Alex Donaldson of VG 24/7 scored some hands on time with the newcomers of MvCI, and has detailed some of the more significant changes to both Haggar and Frank West, the latter of who relies on a taking photos of his opponents to level up and gain access to his stronger moves.

"Frank has a game-changing new move compared to MVC3," says Donaldson. "The ability to put down a camera tripod with a timer. This means Frank can in some cases snap photos after a tag and can lead to way more set ups – and you can still take photos manually, too. Some new normals mean he might stand more of a chance at getting in than MVC3 in general, too – in that game he relied heavily on assists, but he might not need them as much here."

Click images for animated versions

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Footage of the Dragon Ball FighterZ EVO grand finals plus over 80 minutes of gameplay

During EVO 2017, Dragon Ball FighterZ was playable for those that attended. There was a tournament played for the game.

Now that the video has been uploaded to YouTube, we have some fairly high level footage to view as a result. This pitted up a Guilty Gear player known as Daianddoh against Plural.

Both players are making use of Cell, Frieza, and Vegeta as their team. Perhaps these three characters are among the strongest of the six that have been playable.

After that, you can view two additional videos showcasing gameplay for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The first video is over 50 minutes long while the second video is over 30 minutes long.

If you are interested in seeing some gameplay for Goku, fat Majin Buu, and SSJ kid Gohan, then you'll want to check out these videos. There is solid gameplay overall from all three videos.

Here's a pretty slick sequence that occurred during the grand finals.

Click image for animated version

Hit the jump to check out the videos.

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We never thought we'd hear music this hard in Street Fighter, but Abigail's metal theme gets pretty heavy

Hugo did have some hard rocking themes in Street Fighter 3 and Street Fighter 4, but newcomer Abigail's theme in Street Fighter 5 has to take the hard rockin' cake.

The gargantuan motorhead has a metal theme complete with lyrics, further accentuating his personality in his latest appearance.

Vesper Arcade has uploaded a preview of this theme, acknowledging that the song is much different than anything else we've heard for the game thus far.

It's interesting to note that Capcom seems to be suddenly favoring lyrics in their themes as the previous DLC fighter, Ed, also had words included in his hip hop-based BGM.

Side request: If anyone with an ear for screamed lyrics wants to try to decipher and write out the words in the comments section, please feel free to do so.

Click the jump below to access the preview of Abby's head banging disasterpiece.

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You'll get 30,000 Fight Money just for logging into Street Fighter 5's servers some time in August

It was on August 30th 1987 that the original Street Fighter hit arcades. Capcom is now preparing its 30th anniversary celebration of the iconic series, and part of said celebrations involves a free pile of fight money for Street Fighter 5 users.

JardFGC attended the Street Fighter panel at San Diego Comic Con yesterday, sharing the presentation with the rest of the world via snapshots on Twitter.

In addition to the new stages, costumes and EVO stats, Jared also posted that Capcom would be awarding a sizeable chunk of (in-game) change to players.

"30,000 bonus fight money awarded to anyone logging in close to anniversary date," reads one of Jared's tweets.

When we followed up for more details, he explained, "They didn't give a date, the panel just mentioned that closer to the anniversary date you can log in and get that 30k fight money."

This comes at a very good time, as new stages are on their way to the game, and those have traditionally run for 70k FM. Thank you also to fakersgonnafake for the submission.

Here's a ton of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite gameplay footage of the all new Frank West, Spider-Man, Gamora, Haggar and Nemesis

So. Much. Mahvel! San Diego Comic Con has seen a burst of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite announcements as we've received a handful of new characters, a new stage and a new Infinity Stone all at once.

Now that all the above has been officially revealed, we're starting to get footage from those on site as they get to check out firsthand what the new additions bring to the game.

PlayStation Access has a quick video showcasing Spider-Man, Haggar, Nemesis and Frank West's gameplay styles, highlighting what's new and old from the MvC legacy characters.

We also have over 12 minutes of new character gameplay footage from IGN, including usage of the new Mind Infinity Stone.

The Mind Stone allows players to instantly stun their foes when up close via a kind of grab move. When its Infinity Storm is activated, the Mind Stone grants training mode-like meter regeneration for a short while, allowing players to instantly access their most devastating attacks.

Finally, we have footage of Capcom representatives playing some of these new fighters at higher levels thanks to Maximilian Dood. His new video shows off full matches with Frank, Gamora and Spider-Man. Here's a quick sequence showing Gamora and Spidey going in on Ultron:

Click images for animated versions

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Capcom Pro Tour Online Europe Four results ft. RASS, SunMate, Shady, DrGulag and more

Update: This story has been updated with full results.

The online portion of the Capcom Pro Tour marches on.

This week, the fourth European event is taking place, with several of last event's top 8 placers coming back to try and grab more points.

At this event, you can expect to see RASS, SunMate, IND|Shady, DrGulag and a bunch of others players fight it out.

The eligible regions for this event are Latvia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Romania, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Estonia, Ukraine and Greece.

The stream can be found at Capcom Fighters.

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A heroic climb through the ranks, a tragic fall from the top... perhaps a triumphant return? Here's The Stream Monster's latest creation: Path of Punk

Now that much of the FGC has disembarked from the emotional roller coaster that is EVO, The Stream Monster has swooped in for a little comedic fun.

The YouTuber has departed from their traditional practice of highlighting some of the more colorful comments made by the stream chat during high profile tournament sets, and done something a little different this time around.

The story from this year's Street Fighter finals was surely FOX|Tokido's big win, but PG|Punk's (America's biggest hope to finally take home some Street Fighter EVO gold) tear-filled second place finish has also been a subject of heavy discussion over the last week.

Stream Monster's latest creation, Path of Punk: A Film by James Chen, takes a comically over the top look at Punk's journey over the last year.

Narrated by the disembodied voice of a Japanese grand master, or something of the like, we learn about the man, the myth, the legend and the Alpha that is Punk.

Whether it be through his dominating Karin play, his overly confident trash talk or his "man of many Pokemon hats" antics, Punk has quickly garnered the title of entertainer in the FGC, and thusly earned himself this tribute video.

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Tokido - Akuma is the strongest character in Street Fighter 5; Japan is a little better than America right now

EVO this year definitely featured one of the most hype top eight portions of a Street Fighter 5 tournament so far this year. The player that came out on top this year? FOX|Tokido.

After the big event, Tokido had an interview with Capcom community manager, Matt Edwards. They discussed a few interesting topics such as EVO and Akuma.

During the interview, Matt jokingly asked Tokido if he found a way to unlock Shin Akuma during the EVO grand finals. Tokido responded that Akuma is the best character and that he doesn't need Shin Akuma.

Tokido was also asked which country did he think have the edge currently? America or Japan? Interestingly enough, he gave the edge to Japan overall, despite PG|Punk's performance in the last few months.

The top eight portion of EVO wasn't completely dominated by many American players so his comment actually does make sense in that regard.

Other topics included Tokido's opponent during the grand finals, PG|Punk, his training partner, Mago, and more. Overall, there's quite a bit of information to digest from the interview so I recommend checking it out.

Hit the jump below to see the video.

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To fix Street Fighter 5 Ken's face, or not to fix?

Let's be honest here. The fighting game community loves its memes. It's a big part of the culture of our community.

We here at EventHubs are, of course, no exception to this rule. You can probably tell with the banners we like to make for our articles (just like the banner for this post).

Earlier today, it was announced that Chun-Li and other characters will have graphical improvements, particularly for the faces, for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. This will occur upon day one of the game's release.

This begs the question though? Should Street Fighter 5 be revisited and have Ken's face fixed?

Consider what will be sacrificed if this happens though. The memes for Ken's face is... something special. His face has, in some ways, become sort of an icon of Street Fighter 5.

Take a look at this conversation that occurred over Twitter (given, it's probably mostly a joke):

Talk of Ken's face image #1
Click images for larger versions

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Starfire in Injustice 2 looks to have many zoning options and multihitting moves to deal with armor - character breakdown

So it was announced earlier today during the San Diego Comic-Con event that Starfire will be released sometime in August for Injustice 2. We were also treated to her trailer.

While we haven't had a watchtower stream for the character yet, her trailer gave us a fairly good idea on how she will play. We saw a variety of her moves in the video.

Like previous character trailers, we think there's a pretty high chance that some of these moves are related to the gear system. As a result, not all of these moves will be seen at tournaments.

From what I can tell, it looks as though she will have a number of zoning options. In addition to this, she will be able to condition opponents to perform unsafe actions in order to get around her ranged options.

The first move we'll look at for Starfire is her flashiest. Her super move certainly takes up a lot of space on screen.

Doing anything other than blocking may result in getting hit. If Starfire does hit the opponent, they'll be launched into space while being bombarded by a series of projectiles with an explosive finish.

Click image for animated version

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Think Akuma is broken in Ultra Street Fighter 2? Here's how to unlock Shin Akuma

Akuma has widely been considered a "broken character" in the Street Fighter 2 games that he has appeared in. He tends to be banned at tournaments as a result.

The Ultra edition of Street Fighter appears to be no exception. What if I said that there was a way to go one step beyond?

It was revealed today at the Street Fighter panel of the San Diego Comic-Con that something has been under the nose of USF2 players this entire time. It is possible to unlock and play as Shin Akuma, a character that could previously only be fought against.

Seeing as how Akuma is banned from tournaments, it stands to very good reason that Shin Akuma will also be banned. This is clearly just for fun.

The process for selecting Shin Akuma requires a five step process. It involves selecting a series of characters on a certain color, then cancelling before selecting random and pressing L + R at the same time.

Check it out:

Shin Akuma in Ultra Street Fighter 2 image #1 Shin Akuma in Ultra Street Fighter 2 image #2
Click images for larger versions

Source: JardFGC's Twitter, SteveMightSay's Twitter. Sent in by: nightmaresteam.