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Blanka has a teleport that deals damage, Sagat's EX Tiger Raid does 9 hits - Daigo and Mago test out Ultra Street Fighter 4's Omega Mode
Blanka's teleport looks hard to block, koat probably if done with light punch will appear n front of opponent, nd if done with hard punch will appear behind opponent. BISON will get his fireballs! And new moves to. Will sure be much easy to do combos with him! Can't wait for it!

Updated with images: 'Summer Vacation' Ultra Street Fighter 4 costume DLC announced, prize code for 'Capcom Fighter' title They should give Dan the Joker skin

Chun-Li, Juri, Cammy and gang head to the beach; Udon Entertainment's San Diego Comic-Con exclusive book covers
That Bison looks great, I may do a bust of him, I already did Joker:

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