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New Street Fighter 5 stage revealed, 'The Forgotten Waterfall'
DING! DING! I think you're right. Clever guess!

Update: The 'Headbutt Happy Glutton' Birdie gets his own Street Fighter 5 trading card and Vine
@2 Don't mean to get your hopes up, but to sell pre-orders/ get enough people playing beta next month, Capcom is going to need more than just 5 characters- IMO. I wish they included the street fighter 1 Birdie on the card as well.

Oro in Street Fighter 5? Hear BornFree's intriguing argument as to why he thinks the Japanese hermit will appear in the upcoming title
I like his reasoning. I think its safe to presume that all of the 3rd strike cast will be included by the time 5 has reached the end of its run, since it's supposed to take place in that era.

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