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Health nerfs/buffs inbound for Street Fighter 5 season 2? Akuma's stats may be hinting at what's to come

Capcom recently revealed Akuma as the first Street Fighter 5 DLC character set for season 2. With his official unveiling, the company put out screenshots, footage, his theme, and even his in-game statistics.

From his stats and official page on the CFN website, we learned that the master of the Satsui No Hado has a stamina rating of 3 and 875 points of health in Street Fighter 5.

You may have seen Akuma's stat chart here on the site earlier today, but if you haven't, you can view it below.

Akuma SF5 Stats image #1
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On the surface, Akuma's stamina rating might seem innocuous. But considering the ratings/points of fighters from season 1, and a few other things, it may actually be indicative of potential health buffs/nerfs to come.

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Hinata speculation floating around for Street Fighter 5 is just fan art folks, it's really well done though

An interesting image has been circulating on Twitter today that seemingly reveals the identity of one of Street Fighter 5's season 2 character silhouettes. The comparison shows that the shadow matches up to a piece of character artwork featuring Hinata from Rival Schools.

It's incredibly convincing, but unfortunately, it's just fan art. Twitter user and artist ワカバク sent out the tweet early this morning, and wrote (in Japanese) that they drew this piece.

We can't blame people for being fooled by this one, as it was drawn to directly match the silhouette and caused us to do a double take as well. In fact, the reason I put this story together tonight is because of the myriad of emails we received about it.

Some believe Hinata can be seen in the background of the Kanzuki Beach stage, which helped further support this speculation. But alas, it's not real. You can see the fan art, the NPC, and an official piece of Hinata character artwork from Rival Schools.

The Hinata speculation is just fan art, folks image #1 The Hinata speculation is just fan art, folks image #2 The Hinata speculation is just fan art, folks image #3 The Hinata speculation is just fan art, folks image #4
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Source: ワカバク.

Street Fighter 5 in the White House! Mike Ross, Gootecks, and Justin Wong to take part in 'White House Competitive Gaming Event'

The fighting game community is movin' on up!

On Monday, December 12th, the White House Competitive Gaming Event is set to take place. Gamers are being brought in to help bring awareness to the importance of health care, and get more people to sign up at

The event will be streamed on GetCovered, and is set to feature a Street Fighter 5 bout between EG|Justin Wong and the people's champ, Mike Ross. Gootecks will also be joining in on the action as the match's commentator.

To catch the action, be sure to tune in on Monday at 1 p.m. PDT / 4 p.m. PDT.

You can check out the official trailer featuring Shaq below.

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Akuma can dole out the punishment, but he's got a lot of different techniques to master; check out the demon's stats and Street Fighter 5 theme

As per the usual, Capcom Japan has released Akuma's Street Fighter 5 theme along with his character statistics.

His background music very clearly calls upon his traditional theme, but has a touch of an electronic dubstep vibe at times. Of all Akuma's themes over the years, we could most easily see this one playing at a rave.

Maxed out when it comes to power and technique, Akuma looks to have a high skill cap but be a potential powerhouse in the hands of a learned player. You'll see all Gouki's Street Fighter 5 stats in the image below, and can listen to his theme after the jump.

Akuma SF5 Stats image #1
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Mysterious 'Kilgore' character discovered on Xbox One menu, could this be our first Killer Instinct season 4 sighting?

Now this is certainly interesting.

It looks as though a brand new Killer Instinct character may have been discovered by digging through the Xbox One menu. Twitter user Julian posted evidence on the social media platform last night that shows official artwork for a mysterious character named "Kilgore."

Much like the name suggests, this fighter resembles Fulgore, but appears to have a different face and what looks to be a mini-gun as its left arm.

You can see Kilgore below.

Kilgore discovered on Xbox One menu image #1
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Jake is very particular when it comes to his footwear, Bred's car always ends up getting destroyed somehow - More Mad Gear members detailed via CFN

More Final Fight baddies are showing up on the CFN, in an effort to integrate the Final Fight universe even further with the Street Fighter universe.

This time, we focus on the former bouncer Jake and the waffle-lover Bred. You can find Jake's image here.

Street Fighter 5 Jake image #1
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Continue below for Jake's full profile, as well as Bred's image and full profile.

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Capcom Fighters continues their Street Fighter 5 character introduction series with Akuma

Capcom Fighters has released a video on YouTube concerning the first character of Season 2 for Street Fighter 5, Akuma. This is a continuation of their Street Fighter 5 character introduction series.

During the video, we get a general idea of Akuma's moveset and playstyle. We get a good glimpse of a lot of how his moves function here.

Perhaps most importantly, we see some pretty sick combos during this video.

Click image for animated version

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Power, time, space, soul, mind, and reality - This is how I speculate the six Infinity Stones will function in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

So with the announcement of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, we were able to get a small glimpse at some of the features and mechanics of the game. One of the mechanics revealed was the ability to choose between the Infinity Stones to use during gameplay.

These Infinity Stones appear to work very similarly to the x-factor mechanic of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This puts the player's characters in a special state that further augments their abilities.

The trailers only revealed two of the six Infinity Stones though. This leaves us room to speculate on how the other four stones will work.

We'll be looking at the appearance of the stones within the Marvel movies and how they functioned in the old Capcom video game, Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems.

Note that there are minor spoilers regarding plot points in the Marvel movies contained in this post.

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'He rules the world, but he's not good or evil' was the design plan for Gill to differentiate him from the dastardly M. Bison - SF3 design detailed

A few days ago, a new column was released over at the CFN Portal where Street Fighter 3 producer Tomoshi Sadamoto is interviewed about design choices for Street Fighter 3 cast members.

In it, he elaborates on design decisions for each of the new, original cast members in Street Fighter 3: New Generation, so we can hopefully expect him to elaborate further upon the characters from 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike later on.

I've personally gone through and translated this column, and next we have the Emperor of the Illuminati, the boss character of the Street Fighter 3 series, Gill. Check out some of his original art here.

Street Fighter 3 Character Design Gallery - Gill image #1 Street Fighter 3 Character Design Gallery - Gill image #2 Street Fighter 3 Character Design Gallery - Gill image #3
Click images for larger versions

Continue to see what Sadamoto had to say about Gill in particular.

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FourWude's day two Akuma takes out other players' main characters in tournament; check out some of the strongest SF5 Akuma action we've seen yet

Perhaps America's best Akuma player during the latter portion of Street Fighter 4's lifespan, Adeel "DL|FourWude" Soomro got his hands on the Street Fighter 5 version of the demoncharacter this past weekend, and he's already looking spectacular.

Players were only able to play one game at a time before having to head to the back of one of six lines at PlayStation Experience, meaning FourWude's day one grindings were extremely strenuous.

Day two featured three, 16-man, single elimination tournaments, one of which FourWude entered with his very green Akuma. Facing off against players using their main of six to nine months FourWude fought all the way to Grand Finals, showcasing an exceptional Akuma all the way there.

Luckily BornFree caught FourWude's entire tourney performance on camera, which means we get to see some early Akuma potential. Here are a pair of quick snippets, and you'll catch the full video below.

Click images for animated versions

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UltraDavid: Street Fighter 5 had the worst fighting game release in modern history - commentator feels the game needs an entire re-release

"[Capcom] built this game, Street Fighter 5, with complete garbage other than the game play itself. Fantastic game play, love it. People who play competitively care about that... everything else is a pile of doo-doo."

One of the most recognizable faces in the fighting game community, David "UltraDavid" Graham had words of tough love for Street Fighter 5 during a recent interview with Yahoo eSports.

The veteran commentator expressed his disdain for the most recent Street Fighter's initial launch, calling it "the worst fighting game release in modern history." All that said, he didn't leave without offering suggestions on how to fix certain aspects.

His biggest complaint: Capcom's failure to acknowledge the casual scene. He, Michael Martin and Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez discuss the iffy past and potential future of SF5 in this 12 minute video interview.

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Daigo and Filipino Champ face off with their main characters in PlayStation Experience build of Street Fighter 5

Those from the fighting game community who were fortunate enough to make it to the PlayStation Experience this year were privy to the latest build of Street Fighter 5 featuring Akuma along with changes for all 22 of the game's season one characters.

While in line to try our own hand at the game, we were able to catch BST|Daigo Umehara and PG|Filipino Champ, (two of the contenders in the Capcom Cup) face off using their main characters, Ryu and Dhalsim respectively.

Though Capcom has not released a change log yet, we can see certain differences for this new season of SF5 in the video. Dhalsim's V-Trigger carpet does not disappear when he is hit during its start up and white life recovers at a much slower rate.

Unfortunately the set up they played on was run in a best of one format, so we only get to see a single game. Check out the video to see which of these world class players takes it.

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'When [Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite] comes out, I will definitely play this game very seriously' - Infiltration is ready to compete

On day one of the Capcom Cup, Velociraptor and I managed to catch up with Seonwoo Lee, better known as RZR|Infiltration.

Thanks to the translation work of Kevin "Burnoutfighter" Kim, we were able to chat with the Street Fighter champion about his performance at the tournament, Street Fighter 5 season 2, and more.

At the time, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite had not yet been officially revealed. Earlier in the week, several sources reported that the game was indeed on its way and was expected to be announced at the PlayStation Experience. Because of this, we asked Infiltration what he thought about a potential Marvel vs. Capcom 4.

"So, if the game is real and does get released, I actually want to be one of the best [Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite] players as well," Lee said through his translator.

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Are you in favor of Street Fighter 5's remaining season 2 DLC characters being brand new? Let us know in our latest poll

Over the weekend, we learned that Street Fighter 5's season 2 DLC characters would include Akuma and five world warriors that are "brand new to the Street Fighter universe."

The decision to bring so many new fighters into the fold next season caught much of the fighting game community by surprise, considering the high demand to see fan-favorite returning fighters make the cut. Some are in favor of this choice, others... not so much.

So, we have put together a poll to see how you, the EventHubs reader, feels about brand new fighters for the remainder of season 2's DLC. Let us know what you think by casting your vote, and be sure to hit the comments section to tell us why you feel that way!

You will find our latest poll after the jump.

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Combofiend: Ibuki creates entirely different game when you learn apply her tools, but will take time for people to make an impact with her

Peter "Combofiend" Rosas was asked what kind of impact Ibuki would have on the overall meta and the competitive scene back in June 2016, before she was released.

Rosas is the associate producer of Street Fighter 5, and he shared quite a bit of insight into the character at the time, and today we wanted to look back at some of the things he said about one of the least common characters in the entire game.

"I think Ibuki is going to take time for people to really make a splash with," Rosas said in June.

"She seems extremely simple and limited when you first touch her," he noted. "But then when you start seeing how to apply her command dash and extended Kunais, all those things like how to use her V-Trigger bomb — and then it creates an entirely different game."

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