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Jamie Lee Curtis brings up EVO on national television
Ehubs- you guys should probably mention her current TV show Scream Queens in the article, as a courtesy. I think its on CBS. I now feel obligated to give it a try. This broad…too much!

Provocative R. Mika and Cammy gestures removed from view in latest Street Fighter 5 beta build, community responds with perplexity
They're artists. They should do what they feel w/ little to no regard to how it will be received. If they are pulling back on the T&A because they're not feeling it anymore, then so be it. If they're holding back because they're afraid to offend, then they're making a mistake and need to FREE THEM CHEEKS!

Players can use fight money to unlock fight titles and possibly the Kanzuki Estate stage in Street Fighter 5 beta #2
EH had the trailer up, but they just took it down. When I refreshed the page the video was marked private. Feel sorta bad for capcom, can't seem to keep her under wraps until the appropriate time.. well not so bad that I didn't watch the video! Thanks for the link!

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