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Cyborg Superman skin revealed for Injustice: Gods Among Us - available next Tuesday, free with Zatanna compatibility pack
1. I am sure all of the characters will get the New 52 skins. 2. In general the skins for each character almost look the same wich is not a good thing. NRM should do something like 60's Batman costume, wich is different than the costumes he already has, and things like these...or a Bruce Wayne skin with business suit and everything... Don't jump on me, I just gave an example that everyone can understand. ...

Injustice Gods Among Us' Facebook: If Season Pass included every single skin it would have been much more expensive
Who is in the picture above where is the article about what Ed Boon said? is it Solomon ?

Official Injustice: Gods Among Us Facebook teases four new alternate costumes
the picture below Cyborg could be Black Adam, but I don't know what costume that could be, I thought it was the caped Adam from the New 52 but it's not because that one does not wear gloves ... hmmm

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