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Mortal Kombat X officially revealed, announcement trailer shown
I would think that it is representative of the actual gameplay (at least when it's in the flat 2-shot). What they show in the trailer is on par graphics-wise w/ some of the new- gen games in the works or that are already out.

Mortal Kombat X officially revealed, announcement trailer shown
I HATE the MK series, but this looks good even to me! Also, i like how they only spent a week or 2 teasing it, then showed something substantial in the trailer. It's good to show the goods in a timely manner. Good stuff!

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist now available on Machinima, watch all 12 episodes at your leisure
Just watched up to episode 4. Fantastic work! Congrats to the crew that worked on this. This is far more than what I was expecting. The acting, writing, and score are all well done. I'm waiting to get home to watch the rest on a proper screen. I didn't know that this was episodic, I was expecting a 10-15 min short, not an entire season. This is a really nice surprise! It seems alot of ...

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