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Tokido - United States is not free, but Japan's geography gives it a pretty big fighting game advantage
As a casual stream monster, it seems like some kind of mental block holding North Americans back. So many matches, Japan pro vs US pro comes down to the final round with the Japanese player edging it out. To my scrub eyes, it looks even, until *that* mistake is made by the US player seals the deal for the Japanese player. Tokido is a gracious fellow.

Sunglasses, skull patterns and ponytails - Remy's Street Fighter 3 development sketches show what might've been for the French savate fighter
Hehe... bolo ties.

Urien, Juri and Balrog will all be playable in Street Fighter 5's story mode, zenny system axed - Details on June's upcoming mode from Capcom here
Saving the world again? I wish it was just a bunch a street fighters wanting to fight to find out who the best is/how good they are.

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