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Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012
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A lethal double perfect from Marn shows that UMvC3 is actually a one player game: Check out this clip from his match against CJ Showstopper
mahval makes me sick to my stummick, my iq also drops to 3 while watching mahval matches

Ultra Street Fighter 4 full change list for Japanese arcade release
waahh waahhh wah i EFFING suck, pls capcom instead of working at the game and DEALING with characters tricks or strengths and get stronger AS A PLAYER nerf everything that i dont agree with, and even if they get nerfed, U DIDNT NERF THEM HARD ENOUGH!! BOO HOO HOO MY LIFE SUCKS, CHILDREN STARVING IN AFRICA, SCREW DAT, MBISON SCISSOR KIKS -1 ON BLOK NOW!!! BOO HOO HOO WAAAAHHHHHHH!!

'Makoto has become a character who can quickly KO opponents even mid-screen', Shirou explains Ultra Street Fighter 4's Makoto changes and playstyle
uh makoto is already good, is capcom on crack?

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