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Jack joins Fighting EX Layer

A new challenger enters the Fighting EX Layer ring. This time, Jack (Cracker Jack) joins the fight.

Arika released a short teaser today that show a still of the new character facing off against Blair Dame. We also see what appears to be a new desert stage in this screenshot.

Over on their official Facebook page, Arika notes that Cracker Jack's official name in this game is simply "Jack." Apparently, this is due to copyright issues.

You can check out the teaser after the jump.

Cracker Jack in Fighting EX Layer image #1 Cracker Jack in Fighting EX Layer image #2 Cracker Jack in Fighting EX Layer image #3 Cracker Jack in Fighting EX Layer image #4 Cracker Jack in Fighting EX Layer image #5 Cracker Jack in Fighting EX Layer image #6
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Dragon Ball FighterZ's action-packed launch trailer brings us more Android 21, more epic clashes, and a ton of hype

We're coming down to the home stretch for Dragon Ball FighterZ's release. This Friday, fans everywhere will be able to get their hands on the highly anticipated 3v3 fighting title based on the popular manga/anime series.

In honor of its upcoming arrival, Bandai Namco has released an official launch trailer for the game.

This showcase incorporates clips from the story mode, as well as many of the exciting things we'll be seeing in actual matches. From the epic clashes we see as a new round starts to numerous super attacks, this trailer definitely brings the hype.

Also included here is a bit more footage of Android 21, the most recently revealed playable character. Yesterday, Bandai Namco unveiled her official gameplay trailer.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available for purchase in several different options. As detailed in the trailer, we see the standard edition, Fighterz edition, and Ultimate edition.

Standard is the game by itself, FighterZ is the game, but also gets you the FighterZ pass, and the Ultimate comes with everything from the FighterZ edition, as well as anime music and commentator voice packs.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is set for release on January 26th.

Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer screenshots image #1 Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer screenshots image #2 Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer screenshots image #3 Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer screenshots image #4 Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer screenshots image #5 Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer screenshots image #6
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Were anti-air lights properly nerfed in the Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition update? Mir on the VesperArcade channel gives his analysis

As we all know, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition has only just recently been released. As players have been labbing it out, there have been a few misconceptions going around since it's still very early into the new meta.

A video was uploaded on VesperArcade's channel that had Mir talk about some of the changes to anti-airs. Remember that the patch notes noted a number of hitbox and hurtbox changes to a number of moves.

What this essentially translates to is that a number of light attacks had their hitboxes nerfed. Meanwhile, heavy aerial attacks had improvements made to their hitboxes and hurtboxes.

Finally, moves that are clearly intended to function as an anti-air were also improved. Kolin's crouching fierce is a good example of this.

So were anti-air lights finally removed with this update? Based on this video, it certainly looks that way. A demonstration shows us that lights will still sometimes beat jumping attacks as a result of how fast they come out.

If you see a "counter hit" message come up, then it means the attack hit the aerial before the hitbox actually came out. This isn't truly anti-airing the move though. Hit the jump to check out the video.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ review roundup

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be releasing on January 26, 2018. Reviews are already popping up for the game.

Unfortunately, none of us at EventHubs have access to an early copy. As a result of this, we won't be able to do a review until after the release date.

In the meantime, we've decided to gather up reviews from other gaming websites that elaborate on their experiences with the game. So does Dragon Ball FighterZ live up to all the hype that's been generating in the last few months?

Yes! The websites that have given the game a score have rated it quite highly. Most of them are giving the new fighter a rating of 9 / 10. That's pretty impressive.

Keep in mind that some websites have opted to post reviews in progress. This is as a result of not being able to fully experience the online quite yet.

Hit the jump below to check out the list of reviews.

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Armada is sent to losers by Plup's... Zelda? Meanwhile, Mistake evens the odds against Salem with a sacrificed stock - Genesis 2018 Smash highlights

One of the biggest Smash Bros. events of the year, Genesis 2018, concluded over the weekend. Super Smash Bros. 64, Melee, and Smash 4 were the games of the event.

Players in attendance included PG|Plup, Liquid|Hungrybox, TSM|Leffen, Alliance|Armada, C9|Mango, Tempo|Axe, FOX|MKLeo, EMG|Mistake, MVG|Salem, NRG|Nairo, PG|MVD, RNG|Dabuz, PG|ESAM, BC|Mr. R, PG|SuPeRbOoMfAn, Alvin, as well as others.

As you might expect, each of these players were typically dedicated to a single game. Those who were playing Melee weren't really seen playing Smash 4.

Since this was such a big event, we have highlights for each of the games. These showcase some of the coolest moments that occurred in the top eight portions.

First up is Smash 64. The grand finals saw SuPeRbOoMfAn's Captain Falcon go up against Alvin's Pikachu.

SuPeRbOoMfAn ended up making a number of bold plays in order to win the tournament. He either has really good reads or fantastic reactions.

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Alex parries all of Abigail's Trigger 2 hits... except one, a Critical Art / taunt KO, and more: Street Fighter 5 WTF/Lol Moments vol. 4

Fans are actively slugging it out in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition now that the update is in the hands of the public. With new moves, V-Triggers, and balance changes, there are all kinds of fresh set ups and combos to marvel at, and more opportunities for wackiness.

XusesGB returns with another installment in the Street Fighter 5 WTF/Lol Moments series. This episode marks the 4th volume and is the first to feature Arcade Edition.

Included here, you'll find a number of crazy moments. Right out of the gate, you'll see an Alex player attempt to parry all of the hits of a fully charged V-Trigger 2 from Abigail.

Abby's Trigger 2 sees him perform a powerful, multi-hitting tackle that has hyper armor when full charged. The Alex players deflects many of the hits, but unfortunately, not all of them...

In this compilation, we also see a lot of the utility that Dhalsim's Trigger 2 has. The large projectile appears to have a ton of durability, and when it starts slowly moving across the screen it can be quite a bone-chilling sight.

Though it doesn't involve Trigger 2, below we have a GIF of a Critical Art KO that also features a taunt from Dhalsim.

Click image for animated version

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Here are the first 18 minutes of Dragon Ball FighterZ's story mode

Dragon Ball FighterZ isn't out until this Friday, however, reviews of the game are starting to hit the internet and it appears to be in the hands of some players likely due to broken street dates.

With the cat figuratively out of the bag, we're starting to see content from the launch version of the game released. Today, we have a look at the first 18 minutes of the game's story mode.

If you're to avoid spoliers before you actually play the game, we won't go into detail here. However, if you hit the jump, you will see details about the game's story mode, so consider this a spoiler warning.

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Nemo's V-Trigger 2 set ups with Urien get him out of the corner, beat Akuma's EX DP, and are just as stylish as you would expect

AW|Nemo is one of, if not, the best Urien player in Street Fighter 5. Not only is he a sound competitor on the tournament scene, but this warrior is also known for his stylish and devastating Urien combos and set ups with V-Trigger 1 -- Aegis Reflector.

Now, it looks like the top-level contender is on the fast track to reaching similar notoriety with the newly added Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition V-Trigger 2.

Earlier this morning, Nemo shared a handful of videos over on Twitter showing some of the set ups he's found with Tyrant Blaze (V-Trigger 2). These focus on getting Urien out of the corner when his back is against the wall, as well as higher charged tackles after a hard knockdown.

The first two sequences here begin with an anti-air crouching heavy punch against Guile and Ibuki. Using the V-Trigger activation freeze, Nemo ensures that the AA will hit, allowing him to cancel into headbutt to switch sides, then begin to tack on the damage.

Against Ibuki, Nemo makes it so that he ends the combo with a reset that allows him to select which side he ends up on as the opponent flips out of the air and lands. This adds opportunity for even more damage, and it's difficult to tell which side is being chosen.

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Android 21 gets official Dragon Ball FighterZ gameplay trailer

Over the weekend, we saw a bit more of Android 21, Dragon Ball FighterZ's presumably final character revealed before launch, in action. This morning, the popular newcomer gets a new gameplay trailer.

Bandai Namco has released 21's official showcase. It's short and sweet (literally), but gives us a good look at what types of attacks are in store for those looking to play her.

In the trailer, we see this fighter's transformation during her intro. She starts out with her lab coat and glasses -- which is what we've been used to seeing for the past several months -- then eats a sweet treat and becomes her Majin self replete with pink skin and white hair.

Her normal attacks include standard strikes, as well as those that utilize her tail. She also has the ability to change her opponent into a snack and eat them.

Android 21 will be a part of the launch roster, however, you will have to play through the game and meet specific criteria to unlock her.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is out this Friday, so it won't be much longer before you can get your hands on the highly anticipated 3v3 fighting title.

Android 21 Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshots image #1 Android 21 Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshots image #2 Android 21 Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshots image #3 Android 21 Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshots image #4 Android 21 Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshots image #5 Android 21 Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshots image #6
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Genesis 5 results ft Armada, Hungrybox, Mango, Salem, Nairo

Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Perhaps the biggest Smash event of them all is taking place this weekend in Oakland, California.

That's right, Genesis is back with Genesis 5, and it's as big as ever.

With 1365 entrants for Super Smash Bros. Melee and 674 entrants for Super Smash Bros. 4, this really is the type of event where anyone who's anyone is going to be there.

Just for a sampling though, here are some of the players set to attend - Alliance|Armada, Liquid|Hungrybox, C9|Mango, MVG|Salem, NRG|Nairo, FOX|Mew2King, TSM|Leffen, FOX|MKLeo, PG|Plup, CLG|SFAT, P1|Tweek, RNG|Dabuz, Tempo|Axe, G2|Westballz, MSF|Larry Lurr, RNG|Swedish Delight, CLG|VoiD, C9|Ally, IMT|Shroomed, BC|Mr. R, Liquid|ChuDat, Frys|Wizzrobe, CLG|PewPewU, BSD|Elegant, EMG|Mistake, Duck, SPY|Nintendude, EMP|WaDi, P1|CaptainZack, Cosmos, ALG|n0ne, Lucky, Dynasty|SilentWolf, IMT|ANTi, MSF|LaLuna, SS|Colbol, PG|Esam, Samsora and many more.

Of course, there are many other games being played at the event as well. You can expect top level tournament play in Super Smash Bros. 64, Rivals of Aether, Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Pokkén Tournament DX, as well as some non-fighting games such as Splatoon 2 and Dance Dance Revolution Extreme.

Streaming is being done at VG Boot Camp, Melee Everyday, Even Matchup Gaming, Sak Gaming TV, SSB64, Showdown GG, Endgame TV 1, IPlayWinner and SF Evolved.

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'Sakura is a clean and honest Street Fighter character -- almost TOO honest' - Alex Myers on Sakura in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

The Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition update launched just earlier this week. Specifically on January 16, 2018. We also have access to Season 3's first DLC character, Sakura.

Even though the new meta is still very young, impressions are already being formed about Arcade Edition. I decided to reach out to Tempo|Alex Myers on his early, early thoughts on Sakura and the latest update.

Alex Myers was known as being an exceptional Sakura player back in the Street Fighter 4 days. In Street Fighter 5, he is seen as being a top level Cammy competitor.

It's no secret that Alex has been excited for the release of Sakura as Street Fighter 5's first Season 3 fighter. No doubt, he's been spending some in the lab with her.

So what does he think about Sakura? Who will be his main character this season? These are the questions I was seeking the answers to.

Before then, check out this quick little sequence of Alex's Sakura during his Twitch stream:

Click image for animated version

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Sakura compares Ed's behavior to that of a child's while congratulating F.A.N.G on getting second place in her Arcade Edition win quotes

Whenever a player wins a match in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition, the winning character has a special victory quote written out. This gives us a glimpse at the personalities of our favorite fighters.

In my opinion, the best victory quotes are the ones that are context focused on who was defeated. We get a good idea on how each of the characters feel about one another.

Sakura was only just recently released into Street Fighter 5. She definitely appears to bring about very upbeat personality quirks. This is what makes Sakura who she is.

While she enjoys fighting, she doesn't seem to have much respect for evil or cruel individuals. For example, she says that she and Juri are nothing alike.

Personally, my favorite quotes from her are directed towards Ed and F.A.N.G To Ed she says "Foulmouthed and straightforward... Kind of like a child." Savage.

Against F.A.N.G, she has clearly noticed his quirk regarding the number two. "And the victory is mine! But hey, that means you get second place!"

Hit the jump below to check out the video that shows Sakura's victory quotes against the entire cast. Everyone's victory quote against Sakura is also shown in the end.

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Android 16 motivates Gohan to obliterate Cell in special intro and dramatic finish Easter eggs

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a game that is apparently filled with a number of Easter eggs. These tend to reference famous moments from the anime and manga of the source material.

For example, we've seen that Trunks has a special animation that highlights how he originally killed Frieza. He slices him into many pieces before blasting him to smithereens.

Teen Gohan actually has a nifty intro and dramatic finish while pitted up against Cell. It looks like this has to take place on the Cell Games stage.

More than likely, Android 16 can't be on either team. This is due to the fact that he's an important part of the introduction to the fight. Like the source material, he convinces Gohan to fight before Cell stomps his decapitated head.

Like the other dramatic finishes, this appears to be triggered by one character finishing off the other with a heavy attack. If it's the killing blow, then a special cinematic will play out.

In this case, it's a very abridged version of the Kamehameha battle that occurred between these two particular fighters. Cell ends up being completely obliterated.

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Nash confirmed to have the coolest new V-Trigger in Street Fighter 5? Desk's new video certainly makes for a strong argument

For the nitpickers that will undoubtedly bring it up, we're well aware Nash's V-Trigger 2 is not a Focus Attack dash cancel, but darn it if it doesn't bring back some Street Fighter 4 memories (not all of them necessarily fond).

Combo pundit desk has been churning out Arcade Edition style showcases for Street Fighter 5 characters left and right, and today's spotlight finds Nash and his new mobility abilities.

Desk sees the undead fighter zip about the screen as he tags his opponents with stylish flip kicks, scythe attacks and more.

"Although more difficult to use than it looks, Nash' V-Trigger 2 does act very much like an FADC if you can cancel it quickly enough," notes desk in his video description.

This naturally leads us to excitedly look forward to seeing what top players come up with in tournament play this year, (given any top players navigate back to Nash, or that any new ones emerge) as we can envision some pretty hype sequences with this new ability.

Here's a quick sample of what you'll see in the full video, which awaits below.

Click images for animated versions

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BangBez's beautiful takes on the lovely ladies of fighting games

An anonymous tipper shot us a handful of images from Indonesian artist and fighting game lover, BangBez, and we thought you might like them too.

The majority of Bez's work features female characters, (some of which is pretty not safe for work, so proceed to his Deviant Art page with that in mind) though we do get one Akuma fight card appearance.

The characters in today's gallery come from Marvel vs. Capcom, Super Smash Bros., Fatal Fury, Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and Injustice.

Much of Bez's art has a particularly soft feel about it, featuring mostly smooth edges and strokes that meld together without highlighting the specific points of transition.

He also adds a bit of extra make up to some of his characters, giving them something of a "night out on the town" kind of look.

Check out the gallery below and tell us what you think. My personal favorite is Psylocke, who, while not as provocatively posed as some of the others, has something about her face that really grabs my attention.

BangBez Gallery 01 image #1 BangBez Gallery 01 image #2 BangBez Gallery 01 image #3 BangBez Gallery 01 image #4 BangBez Gallery 01 image #5 BangBez Gallery 01 image #6

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'The genre that bodies you so hard, you either quit forever or dedicate your life to master it' - Honest Trailers takes on Street Fighter 5

The community seems to be having a widely wonderful time delving into Arcade Edition, but there's always time for a laugh or two at the expense of your favorite gaming titles.

We're almost certain Smosh Games has a hardcore fighting game community member in their offices, because they perfectly hit the mark more than once in their Street Fighter 5 Honest Trailer, citing details and nuances only a devoted fan would know.

The commentary here is, well, brutally honest as Smosh points out the all too real truths of Street Fighter 5's gameplay, characters and more.

As one of the more unforgiving and newcomer-unfriendly video game genres, fighting games are known for their tendencies to induce special levels of salt and frustration that, as the video touches on, "you either quit the game forever or dedicate your life to master it."

For their trademark renaming of the cast, Smosh hits us with some pretty hilarious character monikers such as "Hair Gel Frankenstein" for Nash, "Hot Topic Zangief" for Abigail and "Kenny Omega" for Alex.

Check out the hilarious fake trailer below, and let us know what you thought in the comments afterwards.

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Android 21 steals her opponents' moves; character showcase from Game Informer shows off supers, specials and reveals how to unlock her

We only recently discovered that the all new Android 21 would indeed be a playable character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, having only known her to be a story mode character up until this point.

Since her reveal a few days back, we've seen little tidbits of footage pop up around the internet, most of which have been promptly taken down as it seems developers were not yet ready to show any more of the all new fighter.

That changes officially today as Game Informer has released a showcase video that highlights the Majin Buu-like character's specials, supers and more.

While she has a move set all her own, 21 can actually hit foes with a special grab technique that allows her to perform their own special moves against them.

Unlike any other character in the game, 21 has a dedicated user interface addition near her meter bar at the bottom of the screen. You'll see four extra boxes when she's in the mix, indicating which of her foe's moves she has stolen during the current battle.

Check out the full five minute break down and then let us know how you're feeling about this exciting new fighter in the comments section.

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